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Contents for November 14, 2016

1. Amanda Alfieri, Doreen Garner, Dietmar Krumrey & Kyle William Butler, Nadja Verena Marcin, Carlos Martiel, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Ari Tabei, Whoop Dee Doo (Matt Roche / Jaimie Warren), Franklin Furnace Fund recipients 2016 at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, Nov. 28

Past, Present, and Future II: The Performance and Performance Studies MFA Program at Pratt and Franklin Furnace Archive Welcome the Franklin Furnace Fund Class of 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016
Alumni Reading Room
Pratt Institute
Brooklyn Campus Library
200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

This season marks the 31st anniversary of the Franklin Furnace Fund. Initiated in 1985 with the support of Jerome Foundation, Franklin Furnace has annually awarded grants to emerging artists selected by peer panel review to enable them to prepare major performance art works.

Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art 2016-17 grant recipients are:

Amanda Alfieri
Doreen Garner
Dietmar Krumrey and Kyle William Butler
Nadja Verena Marcin
Carlos Martiel
Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz
Ari Tabei
Whoop Dee Doo (Matt Roche / Jaimie Warren)

Pratt Institute's Performance and Performance Studies (P+PS) MFA program and Franklin Furnace Archive will co-host our event to welcome the new 2016-17 class of Franklin Furnace Fund (FF Fund) performance art recipients. FF Fund recipients from the recently announced 2016-17 class will give short presentations of their newly funded projects.



2. Paco Cao, Beatrice Glow, Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful, Martha Wilson, FF Alumns, at The Center for Book Arts, Manhattan, Nov. 18

Artist Roundtable Discussion:
Enacting the Text | Performing with Words

Friday, November 18 // 6:30 PM

The Center for Book Arts
28 West 27th Street, Floor 3
New York, NY 10001


With participating artists: Paco Cao, Beatrice Glow and Martha Wilson. Moderated by Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful.

Suggested donation: $10 ($5, members)

Reception to follow.

Join us as three artists engage in lecture performances shedding light on the intricacies informing the nuanced relationship between live art - a fleeting medium - and printed matter. Experience Cao´s demonstration of the Dry Martini according to a recipe by surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel. Follow Glow's talk as she uses of the word "chino" as a starting point to unravel the historical realities and social imaginary of migration, diaspora, and colonialism in the Americas; and listen to Wilson, turned Donald Trump, as s/he discusses "how the costume affects the text and how especially the wig enables...[her]... to look around inside the brains of others."

Do not miss the opportunity to visit "Enacting the Text: Performing with Words," an exhibition presenting the works by 25 artists/collectives who go beyond the question of ephemerality versus permanence in their time-based actions.

While performative art practice, with all of its nuances, remains largely fleeting, a significant number of artists, working mainly in interventions, performances, situations, and experiences, have generated a substantial material culture. Whether drafting steps for an action, making lists of performance materials, or giving directions for participants, the use of written language becomes a recurrent element in the enactment of the practice. This exhibition gives center stage to artist books, letters, notes, scripts, and texts produced side-by-side to, or in complicity with, these short-lived gestures.

Artists included: María Alós, Josefina Báez, Paco Cao, FF Alumn, Papo Colo, FF Alumn, Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, Jean-Ulrick Désert, Lesley Dill, Coco Fusco, FF Alumn, Beatrice Glow, FF Alumn, Alicia Grullón, FF Alumn, Guerilla Girls, FF Alumn, Pablo Helguera, FF Alumn, Nancy Hwang, Alison Knowles, FF Alumn, LuLu LoLo, FF Alumn, Linda Mary Montano, FF Alumn, Pat Oleszko, FF Alumn, Pedro Pietri, Praxis (Brainard and Delia Carey), Quintín Rivera-Toro, Jack Smith, Elizabeth M. Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumns, Cecilia Vicuña, FF Alumn, and Martha Wilson, FF Alumn.



3. Dina von Zweck, Martha Wilson, FF Alumns, at Bowery Poetry Club, Manhattan, Dec. 11


We are excited to announce that a new book of poems by Dina von Zweck has just been published! The collection, Deer in the Headlights: The Afterlife Poems of Dina von Zweck (1933-2012) was compiled by Dina's close friend, Kenneth King, and contains many previously unpublished poems.

In honor of the release, we will be having a book launch and poetry reading at The Bowery Poetry Club on Sunday, December 11th at 3:30 p.m. Among those reading Dina's poems will be Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Meredith Monk (pre-recorded), Martha Wilson, Cindy Lubar (pre-recorded), Lorca Peress, and many others.

The book is currently available through the publisher, Club Lighthouse Publishing, who in 2014 released Mica's Brain, Dina's novel. You can purchase the paperback for $9.00 or an e-book for $3.00 here:

https://clublighthousepublishing.com/mvc1/productPage/Details/414 or directly from Amazon.com.

In order to bring attention to Dina's work, please SHARE and POST this news, the link to the book, and the attached image on social media!

We look forward to seeing you at The Bowery Poetry Club on December 11th.
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery, just north of Houston Street


Sarah Soffer



4. Fiona Templeton, FF Alumn, at the new Ohio Theatre, Manhattan, Dec. 5

Reading December 5th 2016

the 3rd winner of the Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers

The Triumph of Crowds
by Brigid McLeer

The award will be presented
with a reading of the play directed by Fiona Templeton,
on Monday December 5th at 8:00pm
at the New Ohio Theatre
154 Christopher Street, New York NY 10014
no charge - contribution welcome

In memory of Leslie Scalapino, her extraordinary body of work, and her commitment to the community of experimental writing and performance.

In our third round of the Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers, we have chosen a work that is again very different to its predecessors.
The Triumph of Crowds is a layered work, weaving art history, film, and the contemporary politics and poetics of community. It opens up the space of performance into a time that is both meditative and urgent.

Brigid writes: The Triumph of Crowds is a lecture as performance, or performance as lecture, distributed between the voices and gestures of ten performers. Written in response to Nicholas Poussin's painting 'The Triumph of David' (1631) it explores the politics of public assembly, protest, and becoming 'us'.

Brigid McLeer is Irish living in the UK. She has been working and exhibiting mainly in visual art and installation, as well as performance and writing.

The Prize:
In addition to the reading, the winner will receive a cash prize and print publication of winning play by Litmus Press, as well as a full production of the play in the following year. Details will be announced on the website MailFilterGateway has detected a possible fraud attempt from "r20.rs6.net" claiming to be www.lesliescalapinoaward.org and via email - sign up here.

The next call for entries will be in 2018.

Our final rounds were highly competitive and we plan further presentations to introduce this year's finalists.
The Leslie Scalapino Award recognizes the importance of exploratory approaches and an innovative spirit in writing for performance. It wishes to encourage women writers who are taking risks with the playwriting form by offering the opportunity to gain wider exposure through readings and productions. The award also seeks to increase public awareness for this vibrant contemporary field.
Lisa Langford, The Art of Longing
Jamara Wakefield, Rosie

Kelly Malone, Reign of Contexti
Ish Klein, Orchids
Michelle Sui, house/body

Leslie Scalapino and the Award

The Leslie Scalapino Award recognizes the importance of exploratory approaches and an innovative spirit in writing for performance. It wishes to encourage women writers who are taking risks with the playwriting form by offering the opportunity to gain wider exposure through readings and productions. The award also seeks to increase public awareness for this vibrant contemporary field.

The Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Playwrights is funded in part by the Leslie Scalapino-O Books Fund and is administered by The Relationship. Publication of award-winning works will be in collaboration with Litmus Press.
For more information about Leslie Scalapino, please visit her website: MailFilterGateway has detected a possible fraud attempt from "r20.rs6.net" claiming to be www.lesliescalapino.com.

And like us on Facebook

There are now 3 ways in which you can support the work of The Relationship - either directly through Paypal:

or please consider if making holiday purchases on Amazon, to do so through our Amazon Smile - no extra cost to you and Amazon will donate a small percentage to us:

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The Relationship, Fiona Templeton, Artistic Director, 100 Saint Mark's Place #7, New York, NY 10009



5. Ariel Goldberg, FF Alumn, at Callicoon Fine Arts, Manhattan, Nov. 20

Please join me in celebrating the release of my book of essays:

The Estrangement Principle from Nightboat Books
on Sunday November 20th, 6-8pm
at Callicoon Fine Arts
49 Delancey St, New York City.

Special guests Saretta Morgan, Amelia Bande, and Jess Barbagallo will give short readings from the book. Afterparty TBA!

As the press materials promise:
The Estrangement Principle is a book-length essay that explores landscapes surrounding the practice of categorizing "queer art."

"Ariel Goldberg is attentive to seemingly everything, moving through time, between public and private archives, hopping in and out of canons...It's a bold model for public intellectualism delivered with unassuming charm." -Zoe Tuck

"Ariel Goldberg wants this book in all sections of the bookstore so it can be found, recognized, hugged from different locations, shifting places like a broken GPS device, taking us where we can be alive, creative, connected."-Amelia Bande

The Estrangement Principle will soon be available at Small Press Distribution.

Accessibility: Callicoon is on the ground floor & wheelchair accessible. The door is 36 inches wide. The bathroom is not wheelchair accessible.



6. David Senior, Lawrence Weiner, Krzysztof Wodiczko, FF Alumns, at CUNY Graduate Center, Manhattan, opening Nov. 18

Thoughts Isolated: The Foksal Gallery Archives, 1966-2016

Opening reception: Friday, November 18, 2016, 6-8 pm
Exhibition open: November 19 - December 17, 2016

Curators: Katherine Carl, Katarzyna Krysiak, David Senior.
Cooperation: Bartek Remisko and Martyna Stołpiec.

With special thanks to Anna Ficek and Jennifer Wilkinson.
Organizers: James Gallery, the Graduate Center, CUNY and Foksal Gallery, Mazaovia Institute of Culture, Warsaw.

The exhibition was made possible by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland; the support of the Polish Cultural Institute New York; the patronage of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute/Culture.pl; and Anka Ptaszkowska. Additional support from The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York; The Kosciuszko Foundation; The Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America, Inc.; Artists Alliance Inc.; Artists Space; CEC ArtsLink; EFA Project Space; Franklin Furnace; NURTUREart Non-Profit, Inc.; Residency Unlimited.

The James Gallery
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue between 34th and 35th Streets
New York, NY 10016
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday noon-7pm,
Friday-Saturday noon-6pm

Founded by artists and critics in 1966 in Warsaw, Poland, the Foksal Gallery has thrived through transitions in the realms of government, the economy, and the art world. Today, at a time when New York City's artist-run spaces are encountering serious threats to survival, the case of the Foksal Gallery becomes ever more relevant. How does the Foksal Gallery illuminate new ways of building a sustained art community and legacy? The archives tell the story of the gallery as a model of an arts space run as a collaboration between artists and critics and engaged consistently in critical reflexive dialogue about its purpose/mission and meaning.

The exhibition opens on the occasion of the Foksal Gallery's 50th anniversary featuring the Foksal Gallery Archive's unique set of resources of original papers, photographs, printed matter and artworks collected since the gallery's founding. The exhibition includes early exhibition catalogues, invitations, posters and flyers, often designed by the artists themselves. Original material such as maquettes and designs for exhibitions are also to be found, as well as a large amount of photographic documentation of performances, installations and social gatherings at the gallery as well as sound and moving image recordings of early happenings and events.

The theoretical writings of the core critics who formed Foksal's philosophical agenda, such as Wiesław Borowski, Hanna Ptaszkowska, Mariusz Tchorek and Andrzej Turowski, were provocations towards rethinking how art could be presented. This exhibition pays homage to their work and theoretical rigor which emphasized new artistic concepts that changed how art could take place and disperse itself. These key texts form the enduring legacy of the Foksal Gallery.

Thoughts Isolated, the exhibition's title, is excerpted from a text entitled "The Living Archives" by Wiesław Borowski and Andrzej Turowski (1971), in which the artists-critics stated in bold text: "WE DO NOT PRESENT HISTORY BUT WE KEEP THOUGHTS ISOLATED." This notion captures the Foksal Gallery's continued exploration of role of the archive in the gallery's program. The archive as a recurring conceptual figure is also to be found in Tadeusz Kantor's Panoramic Sea Happening (1967), during which a set of archival documents was submerged at sea; in Borowski and Turowski's The Living Archives exhibition (1971), where the entire gallery was transformed into an information exchange for international conceptual art documents; and most notably in traveling exhibitions to Edinburgh, Glasgow and London in 1979-1980. As we trace the various ways in which the archive was staged throughout the history of the gallery, this exhibition is similarly an experiment with archival practice.

In its current state, housed in same small gallery space in Warsaw in wooden boxes designed by the artist Krzysztof Wodiczko in the 1970s, the Foksal Gallery Archive demonstrates the role played by the gallery in shaping the history of contemporary Polish art. These materials give evidence of the experimental nature of the works displayed at the gallery by Polish artists like Zbigniew Gostomski, Maria Stangret, Tadeusz Kantor, Edward Krasiński, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Jarosław Kozłowski and Stanisław Dróżdż. It constitutes a singular collection of records which are of immense value in both artistic and historical terms and document fifty years of work within various political realities and in collaboration with a diversity of artists, from Henryk Stażewski, pioneer of Polish avant-garde, to an international roster of conceptual artists like Lawrence Weiner, Daniel Buren, Christian Boltanski, and Ben Vautier.
(More: http://www.galeriafoksal.pl/?page_id=6&lang=en )

James Gallery Programs

Mon Nov 21, 6:30pm
Lecture and Discussion
Achieving Rapport: Art and Archives at Foksal Gallery

Katarzyna Krysiak, Pawel Polit, David Senior, Justyna Wesołowska.
Moderated by Katherine Carl

In tandem with the exhibition on view in the James Gallery, "Thoughts Isolated: the Foksal Gallery Archives 1966-2016," this evening's lectures by Katarzyna Krysiak, Pawel Polit and Justyna Wesołowska followed by discussion will focus on critical and curatorial strategies and practices at the Foksal over successive decades with continued support of the thriving contemporary art scene. Today at a time when artist-run spaces founded in the 1960s and 70s in New York City are encountering serious threats to survival, what does the example of Foksal Gallery illuminate for building a sustained art community and legacy? Starting in the 1960s from a base of extraordinary commitment to art and philosophy as well as ongoing international exchange, the gallery was self-reflective in its practices and in its documentation of activities ranging from performances and public art to strong graphic and textual production of catalogues and printed materials. Foksal Gallery introduced deeply influential artists to the international scene including Tadeusz Kantor and Edward Krasinski, and Krzysztof Wodiczko, as well as hosting an international roster of conceptual artists like Lawrence Weiner and Ben Vautier, which in turn shaped contemporary art in Poland and internationally.

Tues Nov 22, 6:30pm
Gallery Tour
Thoughts Isolated: The Foksal Gallery Archives, 1966-2016
Katherine Carl, Katarzyna Krysiak, David Senior

The archives of Foksal Gallery in Warsaw tell the story of the gallery as a model of an arts space run as a collaboration between artists and critics, which was constantly in critical dialogue with itself about the purpose and meaning of its own mission. Now celebrating Foksal Gallery's 50th anniversary, the archive houses a unique resource of original papers, photographs, printed matter and artworks collected since the gallery's founding. The exhibition includes printed materials like early exhibition catalogues, invitations, posters and flyers, often designed by the artists themselves. Join the curators for a look at archival materials such as original maquettes and designs for exhibitions, copious photographic documentation of performances, installations and social gatherings at the gallery as well as sound and moving image recordings of early happenings and events.

Wed Dec 7, 2016, 7pm
Object-Oriented Feminism

Irina Aristarkhova, Katherine Behar, Patricia Ticineto Clough, Ashley Dawson, Piper Marshall, R Joshua Scannell

This conversation explores object-oriented feminism (OOF), a feminist intervention into recent philosophical discourses-like speculative realism, object-oriented ontology (OOO), and new materialism-that take objects, things, stuff, and matter as primary. Approaching all objects from the inside-out position of being an object too, OOF foregrounds three significant aspects of feminist thinking in the philosophy of things: politics, erotics, and ethics. The evening's discussion centers on a new discipline-expanding volume, Object-Oriented Feminism (University of Minnesota Press), which seeks not to define object-oriented feminism, but rather to enact it by bringing together contributors from a variety of fields and practices including sociology, anthropology, art, science and technology studies, English, philosophy, and everyday life.

This event is co-sponsored by the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, Baruch College, CUNY.

The Amie and Tony James Gallery, located in midtown Manhattan at the nexus of the academy, contemporary art, and the city, is dedicated to exhibition-making as a form of advanced research embedded in the scholarly work of the Graduate Center across multiple disciplines. The gallery creates and presents artwork to the public in a variety of formats. While some exhibitions remain on view for extended contemplation, other activities such as performances, workshops, reading groups, roundtable discussions, salons, and screenings have a short duration. The gallery works with scholars, students, artists and the public to explore working methods that may lie outside usual disciplinary boundaries.



7. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, at Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, Nov. 14

Dreamlands: Expanded
at Microscope Gallery
Monday November 14, 7:30pm
Barbara Hammer
"Evidentiary Bodies"
Followed by a presentation and discussion with the artist

Projection from "Evidentiary Bodies", 2016

Artist and queer cinema pioneer Barbara Hammer premieres her new performance and multi-disciplinary work "Evidentiary Bodies". Armed with portable, fixed and live projectors and cameras, the artist moves about the space projecting video onto inflated balloons, photographic prints, x-ray scans of her own body, as well as onto the bodies of the audience members. One person extends to many and many people extend to one, challenging the concept of the proscenium screen and the stable audience. Live cello music composed and performed by Norman Scott Johnson.

General Admission $15
Students & Members $10

Presented by the Whitney Museum of American Art as part of Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905-2016, a landmark exhibition that focuses on the ways in which technology has created new forms of immersive experience using the moving image.

Copyright (c) 2016 hammer works, All rights reserved.



8. Murray Hill, FF Alumn, at The Public Theater, Manhattan, Nov. 25

starring Murray Hill, Dirty Martini, Angie Pontani &
featuring the Brian Newman Quartet

Friday, November 25

It's the liveliest Christmas cocktail party of the season and everyone is guaranteed to have a gay old time!

Comedian and larger-than-life personality Murray Hill (aka Mr. Showbiz) gives the much needed gift of holiday cheer and entertainment to New York City with his legendary Yuletide tradition: A Murray Little Christmas. He's coming early this year and it's a double-whammy: it's his official birthday too. Expect an evening of hilarious and wacky skits with the cast, Hot Toddy burlesque, a sleigh full of cheesy holiday songs, plenty of nuts, fruits and tree trimming. This non-returnable gift of holiday entertainment captures the joy and jubilation, the Murray-ment and magnificence of the holiday season. Have Yourself a Murray Little Christmas now, you'll be glad you did.

The Public Theater
425 Lafayette Street
New York, NY10003



9. John Fleck, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, Nov. 10, and more

The New York Times
Review: Stranded. And Don't Expect Help From Those Animals.

NYT Critics' Pick
Off Off Broadway, Experimental/Perf. Art, Play, Solo Performance
Closing Date: November 19, 2016
Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie St.
NOV. 8, 2016

Hush, the movie's starting.
"Exterior, night," John Fleck says in a film-noir voice, narrating the screenplay he's enacting before us. A cigarette clenched between his lips, he walks onto the darkened stage at Dixon Place with only a miniature flashlight to illuminate his face. "A full moon rising on a cloudy night casts an eerie glow on a Godforsaken blacktop highway winding its way along the upper coast of Maine."
Fog rolls in: a puff of cigarette smoke. A toy car in Mr. Fleck's hand careens off the make-believe road. The stranded driver seeks shelter at a nearby house - always a bad idea when you're a character in a gothic horror spoof, and even more so when it's as gory and gleefully dark as Mr. Fleck's delightfully deranged solo show, "Blacktop Highway," which soon layers video into the mix.

With his fellow performance artists Karen Finley, Tim Miller and Holly Hughes, Mr. Fleck is best known as one of the N.E.A. Four, who in the 1990s found themselves at the center of a cultural debate about art and obscenity after they were denied grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. Ms. Finley became infamous for smearing herself with chocolate onstage in a work dealing with psychic damage.
"Blacktop Highway" prefers butterscotch, spooned and drizzled in the midst of a sexual frenzy.

Directed by Randee Trabitz, it's a show that embraces absurdity from the get-go but eases us into a creepy story line full of cruelty, lust and shame, about a pair of incestuous siblings, their Bible-quoting father and a menagerie of animals in constant danger of being killed for food or taxidermy. There are also a disfigured, rather yearning character, called Pitiful Creature, and a fusty academic who breaks in occasionally to comment on the work. All of them would do well to watch their backs.

Aided by a bit of puppetry (designed by Christine Papalexis) and extensive video (designed by Heather Fipps), both prerecorded and live, the charismatic Mr. Fleck plays each character as well as the narrator, and does sound effects. As technical elements pile on, the show becomes messier than it needs to. A technical glitch on Saturday night foiled the ending.

Some of the evening's funniest moments occur onscreen. Yet "Blacktop Highway" is at its intoxicating best when it's simplest, depending on little more than Mr. Fleck's rapid-fire ingenuity as a live performer. In the room with him, our imaginations can fill in the blanks.

The complete illustrated article can be found at this link:


Broadway World


The Review Hub


Theater Guide:


The easy



10. Hidemi Takagi, FF ALumn, at BRIC, Brooklyn, Nov. 14 and more

BRIC Media Arts Fellowship Screening:
November 14th (Mon) 7-10PM
at BRIC House 647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. NY 11217

I'll be showing a video: Yachiyo -The Prologue (6 min 35 sec)
If you have 6min and change, please take a look @ https://vimeo.com/190931741
This video piece will be a part of the installation along with her portraits later on. I've been working with this wonderful 92 yrs old Japanese American lady since late Spring. This video is about her daily life at her age of 92. She is so amazing!


Another one is BRIC Biennial: Volume II, Bed Stuy/Crown Heights Edition:
My work will be displayed at Brooklyn Public Library.
Opening Reception - BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY: Central Library
November 16th (Wed) 6-8PM
Dweck Lobby, Lower Level at Brooklyn Public Library 10 Grand Army Plaza, BK

More Info about the exhibit: Click here

And this exhibit is still on:

October 27, 2016-February 2017

The Nathan Cummings Foundation
475 Tenth Avenue, 14th floor NYC
More Info about the exhibit: http://moreart.org/projects/homeward/



11. Thana Alexa, FF Member, at Rockwood Music Hall, Manhattan, Nov. 15, and more

November 2016

I know many people are hurting after the results of the presidential election... many are filled with fear, sadness, disappointment and outrage. Many others are also filled with relief, hope and excitement. That's how divided we are as a country and as a civilization, which is a very difficult realization. Now, more than ever, we must turn to music, art and culture for creative expression and a way to come together as a respectful, supportive and encouraging country.

We MUST love each other.
We MUST support each other.
We MUST try to understand each other.

On Tuesday, 11/15 at 9pm I will perform one set of music with some of my dearest friends where we will create some beauty in the midst of all this confusion. Please come and share in the moment. Bring your instruments, bring your hearts and souls, bring your positivity and through music we will work through our struggle.

Thana Alexa Project
Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2)
196 Allen St, New York, NY
Phone: (212) 477-4155

Tuesday, November 15

Thana Alexa / vocals
Ben Flocks / tenor saxophone
Eden Ladin / piano
Noam Wiesenberg / bass
Peter Kronreif / drums

With special guests

Nicole Zuraitis / background vox
Camila Meza / background vox & guitar

Starting November 20 Antonio Sanchez & Migration will go to Mexico for our last tour of 2016. I'm really looking forward to bringing some love and support through these concerts to our brothers and sisters in Mexico. You can imagine that they also need us now more than ever.

Mexico tour with Antonio Sanchez & Migration

Wednesday, November 23
Torreón, Mexico

Thursday, November 24
Teatro Vivian Blumenthal
Guadalajara, Mexico

Friday, November 25
Auditorio De La Reforma
Puebla, Mexico

Saturday, November 26
Palacio De Bellas Artes
Mexico City, Mexico

Sunday, November 27
Teatro Ocampo
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Monday, November 28
Centro Nacional De Las Artes
Mexico City, Mexico

Friday, December 2
Double bill with Blood, Sweat & Tears
Riviera Maya Jazz Festival
Cuernavaca, Mexico

If you haven't had a chance to get your copy of "Ode to Heroes"
you can purchase it on:
iTunes • Amazon

Thana Alexa · Ode to Heroes
Jazz Village · Release Date: March 10, 2015
For more information on Thana Alexa, please visit: ThanaAlexa.com
For more information on Jazz Village, please visit: JazzVillageMusic.com



12. Denise Green, FF Alumn, at University of Queensland, Australia, opening Nov. 24

Professor Iain Watson
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement)
The University of Queensland
invites you and guests to the opening of
Denise Green
Beyond and Between - A Painter's Journey
Thursday 24 November 6.15 for 6.30 pm
to be opened by
Anthony Bond OAM
Formerly Director Curatorial, Art Gallery of New South Wales
5.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Join Denise Green and Michele Helmrich for a preview of the exhibition.
RSVP by Friday 18 November

The work of Denise Green AM came to prominence in 1978, when her paintings in the exhibition New Image Painting at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, were recognised for their spare yet resonant visual language. Born in Melbourne, Green grew up in Brisbane and studied in Paris and New York. She settled in New York City in 1969, where she continues to live and work. Green exhibits regularly in the USA, Europe and Australia, and in recent decades retrospectives of her work have been presented at P.S.1 Center for Contemporary Art/MoMA, New York; Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, and Museum Kurhaus Kleve, Kleve. She is the author of Metonymy in Contemporary Art (2006) and Denise Green: An Artist's Odyssey (2012). This exhibition offers an opportunity to reappraise her work, including her recent photo-collages.
Denise Green celebrates the major gift of works that the artist's husband Dr Francis X. Claps MD made to The University of Queensland in 2013.

Curator: Michele Helmrich

Exhibition continues until 2 April 2017



13. Alvin Eng & Wendy Wasdahl, FF Alumns, at City Lore Gallery, Manhattan, Nov. 18

THIS FRIDAY, November 18 @ 7 pm
CITY AS MUSE: Louise Nevelson's New York
A book discussion with
LAURIE WILSON, author of

Friday, November 18th, 7 pm
City Lore Gallery, 56 East 1st Street, NYC (212) 529-1955
$5 on Eventbrite or MailFilterGateway has detected a possible fraud attempt from "alvineng.us9.list-manage.com" claiming to be citylore.org

City Lore, in collaboration with playwright/performer Alvin Eng, and director/dramaturg Wendy Wasdahl proudly introduces "City As Muse," a new quarterly reading, performance, discussion series on the influence of New York City on artists' works and subject matter.

The series debuts with art historian and psychoanalyst Laurie Wilson
reading and presenting slide images from her new book, Louise Nevelson: Light And Shadow. This is the first biography of this major artist to be published in 25 years. Nevelson struggled in poverty on the fringes of the NYC art world for thirty years before she was finally "discovered" at age 59. By 1980, she had been celebrated with two retrospectives at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Her massive steel sculptures appeared in public spaces in seventeen states. The story of Nevelson's artistic, spiritual, even physical transformation (she developed a taste for outrageous outfits and false eyelashes made of mink) is dramatic, complex, and inseparable from major historical and cultural shifts of the twentieth century, particularly in the art world.

Wilson, Eng, and Wasdahl, along with the audience, will explore this uniquely New York story by focusing on the impact of NYC as a physical and cultural presence in both Louise Nevelson's work and Wilson's own writing. The event culminates in a book signing.

LAURIE WILSON is a New York-based biographer and art historian, and the author of Alberto Giacometti: Myth, Magic and the Man, published by Yale University Press in 2003 and Louise Nevelson: Light and Shadow (Thames & Hudson, November 2016). She has written over a dozen chapters, articles and essays on Nevelson for professional journals and publications, including essays for the 1980 Whitney Museum exhibit (for which she conducted additional interviews with the artist) and the catalogue essay for an exhibit at the Phoenix Museum of Art. She is also a practicing psychoanalyst on the faculty of the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education affiliated with NYU School of Medicine.

ALVIN ENG and WENDY WASDAHL first collaborated with City Lore for a 2014 staged reading of "33 & 1/3 Cornelia Street," the second of Eng's Portrait Plays cycle of historical dramas about artists and portraiture. The reading featured longtime City Lore supporters Bob Holman as urban legend Joe Gould and Kathleen Chalfant as painter Alice Neel. Last year, Eng & Wasdahl returned to City Lore for a staged reading of "Our Laundry, Our Town," Eng's memoir-in-progress chronicles his growing up in the shadows of the Cold War in a 1970s Chinese Hand Laundry in Flushing, Queens and concludes with the performance of his one-man show, "The Last Emperor of Flushing," in a former People's Hall of the Cultural Revolution in his family's ancestral Guangdong province. Wasdahl is the founding artistic director of The Shared Forms Theatre Company that created 13 original works for the theatre. Eng is currently a Visiting Professor in the MFA Playwriting Program of Queens College.

CITY LORE, founded in 1986, fosters New York City - and America's - living cultural heritage through education and public programs. We document, present, and advocate for New York City's grassroots cultures to ensure their living legacy in stories and histories, places and traditions. We work in four cultural domains: urban folklore and history; preservation; arts education; and grassroots poetry traditions. In each of these realms, we see ourselves as furthering cultural equity and modeling a better world with projects as dynamic and diverse as New York City itself.

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14. Jim Johnson, FF Alumn, at RULE Gallery, Denver, CO, opening Nov. 18

Opening Friday in Denver

Form & Void
Jim Johnson and Vicki Lee Johnston

Reception Friday, November 18

Exhibition on view through
January 7, 2017

Gallery Hours
Tues-Fri 12-6p / Sat 12-5p

RULE Gallery is pleased to present Form and Void, a duo exhibition featuring work by Jim Johnson and Vicki Lee Johnston. The show will open with a public exhibition on November 18, 2016, from 6-9pm, and will be on view November 18- January 7, 2017.

In Form and Void, artists Jim Johnson and Vicki Lee Johnston weigh themes of life, death and the passage of time by utilizing materials and subject matter that explore the tension between the natural and man made worlds.

Jim Johnson uses charcoal on paper to develop earthy dark clouds that encapsulate and reveal words and phrases intended to inspire contemplation. By creating the words out of the empty spaces, he is calling out their ephemeral nature. Vicki Lee Johnston's practice employs reclaimed barbwire, historically used to exclude and confine open space to create sculptures. Her pieces depict elements of nature such as prairie grass moving in the wind or nests filled with bones, re-conceptualizing a material that has contributed to the drastic and often violent reshaping of the western landscape. Ultimately, for each artist, emptiness is the subject and meaning is found at its boundaries.

Vicki Lee Johnston received a BA in Studio Art from Moorhead State University in Minnesota. She has exhibited locally at Red Line Gallery, the Arvada Center for the Arts, GOCA, Spark Gallery, and the Denver Art Museum. She has also shown in galleries in Minneapolis, Houston, Flagstaff and Dallas. Her work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.

Jim Johnson received an MFA from Washington State University and a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA.. He was a member of the University of Colorado at Boulder Art and Art History department for over 30 years and was key in developing their Media and Computer Imaging program. Johnson has exhibited his work in many locations, including NYC, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Chicago, Atlanta in the US as well as internationally in Canada, Brazil, Hungary, and Scotland. His work is in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum as well as the Museum of Modern Art, NY, the Tate Library in London and the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles among others.

RULE Gallery
530 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204

204 E. San Antonio St.
Marfa, TX 79843


Denver Hours:
Tue - Fri 12 - 6p / Sat 12-5p
or by appointment

Marfa Hours:
Wed - Sun 11a - 5p
by appointment



15. Helen Varley Jamieson, FF Alumn, live online, Nov. 24

hi everyone,

"We have a situation, Coventry!" takes place live online in UpStage, on Thursday 24 November at 7pm UK time.
"We have a situation, Coventry!" is the sixth event in the ongoing networked performance series "We have a situation!", which uses cyberformance to address topical local/global issues. This "situation" explores the university-city relationship in Coventry. As the university rapidly grows and dominates the centre of the city, what is happening to the social relationships between the local citizens and the staff and students of the university? What does the university bring to Coventry, and what does the town give to the university? What is gained or lost in the process?

The event on Thursday 24th consists of a cyberformance followed by a live discussion between local participants at the Shopfront Theatre in Coventry and online participants from around the world. The cyberformance is being created by university students and Coventry locals during a week-long workshop, led by Helen Varley Jamieson who is currently International Artist in Residence at Coventry University's Disruptive Media Learning Lab.

A live link to the online stage will be available here: http://www.upstage.org.nz
shortly before the performance time; find your local time here. Everyone is welcome!
h : )

helen varley jamieson
We have a situation, Coventry!
24 November 2016



16. Chris DAZE Ellis, FF Alumn, at Childs Gallery, Boston, MA, opening Nov. 19

Please join us for a reception with the artist to celebrate the exhibition

Chris DAZE Ellis

Saturday, November 19th
4:00 - 6:00 pm
169 Newbury Street, Boston

Rsvp to info@childsgallery.com or 617-266-1108

Chris Ellis (American, b. 1962) - best known by his street name, Daze - began writing graffiti in the New York City subway in the mid-1970s. Hailed as one of the most important graffiti artists of his generation, Daze turned to canvas in the early 1980s, successfully making the transition from street to studio.

In 1981 his work was featured in the Mudd Club group exhibition Beyond Words, alongside work by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. Using spray paint in combination with acrylic and oil, Daze's paintings capture the grittiness and spontaneous energy of city life. Daze has exhibited internationally and his work can be found in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The Museum of the City of New York, Yale University Art Gallery, and The Addison Gallery of American Art.



17. Nina Yankowitz, FF Alumn, at Siggraph Asia 2016, Macau, Dec. 5-9

I am pleased to have Criss-Crossing The Divine interactive Spiral Vortex Paint Game included in the Siggraph Asia 2016 electronics art gallery exhibit and conference in Macau China, Dec. 5-9.

My team will speak at the conference on December 5th, 2016.

This Interactive game installation addresses the ever-expanding religious intolerance fueling global wars. Attendees use interactive wands to curate topic-words and assign more or less importance to each topic they select. The player receives color­coded scripture perspectives parsed from the individual's unique search. They are directed to a website to view or print from which of the 46,000 culled scriptures from The Old Testament, New Testament, Hindu Rig Vedas, The Quran, and Buddhist texts, their results originated. None of the search results are the same and the participant can view and/or print their respective results.

Prior interactive games & Installations about challenging belief systems and/or climate-change exhibits include: Global Warming Bursting Seams, Museum Quarter Vienna, MOMA Kiev Ukraine, National Academy Museum NYC, Katonah Museum NY, MOMA PS.1 Queens N.Y., Indianapolis Museum of Art, Kunsthaus, Hamburg Germany, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, N.Y, The Whitney Museum of American Art inaugural Biennial, N.Y. Other collaborative games include "Crossings" Thessaloniki Biennale Greece, an interactive exhibit Criss~Crossing The Divine robotic sculptures at Guild Hall Museum, The Third Woman team Interactive Film/Games" Galapagos ArtSpace Brooklyn, Vienna Under-ground in the Thessaloniki Biennale, Truth or Consequences, ISEA2012 New Mexico. Press includes Art Forum, Art News, New York Times, Art Press France, Wall Street Journal. Awards include Ford, The NEA, Pollack Krasner, American Academy in Rome Visiting Artist.

Nina Yankowitz U.S. Peter Koger, Wein Barry Holden, U.S. Mauri Kaipainen, Se.
Artist & Director Software design Project Coordinator Database designer




18. Elise Engler, FF Member, at St. Edward's University, Austin, TX, thru Dec. 8

Elise Engler's A Year on Broadway is on view at St. Edward's University Fine Arts Gallery in Austin, Texas from November 4 through December 8.
The entire 109' by 6" drawing of the 252 blocks of Broadway in Manhattan and accompanying photographs of the artist drawing on every block are included in the exhibition. You can read about this piece in the New Yorker Magazine



19. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, now online

Portraits of the 45th President of the United States by Joseph Nechvatal




20. Alison O'Daniel, FF Alumn, at Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 19-20, and more

Hi Friends,

This past week has been full of grief and sadness, and at the same time I've felt incredibly thankful for art and community. I'd love to share a small part of the good feelings with you:

I invite you to The Tuba Thieves: The Sex Life of Mushrooms in the Hammer Museum's In Real Life exhibition on Nov. 19th and 20th from 11am to 5pm.

On the stage in the courtyard I will collaborate with the actors Nyke Prince and Ian Hutton, the musician Sk Kakraba, a film crew and Sign Language interpreters to create a scene from my long-form project, The Tuba Thieves. The scene will be filmed in American Sign Language.

Nyke and Nature Boy perform their daily morning rituals: they eat breakfast, become absorbed in the content of their laptop and books, check in about their days. The quotidian domestic scene will be accompanied by live music performed by SK Kakraba, a Ghanaian musician who plays a Gyil (a wooden xylophone) shifting between the scene and the stage as he suddenly appears to one of the characters while they discuss his music playing on the radio.

Real-time captions of the dialogue will be provided by Gabriel Silva as filmic sub-titles on a screen below the stage. The final scene will be incorporated into the feature edit along with previously completed scenes.

Address and more information can be found here.

Also --> Currently on view on two large digital billboards located at 9039 Sunset Boulevard (above 1OAK) are four short 2-channel videos from The Tuba Thieves.

Produced in collaboration with the city of West Hollywood's Art on the Outside (AOTO) program and IF Innovation Foundation, this initiative presents video works with an emphasis on emerging artists. Artwork can be seen on the electronic billboard screens various times throughout the hour. This section of Tuba Thieves features Nyke Prince, Archie Carey, the Centennial High School Marching Band, the Bell High School Marching Band, and the Maverick Concert Hall in Woodstock, NY. --> On view from your cars until Dec. 31, 2016. info here

In love, peace and solidarity,




21. Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, now online at www.ny1.com

Here is a one minute video of a NYC Parks children's event I participated in:


Thank you.
Harley Spiller aka Inspector Collector



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