Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., oan a quest tae mak the world siccar fer avant-garde art.


Franklin Furnace was found in 1976 tae ser yon airtists fa chose publishing as a richt an fair airtistic middlin mids, an wisnae fendit wi yon organizations fit were awready there like. Frae the stairt, Franklin Furnace's smeddum hae focused oan pair ryal aspects o tid-based programming: A posie o airtists' beuks; a performance airt programme fer airtists naebody has heard o; and exhibitions o tid-based airts, baith steid-specific tasks by tae the fore airtists, an auld uns, an tae the fore exhibitions o aritists' beuks an ither tid-based, airy airts.

In the hindermaist 20 twalmonths, Franklin Furnace hae git a naitional an internaitional might fer myndin airtists wha hae turned roon the crack o tae the fore airt; faur in the beuk penny-geggies fit hae conteened a' th' spin o' 20year hunder tae the fore throu-pit; an staunden fer th richts o' th' airtists tae scowth-an-rowth ootlat as aye a warrandice unner th' foremaist rule.

Amang yon airtists fa hae the fordel tae kythe thair airt in New York at Franklin Furnace are Ida Applebroog, Guillaume Bijl, Dara Birnbaum, Willie Cole, James Coleman, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Matt Mullican, Krysztof Wodiczko; an amang them wha's faw til't in performance are Eric Bogosian, David Cale, Karen Finley, Guillermo Gómez-Pena, Robbie McCauley, Diane Torr, Theodora Skipitares, Michael Smith, and Paul Zaloom. An aw, Franklin Furnace's performance airt programme hae lat yon mair staiblished airtists like Vito Acconci, Laurie Anderson, Carl Andre, Jennifer Bartlett, Lee Breuer, Richard Foreman, William Pope.L, William Wegman, tae prattick in weys that widnae wark wi kythe-hooses fer lairds an birkies fit fesh a whappin clamjamfrie. Leid airtists fa hae daen wark wi' Franklin Furnace are Jason Bowman, Fiona Templeton, Diane Torr. Franklin Furnace's penny-geggies programme hae haed auld an rank penny-geggies o' tid-based airt o' an airy clime, penny-geggies oan Cubist beuks an' prints, like, oan Fluxus, or Russian Samizdat airt muckle-toasted penny-geggies fit hae inpit tae auld-tid, faur in the beuk airt. In 2006, Franklin Furnace stairted a marrae wi' ARTstor, a wark o' the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, tae mak oor archival writs fer faur in the beuk fowk win at online the world o'er.


Ilk twalmonth Franklin Furnace gies siller in twa kynds The Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art fendits airtists naebody has heard o , fit lat them tae mak sonsie warks o airt in New York. The Future of the Present fonds the mak o "live art on the Internet," warks fit uise the Internet as an airt mids and/or steid. Siller fae aither fond gaes atween $2000 and $5000. Airtists fae aw roond aboot the warld should hae a shottie. Anerly Sassenach leid shotties please.

Franklin Furnace has naebody tae mak a wale, an ilka twalmonth a new-fangle cabal o airtists maks a scance oer a the shotties. We trowe that this maik panel wey will gie aw kynds o airtists fae the warld oer an evenly shottie tae kythe their wark. Here's whitwey tae cadge:

Aw cadgers are automatically mynded fer baith o they fonds. Ilka twalmonth the panel shifts, an aye the cries o "airtists naebody has heard o", "penny-geggie airt" an "bide airt on the Internet." Sae gif at foremaist ye dinnae lick it, warstle again.


Ging On , Franklin Furnace's lowse ilka week E-newsletter in Sassenach, is sent ilka week tae thoosands o internaitional airt waffs. Stairted in 2001, Ging On clauchts wittins on the hamelt, naitional, an internaitional throu-pits o Franklin Furnace airtists/auld uns an members. Ye can hing tae the list by sending yer name and email adress tae Lat us ken gif ye are an airtist an fit like ye heard aboot us. Please gie us yer land address an aw fer oor writs. Franklin Furnace hauds this speirins quate an disnae rowp its database. Thank you.

Translation by Diane Torr, Auld Un.