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Contents for July 26, 2021

Ramiza Koya, FF Intern Alumn, In Memoriam

Please visit this link:


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Weekly Spotlight: Thomas C. Waters, FF Alumn, now online at https://franklinfurnace.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p17325coll1/id/73/rec/1

This week we spotlight ‘Collision’ by Thomas C. Waters; a 55-minute performance presented at the Knitting Factory on March 15, 1995 as part of Franklin Furnace’s ‘Performance Art in Exile’ series. An eerie and profound work about gay men, sex, and the AIDS epidemic, Waters lies as if dead in an open casket, whilst first-hand accounts from AIDS victims and those affected by the crisis are screened on a monitor. Waters’ rigid silence throughout gives the audio descriptions of pre-AIDs queer promiscuity and vitality a haunting resonance. The entrance of a second performer who removes his clothes and simulates sex with Waters concludes this work on queer sex, shame, and mourning. (Text by Amilia Graham, FF intern, Summer 2021).


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1. Alicia Grullón, FF Alumn, at Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA, opening July 30


As the recipient of the 2020 Jane and David Walentas Endowed Fellowship, Alicia Grullón has continued her exploration of the self-portrait as a participatory practice with documentation of her experience as a woman of color surviving the pandemic. On view July 31 - September 25, Grullón’s series, “From March to June: At Home with Essential Workers” is a continuation of her process using visual and embodied performative practices to create alternatives in archiving history.

Reminiscent of the work of Anna Deavere Smith and Martha Wilson, Grullón joins performative traditions with her own practices in photography and video in her ongoing interdisciplinary practice towards critiques of the politics of presence, arguing for the inclusion of disenfranchised communities in political and social spheres. As she notes in her short piece for Verso Book’s Blog Hot City, “In my work I want to encourage viewers to reflect upon my performances as particular processes where I express the undoing of colonial history through my body and actions. In a broader sense, I use photography to unravel the complexities of my signification in a straightforward manner relying only on the camera and performance as apparatus.”

Moore College of Art & Design | 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

A party is in order! Join us on Friday, July 30 from 5 - 7 pm for an in-person reception in celebration of this exciting and timely exhibition.

Enjoy light refreshments, meet the artists and be among the first to experience their work in conversation.



2. Guerrilla Girls, FF Alumns, at mfc-michèle didier, Paris, France, opening Sept. 4

Opening on Saturday September 4, 2021 from 2pm to 8pm
Exhibition from September 4 to October 9, 2021

We are very pleased to inform you that, for the second time, the Guerrilla Girls will occupy the space of mfc-michèle didier.

Since 1985, the Guerrilla Girls have been denouncing a series of behaviours that take place in the art world and which concern sexist and racial discrimination, as well as a series of practices linked to corruption and more generally to politics.

At mfc-michèle didier, the Guerrilla Girls will present their last twelve filmed actions, as well as the posters associated to them. They will also activate, for the first time in Paris, a Complaints Department.


Complaints department is a device designed to collect complaints and protests in a free and anonymous way.

The public is invited to write down their complaints on sheets of paper and post them on the gallery walls. Rather than confining themselves to their own claims and observations, the Guerrilla Girls leave room here for the construction of a collective protest space.

From 4 September to 9 October 2021, don't hesitate to come and complain!

mfc-michèle didier
66, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, F-75003 Paris
from Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 7pm
P: +33 (0)1 71 27 34 41 — M: +33 (0)6 09 94 13 46
info@micheledidier.com — www.micheledidier.com



3. Dread Scott, FF Alumn, at Christin Tierney Gallery, Manhattan, opening Sept. 17

Dread Scott
We're Going to End Slavery. Join Us!
September 17 - December 18, 2021
Opening Reception: September 17, 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Cristin Tierney Gallery
219 Bowery, Floor 2
New York, NY 10002

Cristin Tierney Gallery is pleased to present Dread Scott's first solo gallery exhibition in 20 years entitled We're Going to End Slavery. Join Us!. The exhibition features large-scale performance stills and flags from the artist's 2019 community-engaged performance project Slave Rebellion Reenactment, and opens on Friday, September 17th with a reception from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The artist will be present.

In November 2019, hundreds of Black reenactors in period attire retraced the 24-mile path of the German Coast Uprising of 1811, the largest rebellion of enslaved people in American history. The procession marched through the River Parishes upriver from New Orleans and concluded in the city ending in Congo Square, a location instrumental to preserving African culture in the United States. Envisioned and organized by Scott, Slave Rebellion Reenactment embodied a story of resistance, freedom and revolutionary action.

The reenactors, many on horses, were a formidable and impressive sight as they carried flags and brandished weapons, wearing 19th-century French colonial garments and singing in Creole and English to African drumming. The procession was startlingly incongruous as they advanced past modern-day neighborhoods, strip malls and oil refineries. This anomaly created a cognitive dissonance for viewers, opening a space for people to rethink long-held assumptions about our history. Slave Rebellion Reenactment continued the original rebels' vision of emancipation and allowed participants and audience members to imagine new possibilities.

We're Going to End Slavery. Join Us! is the debut presentation of this project in a US gallery. The exhibition features large-scale performance stills from the 2019 performance alongside flags that were designed and created for the reenactment. The flag designs--imagined versions of what the enslaved people might have carried--showcase Creole language and iconography from various African traditions that could have been familiar to some of the rebels.
Dread Scott (b. 1965, Chicago, IL) is an interdisciplinary artist who for three decades has made work that encourages viewers to re-examine cohering ideals of American society. In 1989, the US Senate outlawed his artwork and President Bush declared it "disgraceful" because of its transgressive use of the American flag. Dread became part of a landmark Supreme Court case when he and others burned flags on the steps of the Capitol. He has presented a TED talk on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1r1ugmDxjk

His art has been exhibited at MoMA/PS1, The Walker Art Center, and street corners across the country. He is a 2021 Guggenheim Fellow and the 2019 Open Society Foundations Soros Equality Fellow and has received fellowships from United States Artists and Creative Capital Foundation. His art is included in the collections of the Whitney Museum and the Brooklyn Museum. His studio is in Brooklyn, New York.

Founded in 2010, Cristin Tierney Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located on The Bowery with a deep commitment to the presentation, development and support of a roster of both established and emerging artists. Its program emphasizes artists engaged with critical theory and art history, with an emphasis on conceptual, video, and performance art. Education and audience engagement is central to our mission. Cristin Tierney Gallery is a member of the ADAA (Art Dealers Association of America).

View More
Visit Website: https://www.cristintierney.com/exhibitions/73/cover/

Download Press Release
Visit HERE: https://www.cristintierney.com/usr/library/documents/main/dread-scott-end-slavery-press-release.pdf

Note to Media
Select appointments to view the work before it opens to the public will be available to the press between September 7-11. To request an appointment, contact Candace Moeller at candace@cristintierney.com.

Candace Moeller, candace@cristintierney.com or 212.594.0550



4. Nancy Buchanan, FF Alumn, at cartier/gebauer, Berlin, Germany, thru Sept. 8

The Youngest Day

Group Exhibition Featuring Works by:
Nancy Buchanan, Jedediah Caesar, Fiona Connor, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Fred Eversley, Morgan Fisher, Aaron Fowler, Nikita Gale, Piero Golia, Alexandra Grant, Mathew Hale, Margaret Honda, Luchita Hurtado, Joey Kötting, Sharon Lockhart, Nicole Miller, Eamon Ore-Giron, Laura Owens, Glen Rubsamen, Eddie Ruscha, Betye Saar, Asha Schechter, Rosha Yaghmai

carlier | gebauer, Berlin
Markgrafenstraße 67
D-10969 Berlin

July 24 – September 8, 2021
Opening: Saturday 24 July 2021, 11 am - 9 pm

Soon after moving to Los Angeles from Berlin I was struck by something very simple about the place, which no one talks about much, and that is that L.A. is at the back of the world’s day. L.A. is fifteen hours behind Beijing, twelve hours behind Mumbai, nine hours behind Berlin and three hours behind New York. This means that myriad events have occurred in the world, and often reached their conclusions, before Southern California has woken up.

L.A. is a place where one gets used to considering events that are new, with a kind of built in hindsight. One has an Olympian view of the world. At breakfast time one encounters news stories from Europe as fully formed. They are already achieving socio-cultural sedimentation, as it were. The “just past” is therefore experienced as the “brand new”. This is the privilege and the detachment of living through younger days.

That the narrative factory of the western world, Hollywood, lives its days out under the sun of this “always already” experience of time, feels just right. There are advantages to being up early when you are late. Personally, I experienced an enhanced sense of temporal abstraction in Los Angeles. I became more aware of each sunrise and sunset and of the phases of the moon, and I found myself making a visual art project that elaborated itself in daily units. I thought more clearly about death too, and the peculiar circumstance of being currently alive.

The city is famous for its superficiality, but my core state felt deepened there. The thinness of appearances is so apparent, it is like the thin skin of the city itself, stretched out so superficially, and precariously, over the ancient landscape on which it is built and of which one remains exhilaratingly aware.

In The Youngest Day I hope to bring together works that foreground these enhanced existential tremors to be felt in Los Angeles, to see how they resonate in older Berlin. Stressing the extremities of the ancient and the youthful when brought into combination, both socio-politically and within individual lives.

Text by Mathew Hale
For more information on the show, visit https://www.carliergebauer.com



5. Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn, FF Alumns, announce new publication

Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn are delighted to announce publication of A TABLE IN BALLYBEG

An edition of 250 copies made at the time of the epidemic lockdown in all of Europe, but where life in our Irish valley was much as it usually is, but with No Visitors. We have endured almost a year eating our own food, with no abatement. No cafés to visit. No tables to travel to. No take-away. We live in a suspension of the past and of the imagined future, anticipating a time when we can hang up the apron, if only temporarily.

64pp 4-colour offset 185 x 145mm casebound paper over boards. ISBN 9780906630631. Only 20 euro!!!




6. John Held Jr., FF Alumn, at AfterGallery, Lviv, Ukraine, thru Aug. 15

John Held Jr.
(San Francisco, USA)

“Be a Visionary of Tomorrow: Perforations by John Held Jr.”

AfterGallery - “TYMUTOPIAPRES”
17 July - 15 Aug. 2021



7. Babs Reingold, FF Alumn, now online in Artists & Climate Change

Please visit this link to Babs Reingold: Palette of Materials, an interview with Etty Yaniv and Babs Reingold, FF Alumn:


Thank you.



8. Laurie Anderson, Robert Wilson, FF Alumns, at Watermill Center, Long Island, Jul. 31-Aug. 8


6:00 - 9:00 PM
with Laurie Anderson, Shane Weeks, and Members of The Shinnecock Nation
Interior / Landscape by Paul Thek

7:00 - 11:00 PM
Laura Anderson Barbata, Hoesy Corona, Marcelle Davies-Lashley, Craig Harris, Nona Hendryx, David Lang & So Percussion, Memorialize the Movement, Kimberly Nichole, Vernon Reid, Carl Hancock Rux, Basil Twist, and more!

5:00 - 8:00 PM
Laurie Anderson, Kyle Bass, Memorialize the Movement,
Shane Weeks, and more!


The Watermill Center is pleased to announce CROSSROADS: The Watermill Center Summer Festival, a week-long gathering exploring themes of ritual, healing, faith, and hope, led by Carrie Mae Weems, in collaboration with Robert Wilson. The festival, running from July 31 - August 8, affirms The Center’s dedication to offering artists time, space, and freedom to create while revealing artistic processes to the wider community.



9. Cheri Gaulke, FF Alumn, now online at Art Daily, and more

Cheri Gaulke recently completed a short documentary about African-American artist Alma Thomas called "Miss Alma Thomas: A Life in Color." The film is accompanying a traveling exhibition currently at the Chrysler Museum. "Miss Alma Thomas" is also playing at several film festivals this summer. Check out the schedules at Heartland Film's Indy Shorts, Woods Hole Film Festival, Cordillera Films, and Art is Alive Film Festival. The film has also been nominated for Best Cinematography/Visuals and Best Picture at Awesome Con Short Film Festival. More info at missalmathomas.com and here is a link to an article about the show:


-Cheri Gaulke
Director of
Inside the Beauty Bubble https://insidethebeautybubble.com/
Miss Alma Thomas: A Life in Color https://missalmathomas.com/
Acting Like Women: Performance Art and the Woman’s Building https://actinglikewomen.com/
Gloria’s Call http://gloriascall.com/
Trudie’s Goose https://vimeo.com/righteousconversations/trudiesgoose



10. Cassils, FF Alumn, online at Reddit, July 28, and more

White Male Artist’s Identity Revealed

It’s time to finally find out who is behind $HT Coin

On July 1 we announced the first durational performance-based NFT called $HT Coin. The project was launched under the pseudonym, White Male Artist, in an effort to bring gender and racial inequality into focus within the greater arts and crypto community. Today we are pleased to unveil the artist’s true identity and share the critique at the heart of the project. $HT Coin is the brainchild of Cassils, a Guggenheim Award-winning, transgender, Canadian-American performance artist.

Cassils' decision to initially announce the project with the nom de plume “White Male Artist” fits into a long history of pseudonyms employed by artists critiquing a centuries old, outdated art market in which value is determined by the identity of the creator rather than the merit of the work. $HT Coin is released into an art market in which only 2% of the top grossing contemporary artists are not cisgender men and seeks to shed light on this disparity. At this moment when museums are interrogating the contents of their collections with respect to race, gender, and sexuality, $HT Coin demands that institutions and collectors put their money where their mouth is. $HT Coin brings gender and racial inequality into focus within the greater arts and crypto community.

WMA is a persona Cassils has performed, moonlighting as a Trojan horse and circulating seamlessly with the crypto bros. Investors have been speculating: Is WMA Banksy? Beeple? Beeple’s wife? What happens to the sales of these NFTs once it is known that Cassils was assigned female at birth and that they have to contend with the sexism, misogyny, and transphobia that comes from rupturing cisgender norms as a gender non conforming person? As an exercise in behavioral finance, this works asks: Will the value of Cassils' work go up or down?

$HT Coin directly refers to Piero Manzoni's famous piece, Merda D'Artista (Artist’s Shit), 1961, which is well known for its salacious satire of consumerism. $HT Coin is made up of 33 cans of the artist's feces, based on the most financially successful white male artists diets. Since July 1 the cans have been auctioned off daily in the form of NFTs on Snark.art. On July 29-30, over a 24 hour period, Phillips will auction off the final cans of the top-grossing white male artists: Banksy, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Andy Warhol, as well as Cassils own can, based on their detox diet. 5 real life tined works will be on view, under glass and rotating on a pedestal, at Philips Showroom, located at: 432 Park Ave from 26-30 July.

$HT Coin opens up the can on the art world as a rigid system in which artists have to play by the rules in order to survive and poses the question: can NFTs change that? In the traditional gallery system, artists receive no compensation for the resale of their work. NFTs blockchain technology-powered smart contracts ensure that artists retain a permanent link to their work and receive royalties when their work is traded on the secondary market. Does the NFT market mirror the same inequities or offer a reprieve?

For all the promise NFTs offer to artists, they have become the currency of speculation fueled by greed but they also have an environmental cost. $HT Coin addresses both of these issues. Since the systems fails those of us who are not cis white men, can we artists, the remaining 2%, transform speculation and greed into a way where artists model care for each other? Cassils will give 10% percent of all sales to start a fund for BIPOC Trans and Non Binary Visual Artists, supported by For Freedoms, an artist-led organization that models and increases creative civic engagement, discourse, and direct action.

To offset the carbon emissions, Cassils has calculated the cost of the carbon footprint of minting 33 NFTs (the equivalent of driving your car 15,000 miles) and will contribute the equivalent proceeds to artist jackie sumell’s project The Solitary Gardens, which turns solitary confinement cells into garden beds. The contents are designed by prisoners serving their sentences in isolation and gardened by proxies on the outside.

For the full press release and press images please visit this page: https://whitemaleartist.com/press

Please be in touch should you like to arrange a time to speak with Cassils about the project.

WMA MANIFESTO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8s1KkP_fXE

On Wednesday July 28, the day before the Phillips auction, Cassils will be holding an AMA on Reddit from 11AM to 1PM Pacific time. Please visit https://www.reddit.com/user/whitemaleartist at that time for the link and to ask Cassils live questions

About the Artist
Cassils is a transgender visual artist who makes their own body the material and protagonist of their performances. Working in live performance, sculpture, photography, sound design and film, Cassils contemplates the history(s) of LGBTQI+ violence, representation, struggle and survival. For Cassils, performance is a form of social sculpture: Drawing from the idea that bodies are formed in relation to forces of power and social expectations, their work investigates historical contexts to examine the present moment. Cassils is the recipient of the USA Artist Fellowship, Guggenheim Fellowship, the inaugural ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art, California Community Foundation Grant, Creative Capital Award, and several grants from the Canada Council of the Arts. Their works have been featured in museums and underground festivals internationally. For a full list of past exhibitions and accolades go here.

About Snark.art
Snark.art is a digital laboratory and innovative NFT marketplace that collaborates with international artists, curators, and artistic partners to explore creative possibilities of emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, AR/VR, among others. Visit Snark.art for further information.

About Phillips
Phillips is a leading global platform for buying and selling 20th and 21st century art and design. With dedicated expertise in the areas of 20th Century and Contemporary Art, Design, Photographs, Editions, Watches, and Jewelry, Phillips offers professional services and advice on all aspects of collecting. Auctions and exhibitions are held at salerooms in New York, London, Geneva, and Hong Kong, while clients are further served through representative offices based throughout Europe, the United States and Asia. Phillips also offers an online auction platform accessible anywhere in the world. In addition to providing selling and buying opportunities through auction, Phillips brokers private sales and offers assistance with appraisals, valuations, and other financial services. Visit www.phillips.com for further information.

CASSILS ©2021, All rights reserved.

Contact: Charles Hickey, Studio Manager of Cassils Studio:



11. Steven C. Dubin, FF Member, publishes new book

A Greatness Too Much: A Year in a Life with Cancer by Steven C. Dubin

Part cancer journal.
Part memoir.
Part pandemic diary.
A Greatness Too Much is a singular record of wrestling with a terminal illness for seven years. Written as a prose poem, this forthright narrative delivers a powerful emotional punch.

$25 postpaid / paperback / 6 x 9 inches / 376 pages
ISBN: 978-0-578-89138-5

To order, and for further information please contact: barmyterrierbooks@gmail.com

Thank you.



12. Joseph Keckler, FF Alumn, now online at Chronogram

Please visit this link:


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13. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, now online at https://odysee.com/

Inter-Relations is pleased to announce that Frank Moore is now on Odysee!

The Uncomfortable Zones of Frank Moore


The Uncomfortable Zones of Frank Moore features readings of books, essays, writings and rants by Frank Moore.

This collection of videos is being migrated from Youtube to Odysee due to the ridiculously restrictive nature of Youtube’s community guidelines. For example, one of the videos featuring a reading from Frank’s book, “Art of a Shaman” with a still (non-nude) photo, recently received a “Warning” because a link from the video’s description jumped to a page with a photograph with nudity. Not only is Youtube monitoring the video content but the content of pages linked from that content.

So off to Odysee.com!

You can also visit Frank Moore's Web of All Possibilities here:



14. Dominique Duroseau, Michael Paul Britto, FF Alumn, at Sculpture Center, Long Island, NY, thru Aug. 2

Episode 3.
Handle w/Care: a melodic rant of Black Emotional Collagen Doses
by Dominique Duroseau

Is presence permanent? What is Acceptance?
Erasure? Love? Power?
Does the process of healing need to be so ugly as you attempt to establish presence?
Is my healing journey from anger, frustration, rejection and pain political and does it need to be?

This four-part series of performances slowly and barely unpacks fears, exasperations, erasure and love. The feeling of navigating in the dark is portrayed through the camera’s shifts/movements, the visual choppiness, the hesitations in thought process, and misspoken words. They serve as existential scaffoldings of one’s healing process; messy, awkward and painful.
Being Seen / Heard is presented in conjunction with “In Practice: You may go, but this will bring you back” (https://sculpture-center.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=db7b597683aeafe4d1165bb09&id=51186fc8de&e=a58606c1fc), the twenty-fifth iteration of our open call program. The exhibition is curated by 2021 In Practice Curatorial Fellow Katherine Simóne Reynolds and is on view through August 2, 2021. Make your reservation here: https://sculpture-center.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=db7b597683aeafe4d1165bb09&id=6e6b0a11ed&e=a58606c1fc

Dominique Duroseau
performance, audio text, editor, videographer

Michael Paul Britto
performance, editor, videographer

Zachary Fabri

Watch Episode 3: https://www.sculpture-center.org/materials/13206/dominique-duroseau-being-seen-heard-episode-3



15. Pope.L, FF Alumn, now online in The Guardian

Please visit this link:


Thank you.



16. Deb Margolin, FF Alumn, now online at Culture Spot

Please visit this link:


Thank you.



17. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, online at American Accordionists Association, July 30-Aug. 1

Next weekend, Dr. William Schimmel (curator)
and the American Accordionists Association
will present
the 27th Annual AAA Seminars: The Twilight Time!
Your chance to see and hear a dizzying array of accordionists!

The seminars will take place online Friday July 30, Sat 31, Sun August 1
Master classes from 3 to 4 pm EST
Concerts from 4 to 5 pm EST

I will be presenting two new videos (see images above): "Pandemic Cocktails" (a new tune by Denise Koncelik) during Saturday's Master Class
and "After the Gold Rush" (Neil Young, in a new arrangement) during Sunday's concert.

Tickets are 25 per Master Class / 25 per concert / 40 per day / 110 entire weekend
Register online, and a Zoom link will be sent to you.

Tickets and Registration at ameraccord.com
Info at billschimmel.com (Accordion Seminars)
Any other questions and info - Accordionbill@gmail.com

sponsored by The American Accordionists' Association for complete program listing,
see Dr. Schimmel's Facebook Page, click more, scroll down to events.



18. Coreen Simpson, FF Alumn, now online at Routes Magazine

Please visit this link:


Thank you.



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