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Contents for April 05, 2021

Weekly Spotlight: Queer Rites (Luis Alfaro, Sandra Golvin, Robin Podolsky, Doug Sadownick), FF Alumns, now online at https://vimeo.com/329203941

Our spotlight shines this week on Queer Rites, a performance by the Los Angeles-based artists' group of the same name. On November 19, 1994, Luis Alfaro, Sandra Golvin, Robin Podolsky, and Doug Sadownick came together to present their Franklin Furnace Fund piece at Performance Space 122, Manhattan. Their hour-long performance knit together their individual journeys in an exploration of serious and comic experiences of growing up gay and the resultant family turmoil. Queer Rites explored the powers to be gained through the cooperation of various demographics within queer communities via intelligent conversation aka "word music." Queer Rites is described by the San Francisco Bay Times as “a victorious statement of personal truths by four culturally diverse artists.”

(Text by Eve Vishnick, FF Intern, Winter 2021)

Luis Alfaro is a Queer Chicano writer, born & raised in the Pico-Unio district of downtown Los Angeles. Luis works in poetry, theatre, short fiction, performance & journalism, and spent six seasons as the Mellon Playwright-in-Residence at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (2013-2019). He was a member of the Playwright’s Ensemble at Chicago’s Victory Gardens Theatre (2013-2020); a resident artist at the Mark Taper Forum (1995-2005); and has been associated with the Ojai Playwrights Conference since 2002. He is the recipient of a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, popularly known as the ‘genius’ grant; a PEN America/Laura Pels International Foundation Theater Award for a Master Dramatist; a United States Artist Fellowship, and a Ford Foundation Art of Change Fellowship, among others. His plays include Electricidad, Oedipus El Rey, Mojada & Body of Faith. Luis spent two decades in the L.A. poetry & performance art communities. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Southern California. The Greek Trilogy of Luis Alfaro was released by Methuen Press last year.

Sandra Golvin’s legacy lives on through this performance. After leaving her position as a partner in a prestigious law firm, Sandra devoted her life to lesbian creative forms of healing. Sandra continued to paint, draw, and write, developing a more profound psychological perspective that increasingly informed the imagery of her art-making, writing and working with dreams. She took the work of queer rites into becoming a licensed queer-affirmative psychotherapist. She developed a vision of how lesbians can grow to their worthiest potential through women-loving-women inner work. A rich discussion of her pioneering work can be seen on You Tube in a five-part series in 2006 called "Singing the Heavenly Muse of Lesbian Individuation for All Women: Introductory Series on the Theory and Practice of Sapphic Psychoanalysis." She discusses how she is handling her eventual death from ocular melanoma that year with enormous dignity and courage. She wrote an important piece called "Gender Trouble: Lesbian Psyche as Revealed in the Writing of Judith Butler."

Robin Podolsky is a writer living in Los Angeles. She serves as writing facilitator and dramaturg for Queerwise, a spoken word and writing group and writes for the Jewish Journal, TribeHerald and Shondaland. Her most recent academic article, “Sumud Freedom Camp: Levinas’ Face-to-Face in Praxis” was published in Religions, Vol.10, No. 4. She conducts workshops, rituals and study sessions, for Jewish holidays and other occasions, that combine modalities: text study, personal work and small group sharing, writing (except on Shabbat and Yom Tov), prayer and meditation.

Douglas Sadownick’s creative interest in being a queer/gay/Jewish human being took him towards performance, community activism, journalism and then publishing Sacred Lips of the Bronx in 1994 and Sex Between Men: An Intimate History of the Sex Lives of Gay Man in 1996. This affirmative sex-positive approach inspired him to deepen his interest in deep healing work by becoming a Los-Angeles based licensed psychotherapist over the last 25 years, and then to found the nation's first Specialization in LGBT Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles in 2006 and also, in 2010, co-found Colors LGBTQ Youth Counseling Center, which offers free counseling to queer youth 25-and-under (https://colorsyouth.org). He is completing his third book Education of the Heart: Becoming Your Own Best Patient During Queer Times and can be reached at www.drdouglassadownick.com

Please visit this link: https://vimeo.com/329203941



1. David Hammons, Yoko Inoue, FF Alumns, online in The New York Times

Please visit this link:


Thank you.



2. Seung-Min Lee, FF Alumn, at International Waters, Brooklyn, extended thru April 11

Seung-Min Lee
Light White
February 13 — April 11

262 Meserole Street
Closing Sunday April 11, 2021

Young gamers drop dead spontaneously in South Korea every month, week, day? What is time right now but a horizon line we see hazily in the battery life of our phones. At this point--exhausted from days without sleep and bathing, slugging down cups of ramen noodles at their seats transfixed by a glowing screen that offers them a gateway into another realm--the bodies of the gamers give out, unable to continue mining incessantly for whatever in the virtual. They succumb like Methusaleh-old trees in lonely forests meeting their arbitrary mortality deadlines.
Outside these darkened cells, the streets and subways of South Korea once throbbing with the bibble bobble pace of businessmen trying to watch the Samsung Lions bat home runs on their Samsung phones while narrowly avoiding impacts with kids and their mothers taking selfies with their novelty food finds, schoolgirls on chat apps gossiping about outlandish outfits of the Kpop stars of their dreams. Now these streets are quieted and empty--sound-blanketed by the fear of contagion.

Review, by Peter Brock in Art Agenda

"Seung-Min Lee’s satirical video installation challenges all claims to virtue, especially those that depend on reductive notions of identity. With four looping videos and their intermingling soundtracks, Lee transforms this subterranean gallery into a bunker where the air is thick with bad vibes. In these works, the artist—who was born in Seoul and grew up in Queens—performs as a suite of characters in a way that simultaneously debases and dignifies them. At the center of this effort is Lee’s impersonation of Kim Jong-un, who plays a role in all but one of the videos. Instead of the righteous condemnation and mockery common in western media, we find oddly intimate glimpses of the Supreme Leader and even the occasional moment of glee." Read more

The Selection Committee RADIO SHOW, now live every other Sunday from 2-4pm on Newtown Radio. Past shows are archived, listen to Katie Vida's episode!

* To comply with NYC Health COVID regulations, we will be providing sanitation, controlling the number of visitors at any given time, ensuring that visitors maintain a safe distance, and reducing interpersonal contact.

Copyright © 2020 International Waters
262 Meserole Street, Brooklyn NY 11206



3. Ruth Hardinger, FF Alumn, at Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

Meet our 2021 Visual Grantee Ruth Hardinger. Her upcoming show “Transcending Fields” will be premiering at Mana Contemporary. An “artist’s artist”, Ruth has long explored the dialectic between physicality and spirit. Her proficient handling of "poor" materials—concrete, string, cardboard, graphite, rope, suggests a kind of transubstantiation, an impulse to transcend the mundane, through artistry, and evoke the eternal, the sublime. This theme is echoed in Hardinger's passionate environmental concerns and in her reverence for both Classical and Pre-Columbian art.
The experiential “Transcending Fields” will invite visitors to follow a path from room to room, as though from shrine to shrine on a private pilgrimage, following a designated route, reminiscent of an ancient spiritual pathway.
For more info, visit:



4. Regina Gallardo, FF Intern Alumn, now online at MIT

please visit this link:


thank you



5. Coreen Simpson, FF Alumn, now online in Buzzfeed News

please visit this link:


thank you



6. Monstah Black, Jennifer Miller, FF Alumns, live online at facebook.com, April 6

Dear Friends of Circus Amok!
Please join us for an evening of works by some of our favorite artists.

Tuesday, April 6
7:30pm Eastern
streaming live at: https://www.facebook.com/circusamok
You don't need to be logged into Facebook to watch!

Scotty Heron
Greg Corbino
Monstah Black
Gay Divorcees
Great Small Works

Glamor. Madness. Mayhem. Glory.



7. Alice Wu, FF Alumn, live online at Cultural Accelerator, April 8 and more

I'm proud and excited to be a part of the Cultural Accelerator hosted by Azeri art platform Ta(r)dino 6. Cultural Accelerator is a capacity-building program for artists and cultural workers across and beyond Europe. I'll be moderating the April 8 panel on Resilience and Leadership. Panelists include James Bradburne (Director General, Pinacoteca di Brera and the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense), Andreea Iager-Tako (co-founder of AMBASADA) and Mary Conlon (Artistic Director, Ormston House). Full program and registration for events March 31-April 29 available at: https://teh.net/project/cultural-accelerator/


My artist book "(tng2-khi3)(tng2-lai5)" has been acquired by the Quarantine Public Library. Check it out at: https://www.quarantinepubliclibrary.com/tng2khi3tng2lai5-by-alice-wu

thank you.



8. Peter d’Agostino & Homer Jackson, FF Alumns, online at Harvestworks, April 5-11.


New video-sound installations by Peter d’Agostino and Homer Jackson created during the
COVID-19 pandemic as a virtual online preview for future onsite exhibitions.

World-Wide-Walks / between earth & water / CAPES (2019-21) Peter d’Agostino

Video walks performed in and around South Africa’s significant ecological and historical sites: Cape Town

Robben Island Prison, Cape of Good Hope, and Cape Agulhas. In 2018, Cape Town’s city manager warned of a looming ‘Day Zero’ crisis when water taps would run dry following years of severe drought. Robben Island, across from Cape Town in Table Bay, is the site of an infamous maximum-security prison for Black, Indian, and mixed race opponentsof South Africa’s apartheid regime. Nelson Mandela was incarcerated there for 19 of his 27years in prison before serving as the country’s first black president from 1994-99. While the Cape of Good Hope is widely known for early Portuguese explorations (1487-98) it also played a key role in the slave trade beginning in 1652. Cape Agulhas, at the geographic southern tip of the African continent, is the geographic divide between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Music and sound design: Joseph M. Williams, Jr., Virtual model: Danielle Hope Abrom,
Special thanks: Tom Moses, Robben Island Museum, Support: Climate, Sustainability and the Arts (CSArts), Film & Media Arts Sustainability Fund, Temple University, and Harvestworks Digital Arts Center.

Walkin’ & Singin’ : New Songs of the Open Road (2019-21) Homer Jackson

This installation reframes a performance event produced by Homer Jackson, director of the Philadelphia Jazz Project, celebrating poet Walt Whitman’s 200th birthday in 2019. The songs, performed by participants walking through the city of Philadelphia, were inspired by Whitman’s “Song of the Open Road” and songs that fueled civil rights marchers to “challenge with their feet the boundaries of freedom.” Written and arranged by minister and vocalist, Taylor “Toby VeNT” Martin, choirmaster, and composer Waverly Austin, and singer/songwriter James Solomon, the musicality of these tunes were buttressed by a chorus of professional singers and members of the general public. “Tear Down These Walls” by Austin and “As I Give…As I Walk” by Martin are featured in this new installation. Additional concept development: Asha Jackson. Installation design: Peter d’Agostino, Virtual model: Danielle Hope Abrom, Sound mix: Joseph M. Williams, Jr. Support: University of Pennsylvania Libraries Kislak Center and funded by the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.


Peter d'Agostino's pioneering video, photography, and new media projects have been exhibited internationally for over five decades. His work was in the biennial exhibitions of Sao Paulo, Brazil; Gwangju, South Korea; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; and is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Getty Museum, Los Angeles; Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive; Oakland Museum of California; National Gallery of Canada; Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi, Belgium; CaixaForum, Barcelona; among others. D’Agostino’s grants and fellowships include: the National Endowmentfor the Arts, Pew Trusts, Onassis Foundation, Japan Foundation, and the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT.He was an artist-in-residence at the TV Laboratory, WNET, New York, the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada, the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center, Italy as well as a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome and the Art / Sci Center University of California, Los Angeles. Surveys of his World-Wide-Walks projects were exhibited at University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne Art Gallery, Bizkaia Art Gallery, Bilbao, Spain; and Laboratorio Arte Alemeda, Mexico City. The book, World-Wide-Walks / Pete d’Agostino: Crossing Natural-Cultural-Virtual Frontiers (2019), was published by Intellect Press, UK and the University of Chicago Press, USA.

Visit the website at:

Homer Jackson is an interdisciplinary artist from Philadelphia with a background in teaching and social service. His work is presented as installation, performance art, public art, video and audio. He uses images, sounds, text, live performance, video, audience participation and found objects to tell stories. His visual, media arts and performance works have been exhibited through a wide and diverse range of venues that include: The Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibition program, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Hallwalls Arts Center, Buffalo; Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis; Art Center/South Florida, Miami Beach; Maryland Art Place, Baltimore; The Kitchen, Art In General, Aaron Davis Hall in New York City, and ArtBlackLive in Northhampton, UK. Jackson has received support for his work from: the Rockefeller Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Pew Fellowships in the Arts, Pew Charitable Trusts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Pennsylvania Humanities Council, Pennsylvania Radio Theatre, The Playwrights Center, Art Matters, Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, and Civitella Rainieri Foundation, Italy. With over 20 years experience as a teaching artist working in community settings, Homer Jackson has served as project director for a number of arts & humanities projects and has conducted workshops in senior centers, prisons, schools and community organizations. He is the founder and director of the Philadelphia Jazz Project.

Visit the website at:



9. Alison Knowles, Buzz Spector, FF Alumns, live online at Center for Book Arts, May 11

Center for Book Arts honors visual artist Alison Knowles at the first ever virtual benefit on Tuesday May 11th. Please join us to celebrate the connections inspired by the book arts.

For tickets, please visit:

Benefit Program
5:30-6:00pm EST
Virtual Salons: an exclusive pre-program experience with a luminary CBA artist, writer, or curator

6:00-7:00pm EST
Main program featuring:
Poet John Yau
Curator and writer Maymanah Farhat
Artist and Educator Buzz Spector
Visual and performance artist Vincent Chong
Musical quartet Sandbox Percussion

7:00-7:30pm EST
Break-out rooms for virtually mingling and enjoying each other's company

Alison Knowles is a visual artist known for her soundworks, installations, performances, publications and association with Fluxus. Starting with what may be the earliest book object, a can of texts and beans called the Bean Rolls in 1963, Knowles has produced experimental books. In 1967, she produced the Big Book, an eight foot tall book of environments organized around a spine. Knowles produced a second large-scale book, The Book of Bean in 1982 with the help of Franklin Furnace. Some pages of it can be found at Museo Bostell in Spain. Knowles has also written several books of experimental text and poetry.




10. Dona Ann McAdams, FF Alumn, at Bennington Museum, VT, thru Aug. 15

Bennington Museum welcomes back visitors for the 2021 season with

Dona Ann McAdams: Performative Acts

a retrospective exhibition

April 2 – August 15

Dona Ann McAdams: Performative Acts, at Bennington Museum April 2 – August 15, will feature approximately three dozen photographs from McAdams' expansive body of work over the last forty years, including her renowned documentation of the avant-garde performance and queer liberation scenes in New York in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

The exhibition also includes a selection of images from her series, The Garden of Eden. These collaborative portraits were created over fifteen years (1983-1998) as part of McAdams' work with Hospital Audiences Inc., for which she facilitated art workshops with the mentally ill and homeless of New York City. During one session when McAdams was showing her photographic portraits of the participants around the communal table of the art room, a woman in the class began drawing in crayon on a photograph of herself. Many of the other workshop regulars began to follow suit, and a routine was established for how the workshop would proceed throughout the following years. This series was the winner of the 2002 Lange-Taylor Prize from Duke University’s Center for Documentary Study.

For more information visit benningtonmuseum.org.

Bennington Museum is a museum of Art, History, and Innovation that connects you with real objects, challenges you with intriguing ideas, and excites your imagination.



11. Donna Stein, FF Alumn, now online in The New York Times

please visit this link:


Thank you.



12. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, at Rabun County Civic Center, Clayton, GA, Aug. 6-8

Please join Joni Mabe at the
17th Big E Fest
Aug. 6-8 2021
Rabun County Civic Ctr
Clayton, GA



13. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, now online at frankadelic.com

Let Me Be Frank
Episode 20 – Teacher of Possibilities

The final episode of the Let Me Be Frank series, “Teacher of Possibilities”, describes Frank’s shamanistic apprenticeship, and his understanding of the student-teacher relationship as an experiential, non-western approach to the magical work of evolving the human mind/spirit. Frank explores the roles of the apprentice and teacher in this evolutionary process, and how the students link together with the teacher to create an alternate community within the larger cultural frame. “Teacher of Possibilities” also contains an extended piece from the musical dance jam celebration held shortly after Frank passed away, featuring a remembrance by Frank’s longtime friend and ENT doctor Richard Kerbavaz and a reading of Frank’s last poem, “Wide Open”.

The reading in this segment is by Frank’s last student, Megan Soriano. Music by Frank Moore, Michael LaBash, Vinnie Spit Santino, Sander Roscoe Wolff, Mr. Lucky and Tha Archivez.

Let Me Be Frank is a video series based on the life and art of shaman, performance artist, writer, poet, painter, rock singer, director, TV show host, teacher and bon vivant, Frank Moore.

The series is partly a biography, but also a presentation of Frank's philosophy on life and on art. Twenty-plus episodes have been planned based on Frank’s book, Art of a Shaman, which was originally delivered as a lecture at New York University in 1990 as part of the conference “New Pathways in Performance”. Each episode will feature readings by people who played an important part in Frank’s life, either as friends, lovers, students, artistic collaborators or supporters of his art.

Let Me Be Frank presents Frank's exploration of performance and art as being a magical way to effect change in the world ... performance as an art of melting action, of ritualistic shamanistic doings/playings. Using Frank’s career and life as a "baseline", it explores this dynamic playing within the context of reality shaping.

The series is available at http://frankadelic.com .



14. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, at Sarah Lawrence College, Apr. 11

I've always believed it's all our jobs to reach out and save LGBTQI youth.
Everytime a kid jumps off a bridge I take it as a personal and collective failure.
Sunday April 11th, I'll tell a story of some who helped save me as a young queer.
Then I'll host the conversation, focusing on Guest: Lisa Scott, Director of "Center Lane" in Yonkers and LGBTQ youth.

Followed by Q/A, Open Mic / 2 min limit poems/stories.
Who saved you? Who'd you save? What was your young gay life like? How do you help youth today?

Please come. And spread the word


Sunday April 11th
6pm EST

For tickets:



15. Maya Ciarrocchi, FF Alumn, at Equity Gallery, opening Apr. 8

Maya Ciarrocchi
Site: Yizkor
April 8 – April 24, 2021
Courtyard Meet and Greet*: Saturday, April 10th, 2pm - 4pm
Equity Gallery 245 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002

Artist Talk with Monika Fabijanska: April 15, 6:30-7:30pm EST via Zoom

Equity Gallery is pleased to present Maya Ciarrocchi’s Site:Yizkor, the long-awaited culmination of New York Artists Equity’s Residency Fellow Program. Through an expansive series of multidisciplinary artworks, including drawings, monotypes, cyanotypes, and photographs, Ciarrocchi carefully excavates and pieces together disappearing histories from the remains of architecture and fragmented memories, in the process recreating a complete visual story. The compilation of disparate materials to reconstitute and rebuild fractured narratives is deliberately employed by Ciarrocchi to evoke a Yizkor book, a type of memorial books written by Jewish Holocaust survivors to commemorate the people and places destroyed. She synthesizes the power in documentation, demonstrates how it plays a role in forging narrative, and shows how narratives can help people overcome seemingly insurmountable loss. Ciarrocchi combines and superimposes an aggregation of disparate components, such as blueprints, maps, topography, architecture, the human form, and Old Testament figures.

At first glance, there is an internal chaos to each artwork. Spooling lines and sketched out winding vectors insinuate the appearance of impossible buildings and landscapes, faded silhouettes of delicate human figures hide within densely packed lines and swaths of dark blotches of ink, at times only barely visible. However, the combined elements reinforce each other. On their own, the forms collected within Ciarrocchi’s work would be disconnected, ill-defined components, but in conjunction with the other elements included, they are given structure, emphasized and emboldened. Once displaced and without context, they are restored to being whole again through their inclusion. As highlighted by her Murderous Women series, narrative has been utilized to overcome hardship since ancient times. The stories of Yael and Judith are about the war-battered and oppressed striking out against their victimizers and, despite all odds, emerging victorious. Both tales chronicle overcoming trauma through wit and resilience in the face of brute force. Ciarrocchi sees the capacity of storytelling as a tool to make past struggles corporeal and as one of the most potent methods humanity has to endure and heal. The ability to examine past tribulations, as well as to recollect and manifest what initially seems permanently faded or lost, is what enables people to persevere and survive.


Maya Ciarrocchi’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and she has received residencies and fellowships from the Baryshnikov Arts Center, Bronx Museum of the Arts (AIM), LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, MacDowell, Millay Colony, UCross and Wave Hill. She received a Film/Video Grant from The Jerome Foundation and funding from the Bay and Paul Foundation, Franklin Furnace Fund, MAP Fund, and the Mertz Gilmore Foundation. In addition to her studio practice, Ciarrocchi has created award winning projection design for dance and theater including the TONY award winning Broadway musical The Band's Visit. Ciarrocchi is the recipient of a 2021 grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding and a 2020 BRIO Award from the Bronx Council on the Arts. Ciarrocchi earned an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, and a BFA from SUNY Purchase, Purchase, NY.

Equity Gallery
245 Broome Street
New York, NY 10002

New York Artists Equity Association, Inc.
245 Broome Street (cross is Orchard; MTA is Delancey)
New York, New York 10002
Metro Stop: F/M and/or Essex J/Z
Web: http://www.nyartistsequity.org
Email: info@nyartistsequity.org
Instagram: @equitygallery, #equitygallery
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/equitygallery/
Work and pricing information available upon request; kindly email the gallery at info@nyartistsequity.org.

*In the interest of safeguarding our community members, Equity Gallery manages access to its space and invites visitors to wear masks and follow NY social distancing protocol. To that end we will host a special exhibition preview with an attendant "meet and greet" in our courtyard space; date, details and Eventbrite invitation to follow.



16. Cyrilla Mozenter, FF Member, now online in Bangkok Biennial

It is my pleasure to announce Murmurations Part 2 of the Bangkok Biennial, curated by Anne Murray. This online solo exhibition includes images of the hand stitched felt work in process since last spring with my written piece.

Find out more at:

Cyrilla Mozenter



17. Ed Woodham, FF Alumn, online April 7

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 / 7-8 pm

Please join us for a virtual Omni-sensorial experiential presentation featuring 12 conceptual works from the participants in the SVACE course, What's The Big Idea? that I’m teaching.

To register to attend for free – Visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/.../the-unknown-future-tickets…

Participating artists: Cathy Brown, Christine Defazio, Courtney Frances Fallon, Rina Espiritu, Terry Hardy, Rong Li, Taja Lindley, Tammy Pittman, Ben Putnam, Angel Thompson, Jessica Valoris and Jenna Zilincar.
Ed Woodham
Director, Art in Odd Places
391 Bond Street #3
Brooklyn, NY 11231



18. Verónica Peña, Yali Romagoza, FF Alumns, live online at Artists Talk On Art, April 5

Curator at ATOA Artists Talk On Art, NYC, April 5th.

VERÓNICA PEÑA, Independent Curator, presents PERFORMANCE MONDAY'S at ATOA Artists Talk On Art, NYC
Monday, April 5th, 2021 6:00 - 7:30 pm EST
Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84198882925

ATOA Artists Talk On Art is a nonprofit organization based in New York City promoting the work of artists through studio visits and artists talks since 1975. Curated by Interdisciplinary Performance Artist Verónica Peña, and moderated by ATOA's Board President Barry Kostrinsky, ATOA collaborates with PERFORMANCE ART Open Call to present PERFORMANCE MONDAY'S, a new monthly series dedicated to the showcase of Live Art in its multiple manifestations. Join us this Monday, April 5th, 6:00 - 7:30 pm EST for the second enactment of the series featuring the work of artist Yali Romagoza (http://www.yaliromagoza.org).

ATOA Artists Talk On Art: https://www.atoanyc.org/
PAOC Performance Art Open Call: https://www.facebook.com/groups/208827689191980
Verónica Peña: https://www.veronicapena.com



19. Ralph Lewis, FF Alumn, live online at Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, April 5

Ralph Lewis of Peculiar Works Project is speaking on "Theater in the Time of Covid", a virtual panel with other theatermakers this Monday, April 5, at 7pm. Part of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, it's free w/ registration, and all are welcome to attend virtually .

"A roundtable with artistic directors of theaters across the US discussing their COVID pivots, challenges, and innovations on screens, phones, headphones, pop-ups, Zoom, and walking theater--how they are reinventing theater."




20. Verónica Peña, FF Alumn, selected for EMERGENYC 2021

FF Alumn Verónica Peña selected as part of EMERGENYC 2021 Cohort.

EMERGENYC is an incubator for artist-activists interested in developing their creative voice, exploring the intersections of art and activism, and connecting to a thriving community of independent practitioners—most of them POC, women, and LGBTQIA+ folks. First launched in 2008 at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute—and now independent, in partnership with BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange and Abrons Arts Center—EMERGENYC offers varied entry points into art and activism, prioritizing process, discovery and reflection, and fostering a brave space for experimentation, risk-taking and community-building. The annual program, directed by Marlène Ramírez-Cancio and George Emilio Sánchez, encourages participants to take interdisciplinary leaps, mix styles and traditions, and develop incisive new work at the intersection of performance and politics. Over the years, EMERGENYC has activated a strong network of artivists—in NYC and beyond—who have built solidarity across differences and challenged dominant narratives through artistic cultural resistance. https://emergenyc.org/

Selected Artists: Angelica Monteiro, Candace Hudert, Carolina Teixeira, Christian Cruz, Cristóbal Guerra, Dixon Li, Emma Pattison, Garrett Sager, Jasmine Hayden, Jason Wang, John María Gutiérrez, Jordan Reed, Julia Rocha, June Yuen Ting, Kelindah Schuster, Kevin Quiles Bonilla, Kiyo Gutiérrez, Mariano Ruiz, Mijori Goodwin, Olaiya Olayemi, Pêdra Costa, Rodrigo Arenas-Carter, Verónica Peña, and Yara Colón.

Veronica Peña is an interdisciplinary performance artist and independent curator from Spain based in the United States. Her work explores the themes of absence, separation, and the search for harmony through Performance Art. Peña is interested in migration politics, cross-cultural dialogue, peaceful resistance, liberation, and women’s empowerment. She has performed/exhibited around Europe, Asia, and America. In the U.S.: Pioneer Works(*2020-postponed due to Covid), Smack Mellon Foundation, Queens Museum, Triskelion Arts, Hemispheric Institute, Times Square, Armory Show, Dumbo Arts Festival, Consulate General of Spain in NY, amongst others. She received a Franklin Furnace Fund 2018, was selected for the Creative Capital Workshop 2019, leads Performance Art Open Call (16,000 members FB community), and curates “Collective_Becoming” to foster collaboration among artists. http://www.veronicapena.com @Veronica_Pena_Live_Art

For information, contact:
Verónica Peña
+1 (765) 237-9437



21. Pati Hill, Richard Torchia, FF Alumns, now online

Dear All,

Hello and I hope you are well.

As we begin to honor the centennial of Pati Hill's birth, April 3, 2021, I wanted to be sure you knew about two upcoming events.

In conjunction with the exhibition "Something other than either" (http://kunsthallezurich.ch/en/pati-hill), from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Zürich time) [5:00 AM - Noon (EST)] the curators and friends of Kunsthalle Zürich will read aloud examples of Hill’s literary oeuvre from inside a sound studio on site. The readings will be broadcast as a livestream over the internet so that visitors to the Kunsthalle—and followers at home—can listen in.

Here is a link to the event: http://kunsthallezurich.ch/en/100-years-pati-hill. The schedule of readings—with times, titles, and readers—is attached.

Additionally, I wanted you to know about a live discussion planned for Wednesday, April 7 at 4:00 PM in conjunction with the presentation of Hill's Alphabet of Common Objects (1977-79) in the exhibition "Nothing Is So Humble: Prints from Everyday Objects" at the Whitney Museum of Art (see announcement and details, pasted below).

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know about "Anne Turyn Top Stories", opening today at Kunstverein, Amsterdam
https://kunstverein.nl/2021/01/19/top-stories-by-anne-turyn/. Focusing on Turyn's innovative prose periodical (1978-1991), the show features Hill's "3 Stories", including "The Falcon", which will be read tomorrow in Zurich.

To conclude, I wanted to share a link to a video documenting an informal discussion that took place on March 25 between Daniel Baumann (director Kunsthalle Zürich), Baptiste Pinteaux (Paris-based curator and publisher), and Florence Bonnefous (Director, Air de Paris) as they conducted simultaneous walkthroughs of the exhibitions "Something other than either" and a selection of works presented at Air de Paris in conjunction with Art Basel (March 24-27). http://airdeparis.com/Viewingrooms/Viewing_rooms/pati/index.html

It's been an extraordinary year for Pati Hill and I encourage you to visit https://www.arcadia.edu/arcadia-exhibitions/pati-hill-collection to get a more comprehensive look at her exhibitions, publications, and other projects, both recent and forthcoming.

I trust that you will enjoy the above and hope you will be able to join us on April 7th.

Many thanks for your interest and support, with my best,



22. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, now online in Sculpture Magazine

I'm excited to share this piece in the March/April Sculpture Magazine of the International Sculpture Center. Thank you.

Speaking my business: a conversation with Jay Critchley:



23. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, live online at Tompkins Square Library, Manhattan, April 10

On saturday April 10th at 3pm

I will be doing a special event for Tompkins Square Library

My Life As History

Where i combine interviews from our long running 20+year
video project The Lower East Side Biography with memoir
from my long life in art

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