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Contents for August 11, 2015

1. Mandy Morrison, FF Member, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, Sept. 9

100 Days: Users
Written and directed by Mandy Morrison
An interdisciplinary performance, that illuminates the perspectives of two women on different sides of the cultural divide; one a professional female who works in data analysis, and the other in law enforcement. Taking into account a specific time-frame, this interwoven narrative, examines the experiences of these fictive characters as they move through life, reflecting on the past and looking at the present highlighted by an act of violence.

A Work-in Progress the initial premise for this performance was presented in December of 2014 with funding from the New York State Council on the Arts

$12 in advance: www.dixonplace.org.
$15 at the door (30-minute window before show)
$10 for students and seniors with I.D.

September 9, 2015 7:30PM
Dixon Place
161 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 219-0736



2. Nina Kuo, FF Alumn, at Queens Botanical Garden, Flushing, NY Aug. 22

Sat. August 22, 2015 SAT. 3-5 pm
The MOMENT : Journey Walk curated by Luchia Lee
Lorin Roser (live electronic music) & Nina Kuo (visual installation in Garden and costume design)

Shan Y.,Chuang (dancer) - with Larry Litt 's read poetry - near Pond
Site Specific art Installations and sculptures Group show and ORCHID Day sale: sponsor TAAC

Nina Kuo http://ninakuo. Raw city.net
sponsor - Taiwan American Art Council
Queens Botanical Garden, 43-50 Main- #7 train - Flushing NY




3. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, new book now available, and more

CHEROTIC MAGIC by Frank Moore is now available.

Cherotic Magic is a major attempt to introduce a powerful system of magic into our modern western everyday life, thereby explosively expanding such concepts as sex and human relationships. The clear, down-to-earth text is amplified by the non-linear trance illustrations by LaBash.


order info:

here is a sample from the book:



This book is being written as you are reading it. You are writing it as much as I am. It is written by life, by our relationship, by the relationship between you and the living reality. All of this is explained in the text. It is a living book, always changing as you read it, spiraling ever deeper in dimensions of meanings. The subjects keep changing as your life expands in all directions while you remain still at the center of the web of all possibilities, sitting calmly in the seat of the ultimate responsibility.

This book is a long poem. I wrote it for my apprentices as they lived through the first rings of the spiritual training. This book was written by their lives to break through into the universals. This poetic occult manuscript was begun for Luna Griffith, but after five sections, she totally disappeared within life death crisis breakdown. She only reappeared three years later with a happy life with her husband Kyle Griffith. Because of them, this volume was published and is in your hands.

During those three years, this living poem continued writing itself within the dynamic relationships of a mythic school, THE UNIVERSITY OF POSSIBILITIES.

What is this manual about? At first, it looks like it is about the relationship between an apprentice and a master teacher in an intense journey into the magical secrets of reality alchemy. This level is true. But suddenly the apprentice turns into you, and the teacher turns into your lover, the magical other. The apprenticeship transforms into your relationship to life. This reveals the powerful creative force of universal trust and deep love. The student/teacher relationship transmutes into your every relationship. And now the magic other melts into you, back into you, melts into the original being who we have been forgetting that we are, denying that we are. Suddenly, the relationship is the love affair between living awareness and ultimate reality. This trusting, lusty love affair is the key to save this planet.

This book is written for this culture, for this time. Any book on magic is poetic, requiring keys to unlock the deeper treasures of meanings. Many of these keys are cultural and are cast in time. This is why it is important to create magical works for this culture in this time frame.

Every attempt has been made to write this as directly, as clearly, as down to earth as possible. But magic is poetry. For reasons which are discussed in the text, it is impossible to logically, rationally grasp or understand magic fully intellectually or by reading. It is only by physically absorbing it into your body by living within the magic that it can be fully grasped. In the text, it is stated that by reading this book, you absorb just one-sixth of the information contained within it. Rereading it again and again will expand this informational base because the book is alive ... you are always writing it.

For about a year, I have been guiding people personally through the book in INTRODUCTION TO CHEROTIC MAGIC. Within this 10-session journey I could bring out the magical keys hidden in the dense poetic mass, keys directly cast for that person's life, thereby greatly expanding the magical effect. Some people, after this 10-week training period (*) went on to be apprentices. But for most, this introduction to the backstage of living existence became a highly personal exploration of dimensions long half-hidden in their lives, using me and this book as a channeling medium.

Unfortunately, for reasons discussed in the text, the number of people who I can take through the INTRODUCTION, and, to a much greater degree, who I can take on as apprentices, is very limited indeed. This is one of the reasons why this book has been published. However, if you wish to work directly, personally with me within the INTRODUCTION, you should call (510) 526-7858 to speak to Linda.

In reality, this is a first volume of a bigger work that is being written within the apprenticeship. This volume contains the basic principles of magical creation and relationship. The next volume is moving to reveal the secrets of deep love.

Frank Moore, August 1990

(*) Or in the case of people coming from outside of the S.F. Bay Area, 10 days."


Frank Moore, FF Alumn, in book by Stoney Burke, political satirist.

Frank Moore appears in Stoney Burke's book, "Weapon: Mouth - Adventures In The Free Speech Zone". See the page, with photo and caption, here:


"In October of 2013, the world lost a true genius, and free speech hero - Frank Moore. Public access TV was never the same once he was allowed to bring his love tent, "eroplay," and poetry to the small screen. RIP Frank, you will be missed. I've had my tough days, and Frank was always there to point the way."



4. Michelle Stuart, FF Alumn, in the Los Angeles Times, August 3

The Los Angeles Times
Around the Galleries
Review: Tilled to Let Ideas Take Root
By Leah Ollman, August 3, 2015

"Seed Calendar, River Tree (SBCA)," at roughly 15 inches square, is one of the smallest pieces in "Topographies," an inspiring survey of works on paper by Michelle Stuart. "#9 Zena" is the largest, a scroll drawing 5 feet wide and 12 feet long, ending in a curl on the floor.

The small piece feels as expansive as the larger one feels intimate.

This multiplicitous sense of scale is one of the most vital aspects of Stuart's work-a simultaneity of physical immediacy and epochal reach.

The show, at Marc Selwyn, spans nearly 50 years of drawings, rubbings and photographic installations. For all of its temporal breadth, the selection is tight and consistently absorbing, vital and relevant.

Born in L.A. and based in New York, Stuart has from the late '60s made art as a citizen of the world, traveling widely and connecting deeply with whatever earth is beneath her feet.

Often she has brought that earth (including ash and bone) directly into her work.

Two pieces from her "Ledger Series" (both 1977) are embedded with soil from the sites that motivated them. Each made on muslin-backed rag paper, looks like a large, open book and reads as a stark, essential record of place.

For "#9 Zena" (1973), one of a well-known body of scroll rubbings, Stuart's motions over the length of the heavy rag paper translate the grit of the dirt beneath into an all-over field of dark marks and blurred interstices. The image is all ground, literally and pictorially, and has a pelt-like sensuousness. As a trace, the drawing is true to the scale of its source, while it also suggests a vaster, more distanced aerial perspective of the earth.

In the "Seed Calendar" (1993) one or more tiny dark seeds are pressed beneath squares of translucent paper aligned in a grid of six across and five down: 30 days marked by latency and promise.

Time and its notation figure prominently in Stuart's works, those on paper here as well as her sculptural installations and large-scale earthworks. Cycles are charted. Sequences are mapped. Images become units of measure that accrete and layer into moving chronicles of personal exploration.

In "The Beginning, Islas Encantadas" (1981/2015) photographs of the primordial landscape of the Galapagos repeat and vary with incantatory rhythm within a large grid, the subject's crusty terrain matched by the raw evidence of the pictures' chemical processing.

Stuart's performative acts of art-making-rubbing, repeating, recording-carry the weight of ritual. Their rhythms derive from a Postminimal grammar of seriality and reductive form, and equally, from a deep, pan-historic reckoning with being.

Her work is grounded, in every sense of the term-and transcendent.

Marc Selwyn Fine Art
9953 S. Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Through September 5



5. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, FF Alumn, named semi finalist for Basil H. Alkazzi Award 2015




6. Ron Littke, FF Alumn, on WJFF Radio, Jeffersonville, NY, Aug. 15

Ron Littke will be interviewed on WJFF Radio in Jeffersonville, New York on Saturday August 15 at 10 AM. Timothy Bruno will interview Ron about the twelve years of his summer filmmaking workshops for kids in upstate New York. This will be the debut show of Timothy's new arts programming. Tune it on WJFF 95.1 Jeffersonville at 10 AM.



7. David Hammons, Kazuko Miyamoto, FF Alumns, at Gallery 128, Manhattan, opening Aug. 14


August 14 - September 12, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, August 14, 2015, 6-8 with a Panel Discussion* commencing at 6:30 pm
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 1-7 pm and Sunday 1-5 pm
onetwentyeight is excited to present Raciality.

What is the racial reality of life today?

It does seem to be a different experience if you're black rather than white in this country.

It does seem this way.

But we are just one race - The Human Race.

We speak as if we are all different races - black, white, red, yellow, brown. Yet, these are mostly social constructs, artificial creations that keep us divided.

What if we were among a race of alien beings("uchujin")? What is some day we find ourselves in touch with beings from different universes and different realities?

How would we explain ourselves?

First, we would identify as human, no?

Regardless of the color of our skin.

And the reason it is so hard for many to do that today?


Todd Ayoung - Orin Buck - Christopher Craig - Cheryl Edwards - David Fenn
David Higginbotham & Aya Kawano - David Hammons - Gerald Jackson
Helmut Krackie - Ayakoh F. Leonart - Jennifer Mack - Al Mack - Ptah Miller
Kazuko Miyamoto - NeNe - Miguelangel Ruiz - Sandy Strauss - K. Saito - Glen Sacks
Gordon Sasaki - Angela Valeria - Ricard Woo - Susan Yung - Bobby Watlington

*Panelists will include Yarrow Dunham, Professor - Department of Psychology, Yale, CT, Cheryl Edwards, Artist, Washington D.C., David Higginbotham, Artist, NYC, and Robert Lee, Exec. Director/Curator, Asian American Arts Centre, NYC.



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