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Contents for August 01, 2016

1. Tehching Hsieh, FF Alumn, to represent Taiwan at the 2017 Venice Biennale

Sean Kelly congratulates Tehching Hsieh on being selected to represent Taiwan at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017 with an exhibition curated by Adrian Heathfield.

Ping Lin, Director of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) states: "With high anticipation, Taiwan's nominating committee recommend Hsieh's vital and richly metaphorical performance art projects. Hsieh's work not only bears witness to a visionary perspective, but also sheds light on universal human conditions through his critical enactment of a biopolitics of existence."

On his nomination, Hsieh remarked, "It is a great honor to represent Taiwan at the 57th Venice Biennale. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to show previously unseen early works that I made in Taiwan, and to develop new understandings of my One Year Performances in New York. I am grateful for the support of the nominating committee, the Director of TFAM Ping Lin, Chief Curator Chaoying Wu, and for the opportunity to collaborate with curator Adrian Heathfield."

For more information on Tehching Hsieh, please visit skny.com

For press inquiries, please contact Christine McMonagle at the gallery (212.239.1181) or via email at christine@skny.com
For all other inquiries, please contact Janine Cirincione at the gallery (212.239.1181) or via email at janine@skny.com



2. Peter Cramer, Carlo McCormick, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, in Manhattan, Aug. 13

Peter Cramer and Jack Waters participate in
3:00 - 5:30 PM, Saturday August 13 2016
Starting at Metrograph Theater (7 Ludlow Street)
Starting with a screening of Ira Sachs' touching Last Address (2010, 9 min.) at Metrograph, the Last Address Tribute Walk will move to the streets of the Lower East Side, where Visual AIDS Programs Director Alex Fialho will lead a tribute walk honoring artists who lived with HIV/ were lost to AIDS. At each stop of an artist's last residential address, a drawing by Win Mixter and rose will be left in tribute, and special guests close to or influenced by the artist will share a related reading.
In a spirit of lively remembrance, Jack Waters & Peter Cramer will tribute Valerie Blitz by reading at ABC No Rio (156 Rivington Street); Anneliis Beadnell will read at the last NYC address of Martin Wong (141 Ridge Street);Carlo McCormick will read at the last address of Nicolas Moufarrege (113 Avenue C); a reading will tribute Klaus Nomi (103 St Marks Place); and Nick Rule will read at the former address of David Nelson (244 E 5th St).

Though these may be the last addresses where each artist lived, the life of their work continues to address, inspire, and live with a new generation today. The constellation of readings and roses, drawings and doorsteps of the tribute walks is a site for community based on both remembrance and response.
Artist Member pages for those we will tribute: Valerie Caris Blitz, Martin Wong,Nicolas Moufarrege, and David Nelson
***Rain or Shine***

Anneliis Beadnell, is a curator and historian who has been the Director of P.P.O.W, representing the Estate of Martin Wong, for the last five years. This past January, Anneliis co-curated an exhibition with Dino Dincer Sirin of Wong's early work entitled Voices, which primarily exhibited works Wong created in California, prior to moving to New York City in 1978.

Peter Cramer & Jack Waters were in the extended family of artists that Valerie Caris Blitz belonged to during their tenure as co-directors at ABC No Rio. Valerie's performances and appearances in their films were essential to the vibrancy of No Rio at that time

Carlo McCormick is a writer and curator based in New York and a senior editor of Paper Magazine. He knew Nicolas Moufarrege as both an artist and fellow arts writer.
Nick Rule is an artist based in New York. He knew David as a friend, an artist and a wonderfully acute and generous studio guest for many years.



3. Sarah Thomas Gulden, FF Alumn, launches new website

Please visit:


Thank you.



4. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Edinburgh Festival Checkpoint Theatre, Scotland, August 3-14,

Penny Arcade Longing Lasts Longer

Edinburgh Festival Checkpoint Theatre (Venue 322)

August 3-14th 18:55 (6:55pm)

Penny Arcade is a force of nature and NYC's undisputed underground queen. Driven by her magnetic rock'n'roll energy, Penny Arcade presents 'an orgasm of adrenalin and sunshine' (Sydney Morning Herald). She strikes a blow against the golden age of stupidity, turning contemporary stand-up on its head to create a crack in the post gentrified landscape. An award-winning performance anthem to think, drink, laugh and dance to at the same time! 'A revelation that calls for a revolution' (Advertiser). 'Hot and hysterically funny' (New York Post). 'Most quotable theatrical party in town... audacious and irresistible!' (Times).

Penny Arcade aka Susana Ventura is America's pre-eminent text based performance artist and one of America's most respected monologists. Her high content writing blends take no prisoners comedy with a journalistic lens and her cultural criticism leaves the audience both informed and inspired. Once you have seen a Penny Arcade show and hear her speak truth to power, with no regard for truth's fallout, you will be a fan for life.




5. Claes Oldenburg, FF Alumn, at Pulitzer Arts Foundation, St. Louis, MO, thru Oct. 15

Pulitzer Arts Foundation
The Ordinary Must Not Be Dull:
Claes Oldenburg's Soft Sculptures
July 29-October 15, 2016

Opening: July 29, 6-9pm
Curatorial tour: July 30, 11am

Pulitzer Arts Foundation
3716 Washington Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63108
United States

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Pulitzer Arts Foundation presents three exhibitions that reframe the objects and environments of everyday life, on view from July 29-October 15, 2016.

The Ordinary Must Not Be Dull: Claes Oldenburg's Soft Sculptures
With a career spanning over 50 years, Oldenburg has made a radical contribution to the history of sculpture by rethinking its materials, forms, scale, and subject matter. This exhibition is dedicated to Oldenburg's soft sculptures, a body of work that he began in 1962 and developed over the next two decades. The 14 works on view, all but one made during the 1960s and '70s, represent food, common fixtures of the home, and domestic objects that might be found in one's garage or kitchen.

As with Oldenburg's other work, the soft sculptures undermine the functionality of the objects they represent-challenging our perceptions and unsettling our routines with, for example, a 12-foot-tall, bright blue sculpture in the form of a three-way plug, or a folding chair that appears to droop, or a pile of four-foot-long French fries topped with ketchup. The exaggerated scale, bold colors, and limpness of Oldenburg's soft sculptures will stand out in especially high relief when viewed within the pristine geometry of the Pulitzer building, where they will transform quotidian objects into a provocative mix of the ubiquitous and the uncanny.

raumlaborberlin: 4562 Enright Avenue
The Pulitzer has commissioned Berlin-based architecture collective raumlaborberlin to create a site-specific installation that considers the question: what does "home" represent, and how does it reflect our lives, desires, and dreams?

Exploring this question as it relates to the built environment in St. Louis-where a steep residential decline since the 1950s has resulted in the prevalence of vacant houses and empty lots-raumlaborberlin worked closely with the local community to develop a project that would take shape both as an art installation and as interactions with a neighborhood. Working with the many residents of Enright Avenue, the Lewis Place neighborhood association, the City of St. Louis, local stakeholders, and key figures in urban planning and organizing, raumlaborberlin salvaged materials from a derelict house fated for demolition in order to create an installation that gives significant elements from the home a new life inside the Pulitzer's main gallery.

Located at 4562 Enright Avenue, the two-story brick house was built in 1890 and was home to dozens of residents, representing a variety of backgrounds, over the last century. The house, which has fallen into disrepair, has been uninhabited for over 25 years and has now been scheduled for demolition. Raumlaborberlin's reinterpretation of it looks to both its particular history and the current state of housing in St. Louis in order to imagine how we might dwell in the future.

4562 Enright Avenue will be accompanied by a series of public programs that bring together neighbors, historians, artists, city officials, and national collaborators to explore the challenges related to urban planning and public policy in St. Louis and other cities across the country. This project is raumlaborberlin's first major museum commission in the United States. Established in 1999, this collective creates projects in public space that investigate strategies for urban renewal, working at the intersection of architecture, city planning, art, and urban intervention.

Exquisite Everyday: 18th-Century Decorative Arts Objects from the J. Paul Getty Museum
This exhibition brings together seven decorative arts objects made in France and Italy in the 1700s, demonstrating the increased attention paid by designers, craftsmen, and artisans of the period to everyday activities. Whereas Oldenburg created "utilitarian" objects with no conceivable practical function, these designers produced elaborate objects, from chamber pots to armchairs, that elevated even the most basic aspects of daily life to a level deemed suitable for their upper-class patrons.

Rich with sensuous detail, interlocking curves, and naturalistic motifs, these works not only reward close looking, but also testify to the serious regard paid to the engineering, production, and consumption of household items-a preoccupation that endures today in the design, quality, and use of many everyday objects.

About Pulitzer Arts Foundation
Pulitzer Arts Foundation is a non-collecting arts institution that presents experimental, progressive, and multidisciplinary exhibitions and programs, encompassing both historic and contemporary art from across the globe. Founded in 2001, the Pulitzer is dedicated to utilizing the naturally lit, contemplative spaces of its Tadao Ando-designed building-one of the country's most celebrated examples of contemporary museum architecture-to create multilayered experiences that link the visual arts with other cultural forms and heighten audience understanding and enjoyment. Through diverse exhibitions and public programming, the Pulitzer seeks to deepen community engagement with art, and to inspire audiences to think differently about art and its relationship to their lives. Deeply committed to serving the broader St. Louis community, the Pulitzer is an integral part of the Grand Center arts district and the wider cultural and civic landscape in St. Louis.

The Pulitzer is free and open to the public Wednesday through Saturday. Hours are 10am-5pm on Wednesday and Saturday, 10am-8pm on Thursday and Friday. For more information, visit pulitzerarts.org or call T 314 754 1850.



6. Anahi Caceres, FF Alumn, now online at lagaceta.com.ar

Charla inaugural. Anahí Cáceres "Viaje del dato a la materia. Impresión 3D"
Openning: Anahí Cáceres "Travel from data to materia, Press 3D"




7. Adele Ursone, FF Alumn, at Turtle Gallery, Deer Isle, ME, opening Aug. 7

Please join us for our August 7th Opening!
The third show of the 2016 and 34th season at the Turtle Gallery will feature
Adele Ursone
Oil Paintings & Watercolor Studies

The show begins with an Opening Reception Sunday, August 7 from 2 to 6 PM and runs through Saturday, August 27th.

Often subtle and serene, Adele Ursone's landscape paintings are equally engaging as they are transformative. Working from observations in the detail of her environment she creates spaces where "edges become so blurred, reality dissolves into abstraction." While a New York City resident part of the year, Ursone's visual narratives speak strongly of her annual time spent on the water and the Maine Coast.
The Turtle Gallery
P.O. Box 219
Deer Isle, Maine 04627




8. Brendan Fernandes, FF Alumn, summer events 2016

Dear Friends!
I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and staying cool. Many exciting things are happens for me, including a major life change. I have recently accepted a position at Northwestern University, in Chicago as Artist-in-Residence and Faculty in the Department of Art Theory and Practice. I am looking forward to these next two years in Chicago and becoming involved with the art and academic communities who are welcoming me here. I am also gearing up for a performance at the Canadian Art Foundation Gala, in Toronto, September 22nd. The work, Révérence will feature ballet dancers-including Jenna Savella, a First Soloist from the National Ballet of Canada-exploring the idea of power dynamics through the gesture of bowing. In preparation for this new work, I had the opportunity to interview with Nicholas Brown of Canadian Art Magazine. In this interview we chat about the upcoming performance and my current thoughts on dance and movement. As always many thanks for your continued support!
Sending my best,




9. Barbara Rosenthal, FF Alumn, now online at hwcdn.libsyn.com

Podcast interview of Barbara Rosenthal (FF Alum) by Mürmur host Uluc Ulugen on July 25, now online. She is asked about, and in the frank way this artist/performer/writer is legendary for, will or says why she will not, answer questions about her life, loves, language, sex, finances, body, where she's just come from, and new novel WISH FOR AMNESIA. Starting off with some sparring, this conversation picks up a steamy steam as it rolls along for a full hour:
DIRECT LINK TO PODCAST AUDIO: http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/e/2/d/e2d576f26cc0a0bc/139-Barbara_Rosenthal_mrmur.mp3?c_id=12298598&expiration=1469802968&hwt=8e9fa133a528a436ec0bd3ab5ed11a1c
INFO ABOUT MÜRMUR with photo of Rosenthal, Ulugen and a teddy bear, plus link to podcast: https://twitter.com/murmurpodcast



10. Judith Sloan, FF Alumn, events, August 2016

Judith Sloan, FF Alumn, Performances in August
August 1, August 2, August 6 and August 7

Judith Sloan will be presenting new works in progress and Yo Miss! In Maine in August.

Monday August 1 in Eastport ME, Yo Miss! Eastport Arts Center
Info and reservations here: http://eastportartscenter.org/event/an-evening-with-actressaudio-artist-judith-sloan/

Tuesday August 2 in Winter Harbor, Yo Miss! Schoodic Arts Festival
Info and reservations here: https://schoodicartsforall.org/event/yo-miss-transforming-trauma-into-art/

Saturday August 6,new work in progress!
With opening Acts Geneviéve Beaudoin and Warren Lehrer.
Where: Burnt Cove Church, 71 Airport Road, Stonington Maine.
Tickets are avail in advance and at the door.

Sunday August 7 in Bath ME, new work in progress!
Reservations and info here:



11. Richard Prince, Lawrence Weiner, FF Alumns, at Venus/LA, CA, thru Sept. 5

Artists Engage The Automobile

Katherine Bernhardt | Will Boone | César | Keith Haring | Matthew Day Jackson | Olivier Mosset | Richard Prince | Sterling Ruby | Kenny Scharf | Peter Shire | Lawrence Weiner | Jonas Wood

Opening Today, Saturday, July 30, 5 - 8 PM
July 30 - September 5, 2016

601 South Anderson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90023

+1 212 980 0700



12. Galinsky, FF Alumn, at Bennett Media Studio, Manhattan, Aug. 12

FF Alumni Galinsky produces Fundraiser Party for Teens in Prison, August 12th, 7-11pm, Bennett Media Studio, NYC

Actors, Musicians, Business Leaders Headline Celebration for Incarcerated Teens on Friday August 12 in NYC- Roger Guenveur Smith (Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X), members of Public Enemy & The Smiths, Ford Model Monica Watkins, former President and CEO of VH1 Ed Bennett, Robbie Welch head of Community Engagement for the Speaker of the New York City Council are among the list of supporters to appear at Literacy for Incarcerated Teens event.
Tix at Evenbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/galinskylit-fundraiser-tickets-26253511961?ref=estw The diverse group is endorsing an event to raise funds for the New York City non-profit that supports library collections, education, and personal development programs across New York state’s juvenile justice detention centers, including the notorious Rikers Island.
Speakers at the event include actor Roger Guenveur Smith (Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X), Ed Bennett (former COO of Viacom, former President & CEO VH1), Ford Super Model Monica Watkins, Jamal Joseph (OSCAR nominee, author, Black Panther), Caroline Burns (2016 The VOICE Finalist) and poet/educator Liza Jessie Peterson.
Music will be provided with DJ sets from Keith Shocklee (Public Enemy), Andy Rourke (The Smiths), and DJ Cherish the Luv plus live performances by Kwame Binea Shakedown, the OSCAR nominated IMPACT Repertory Theatre and tabla legend Deep Singh. Refreshments will be sponsored by Caffe Unimatic, Peroni Beer, Josh Wines, with food provided by: Two Boots Pizza, Nuchas, Local Roots, Ovenly and more!
The live event will highlight an ongoing online fundraising auction for Literacy for Incarcerated Teens, curated by Mr Galinsky. Over 100 items, from a one-on-one conversation with music legend Nile Rodgers (CHIC) to tickets for the 2016 U.S. Tennis Open, can be bid for online.
See more of who is involved at the auction link here: https://www.charityauctionstoday.com/auctions/galinsky-coaching-lit-597
The Event: Literacy for Incarcerated Teens & Galinsky Coaching Celebration
Friday, August 12, 2016 7pm-11pm
723 Washington St (cnr West 11th St)
New York, NY, 10014
Tix https://www.eventbrite.com/e/galinskylit-fundraiser-tickets-26253511961?ref=estw



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