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Contents for April 10, 2013

1. Ann-Marie LeQuesne, FF Fund recipient 2012-13, at 23rd St. and 7th Ave., Manhattan, May 12th

Ann-Marie LeQuesne invites you to cross the road at 23rd Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan, NYC, Sunday May 12, 2013 - 2pm

Please gather on the north side of 23rd Street and 7th Avenue. Crossing will begin at 2pm

Fanfare for Crossing the Road https://vimeo.com/31610655 is an international project that adds ceremony to a common event. In each country Ann-Marie LeQuesne asks musicians - dressed in uniforms and positioned beside the traffic lights - to mimic as closely as possible the digital acoustic crossing sounds (different in every country) that signal the time to cross for the blind.

The first performance took place in London, in front of the Albert Memorial, in May 2011. In early September 2011 the project moved to Helsinki where we crossed three different tram lines in front of the Central Railway Station. The third performance was filmed two weeks later in Lisbon at the waterfront square, Praça do Comércio. In October 2012 an operatic Fanfare, with 8 acapella singers, was performed in Cardiff as part of the 2012 O:4W festival. The New York Fanfare will be the first performance to involve speaking. Two performers will be joined by two percussionists to mimic the sound of the signals on 23rd Street.

This project is ongoing. New performances will be added as they occur and the shape of the video will evolve. Each Fanfare becomes a portrait of the country - the light, the traffic sounds, the style of dress, the behaviour of the people - all contribute to what feels like chapters in a book where the story is told from multiple points of view.
Ann-Marie LeQuesne makes work that starts with the question "What if..."? A phrase, a response to an image, a location, a situation - all trigger questioning - "What if this action happens in this place"? Her invitation to participate is an open one. The actions are simple, but are often disrupted or altered by their location. It snows, members of the public join in, a bus stops in front of the camera. LeQuesne plays out these small events in public places inviting both the participation of her collaborators and the attention of those passing by. The performance is not an end in itself. All performances are filmed or photographed and the live event becomes material for a subsequent restaging from the documentation. Recent performances include Hive https://vimeo.com/33926534 (participants counted, in their first language, up to an assigned number, walking amongst the group and becoming still when they reached their number) - London, 2011; Reading on the Train https://vimeo.com/17738051 (a procession on a disused railway track in North London in which participants read aloud from books about trains) - London 2010; Banquet https://vimeo.com/14304110 (a re-enactment in the gardens of Museu da Cidade of an outdoor banquet photographed during Prohibition) - Lisbon, 2010.

Ann-Marie LeQuesne



2. James Godwin, R. Sikoryak, Doug Skinner, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, April 10

Dixon Place Presents:

Cartoon Slide Shows and Other Projected Pictures
Hosted by R. Sikoryak

Featuring comics, shadow puppets, music, pencil sharpening, and much more from:
James Godwin
Miriam Katin
David Rees
Crosby & James Romberger
Doug Skinner
Julia Wertz

Wed. April 10, 2013
7:30 pm
(The Dixon Place Lounge is open before, during, and after the show. All proceeds directly support DP's mission and artists.)

Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street (btwn Rivington & Delancey), NYC

$12 (advance)
$15 (at the door)
$10 (students/seniors)
or TDF

Advance tickets & info:
(212) 219-0736
More info:



3. Peter Cramer & Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at Harvestworks, Manhattan, thru April 13

Peter Cramer & Jack Waters Artists-in-Residence at Harvestworks NYC.
April 1-13, 2013
Public presentations will be announced during this residency. For future updates SUBSCRIBE to our mailing lists here @ http://alliedproductions.org/

Harvestworks, in association with Emily Harvey Gallery announce a partnership to support the development of "Pestilence", an interdisciplinary musical theater work conceived and directed by Jack Waters.

Waters collaborates on the partnership project with Peter Cramer and John Swartz investigating the nature and effect of vibration by examining various conditions of resonance and entrainment.

The sonic base for "Pestilence" will be generated in a controlled open studio lab environment at Harvestworks from April 1 - 13, 2013.

A forum with exposition of the results from Harvestworks is planned for exhibition at EH Gallery in Fall 2013.

Under the artist's direction a collective of artists, technicians, philosophers, and science practitioners will cull from this study of common relationships in wave forms from physics, sociology, and aesthetics.

The presentation of this work will combine analogue and digital elements in an installation environment with audio, video, performance, and public dialogue. Public engagement directed by the collective team will be a guiding force in both the Harvestworks lab project and The Emily Harvey Gallery exposition.
Workshop and Performer bios:

Jack Waters and Peter Cramer are performers, film makers, and visual artists. They are founders of Le Petit Versailles garden and Lower East Side stalwarts since 1981. They were co-directors of Abc No Rio from 1983 -1990. They have been creative contributors in film, video, performance, and installation at Mix NYC, the festival of queer experimental media since its inception in 1987. Recent publications that include their histories are "Alternative Histories: New York Art Spaces, 1960 - 2010″ edited by Lauren Rosati and Mary Anne Staniszewski (MIT press), and "Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Generation" by Sarah Schulman University of California press. They are recently returned as artists in residence at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice, Italy working on a multi-media musical opus titled "Pestilence".

The Emily Harvey Foundation concerns itself with supporting ideas resistant to frameworks of easy legibility. Our emphasis is on giving voice, and momentary material form, to discursive and process-based practices. In this singular historical moment, much of what we do would be impossible, and unfeasible at almost any other site. Our aim is to nurture collaborative and cross-disciplinary approaches, while generating a spectrum of alternatives to other more solid contexts for contemporary practice. http://www.emilyharveyfoundation.org

The Emily Harvey Foundation is a not for profit foundation created in 2004 which operates between New York and Venice. The EHF Venice comprises a residency program open to artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, photographers, videographers, choreographers, dancers, musicians, curators, art historians, architects, and other creative thinkers, who are engaged in a project of change, and who work the leading edges of their disciplines. At its New York base the EHF has developed an ambitious and comprehensive contemporary art/event program that draws on its rich history, art collection, and archive grounded in Mail Art, Concept Art, Fluxus, and Early Video Art.



4. Portia Munson, FF Alumn, at PPOW Gallery, Manhattan, thru May 4

Portia Munson
Reflecting Pool
April 4 - May 4, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 4, 6-8pm

P•P•O•W is pleased to present Portia Munson's fourth exhibition at the gallery entitled Reflecting Pool. Munson continues to employ photography, sculpture and installation to form interconnected works that examine the relationship of the natural to the artificial. Munson's work is a record of this moment in time as she observes the changes to her local environment and the impact that cars, roads and buildings have on natural places and wildlife.

Upon entering the gallery the viewer is immediately immersed in Munson's world by a series of still life memento mori hanging on photographic wallpaper of oversized dandelions. Munson creates these images by scanning flowers and creatures from her garden and surrounding woods and roadsides. Formally inspired by the structure of the flowers, Munson slices into buds, pulls blossoms apart and layers them onto one another, creating mandala-like compositions that in eastern religions represent the universe. These images conjure the ephemeral nature of the botanical along with its innate utopian beauty.

While moving through the gallery one comes upon an above-ground pool containing thousands of found plastic objects in all shades of blue. This is Munson's latest installation, Reflecting Pool, which literally presents a flood of plastic. Each piece represents the millions of discarded multiples that have been rapidly accumulating and polluting our world. The color blue ironically represents clean clear water, sky and air, yet in reality these objects are trash the artist collected from roadsides, streams and landfills. Reflecting Pool, as in Munson's earlier installations, Pink Project, The Garden and Lawn, is a meditation on how mass consumption defines society and its effects; a reminder of how rapidly plastic objects are produced, consumed and discarded to then spend the majority of their synthetic existence as waste, leaving nature to wage the long-fought battle of decomposition in landfills and ocean gyres.

Portia Munson was born in Beverly, MA in 1961 and currently lives and works in Catskill, NY. She holds a BFA from Cooper Union and a MFA from Rutgers University. She has also studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally in such venues as The New Museum, New York, NY; MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA; The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland. Her work has been reviewed and written about in many publications including The New York Times, Harper's Magazine, Art in America, Newsweek, USA Today, The New Yorker, Flash Art and Artforum. Munson has recently completed a MTA, Arts for Transit Public Art installation at the Fort Hamilton Parkway Station in Brooklyn, NY. In April, P.P.O.W will be showing a selection of Munson's work at the AIPAD photography fair in New York City. A limited edition silk scarf will be produced in conjunction with this exhibition.



5. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at New York University, Manhattan, April 17

Tobaron Waxman invited you to Performance Studies @ NYU's event:
A Conversation on Censorship and Performance Art
Wednesday, April 17 at 7:00pm at 721 Broadway



6. Eleanor Antin, FF Alumn, at Dallas Contemporary, Texas, April 10-14

Seven at Dallas Contemporary
April 10 - April 14, 2013

Eleanor Antin, a pioneering multidisciplinary artist, has been creating narrative images in photography, video and film, performance, and installation since the late '60s. From her conceptual Blood of a Poet Box (1965-68) to her classic photo piece, 100 Boots (1971-73), through her archetypal personas of the '70s and '80s - the King, the Ballerina, and the Nurse - her narrative strategies were often comedic send-ups of Western cultural, political, and sexual clichés but with dark undertones. In her more recent works, the darker tones begin to dominate in a secret world of myth and psychic anxiety that well up from the not-so-distant cradle of Western culture, projected through the screen of European painting from Poussin to the surrealists.

100 BOOTS (1971-1973)
This narrative series consists of 51 postcards which were mailed over a two year period (1971-1973) to over a thousand recipients in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. The postcards record the 100 black rubber boots' odyssey as they embark on a journey from the Pacific to New York City. The final destination was the MOMA, where the 51 postcards were exhibited in 1973 with the boots themselves, glimpsed through a doorway, where they lay scattered throughout a fictitious rundown New York City apartment.
Carving: A Traditional Sculpture (1972)

An early landmark feminist work, Antin's Carving: A Traditional Sculpture, comprises 148 black-and-white photographs documenting the artist's weight loss of 10 pounds over 37 days. Antin photographed her body from four vantage points every morning for the duration of the diet. (The photographs from each day are arranged vertically, and the entire process can be read horizontally, like a filmstrip.) Antin's performance plays on the traditional process of Greek sculptors who were said to find their ideal form by chipping away at a block of marble and discarding any unnecessary material. The artist's idea of "carving" her own body was inspired by an invitation from the Whitney Museum of American Art for its biennial survey exhibition, which at the time restricted itself to the established categories of painting and sculpture. However, the Whitney considered this piece too conceptual for the exhibition.

Caught in the Act (1973)
Using both video and photographs, Caught in the Act captures Eleanor Antin embodying an idealized female type, the ballerina. The still images in the series portray seemingly pristine execution, suitable for the stage. Grace and professionalism mark these photographs. The accompanying video records the less stage worthy moments between the 1/125 of a second it takes to photograph an image. The film finds the same Eleanor stumbling, falling, losing her footing, and giggling. Having never been formally trained, Antin can only mimic the ballerinas she strives to typify.

Classical Frieze (2000-2009)
Classical Frieze is a film and selection of photographs from Antin's recent work (2000-2009) recreating the ancient world through the screen of 19th-century neo-classical painting. Antin adds contemporary touches to classical imagery, bringing to light the parallels between ancient times and today.

"Pompeii and the Roman Villa illustrates how the Trojan War and the death and wandering of the great Greek heroes were the moral and aesthetic tropes of Roman culture. Whereas for us, the romance of the Roman Empire, with its deliciously decadent affluence and military power, lies deep in modern Western consciousness. The great 19th-century colonial powers that preceded us saw themselves as the new Rome, bringing civilization to primitive peoples, not unlike the way we see ourselves today. At the same time, we are uneasy and haunted by the great empire that owned but then lost the world. Pompeii, especially, with its grand murals and flourishing gardens haunted by the dark shadow of Vesuvius, has always suggested uncomfortable parallels with our contemporary world, especially here in Southern California, where the sunlit life also turns out to have dark shadows in which failure and death lurk at the edge of consciousness. Now, in these times, we have even closer parallels with those ancient, beautiful, affluent people living the good life on the verge of annihilation."
- Eleanor Antin, San Diego, 2009.

Last Days of Pompei (2001)
The Last Days of Pompeii, a series of fourteen new large-scale color photographs, engages in a dialogue with history. These photographs evoke narratives of sensual, decadent Rome seen through the screen of English and French salon painting (Alma-Taddema, Lord Leighton, Puvis de Chavannes...) in which the two great colonial powers tantalized themselves with their dream of the opulence, sensuality, and wickedness of the ancient power that preceded them.

Antin is currently bringing her new fictive memoir, Conversations with Stalin, directly to the public through a series of performance readings in museums, art spaces, and universities around the country. The book will be published by Green Integer Press this spring.

Eleanor Antin's one-person exhibitions include the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and a major retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Her works are in many collections, including the Beaubourg, Tate Modern, MOMA, the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Jewish Museum NY, Sammlung Verbund, and the Loeb Family Foundation. She has performed internationally, including at the Venice Biennale, Documenta 12, and the Sydney Opera House. Her cult feature film, The Man Without a World (1991), has been screened at many international film festivals. Her many awards include an Honorary Doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2009) and a Lifetime Achievement award from the Woman's Caucus of the College Art Association (2006). Antin is an emeritus professor of Visual Arts at the University of California at San Diego. She is represented by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York City.

A press kit with more information can be found at: http://bit.ly/14MSYm6

For more information, contact Amy Silver at (212) 226-3232 or amy@feldmangallery.com



7. Barbara Rosenthal, FF Alumn, spring events

Hi, Friends,

HAPPY SPRING:!! Thank you for following my work.
I'm pleased to invite you to these new events if you're nearby
in NY (Rochester, Brooklyn, LIC & New York), NAPLES, HOLLAND, HONG KONG & online!

I'll be at the three in New York.

Warm wishes,

EVENTS film/video, performance + photography APRIL/MAY/JUNE:

Friday, April 12, 2013, 6-9PM By appointment April 8-11
photograph in "2013 Visual Studies Workshop Auction"
curator: Tate Shaw
Visual Studies Workshop
31 Prince Street Rochester, New York 14607
tel: +1.585.442.8676
previews: free
auction entrance: $20

Tuesday, April 16, 9pm
"I'm Growing Up"
solo morph-media performance in "Performance Heart" at Grace Exhibition Space
curated by Geraldo Mercado
Grace Exhibition Space
840 Broadway, 2nd floor
Brooklyn, ZIP
tel: +1.646.578.3402, +1-646-541-4772
suggested donation: $5. (artist will be present)

Sat., May 4, all-day loop
"Words Come Out Backwards When Spoken To Screen Left"
in "One Minute Video Vol 6 / Magmart Festival" at Casoria Contemporary Art Museum
curated by Kerry Baldry
CAM, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum curated by Kerry Baldry
Via Duca D'Aosta 63/A
80026 Casoria/Napoli/Italia
tel: +39 081 7576167

Fri., May 17, 8pm
"Early Open-Reel Video & Super-8 Films by Small-Gauge Pioneer Bill Creston"
starring Barbara Rosenthal and Dick Miller
curated by Tom Jarmusch
Millenium Film Workshop
66 East 4th St., Basement
New York, NY 10003
+1 (212) 673-0090, +1.646.541.4772
subway: F to 2nd Ave (exit 2nd Ave)

MAY 18, 7:30pm
"The Screen Will Be Black and Silent for Some Time"
video in '222lodge Extern: The Eye of the Beholder" at Pictura Gallery
curator: Frans van Lent
Pictura Gallery
Voorstraat 190-192
3311 ES Dordrecht, Netherlands
tel: +31 78 614 9822

Sat., June 1, 7pm
"American Denominations"
video in 'Under the Subway Video Night 3" at Local Project Artspace
curator: Antonio Ortuño
Local Project Artspace
45-10 Davis Street, Long Island City
NY, NY 11101
tel: +1-646.368.5623; +1-646-541-5772

"The Secret of Life in Art: Barbara Rosenthal's Surreality in Berlin", by Ngan Le.
Article in Berlin Art Link, May 28, 2013

Born and still living most of the year in New York, Barbara Rosenthal is a Media and Performance artist and writer who produces idiosyncratic combinations of words, communicative sounds, gestures, and pictures. Her artist's books of fiction, commentary, and photography are in the collections of MoMA, Whitney, Tate, and Berlin Kunstbibliotek. She has made over 100 photography, text, and performance-based video shorts. In 2009 and 2010, she represented the the United States in Performance Art and Text-Based Art at Tina B: Prague Contemporary Art Festival. She began working in Performance/Installation in 1968, and Photography/Video in 1976. She has kept a Journal since childhood, and often combines writing with her imagery. Her themes of identity, existentialism, and surrealism explore the relationship between an artist's psyche and the outer world.



8. Irina Danilova, Ken Friedman, Tehching Hsieh, Alison Knowles, Larry Miller, Linda Mary Montano, FF Alumns, at Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, opening April 10

The Art Gallery of Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York is pleased to present the exhibition Fluxus Time: 1959...1969...1979..., featuring 22 artists from that era including: Fluxus artists, George Brecht, Ken Friedman, Alison Knowles, George Maciunas, Larry Miller and Jeffrey Perkins; artists from the former USSR, Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Valera & Natasha Cherkashin and Tolsty (Vladimir Kotlyarov); international artists, Bas Jan Ader from The Netherlands, Angelo Riviello and Rino Telaro from Italy;artists from west coast, Mike Dyar and Lowell Darling; along with Tehching Hsieh, Rick Klauber, Peter Malone, Mike Metz, Linda Mary Montano, Gail Nathan, Phill Niblock, and Deena des Rioux.

Exhibition Fluxus Time traces the development of the life-art relation in the 20th century and salutes the 100th anniversary of the first readymadeinstallation, Bicycle Wheel by Marcel Duchamp (1913), when everyday objects were first transferred from life intoart.

Fluxus Time explores the Fluxus movement and it's impact on art by representing the conceptual transformation of life events into Fluxus Event Scores and performances, the creation of new events, and subsequent conceptual alterations of life itself. Such inventions during the experimentations of the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s, conquered new territories for art.

Fluxus Time: 1959...1969...1979... is on view from April 10th through May 10th, Monday through Friday, 10 am - 3pm at the Art Gallery of Kingsborough Community College in the Art and Science Building, 2001 Oriental Blvd. Brooklyn, NY 11235.

The Opening is April 10, 2 - 4pm.

Curator: Irina Danilova



9. Eileen Myles, FF Alumn, at MoMA, Manhattan, April 10

Concerts, Readings & Performances | Artists Experiment
A Guerrilla Reading by Eileen Myles
Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 12:30 p.m.
The Debra and Leon Black Painting and Sculpture Gallery, Gallery 7, fifth floor

Artists Experiment is a new initiative in the Department of Education that brings together contemporary artists in dialogue with MoMA educators to conceptualize ideas for developing innovative and experimental public interactions. Learn more
Eileen Myles reads "dog poems" in front of Picasso's Three Musicians (1921).
Uncontested Spaces: Guerilla Readings in the MoMA Galleries
As part of Kenneth Goldsmith's "Poet Laureate" program, he invites renowned writers to choose works in MoMA's collection, develop a response, and then select a space in the Museum galleries where they will perform the resulting readings and texts on Wednesdays. On selected Fridays, Goldsmith himself will contribute readings in the galleries. Visitors can meet the writers directly in their selected gallery.



10. Ruth Hardinger, Howardena Pindell, Joan Snyder, FF Alumns, at Kentler, Brooklyn, opening April 12

Dear Friends,

My Container 32, 2011 is in the invitational benefit, opening is this friday, April 12, 6-8 pm. For complete information please visit www.kentlergallery.org
The May 18th is the benefit event.
Hope you can see this exhibition and come for the benefit.

best wishes,

Over 100 artists generously donate original drawings
and works on paper celebrating our 23rd year.

Friday, April 12, 6 - 8pm
April 12 - May 12, Thurs. - Sun. 12 - 5pm
Artworks by
Howardena Pindell, Joan Snyder and more.
"Found in Red Hook"
Featuring unique items /gift certificates by artisans,
businesses, stores and restaurants in Red Hook.

MAY 18 BENEFIT TICKETS: $200/ Couple:$250


Tickets are limited!



11. Sarah Mattes, FF Intern Alumn, at Bull & Ram, Maspeth, Queens, opening April 13

Hi All,
I hope you can join me for my opening at Bull & Ram this Saturday the 13th! Additional information below.
Sarah Owens Mattes

Gwenn Thomas and Sarah Mattes
at Bull and Ram
1717 Troutman St. #226, Queens, NY 11385

Opening on April 13, 2013, 7-9 PM

The show is from April 13 - May 12.
Open Sat, Sun 1-6 PM and by appointment

Sarah Mattes constructs dream-like sculptural paintings. Inside her Red Hook studio, looms a white plaster column a foot away from a diagonal wooden pole and blue painted canvas. It's presence is unobtrusive, almost calming. Across the studio, an empty square plaque is erected above a pile of white stones, stacked to mid-height. Composed of wood, steel, nails and plaster, "the way i remember it," stands stark, like a tombstone to no one. To the right, eight wooden plates hang on the wall. Mattes has dug into the wood, rubbing pigment on and off. Their surface is painstakingly carved, like lacerations in skin. A large grey canvas with spots of black hangs in the back left corner. Adjacent is a wooden panel stained with colored markings. Called "walking," the canvas conjures images of the sidewalk in winter, the ground blackened, but not dirty, adorned with spots of gum. Although mostly pale in color, Mattes' creations have a dark undercurrent. Yet it becomes clear: nothing can harm us here, not the wooden pole growing out of the wall or the twisted steel wire and nails curled in the corner.

Gwenn Thomas has been navigating sound. With Sonancy, the artist known for her photographic work, makes manifest audio frequencies. Composed of painted and drawn lines broken into smaller rectangles, Thomas' Sonancy series references the ink drawings--which were scanned and photographed--of her past work. Now distancing herself from the lens, Thomas considers unmediated representation. Unhinged from their grid-like moorings, the diaphanous lines appear almost pixelated, like painterly mimesis of the digital. This is electronic noise in paint and pencil; a visualization of computer coding. Or perhaps this is an elegy to a pre-digital world. Though possibly more so, this is a play with the representation of sound. In color and composition, there is lightness to the series--as though each work were an echo, like sound itself.

--Eve Marie Blazo



12. LuLu LoLo, FF Alumn, at Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, thru May 4, and more

LuLu LoLo exhibiting in "Glue: An International Survey Exhibition of Contemporary Collage, Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, April 11-May 4, 2013 and then tours to America to art galleries at Mercer University (Georgia) and the University of Florida. It features 19 artists and academics from across the globe.
This is a short preview clip (105 seconds) of the GLUE exhibition:


2013. Open daily Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm.
GLUE is an international survey exhibition exploring contemporary trends in the art of collage. The show presents a dynamic collection of raw unframed works with methods ranging from traditional cut-paper techniques to elaborate computer and photographic works.

It features 20 leading artists and academics from Europe, Asia and America. The exhibition includes works by Shiro Masuyama from Japan, Tea Mäkipää from Finland and American artists Craig Coleman, Sean Miller, Bethany Taylor, LuLu LoLo, Galen Olmsted and Kevin B. Chen. Artists from the Republic of Ireland include Sinéad O'Donnell and Fion Gunn, with Northern Ireland represented by Gail Ritchie, Lydia Holmes, Patrick Colhoun, Stuart Roberts, Ciaran Magill, Trevor Wray, Brendan O'Neill and Brian John Spencer. Brendan Jamison has collaborated with Welsh international artist Peter Richards.

Combining artists from across the globe, GLUE presents some of the most innovative approaches to the medium of collage, offering a fresh aesthetic that engages with debates at the forefront of contemporary art. Themes include representations of 21st Century culture, the history of light in art and theatre, political activism, failed futurist ideologies, the architecture of espionage, post-conflict memorials, feminism, gender and identity issues...

An interesting element of the exhibition is how artists from different disciplines use collage. Aside from fascinating experiments by painters and photographers who ordinarily work with a flat surface, in contrast, performance artists, sculptors and installation artists seem to dissect space in relation to objects and the human body.
Historically artists have employed the technique of collage to experiment with form, rhythm, colour and composition...cutting and pasting shapes to create dynamic imagery that is later developed into drawings, paintings, photography and installations. Often the collage itself remains unseen and abandoned in the studio.

Half of the works in the exhibition are experimental collages that are created as plans, works on paper that act as the catalyst for the creative process... that first spark that leads onto fully-realised works. These initial plans can be a fascinating window into the artist's concepts. The other half of the works in GLUE are collages presented as fully-resolved artworks, demonstrating the richness of this medium through a variety of approaches from traditional paper techniques to contemporary methods of photography and digital manipulations.



13. Heather Cassils, FF Alumn, at National Theater Studio, London, UK, April 13

Dear Lovelies,

I wanted to let you know that will be in London, UK this coming week for my newest performance "Becoming An Image".It is being performed at the National Theater Studio at 7:30 on April 13th. My pal, the talented and darling of UK performance photography Manuel Vason, will be taking photographs as part of my performance.

I have been training with a professional Maui Thai fighter at the Glendale Fight Club for the last few months. GFC is home to the female world champion MMA fighter "Rowdy Ronda Rousey." who has set a totally new precedent in relation to gender expectations and athleticism. At GFC I have been working on extending the limits of my strength and endurance to push this performance to new physical heights. You can read more about the intent and content of this piece here.

On Sunday April 14th, there will be a panel discussion at the Whitechapel Gallery at noon about my work and on the greater themes of "contact" addressed by this years artist at the SPILL Festival.

Come see me obliterate 2000 pounds of clay in total darkness, or come here me talk about the work and the process. I am privileged and excited to announce that Kira O'Reilly and Dominic Johnson, both interesting and splendid UK artists/academics will be taking part in the panel.

I look forward to seeing you there.
I attach some photos form the last performance in Montreal, taken by Alejandro Santiago.

Here is a link to the event with time, location and ticket information: http://spillfestival.com/performance/becoming-an-image

Manuel Vason: http://www.manuelvason.com
Kira O' Reilly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kira_O'Reilly
Dominic Johnson: http://www.dominicjohnson.co.uk/Dominic_Johnson/Introduction.html

All the Very Best,
Heather Cassils



14. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at Mo Wave Festival, Seattle, WA, April 14, and more

Upcoming events for Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn:

Dynasty Handbag
'Mo Wave Festival
Seattle WA

Portland OR

Fusebox Festival
Austin, TX
5/2/13 - 5/3/15
The Garage
San Francsico, CA
San Francisco, CA
Vox Populi
Philidelphia, PA
5/21/13 -5/24/13
Netherlands Shows
The Netherlands, Continental Europe, West Siiiiide


Watch the first episode of Song of the Wild, a webseries featuring my character JULIE TANLINES. Not a far cry from DH, but using some different skillz. Enjoy safely



15. Kanene Holder, FF Alumn, at Hostos, The Bronx, NY, April 27

I will be presenting my American Justice Missing in Action workshop to craft and execute effective and provocative social justice actions on 4/27!

For generations, activists have used larger-than-life visuals, costumes and street theater to convey big social justice ideas to people who might otherwise just tune out thinking, "what does this have to do with me?" These creative media actions give us the opportunity to show what the issues at stake really are, and frequently, to become the headline of the story instead of just another quote in someone else's story.

Educator and performer Kanene Holder will share recent creative social actions in New York City, and explain a process to create and execute actions people will notice and respond to. She'll share the "American Justice Missing in Action" approach: exercises to unpack social-justice issues using role play, memes, debate and mime; to unleash your creative/artistic voice, and create actions that are on-target, effective, and provocative.

KANENE AYO HOLDER: An Educator Using Entertainment to Enlighten

Searing wit, unwavering courage and unflappable honesty characterize Holder's work -award winning satirist, educator, writer, activist and occupier. Holder performs solos and ensembles Brooklyn Museum, LaMamaETC and Harlem Stage. Highly desired to engage audiences while exploring what she refers to as "IntersectionsOf(In)justice", Holder was commissioned to create works for William Pope L., Sanford Biggers, Beth Coleman and Imagining America. www.searchingforaj.com

More about the event-
We're pleased to announce our first-ever Be the Media! event outside Boston. PCN's New York City chapter is co-hosting a special Women of Color Be the Media! on Saturday, April 27, from 9 AM to 5 PM at Hostos Community College in the Bronx. We're partnering with our sister network, Standing in Our Power, for an exciting day of skill-building and networking.

April 27th
Hostos Community College
Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10451

Workshops include:

Blogging as a platform for telling our own stories
Video - how can you do it effectively with limited resources?
How effective is your website?
Registration will open up by April 1. In the meantime, save the date and plan to join us in the Bronx!

Kanene Ayo Holder (Educator & Artist)
Mobile: 917-318-8115

Performing $earching for American Justice: The Pursuit of Happiness for the Art in Odd Place Festival Oct 5th-15th

Co-Curator of Voices and Visions: Re-Imagining America Media ExhibitionImagining America Conference

If you don't stand from something, you'll fall for anything Instead SITCHAASSDOWN
Check out the latest updates about this award winning, shocking satire-
I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.
Frederick Douglass



16. Elaine Tin Nyo, FF Alumn, at MoMA, Manhattan, April 22


I'm giving a little talk at MOMA on April 22 at 12:30pm as part of their Brown Bag Lunch Series. The title of the talk is "On Meat and Mortality." I'll be cutting up some seafood for you too.

It's free and you can get tickets and more details here:

Hope to see you.



17. Mendi + Keith Obadike, FF Alumns, at Studio Museum in Harlem,

Sound Installation about Race and DNA at The Studio Museum in Harlem

New York, NY - The Studio Museum in Harlem presents "American Cypher", an installation by conceptual artists Mendi + Keith Obadike. This site-specific work is a suite of projects that respond to American stories about race and DNA. The project includes a sound & video installation with a series of letterpress prints and a book.

In this work the artists reflect on the role of DNA in contemporary American culture through five stories that hinge on deciphering genetic code. These stories include the racial politics of genetic researcher James Watson, the ancestry of Oprah Winfrey, the use of DNA in the criminal justice system, and the lineage of president Barack Obama. At the center of the project is the story of Sally Hemings, the enslaved woman who bore several children by President Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson and Hemings had been rumored (by political rivals and Hemings' own children) since the early 1800s to have had some kind of an affair. In 1998 DNA evidence linked Hemings' offspring to the Jefferson family, proving centuries-old rumors, controversial scholarship, and oral history about their relationship to be true. The artists made original recordings of Hemings' last remaining possession, a small bell given to her by Martha Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson's wife and Hemings' half sister) that is on exhibit today at Jefferson's Monticello plantation in Virginia. From these digitally altered recordings they created a soundscape that is currently playing at The Studio Museum in Harlem. The artists use the genetic code of the Hemings and Jefferson family lines as a musical score to generate the soundscape.

Mendi + Keith Obadike are interdisciplinary artists whose music, performance works and conceptual media artworks have been exhibited internationally. Their work generated much discussion online and offline when they offered Keith's "blackness" for sale on eBay in 2001 as an Internet performance. Their works have been exhibited at The Whitney's Artport, The New Museum and The Studio Museum in Harlem. Their opera-masquerade "Four Electric Ghosts" was developed at Toni Morrison's Atelier at Princeton University in and commissioned by the Kitchen in New York. They were awarded the Pick Laudati Digital Art Award from Northwestern University for Big House / Disclosure, a 200-hour sound installation commemorating the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the British slave trade. Other awards include a Rockefeller Fellowship for New Media Art, New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Fiction, and the Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Prize for Mendi's book of poetry Armor and Flesh.

This exhibition opened March 28th and closes June 30th.

Evelyn Mcghee
at MendiandKeith@gmail.com
Obadike Studio
32 Union Square East Suite 310
New York, NY 10030



18. Julie Ault, AA Bronson, Peter Cramer, Nina Sobell, Ela Troyano, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at New York University, opening May 23

Not only this, but 'New language beckons us.'
May 24--July 27, 2013
Opening Thursday, May 23 6-8pm
Fales Library and Special Collections, NYU
Organized by Andrew Blackley for Visual AIDS

This exhibition is composed of archival objects from the Fales Library's Downtown Collection coupled with newly commissioned texts from contemporary artists and writers. Each text corresponds to a figure or object from the collection and highlights interpersonal affinities and adjacencies, influences and recollections. These couplings give voice to still-present narratives and discourses orbiting the intersection of art and HIV/AIDS-a theme that speaks to Visual AIDS' ongoing mission: to serve as an advocate for artists with AIDS and to recognize art as a tool for education and activism in the fight against AIDS. Hilton Als, Julie Ault, Dodie Bellamy, Gregg Bordowitz, Nancy Brooks Brody, AA Bronson, Elijah Burgher, Kathe Burkhart, Sean Carrillo, Peter Cramer, Matthias Herrmann, Jim Hubbard, Doug Ischar, William E. Jones, John Keene, Kevin Killian, Nathanaël, John Neff, Uzi Parnes, Mary Patten, Nina Sobell, Ela Troyano, Ultra-red, Jack Waters, Joe Westmoreland, and Danh Vo

Not only this, but 'New language beckons us.' is an exhibition, editorial project, and a pointed activity in-- and to--an archive. Overall, we could label it as an address (however, not an overall address): designed to identify lineage and influences; to make vocal--to give voice--to heterogeneous accounts of twenty-five years of art and AIDS. Together, the texts propose varying, no doubt differing, (we should say individual) experiences of the present in light of the past-- where should taking into account meet giving (an) account of? The participants have merged reading and writing-- proposals and recollections--as a practice in innovative authorship. This exhibition, organized for Visual AIDS, aims to embody the mission of "against" as both oppositional as well as a position for creating and contextualizing friction.

"Were people openly hostile?"
"Uh, no, not openly hostile in the sense of giving leaflets to them, they just didn't take the leaflets, that was
the hostile action."

"Hi, what do you think of this demonstration?"
"No comment."
"Are you in support of what we're doing?"
"No comment,"
"Oh, well, that's an interesting opinion. Are you a neighbor of George Bush's?"
"Oh . . . that's where you live. Thank you. . . . She gave us a lesson in geography!"

--The Brenda and Glennda Show, 1991



19. Charles Dennis, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, April 20

Hello Friends,
For the past year I've been working on a collection of short films.
You are invited to see some of them on Saturday April 20, 7:30pm at
Dixon Place Lounge, Contribution, http://www.dixonplace.org/
Old & New Films by Charles Dennis - including "KEITH" (2013 Premier) featuring an existential street performance by Bessie award winning performance artist Keith Hennessy and "DEFLATION" (2013 Premier) - a collage poem about current economic turmoil featuring 12 talking heads and a hissing red balloon.
I look forward to seeing you. Best wishes, Charles

Charles Dennis Productions



20. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, releases new publication

April 1, a day dear to the heart of the extraordinary French humorist Alphonse Allais, brings the release of "Captain Cap, Volume 2: The Apparent Symbiosis Between the Boa and Giraffe."

Allais's stories of his absurd anti-hero, first published in 1902, have been meticulously translated and illustrated by Doug Skinner, in the second volume of a set of four. This volume contains 15 stories and 17 illustrations, and is published in an edition of 125 by Black Scat Books.

The first volume recorded the real life Cap, Albert Caperon, and his tumultuous foray into politics. The second is devoted to his fictional exploits, as he boasts of his dubious accomplishments, insults his friends, bullies bartenders, and consumes many elaborate cocktails.

You'll learn the disgusting history of Meat-Land, the origin of polar bears, Cap's plans for interstellar communication and recycled confetti, his unconvincing experiments with hypnotism, and, of course, all about the apparent symbiosis between the boa and giraffe.

Buy a copy today! Memorize passages! Color in the pictures! And if you see me, I'll be glad to sign it with the name of your choice. You can order it from blackscatbooks.com.



21. Yael Kanarek, FF Alumn, at bitforms gallery, Manhattan, April 18-May 25

Yael Kanarek: High Performance Gear

Thursday, April 18 at 6:00pm - Saturday, May 25 at 6:00pm at bitforms gallery nyc



22. Willie Cole, FF Alumn, at Firestation Gallery, Newark, NJ, opening April 13

Title of Exhibition: UPCYCLE CHANDELIERS
Name of Artist: Willie Cole
Exhibit Location: Prospect Street Firestation Gallery, 56 Prospect St.
Ironbound Section of Newark, NJ
Exhibit Presented By: Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center
Dates: Thursday April 4 - to Friday May 31, 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday April 13, from 3pm - 8pm
For Information: 973-589-5525 or 973-985-4069 cell.

A new installation from Willie Cole redefines recycling as reincarnation by repurposing over 10,000 recycled water bottles into a spirit filled environment intended to honor the earth. UPCYCLE CHANDELIERS will be on view in April and May as the latest exhibition presented by Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center at the new Prospect Street Firestation gallery in the Ironbound section of Newark.

Central to the space are rooms and chandeliers made completely from water bottles. Visitors to the gallery have an opportunity to donate their own recyclable water bottles to the gallery as a show of support for upcycling, art, and love of the earth.

Willie Cole, an internationally recognized artist born in Somerville, NJ, spent most of his early life in Newark and the Ironbound, where he began his career. He came into national prominence in 1989 when he began to make sculpture from discarded and found objects, like steam irons, hair dryers and telephones which he found in the abandoned factories of Newark. In 1999, a one-person show at the museum of Modern Art in NYC launched him to international acclaim.

He has been the recipient of numerous awards including the David C. Driskell Prize, from the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, and the Augustus Saint-Gaudens Memorial Fellowship. For his upcycling of materials, he was the recipient of the Morris County Recycling Commission Award. From April 8, to April 23, with an artist reception on Monday, April 22 (Earth Day), his shoe sculptures will simultaneously be on display at Bloomingdale's, in Soho, NY, as part of their Earth Day celebration. Shoppers will be asked to donate used shoes to Bloomingdale's to be "recycled" and sold by the NY charity Housing Works. Willie will also be exhibiting his work at The Museum of Art and Design in NY as part of the exhibition "Against the Grain "; and he is the subject of a major traveling exhibition and book called Complex Conversations, curated by Patterson Sims, former director of the Montclair Museum in New Jersey. His works are part of the permanent collections of numerous museums including: The Metropolitan Museum NY, The Museum of Modern Art NY, The High Museum ATL, The AGO in Toronto, and The FRAC Lorraine in France.



23. Ann Hamilton, FF Alumn, at Montclair Art Museum, NJ, April 18

Montclair Art Museum
MAM/MSU Art Talk:
Ann Hamilton
Thursday, April 18, 7pm

Montclair Art Museum
3 South Mountain Ave.
Montclair, NJ 07042

T 973 746 5555


Ann Hamilton is a visual artist internationally recognized for the sensory surrounds of her large-scale multimedia installations. Noted for a dense accumulation of materials, her ephemeral environments create immersive experiences that poetically respond to the architectural presence and social history of their sites. Hamilton has received a MacArthur Fellowship, Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, NEA Visual Arts Fellowship, United States Artists Fellowship, and the Heinz Award, and was chosen to represent the United States at the 1991 Sao Paulo Bienal and the 1999 Venice Biennale. She is currently a distinguished university professor of art at The Ohio State University.

Tickets are on sale now. Visit montclairartmuseum.org or call 973 259 5137 to reserve your ticket.
Tickets are 12 USD for MAM Members, 15 USD for Nonmembers, and free for MSU staff and students.

About the series:
The MSU/MAM lecture series is a collaboration between the Master of Fine Arts degree program of Montclair State University and the Montclair Art Museum. It began in Spring 2002, after the Museum doubled its space, including the addition of Leir Hall. It became an annual series in the fall of 2002, featuring four lectures a year. Former speakers include prominent artists Kiki Smith, Philip Pearlstein, Tom Otterness, Mariko Mori, Shirin Neshat, Lorna Simpson, James Rosenquist, and Jeff Koons; artist and critic Robert Storr; curator John Elderfield; and art critics Jerry Saltz and Holland Cotter. Each talk is followed by a question-and-answer session and a reception with the featured guest.



24. Shirin Neshat, FF Alumn, at Faurschou Foundation, Beijing, China, April 13-Sept. 8

Shirin Neshat
The Book of Kings
April 13-September 8, 2013

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Faurschou Foundation Beijing
798 Art District
NO2 Jiuxuanquao Road
P.O. Box 8502
Chaoyang District
Beijing, China 100015


Faurschou Foundation Beijing is pleased to present Shirin Neshat's The Book of Kings. The exhibition features a new body of photography works and a video installation by the acclaimed Iranian artist. Her work interweaves an austere yet sensuous visual language with music, poetry, and history, as well as the political and philosophical.

Neshat's The Book of Kings is inspired by the epic poem "Shahnameh" (The Book of Kings), by the 11th-century poet Ferdowsi, which chronicled Iran through the 7th-century Islamic conquest of Persia. This photography series memorializes the recent Arab Spring, Iranian Green Movement, and their mass protests against corrupt regimes, honoring the martyrdom of unknown citizens who sacrificed themselves seeking justice across the Middle East.

Three groups of black and white portraits comprise this series. Hand-annotated with poetry and prison writings in Farsi calligraphy, they are "The Villains," "The Patriots," and "The Masses." In these works, the individual becomes monumental and the political becomes personal.

The villains look their part. Phalanxes of soldiers riding into battle adorn their bare chests, arms, and legs. The surface of the photographs is painted with depictions of the ancient tragedy, chronicled in "Shahnameh," which parallels the present. The only color in the overlaid drawings is red for the blood of the martyrs spilled defending ancient Persia, implicitly evoking the martyrs of today.

"The Patriots" gaze earnestly ahead, hands on hearts, adorned with calligraphic renderings of Persian poetry, and lines from Iranian prison memoirs. But who are the Patriots? Are they the critics who seek to reform the system? Are they unquestioning supporters of the current regime? Or, perhaps they are both, and history itself turns on this irresolvable ambiguity.

"The Masses" are represented by a grid of 45 portraits. Paying homage to these unknown citizens who demonstrated the power of the powerless, she captures their faces almost void of expression, as if history were waiting to be inscribed upon them. Will they become martyrs, patriots, or villains? Perhaps Neshat leaves this question intentionally open.

The three-channel video OverRuled (2011) presents a modern remake of the trial of 10th-century Sufi dervish martyr Mansur Al-Hallaj, accused of heresy and executed by public dismemberment. Al-Hallaj's belief in an unmediated spiritual connection to God was deemed blasphemous by the Caliphate, yet Neshat transforms his story into an allegory of spiritual overcoming that still resonates today.

Neshat's interlacing of the historical and the contemporary valorizes the vulnerable yet tenacious ways that people struggle to reclaim their agency, offering striking visual and aural narratives of how the human spirit can reclaim its dignity even in the face of brutal repression.

Shirin Neshat
Born in Iran, Shirin Neshat moved to the US in 1974, where she studied art. The historic rupture of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran changed her life and creative practice. She gained international prominence with Women of Allah (1995). She won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale (1999) for Turbulent, and the Silver Lion at the International Venice Film Festival (2009) for Women without Men. Solo exhibitions include shows at the Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Castello di Rivoli, Turin; and Serpentine Gallery, London. She participated in the New Orleans Biennial (2008), Documenta XI, Whitney Biennial (2000), and the Venice Biennale (1999) and many others. She lives and works in New York City.

Faurschou Foundation
Faurschou Foundation is a privately funded art institution in Copenhagen and Beijing established by Luise and Jens Faurschou. For 25 years they have mounted exhibitions of internationally recognized artists both in Denmark and abroad. Over the years Luise and Jens Faurschou have acquired a substantial art collection and their ambition is to present highly esteemed contemporary art to the public-out of a belief in the potential of art to create meaning for the self-understanding and development of the individual as well as society. Both exhibition spaces are free and open to the public.



25. Susan Fleminger, FF Alumn, at Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Manhattan, April 10

"The SIGN and the MEANING" ,a panel discussion with Charlotta Kotik and artists John O'Connor, Karen Schiff and art critic Sarah Schmerler on Wednesday, April 10 at 7pm as part of Dialogues in the Visual Arts series at Tribeca Performing Arts Center. On the campus of Borough of Manhattan Community College. 199 Chambers Street in Manhattan, $ 5.00 admission including a reception. The program curator is Susan Fleminger.



26. Michel Auder, FF Alumn, at Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal, thru May 19

Portrait of Michel Auder
Rui Toscano: Sound Sculptures 1994-2013
Until May 19, 2013

Rua Arco do Cego, 50
1000-300 Lisbon, Portugal

T +351 21 790 51 55


In an interview that he gave in 1994, Michel Auder (b. 1945; Soissons, France) stated: "What else is there to talk about but life? I don't know what other subjects there are-I'm not an abstract person. I'm a reality person. So I formulate. And reformulate. And formulate it again in some way that I think exposes my personal views of this world we live in."

For over forty years, Michel Auder has been portraying the world around him (near or far, intimate or anonymous) in a decidedly subjective fashion based on his own life and experience. After moving from Paris to New York in 1970, he spent the 1970s and 1980s constantly filming those he lived and socialised with, including not only his first wife (Viva, Andy Warhol's favourite actress) and their daughter, but also Warhol himself and various people who gravitated around him and the Factory, as well as other people from New York's artistic and cultural circles. He used this abundant material (often many years later) to make films where he developed his own very personal documentary approach, including several touching portraits (of the actor and poet Taylor Mead, the painter Alice Neel, or the artist Cindy Sherman, to whom he was married from 1983 to 1999).

Since the end of the 1970s, Michel Auder's video work has branched out in multiple directions, including fictional films conceived in collaboration with some of his friends and acquaintances, films with a highly autobiographical slant in which fiction and documentary are blended together, compositions based on the sampling and manipulation of television images, or videos based on a loose association of images, involving modes of visual thinking that frequently come very close to poetry. His exhibition is rooted in works of this latter type; the extensive programme of film sessions presented in the auditorium covers other aspects of his video work.

Portrait of Michel Auder is curated by Miguel Wandschneider. In June, Kunsthalle Basel will present another solo exhibition of Michel Auder, curated by Adam Szymczyk. The two institutions are collaborating in the conception and production of an extensive publication on the work of Michel Auder.

Rui Toscano: Sound Sculptures 1994-2013
In 1994, Rui Toscano (b. 1970, Lisbon) produced a sound sculpture that was to prove decisive for the development of his artistic practice over the following years. Bricks are Heavy (as it was called) marked the beginning of a long line of works in which the artist simultaneously uses the radio cassette player as a sculptural element and as a sound amplification system.

The reference to rock culture, and thus to a certain youth culture that the artist shared in, was unmistakably present in the first two works that he made of this kind: Bricks are Heavy and (...They Say We're Generation X But I Say We're Generation Fuck You!), which dates from 1995. Yet what has endured in all of his sound sculptures-something that few people actually noted in the 1990s-is the remarkable reactivation and subversion of the characteristic formal language of minimalist sculpture. Rui Toscano creates frameworks for experience and meaning based on the crossover between simple, minimal forms and sound events through which reality and representation are able to burst forth. Frequently allied to this discursive aspect is the exploration of a self-referential dimension of the work of art.

By the mid-1990s, the radio cassette player was already an obsolete object that was gradually beginning to disappear: although this fact made the process increasingly difficult, it did not prevent the development of this body of works, as is proved by two new sound sculptures, one of which was first planned ten years ago.

Rui Toscano: Sound Sculptures 1994-2013 is curated by Miguel Wandschneider.



27. Joan Jonas, FF Alumn, at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, TX, thru June 30

Parallel Practices: Joan Jonas & Gina Pane
March 23-June 30, 2013

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
5216 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006
Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday 10am-7pm
Thursday 10am-9pm / Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm / Sunday 12-6pm
Admission is always free

T 713 284 8250


Parallel Practices: Joan Jonas & Gina Pane brings together selected works made between 1965 and 2010 by two artists renowned for their foundational contributions to the field of performance art. Jonas and Pane, as proto-feminists of the same generation based in New York and Paris respectively, worked multidisciplinarily in a moment when many of their peers focused attention on a single medium. Jonas's and Pane's work plays with and looks beyond medium-specific discourses, responsively engaging issues of temporality, narrative, politics, and myth. Parallel Practices celebrates shared and complementary aspects of Jonas's and Pane's art and highlights the differences that characterize their unique bodies of work. This exhibition also marks the first comprehensive presentation of Gina Pane's oeuvre in the United States.

Joan Jonas's (b.1936, New York City) experiments with video are among the earliest and most enduring investigations of this medium. Works like Good Night Good Morning (1976) mine the connections and discrepancies between real and televisual space as Jonas repeatedly greets a camera, recording her action for later viewing. Parallel Practices includes Reading Dante III (2010), in which literary narrative provides an inspiration for a multi-channel video and sculptural environment that blurs the boundaries between the inside and outside of the filmic frame. Beginning on May 4, Jonas's performance work Mirror Check (1970) will be presented in CAMH's Brown Foundation Gallery on Saturdays at 2pm.

Gina Pane's (b.1939, Biarritz-d.1990, Paris) early works include a series of physical interventions in pastoral landscapes. Documented in sequences of still images, these works anticipate a series of actions in which Pane wounded herself to shock her audiences out of complacent states. Action Escalade Non-anesthésiée (Action Non-anaesthetized Climb) (1970) pairs a ladder-like metal structure whose rungs are covered with sharpened metal points with a grid of photographs that document Pane climbing on the structure to the point of total exhaustion. The constats d'action (proofs of action) are unique montages of photographic images-occasionally with drawings or notations-that Pane created to contextualize her actions. These are autonomous works that extend the life of the artist's performances and communicate their sensibilities. A final series, the Partitions, are nearly alchemical transformations of spiritual iconography into expressions of otherworldly concerns.

Parallel Practices: Joan Jonas & Gina Pane is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue with an introduction by CAMH Director Bill Arning; a text by the exhibition's curator, Dean Daderko; and commissioned essays by Barbara Clausen, Élisabeth Lebovici, and Anne Tronche. Designed by AHL&CO, it will feature full-color images of the exhibition, a checklist of exhibited works, artist biographies, and a related bibliography. For more information or to pre-order your copy, visit the Distributed Arts Publishers (D.A.P.) website here.

Discussion Group: The Ground Floor
Thursday, April 4, 11, 18 & 25, 6:30-8:30pm
The Ground Floor is designed to spark conversations among CAMH's cultural stakeholders. Inspired by discursive forums organized by artist Malin Arnell, each gathering includes a presentation by an invited guest on a subject topically related to the exhibition, followed by a facilitated discussion. Gatherings are limited to 15 participants and presentation topics and RSVP instructions are published in CAMH's weekly e-newsletter Steel Wired two weeks prior to each event. Sign up for Steel Wired here.

Musiqa Loft Concert
Thursday, May 9, 6:30pm
Nationally acclaimed contemporary music ensemble Musiqa presents a repertoire inspired by the exhibition, including works by Morton Feldman, Elisa Kats-Chernins, Pauline Oliveros, Arvo Pärt, and John Taverner.

In Conversation: Dean Daderko and Élisabeth Lebovici
Saturday, May 11, 2pm
Join Curator Dean Daderko and Paris-based writer, critic, and activist Élisabeth Lebovici for an intimate tour of the exhibition.

Parallel Practices: Joan Jonas & Gina Pane is supported by generous grants from Cullen Geiselman, Louise Jamail, Yvon Lambert, kamel mennour, the Union Pacific Foundation, and CAMH's Major Exhibition funders. The catalogue is made possible by a grant from The Brown Foundation, Inc.



28. Julie Tolentino, Zackary Drucker, FF Alumns, at Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles, CA, opening April13

Sculpture, objects, installation and private performance by appointment.

Opening April 13, 8pm+
3006 W 7th St #220
Los Angeles CA 90005
213 703 9077

Special thanks to CW&C, Stosh Fila/Pigpen and Nicholas Duran

Opening April 13, 8pm+
For performance appointment:
please email Jina Dishman at us@commonwealthandcouncil.com

Julie Tolentino: RAISED BY WOLVES
April 13 - May 04, 2013
Reception: Saturday, April 13, 8 - 11 PM
Location: 3006 W 7th St #220 Los Angeles CA 90005
Exhibition Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12 noon - 6 PM

Private Performances by appointment only: Wednesdays - Saturdays @ 4, 5, & 6 PM
To schedule: please email Jina Dishman at us@commonwealthandcouncil.com

Commonwealth and Council hosts RAISED BY WOLVES, a multi-tiered exhibition of installation, objects, ephemera and performance by Julie Tolentino. RAISED BY WOLVES enacts a queer methodology in which experience intersects with intuition, and proposes a queer pedagogy wherein knowledge travels through personal, diasporic, and unanticipated relations.

Using gold threads, mugwort, taxidermy, and reverberations of a text from SHAME - A Collaboration by Kemper/Kelly, Tolentino reflects on the disjointed past of the gallery's physical space. The site-specific installations SKY BURIAL and ECHO VALLEY attend to a lost stairway set afire and a once-concealed window. The sculpture SMOKE OF FUTURE FIRES pays tribute to the practice of 81-year-old painter, Ken Warne, who once lived and ultimately passed away in the side room resonating with notions of loss, precarity, and transference embedded in Tolentino's body of work.

Influenced by the lives, potentialities, and the wounds of the building's past, Tolentino probes her own generation's history and losses by reaching out to fifteen beloved visual artists. Embodying their prompts, logos, and offerings, she stages choreography, improvisation and vocal incantations on-site, which incorporate daily physical practice and psychic exploration. Through a multidisciplinary navigation of care, resistance, and provocation, she reflects on the critical artist-to-artist exchange proposing that we are invisibly "raised, incited, and moved by each other."

RAISED BY WOLVES is a temporal performance offered to intimate audiences. There will be fifty private iterations created over the span of the exhibition. Viewers are invited to schedule a performance appointment or visit the overall exhibition during regular gallery hours.

RAISED BY WOLVES artist contributors include: Rafa Esperanza, Mark So, Catherine Opie, Taisha Paggett, Stosh Fila, Chloë Flores, Juliana Snapper/Miller Puckett, Jet Clark, Aliza Shvarts, Judie Bamber, A.L. Steiner, Zackary Drucker/Ellen Reid, Cyril Kuhn, and CW&C. Julie would like to acknowledge the supportive guidance and opening night performance of dancer/choreographer, Nicholas Duran and the enduring support, love and talent of Pigpen.

Tolentino's performance career over two decades of dance, installation, site-specific durational performance including diverse roles of host/producer/collaborator/mentor, working with artists such as Meg Stuart, Ron Athey, Madonna, Catherine Opie, David Rousseve, Juliana Snapper, Diamanda Galas, Stosh Fila, Gran Fury, Rodarte and many others. Tolentino is deeply influenced by her extensive experience as a caregiver; a practitioner of Eastern and aquatic bodywork; a somatic-based and highly-disciplined contemporary dance career; and as the proprietor of NYC's Clit Club (1990-2012). Her diverse and exploratory duet/solo practice includes installation, dance-for-camera and durational performance engaging improvisation, one-to-one practice, score-making, and working with fluids such as blood, tears, and honey. As an extension of her practice, she designed and built a solar powered live-work residency in the Mohave Desert: Feral House and Studio. After twenty-five years in NYC, Tolentino thus headed towards a shifting approach to the field by exploring the remote forms of physical inquiry through landscape and texts. She has received numerous grants and fellowships. She is currently a co-editor of the Provocations section of the TDR Journal/MIT PRESS. Her works have been commissioned (partial list) by The Kitchen, Participant Inc., Invisible Exports, Performa. In the UK; Spill Festival, Tramway and queerupnorth including extensive touring throughout the UK and Europe as well as the Philippines, Myanmar, and Singapore. Recently, she has been presented at Broad Art Space at UCLA, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Perform! Now!, and Move-In series at Honor Fraser. She created the "The Divine Immortal Fakery & Vulgar Smoke Apothecary featuring her Layman's Bitter Golden Elixirs" at The Reanimation Library Project in Joshua Tree. Upcoming: 2013 High Desert Test Sites, PSi19 Stanford, and INSTALL Weho in June.



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