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Contents for August 02, 2021

Weekly Spotlight: Jon Keith, FF Alumn, now online at https://franklinfurnace.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p17325coll1/id/124/rec/71

This Weekly Spotlight highlights Jon Keith’s “Sunday Afternoon in the Unisphere”, a 23-minute solo performance presented online by Franklin Furnace and Pseudo Programs on March 20, 1998. In “Sunday Afternoon in the Unisphere” the artist's fictionalized reminiscence of the 1964 New York World’s Fair collides with the culture of the 1990s when, upon returning to the fairgrounds, Keith finds a box of “future items.” Distinctions between past, present, and future begin to blur as items such as postage stamps and vinyl records seem to predict the future. Join us now, 20+ years later, in watching “Sunday Afternoon in the Unisphere” to see if the artist’s predictions have come true. (Text by Rahna Morgan, FF Intern, Summer 2021)

Jon’s New York performances morphed into video-enhanced satire and fake lectures during the 2000’s, when he frequently collaborated with the era’s downtown video and electronica artists. Some of this work is documented at psychasthenia.com, with history and contact info. Today Jon lives in a small Connecticut town surrounded by tall pines and bio-engineered wildlife.

Please watch at this link:


Thank you!



1. Edward M. Gómez, Yoko Ono, FF Alumns, now online at Nikkei Asia

Dear music fans and media colleagues:

Summertime greetings to you all...

With this note, I'd like to share with you my just-published article in NIKKEI ASIA, the English-language edition of NIHON KEIZAI SHINBUN, one of Japan and East Asia's leading newspapers.

My new article looks at a hitherto unknown recording made by Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and other musicians in 1970, at the same time that Lennon was recording what would become “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band”, his first solo album following the break-up of the Beatles earlier that same year.

Ono's studio jams became the raw material she transformed into the experimental compositions that appeared on her first solo album, “Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band”. Both Lennon's and Ono's solo debuts were released at the same time, on the Beatles' Apple Records label, in December 1970.

Now, those archival Ono recordings have turned up in the recently released box set, “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band: The Ultimate Collection” (Capitol/UMe). This is the 50th-anniversary re-release of Lennon's first solo album, which is widely regarded as one of the most important records of its kind in rock history.

Over the decades, “Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band” turned out to be remarkably influential with regard to such later styles or movements as punk, post-punk, new wave, grunge, and the riot grrrl feminist punk-rock sound of the 1990s.

You can find my article about the newly emerged, archival Ono recording here:


I send you best wishes for a safe, pleasant summer!



2. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, releases new music

i am thrilled to share this brand new release by my friends at bachtopus - "six of one (half dozen of the other)", which they commissioned, i wrote for them, and they recorded.
a lot of time went into this -

thanks to mayumi, jeanne, peter and rob! and to the brooklyn arts council.

i hope you enjoy the fruits of this collaboration! Please follow the links below to see it on facebook, instagram or youtube, as per your preference.
(and please check out their other commissions, by dean olsher, will holshouser, guy klucevsek, rob curto, tony kovatch, and denise koncelik)




Six of One (Half Dozen of the Other)
By Bob Goldberg

Bachtopus is excited to release the seventh commission from our 2020 Composers Commissioning Fund, which was written by composer and accordionist Bob Goldberg for Bachtopus. This piece started as a modal improvisation that was performed at a community garden on the 1st of June, 2008. The title, referring to the date, was given by the composer rather spontaneously. In this video, we interpreted the title rather literally as a reminder of how chance can qualitatively alter a person's life.

To learn more about Bachtopus: https://bachtopus.com/

Bachtopus is Robert Duncan, Peter Flint, Mayumi Miyaoka, and Jeanne Velonis.
Recorded at our respective homes during quarantine.
Audio mixing and video editing by Rob Duncan.
The Bachtopus Accordion Ensemble’s 2020 Composer Commissioning Fund is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).
• Brooklyn Arts Council
• New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Check these hashtags on Facebook: #brooklynartscouncil, #bkartscouncil, #BACGrants, or #BACgrantee




3. Dafna Naphtali, FF Alumn, at Governors Island, NYC, thru Aug. 8

Audio Chandelier: Polyélaios, multi-channel sound sculpture
created by Dafna Naphtali (sound artist) & Ayala Naphtali (metalsmith/designer)
on Governors Island weekends May 1 -Aug 8, 2021
Nolan Park Building 10a as part of Harvestworks “Workings of Media” exhibit.

More information:



4. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, now online at https://archive.org/

Inter-Relations is happy to announce:

Frank Moore’s books are now all freely available online at the Internet Archive!


Art of a Shaman
Chapped Lap
Cherotic Magic Revised
Deep Conversations In The Shaman's Den, Volume I
Frankly Speaking
Skin Passion
How To Handle An Anthropologist
The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary Complete 1991-1999

Find descriptions, links to each book’s website, and ordering information here:

And explore Frank Moore’s Web of all Possibilities here!



5. 10x10 Photobooks new publication

Pre-order Now and Save!
What They Saw:
Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999

We have exciting news!

The What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999 publication is now available for pre-order!

Pre-order now for $70 plus shipping:


Please note that the books will begin shipping in early November 2021. The retail price for What They Saw will increase to $85 upon official release.
What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999, 10x10 Photobooks' most recent "book-on-photobooks" anthology in its ongoing examination of photobook history, explores photobooks created by women from photography's beginnings to the dawn of the 21st century.

Presenting a diverse geographic and ethnic selection, the anthology interprets the concept of the photobook in the broadest sense possible: classic bound books, portfolios, personal albums, unpublished books, zines and scrapbooks. Some of the books documented are well-known publications such as Anna Atkins' Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions (1843-1853), Germaine Krull's Métal (1928) and Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph (1972), while other books may be relatively unknown, such as Alice Seeley Harris' The Camera and the Congo Crime (c. 1906), Varvara Stepanova's Groznyi smekh. Okna Rosta (1932), Eslanda Cardozo Goode Robeson's African Journey (1945), Fina Gómez Revenga's Fotografías de Fina Gómez Revenga (1954), Eiko Yamazawa's Far and Near (1962) and Gretta Alegre Sarfaty's Auto-photos: Série transformações—1976: Diário de Uma Mulher—1977 (1978). Also addressed in the publication are the glaring gaps and omissions in current photobook history—in particular, the lack of access, support and funding for photobooks by women of color and non-Western women.
Publisher: 10x10 Photobooks, NYC
Date of Publication: 2021
Size: 30 high x 24 wide cm (11.75 x 9.5 inches)
Pages: 352
Images: 672
Binding: Softbound with dust jacket, Smith sewn binding
Edition Size: 2000 copies
Weight: 1105 grams (2.5 lbs)
Editors: Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich
Associate Editors: Dolly Meieran and Jeff Gutterman
Designer: Ayumi Higuchi
ISBN: 978-0-578-93213-2
More information here:


10x10 is grateful to the MUUS Collection https://www.muuscollection.com/ for their generous support of this publication. The MUUS Collection is an organization with a mission to make visible their photography collection and archives through exhibitions, scholarship, donations, licensing, and the printing of images and books.

Additional support comes from the 10x10 Book Committee. If you'd like to help fund this publication, please join the 10x10 Book Committee via this link: https://10x10photobooks.org/historical-photobooks-by-women-1843-1999/



6. Chin Chih Yang, FF Alumn, now online at Vimeo

Please visit this link to a 3 minute video on the work and mission of Chin Chih Yang, FF Alumn. It is produced by Sante Fe Art Institute https://vimeo.com/563455277

Thank you.



7. Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, Linda Montano, Maria the Korean Bride, Nicolás Dumit, Estévez Raful Espejo, FF Alumns, at Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, MN, Sept. 21 and more

A record of the ecosex movement.
In Imagine The Earth Is Your Lover, curated by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, artists and filmmakers visualize their mad, passionate and fierce love for the Earth, shifting the metaphor from ‘Earth as Mother’ to ‘Earth as Lover’ in order to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with the Earth.

Upcoming screening at: Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, MN (USA), US premiere 1 September 21

Presented with The One Minutes
Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens
Linda Montano
Felix Klee
Fenia Kotsopoulou
Federico Tello
PornProcess (Aurore Morillon)
Graham Bell Tornado
Lady Monster
Sam Mountford
Joseph Kramer & Scarlot Harlot
Pony Express
Cyril Sancereau
Maria the Korean Bride
K-Haw and L-Haw
Rosario Veneno
Sura Hertzberg & Hailey Jelaire
Lina Bravo & Rowena Buur
Vinicius Davi
Muza de la Luz
Nicolás Dumit, Estévez Raful Espejo, Anna Recasens and Laia Solé
Misha de Ridder
moon wink

Pornfilmfestival Berlin (DE) 20-25 October 2021
Les Mains Gauches, Marseille (FR) 9-12 September 2021
Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, MN (USA), US premiere 1 September 21
Excéntrico, Valparaiso/Santiago (CL)
Museum Hilversum (NL)
Remise, Amsterdam (NL)
Het Nieuwe Instituut Watch online
Espace Balak (بالاك) - toilettes publiques de Charlesville Mézière (FR)
Reykjavík International Film Festival (IS)



8. Davide Bramante, FF Alumn, at San Sebastiano Contemporary, Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily, Italy, opening Aug. 3

Sebastian's, two-person staff by Corrado Levi and Manuel Scrima at San Sebastiano Contemporary, Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily

Saint Sebastian the subversive soldier. Saint Sebastian the faithful martyr. San Sebastiano, icon of the Church, but at the same time a gay icon. San Sebastiano protector of archers and sufferers. Not only that: in its umpteenth value, very current, San Sebastian is invoked against plagues and epidemics in general.

However, it is above all in the depiction of his young body shaped by military discipline that San Sebastian is one of the most represented Christian figures in the history of art: from Antonello da Messina to Andrea Mantegna, from Perugino to Guido Reni, there are countless modern artists, but also contemporaries - one for all Damien Hirst - who celebrate this controversial and evocative figure, essential to its earthly essence. The contemporary tradition continues with the two artists on display at San Sebastiano Contemporary, namely Corrado Levi and Manuel Scrima, who present a selection of works with a strong aesthetic and conceptual taste, as is typical of their research.

In the past Levi has created an entire cycle of works dedicated to San Sebastiano, works with a marked semiological value that refer to the suffering of the saint. In this exhibition it is possible to appreciate some of those works, that is drawings imbued with the power of suggestion through graphic elements that evoke the martyrdom of the body and the mysterious strength of faith.
Scrima, on the other hand, uses the photographic medium and treasures the capillary analysis of the body, pursued in the shots taken in the fashion world in which he has been working for some time. The achieved harmony, in the works present and conceived specifically for this exhibition, mix elements taken from classical and modern works, which are at the same time quotations from his masters and awareness of the contradictory human nature, which is undeniably and inseparably carnality and spirituality. .

The exhibition will open on Tuesday 3 August at 19:00 and will be open until 10 September, from Friday to Sunday and other days by appointment.



9. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, August news

A couple chances to catch Isabel Samaras’ work on view this month — five erotic miniatures will be in the “NSFW” show opening at Spoke Art gallery on August 7th, and a riff on historical portraiture will be in the “Art of Art” exhibition at Modern Eden opening August 14th. Other recent sighting include the “Salut 6” show at Nucleus Portland, her painting of Emma Peel in Public Eye collective art magazine (reviewed by David Heller in Print), and her portrait of Lil BUB on a special 7” record that accompanies the book “Lil BUB: The Earth Years,” sales of which benefit special needs pets. Details and more: @isabelsamaras.art on IG



10. Kunio Suzuki, FF Member, at Ossam Gallery, Brooklyn, Aug. 5-15

Kunio Suzuki presents Touch In Blue at Ossam Gallery, 300 7th Street, Brooklyn, Aug. 5-15, Friday-Sunday, 1-6 pm. jplusbossam@gmail.com



11. Children’s Institute of Fashion Arts at J. Hood Wright Park, Washington Heights, Aug. 13

The Children’s Institute of Fashion Arts presents

A free fashion-art-play community learning experience for kids age 7-14.

August 13 (rain date August 15)

J. Hood Wright Park in Washington Heights
5:30 Workshop
7:00 Fashion Show

Advance Registration link on www.theCIFA.org
Limited to 30 participants
No experience necessary! Easy and Fun!

Supported by a City Artists Corps Grant!



12. Paul Zelevansky, FF Alumn, now online at Greatblankness


“Life in other words, fills the screen
as a tap fills a bath…"

(Jean Luc-Godard Godard on Godard, 1972)



PZ, 8/1/2021



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