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Contents for July 22, 2013

1. Arlene Rush, FF Member, at West Chelsea Arts Building, Manhattan, July 25

THURSDAY, JULY 25th, 5 - 8 PM
West Chelsea Arts Building
508/526 West 26 Street room 302
New York, NY 10001

arushnyc@gmail.com, www.arlenerush.com, www.flickr.com/photos/34981315@N03/sets/



2. Katya Grokhovsky, FF Alumn, at Galerie Protégé, Manhattan, opening Sept. 5

"Katya Grokhovsky's voluptuous sculptures are seedlings of feminine corporeal performances; a relentless search for a sense of place as she plants her feet in two worlds." -Dana Harrison, Big Deal Arts

Katya Grokhovsky's "Bodybeautiful", curated by Peter Gynd, to open September 5, 2013 at Galerie Protégé

Big Deal artist Katya Grokhovksy will present a survey of sculpture, video, drawings, and live performances during her upcoming solo exhibition "Bodybeautiful" at Galerie Protégé in Chelsea. Utilizing the body as a tool, Grokhovsky invests her medium with meanings and points of reference relating to perceived women's roles, personal relationships and the displaced migrant body.

The title, culled from the beauty pages of women's fashion magazines, relates to the artist's use of her own body as a medium and to her critique on the representation and relentless sexualization of the feminine. Often striving in her practice to define her own sense of belonging within a culture, the work straddles a space between the general (the universal) and the specific (the personal), embedded as a form of sensory memory and engaged through the cultural constructs of gender in various mediums. The work in "Bodybeautiful" serves just as much in highlighting the artists' own narrative within a specific body as it seeks to deconstruct the prescribed role of female body perception in general, and the quest to clarify ones own role within it.

For more information on "Bodybeautiful", visit http://galerieprotege.com/ or contact Robert Dimin at info@galerieprotege.com.



3. Sonya Rapoport, FF Alum, at the Fresno Art Museum, CA, through December

Sonya Rapoport's interactive pairing exhibition,"ImPossible Conversations?", updates her 1960's Pattern Paintings with a concept structured by the Economics 2012 Nobel Prize in Matching Theory. Here are the links to the reviews in response to the show.





4. Gretchen Faust, FF Alumn, at greengrassi, London, UK, opening Sept. 3

I am having an exhibition at greengrassi in London opening on the 3rd September and running for 5 weeks. The address is : greengrassi 1a Kempsford Road London SE11 4NU tel: 02078409101 www.greengrassi.com

Thank you.
Gretchen Faust, FF Alumn



5. China Blue, FF Alumn, at CR10, Linlithgo, NY, thru Sept. 15

China Blue in
Heavy Equipment
Curated by Francine Hunter McGivern
July 13-September 15, 2013
283 County Route 10
Linlithgo, NY

China Blue



6. Diane Torr, Julie Harrison, Alan Moore, Sandra Britton, Peter Cramer & Jack Waters, Bradley Eros & Aline Mare, Matthew Geller, Ilona Granet, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Joseph Nechvatal, Willoughby and Pamela Seymour Smith Sharp, FF Alumns, at The New Museum, Manhattan, thru September 8

Dear Friends,

There's a cool exhibition I'm part of entitled "XFR STN," which is now open at the New Museum http://www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/view/xfr-stn and will run through September, with discussions and related events. Spearheaded by Alan W. Moore, FF Alumn, and the MWF Club distribution initiative that he founded. The press release follows below.

Two of my videotapes screened there include: "Lasting Impressions," 1981, https://vimeo.com/20573990, in collaboration with Robert Kleyn; and "The Birthday Show" (Potato Wolf series), 1982.

Happy Summer!
Julie Harrison

New Museum Presents "XFR STN" (Transfer Station)
Addressing the Need for Media Migration Services to Preserve Creative Production
Exhibition/Lab to Provide Public with Transferring Service for Artist-Originated Content
TEL +1 212.219.1222
FAX +1 212.431.5326
Gabriel Einsohn, Communications Director
212.219.1222 x209
Andrea Schwan, Andrea Schwan Inc.

New York, NY... This July, the New Museum will dedicate the Karpidas Education Center gallery to"XFR STN" (Transfer Station), an artist-originated media archiving project and exhibition. A series of panel discussions, screenings, and gallery presentations will accompany the project. "XFR STN" is a fully functioning lab with three transfer stations (two dedicated to moving image formats and one to born-digital materials). The project addresses the wider need for access to media capture and migration services for the artist community as a means to preserve artworks stored in aging and obsolete audiovisual and digital formats. Technicians trained in digital preservation will work during the Museum's public hours to digitize materials from three distinct repositories: MWF Video Club's collection, which comprises some sixty boxes of diverse moving image materials currently housed in a storage unit in Staten Island; the New Museum's own rich archive, which includes documentation of historic public programs and performances; and the newly assembled collection of transferred materials by participating artists drawn from the general public. For this latter category, "XFR STN" has an online submission site. After obtaining an appointment, artists are paired with technicians, who work with them to produce the best possible digital assets from their original materials. Transfer services are free for artists; visitation to the exhibition is included in the price of admission. "XFR STN" will open on the Fifth Floor on July 17 and will run through September 8, 2013.

"XFR STN" initially arose from the need to preserve the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club distribution project. MWF was a co-op "store" of the artists' group Colab (Collaborative Projects, Inc.), directed by Alan W. Moore and Michael Carter from 1986-2000, which showed and sold artists' and independent films and videos on VHS at consumer prices. For many artists, the cost of digitization and recovery of this obsolete media is prohibitive. Museums and other art institutions are also faced with tough choices around preservation: which artworks to prioritize, and even more urgent, perhaps, how to ensure that works by less- or not-known artists don't continue to disappear with the format that they live on.

"'XFR STN' is emblematic of the kind of risk-taking, limit-pushing projects that the New Museum has supported since its founding in 1977. It enables a unique invitation to artists and, in particular, to the immediate community of artists who live or have lived near the Bowery," said Lisa Phillips, Toby Devan Lewis Director. "To this end, it is pertinent that many of the figures whose work will be digitized and shown via MWF's engagement will also be found in the Bowery Artist Tribute, a series of ongoing interviews that have been collected by the Museum since it relocated to its present site." Consistent with the dictum "distribution is preservation," the project argues for circulation as a mode of conservation. "XFR STN" will serve as a collection and dissemination point for artist-produced content, as well as acting as a hub for information about these past projects (including production materials and personal recollections). The project is both a pragmatic public service and an activity as metaphor: an opportunity to present a media production process in continuous dynamic transformation.

"XFR STN" is a project by Alan W. Moore with Taylor Moore, Alexis Bhagat, and the artists of Colab (Collaborative Projects, Inc.), supported by the Solo Foundation. It is organized by Johanna Burton, Keith Haring Director and Curator of Education and Public Engagement, with Ben Fino-Radin, Digital Conservator, Rhizome; Tara Hart, Digital Archivist, New Museum; and Jen Song, Associate Director of Education, New Museum.

In keeping with the democratic spirit of the MWF Video Club, "XFR STN" will be open to any artist-originated moving image or born-digital materials whose formats have become obsolete. The exhibition/lab will operate publically, informally exhibiting the material that is transferred, as well as rendering it available online through archive.org, a nonprofit institution whose mission includes of fering "free and open access to all the world's knowledge" and to provide permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to cultural heritage collections. As part of "XFR STN," selections from the digitized content posted on the Internet Archive will be informally screened in the exhibition galleries. The exhibition/lab is accessible to visitors with standard admission fee. Transfers take place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Artists are invited to submit online requests, limited to one moving image appointment and one born- digital appointment per artist. Appointments last three hours and include orientation, analysis of materials for transfer, and transfer time. All appointments are facilitated by trained preservation technicians, many of whom attend the NYU's Moving Image Archiving & Preservation Program and have received special training. Artists are expected to assist technicians and remain in the exhibition for the duration of the appointment. These three-hour appointments will be utilized not only for the process of recovery and analysis, but also as an opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the artist so that information about the materials may be documented. For guidelines, details about accepted formats, or to register for transfer, visit xfrstn.newmuseum.org. To view newly archived material from this project, visit archive.org.

PUBLICATION "XFR STN" is accompanied by a publication with an introduction by Johanna Burton, Keith Haring Director and Curator of Education and Public Engagement, Ben Fino-Radin, Digital Conservator, Rhizome, Tara Hart, Digital Archivist, and Jen Song, Associate Director of Education, as well as essays by Alan W. Moore (with editorial assistance by Michael Carter) and Walter Forsberg. The newspaper-like publication also includes artists' texts by Liza Béar, Andrea Callard & Coleen Fitzgibbon, Michael Carter, Mitch Corber, Philip Sanders & Joanna Dawe, Mary McFerran, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, llona Granet, Sherry Miller Hocking, Terry Mohre, Joseph Nechvatal, Benjamin Olin, Pam Payne, Cara Perlman, Walter Robinson, Franz Vila, Nick Zedd, and Neil Zusman.

7/18 | 6 PM | New Museum Theater
Moving Image Artists': Distribution Then & Now
An assembly of participants from the MWF Video Club and Colab TV projects includes opening remarks from Alan W. Moore, Andrea Callard, Michael Carter, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Nick Zedd, and members of the New Museum's "XFR STN" team. Followed by an open discussion with the audience, facilitated by Alexis Bhagat.

9/7 | 1 PM | New Museum Theater
Always Already Obsolete: Media Convergence, Access, and Preservation
Beyond media specificity, what happens after videotape has been absorbed into a new medium-and what are the implications of these continuing shifts in format for how we understand access and preservation? This panel considers forms of preservation that have emerged across analog, digital, and networked platforms in conjunction with new forms of circulation and distribution. Participants will include Joanna Phillips, Associate Conservator of Contemporary Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and
Maurice Schechter, Chief Engineer, DuArt Restoration, and others. Moderated by Walter Forsberg, Audio-Visual Conservator of "XFR STN."

9/7 | 3 PM | New Museum Theater
Born Digital: Conservation in the Computer Age
This panel brings together artists and leading figures in the digital preservation field for a discussion on the theory and practice of preserving the fragile cultural artifacts and artworks of the computer age. Participants will include digital humanities scholar Matthew Kirschenbaum and Lori Emerson, and computer art pioneer Lillian Schwartz. Organized by Rhizome, a New Museum affiliate, and moderated by Ben Fino-Radin, Digital Conservator, Rhizome.

7/19 | 3 PM | Fifth Floor Classroom
Willoughby Sharp and the MWF Video Club
Pamela Seymour Smith Sharp screens a sampling of "The Willoughby Sharp Show," a public access program produced by Willoughby Sharp and Susan Britton, which ran on Manhattan Neighborhood Network in 1985 and 1986, and clips from The Videobook. She discusses Sharp's work with Alan W.
Moore and Michael Carter of the MWF Video Club.

7/19 | 7 PM | New Museum Theater
Films of Nick Zedd
Nick Zedd's commitment to DIY artists' film distribution helped sustain the MWF Video Club project. He will present and speak about his film work with Michael Carter of MWF.
The program will include:
The Bogus Man
(11 min);
Thrust In Me
(8 min);
Police State
(18 min);
War Is Menstrual Envy
(excerpt; 9 min);
Why Do You Exist
(11 min);
Ecstasy In Entropy
(15 min); and
Tom Thumb
(3 min).

7/25 | 7 PM | Fifth Floor
Liza Béar & Milly Iatrou, Communications Update
The weekly artist public access Communications Update, later renamed Cast Iron TV, ran continuously on Manhattan Cable's Channel D from 1979 to 1991. Filmmakers Liza Béar and Milly Iatrou present individual segments cablecast in the Communications Update 1982 series: "The Very Reverend Deacon b. Peachy," "A Matter of Facts," "Crime Tales," "Lighter Than Air," and "Oued Nefifik: A Foreign Movie."

8/1 | 7-8 PM | Fifth Floor
Mitch Corber, the Original Wonder
Mitch Corber has dedicated his career to production for NYC public access cable TV, working closely with Colab TV and the MWF Video Club. Corber will present a selection of early work, as well as videos from his long-running program Poetry Thin Air.

8/8 | 7 PM | New Museum Theater
Clayton Patterson: From the Underground and Below
Short documentaries on art, performance, and popular struggle in the Lower East Side by Clayton Patterson and compiled by Elsa Rensaa, including an excerpt of Patterson's video of the 1988 Tompkins Square Park riot. Followed by a discussion with Clayton Patterson.

8/15 | 7 PM | Fifth Floor
Michael Carter, Rivington Scene
The MWF Video Club codirector will present a selection of videos from the Rivington Scene, a collection of artists and poets associated with the sculpture garden built on squatted vacant lots, and the adjacent galleries on Rivington Street-No Se No, Nada, Fusion Arts, and others.

8/22 | 7 PM | Fifth Floor
MoRUS & the Lower East Side Squatting Movement
Bill Di Paola and collective members from the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces (MoRUS) will present selected videos and images from the squatting movement in the Lower East Side, including important period documentaries by Rik Little and Franck Goldberg from MWF Video Club.

8/29 | 7 PM | Fifth Floor
Naked Eye Cinema Night
Members of the Naked Eye Cinema group will present a selection of their films from the MWF Video Club collection, including Corrective Measures (Peter Cramer, 1986), Nocturnes (Peter Cramer & Leslie Lowe,1987), Brains by Revlon (Jack Waters, 1986), and Hystery (Bradley Eros & Aline Mare, 1985).

9/5 | 7 PM | New Museum Theater
Coleen Fitzgibbon & Andrea Callard, Colab TV
New Museum Theater
Colab members Andrea Callard and Coleen Fitzgibbon will share clips from Potato Wolf, All Color News, and Red Curtain, as well as offer their perspective on what social television-making had to say at the time, why it is important to look at it again, and especially how women artists created media during the late '70s and early '80s.

Generous endowment support is provided by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Skadden, Arps Education Programs Fund, and the William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fund for Education Programs at the New Museum. Education and public programs are made possible by a generous grant from Goldman Sachs Gives at the recommendation of David B. Heller & Hermine Riegerl Heller
The New Museum is the only museum in New York City exclusively devoted to contemporary art. Founded in 1977, the New Museum is a center for exhibitions, information, and documentation about living artists from around the world. From its beginnings as a one-room office on Hudson Street to the inauguration of its first freestanding building on the Bowery designed by SANAA in 2007, the New
Museum continues to be a place of experimentation and a hub of new art and new ideas.



7. Ruth Hardinger, FF Alumn, in Catskill, NY, thru Sept. 20

In Catskill NY, there are 18 storefront windows that will hold installations of art through September 20, 2013

If you are around, please stop by

best regards,


Carolyn Marks Blackwood, Tim Davis, Sandy Gellis, Joel Griffith, Ruth Hardinger, Kysa Johnson, David La Spina, Alex McKay, Nadja Verena Marcin, Alan Michelson, Jason Middlebrook, Ben Ruggiero, Lisa Sanditz, Anne Katrin Spiess, Lauren Sansaricq, Susan Wides and Linda Weintraub.

On view, 24/7 in the 300 and 400 blocks of Catskill's Main Street.

pick up map at the
GCCA Catskill Gallery
398 Main Street
Catskill NY

Rain or shine. You might want to bring an umbrella. Please check the weather for Catskill.




8. Brad Buckley, FF Alumn, now online

Dear Comrades - here is the link to a short video of my recent work at the ACP



Brad Buckley
Professor of Contemporary Art and Culture
Sydney College of the Arts
Rm F14, Building 6 | Locked Bag 15 | Rozelle | NSW | 2039
T +61 2 9351 1061 | F +61 2 9351 1199
E brad.buckley@sydney.edu.au| <mailto:brad.buckley@sydney.edu.au>
W http://sydney.edu.au/sca
W http://www.bradbuckley.com
W http://www.olt.gov.au/resources?text=Creative+Arts+PhD
W http://www.usyd.edu.au/sca/profiles/Brad_Buckley.shtml
W http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brad_Buckley



9. Karen Shaw, FF Alumn, at Katonah Museum of Art, NY, July 27

On Saturday July 27, at 1 PM Karen Shaw is invited to speak about her work in the exhibition Remix, selections from the collection of the International Collage Center
at the Katonah Museum of Art. 134 Jay Street, Katonah, New York. The exhibition was curated by Pavel Zoubok and Rachel Lawe who will also speak on the day.
Karen Shaw



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