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Contents for July 01, 2013

1. Xandra Ibarra, FF Fund receipient 2012-13, at The Wild Project Theater, Manhattan, July 14

Xandra Ibarra aka La Chica Boom
F*CK MY LIFE (FML): A Cucaracha Sola Show

Sunday, July 14, 2013, 9:00pm
Wild Project 195 E. 3rd Street, New York, NY

In an era rife with rampant Mexiphobia, a foul-mouthed cockroach maps the journey of a queer burlesque performer named La Chica Boom. After 10 years of performing Spic-tacles on and off stage, La Chica Boom is forced to interrogate her method for insurrection. Inspired by the original Mexican spitfire Lupe Velez who purportedly died with her head in the toilet, Chica spends night after night pacing her bathroom floor and staring into the porcelain bowl.

This performance will be presented as part of Wild Project's Fresh Fruit Festival.

Tickets are $18 and available at: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe/9799338 or call 212.352.3101

Xandra Ibarra is an Oakland based performance artist, lecturer and ecdysiast from the El Paso/Juarez border. Ibarra and her burlesque persona, La Chica Boom, have been featured in venues such as Museo Tamayo (Mexico), Joe's Pub (NYC), The Yerba Buena Arts Museum (SF), The Burlesque Hall of Fame (LV), The Vancouver Queer Film Festival (CA), and The National Queer Arts Festival (SF) to name a few. Recent residencies include Guillermo Gomez-Pena's Performance Art Intensive, CounterPULSE and Atlantic Center for the Arts as curated by Coco Fusco. Her work has been profiled by In Dance Journal, GLQ, SF Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, Telemundo, Seattle Gay News, Art Practical, and Curve Magazine. www.lachicaboom.com

This is a parallel program of the exhibition "Skin Trade" on view now thru July 26, 2013 at PPOW Gallery in Manhattan. http://www.ppowgallery.com/exhibition/1616/press



2. Rob Andrews, Ron Athey, Hector Canonge, Peter Dobill, Sherman Fleming, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Katya Grokhovsky, Halona Hilbertz, Miao Jiaxin, Marie Christine Katz, Marni Kotak, Rafael Sanchez, Martha Wilson, FF Alumns, in Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, July 4-28

EVERY DAY, JULY 4-28, 2013

www.bipaf.net and Facebook list full schedule and descriptions, artist bios, and more.

Thursday, July 4th: BIPAF Independance Day Opening Party!
6pm-10pm @ JACK
What is more patriotic than performance art? The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festial kicks off with words from the former first lady of the United States of America Barbara Bush about her son's painting career, and the current first lady of the performance art community on self-organization.
Featuring Martha Wilson. Emcee: Ike Ufomadu. With additional performances by Ryan Eggensperger and Dhira Rauch.
$5 suggested donation. Beer and wine available for purchase. Bring your own grill items!

Friday the 5th:
1pm-3pm @ Beginning at the JMZ Marcy Station
Untranslatable Words Brooklyn, NY
Interactive action in public space by Dovrat Meron.

4pm-6pm @ Glasshouse
Soup with the festival organizers and roundtable/ organizational reflection

4pm-8pm @ CAVE
MACHINE Open Installation Hours
7pm-8pm @ CAVE
Evaporation Study #1
Performance inside Collectif Experiencia's MACHINE

9pm-1am @Grace Exhibition Space
Climate Change: La Pocha Nostra
"CORPO INSURRECTO (From the series Psycho-Magic Actions For A World Gone Wrong)" "What do you get when you sample from the following performance personas: A Brazilian faceless she/bull, an aging
deviant shaman, a neo-Aztec priest making tableaux vivants with a goat, a Mexican Bhutto/vato mariachi, a flamenco drag king and an Oil Spill Madonna?" The most recent work of La Pocha Nostra, considered by critics to be "the most influential Latino performance art troupe of the last 10 years." Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Roberto Sifuentes, Erica Mott. $20 donation (image right La Pocha Nostra)

Saturday the 6th:
1pm-5pm @ Glasshouse
GALLERY HOURS: Framing BIPAF Exhibition

2pm-2am @ Goodbye Blue Monday
The Super Coda
Felix Morelo (NYC) Autumn Hays(Chicago), Adult Content (Philadelphia), Lee Todd Lacks (Maine), Geraldo Mercado (NYC), Pendulum Swings (NYC), Miao Jiaxin (NYC), Theodore Robinson (NYC), The Georges (NYC), Anaze Izqueirdo (Peru), Adrienne Anemone (NYC), Katelyn Hales (NYC) Charmaine's Names (Philadelphia), WILD TORUS (NYC), Sneaky Mister (NYC).

4pm-8pm @ CAVE
MACHINE Open Installation Hours

Sunday the 7th:
10am-2pm @ Beginning at the JMZ Marcy Station
Untranslatable Words Brooklyn, NY
Interactive action in public space by Dovrat Meron

12pm-4pm @ CAVE
MACHINE Open Installation Hours

2pm-8:30pm @ Panoply Performance Laboratory
Untitled Singular Act - New York, 2013
Dolanbay (Berlin/Istanbul) examines the conditions of the singularity as opposing and repetitive. Afterwards the artist and Grüntaler9 curator Teena Lange discuss Dolanbay's practice and image-making vs. action.

9pm-12am @ Grace Exhibition Space
Kathinka Walter (UK), Zen-go (Megumi Kamimura, Shinichi Takashima) (Japan).The Post-Dance curatorial platform presents its international artists in a split bill. Kathinka Walter of the UK shows a new work developed from her investigations of the "visible choreographer," and The Japanese duo Zen-go push the body to the limits of its articulation. $20 suggested.

Monday the 8th:
How public are these public spaces? With Dovrat Meron.Whether it is parks, plazas, or fountains, there are more than 500 Privately-Owned Public Spaces, (POPS) in New York City. We will observe and investigate chosen places/spaces/locations in Brooklyn, discuss their roles and propose different practical working methods and forms of interactions to develop site-related performance, actions and interventions there. We will try to draw attention to those POPS and figure out how public, public spaces really are? Participants are encouraged to develop their own concepts, performance, action or intervention in one or more public spaces in Brooklyn. We will announce our location for July 12 on Facebook for the public culmination. Workshop fee: $50 for the week /$10 for one day. Info & registration: dovratmeron@gmail.com (Please write in the subject: WORKSHOP BIPAF)

6pm-11pm @ Panoply Performance Laboratory
Through the Magnifying Glass
Detail-oriented performances by Kaia Gilje, Paige Fredlund, Benjamin Lundberg, Sam Roeck, Ryan Krause, and others.

Tuesday the 9th:
4pm-8pm @Glasshouse
Framing BIPAF Exhibition: HOMEBASE
4pm-5pm performance by Sarah Butler
5pm-6pm Glasshouse: Neo-Domesticities. Artists spaces, studios, and homemakers roundtable and soup with Glasshouse founders Lital Dotan and Eyal Perry, Brooklyn Spaces founder Oriana Berg, artist Marni Kotak, and others.
6:15-7pm performance by Marni Kotak
7pm-8pm Sarah Hill and Hayley Morgenstern, Hysterical Fits

8pm-10pm @ The Silent Barn
Theoretical Headbangers, Beautiful Dreamers
Performance Heart Collective. Eight performers working in diverse styles and methods come together for a night of live art that is loud, beautiful, confrontational, personal, and maybe rock and roll enough that you could headbang to it (theoretically). Sherry Aliberti, Sindy Butz, Tré Chandler, Rush Aaron Hicks, Jenna Kline, Geraldo Mercado, Courtney Leigh Novak, Matthew Silver.

Wednesday the 10th:
2pm-2am @ Goodbye Blue Monday
The Super Coda
Performance music + durational and short-form performance art: Kalan Sherrard (NYC), Jonathan Wood Vincent (NYC), Sean Noonan Boxing Dreams with... (NYC), Mr.Transyvania (NYC/Boston), Mariana Luna (NYC/Montreal), Baxton Alexander (NYC), Tess Miller (Detroit), Andrew Drury/Dan Peck (NYC), Dr. Lisa Levy (NYC), Anya Liftig (NYC), Dennis Sullivan (NYC), Matti Havens (NYC), Virgina Warwick (Baltimore), Macklen Mayse (NYC) Coralee Lyn Rose (NYC)

Thursday the 11th:
2pm-4pm @ Space TBA
No Wave Performance Task Force Public Meeting: THE FEMINISM

7pm @ Myrtle-Broadway JMZ station
Molly Schaffner and Nick Cregor, Something Other Than Waiting, Coming, or Going

8pm-10pm @ The Woods
No Wave Performance Task Force Debate, Round II: Labor
Organized/Structured by Lindsey Drury

Friday the 12th:
10am-2pm Public Space TBA on Facebook
Dovrat Meron's How public, public spaces really are? Workshop working process exposed. The participants will choose the location, watch for the announcement on: facebook/BrooklynInternationalPerformanceArtFestival

6pm-8pm @ Glasshouse
A performative roundtable in which performance art history questions are documented and past performances are reminisced and seanced.

9pm-1am @Grace Exhibition Space
Climate Change: Language Action Poetry Facilitators - From Asia With Love. Tonight we present artists from the other side of our globe, with differing perspectives, but cohesive in their understanding. These artists are rarely seen in NYC and it is with great esteem that we present their work. Gim Gwang Cheol (SKorea), Arai Shin-Ichi (Japan]) Yuenjie Maru (Hong Kong), W. Christiawan and Mimi Fadmi (Indonesia), Miao Jiaxin (Shanghai) $20 donation

Saturday the 13th:

1pm @ The Woods meet Rafael Sanchez for a travelling performance to Glasshouse.
1-4pm @ Glasshouse Ryan Hawk durational performance in the gallery
4pm-5pm @ Glasshouse Rafael Sanchez arrives at 4pm and sets up shop

8pm-12am @ JACK
The Georges (NYC), Sabotanic Garden (Finland), Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (NYC) with Post-Dance-curated artists Antibody Corporation [Adam Rose,José Hernandez, Andrew Braddock] (Chicago) $10 door.

Sunday the 14th:
10am-2pm @ Beginning at the JMZ Marcy Station
Untranslatable Words Brooklyn, NY
Interactive action in public space by Dovrat Meron

2pm-6pm @ The Invisible Dog Art Center
The Brooklyn Commune Bastille Day ShareBQ
In 1839 the French Socialist Louis Blanc coined the phrase "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." The Brooklyn Commune celebrates Bastille Day and the values of community, reciprocity & generosity with the first-ever Bastille Day ShareBQ. What is your ability, what is your need? Bring a skill, a song, a dance some food, drink or dessert. Kick some knowledge to the crowd or just donate some capital to the cause. But bring yourself and your friends to The Brooklyn Commune at The Invisible Dog, because change starts with you.

6pm-1am @ Gowanus Ballroom
Collective Spectacle
18 performance artists perform, sometimes simultaneously, in the massive ballroom and surrounding outdoor spaces by the Gowanus Canal. Rob Andrews, Sherry Aliberti/CocoonNYC, Dhira Rauch,Whitney V. Hunter, Caridad Sola, Miao Jiaxin and Heeran Lee, Geraldo Mercado, Courtney Leigh Novak, Ivy Castellanos, Maria Hupfield, Katya Grokhovsky, Hilary Sand, Sylva Dean, Sophia Cleary, Felix Morelo, Genevieve White, Matthew Silver, Hiroshi Shafer. Initially curated by Matthew Silver. $10 door.

Monday the 15th:
2pm-6pm @ Goodbye Blue Monday
Artists explore the infamous 10 minutes-per-artist format: Halona Hilbertz, David Moscovich, Alex Berry, Raquel du Toit, Louis King, Carisa Bledsoe, Karla Stingerstein, Katya Grokhovsky, Jenna Kline, David LaGaccia, Kirstin Mitchell, Erik Hokanson, Rae Goodwin and Thomas Albrecht, Lorelei Ramirez, Amy Finkbeiner, Benjamin Lundberg, and others.

6pm-2am @ Goodbye Blue Monday
The Super Coda
Alejandro Acierto (Chicago), Marie Christine Katz (Switzerland) with Robert James Anderson and Ruth Pfaneuf, Scott Hawkins (UK), Elinor Thompson (NYC), Ryan Krause (NYC), Hiroshi Shafer (NYC), Thomas Bell (Detroit), Jill Burton (Gainsville, FL), Christen Clifford (NYC), Upholstery (Philadelphia), Ivy Castellanos (NYC), Animal Tropical (NYC, Miami), Ross Moreno (NYC),
Sylva Dean & Me (NYC).

Tuesday the 16th:
6:30-8pm @ Glasshouse
Thinking of You (Tragedy Continues!): Episode 1 Rirkrit Tiravanija Untitled (Free/Still)
Kikuko Tanaka. An interpretive reenactment.

7pm-11:00pm @ Glasshouse
How are artists categorized via identity? How does the poltiical operation of performance art relate with the artist's identity and how are identifications made for political and institutional reasons? What effects do identifications have on the audiences experiencing the work and on the artists themselves? Jolie Pichardo, Anna Kalwajtys and Karolina Kubik, Jon Konkol, Hoesy Corona. Each artist performs, brief group talkback afterwards.

Wednesday the 17th:
4pm-7pm @ The Woods
"You Nakai" by drearysomebody
"Someone, let's say, a baby, is born; his parents call him by a certain name. They talk about him to their friends. Other people meet him. Through various sorts of talk the name is spread from link to link as if by a chain. A speaker who is on the far end of this chain, who has heard about, say Richard Feynman, in the marketplace or elsewhere, may be referring to Richard Feynman even though he can't remember from whom he first heard of Feynman or from whom he ever heard of Feynman. He knows that Feynman is a famous physicist. A certain passage of communication reaching ultimately to the man himself does reach the speaker. He then is referring to Feynman even though he can't identify him uniquely. (...) a chain of communication going back to Feynman himself has been established, by virtue of his membership in a community which passed the name on from link to link, not by a ceremony that he makes in private in his study: 'By 'Feynman' I shall mean the man who did such and such...'"

8pm-10pm @ JACK
Enter & Exit: Family Values
Ayesha Ngaujah. $10 door

10pm-12am @ The Silent Barn
It Self-Destructs at Midnight
Experimental multimedia installations, performance art, sound art, musicians and thevisitor create this one-night-only Happening. The Cocoon Project collaborates with eight video artists from around the world and Brooklyn to loosely choreograph and perform the Cocoon with their projected videos. Performance artists create new pieces touching on destructive beauty and the Sublime. During the night, seamless, entropic energy builds into a massive, devastatingly beautiful final collaborative piece created by All the Artists. Greater than the sum of our parts, we are so beautiful it hurts. Like looking at the sun. Like spontaneously combusting. Interdisciplinary collaborative performance pieces involve CocoonNYC with video projections and/or soundscapes by Rob Cerrato, Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler, Jonathan Phelps, WashMachine, Geraldo Mercado, Hiroshi Shafer, Jennifer Nieves, WILD TORUS. Performances by Valerie Kuehne, Sickles, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Sindy Butz, Jon Konkol, Felix Morelo, Courtney Leigh Novak, Matthew Silver, Lorraine D. Glover, Sylva Dean & Me, Myk Henry, Da-Yeon Kim, and Shir Lieberman. Organized by Sherry Aliberti, Mila Matveeva, Theresa Buchheister.

Thursday the 18th:
6pm-8pm @ Glasshouse
Body Art: A Long Table Discussion
Body-based performance art, or Body Art, often uses the performer's own flesh as a site for dealing with agency, human rights, identity, and human being itself. As a current of performance art running throughout the Americas as developed by artists such as Artur Barrio, Ana Mendieta, Rocío Boliver/La Congelada de Uva, and Ron Athey (the latter two joining us for this Long Table) and many others, We ask, how do these relations-often threatening, testing, and fetishizing the body's material flesh-also threaten power paradigms or enable other transformations? How do artists find their own lives transformed by their practices? What tales do their scars tell, and why? Join us for this special discussion in the format of a Long Table-a performance format conceived by Lois Weaver that experiments with participation and public engagement by reappropriating a dinner table atmosphere as a public forum, and encouraging informal conversations on serious topics. This event is co-sponsored by the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival and the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. hemisphericinstitute.org

8pm-11pm @ IV Soldiers
No Wave Performance Task Force: Feminist ReVolution #2
Chloë Bass, Ivy Castellanos, Christen Clifford, Lindsey Drury, Kaia Gilje, Valerie Kuehne, Esther Neff, Courtney Leigh Novak. Curated/structured by Ivy Castellanos.

Friday the 19th:
4pm-8:30pm@ Glasshouse
Archiving the Now
A 4.5-hour research office open to the public, with research/performances by Mari Novotny-Jones, Teena Lange, Lital Dotan, Anya Liftig, Dave Ruder, Nicole Brydson, Chloë Bass, and others.

9pm-1am @ Grace Exhibition Space
Incorruptible Flesh: "Messianic Remains" (Ron Athey) and Time Goes by
and I Cannot Forget you: "Between Menopause and Old Age" (La Congelada de Uva). Tonight, Grace Exhibition Space welcomes artists whose work explores the darker, yet healthy, parts of our psyches. "Ron Athey's work explores challenging subjects like the relationships between desire, sexuality, and traumatic experience. Many of his works include aspects of S&M in order to confront preconceived ideas about the body in relation to masculinity and religious iconography" (wikipedia). "In this pasteurized society, I prefer to cause disgust, hatred, rejection, confusion, weariness, anxiety, hostility, fear ... to further promote mental asepsis." (Rocío Boliver) Ron Athey, Rocío Boliver, Peter Dobill. $20 donation. 21+ only!

Saturday the 20th:
1pm-4pm @ Glasshouse
Jaamil Kosoko & Marjani Forte, babyskinglove(Bailey Nolan), Nathaniel Sullivan and others deliver performative/performance lectures.

4pm-7pm @ TBA on Facebook and www.bipaf.net
TAB does Post-Dance
curated by Stephanie Browne and Kay Ottinger

8pm-11pm @ JACK
Ann Liv Young, Rebecca Patek, Jenna Horton, Crystal (Stiven Luka,) Geo Wyeth. Curated by Jaamil Olawale Kosoko. $10 door

Sunday the 21st:
11am-2pm @ The Woods
Performance Event curated by Angela Washko2pm-2am @ Goodbye Blue Monday
The Super Coda
Performance Music Pioneers and Icons. Christhian Diaz (Brooklyn, NY), egg, eggs (Western Mass), Rebecca Patek (Brooklyn), Valerie Kuehne (NYC), Birdorgan (Lowell/Manchester), Robert Pepper and the zebra (NYC), Sean Ali (Queens), ID M Theftable/Walter Wright/Andrea Pensado (Portland/Lowell/Salem), Crank Sturgeon (Maine), Middle Children (Pittsburgh), Borts Minorts (LA), Arianna Ferrari and Albert Behar (NYC),
Allison Brainard [as BEN] (NYC)

Monday the 22nd:
7pm-9pm @ Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics
Live Networked performances from El Bunker in La Paz, Bolivia plus live actions by artists from the program PERFORMEANDO in New York City.

9pm-11pm @ JACK
Lorene Bouboushian can you do something a little less self-referential?
Talya Epstein Believer.
Post-Dance curates two of the wildest NYC-based artists in a late-night split bill. $10 door

Tuesday the 23rd:
4pm-5:30pm @ Glasshouse
Dovrat Meron presents photos and videos of her ongoing project Untranslatable Words

5:30-7pm @ Glasshouse
From Site-Specific Performance to Hit and Run Interventions in the Public Realm.
Roundtable discussion moderated by Dovrat Meron. This Roundtable brings together New York based artists and professionals in the public art field to discuss the process of privatisation of public spaces in NY Privately-Owned Public Spaces (POPS) - and the controversial regulations restricting performance artists in the public realm in NY. Cara Starke (Creative Time), Christina Ray (Conflux Festival), Dan McKereghan, Geraldo Mercado, Jill McDermid, Maria Hupfield, Matthew Silver, Monica Valenzuela (Staten Island Arts) Molly Schaffner & Nick Cregor, Rafael Sanchez, Samuel Jablon, and members of the No Wave Performance Task Force.

7pm-9pm @ The Woods
Live Networked performances from El Bunker in La Paz, Bolivia. This program features a group of different artists from the previous night at Fitness.

9pm-11pm @Glasshouse
performance by John Bonafede

Wednesday the 24th:
8pm-10pm @ JACK
Ike Night
with Ike Ufomadu. $10 door

Thursday the 25th:
8pm-11pm @ Panoply Performance Laboratory
No Wave Performance Task Force: We Are Scores
Chloë Bass, Ivy Castellanos, Lindsey Drury, Coralina Meyer, Kaia Gilje and Paige Fredlund, Fauziya, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Jolie Pichardo.

Friday the 26th:
5:30-7pm @ Glasshouse
Andy Horwitz (Cuturebot) and Chloë Bass (BIPAF) stage a final four debate on the future of performance. All debates are structured around false binaries. The winner shall have prizes.

7pm-9pm @ Glasshouse
Framing BIPAF Exhibition CLOSING
Spiked punch, performance/drinking game by Larissa Hayden (The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies, S.A.S.S).

9pm-1am @ Grace Exhibition Space
Their work originates from a here-and-now interpretation of the fragility of the individual and its surroundings, researching private, social and environmental spheres through precariousness, transformation, liminality and authenticity. VestAndPage is German artist Verena Stenke and Venetian artist, writer and curator Andrea Pagnes. $20 donation.

Saturday the 27th:
1pm-4pm @ JACK
1pm-4pm Sherman Fleming, Pose with Jocko, FREE
2pm Eat Me, Drink Me, Homo. A walk written and directed by Niegel Smith, led by Jason Zeren. $10 door

5pm-7pm @ The Woods
Yoshihito Mizuuchi, sexy and sexy... so sexy
"I connect many layers discovering fragments and do a performance that expresses feelings by the movement of one's body. And I will drink beer with you afterwards"
Tadashi Yonago floating pivot
"I will perform self-built electronics, the environment, and something that makes sound."
No Collective invites two (nearly) opposite Japanese artists to The Woods Cooperative for a split bill.

8pm-12am @ JACK
The Illustrious Blacks, Synthesis. $10 door.

Sunday the 28th:
2pm-4pm @ JACK
Eat Me, Drink Me, Homo
A walk written and directed by Niegel Smith, led by Jason Zeren. $10 door

5pm-6pm @ The Woods
5pm-6pm @ Panoply Performance Laboratory
BIPAF, No Collective
1. This performance takes place in two venues simultaneously. The audience may choose which one to attend. 2. In either one of the venues, this will be a strictly punctual event. Late arrivers to that venue will not
be allowed to enter. 3. BIPAF is a social collective that bases its works around investigating micro-cultures and introducing humorous artwork to a mass of seemingly un-interested viewers. It also makes music performances which explore and problematize both the conceptual and material infrastructures of music and performance. Since its inception circa 2007, members of BIPAF have varied both in quantity and quality according to each works' objective and situational conditions. By using familiarity and stereotypes, and often games, BIPAF is keen to widen the understanding of contemporary art mediums and open the mind to subjects that are close to home. Most recent works include Concertos No.4 (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2012), a concert piece performed with ball-shaped speakers operated by blind performers in a completely darkened 16,000 square feet performance space, The Culture Show: Episode 4 The Cultural Wasteland Of London (Aired at LUPA 17, London, 2013), a physical performance highlighting cultural dispersion across London and the suburbs, and All Your Canals are Belong to Us (2012), a video piece which critically examines the hidden (political as well as cultural) relationship between the Panama Canal and video games (http://vimeo.com/25555106).4. "BIPAF" above should be read as "No Collective."

8pm-11pm @ Grace Exhibition Space/Alice Chilton Gallery
Closing Party and Bazaar
Festival CLOSING PARTY and ephemeral bazaar of documentation, props, and other for-sale ephemera.

Adrienne Anemone
Adult Content
Albert Behar
Alejandro Acierto
Alex Berry
Allison Brainard
Amy Finkbeiner
Anaze Izquierdo
Andrea Pensado
Andrew Drury
Andy Horwitz
Angela Washko
Animal Tropical
Ann Liv Young
Anna Kalwajtys
Antibody Corporation
Anya Liftig
Arai Shin-Ichi
Arianna Ferrari
Autumn Hays
Ayesha Ngaujah
Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
Bailey Nolan
Barbara Bush
Baxton Alexander
Borts Minorts
Brian Lewis Saunders
Brian McCorkle
Cara Starke
Caridad Sola
Carisa Bledsoe
Charmaine's Names
Chloë Bass
Christen Clifford
Christhian Diaz
Christina Ray
Collectif Experiencia
Coralee Lynn Rose
Coralina Meyer
Courtney Leigh Novak
Crank Sturgeon
Da-Yeon Kim
Dan McKereghan
Dan Peck
David LaGaccia
David Moscovich
Dennis Sullivan
Dhira Rauch
Dovrat Meron
Dr. Lisa Levy
eggs, eggs
Elinor Thompson
Erica Mott
Erik Hokanson
Esther Neff
Eyal Perry
Felix Morelo
Genevieve White
Geraldo Mercado
Gim Gwang Cheol
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Halona Hilbertz
Hayley Morgenstern
Hector Canonge
Hilary Sand
Hiroshi Schafer
Hoesy Corona
Id M Theftable
Ike Ufomadu
Ivy Castellanos
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko
Jason Zeren
Jeff Ziegler
Jenna Horton
Jenna Kline
Jennifer Nieves
Jill Burton
Jill McDermid
Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow
John Bonafede
Jolie Pichardo
Jon Konkol
Jonathan Phelps
Jonathan Wood Vincent
Kaia Gilje
Kalan Sherrard
Karla Stingerstein
Karolina Kubik
Katelyn Hales
Kathinka Walter
Katya Grokhovsky
Kay Ottinger
Kikuko Tanaka
Kirstin Mitchell
La Pocha Nostra
Larissa Hayden
Lee Todd Lacks
Lindsey Drury
Lital Dotan
Loop B
Lorelei Ramirez
Lorene Bouboushian
Lorraine D. Glover
Louis King
Macklen Mayse
Mari Novotny-Jones
Maria Hupfield
Mariana Luna
Marie Christine Katz
Marjani Forté
Marni Kotak
Martha Wilson
Mary Lattimore
Matthew Silver
Matti Havens
Megumi Kamimura
Miao Jiaxin
Middle Children
Mila Matveeva
Mimi Fadmi
Molly Schaffner
Monica Valenzuela
Monstah Black
Mr Transylvania
Myk Henry
Nathaniel Sullivan
Nick Cregor
Nicole Brydson
Niegel Smith
No Collective
Oriana Berg
Paige Fredlund
Pendulum Swings
Peter Dobill
Rachel Winborn
Rae Goodwin
Rafael Sanchez
Raquel du Toit
Rebecca Patek
Rob Andrews
Rob Cerrato
Robert James Anderson
Robert Pepper and the Zebra
Roberto Sifuentes
Rocío Boliver
Ron Athey
Ross Moreno
Rush Aaron Hicks
Ruth Phaneuf
Ryan Eggensperger
Ryan Hawk
Ryan Krause
Sabotanic Garden
Sam Roeck
Samuel Jablon
Sarah Butler
Sarah Hill
Scott Hawkins
Sean Ali
Sean Noonan
Sherman Fleming
Sherry Aliberti/CocoonNYC
Shinichi Takashima
Shir Lieberman
Sindy Butz
Sneaky Mister
Sophia Cleary
Stephanie Browne
Sylva Dean & Me
Tadashi Yonago
Talya Epstein
Teena Lange
Tess Miller
The Georges
The Illustrious Blacks
Theodore Robinson
Theresa Buchheister
Thomas Albrecht
Thomas Bell
Tré Chandler
Uniska the Performance Body (Fauziya)
Valerie Kuehne
Valerie Kuehne and the PPL
Virginia Warwick
W Christiawan
Walter Wright
Whitney V Hunter
Yoshihito Mizuuchi
Yuenjie Maru

Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics
Goodbye Blue Monday
Gowanus Ballroom
Grace Exhibition Space
IV Soldiers
Panoply Performance Laboratory
Silent Barn
The Invisible Dog Art Center
The Woods

Performing Media Partner: Hyperallergic

Please e-mail bipafbipaf@gmail.com with any inquiries.
Sherman Fleming's Pose with Jocko was made possible, in part, by the Franklin Furnace Fund supported by the Lambent Foundation, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.
The three No Wave Performance Task Force exhibitions are made possible, in part, by the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC)



3. Ilona Granet, Donna Henes, Ingrid Sischy, Diane Torr, Martha Wilson, FF Alumns, in Possible Press, June 13

Lyrics to three songs by Disband, FF Alumn, are included in the June 2013 issue of Possible Press. To receive a copy send your address to press@possibleprojects.com



4. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, at Bureau of General Services Queer Division, Manhattan, July 10

announcing the birth of my second book....

by Annie Rachele Lanzillotto


published by Bordighera Press


(Bureau of General Services Queer Division)
27 Orchard Street
(between Hester and Grand)


will be available

come hear my class read:

Thanks to SUNY Press, my book "L is for Lion" is one click away:

"Eleven Recitations"

"Blue Pill"

"Carry My Coffee"

Radio interview of Annie by Jean Feraca:

Annie Performing on the Mailbox

Annie blogging as Icewoman

Annie's Action Writing blog

Annie's Cancer Decameron blog

Annie's Spaldeen blog

Annie's songs on soundcloud



5. Ann-Marie LeQuesne, FF Alumn, now online at https://vimeo.com/68527465

"News" - a performance by Ann-Marie LeQuesne, FF Alumn, behind James Campbell House, London E2, was on June 15th, for the LUPA fete (lock-up performance art). The fete was an all-day performance event to mark the end of this two year series of performances.

"News" is now on Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/68527465

Thank you to all the newsreaders and Tower Hamlets cleaning staff!

Ann-Marie LeQuesne



6. Arlene Rush, FF Member, at Ise Cultural Foundation, Manhattan, opening July 12


ISE NY Art Search Exhibition 2013
July 9 - August 23

Opening Reception & Award Announcement: Friday, July 12, 6:00-8:00PM

Guest Juror by Ms. Nancy Lim from MOMA painting and sculpture department

Selected Artists
Astro Nuts Aono, Sequoyah Arai, Mayumi Baczeski, Kathryn Agnes Barboza-Gubo, Juan Jose Berger, Neil Campbell, Ai Cummings, Zachary Dierckx, Ben Festa, Donna
Forsythe, C.B. Furukawa, Ayakoh Gonzalez, Ronald Hendrickson, Robert Ho, Isa Ikezoe, Akira Iwata, Kotatsu Kamiyama, Yutaka Kim, Bo Kino, Maho Kuroda, Manabu Lee, Adehla Lee, Jihee Levy, Jonathan Mifuji, Toru Moriyama, Ryuji Muhsam, Armin Mukai, Nanako Nagahara, Tomihiro Nakata, Mac Nam, Hye Yeon Nitta, Tomoo Ohno, Shu Okamoto, Meisai Oyama, Enrico Isamu Letter Park, Jung Eun Robertson,
Arlene Rush, Lesli Shandler, Manju Shiomi, Mayu St-Jacques, Pierre Sumiyama, Hiroshi Suprina Teratani, Rena Thompson, Ezra Tsuda, Daisuke Umekawa, Yukari Vrijmoet, Kate Wakayama, Mao Woo, Joo Yeon Yoon, Minseop

Ise Cultural Foundation, NY gallery
555 Broadway, New York, New York 10012, USA
Phone:+1-212-925-1649 Fax:+1-212-226-9362



7. RENO, FF Alumn, at Theater Lab, Manhattan, July 6

more RENO Alive in America
July 6, 8 PM, $20
Theater Lab
357 W. 36, 3rd fl.



8. Olivia Beens, FF Alumn, summer news


Please come to my studio before I move out August 1, 2013.
I am in the process of packing up, but also setting up my current work for a viewing.
You can have a preview on my website.


A Closing Party/Moving Sale will be held weekends
7/13, 7/14 & 7/20 & 7/21 from 2-6 pm.
I am also available by appointment most days.

There is also an AIR Exhibition in the gallery
and a "HOT MEET" in the garden
Thurdays 7/11,7/18,7/25

Abrons Art Center
466 Grand St @ Pitt St
New York, NY 10002

Help me celebrate my many years of art making at this lovely studio on the Lower Eastside!

My very best,

Olivia Beens
37 Canal St #3 / New York, NY 10002 / 212 598 9466
Studio: Abrons Art Center GO2 / 466 Grand St / New York, NY 10002 / 917 929 0403 / www.oliviabeens.com



9. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at Redcat, Los Angeles, July 13, and more

Sat July 13th 9:30pm
The Transparent Trap: A Power Pointless Presentation
(90 mins)
DIrected By: Jibz Cameron, Hedia Maron, Josef Kraska
Downtown NYC performance art maven-mogul Dynasty Handbag indulges in a most unusual tell-all - how to make an art video...and sell it to MOCAtv without losing all of her dignity but most of it. Handbag offers us every inch of transparency in our age of seven veils. Dynasty will elaborate upon her recent video ETERNAL QUADRANGLE and screen new works, including confessional tour diary DYNASTY HANDBAG: A DREAM IS NOT A LIFE (Dir: Hedia Maron) - a lo-fi riff on the recent Beyonce doc, LIFE IS BUT A DREAM. Also beuting is a video music/performance/spaceweirdo video REMOTE PENETRATION (Dir: Josef Kraska), wherein DH plays a drone, a daddy, a sequenced, slack-mouthed lounge singer, and features a 4-year-old DH with a giant bug exterminator in hand.

GET TICKETS SOON THIS WILL SELL OUT JUST LIKE I DID! (http://www.outfest.org/tixSYS/2013/xslguide/eventnote.php?EventNumber=3905)


Also in July...
Carole and Mitzi Present RODS AND CONES
donate here pleeeeese! (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1807378389/carole-and-mitzi-present-rods-and-cones?ref=live)

Rods and Cones is a comedy series about high-power, low-profit comics Carole and Mitzi, as they take on their rivals, The MILFies. The first season focuses on Carole and Mitzi's (Beth Lisick and Tara Jepsen) adventures with The MILFies. The MILFies - George and Bess (Erin Markey and Jibz Cameron) - are performance artists in their 30's trying to make some real money by pretending to be Mommy comics (GREAT MOVE, GALS!!). George and Bess taunt Carole and Mitzi into entering a women's comedy contest in Los Angeles, The Over the Shoulder Comedy Boulders festival. The grand prize is a place on a comedy reality show. The season follows these four women as they get to know each other, blow each other, and show each other their bizarre emotional landscapes, great jokes and weird bodies. Watch the Preview! (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1807378389/carole-and-mitzi-present-rods-and-cones)


Next month, MOCA TV will premiere the ultimate variety game show saga, ETERNAL QUADRANGLE! In this green screen adventure Dynasty Handbag must choose between 4 contestants vying for a spot in her vast cosmic emptiness.

Watch the trailer! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5eYoXwxZWg)
but dont read the comments!

ALSO...have you seen this???? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn0Vm9yS1kU&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLoPtwph_Idt_1P3BxQbXu2QSmd5j96cZ3)

episodes 1- 5 of "Song of the Wild" By Tim Harrington, produced by David Cross my hero!!!!! Ghaaaa!!!



OUTfest LA
The Redcat, Los Angeles

Festival Supreme (http://lineup.festivalsupreme.com/band/dynasty-handbag)
Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica

Pleasure Dome (http://pdome.org/wordpress/)
Toronto, Canadia



10. Lawrence Graham-Brown, FF Alumn, receives residency from The Wooster Group
The Wooster Group Announces the Results of Its First Open Call For Artist Residencies at The Performing Garage
The Wooster Group is pleased to announce the five artists and artist groups selected as part of its visiting artists program, The Performing Garage Presents. These artists, whose residencies will take place between August 2013 and spring 2014, were selected from 217 applications received in response to an open call announced in April. Stay tuned for information about performances and other events related to the residencies.
Lawrence Graham-Brown has been awarded an artists' residency at The Performance Garage, NY for 2013-2014 where he will be developing a pantomime entitled: "Omnia Vanitas" Lat. (all is vanity) more info..http://theperforminggarage.org/results-of-the-first-open-call-for-artist-residencies-at-the-performing-garage/

See more at: http://theperforminggarage.org/results-of-the-first-open-call-for-artist-residencies-at-the-performing-garage/#sthash.ZFISQ0wH.dpuf



11. Nao Bustamante, Susana Cook, Guillermo Gómez-Peña Split Britches, Carmelita Tropicana, FF Alumns at The Hemispheric Institute, Manhattan, July 10-11
Performing the Archive: 15 Years of the Hemispheric Institute
July 10-11, 2013
Events may also be seen via livestream.
July 10th | 6-9pm
An evening program investigating performance practices, embodied repertoires, and primary materials from the Hemispheric Institute archive.
Re-performance LIVE from the Archive | 6pm
Performance artists Carmelita Tropicana, Arthur Aviles, and Split Britches will re-perform pieces from their individual repertoires that now "live" in our online archive as digital bodies of work.
Long Table: Performance and the Archive | 7pm
Professor Diana Taylor will lead a Long Table discussion on digital corporeality in online archives; affective experience as a form of ephemera; the abject body in performance documentation; archivist practices in processing performance materials; and the performativity of documentation.
Performing the Archive Exhibit Inauguration and Reception | 8pm
Performing the Archive will examine how primary materials from live performance-artifacts, photographs, books, props, and moving images-enact moments of liveness post-performance.
The exhibit will feature materials by the following artists: 2boystv, Arthur Aviles, Nao Bustamante, Coatlicue Theatre Company, Colectivo de Acciones de Arte (CADA), Susana Cook, Fulana, Guillermo Gómez-Peña & La Pocha Nostra, H.I.J.O.S., Regina José Galindo, Mujeres Creando Comunidad, Jesusa Rodríguez, Split Britches, Carmelita Tropicana, and Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani.
Due to space limitations, we ask that you please RSVP to secure a seat at the July 10th event.
A reception will follow.
July 11th | 5-7pm
Roundtable: Performing the Archive
The roundtable will bring together scholars, artists, and archivists to reflect on the challenges posed by 'live' practices and embodied repertoires to conventional understandings of the archive.
Performing the Archive events will take place at the Hemispheric Institute, which is located at 20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10003.
This program is free and open to the public. A photo ID is required to enter NYU.



12. Jeff McMahon, FF Alumn, now online at http://www.tcgcircle.org/2013/05/pull-focus/ and more

Jeff McMahon has 2 new essays published in Performance Review and on TCG Innovation Blog:

a. PULL FOCUS published online in the TCG Innovation blog, curated by Caridad Svich
I also encourage you to look at the other very compelling responses to the concept of "Innovation"


b. WHAT IS IT WORTH? published, both in print and online, by Performance Research. Volume 18, Issue 2 "On Value"
This essay describes some of the research for my current project, WHAT IS IT WORTH?
The journal has offered a link which allows 50 colleagues to access the essay free of charge!



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