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Contents for May 07, 2015

1.Elaine Angelopoulos, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Rachel Frank, Anya Liftig, FF Alumns, at SELECT Art Fair, Manhattan, May 15

Franklin Furnace Presents Performance Art at SELECT Art Fair
May 15, 2015

548 W 22nd Street, New York, NY

Rachel Frank
"Rewilding Manhattan"
2pm on the rooftop
Rachel Frank will be presenting a performance based on rewilding, an environmental practice that seeks to reestablish the landscape's former ecosystems and increase sustainability by reintroducing species to areas in which they had formerly thrived but have since gone extinct. In Frank's performance, actors wearing American bison head masks will symbolically rewild select sites within the fair, by converging beside a sculptural marshland that serves as a synecdoche for the city's original topography. This performance is part of a larger project, which uses the concept of rewilding to explore how we think about the landscape around us-its past, present and its sustainability into the future. The piece is co-presented by TSA.
More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1576068692682430/

Elaine Angelopoulos
"Let's Have a Conversation!"
3-7pm throughout the fair
Tarantella, director of Three Point Nomad invites you take some time from the hustle and bustle of your fast paced life into a parallel shift; into a conversation about your inner "theater of self" to discover a different approach of being and sustaining in these transient and expansive globalized urban surroundings. Together we will converse in person about how we relate to (imagine and possibly interact with) the Art Fair and to the changes around New York City. We will have our own personal documentarians who will follow us along as we forge uncharted terrain.
More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1578040409114288/

Chun Hua Catherine Dong
"The Yellow Umbrella-An Unfinished Conversation"
4pm on the rooftop
"The Yellow Umbrella-An Unfinished Conversation" is a performance that involves twelve performers engaging with yellow umbrellas. In this work, the performers all wear white surgical masks and grey dresses. They stand in a row, repeating ten gestures. They hold each gesture for two minutes and then move to the next one in a sequence. The umbrella is a symbol of protection and resistance. This performance seeks an intersection where aesthetics and politics ignite each other, exploring how symbolic and situational behaviors impact our perception in regards to specific social movements and activism. It is relevant to open conversations about transforming social and political landscapes through embodied gestures, examining relationships between the citizens and the place they live, between what they have lost and what they have gained in social political transformations.
More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1573824529546310/

Anya Liftig
5:30pm on the rooftop
I will perform a full length "story dance" using my face as my choreographic material. Performed live inside a tent, the piece will be projected via live feed for viewers. While it will be possible to hear the activity inside the tent, the only glimpse of the internal activity will be mediated by the camera. The central question of the work is can the face be a compelling and complete material for choreographic exploration? What are its boundaries and what is its potential for extending a collective notion of choreographic space? This is the seventh face dance that Liftig has created. Earlier iterations included a commission for the New Museum in collaboration with the Stedjilk Museum Amsterdam with AUNTS. A new face dance will be exhibited in the AIM Biennial this summer at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.
More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/692412754202291/

These works were made possible, in part, by the Franklin Furnace Fund supported by Jerome Foundation and by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.



2. Martha Wilson, Katya Grokhovsky, FF Alumns, at Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA, May 10


Q & A with Amy Sadao, Daniel W. Dietrich, II Director, Institute of Contemporary Art / University of Pennsylvania

Curated by 5th AUX Vox Populi (Philadelphia) Curatorial Fellow Katya Grokhovsky

Sunday May 10th 2015
8 pm

AUX Performance Space
319 North 11th Street, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107

"Transformations, Invasions and Pushing Boundaries"
Lecture by Martha Wilson

This lecture chronicles the interwoven stages of Wilson's creative contributions within the context of early feminist and socially engaged studio practice as well as her dissemination of the work of like-minded individuals through the auspices of Franklin Furnace. Central to the discussion is Wilson's presence as an agent of transformative change, initially in her artwork and then her facilitation of cultural change through her Directorial presence at Franklin Furnace. Wilson's selection of 30 projects from 30 years of programming at Franklin Furnace also becomes a self-portrait of sorts as she highlights works that are historically significant for pushing boundaries within exhibition and display culture as well as society at large.



3. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, at MoMA, Manhattan, May 26-June 1

MoMA Presents: Barbara Hammer's Welcome to This House,
a Film on Elizabeth Bishop (New York Premiere!) May 26 - June 1, 2015
Screening Hours
TUE, MAY 26, 7pm / WED, MAY 27, 4pm
THU, MAY 28, 7pm Filmmaker present
FRI, MAY 29, 4pm / SAT, MAY 30, 7pm
SUN, MAY 31, 5pm / MON, JUN 1, 7pm

With her latest work, Barbara Hammer, who is known for films about lesbian life, history, and sexuality that draw upon avant-garde tradition, examines the little-known aspects of the life of the Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979). Hammer's film, shown here in its New York premiere, explores Bishop's inner life through some of the homes in which she lived and wrote-from childhood to her final days-and through the more private and sensorial poems that were published after her death. Featuring music composed and performed by the experimental singer and musician Joan La Barbara; Bishop's intimate poems read by Kathleen Chalfant; three actors representing Bishop's physical presence at different stages of her life; and interviews by historians, poets, and students, Welcome to This House sensitively portrays a complex, private, and challenging writer whose poetry continues to inspire.
Organized by Sally Berger, Assistant Curator, Department of Film.



4. Claire Fergusson, FF Alumn, at 111 Hudson Street, Manhattan, May 15-18, and more

TOAST - Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour
Friday May 15 - 6-9pm
Saturday May 16 - 1-6pm
Sunday May 17 - 1-6pm
Monday May 18 - 1-6pm

111 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10013
See www.toastartwalk.com for additional Artist's lofts and galleries to visit in Tribeca.
About the Artist:
Claire Eleanor Fergusson is a NYC-based Artist whose expansive work covers almost half a century. Claire's work is a multimedia extravaganza where the lines between sculpture and painting merge. Claire has mastered various styles and mediums, including photography and performance. A watercolor entitled "Mom in Her First Kitchen" was exhibited in the Gagosian Gallery, as a part of the Neil Jenney Archive in 2013.
[See attached for samples of Claire's work].

This year, Claire Eleanor Fergusson will continue to be the "The Living Painting". As spectators walk into the her studio they will encounter Claire, immersed in the creative process. Guests are brought together to experience art, stimulate thought, and generate conversation as Claire creates her TOAST 2015 painting/sculpture series.

All art created during "The Living Painting" 2015 by Claire Eleanor Fergusson will be available for purchase at an insider's price of $250. All proceeds will support The Claire and Jan Binney Lang Art Foundation in its mission to "Save the World Through Art" with educational programs.

Everyone is encouraged to walk through "The Secret Gallery" and view the current exhibit of Claire and Jan's original art works.

Come visit and learn about Claire and Jan and the world through the eyes of an artist.
About The Claire and Jan Binney Lang Art Foundation: www.claireandjan.org


June 10th 2015 6-8pm
"Grantseeking Basics for Individuals in the Arts"
Lecturer Luz Rodriguez of The Foundation Center

If you are an individual involved in the creative arts and looking for funding to complete a project, mount an exhibition, put on a performance, or anything else arts-related, Grantseeking Basics for Individuals in the Arts will show you how to:
Identify funders supporting individual artists
Explore the option of fiscal sponsorship
Create a step-by-step plan to find funding for your needs as an individual grantseeker

June 4th 2015 6-8pm
Watercolor Class
A limited class of 20 participants will learn different watercolor techniques from Artist Claire Fergusson. All levels welcome. Time to be creative - find your inner artist!

The Secret Gallery
The Claire and Jan Binney Lang Art Foundation
111 Hudson St.



5. Ann Hamilton, FF Alumn, at Cortlandt Street, Manhattan, permanently

The New York Times, April 30, 2015
Art Woven from Words for New Subway Station
By David W. Dunlap

The complete illustrated article is at this link. Text only follows below:


The Cortlandt Street station on the No. 1 line, which was wiped off the subway map on Sept. 11, 2001, will be much more than a local stop in Lower Manhattan when it reopens in 2018. As a gateway to destinations of worldwide significance - the World Trade Center and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum - it will be weaving together past and present, present and potential, underground and surface, commuter trains and subway service, deep¬rooted memory and momentary impatience. Weaving. Not threads or reeds. But words. Weaving is the symbolism behind the $1 million art project being designed for the Cortlandt Street station by Ann Hamilton, who was chosen by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts and Design program. Ms. Hamilton, 58, a professor of art at Ohio State University in Columbus, creates large¬scale multimedia installations. Her Cortlandt Street project was approved on Wednesday by the authority board. The construction of the station, which is to cost about $101 million, is expected to begin in mid¬May. In Ms. Hamilton's concept, which is still evolving, texts would fill about 70 percent of the station's walls in the form of an elaborate concordance, something like a crossword puzzle. Text fragments reading horizontally would probably come from documents of international significance, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. At intervals, certain words from the horizontal texts would align to form vertical spines. Those words - like "human" and "justice" - would be common to passages from national documents like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Declaration of Sentiments, adopted in 1848 in Seneca Falls, N.Y., which held that "all men and women are created equal." Explaining her approach, Ms. Hamilton said: "The station is in the ground. The ground is the underlayment, the place where we prepare for everything we build above. What are the documents that are the underlayment for our civic aspirations, the ones that have been collectively authored and collectively held?" In 2011, she created an enormous concordance for the floor of the Thompson Library Buckeye Reading Room at Ohio State. The work is titled "Verse." Sandra Bloodworth, the director of the transportation authority's Arts and Design program (formerly known as Arts for Transit), said the panel that chose Ms. Hamilton last year believed that her proposal "was mesmerizing and powerful, bringing a calming quality to a charged place." Because the station will have a prominent entrance directly from the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, which is opening this year, Ms. Hamilton has deliberately worked in the nearly all¬white palette established by Santiago Calatrava, the principal architect of the hub. Though details have yet to be worked out, the letters will probably be about three and a half inches high and probably in a serif typeface, like Trajan, designed by Carol Twombly. They will be white on a white surface, but probably in relief or somewhat recessed, so that their contours can be discerned. "It doesn't demand your attention," Ms. Hamilton said, "but it catches your attention." It has evidently caught the attention of those who have been given a preliminary glimpse. "These are texts born in response to despotism, tyranny and mass murder," the director of the memorial museum, Alice M. Greenwald, said. "They are expressions of hope and faith in the possibility that the best of our human nature can triumph over the worst." "To imagine that these words will now be part of the arrival and departure experience for commuters on their quotidian ritual journeys, and for tourists and visitors to the 9/11 memorial and museum, seems just right," she said. Catherine McVay Hughes, the chairwoman of Community Board 1 in Lower Manhattan, said, "Each of these travelers will bring their own associations to the words that Ann Hamilton assembles, and we're looking forward to learning more about it." Even constant users of the station ought to notice different words and passages each time they walk through, said Jessica Lappin, the president of the Alliance for Downtown New York. "When it's completed, it will allow us each to pause, reflect and interpret the station in our own way," she said. "It should be moving and powerful and certainly worth the wait."



6. Erin Markey, Carmelita Tropicana, FF Alumns, at Abrons Arts Center, Manhattan, May 12


Tuesday, May 12th, 7:30 PM
Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street, New York

$15 - Tickets Available Soon

NYPAC, the New York Performance Artists Collective, is pleased to announce the return of ANTIFREEZE to Abrons Arts Center. We know you loved last year's performances, but there's no need to get high on fumes: ANTIFREEZE 2 brings a new lineup of performers to the stage just as art fair madness hits the city again. In our signature contrarian spirit, we invite you to skip out on the ferries, the paintings, and the champagne. Instead, come join us on May 12th to celebrate the endurance of downtown performance art with this year's host, the legendary Carmelita Tropicana, as well an eclectic mix of pieces by Erin Markey, Macy Rodman, and Raul de Nieves.

NYPAC, the New York Performance Artists Collective, is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the production, accessibility, and scholarship of performative and intermedia art. Conceived in 2013 by Fabian Bernal and Samuel Draxler, NYPAC engages the mass of decentralized but networked artistic talent in the New York region through site-specific performances and events, written and curatorial positions, and online and offsite exhibitions. These projects focus on different contexts of bodies and performers, welcoming queer, feminist, and institutional approaches and critiques.



7. Shirin Neshat, FF Alumn, at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC, May 18-Sept. 30

Shirin Neshat: Facing History
May 18-September 20, 2015

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Independence Avenue at Seventh Street SW
Washington DC 20560
Hours: Daily 10am-5:30pm


Shirin Neshat: Facing History is a major exhibition of the work of the internationally acclaimed artist, who examines the nuances of power and gender in the Islamic world-particularly in her native Iran. The first exhibition to place Neshat's work in the context of the history of modern Iran, it is organized according to the chronology of historical events, from the 1953 coup that reinstalled the Shah to the 1979 Islamic Revolution to the Green Revolution.

Neshat's mesmerizing films and photographs are accompanied by her studio materials, including production photos, never-before-exhibited studies, and items from Neshat's personal library that reveal her literary sources. In addition, Safavid-period manuscript pages, wire-service photographs, and newsreels provide background for the artworks. The exhibition is accompanied by a full-color catalogue that includes Hirshhorn director Melissa Chiu's interview with the artist and essays by Hirshhorn associate curator Melissa Ho, Iranian scholar Mahnaz Afkhami, and poet and art critic Steven Henry Madoff.



8. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, May 19

Experiments & Disorders @ Dixon Place
Curated by Tom Cole & Christen Clifford
Featuring Jennifer Tamayo and Jay Critchley
Dixon Place's long running literary series. http://dixonplace.org/
Tuesday, May 19, 7:30pm
Jay Critchley is a multi-media visual and performance artist based in Provincetown, Massachusetts whose work and activism have traversed the globe, showing in Argentina, Japan, England, Holland, Germany, Columbia, France and Spain. He was recently featured on LOGO TV and BBC/UK. He founded the controversial Old Glory Condom Corporation, and his 2011 exhibition in Chelsea, NYC received key reviews in the New York Times, The New Yorker and the Village Voice. "Toilet Treatments" won an HBO Award at Provincetown Film Festival. Jay has taught at the Museum School at MFA Boston, and has had residencies at: Harvard University; AS220, RI; Williams College; Real Art Ways, Hartford; Milepost 5, Portland, OR; Fundacion Valparaiso, Majocar, Spain; and CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France. He turned his abandoned backyard septic tank into the world's only "Theater in the Ground @ Septic Space". His experimental musical, "Planet Snowvio", whose characters include Edward Snowden, Mario Savio, Presidents Obama and Putin, was recently performed as a stages reading at UC Berkeley Art Museum.
His first solo museum show, "Jay Critchley, Incorporated", is presently at the Provincetown Art Association & Museum, May 1 - June 21. www.jaycritchley.com
Jennifer Tamayo is a Colombian-born, transnational artist and activist based in New York City. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago and her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University. JT is the author of the collection of poems and artwork, Red Missed Aches Read Missed Aches Red Mistakes Read Mistakes (Switchback, 2011 Selected by Cathy Park Hong) and the limited edition chapbook POEMS ARE THE ONLY REAL BODIES (Bloof Books, 2013). Her second full collection, YOU DA ONE, was published in the fall of 2014 (Coconut Books). Since 2010, JT has served as the Managing Editor for Futurepoem an independent NYC press publishing contemporary poetry and prose.
Dixon Place is at 161A Chrystie Street (between Rivington and Delancey), NYC.

Jay Critchley



9. Karen Shaw, Lo Vid, FF Alumns, at Knox Gallery, Monterey, MA, May 8-June 20

Karen Shaw in Tailored: Stitched, Patched, Threaded, Pinned at the Knox Gallery, Monterey, MA, May 8-June 20.

If you are up for a jaunt in the beautiful Berkshires please come the the show. Curated by Dee Shapiro with a talk at 6 on May 9. Reception on May 9, 6-8.

Knox Gallery, 452 Main Rd. Monterey, MA. Gallery is open Monday through Saturday.

The exhibition includes the work of Miriam Dym, Michael Ensminger, Jessica Rosner, Barbarie Rothstein, Karen Shaw, Suzan Shutan, Debra Smith, Audrey Stone and the collaboration Lo Vid.

I hope to see you there.

Karen Shaw



10. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, Angel Nevarez, Valerie Tevere, FF Alumns, now online at ny.curbed.com

Please visit the illustrated article at this link:


Thank you.



11. Judith Sloan, FF Alumn, at Nuyorican Poets Café, Manhattan, May 9

Judith Sloan's YO MISS!

Saturday May 9, NYC, 4pm to 6pm
Nuyrocian Poets Cafe
with LaBruja, Najla Said, Genevieve Beaudoin, EarSay Youth Voices



12. Bernard Tschumi, FF Alumn, at Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, May 8

You are cordially invited to attend the opening of:
‹Bernard Tschumi. Architecture: Concept & Notation›
at the Swiss Architecture Museum on Friday, May 8th , 7pm

Bernard Tschumi, born 1944 in Lausanne, has exerted a decisive influence as an architect and architectural theorist on contemporary architectural discourse in the past decades.
Bernard Tschumi. Architecture: Concept & Notation is an edited version of the exhibition conceived by Bernard Tschumi in collaboration with the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Please RSVP via: info@sam-basel.org

The exhibition is supported by:
Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung
Karl Bubenhofer AG
Graham Foundation



13. Denise Green, FF Alumn, at Palazzo Grimani Museum, Venice, Italy, thru Nov. 22

Dear Friends,

I am very pleased to inform you that my work has been selected for inclusion in an exhibition at the Palazzo Grimani Museum, which will open next month and run in conjunction with the Venice Biennale. If you plan to visit the Biennale during the Previews I hope you can attend the Museum's Gala Opening Reception on May 6th. Please let me know and I will be glad to add your name to the guest list.

Warm regards,
Denise Green



14. Guerrilla Girls, FF Alumns, at Abrons Art Center, Manhattan, May 15

May 15, 2015
8-10 PM
RSVP to gg@guerrillagirls.com
It won't be a party without you!
In May 1985 we put our first posters up on the streets of New York and everyone went bananas. We've been fighting discrimination and corruption in art, film, politics and pop culture ever since. Some things have changed but there is still so much to do!
Join us for a party May 15 at 8-10 PM to celebrate 30 years of game-changing Guerrilla Girls' activism.
There will be cake!
We hope to see you at our other birthday events:
Pop Up Exhibition of Guerrilla Girls Work, 1985-2015
May 1-17, 2015
Exhibition Walk-Throughs
May 3, 10 + 17
Read more "
Stealth Street Actions and Sticker giveaways
Starting May 2, 2015
Follow Guerrilla Girls on Facebook for details



15. Charles Dennis, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, June 4

Route 66
Charles Dennis
Thursday, June 4 at 7:30pm
estimated runtime: 45 mins
price: Free
A live road movie, "Route 66", is interdisciplinary artist Charles Dennis' travelogue through his 66 years of experiences. Combining autobiographical stories, dance and video imagery "Route 66" captures the excitement on being "on the road" with life. Also featured is a soundtrack featuring multiple versions of the song "Route 66" including versions by Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry, Nancy Sinatra and Depeche Mode.
Charles Dennis is an interdisciplinary artist/producer, choreographer, performance artist, video director/cameraman/editor and teacher. He is the director of Charles Dennis Productions - a digital media production company that offers video production and post-production services to both corporate and not-for-profit clients. Dennis began his career as a dancer/performer with director Robert Wilson's theater company, The Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds, in 1971. He toured extensively with the group appearing in many of the group's landmark works including the original production of "Einstein On The Beach" (1976). In 1979 Dennis co-founded Performance Space 122, one of this country's most active presenters of new dance and performance art, and contributed greatly to its development. Since 1980 he has created a series of critically acclaimed interdisciplinary solos and group, dance/ performance/video works. Dennis' performance work has been described by Dancemagazine as "physical theater". His 1996 work "Full House" toured in this country in the form of community-specific productions featuring local participants and performers. In the 90's Dennis' turned to addressing issues of identity in a mediated world with a series of critically acclaimed solo dance/video works. "Mr. Remote" (2000), still being performed, has received numerous acclaims..."the work has the dynamic energy of dance itself, a rare thing in videodance and Mr. Dennis plays with real, imagined and video time with quietly dazzling wit and comfortable humanity."(The New York Times). Dennis received a 2003 Fellowship in Performance/Interdisciplinary Art from the New York Foundation for the Arts. He has also received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art. In 1999 he was the recipient of a UCLA National Dance Media Fellowship award. In 2004 Charles Dennis premiered "Homecoming - Celebrating 20 Years of Dance at P.S. 122", a documentary that chronicles the origins of the space and showcases 10 leading choreographers (Ron Brown, Ann Carlson, Yoshiko Chuma, Dancenoise, Mark Dendy, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Jennifer Monson, Charles Moulton, Sally Silvers and Doug Varone) whose careers were launched at P.S. 122. "Homecoming" was featured at the 2004 American Dance Festival.
Dennis is also the director and producer of "Alive & Kicking - New Directions in Dance & Performance", a video series which profiles cutting edge dance and performance artists that is being distributed to educational institutions worldwide. More than 90 programs have been produced to date.



16. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, at Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA, June 4

Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 6:00pm

Contemporary Arts Center
900 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130-3908

$5 General Admission
FREE to CAC Members


Join us for a conversation with EN MAS' contributing artist, Nicolás Dumit Estévez, as he delves into his elusive art practice, his relationship to the Caribbean, and the impact that his piece C Room, created specifically for EN MAS', has had on his ever-evolving notions of identity and home. Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, in 2011 Nicolás was baptized as a citizen of the Bronx in a performative ceremony that took place along the banks of the Bronx River.



17. Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, FF Alumns, at San Francisco Pride Parade, CA, June 28

Contact: Kate Fritz, kate.d.fritz@gmail.com (707)484-8885
Website: www.theEcosexuals.org

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens Add
'E' for 'Ecosexual' to GLBTQII at SF Pride

San Francisco, CA-Celebrated Bay Area performance artists Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle will create the first official 'Ecosexual contingent' at the San Francisco Pride Parade on June 28th. They will march with their human-powered 'Pollination Pod' parade float, and a group of over one hundred collaborators who embrace the ecosexual identity. The contingent is sponsored by the Center for Sex & Culture and is part of the Queer Arts Festival. Everyone is invited to participate.

Stephens and Sprinkle want to raise the visibility of Ecosexuality and have it recognized as an identity alongside lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and intersex. The Ecosexual parade event will kick off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to 'Add the E' to LGBTQI'E' and a water toast. "We'd like to see more queer people involved in the environmental movement, so we want to make the movement more sexy, fun and diverse," says Sprinkle.

In 2008, the two artists made a commitment to infuse the environmental movement with more play and sensual pleasure to counteract prevailing doom and gloom narratives. That led them to hold nineteen public ecosex weddings to marry nature entities such as the sky, sun, soil, sea, and moon, with thousands of participants in nine countries. They also made a documentary, Goodbye Gauley Mountain-An Ecosexual Love Story, 2014, in response to mountaintop removal coal mining in Stephens' home state West Virginia, just released by a respected distributor, Kino Lorber.

Stephens, a professor of art at UC Santa Cruz and longtime environmental activist says, "The Ecosexual movement is really about imagination and desire, and creating a more pleasurable and loving relationship with the Earth. Ecosexuals say that humans are not better than other species, and we are not separate from the ecosystem around us. We are part of it and it is part of us." Annie Sprinkle adds that "Ecosexuality is an inclusive identity-you can be gay, straight, queer, or even celibate and identify as ecosexual."

The artists agree that their work is inspired by the direct action tactics of highly visible movements like ACT UP in the 1980's. "These are very serious issues we're addressing. There's almost nothing more serious than California's current water situation. Our activism is celebrating the Earth as our lover using performance art."

The Pride event will launch the "Here Come the Ecosexuals" California summer tour, in which Stephens and Sprinkle will lead ecosexual walking tours, glamping trips, and start a new documentary film to raise awareness of California's water issues.

SF Pride starts at Beale and Market at 10:30AM on June 28. Ribbon cutting & toast at 10:00AM. For details how to collaborate, join contingent and attend ribbon cutting toast: www.theEcosexuals.org



18. Jamie McMurry, FF Alumn, at Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA, May 14

In an extensive showing of installations and materials from his most recent conceptual art projects and performances, JAMIE McMURRY (Los Angeles) brings his solo exhibit, ABOVE SNAKES, to Human Resources with a reception on Thursday, May 14th from 7pm-10pm. There will also be a live performance entitled, DOUBLE WIDE beginning promptly at 8:00pm. Human Resources is located at 410 Cottage Home Street in Chinatown, Los Angeles

Documentation and objects will be on display from the INTELLIGENT DESIGN series, photos from several street actions called COLOR THEORY, and the personal effects of deceased accident or homicide victims that McMurry has been collecting for a project entitled OBJECT WITNESS.

JAMIE McMURRY has been an active organizer, educator and artist in the fields of performance, installation, video and conceptual art for more than 20 years. Originally from Yakima, Washington, he currently resides in Los Angeles, California. McMurry's work has most recently been exhibited at the Buzzcut Festival, Glasgow - 2015; MV Studio, London - 2015; Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago - 2014; University of Hildesheim, Germany - 2013; Boston Center for the Arts - 2013 and 2014; Miami International Performance Art Festival - 2013; National Gallery of Art, Sopot, Poland - 2013; Existence Festival, Brisbane - 2012.

He taught performance, video and sound as a visiting artist faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2003-2005) and at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena (2007-2009). Most recently he has conducted workshops and artist talks at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; National Review of Live Art, Scotland; University of Hildesheim, Germany; University of Vina del Mar, Chile. He has recently presented and published writing at the College Art Association 2014, in the Total Art Journal and for French art magazine DOCKS. In 2014 he was a Franklin Furnace Fund recipient.

Intelligent Design was made possible in part by support from the Franklin Furnace Fund.

The exhibition will be open for viewing during regular gallery hours (Wed-Sun, NOON-6PM) or by appointment beginning May 13, and continuing through May 21.

Jamie McMurry



19. Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble, FF Alumns, at LUV Pavilion, Ridgewood, Queens, NY, May 8-30

Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble announces the opening of
LUV Pavilion

Situated in an empty storefront in Ridgewood, Queens, LUV Pavilion is a nondenominational polytechnic spiritual exploration hub and pop-up event center, hosted by Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble as their workspace, and as a venue for performances, screenings, talks, and workshops on LUV-related topics.
Open May 8-30, 2015

Friday, May 8
6 - 10pm // free
Opening BBQ and LUV-in
Burgers, hotdogs, BYOB

Every Monday / May 11, 18, 25
8pm // free
Meg Ryan Mondays

Wednesday, May 20
8pm // free
Self Defense Speed Dating hosted by Elizabeth Harney
Meet potential love interests while learning self defense techniques

Saturday, May 23
8pm // free
The Art of Luv revisited - group meditation on love and loneliness, on the first anniversary of the Isla Vista shooting.

Saturday, May 30
8pm // $15
CATCH 69 (feel the LUV)

And many more events and happenings throughout the month of May - the LUVer's month.

For updates, please join the official LUV Pavilion Facebook event here.

LUV Pavilion is made possible by the generous assistance of Immediate Medium.


LUV Pavilion is located at 652 Woodward Avenue, Ridgewood
L train to Myrtle/Wyckoff // M train to Seneca Ave



20. Dread Scott, FF Alumn, at Nathan Cummings Foundation, Manhattan, May 12

Please join No Longer Empty and the Nathan Cummings Foundation for the opening of Bring in the Reality, an exhibition that examines economic, social and political inequality. Bring in the Reality presents works at the intersection of storytelling and activism in a variety of media to "speak truth to power."

Opening Reception | Tuesday, May 12, 6-8pm
Nathan Cummings Foundation
475 Tenth Avenue, 14th Floor
RSVP is required to attend. Email exhibits@nathancummings.org

Bring in the Reality includes works previously commissioned for or featured in No Longer Empty exhibitions, as well as interrelated works by No Longer Empty community artists:

John Ahearn / Radcliffe Bailey / Carolina Caycedo / Mel Chin / Melanie Crean / Jeff Crouse and Stephanie Rothenberg / Jennifer Dalton / Enmedio / Iliana Emilia Garcia / Scherezade Garcia-Vazquez / Guerra de la Paz / Kameelah Janan Rasheed / Tim Rollins and K.O.S. / Dread Scott / Dread Scott & Kyle Goen / Hank Willis Thomas (in collaboration with Sanford Biggers) / Nari Ward.

On View | May 13 - September 11, 2015
Viewing Hours | Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm, by appointment only.
To view the exhibition, please contact the Nathan Cummings Foundation at exhibits@nathancummings.org

Curated by Rachel Gugelberger
Bring in the Reality was made possible by support from The Nathan Cummings Foundation.



21. Purgatory Pie Press, FF Alumns, at SELECT Art Fair, Manhattan, May 13-17, and more

Come See PURGATORY PIE PRESS--one of the longest running artist/publishers making collaborative limited editions, relief printing from movable wood and metal type and typograhic elements--
new prints ++ artist books ++ limited editions
Select Fair May 13-17
in the old Dia Building
(FLR 3--with a 21 foot wall!)
Center 548 W. 22nd St
(btwn 10/11 Aves)
Chelsea, NYC, NY 10011


Save The Date Thursday, May 21-- 6-8pm,
Independent Publishers Book Party
@ Zieher Smith & Horton Gallery 516 W 20th St., NYC / 212-229-1088



22. Rachel Frank, FF Alumn, upcoming events

Dear Friends,

I'm pleased to share with you some upcoming events. I will be performing twice in the next month and have a couple other screenings and exhibitions coming up.

Rewilding Manhattan
Friday, May 15th at 2:00 pm
The Select Art Fair on the Rooftop
548 West 22nd Street (former Dia Center), NYC

I will be presenting a performance based on Rewilding, an environmental practice that seeks to reestablish the landscape's former ecosystems and increase sustainability by reintroducing species to areas in which they had formerly thrived but have since gone extinct. Actors wearing American bison head masks will symbolically rewild select sites within the fair by converging beside a sculptural marshland that serves as a synecdoche for the city's original topography. This performance is part of a larger project, which uses the concept of rewilding to explore how we think about the landscape around us-its past, present and sustainability into the future.

Performed by Rachel Frank and Dan Theisen
Co-presented by TSA and Franklin Furnace Archive.

The Impossible
Along with other members of the Skowhegan Alliance, I co-curated this video program screening at Skowhegan featuring alumni video works.
Thursday, May 14th, 7:30 pm
Skowhegan New York Office
136 W. 22nd Street, NYC

AIR Exhibition
I will have one of my photographs from my Rewilding Platte Clove performance in this exhibition.
May 11 - June 26, 2015
Opening reception on Saturday, May 16 from 2-4 pm
The Catskill Erpf Center
43355 State Highway 28
Arkville, NY

On the first weekend in June, I will be performing another Rewilding performance:
Rewilding Stuyvesant Cove Park
Saturday, June 6th, 2015 at 5:00 pm
Stuyvesant Cove Park
20th Street and FDR Drive on the East River
This event is free and open to all ages
Presented by Solar One
Performed by: Rachel Frank and others, TBA.
Closing performance music by: Baby Copperhead

Thanks for your continued support and happy spring (almost New York summer).

Best wishes,
Rachel Frank



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