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Contents for June 13, 2016

1. Marja Samsom, FF Alumn, at Participant Inc., Manhattan, June 22-29

Marja Samsom, FF Alumn, presents Miss Behave at Participant Inc., 253 E. Houston St. NYC 10002. www.participantinc.com



2. Guy de Cointet, FF Alumn, launches new website at guydecointet.org

The Guy de Cointet Society has launched a new website about the art of Guy de Cointet. Please visit www.guyudecointet.org



3. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, June 20, and more

Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman
Weekly Listings for June 20th and 21st, 2016

Event: Two Summer Solstice Celebrations with Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman

Description: Join New York's "Unofficial Commissioner of Public Spirit", urban shaman Mama Donna Henes, for two sizzling celebrations of summer!

Mama Donna has been performing public rituals in various locations around New York City for more than 40 years. This year marks her 41st Annual celebration of the Summer Solstice.

Both events are family friendly. Bring kids, dogs, drums, and lots of spirit.

Event #1: Sizzling Summer Solstice Ceremony (Actual Solstice)
June 20, 2016
Monday, 6:00 PM, event starts
Exact Solstice Moment, 6:34 PM

Where: Grand Army Plaza, Bailey Fountain, Park Slope, Exotic Brooklyn, NY

Cost: FREE

Contact: 718-857-1343


Event #2: Sunset Solstice Ceremony
June 21, 2016
Tuesday, 7:30 PM

Where: Socrates Sculpture Park
32-01 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, Queens, NY

Cost: FREE

Contact: 718-956-1819

*Unofficial Commissioner of Public Spirit of NYC. - The New Yorker
* For 35 years Ms. Henes has been putting city folk in touch with Mother Earth. - The New York Times
* Part performance artist, part witch, part social director for planet earth. - The Village Voice
* A-List exorcist!" - NY Post
* The Original crystal-packing mama. - NY Press

Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman, contemporary ceremonialist, spiritual teacher, award-winning author, popular speaker and workshop leader whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than 100 cities since 1972. She has published four books, a CD, an acclaimed Ezine and writes for The Huffington Post, Beliefnet and UPI Religion and Spirituality Forum. A noted ritual expert, she serves as a ritual consultant for the television and film industry. Mama Donna, as she is affectionately called, maintains a ceremonial center, spirit shop, ritual practice and consultancy in Exotic Brooklyn, NY where she works with individuals, groups, institutions, municipalities and corporations to create meaningful ceremonies for every imaginable occasion.

Read her on the
Huffington Post:

Connect with her
on Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/MamaDonnaHenes ;

Follow her on

Watch her

Mama Donna's Tea Garden &
Healing Haven
PO Box 380403
Exotic Brooklyn, New York, NY 11238-0403




4. Peter Cramer & Jack Waters, Jody Culkin & Christy Rupp, Becky Howland, FF Alumns, at Abc NO Rio, Manhattan, thru June 24

Dear Friends,
Jack Waters and I have created "Open House " for the final exhibition at Abc NO Rio
before the demolition of the old building and they begin to rebuild anew for the next century!!
Please join us for this historic occasion.
Peter Cramer & Jack Waters

OPEN HOUSE- VIEWING HOURS Sundays 1:00 - 5:00pm Tues, Wed, Thurs 4:00 - 8:00pm
Artist Studio available. Awesome light, new fixtures and original details. a steal at only $9500 a month. Possible airless b&b potential, building is being totally renovated so get in on the ground floor. Internationally recognized gallery included as well as green wall for an distinctive facade to boast to all your friends. Easy access to subway lines and bridges.
This historic neighborhood is HOT with art, food and nightlife "

Thanks to Materials for the Arts and Visual AIDS for all their resource support.

InFinite Futures + The Past Will Be Present
June 10 - June 24

OPENING Friday June 10 at 7:00pm

VIEWING HOURS Sundays 1:00 - 5:00pm
Tues, Wed, Thrs 4:00 - 8:00pm

InFinite Futures
Kevin Caplicki with Alexander Drywall, Peter Cramer + Jack Waters, Barrie Cline with Paul Vance, Jody Culkin + Christy Rupp, Mike Estabrook, Fly, Brian George + Kelly Savage, Julie Hair, Takashi Horisaki, Becky Howland, Vandana Jain, Mac McGill, Max Schumann, Noah Scalin, Amy Westpfahl, and Zero Boy.

"The Past Will Be Present"
Margarida Correia, Jade Doskow, Vikki Law and Chris Villafuerte

"InFinite Futures" and "The Past Will Be Present" are funded in part with support from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts.



5. Ann P Meredith, FF Alumn, at The Bronx Museum of Art, opening July 13


NEW YORK July 13th -September 25th 2016

Ann P Meredith's internationally acclaimed Fine Art Photography
Until That Last Breath! Women with HIV/AIDS comes to New York
July 13th - September 25th 2016

Art AIDS America
The Bronx Museum of Art
July 13th - September 25th 2016
Public Opening Reception: 6:00 to 8:00 PM Wednesday, July 13th
Private curator tour: 5:00 to 6:00 PM
1040 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10456
RSVP re. Private tour to Victoria
718.681.6000 x120
1040 Grand Concourse at 165th St | Bronx NY | 10456
(c)2016 Bronx Museum of the Arts | 1040 Grand Concourse at 165th St | Bronx NY | 10456v
A Deeper Dive
Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art - SOHO
July 15 - September 25, 2016
Public Opening Reception: 600-800 pm Friday, July 15th 2016
A Deeper Dive reflects individual difference while evoking a strong sense of community and commonality, drawing our attention to the shared experience of the AIDS crisis that implicates us all.
26 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10013
(212) 431-2609, Kris Grey, Kris@LeslieLohman.org

For additional information for Ann P Meredith's Traveling Exhibitions, Lectures & Purchasing:
Swordfish Productions 310.456.4184, specialfilm@gmail.com, www.annpmeredith.comFor



6. Susan Bee, China Blue, Victoria Vesna, FF Alumns, at LevyArts, Manhattan, June 23

I will be giving a talk about my photograms. Hope you can stop by.

Best, Susan

Where: LevyArts: 40 E 19th St #3-R, NYC
When: Thursday, June 23rd from 4:00 -7:00 pm

Space is limited, so please reserve by sending an email:
To Ellen Levy levy@nyc.rr.com or Patricia Olynk olynyk@wustl.edu.
There will be four presentations by Susan Bee, China Blue, Jonathan Feldschuh, and Victoria Vesna.
Susan Bee is an American painter, editor, and book artist, who lives in New York City. In 2015, "Photograms and Altered Photos from the 1970s" were exhibited at Southfirst Gallery in Brooklyn. These works will be the main focus of her discussion. Susan exhibits regularly at A.I.R Gallery in New York. She has a B.A. from Barnard College and a M.A. in Art from Hunter College. She has taught in the MFA in Art Criticism and Writing program at the School of Visual Arts, the University of Pennsylvania and Pratt Institute. She is the co-editor, with Mira Schor, of M/E/A/N/I/N/G: An Anthology of Artist's Writings, Theory, and Criticism, with writings by over 100 artists, critics, and poets, published by Duke University Press in 2000. She is currently the co-editor of M/E/A/N/I/N/G Online. In 2014, Susan Bee was awarded a Guggenheim fellowship.

China Blue creates customized EEG (electroencephalogram) software to sense the brain's electrical activity to control the light and sound in interactive sculptures and performances. Over the past two decades, she has created sound art that focuses on data sonification. Her research includes bioacoustics, ultra and infrasonic sampling devices, brain wave monitoring, and robotic sensory avatars. She was nominated for the 2012 "Best Monographic Museum Exhibition Nationally" by the International Association of Art Critics and was a recipient of two NASA/RI Space Grants. China has been an adjunct professor and fellow at Brown University and is currently the Founder and Executive Director of The Engine Institute. She was also recently nominated as an Artist-in-Residence with the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute at the Rhode Island Hospital, a unique residency program.

Jonathan Feldschuh is a data scientist and artist. He fuses scientific imagery with abstract expressionism in "Large Hadron Collider," an exhibition of 7 paintings that are on exhibit at the National Academy of Sciences through July 18. The works are inspired by the world's most powerful particle collider, located outside of Geneva, Switzerland. Jonathan has recently worked on visualizations of the latest data from the European Space Agency's Planck satellite. He received his A.B. from Harvard in physics and subsequently worked for a variety of companies in the financial and medical fields. In 2009, he helped found Aristarc Capital, supervising a team comprised of quantitative analysts (PhD's in statistics, Business, etc.) and software engineers to deliver the "signal" that drives a real-time trading strategy. He has helped to develop medical instruments and measurement algorithms. He is currently working on Outseeker, developing quantitative consumer search technology.

Victoria Vesna, former chair of LEAF, Professor at UCLA Design Media Arts and Director of the UCLA Art Sci center is in New York together with her collaborators, evolutionary biologist and artificial life expert Charles Taylor and sound artist Joel Ong. On June 25th they will be presenting and leading a (bird) sound workshop as part of their large scale collaborative project BIRD SONG DIAMOND in the TEAM Lab works and experiences at Governor's Island, organized by Harvestworks. Additionally, she will have on hand the recently released ART + BRAIN catalog of a symposium co-organized last year with Patricia Olynyk at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI). More info: http://birdsondiamond.com / http://artsci.ucla.edu / victoriavesna.com
NY LASER is a series of lectures and presentations on art and science projects, in support of Leonardo/ISAST's LEAF initiative (Leonardo Education and Art Forum). Former LEAF Chairs Ellen K. Levy and Patricia Olynyk co-organize these presentations on behalf of the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts and Washington University in St. Louis, respectively.



6. Pope.L and Martha Rosler, FF Alumns, at ArtBasel, Switzerland, June 13-19

Hall 1.0 | June 13 - June 19

Pope.L The Problem
Performance begins on Monday, June 13 at 6 pm

For Art Basel 2016, Mitchell-Innes & Nash is pleased to announce a new performance piece conceived by Pope.L for the opening of Art Unlimited.

"A white stretch limo arrives at the entrance of the fair. A white gorilla steps out, spilling white plantains onto the ground, and enters Art Unlimited. The apparition wanders through the convention center, looking for something. Its mate? Its cage? Its formal organization via an enactment of a ritual? The beast drops more white things as it wanders. Eventually, the entity finds what it is looking for: an exhibition space containing a set of paintings called Circa by the famous negro artist Pope.L. The gorilla ignores the paintings but searches behind them finding nothing then finally extracts five fat stacks of currency. The creature exits. Then returns leaving behind a garden gnome painted completely white except for a black-faced nose."
- Pope.L

Mitchell-Innes & Nash and Galerie Nagel Draxler are pleased to co-present Martha Rosler's iconic series House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home, c. 1967-72 for Unlimited at Art Basel 2016.

These twenty photomontages were made in the 1960s and 70s during a time of escalating war conducted by the United States military forces in Vietnam. Combining pictures of Vietnamese civilians caught up in the war, taken from news magazines, with images of the homes of comfortably wealthy Americans published in home-decor outlets like House Beautiful, Rosler shows us the conflict as the ' living-room war', a term applied to it in the United States. By urging viewers to reconsider the 'here' and 'there', these activist photomontages reveal the extent to which a collective experience of war can be shaped by images. Significantly, the photomontages are actually color photographs of original collages, thus keeping the issue of hand-making at a distance. Made during the height of the war, they were originally disseminated on flyers and in underground newspapers and reflect the artist's frustration with media images, reporting techniques, and even some anti-war propaganda.

About Unlimited at Art Basel

Curated by New York-based curator Gianni Jetzer, Unlimited is Art Basel's pioneering exhibition platform for projects that transcend the classical art-show stand, including massive sculpture and paintings, video projections, large-scale installations, and live performances.

Unlimited is located in Hall 1.0 and is open by invitation only from Monday, June 13 - Wednesday, June 15. Unlimited and Art Basel are open to the public from Thursday, June 16 - Sunday, June 19.
-Innes & Nash
534 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 744-7400



7. Bryan Zanisnik, FF Alumn, releases new film

Dear friends,

I am very proud to announce the release of my third and final Art21 "New York Close Up" film.

Bryan Zanisnik


What if your life was a cartoon? Bryan Zanisnik and Eric Winkler meet at a Brooklyn cafe where Zanisnik shares outlandish stories of his life as an artist that Winkler turns into comics. "After years of friendship, I know that he's going to tell me a crazy story," says Winkler, "and I'm going to have to say: So which part was really true?" The two friends catch up on Zanisnik's latest exhibition, the Philip Roth Presidential Library (2016) at Locust Projects in Miami, created from hundreds of of the author's books. The installation echoes a previous work, Every Inch a Man (2012) at Abrons Art Center on Manhattan's Lower East Side, in which Zanisnik read Roth's The Great American Novel (1973) during a performance. Winkler's comics, animated for this film, recount Roth threatening to sue Zanisnik over the homage. "I think Bryan's always wanted to be able to draw something. He can't do it though," says Winkler, "His sculptures are like drawings. He tries things and erases things." The film follows Zanisnik as he builds sets for photographic tableaus, first at Smack Mellon in DUMBO and later at the Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Venturing out of his studio, Zanisnik takes pictures of his assemblages in front of monuments from the 1964 New York World's Fair, suggesting how resources for artists in the city are becoming further and further out of reach. The film ends with Winkler and Zanisnik discussing the recent death of both of their mothers to cancer. Zanisnik, who collaborated with his parents in close to thirty performances, ultimately reunites with his mother in Winkler's animated comic.

BZ Newsletter by Bryan Zanisnik
Madison Street Ridgewood, NY 11385 USA



8. Zachary Fabri, Mendi & Keith Obadike, Xaviera Simmons, FF Alumns, receive Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Biennial Grant

Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Unveils 2015 Biennial Grant Awardees

The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation has announced its biennial list of 2015 grantees, who, in total, were awarded $600,000. Thirty unrestricted $20,000 grants-from a pool of 173 nominees-have been given to artists working across a wide range of media.
"Few events are more exciting and encouraging than being nominated to compete for prizes you can't apply for. It is the kind of endorsement that gets the wind at your back," says artist and foundation trustee Kerry James Marshall.
The 2015 recipients are:
Yuji Agematsu, New York, NY
Chris Bogia, Queens, NY
Jared Buckhiester, New York, NY
Mary Carlson, Brooklyn and Walton, NY
Domingo Castillo, Miami, FL
Ian Cheng, New York, NY
Derrick Alexis Coard, Bronx, NY
Victor Estrada, Los Angeles, CA
Zachary Fabri, Brooklyn, NY
Vanessa German, Pittsburgh, PA
Aaron Gilbert, Brooklyn, NY
Rochelle Goldberg, New York, NY
Tommy Hartung, Queens, NY
Iman Issa, New York, NY
Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson, Cleveland, OH
Kelly Kaczynski, Chicago, IL
James English Leary, New York, NY
Pam Lins, Brooklyn, NY
Park McArthur, New York, NY
Willa Nasatir, New York, NY
Mendi and Keith Obadike, Montclair, NJ
Andy Paiko, Portland, OR
Alison Pebworth, San Francisco, CA
Gala Porras-Kim, Los Angeles, CA
Miljohn Ruperto, Los Angeles, CA
Adam Shirley, Detroit, MI
Xaviera Simmons, New York, NY
Avery Singer, New York, NY
A.L. Steiner, Los Angeles, CA
Stewart Uoo, Brooklyn, NY



9. Hector Canonge, FF Alumn, at Bunker Projects Performance Art Festival, June 10-11, Pittsburgh, PA, and more

Hector Canonge continues with the presentation of new works in the United States before leaving for Mexico and South America for the summer months. In Pittsburgh (June 10 - 11) the artist participates in Bunker Projects' third annual Performance Art Festival, PAF'16 with the new work ANIMA MULLADA (Wet Soul). In New York City, Canonge presents OIKOS performance of his social engagement project A Home of Our Own as part of his artistic residency at Residency Unlimited, RU (June 14). Coinciding with Pride Month in NYC, he introduces a selection of works by artists in the special program for LiVEART.US Queerin' Bodies hosted at the QUEENS MUSEUM, and in the spirit of diversity and public actions, new works by artists from the series PERFORMEANDO at Flushing Meadows Corona Park (June 18). Canonge's site-responsive installation and performance documentation of his project, IN PROFUNDUS, commissioned by NO LONGER EMPTY for the Jameco Exchange Exhibition program curated by Rachele Gugerberger is on view until July 17, 2016 in Jamaica, Queens, NYC.

Following the completion of his commitments in the US, and as visiting artist of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, UNAM, Canonge travels to Mexico to present new body of work, conduct workshops, and lead conversation panels with local institutions, artists and students at various museums, galleries, and art spaces (June 21 - July 10). Later in the month, Canonge continues to South America where he is organizing the ARTerial PERFORMANCE LAB (APLAB) program for the X Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in Santiago, Chile (July 17 - 23). Following the X Encuentro, Canonge will be on tour with Latin American artists in the project IMPULSOS PERFORMAGRAPHIKOS to be hosted and presented by local organizations of various cities in Chile and Argentina (July 24 - August 15). Canonge's installation and documentation of his performance work, IN PROFUNDUS, commissioned by NO LONGER EMPTY for the Jameco Exchange Exhibition program curated by Rachele Gugerberger is on view until July 17, 2016 in Jamaica, Queens, NYC.

Dates, Times and Locations:
June 10 - 11, 2016
Bunker Projects Performance Art Festival, PAF' 16 at SPACE
812 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

June 14, 2016
OIKOS - A Home of Our Own Project
Residency Unlimited (RU)
360 Court, Brooklyn, NY

June 18, 2016
LiVEART.US "Queerin' Bodies"
Hosted at Queens Museum (2 - 5 PM)
PERFORMEANDO, Performance Art Public Interventions
Flushing Meadows Corona Park (5 - 8 PM)

June 21 - July 10, 2016
Visiting Artist, Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Various museums, galleries, and independent spaces.

More information: www.hectorcanonge.net
Contact: hector@hectorcanonge.net

Hector Canonge
Artist / Curator / Educator / Cultural Promoter
Email: hector@hectorcanonge.net
Website: www.hectorcanonge.net
Skype: HectorCanonge



10 Chun Hua Catherine Dong, FF ALumn, at Miami Performance International Festival, Miami, FL, June 24

Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Performance at Miami Performance International Festival, Miami, USA, June 24, 2016

Chun Hua Catherine Dong will perform a new piece, " Where are We going?" at Miami Performance International Festival, Miami, USA

Performance: 21:40pm - 22:00pm, June 24, 2016

"Where are We going" explores relationship between humans and animals, suffering and loss through symbolic and metaphoric gestures. While humans are regarded as the cultural animals, animals are often seen as another kind of people: the other, the animal other. This work expresses longing for re-connection from both humans and animals, striving to find a harmonious relationship through an animistic worldview. It reflects on our colonial roots of the wildlife and nature, questioning how wildlife and nature have been through from a symbol of a divine power in ancient time to a commodity for sale in nowadays. Through retracing our culture's engagements with animals, I hope to expand horizons in order to better understand our roots and consequences of marginalizing our animals and nature.

for more info:

Chun Hua Catherine Dong, born China, is a visual artist working with performance, photography, and video. She received a M.F.A. from Concordia University and a B.F.A from Emily Carr University Art & Design in Canada. She has performed in multiple international performance art festivals and venues, such as, Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival in Chicago, Infr'Action in Venice, The Great American Performance Art in New York, Kaunas Biennial in Lithuania, Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn, Dublin Live Art Festival in Dublin, Select Art Fair in New York, ENCUENTRO Performance and Conference, Place des Arts in Montreal, Internationales Festival für Performance in Mannheim, M: ST Performative Festival in Calgary, Visualeyez Performance Festival in Edmonton and so on. She has exhibited her works in, Boston, London, Dublin, Helsinki, Madrid, Moscow, Tornio, Delhi, Turin, Kaunas, Toronto, Montreal,Vancouver and so on. Her video work has been screened in Mexico, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Colombia, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, USA, and Canada. Among many other awards, she is the recipient of Franklin Furnace Award for contemporary avant-garde art in New York in 2014. Her performance is featured at Marina Abramovic Institute and listed amongst the ''Top Nine Political Art Projects of 2010'' by Art and Threat magazine. Dong now lives in Montreal.



11. Robert Rauschenberg, FF Alumn, at Ullens Center for Contemproary Art, Beijing, China, June 12-August 21

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA)

Rauschenberg in China
June 12-August 21, 2016

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA)
798 Art District
No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District
100015 Beijing
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-7pm

T +86 10 5780 0200


Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) is proud to present Rauschenberg in China. On view in UCCA's Great Hall from June 12 to August 21, 2016, the exhibition centers on Robert Rauschenberg's (1925-2008) magnum opus The 1/4 Mile or 2 Furlong Piece (1981-98), its 190 parts stretching 305 meters and exhibited for the first time since 2000. Often read as a self-contained retrospective, The 1/4 Mile reflects major themes from throughout Rauschenberg's oeuvre, ranging from his "White Paintings," "Combines," "Cardboards," and "Gluts" to collages composed with found images as well as the artist's own documentary photographs. Also included in the exhibition are a selection of Rauschenberg's color photographs titled Study for Chinese Summerhall, taken during the artist's travels in China in 1982. Outfitted with a Hasselblad camera, Rauschenberg recorded scenes of daily life in early Reform-era China, captured through his sharp eye for composition and unique sensitivity toward beauty in the mundane, and relating to elements of urban environments and landscapes that had frequently appeared in photographs made throughout his career.

Accompanying these works is a collection of documentation and ephemera related to his transformational 1985 exhibition ROCI CHINA at the institution now known as the National Art Museum of China, offering a rare glimpse into the historical moment when the artist's global quest for inspiration and cultural exchange through art put him in front of an emerging generation of Chinese artists, during a period that would later come to be known as the "'85 New Wave." Organized in collaboration with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and curated by Susan Davidson and David White, Rauschenberg in China is the first major exhibition in over three decades to showcase the artist's work to Chinese audiences.

"We are thrilled to revisit Rauschenberg's unique position in China's contemporary art history through a substantive presentation of a major work which was created at exactly the moment of this encounter," notes UCCA Director Philip Tinari. "It is particularly exciting to be opening our exhibition in the same year as a major Rauschenberg retrospective, and thus to be participating in a worldwide reassessment of Rauschenberg's multifaceted, global legacy. We hope that this exhibition will illustrate not only how Rauschenberg inspired China, but how China inspired him."

The exhibition is accompanied by a slate of public programs including interviews with Chinese artists and thinkers about the artist's impact on the Chinese art scene of the 1980s. The bilingual catalogue Rauschenberg in China, designed by Hubert & Fischer, includes a foreword by UCCA Director Philip Tinari and an introduction by exhibition curators Susan Davidson and David White in addition to focused essays by art historian Hiroko Ikegami, UCCA assistant curator Felicia Chen, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation curators Julia Blaut and Helen Hsu, and research assistant Jennifer Sarathy. It marks the first time that The 1/4 Mile or 2 Furlong Piece has been reproduced in full.

Rauschenberg in China has been made possible with the generous support of Tiffany & Co. The bilingual catalogue Rauschenberg in China and public programs for the exhibition are generously supported by Shanghai Artemis Art Center, founded by ANXIN TRUST Co., Ltd. Further major support for public programs is provided by King & Wood Mallesons Art Space, founded by Wang Junfeng and Handel Lee, with additional support from Frank F. Yang Art & Education Foundation. Additional support for educational programs is provided by James Qin and Lily Liu. Lighting technology support comes from Hongri Lighting. Green View Club provided support for framing. Promotional videos for the exhibition are co-produced by UCCA and Lead Film Media Partner Action Media. Audio guide is supported by VART. XiaoGe Entertainment and Gewara is the ticket marketing partner. DIDI Premium is the exclusive transportation partner.



12. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Joe's Pub, Manhattan, July 19

Nora York
with The Amazing Band


@Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette
Tuesday July 19th, 2016 7pm

Nora York returns to Joe's Pub with THROB, a variety show exploring the phenomenon of phenomena - LOVE.

York will share the stage with long time collaborators Jamie Lawrence, Dave Hofstra, Peter Grant, and Sherryl Marshall -- rounding out the rhythm section will be Jack Lawrence and Dakota Lillie. York will also be joined by performers Noni Pratt, Barbara & Max, Madeline Rhodes, Abri, Ezrah, and global superstar FLETCHER.

Fasten your seatbelts, it's bound to be a wild ride!

Praise for York's July 2015 Pub show:

"Charging the air with enough electricity to power the entire East Coast."
- Huffington Post

"Ingenious, radical, extravagant talent... York is sure to take it to parts un-dreamed of."
- The New Yorker

Buy your tickets NOW, they're already on sale and going fast! For those of you who are homebound or out of town we will be LIVE STREAMING -- more on that to be announced closer to JULY 19th.



13. Dread Scott, FF Alumn, at Printed Matter, Manhattan, June 17

Dread Scott, Fragments of a Peculiar Institution: a project by the artist Dread Scott, Published by CPInprint and C&B Publications, In Conversation with Brian Boucher, Printed Matter, 06/17, 6-8PM



14. Regina Silveira, FF Alumn, at Luciana Brito Galeria, Sao Paulo, Brasil, June 11

Regina Silveira Tramados
Leandro Erlich apresenta . presents Blind Window

11 junho . June 11th
das 12 h às 18 h . 12 pm until 6 pm
Av. Nove de Julho, 5162 - Jardim Europa

Luciana Brito Galeria
Av. Nove de Julho, 5162
São Paulo Brasil 55 11 3842 0634
MailFilterGateway has detected a possible fraud attempt from "lucianabritogaleria.us8.list-manage.com" claiming to be lucianabritogaleria.com.br



15. Buzz Spector, FF Alumn, at Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 18

I'm going to be at Boekie Woekie in Amsterdam on Saturday, June 18th, to show a selection of my artists' books and art catalogs I have designed over the years. I'm also going to read several experimental text works and poems.




16. Jim Costanzo, Betti-Sue Hertz,Tom Klem, FF Alumns, at The New School, Manhattan, June 22

As part of Gay Pride Month the Greenwich Village Society of Historic Preservation will present "Marking LGBT History in the Village and Beyond". This will be a presentation and panel discussion by members of the Public Art Collective Repohistory. On the panel will be Todd Ayoung, Jim Costanzo, Betti-Sue Hertz, David Sansone, Kara Lynch, and Tom Klem as the moderator. It will be on Wednesday June 22 starting at 6:30 at the New School. You must register to attend. Click on the link below to register.


Beyond the famous Stonewall Inn, there is much more to gay history in New York City. Six former members of the REPOhistory Collective (1989-2001) discuss Queer Spaces, a public art project marking important LGBTQ historical sites in the Village and beyond. They will focus on the importance of place in the creation of memory and legacy in their earlier and current projects in art and activism.


Tom Klem
212 725 5258



17. Deb Margolin, FF Alumn, at Randolph Road Theater, Silver Springs, MD, July 14-31

I will be performing my solo piece, 8 STOPS, produced by Unexpected Stage company, at the Randolph Road Theater in Silver Springs, MD, just outside DC, for 12 performances, July 14-31, Thursday through Sunday. Thought people would like to know! unexpectedstage.org for tickets!



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