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Contents for January 9, 2015

Nancy Sun, FF Alumn, In Memoriam

My mom, Nancy Sun

With great sadness, we report that our mother passed away in the early evening of December 12th. She stopped breathing while she was asleep in her bed in Brooklyn. In the last week of her life, she was able to enjoy time with her immediate family. Ken arrived from LA early on Friday and was able to spend the day with her. Carol also visited her on her last day, as did her long time companion Lionel. Sid visited Nancy over the prior weekend.

Our mother lived a rich life of 89 years. She was a survivor of World War II, immigrant from China, and a pioneering woman architect. She was a devoted mother who cared deeply for her children and grandchildren. After retirement, she found new past times visiting art museums, investing in stocks, and dancing the Argentine Tango. She lived a remarkable life which ended slowly for her over the last few years after she suffered a stroke. The last few months, she's been receiving wonderful care and attention from the staff of the Belvedere Assisted Living Facility in Brooklyn.

Carol Sun, FF Alumn



1. Marty Pottenger, FF Alumn, now online at youtube.com/watch?v=NKO1qGyfWKs

For a 15 minute video of Marty Pottenger's TedX talk please visit:


Thank you.



2. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, at Calandra Institute, CUNY, Manhattan, Jan. 18

FF Alumn Annie Lanzillotto teaches a one day master class at The Calandra Institute for Italian American Studies. "Memoir Writing Workshop: Documenting Family Stories, Giving Voice to Our Ancestors and Ourselves." Sunday, January 18th, 2015, 10am - 5pm. $100, includes lunch. Midtown location. In this workshop, Lanzillotto will teach her signature writing techniques including Action Writing, Spiral Writing, and Memory Scapes. The day is a journey through dynamic writing exercises to conjure memory and generate text, an exploration of narrative structure, and performance practice. To register, RSVP by email to: calandraworkshop@gmail.com. Payment instructions will be provided. Payment reserves a seat; first come first serve... Please include your phone number in your email message. Enrollment limited to ten.



3. Ann Hamilton, Richard McGuire, Ed Ruscha, Robin Tewes, FF Alumn, at Adam Baumgold Gallery, Manhattan, opening Jan. 9

Marking Time, thru Feb. 21

60 EAST 66TH ST., NEW YORK, NY 10065
PHONE: 212-861-7338

HOURS: TUES. - SAT. 11-5:30 PM
EMAIL: abaumgold@aol.com
FACEBOOK: Adam Baumgold Gallery

Deborah Barrett Lynda Barry Glen Baxter
Gabrielle Bell Marc Bell Elisheva Biernoff Bette Blank Ross Bleckner
Charles Burns Daniels Clowes Rafael Ferrer Renée French Tom Gauld
Chester Gould Ann Hamilton Julian LaVerdiere & Paul Myoda Tala Madani
Richard McGuire Vivienne Koorland William Powhida Ed Ruscha Emilie Selden
Seth Dash Shaw Ryann Slauson Saul Steinberg Richard Taylor
Robin Tewes James Ulmer Chris Ware David Wojnarowicz



4. jc lenochan, FF Alumn, at The Ganntt Center, Charlotte, NC, opening Jan. 17, and more

Venturing Out Of The Heart Of Darkness. Opens Saturday, February 7, 2015.

The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts+Culture
at Levine Center for the Arts 551 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 547-3700
Exhibition Dates: January 17- February 22, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 17, 5 to 8pm


Dumbo First Thursday Gallery Walk: February 5, 7:30 to 9pm

Featuring Don't Shoot, a poetry reading curated by Samuel Jablon,
including poets: Anomalous who, Steve Dalachinsky, Joyce LeeAnn Joseph,
Patricia Spears Jones, Yuko Otomo, and Peter Rugh



5. Clifford Owens, FF Alumn, at Smackmellon, Brooklyn, Jan. 31

Performance: Saturday, January 31 at 7pm
Anthology: UK (Jack Tan), a performance by Clifford Owens

Closing Reception: February 22 at 4pm
I Can't Breath, a self-defense workshop/performance by Shaun Leonardo

*Additional public programs will be planned and presented throughout the run of the exhibition. Please visit our website www.smackmellon.org for updates.

After learning of the grand jury's decision to not indict Daniel Pantaleo, Smack Mellon postponed a planned exhibition in order to respond to the continued failure of the United States to protect its black citizens from police discrimination and violence. In order to channel our outrage into actions that can facilitate systemic change, Smack Mellon's gallery space will be used to present events, performances and artworks that affirm that black lives matter, express frustration and anger with the institutional racism that enables law enforcement to kill black members of the community with impunity, and imagine creative solutions and visionary alternatives to a broken justice system.

Smack Mellon's current Studio Artists Esteban del Valle, Molly Dilworth, Oasa DuVerney, Ira Eduardovna, Steffani Jemison, and Dread Scott worked with Smack Mellon staff as lead organizers of RESPOND.

Over 600 artists working at all levels and in all media submitted work for the large exhibition that serves as the focal point of RESPOND. More than 200 voices of artists living across the country and internationally from seven countries were selected and will be represented in sculpture, video, and two-dimensional work-including emerging artists, mid-career artists, and young people exhibiting side-by-side.

Esteban del Valle, a Smack Mellon studio artist and muralist with Groundswell, will work on a mural with local teens to be included in the exhibition. Other works include: Heather Hart's participatory drawing Skinned, where she invites visitors to press a piece of gold leaf onto the prepared surface of the drawing in exchange for a wish, responding specifically to the context of police violence; Mel Chin's 1993 prototype of Night Rap, a weapon/tool hybrid made from an actual enforcement officer's nightstick; and Nina Berman's photograph Funeral for Jose Luis Lebron, 1990. Nina's description of this image sums things up:

On January 31, 1990 at 5:30 pm, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York Police Officer Frank Albergo shot and killed 14-year-old Jose Luis Lebron, who was unarmed. An autopsy showed that Lebron was shot squarely in the back of the head. Albergo had been chasing Lebron for allegedly having robbed someone of $10.00 and claimed Lebron had been reaching for a gun. Eyewitnesses told a different tale. Four days earlier, also in Brooklyn, another police officer, shot and killed 17-year-old unarmed Louis Liranso. The two shootings touched off protest marches in Brooklyn. Both officers were cleared of any wrong doing. At Lebron's funeral family member were overcome by grief and some tried to jump into the gravesite. The 2014 killings of Eric Garner and Akai Gurley, currently in the news, top a long list of similar shootings by the NYPD that have been going on for decades. With each new killing, old cases fall deeper down the list, and are quickly forgotten except by family members and loved ones. Jose Luis Lebron is one of those cases.

Smack Mellon's 5,000 square foot gallery is being provided to community organizers, activists, artists, writers and performers to organize, collaborate, speak, perform, teach, lead and act. Events will continue to be planned and presented throughout the run of the exhibition. A calendar of events will be updated regularly on our website,www.smackmellon.org.



6. Claire Jeanine Satin, FF Alumn, at Museum of Art/NSU, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Jan. 15

101 SW 1st Street, Dania Beach, FL 33004
(954) 923-9117/(954) 993-9102
E-mail: clairesatin@gmail.com

CLAIRE JEANINE SATIN has been invited to present her unique ART TO WEAR designs at the Museum of Art/NSU in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on January 15, 2015 act 3 to 8 PM at the Museum. Free admission. The artist will be present to provide information and to answer any inquiries. She is also available for commission work.

Her unusual Art-To-Wear accessories have been shown in New York City with the designer Sohung Designs, and she is currently represented by the Alessandra Gold Concept Store in Wynwood, Miami. Individual pieces have been shown on the ART LOFT program, PBS Channel 2 on Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM. She is associated with the F2F studio in Ft Lauderdale and LA which creates photo shoots of her designs.

Most recently she has been invited to present her ART-TO-WEAR designs with Macy's in Miami Beach, in March 2015. Her work can also be seen on: etsy.com/people/satinart2wear, http://www.pinterest.com/clairesatin, https://www.facebook.com/claire.satin, and http://instagram.com/clairesatin/

For more information, you can contact the artist at (954) 923-9117 or (954) 993-9102 or email her at clairesatin@gmail.com. You can also visit her ARTWORKS/ARTSPACE at 101 SW 1st Street in Dania Beach, FL by appointment only.



7. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, now online at hyperallergic.com

Best of 2014: Our Top 10 Brooklyn Art Shows

#2 - Roberta Allen: Works from the 1970s at Minus Space
April 4-May 10
The reemergence of an artist is a wonderful thing, but when that artist is as talented as Roberta Allen then it is truly a joyous occasion. Allen's conceptual work from the 1970s - the focus of this show - is playful and rejects any form of artistic orthodoxy.
There are shades of feminism in the prominent placement of herself in the work, but the real focus is on language and how it is constructed, manipulated, and used to convey meaning. Allen took a sojourn from the art world in the 1980s and turned her attention to writing books; let's hope this exhibition helps spur a new period of art making for her.-
--Hrag Vartanian

A selection of my 112 drawings from "Thinking About Thought," 2014, can be seen at



8. Seung Min Lee, FF Alumn, now online at http://seungminlee.com/sings-millenium-mart- and more

Hi Friends!
I finally have images from my show at Interstate! They're here:


Wanted you to be the first to see. Thank you for assiduously filling the void of life with meaning in a raw and generally cruelty-free way that sustains me.

Here is lineup of the remaining performance nights at the Millennium Mart, which is up until Feb 1.

__Sat Jan 10 6-8___
Nicholas Buffon, Seung-Min Lee, Sahra Motalebi, Sophia Peer, Sameer Kapoor and Jennifer Sullivan
__Sat Jan 24, 5-8___
Daniel Bozhkov, Jaeeun Lee, Seung-Min Lee and Clifford V. Owens, Mores McWreath.
__Sat Jan 31, 5-8__
Dominika Ksel, Kiran Chandra, Amanda Pohan, Danyel Ferrari and Patrick McElnea, Andre Springer

Lots of Love and Happy New Year!!




9. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at NYU, Manhattan, Jan. 16-18


Two NYPAC-affiliated artists, Dynasty Handbag and Jack Ferver, have upcoming performances at American Realness 2015! NYPAC commissioned the original presentation of Ferver's Night Light Bright Light as part of Fred Herko: A Crash Course, a one-day symposium held at NYU's Department of Performance Studies this last October. In April 2015, NYPAC and The Kitchen will be presenting a new show by Dynasty Handbag.

"Soggy Glasses, A Homo's Odyssey, is a feminist, comedic, fanny-packed, monomythic hero-journey. Using Homer's Odyssey as both dramaturgical framework and toilet paper, Dynasty Handbag recasts the masculine allegory of returning home in a feminist context, on a voyage though her extremities, heart, mind, bowels, and artist colon-y. Using voiceovers, video interaction, and a giant plush 'hero' sandwich, Dynasty Handbag employs the female physical and spiritual body as the terrain for her journey home, in an ultimate Homeric search for her true nature, and she will most likely fail."
Tickets for performances on January 16, 17, & 18

NYPAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the production, accessibility, and scholarship of performative and intermedia art. Conceived in 2013 by Fabian Bernal and Samuel Draxler, NYPAC engages the mass of decentralized but networked artistic talent in the New York region through site-specific performances and events, written and curatorial positions, and online and offsite exhibitions. These projects focus on different contexts of bodies and performers, welcoming queer, feminist, and institutional approaches and critiques. NYPAC is made possible with the generous support of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. For further information, please contact Samuel Draxler at samuel@nypac.org.



10. Nicole Eisenman, Cindy Sherman, FF Alumns, at Invisible-Exports, Manhattan, opening Jan. 9

Wolfgang Black, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Nicole Eisenman, Genieve Figgis, Dan McCarthy, Rebecca Morgan, Aurie Ramirez, Amy Sedaris, Cindy Sherman
January 9 - February 15, 2015
Friday, January 9, 6-8pm

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is proud to present Fetching Blemish, a group exhibition of portraiture and figurative work addressing human flaws as sites of revelation and distinction. With Wolfgang Black, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Nicole Eisenman, Genieve Figgis, Dan McCarthy, Rebecca Morgan, Aurie Ramirez, Amy Sedaris, and Cindy Sherman, the show revels in flaws, deformities and the grotesque, rendering or expressing internal conflicts and anxieties as physical features, and approaching imperfection as a portal of identity and self-horror as a form of self-recognition (or liberating and even transcendent performance). This all in a cultural moment, or perhaps its immediate aftermath, in painting and otherwise, enamored with style and seductiveness as an uncomplicated bid for recognition of the most satisfyingly charged kind. That is, to the extent it is enamored with figurative work at all.
Each of the artists in this show are in some ways, or understand themselves to be, outsiders, some of them stiff-arming and others processing and repurposing a harsh critical gaze. All seem engaged in overturning tendencies, preferences, and prejudices in recent portraiture as showcase of beauty, as refracted vanity, even as pin-up. Each has come of age, or is working now, in a cultural era embracing "difference" to an unprecedented degree, teaching that otherness of all kinds is beautiful and dignified, and self-love a paramount virtue and indeed an express imperative in a new and liberated age. But to many, those shibboleths are a foreign language, a small consolation and perhaps even an affronting falsehood-offering a narrative of full-inclusion that is so basically at odds with the lived intimate experience of otherness, no matter the cultural conditions, it can only be, for all its political virtue, an inert impersonal mantra and expressive nonstarter (and therefore its own kind of otherness). Ugliness is a much murkier, more enriching stew.

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is located in the Lower East Side, at 89 Eldridge Street, just south of Grand Street. GALLERY HOURS are Wednesday through Sunday, 11am to 6pm, and by appointment. For more information, call 212 226 5447 or email: info@invisible-exports.com



11. Susan Bee, FF Alumn, at Southfirst, Brooklyn, opening Jan. 11

SUSAN BEE: Photograms and Altered Photos from the 1970s
January 10 - February 15, 2015
Opening reception: Sunday, January 11, 4 - 6 pm

SOUTHFIRST is proud to present "Photograms and Altered Photos from the 1970s," the first exhibition presenting the full scope of the experimental photographic work of SUSAN BEE. Bee's painterly, often-colorful takes on the medium, executed between 1976-1981, anticipate her later painting practice, but they also deeply explore the possibilities of experimental photography.

The show will be on view from January 10 - February 15, 2015.

Bee, known primarily for her paintings, was a prolific darkroom photographer during the late 1970s. During this period she was writing her master's thesis on Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray's photograms while studying with Rosalind Krauss at Hunter College. Bee also, from the same small apartment housing the darkroom, collaborated on the production of the influential poetry magazine L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E with Charles Bernstein; a portion of Bee's thesis on photograms appears in the second issue of the magazine. Black-and-white or individually hand-colored, demonstrating experimental techniques like hand-painted developer, the dozens of original small (5x7", 8x10", and 11x14") photograms trace of the legacy of European modernism and its afterlife in an American literary and artistic avant-garde.

Susan Bee (b. 1952) has a BA from Barnard College and a MA in Art from Hunter College. She was the coeditor of M/E/A/N/I/N/G: A Journal of Contemporary Art Issues from 1986-96 and is currently the coeditor of M/E/A/N/I/N/G Online. Bee won a Guggenheim Fellowship in Fine Arts in 2014. Her paintings and artist's books are included in many public and private collections including the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery at Reed College, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Princeton University Library, Getty Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Yale University, Clark Art Institute, New York Public Library, and Harvard University Library. She has published collaborations with numerous poets including Susan Howe and Johanna Drucker. She lives and works in Brooklyn.
SOUTHFIRST, founded in 2000, is located at 60 North 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn between Wythe and Kent Avenues. Gallery hours are Sat. and Sun. from noon - 6 PM and by appointment. Subway: L train to Bedford Avenue. For more information, please contact Maika Pollack at 718 599 4884 or maika@southfirst.org.

Images: Susan Bee, Biological Slide Series (SB029), 1976-1977, 8" x 10" & Untitled (SB183), ca. 1976-1981, 8" x 10"

60 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
718 588 4884



12. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, at Jalopy Theater, Brooklyn, Jan. 10

I'm turning 60, and will mark the occasion with a program of my songs and instrumental music at the magnificent Jalopy Theater. I will be on uke, keyboard and vocals; I will be joined by Doug Roesch on guitar and Ralph Hamperian on tuba. Come hear selections from my long and unusual career!
Come hear the music I wrote when I was six! It's at 315 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, Saturday, Jan. 10, 9 pm, $10.



13. Emily Roysdon, FF Alumn, at Participant, Inc., Manhattan, Jan. 11

Hello and happy coming New Year

I have a solo show opening at Participant, Inc on January 11th
and I would love to see you there and share it with you.

If Only a Wave
January 11 - February 21, 2015
Opening Reception, Sunday, January 11, 7-9pm

253 East Houston Street
New York, NY 10002



14. Coco Fusco, FF Alumn, at Cooper Union, Manhattan, Jan. 23

The Artist as Debtor: A Conference about the Work of Artists in the Age of Speculative Capitalism
January 23, 2015
The Great Hall, Cooper Union
7 East 7th Street
New York NY 10003

We live in an era of unprecedented profits from contemporary art sales and massive debts incurred by art students. Are these phenomena related? Is it a coincidence that in an age in which art can be made from nothing, the price attached to an art degree is staggeringly high? Contemporary art institutions amass great wealth through real estate development and the value of their holdings - why then do museums, art-related businesses and art schools rely so heavily on precarious and unpaid labor provided by artists? What are the connections between big money in the art world and the big debts taken on by so many young artists? Are artists encouraged to believe that extreme economic disparity is just part of the way the art world works? Do romantic ideas about merit and talent mask a system of indenture?

Artists Noah Fischer (member of Occupy Museums) and Coco Fusco will present a conference to discuss the art and the debt economy on January 23 2015 at The Great Hall of Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. This event is made possible thanks to support from The School of Art at Cooper Union. Our featured speakers include artists Julieta Aranda, William Powhida, Martha Rosler, Gregory Sholette; writer Brian Kuan Wood; activists from W.A.G. E. and BFAMFAPHD, and cultural theorist Andrew Ross.
We hope to engage students, art workers, and all those interested in art's future in an extended reflection about ways that the art economy extracts financial benefits from artists who may not even be selling their art. We envision this as an opportunity for a growing movement to counter economic inequality in the arts, to gain strength from collective wisdom, and to develop better strategies for responding to situations that make many artists feel powerless.
For more information please contact: coco.fusco@gmail.com and and fischer.noah@gmail.com
Visit our blog at: www.artanddebt.org
please join Facebook Event.
Twitter: #ArtistasDebtor




15. Hector Canonge, FF Alumn, recent news

New York based Latino artist, HECTOR CANONGE, well known for his prolific work and initiatives in the United States and Europe, has completed the production of "TRANSNATIONAL," an interdisciplinary art project that took place over a period of five months in various Latin American cities. With support from Goethe Zentrum L.A., Fundación S.I. Patiño Switzerland, and Fundación Cultural Banco Central Award for Excellence, the multinational project served as platform for the creation of new works, their corresponding presentations, elaboration of workshops, talks, conferences and exhibitions focusing on Canonge's practice in Performance Art.

"TRANSNATIONAL" encapsulates the artist's exploration, experimentation and research about the body in Live Action Art and its relation to other disciplines. As a point of departure for exchange, "TRANSNATIONAL" generated collaborations, artistic residencies, performance events, and the production of a new body of work where themes about geographical dislocations, genealogies, forced displacements, and identity were treated.

Many of the projects were done on site at various museums, in art galleries, cultural centers, independent art spaces and public spaces in various countries, cities, and regions in South America, for example: Argentina: Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Salta; Bolivia: Cochabamba, La Paz and Oruro; Chile: Santiago, Concepción, Valdivia, Puerto Montt and Los Alamos; Brazil: Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte; Colombia: Bogotá, Cali and Anolaima; Ecuador: Quito and Guayaquil; Peru: Lima, Cusco and Arequipa. In addition to his performances, Canonge participated in programs such as Encuentro Internacional de Performance, EPI V (Chile), Perpendicular Biennial within the framework of the 31ra Bienal Internacional de Arte de Sao Paulo (Brazil), IV Encuentro SUB-Objetivo, Encuentro de Artes Relacionales, and the Artistic Residency ACCIONarar (Colombia), plus the festivals like Pleamar: Festival de Arte Contemporáneo (Perú), CLANDESTINO Programa de Arte Contemporáneo (Bolivia), V Bienal Deformes and Posta Sur (Chile).

"TRANSNATIONAL" took as departing point "CONeKTOR" another project that the artist initiated in a number of European countries (Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia) last Spring during the months of May and June. In contrast to the mentioned project, the connections and the work produced in South America originated from singular premise; the familiarity and disassociations that the artist mentioned to have with his own Latin American roots. About "TRANSNATIONAL," Canonge declared in a press conference in La Paz, Bolivia:

"... it was important to know the region just as I know the USA and I'm familiar with Europe. The purpose of my journey through Latin America was not a touristic one, but of the need I had to relate, connect, and establish possible future alliances and collaborations with local artists, public and private institutions whose goals are to develop and promote Contemporary Art. TRANSNATIONAL, just as CONeKTOR in Eastern Europe, was a living-learning initiative that allowed me to discover and learn about myself and others. I didn't go into it like a "Yankee" to impose my experiences and knowledge. That was not my intention. The idea was to share and learn. Learning because there a lot that I still don't know... I mean did not know about Latin America... Today I can say that I carry the continent on my skin, and beyond the surface: it's in my soul..."

To complete his journey Canonge participated in the program "CLANDESTINO," and presented the happening "ASSABORIR" in Bolivia. He also initiated the residency program "PERFORMAXIS" where five Bolivian artists were selected to participate in the program that took place from December 9th to 15th at Peras de Olmo -Ars Continua in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Canonge returns to the USA in 2015 to continue with projects, exhibitions, and presentations in New York, Detroit, and in Miami to organize a program for artistic exchange with latin american artists and American and European organizations.

Hector Canonge is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and cultural promoter based in New York City where he studied Comparative Literature, Filmmaking and Integrated Media Arts. His work incorporates the use of New-media technologies, physical environments, cinematic and performance art narratives to explore and treat issues related to construction of identity, gender roles, and the politics of migration. Challenging the white box settings of a gallery or a museum, or intervening directly in public spaces his performances mediate movement, endurance, and ritualistic processes. Some of his actions and carefully choreographed performances involve collaborating with other artists and interacting with audiences. His visual arts projects and performance art work have been exhibited and presented in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

In 2013, Canonge participated in the Encuentros of the Hemispheric Institute for Performance & Politics in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and returned to the United States to work on his new project, "LAB.ORAL," as part of his Franklin Furnace Award 2013. He also participated in the Month of Performance Art in Berlin, MPA-B, and was featured in HITPARADEN - LiveArt DK in Copenhagen, Denmark. Before returning to South America, Canonge presented his work in Boston at MOBIUS, Virginia in the SUPERNOVA Performance Art Festival, and Miami during the Miami International Performance Art Festival. His last two solo exhibitions "misk'i" presented at the Centro Simón Patiño, and "CORPOREALIDAD," for Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, took place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. From September to October, Canonge presented his project "TROTAMUNDOS" in museums, galleries and cultural spaces in Europe: France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, and Finland. His solo exhibition, "SUMAKTIVA," a survey of his Performance Art work, was presented at Centro Cultural Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

In 2014 Canonge was nominated by the Fundación Cultural del Banco Central Bolivia as resident artist and curator for Centro Cultural Santa Cruz. After completing his term, he moved to Berlin to participate, a guest artist, in the Month of Performance Arte in Berlin introducing the program PERFORMEANDO. Following his work, he launched the project "CONeKTOR" in varios cities in Eastern Europe, among them Krakow, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, and Vienna where he collaborated with local artists presenting works with the assistance of local organizations. Canonge returned to North America to participate in the Encuentros 2014 in Montreal, Canada, and in the Miami International Performance Art Festival. The artist just completed working in his project "TRANSNATIONAL" with exhibitions, performances, workshops, and residencies in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador y Peru. In the USA, Canonge was a guest artist in the Latino Bronx Biennial in NYC, and in the Beyond Limits Postglobal Mediations exhibition in San Diego, California.

As cultural promoter, Canonge just launched PERFORMAXIS a residency program for performance artists to foster collaboration and creative exchange among Latin American artists in various spaces in the region. Canonge was also the creator of ARTerial Performance Lab (APLAB), an initiative to foster experimentation in performance, started the project PERFORMEANDO, a program that focuses on featuring Hispanic performance artists living in the USA, and created the series NEXUSURNEXUS presented by the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, BIPAF. As curator, Canonge organized the monthly artists' program A-LAB Forum, directed the monthly independent film series CINEMAROSA, and created the annual Performance Art Festival, ITINERANT. His work has been reviewed by The New York Times, ART FORUM, New York Daily News, Manhattan Times, Hispanic Magazine; by major networks ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, UNIVISION, etc., and online by Art Experience NYC, NYRemezcla, Turbulence, ART CARDS Review and NYFA News.

More about the artist: www.hectorcanonge.net

email: hector@hectorcanonge.net



16. Heather Cassils, Lorraine O'Grady, Jeanine Oleson, FF Alumns, receive Creative Capital 2015 awards

Creative Capital: 2015 awardees
Pioneering artist support organization Creative Capital announces its 2015 awardees in the categories of Moving Image and Visual Arts, representing a total of 46 funded projects selected from a nationwide pool of more than 3,700 proposals. Drawing on venture-capital principles, Creative Capital seeks out artists' projects that are bold, innovative and genre-stretching, then surrounds those artists with the tools they need to realize their visions and build sustainable careers.

The 2015 Creative Capital Artists are an incredible group of creative thinkers, representing 50 artists at all stages of their careers with an age range of 28 to 80 years old. They hail from 13 states plus Puerto Rico and Canada; more than half are women, and more than half identify as non-European American. Each funded project receives up to 50,000 USD in direct funding, plus additional resources and advisory services valued at 45,000 USD, making the organization's total 2015 investment more than 4,370,000 USD.

"We believe it is so critical to sustain a commitment to invention and experimentation, to provocation and beauty," said Ruby Lerner, Founding President & Executive Director, Creative Capital. "This class of Creative Capital awardees does it all; these artists are engaged with the world, and the immediacy of their projects is breathtaking."

The 2015 Awardees in Moving Image are:
Michael Almereyda (New York)
Martha Colburn (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
Cherien Dabis (Los Angeles)
Christopher Harris (Oviedo, Florida)
Lauren Kelley (New York)
Maryam Keshavarz (Los Angeles)
Klip Collective (Josh James and Ricardo Rivera) (Philadelphia)
Andy Kropa (Brooklyn, New York)
Lily & Honglei (New Haven, Connecticut)
Shola Lynch (New York)
Jeff Malmberg and Chris Shellen (Los Angeles)
Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva (Mayer\Leyva) (Miami)
Lotfy Nathan (Los Angeles)
Pat O'Neill (Pasadena, California)
Carlo Ontal (Jersey City, New Jersey)
Lorelei Pepi (Vancouver)
Shawn Peters (Brooklyn, New York)
Jennifer Reeder (Hammond, Indiana)
Jon Rubin (Pittsburgh)
Ry Russo-Young (New York)
Lee Anne Schmitt (Altadena, California)
Dan Schneidkraut (Minneapolis)
Travis Wilkerson (Los Angeles)

The 2015 Awardees in Visual Arts are:
A.K. Burns (Brooklyn, New York)
Heather Cassils (Los Angeles)
Carolina Caycedo (Los Angeles)
Mike Crane (Brooklyn, New York)
Danielle Dean (Houston)
Abigail DeVille (Bronx, New York)
Maria Gaspar (Chicago)
Mariam Ghani (Brooklyn, New York)
Eric Gottesman (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Titus Kaphar (New Haven, Connecticut)
Jon Kessler (New York)
Narcissister (Brooklyn, New York)
Brittany Nelson (Richmond, Virginia)
Lorraine O'Grady (New York)
Jeanine Oleson (Brooklyn, New York)
Gala Porras-Kim (Los Angeles)
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Carrie Schneider (Brooklyn, New York)
Anna Sew Hoy (Los Angeles)
Amie Siegel (New York)
Katrin Sigurdardottir (New York)
Wu Tsang (Los Angeles)
Ivan Velez (Bronx, New York)

Read more about these artists, their projects and the selection process at creative-capital.org.

About Creative Capital
Creative Capital's pioneering approach-inspired by venture-capital principles-surrounds adventurous artists in all disciplines with the tools they need to realize their visions and build sustainable careers. Since 1999, Creative Capital's awards program has committed more than 35 million USD in financial and advisory support to 465 projects representing 579 artists, including Kyle Abraham, Janine Antoni, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Theaster Gates, Meredith Monk, Laura Poitras, Rebecca Solnit and The Yes Men. Creative Capital has reached nearly 10,000 additional artists in more than 400 communities through its career-development workshops and webinars.

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17. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, at Rock Shop, Brooklyn, Jan. 15


Long time, no see!

We at Fetzig are introducing our new drummer Oliver! Take a close look at the pimple-makeup flyer & you will see Oliver as a young lad!
(Not one, but two flyers, wow!!)

We are playing with a Hassidic-Jewish all-women band from Crown Heights....I'm not kidding. They go on first, at 8, and men are NOT ALLOWED in the audience. Again, I'm not kidding. You men will have to either dress up in drag (now I'm kidding) or be civilized & go drink a cocktail in anticipation of all the other great bands, who start at 9. We play at 9:45.

Come on out!!!

Rock Shop, 249 4th Avenue, Brooklyn NY
Thurs Jan 15
$8 online, $10 at the door, 21



18. Betty Tompkins, Christopher Wool, FF Alumns, at Almine Rech, Paris, France, opening Jan. 10

The Shell (Landscapes, Portraits & Shapes), a show by Eric Troncy

January 10 - February 14, 2015 / Paris
Opening on January 10th, 2015 / 6 - 8pm

Paintings by John M Armleder, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Joe Bradley, Bernard Buffet, Brian Calvin, John Currin, Daan van Golden, Charline von Heyl, David Hockney, Alex Israel, Alex Katz, Karen Kilimnik, Bertrand Lavier, Erik Lindman, John McAllister, David Ostrowski, Richard Phillips, Bridget Riley, Christian Rosa, Julian Schnabel, Alain Séchas, Josh Smith, Sturtevant, Betty Tompkins, Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Jonas Wood, Christopher Wool.
Sculpture by Katharina Fritsch.

Inspired by Peter Schjeldahl's quote that "Modern art history has ceased to represent a road traveled, and has come to seem an encircling panorama", this exhibition gathers paintings (landscapes, portraits, shapes) by nearly twenty international artists from different generations, from Bridget Riley to Christian Rosa. Their artistic commitment harks back to some various eras when choosing a discipline -visual arts - didn't carry the same promises or contingencies.

If Peter Schjeldahl drew this observation in the first article he published in The Village Voice on January 7, 1981, describing what seemed to him a new situation for art (a postmodernist use of history and the consequences of an economy that multiplies some fortunes), today it takes on an even more radical signification. The complex initiation journey that used to lead to a knowledge of art as well as the path made out of the ruptures traced by the avant-gardes seem to have given the way to a 360º panorama that offers an immediate and simultaneous access to the near totality of art production and its history. To the new generations, art from the last few decades may present itself as a tumblr, a panoramic view with uninhibited entertainment virtue s. This "view" reminds us of the then-popular 19th Century panoramas, these imposing rotunda-shaped buildings whose interior was painted with a continuous trompe-l'oeil retelling of a historical moment - many were built on the Montmartre Boulevard in Paris between 1799 and 1805.

"The Shell (Landscapes, Portraits & Shapes), a show by Eric Troncy" stages one possible current panorama. This exhibition opposes the permanence of a medium, painting, whose images traded all over the Internet on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, circulate profusely and instantly from now on, freed from any perspective, evaluation or analysis, to the fundamental differences that characterize art practice and its understanding over the last decades.

The paintings exhibited here traverse disparate styles and generations without any order or hierarchy -à la Google- but with this substantial difference: these are not mere images but paintings. Each speaks of a moment in this panorama, a memory from the road: the stripes Bridget Riley started to paint over and over all life long, Betty Tompkins' erotic paintings seized by French Customs when they were exhibited in Paris at the beginning of the 1970s (now made banal by the pornographic images of tumblr), Alex Katz's faces and flowers that have passed through eras, John Currin's figurative paintings that were met with fierce hostility 20 years ago, the paintings made on iPads by David Hockney whose work was always ahead of his time. Here they meet and form some connection with paintings made by much younger artists as well as artists form intermediate generations (Julian Schnabel's 1990s painting accidentally casting light on Joe Bradley's, Alex Katz 's portraits illuminating Brian Calvin's).

Whether they address a conception indexed on a history of art that would follow the shape of a road, or of a panorama, each one tells something about the history of painting -and taken all together as a whole, most certainly, something about today.

"From this ancient world we came back to one younger, as far as years go, than our own" (Virginia Woolf, Diary, January 18, 1918).

Eric Troncy

For any further information, please contact Camille Blumberg: camille@alminerech.com

F-75003 PARIS
T +33 (0)1 45 83 71 90
F +33 (0)1 45 70 91 30
T +32 (0)2 648 56 84
F +32 (0)2 648 44 84
T +44 (0)20 7287 3644




19. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, at KOW-Berlin, opening Jan. 9

Have A Crush (exhibition of collages/photographs)
January 10 - February 14, 2015
opening Friday, Jan 9, 6-9 pm

Have A Crush
Barbara Hammer has an international career as a pioneer of queer cinema, with an oeuvre of over 80 films. In recent years retrospectives at MoMA, Tate Modern and Jeu de Paume honored Barbara Hammer as an influential artist and feminist activist. Born in Hollywood in 1939, Hammer's practice evolved over decades and has time and again included performance, sculptural work, film installation and photography.
For the first time KOW will now show her previously unreleased works on paper: A selection of fifty collages, color drawings and painted photos, mostly made by the New York based artist in the early and mid Eighties. It is an unexpected discovery to study Hammers studio works, realized in parallel to her film projects,
expanding her practice and experimenting with the intimacy of her image material.
If her films are renown for their painterly characteristics, Hammer's works on paper share the same sensual and at times expressive qualities. Her desires and struggles as a lesbian are reflected in some of the works, while others comment on political events of the Reagan era. Private and public, the intimate and the political, are interwoven. Hammer challenges the distinctions and values that restrict the social space, the body, and love.



20. LAPD, FF Alumns, at USC, Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 15, and more

Contact: John Malpede
The Los Angeles Poverty Department will perform Red Beard, Red Beard at USC's McClintock Theater, January 15, 2015 and at HIGHWAYS Performance Space in Santa Monica, Friday January 23 and Saturday January 24, 2015, at 8:30PM, tickets $20. http://highwaysperformance.org/highways/ (The USC performance, part of the Visions and Voices campus wide events series, is sold out.)
Directed by John Malpede, the production is a duet for the Akira Kurosawa film Red Beard and live performers. The 1965 film's harsh depiction of the dynamics of extreme poverty resonates today in urban America. The film and the performance explore the question: How to reverse the cycle of hurt and victimization. "The film makes me think of Simone Weil," says Malpede, "who wrote a one-line history of the world when she said something like, 'when my migraines were raging, I wanted to punch someone else in the head --just to let them know how I was feeling.' In Red Beard Kurosawa envisions a dynamic in which degradation is transformed into something positive, rather than becoming frozen as bitterness." 20 LAPD performers will comprise two casts that will perform simultaneously for 2 intimate audiences.
The film is shown in Japanese without subtitles on a 32-inch television, and the players sit in on either side and perform the text "oratorio" style. Often they enact scenes in counterpoint to the film and at other points they perform as a chorus, and use gesture to foreshadow, refer back to and otherwise amplify emotionally significant moments.
Performed in Paris, France in 2008, "Red Beard, Red Beard" was nominated for the Prix du Souffleur and reviewed as "A beautiful mix of cinema and theatre, of life and acting, "Red Beard, Red Beard" is an artistic experience and a profound human adventure" - La Nouvelle Observateur, Paris.
Los Angeles Poverty Department is a theater company comprised primarily of low income, formerly homeless people living in those blocks of downtown Los Angeles known as Skid Row. LAPD creates work that connects lived experience of those who live in poverty to the political and social forces that shape their communities and lives. www.lapovertydept.org



21. Linda Sibio, FF Alumn, at Highways, Santa Monica, CA, Jan 17, and more

Bezerk Productions & Highways Performance Space Present
Melody of Chaos
An Evening of Free-Spirited & Psychologically Intense Art
By Schizophrenic Artist
Linda Carmella Sibio
In Santa Monica, CA
Saturday, January 17, 2015
Art Exhibit
Schizophrenic Brain Trust
January 17 - February 17, 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 12, 2014 - Bezerk Productions and Highways Performance Spacepresent Melody of Chaos, an evening of free-spirited and psychologically intense visual and performing art, on Saturday, January 17, 2015. The event features the work of Linda Carmella Sibio, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1977 and is known for her cathartic performance and visual art that explores madness and creativity. The evening will start with an original new performance piece by Sibio, "Human-Pig Hybrid." The work is a nonlinear exploration that juxtaposes cultural notions of "the pig" with mental illness. The night also features a performance by the Spontaneous Combustion Choir, conducted by O-Lan Jones. In addition to performing, the choir will also engage the audience in collaboratively creating spontaneous music. Jones is the award-winning composer and artistic director of Overtone Industries. Sibio will also launch a new mixed media art exhibition at the end of the event, Schizophrenic Brain Trust. Melody of Chaos starts at 8:30pm.

Sibio's art exhibit, Schizophrenic Brain Trust, features a 12-foot paper mâché brain sculpture and 26 meticulous pen and ink drawings, which tell the story of a dysfunctional yet uniquely beautiful brain. The exhibit will run through Tuesday, February 17, 2015. Jacobine van der Meer, aka The Brutal Poodle, will conduct a performative auction of the paper mâché brain at the opening night event. Bids for the brain sculpture will start at $500. Melody of Chaos and Sibio's ongoing art exhibit will be held at Highways Performance Space at the 18th Street Arts Center (1651 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404). Advancetickets are $20 ($15 for students, Highways members, and seniors). Reservations may also be made by calling 310-315-1459. Gallery hours are from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, Mondays through Fridays, and by appointment via 760-362-4071. Additional information is available at highwaysperformance.org/highways/event/linda-carmella-sibio-melody-of-chaos.

"Human-Pig Hybrid" -
Sibio's opening night performance piece explores what happens when a giant brain meets a human-pig hybrid. The new 30-minute original work is a metaphor for living in a chaotic and violent world, filled with contradictions and abuse. The nonlinear exploration juxtaposes cultural notions of "the pig" with mental illness (i.e., pigs are generally kept in filthy pens and are fat tened-up, only to be slaughtered in a brutal fashion.)

Spontaneous Combustion Choir -
Conducted by O-Lan Jones, the Spontaneous Combustion Choir creates instant improvised chorale music. The group's singing method builds harmonic chords, weaves melodies, and integrates rhythms, with singers who incorporate basic vowel sounds and no words; resulting in instant, cohesive, a cappella chorale music. The Spontaneous Combustion Choir singers include Patty Cornell, Jesse Einstein, Alan House,Matt McCray, Livia Reiner, Deon Sams, MJ Silva, Cesili Williams, Silvie Zamora, and Jabez Zuniga.Phil Ward is the percussionist. The Melody of Chaos performance is the first stop of the choir'sSpontaneous Combustion Choir World Tour of Los Angeles.

Schizophrenic Brain Trust -
Sibio's visual art exhibit, Schizophrenic Brain Trust, explores the beauty and drama of a dysfunctional brain. Her giant 12-foot paper mâché brain sculpture and intricate pen and ink drawings, which look a bit like etchings, portray the brain in various states, from contemplation to confrontation and confusion. In the work, the schizophrenic artist asks, "Is my brain damaged or just different?" The brain is a personal mystery, sometimes a friend, and sometimes the enemy.

Linda Carmella Sibio, Event Producer, Performer & Visual Artist -
Linda Carmella Sibio works in performance and visual art. She is very much interested in the fringe of society and how it affects culture as a whole. Her work addresses strong social themes such as homelessness, mental illness, suicide, mass murder, gangs, drug addiction, and prostitution. Sibio draws upon her formal training in the visual arts, theatre, and interdisciplinary art. Her performance pieces utilize film/video, music, installation, costumes, objects, kinetic elements, and text. Ultimately, in her performance work, she is interested in the raw power of human emotional contact.
From 1985 to 1996, Sibio taught the mentally disabled on the streets of Los Angeles as well as performed ten original interdisciplinary pieces that were extravagant and adventurous in their presentation. While in Los Angeles, she founded and worked with a group of mentally disabled people on Skid Row called "Operation Hammer." Sibio also co-founded the Los Angeles Poverty Department. In 1997, she relocated to the Joshua Tree community and created another performance group, with Bezerk Productions, called theCracked Eggs (2001-2008). While working with these organizations, over many years, she developed her philosophical ideas and, in 2010, started writing a related book, called Reflections in a Broken Mirror. Sibio's passion for using the symptoms of mental illness as a structure for works of art has become a personal obsession.

Sibio has received over 20 grants and awards including a Lannan Foundation Grant, the Wynn Newhouse Award, and a Rockefeller MAP Fund Award. Her work has been seen at Brussels Contemporary Art Fair, Walker Art Center, Franklin Furnace, VSAarts at the United Nations Headquarters, VSAarts at the Kennedy Center, Armory NYC, Highways Performance Space, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Track 16, REDCAT Studio, and Scope Los Angeles at the Standard Hotel. Sibio has received media coverage inArtweek, ArtNet, High Performance Magazine, Drama-Logue, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, LA Reader, LA Style, MinnPost, Clinical Psychiatry News, and Schizophrenia Bulletin. She is represented by Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York.

O-Lan Jones, Spontaneous Combustion Choir Conductor -
O-Lan Jones is an award-winning actor, sound designer, writer, and composer. She is the Artistic Director of Overtone Industries, a company that creates new mythological operas and theatricals. Most recently, the first phase of ICELAND, written in collaboration with Irish singer/songwriter Emmett Tinley, was featured in REDCAT's New Original Works Festival. Jones is most often recognized from her roles in Tim Burton's movies, as well as on Seinfeld and in Natural Born Killers.
Bezerk Productions -
The purpose of 501(c) 3 Bezerk Productions is to educate the public on the interdisciplinary art of persons with severe mental disabilities and to provide educational art opportunities for this disadvantaged and underserved population, as well as the general public.
Highways Performance Space -
Under the leadership of Artistic Director Leo Garcia, Highways Performance Space is Southern California's boldest center for new performance. Now in its 25th year, Highways continues to be an important alternative cultural center in Los Angeles that encourages fierce new artists from diverse communities to develop and present innovative works. Described by the Los Angeles Times as "a hub of experimental theater, dance, solo drama, and other multi-media performance," Highways promotes the development of contemporary socially involved artists and art forms.
Links -
Highways Performance Space - http://highwaysperformance.org
Melody of Chaos Event Page/Tickets - http://highwaysperformance.org/highways/event/linda-carmella-sibio-melody-of-chaos
Melody of Chaos Facebook Event Page - https://www.facebook.com/events/825931424111945
Linda Carmella Sibio Official Site - http://lindasibio.com
Linda Carmella Sibio on Facebook (Personal Page) - https://www.facebook.com/linda.sibio.9
Bezerk Productions on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bezerk-Productions/122935741126960
Overtone Industries/Spontaneous Combustion Choir - http://www.overtoneindustries.org/spontaneous_combustion_choir
Spontaneous Combustion Choir on SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/overtoneind/sets/spontaneous-combustion-choir

For additional information, images and interviews, please contact Lynn Tejada at 213-840-1201 orlynn@greengalactic.com.



22. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, now online at

The Bronx 200 site is a dynamic, online platform that showcases a curated selection of artwork by two hundred artists identified with The Bronx. Artists were invited to participate by curators and art professionals working in the borough. The curators were asked to recommend artists whose work represents the rich and diverse range of creative production here. The primary goal of The BX200 website is to connect the borough's artists and art organizations to curators, collectors, art enthusiasts, businesses and other artists worldwide.




23. Denise Green, FF Alumn, at Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Manhattan, thru Feb 21

Denise Green: paintings, drawings, photographs
Sundaram Tagore Gallery
547 West 27th Street
New York NY 10021
T 212 677 4520
Opening: Thursday, January 8, 6 - 8 pm. In this exhibition Denise Green shows nine new mixed media works combining, photographs and drawings as well as eight paintings.

This new body of work marks a dramatic shift in Green's practice by incorporating photography and drawings for the first time. Included are five seven-foot high photographs and drawings. The scale of the drawings is directly related to the scale of the photographs and while composed side-by-side, the drawings are not a response to the photographs-in fact, most were produced without the photographic image in mind.

Some of the photographs are appropriated and digitally manipulated from their original source, while others were created per the artist's specific instruction, but each has an important meaning to Green. The drawings emerge from a different state of mind than the photographs, yet together the two components visually animate one another while neither is dominant.

This exhibition is accompanied by a printed and digital catalog:




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