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Contents for November 02, 2020

Weekly Spotlight: ŠKART, FF Alumns, now online at:

This week's spotlight shines on “Survival Coupons” by experimental art group ŠKART, a project initiated in Belgrade, Serbia during the 1990s wars and NATO bombings. The artists intended to warn citizens of Belgrade of the social and personal controls that were being pushed onto them, and to counter the false impression held by many citizens of Belgrade, despite the thundering of battle outside the city, that they were not actually at war. Survival Coupons representing “gifts” of vitality -- miracle, power, fear, revolution, orgasm -- were distributed to citizens in the streets. The initial distribution of coupons was often received with suspicion, frustration, and sometimes even violence, but they eventually evolved to become a form of local communication and exchange during the long crisis. ŠKART’s 22-minute video montage, produced in 2000, shows public distribution of the coupons in Belgrade and later in NYC, and the interactions that resulted from this artistic gift-giving. ŠKART was founded in 1990 by Dragan Protić and Đorđe Balmazović. Camera, film, music by Dunja Bajić, Arsen Dedić, Milos Tomić and Aleksander Panov/Studio Prekrasnov. (Text by Eli Duncan, FF Intern, Autumn 2020).

Please watch here:


Thank you.



1. Coco Fusco, FF Alumn, at hyperallergic.com now online

Please visit this link:
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2. Pamela Sneed, FF Alumn, now online at lithub.com

Please visit this link:
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3. Arantxa Araujo, FF Alumn, at Leslie Lohman Museum of Art, live online Nov. 2


Join us this upcoming Monday, November 2nd from 6-8 pm for a special conversation with Leslie Lohman Artist Fellows, Fernando Vieira (playwright, director, performer), Heather Marie Scholl (mixed media fiber artist) and I, Aranxta Araujo (performance artist/multidisciplinary artist). The evening will feature a short artists’ talk, followed by a discussion with Richard Morales, Manager of Community Partnerships at The LGBT Center.

Nos encantará verlxs.

Hope to see you there!

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Yp-dCd4kSLy1Cg7U0gHkuA?mc_cid=9aaf2c38db&mc_eid=4ce9f9866d

Arantxa Araujo is a Mexican multidisciplinary feminist artist with a background in neuroscience based in NYC. She is interested in repetition and duration to access heightened states of awareness. Her work explores biobehavioral research, gender constructions and politics of migration; its affects and consequences in the construction of identity and performativity by using photography, video, mapping, LEDs and performance. Araujo is an LMCC 2019 grantee, will be part of the Hemispheric Institute Encuentro 2019 and was part of EMERGENYC (2017), ITP Camp (2018, 2019). Araujo was awarded a full scholarship from Mexican Government Institution CONACYT (2012). She holds an MA in Motor Learning and Control from Teachers College, Columbia University. // @ArantxaAraujo //arantxaaraujo.com

Heather Marie Scholl uses embroidery, mixed media, installation, writing and education to confront legacies of violence. She holds a BA in Race, Gender and Sexuality and an MFA in Fashion and Knitwear Design. Her inaugural installation, Sometimes It’s Hard to be a Woman, was awarded a Brooklyn Arts Council Grant (2014). The James and Janie Washington Residency(2019) in Seattle, WA served as a sounding board for the development of her current series, The Resurrection of a Victim. She was a 2019-20 fellow with the Leslie-Lohman Museum Artist Fellowship. Scholl’s work has been exhibited at The Morris Jumel Mansion, the oldest colonial house in Manhattan, Rokeby Museum in Ferrisburg, VT, Virago Gallery in Seattle, WA and Hive Gallery in L.A, among others. Her work has been written about in i-D magazine, Cosmopolitan, Slate, The Huffington Post and BUST.

Fernando Vieira is a New York-based writer, director, and performer. Most of his works document the effect of misogyny on the lives of women and queer Latinx individuals. He has been part of artistic cohorts at institutions such as NYFA, Creative Capital, and Leslie-Lohman Museum



4. Naeem Mohaiemen, FF Alumn, at Cue Art Foundation, Manhattan, opening Nov. 7

Please visit this link:
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5. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, in The Cape Cod Times, now online

Cape Cod Times: https://www.capecodtimes.com/news/20201016/provincetown-artist-jay-critchleys-whiteness-house-sends-message-of-race-ahead-of-election?utm_content=GTDT_CCT&utm_term=101720

The Whiteness House - tarred and feathered, a walk-in model of The White House created by Provincetown artist Jay Critchley, will be installed at Bubala's by the Bay Restaurant, 183 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Ma in a novel art space under its new patio awning. The ten-day outdoor installation will be held from October 16- 25, 2020. Writers, performers, poets and others are invited to submit ideas for daily planned activities. Volunteer to staff the installation are also being recruited.

The artist is represented by AMP Gallery, 432 Commercial Street, Provincetown, where other aspects of The Whiteness House will be on exhibit.
“Our nation’s home has taken on an ominous presence with a white president who has defined much of his Presidency based on color. How white is a Whiteness House after a black President? How does a white house express its whiteness?” states Critchley.

The Whiteness House - tarred and feathered examines race and the politicization of The White House and all of government at a culturally and politically tumultuous time. It was designed and created by the artist at a residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico in 2017 in response to issues elevated by the last presidential election, and now, to continue a community dialogue prior to the November 3 vote.

Tarring and feathering is a form of public humiliation used to enforce unofficial justice or revenge. It was used in feudal Europe and on the American frontier, mostly as a type of mob vengeance. It is meant to humiliate and severely criticize a person.
“We ask, Who is being tarred and feathered – We the American people, owner’s of the home, or the present tenant? Or, is someone else doing the tarring and feathering?” the artist asks

Jay Critchley
Founder & Director
Provincetown Community Compact



6. Mark Bloch, FF Alumn, now online at soundcloud.com

Hi. I created an art podcast about the election so that we both could feel we are doing everything in our power to win this election for Biden and Harris, to keep the US House of Representatives and take back the US Senate. Let’s keep democracy alive.Let’s keep this country alive.

The podcast is here:

Thanks for listening.

Mark Bloch
PO Box 1500
NY NY 10009 USA
cell 212 982 8454



7. Anna Banana, FF ALumn, at ChertLüdde, Berlin, Germany, thru Nov. 14


Proof Positive Germany is Going Bananas

ChertLüdde @ Salon am Moritzplatz
Oranienstraße 58, 10969 Berlin
Opening 1st November 2020, 12:00 – 21:00
On occasion of INDEX Sunday Open
Until 14th November, 2020

An exhibition organized by ChertLüdde and the Mail Art Archive of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and Robert Rehfeldt

ChertLüdde and the Mail Art Archive of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and Robert Rehfeldt is pleased to announce the exhibition by
Anna Banana
Proof Positive Germany is Going Bananas
hosted by Salon am Moritzplatz, Berlin

The new re-enactment of the performance Proof Positive Germany is Going Bananas, 1993, and its adjoining presentation coincide with the 30th anniversary of Germany’s reunification. ‘Proof Positive Germany is Going Bananas’ was originally developed by Anna Banana consequent to the fall of the Berlin wall, during which a trend emerged of West Germans greeting the newly-opened East by offering bananas, a fruit prior to unification rarely available in the GDR. The artist subsequently began to receive an immense quantity of banana related articles and items from her German contacts, inspiring her theory that Germany was going bananas.

Besides the historical significance of this exhibition in the year of the reunification 30th anniversary, another component proves contemporaneously involved. The exhibition’s exploration of a public psychological state inevitably points to the current COVID crisis that exploded this year as a catalyst to global socio-political uprisings and natural disasters, resulting in a radical change of lifestyle and our ways of thinking and being within our society. This brings to mind the notion of a collective wound, brought on by a sudden and unpredictable change in our daily lives, and the consequences of which are still not clear and yet to be fully seen.

You may visit the exhibition from Wednesday to Saturday, 13:00 to 18:00
For information:

The gallery and Salon am Moritzplatz are following the guidelines and rules to ensure the safety of our visitors, in line with the current health and hygiene regulations. We kindly ask you to wear a mask in the spaces and to keep the distance of 1.5 meters to each other.



8. Danielle Abrams, Patty Chang, FF Alumns, at University of Southern California, live online Nov. 7

Hi Everyone,

Announcing a live streamed performance that Mary Ellen Strom and I have collaborated to make. It is titled LINCOLN GAVE US A BEACH and is part of the lineup for USC Roski’s Live Artists Live III Performance Biennial Despair / Repair presented by USC Visions and Voices. Our performance will go live on Saturday, November 7 at 5pm EST. Our performance will be followed by a conversation with Patty Chang and Jane Chin Davidson.

Please Register:

Thank you.

Danielle Abrams



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