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Contents for September 25, 2012

Howard Moody, FF Alumn, in memoriam

September 13, 2012
The New York Times
Howard Moody, Who Led a Historic Church, Dies at 91

The Rev. Howard R. Moody the longtime minister of the historic Judson Memorial Church, who hurled himself and his Greenwich Village congregation into roiling social issues, at one point helping women from around the nation get illegal abortions, died on Wednesday in Manhattan. He was 91.
The cause was pneumonia and complications of cancer treatment, his daughter, Dr. Deborah L. Moody, said.

Mr. Moody's religious career began at 5, when he preached his family's strict Baptist faith on a street-corner milk crate in Texas. It flowered during his 35-year ministry at Judson Memorial, a Romanesque landmark overlooking Washington Square built from 1888 to 1893 as a mission church to help the poor. For Mr. Moody, a more inclusive gospel and good works were priorities.

He started the first drug-treatment clinic in the Village and went out of his way to offer aid, and cookies, to prostitutes. He made his church the home of one of New York's first Off Off Broadway theaters and an innovative dance company. A gallery he established there showed artists like Claes Oldenberg and Robert Rauschenberg before they were well known. Beatniks, and later hippies, were welcomed. In the 1960s he let Yoko Ono and others stage "happenings." One event, called "Meat Joy," featured bikini-clad performers and a dead fish.

When AIDS struck, Mr. Moody set up a support group. Soon he was presiding over one memorial service after another. He fought censorship and defended people who defaced the American flag. He became a leader of a local political club, the Village Independent Democrats, and helped topple the Democrats' tainted district leader, Carmine G. DeSapio.

Mr. Moody - whose background as a Marine sergeant both puzzled and amazed some of the more radical members of his church - probably made his biggest impact on the issue of abortion. He believed that a pregnant woman should be able to decide the fate of an embryo or fetus herself.

Shortly after he arrived at Judson, in January 1957, to become senior pastor, a Florida woman took the train to New York to see him, hoping to get an abortion. Another minister had given her Mr. Moody's name and he was able to guide her to a safe abortion.

A decade later, he had established a network of 21 ministers and rabbis to help pregnant women. He told The New York Times about what he was doing expressly to demonstrate that he was not hiding anything, and The Times ran an article about him on the front page on May 22, 1967. No one was arrested, nor was the operation shut down.

When New York State legalized abortion in 1970, Mr. Moody helped set up a national network of 1,400 clergy members to guide to his state women who wanted safe, legal abortions. That led to his establishment of the nonprofit Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health, a free-standing private clinic. After the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, referrals from other states stopped, but Mr. Moody kept the clinic going to help poor New York women.

Mr. Moody was a freethinking preacher. He questioned the veracity of some of the Bible and called the Resurrection "the cheap shot in Christian triumphalism." What mattered, he said, were "the little dyings" by which lives are diminished.

But he never stopped talking about God, although he was loath to define him (or her, as he often said) for others. He pointed to modern artists and philosophers as spiritual guides.

"We used art and literature of the unbelieving world to drive our victims into some corner of existential despair where all answers failed, and then we slipped in God," he wrote in 1965.

Not adhering to church tradition was almost a point of pride. He removed the pews and pulpit from his church to make room for informal activities. He took down an 18-foot-high cross, explaining that Jews who came to services might think it implicitly condemned them as Christ-killers.

Howard Russell Moody was born in Dallas on April 13, 1921, and never lost his Texas twang. He attended Baylor University, a Baptist school, for two years to study for the ministry. But he had begun to doubt his direction, and in 1941, six months before Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the Marines. He served for four and a half years as a photographer and gunner on a B-17 bomber in the South Pacific.

After contracting malaria, he was sent to a base in Santa Barbara, Calif., where he met Lorraine McNeill in a Baptist church. They were married for 68 years, and she survives him. Besides his wife and daughter, Mr. Moody is survived by a son, Daniel, and two grandsons.

Mr. Moody earned degrees from what is now the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Yale Divinity School. He was ordained at Judson in 1950 after helping to supervise the church's summer youth program while at Yale. He was chaplain to students at Ohio State University before being called back to Judson in 1957.

His foray into Democratic politics ended at the party's 1968 convention in Chicago, when he became disillusioned by its unwillingness to condemn the Vietnam War. He retired from Judson in 1992.

Mr. Moody hated what he considered mindless patriotism, and in a 1970 sermon took on fans at Yankee Stadium who had berated another fan for not taking off his hat during the national anthem.

"One fanatic patriot walked down and snatched off his hat and tried to put it in his hands," the minister concluded. "But he didn't have any hands - he had lost them in the war."



1. Wooloo, FF Alumn, turns 10

Wooloo turns 10!

Anniversary highlights include...

- 2002: Launch of Wooloo.org. Online platform for Open Calls. Eight users. Including our moms.

- 2005: Wooloo is awarded The Future of the Present Award by Franklin Furnace. Fuck yeah!!

- 2007: Wooloo.org reaches 10,000 users and share Open Calls from over 160 countries.

- 2009: Wooloo organizes private hosting for 3,000 activists during the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen

- 2010: Wooloo participates in Manifesta 8 with the worlds first non-visual artist residency (http://artforum.com/words/id=26566)

- 2012: Wooloo asks the Catholic Church to bail Europe out of its economic crisis (https://vimeo.com/48320811)

Martin Rosengaard

Pasteursvej 46
1799 Copenhagen V

portfolio: www.wooloo.net
community: wwww.wooloo.org
phone: (+45) 61 71 61 01



2. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, autumn news

I have 3 new works and 3 older works getting noticed.
Steed Taylor

The Bridge & The Devil
Commissioned by NYC/DOT with sponsorship by Visual AIDS, this artwork is inspired by Kingsbridge built in 1693 and the Spuyten Duyvil (Spitting Devil) Creek it spanned. A Celtic design on the risers is visible when going up the steps and a neo-primitive design on the treads is visible while going down. The artwork is a reminder of our rich urban history and the never-ending desire to tame and mold New York City's geography to suit our needs.

Locations: Naples Terrace Step Street, Kingsbridge Neighborhood, Bronx, NY
Size: 8' x 120' on step risers and treads
Materials: custom-color masonry paint and blessing by Rev. Seamus Campbell, Ecclesia Ministries of NY
Date: 10/3/2012 - 8/3/2012
Unveiling/Dedication Ceremony October 3, 2012, 11:00AM

Greetings/comments by the artist and representatives from NYCDOT Urban Art Program, Visual AIDS and the Bronx Borough Commissioner. A non-denominational blessing for the artwork and users of the steps officiated by Rev. Seamus Campbell, Ecclesia Ministries of NY

Directions: By subway take the 1 Train to the 231st Street stop. Walk 1/2 block north towards 232nd Street to Naples Terrace Steps on left. By car GPS/Google "Naples Terrace, Bronx, NY 10463" and travel per directions.

Location: North Streeter Drive in front of the Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
Size: 25' x 652'
Materials: yellow high-gloss latex, names of gay and lesbian members of the United States Armed Forces and non-denominational prayer by the artist
Date: June 2012 to May 2013
National Press: http://www.towleroad.com/2012/07/road-tattoo-in-chicago-honors-gay-and-lesbian-troops.html
International Press: http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/10/view/22872/steed-taylor-galloon-road-tattoo.html
Interview: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/arts-and-lifestyle/2012/08/worlds-biggest-gay-rights-tattoo/2882/
Video: http://vimeo.com/49873655

Greenburger Family Knot
Date: 2012
Location: Old Chatham, NY

Size: 12" x 384"
Materials: gray high-gloss Latex, names of family members and non-denominational prayer written by the artist
Collection: Times Equities/Francis J. Greenburger Collection
Video: https://vimeo.com/49734073

Three of my older road tattoos honoring long-term AIDS survivors in 3 communities have been included in the international website of AIDS memorials with great descriptions and lots of images.

Columbus Survivors Knot: http://www.aidsmemorial.info/memorial/id=79/columbus_survivors_knot.html

Troy Survivors Knot: http://www.aidsmemorial.info/memorial/id=80/troy_survivors_knot.html

Newburgh Survivors Knot: http://www.aidsmemorial.info/memorial/id=81/newburgh_survivors_knot.html



3. Matakia, FF Member, at the Art Bar, Manhattan, opening Oct. 17

Matakia presents Art Break at The Art Bar, 52 8th Ave., NYC 212-727-0244, Oct. 9-Dec. 5, opening October 17, 6-8 pm.



4. Chin Chih Yang, FF Alumn, at Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, opening Sept. 28

Dear Friends,
Hope all is well!
I would like to invite you to NYFA at Dumbo Arts Festival.
I am in Taiwan now, but please come to join the opening on Friday, Sept. 28, 6 - 8 PM.
The detail information below
Chin Chih (Chi)
Taiwan: 886-931-752575

PS. "Pith man" The National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS).
Botanical Garden "a special exhibition of Tetrapanax" September 6, to December 2, 2012
Location: Taichung City, Taiwan



5. Marisa Jahn, FF Alumn, at The White House, Washington, DC

Dear New Day New Standard supporters,

We're excited to share some great news with you all. Earlier this summer, 'New Day New Standard' caught the attention of a White House senior adviser who happens to be a social entrepreneur and techie. He loved it and reached out to us to see if we'd develop something similar in support of the White House Safety Data Initiative, an Open Government project that's using data empower people to make safer decisions. We've been speaking with a few different federal sectors about how our tool can help outreach to other low-income workers, immigrants, and youth.

On Friday, September 14, Anjum Asharia (REV-/PPH) and I went to DC to present our work at the White House's "Safety DataPalooza" (that's right ;) where our project was enthusiastically received! People from all kinds of backgrounds-Washington bureaucrats, union bigwigs, environmentalists, Silicon Valley techies-appreciated our creativity and low-tech approach (we were the *only* non-smartphone app), and were impressed with our impact. Todd Park, White House Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President called it "super-cool!" So I wanted to pass on this compliment to all of you, and to thank you for your hard work so far on 'New Day New Standard!' Palooza pics here...

A second piece of news, and an opportunity to keep the momentum going strong: the Spanish version of 'New Day New Standard' is officially launching this month! We are initiating a month-long press blitz with outreach to various NYC media outlets, with emphasis on reaching out to the ethnic press. We have plenty of hotline business cards for you to use in outreach, let us know when we can bring these to you!

As some of you may know, in it's first month alone, the hotline informed 600+ domestic workers and employers about the new laws. It's gotten rave reviews from the BBC and GOOD Magazine, and is circulating widely on parenting listservs.

We're working hard make sure that all 200,000+ domestic workers, their employers, as well as the general public hear about the Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights and the movement that made it happen; and we really appreciate your continued support and involvement in this process! You all have been an amazing team of collaborators and supporters and an absolute honor to work with. Thank you again!


REV- and The Cooper Union present:
Pro+agonist: The Art of Opposition
Join Cornel West, Graham Burnett, Saskia Bos, Jill Magid, Carl DiSalvo, McKenzie Wark, Mendi+Keith, Cristina Goberna and Urtzi Grau, Anjum Asharia, and Marisa Jahn
for a book launch rife with pleasurable and productive friction.

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 - 7 pm
The Great Hall at The Cooper Union
7 East 7th Street New York, NY 10003

more info: www.rev-it.org • 917-902-5396

Opening Remarks
Saskia Bos, Curator, Art Historian, and Critical Theorist; Dean of The School of Art at The Cooper Union
Marisa Jahn, Artist/Activist, Editor of 'Pro+Agonist,' and Executive Director of REV-

Agonistic Activities
Cristina Goberna and Urtzi Grau, Founders, Agonistic Architecture/Fake Industries; Adjunct Professors (Columbia University, The Cooper Union)
Artists/poets Mendi+Keith,
Carl DiSalvo, author of 'Adversarial Design' (MIT Press, 2012)
McKenzie Wark, new media theorist and Professor, The New School
Jill Magid, artist, writer, and Professor, The Cooper Union
Marisa Jahn and Anjum Asharia (REV-)

Keynote Conversation
Cornel West, scholar, author, and activist
D. Graham Burnett, author and Professor of Philosophy of Science, Princeton University

Book signing

The mission of the School of Art of The Cooper Union is to educate artists in the broadest sense, both as creative practitioners engaged with a wide range of disciplines in the visual arts and as enlightened citizens of the world who are prepared to question and transform society. Central to the school's philosophy is the advancement of the artist's role in relation to the prevailing forms and institutions of cultural production.

Since 2000, REV- has engineered imaginative approaches to advancing cultural equity. We do so through constituency-led campaigns for social justice, youth media arts, research & development, and activities that trammel the boundaries between the printed word and public sphere. We are artists, advocates, media makers, low-wage workers, immigrants, and youth working to spark the public imagination and accelerate social change. www.rev-it.org

Warmest Regards,
Marisa Jahn
Executive Director
REV- (www.rev-it.org)
People's Production House (peoplesproductionhouse.org)
666 Broadway, Suite 500 • New York, NY 10012



6. Donald Daedalus, FF Alumn, at Sound Development City, Zurich, Switzerland, September 29

Donald Daedalus at Sound Development City, Zurich
Sound Development City is a new Sound Development project which enables a close exchange between artists of various backgrounds. In the course of summer expeditions to Berlin, London and Zurich, selected artists from the areas of music, performance and other cultural fields experience and revive urban spaces.

Participants include the following artists:
Jana Burbach (Zurich)
Ariel Bustamante (Chile)
André Castro (Lisbon, Rotterdam)
Donald Daedalus (NYC)
D-Fuse: Michael Faulkner/Matthias Kispert(London)
Maria Guggenbichler(Munich, Amsterdam)
Israel Martinez (Mexico)
Katharina Rohde (Berlin)
Steve Rosenthal (London)
Evelinn Trouble (Zurich)

Exhibition: Saturday, September 29, 7 pm
manessestrasse 170 zürich, Switzerland

URL http://annex-manesse.tumblr.com



7. Marina Abramovic, FF Alumn, at Danziger Gallery, Manhattan, thru Oct. 27


September 20, 6 - 8PM
Danziger Gallery

Danziger Gallery's Project Room is pleased to host the book launch and exhibition of a selection of photographs from Marco Anelli's much talked about series - "Portraits in the Presence of Marina Abramovic".

Marco Anelli's powerful work captured every visitor as they sat across from Abramovic in her historic 2010 performance at the Museum of Modern Art.

The centerpiece of the landmark retrospective "The Artist is Present" was Abramovic herself, who sat silently in the museum's atrium inviting visitors to take a seat across from her for as long as they chose. She sat every day for the run of the show-716 hours and 30 minutes- and faced over 1500 people, whose involvement completed the work. Anelli, present for the entire duration of the show, realized his photographic project taking a portrait of each participant and noting the time they spent in the chair. Just as Abramovic's piece concerned duration, the photographs give the viewer a chance to experience the performance from Abramovic's perspective. They reveal both dramatic and mundane moments, and speak to the humanity of such interactions, just as the performance itself did.

The resultant photographs are mesmerizing and intense, putting a face to the world of art lovers while capturing what they shared during their contact with the artist. Reminiscent of Walker Evans's "Subway Series" and Harry Callahan's "Women Lost in Thought" Anelli's work speaks to photography's capacity to explore the human experience from an unobserved view-point. While Anelli is not engaging the sitters or Abramovic directly, his meta-performance as gathered in "Portraits in the Presence of Marina Abramovic is a compelling testament to the cathartic power of the gaze and our connection to one another."

Marco Anelli's work has been widely published and exhibited throughout Italy, including at the Museo della Permanente, Milan, and IX International Biennial of Photography, Turin. He is the recipient of several awards, including the Mario Giacomelli Memorial Prize and Orvieto Photography Award. His collaboration with Marina Abramovic began in 2007. The book is published by Damiani.



Danziger Gallery
527 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011
Telephone 212.629.6778


Gallery Hours
Monday & Tuesday by appointment
Wednesday to Saturday 11AM - 6PM



8. LuLu LoLo, FF Member at Winter Garden, Manhattan, thru Sept. 30, and more

LuLu LoLo's video "Dust Collecting Specialist in Campagna Italy" appears in Scene 1 of
Curated and produced by Cheryl Kaplan, is presented by ArtsBrookfield and The Office performing arts + film,curators of CultureStream.
Winter Garden, 3 World Financial Center, 200 Vesey Street


TELEGRAMS ON THE TABLE, a video fresco intersecting with Federico Fellini's 1960 film, La Dolce Vita and its episodic structure, featuring work from 23 leading contemporary artists, filmmakers, philosophers, choreographers and composers, including several of Fellini's close friends and collaborators, namely Fabio Mauri and Pier Paolo Pasolini (an uncredited script writer of LaDolce Vita) http://www.WorldFinancialCenter.com/telegrams-on-the-table

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS from Italy, France, Israel, England, Wales, Spain, Germany and the United States include: Uta Barth, Laurent P. Berger, Janet Biggs, Kellyann Burns, Alice Cattaneo, Sebastian Currier, Nancy Davenport, Holly Davey, Brent Green, Oded Hirsch, Gustav Hofer/Luca Ragazzi, Mark Lewis, LuLu LoLo, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Fabio Mauri, Alexander Nagel, Lindsay Nordell, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Stephen Petronio, Desideria Rayner/ Luigi Lo Cascio and Marina Zurkow.

Created from 101 works of art, TELEGRAMS ON THE TABLE is organized in four scenes that run as a continuous 112 minute fresco on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and, then, as individual scenes Monday to Thursday. Each scene is introduced by an animated title.

SCENE 1: "Hear/Say: The Arrival of a Movie Star +A Religious Icon"
SCENE II: "Reporters + Intellectuals"
SCENE III: "A Street In Rome, Via Veneto: I Hardly Go There"
SCENE IV: "A Monsters Washes Ashore or The Cha Cha Club"


LuLu LoLo performing Sept. 21, 22, & 23
LuLu LoLo is performing in Communal Spaces: A Garden Play Festival
10 short plays in Northern Manhattan
Three Day Performance: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, September 21st , 22nd and 23rd @3:45pm
A short one-person play
Written and performed by LuLu LoLo
A pigeon, a nut culturist, an author's butterfly, and a defender of insects tell their stories in a garden.
Also in the Herb Garden an Installation by the artist Bibi Flores
Herb Garden
East 111 Street between Lexington and Third Avenues, El Barrio/East Harlem
Community Garden Project

Here is the complete schedule of the ten original short works inspired by and set in community gardens in New York City. Spend the day seeing great theater!

September 21-23
11:30am Hope Steven
West 142nd St btw Hamilton and Amsterdam
by Alexandra Bassett, directed by Lillian Meredith

1:30pm Carver Community Garden
East 124th St btw 2nd and 3rd Ave
by Alexis Roblan, directed by Michael Padden

2:30pm Clayton Williams
Fredrick Douglas Bl and 126th St
written and directed by Sarah Grodsky

3:45pm Herb Garden
East 111th St. btw Lexington and 3rd Ave
written, directed and performed by LuLu LoLo

And after LuLu's play around the corner:
4:30pm El Catano
East 110th St. btw Lexington and 3rd Ave
written by Sam Kahler

6:30pm Maggie's Garden
West 149th St btw Broadway and Amsterdam
by Normandy Sherwood, directed by Eryk Aughenbaugh



9. David Howe, Dan Graham, FF Alumns, at Artspace, Manhattan, Sept. 29

David Howe
Saturday, Sept. 29
1-6 pm
Free and open to the public
No RSVP required
Enjoy a lively conversation with Open::Closed curator David Howe, thinking through open and closed systems, and much, much more.

Curated by David Howe
May 17-September 29, 2012

Where are the rifts and fractures, the pivots and hinges, the tilts and balances between open and closed systems?

People do need to know that Polaris, the North Star, is always in the North. But in today's world, daily life is increasingly digital, binary, polarized, on-off. At risk are the pleasures of ambiguity, possibility, change, and imagination.

Seeking the terrain that lies between open and closed, fixed and flexible, Open::Closed offers the viewer multiple vantage points from which to view the exhibition, disrupting the seemingly neutral experience of looking at art. At the same time, the exhibition focuses on works that explore the conflict between open and closed systems. It is with this double move--one that takes place first in the artworks themselves and then in the way those works are represented--that we ask the viewer and the works to anticipate the arrival of the unexpected.

David Diao
Yevgeniy Fiks
Rainer Ganahl
Dan Graham
Andreas Gursky
Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung
Craig Kalpakjian
Eva and Franco Mattes
aka 0100101110101101.ORG
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
Tsuyoshi Ozawa
Kristine Potter
William Powhida
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Kerry Tribe
Martin Weber

601 West 26th St. Suite 1755 (17th Floor)
New York, New York 10001
Hours: Thu-Fri, 1-6pm and by appointment

Copyright (C) 2012 601Artspace All rights reserved.



10. Barbara Ess, Colette Lumiere, Adrian Piper, Christy Rupp, Arleen Schloss, Anton van Dalen, and Martin Wong, FF ALumns, at The New Museum, thru Jan. 6, 2013

Exhibition Dates 09/19/12 - 01/06/13
"Come Closer" is an exhibition that takes the Bowery as subject, site, and center for
creative ingenuity in the 1970s and 1980s. Drawing upon the New Museum's Bowery Artist Tribute archive and the online archive of Marc H. Miller, 98bowery.com, this exhibition features original artwork, ephemera, and performance documentation by over fifteen artists who lived and worked on or near the Bowery in New York.
Coleen Fitzgibbon installing the exhibition "Income and Wealth" at 5 Bleecker Street,
1979. Courtesy Coleen Fitzgibbon

This exhibition will include works by artists including Barbara Ess, Coleen Fitzgibbon,
Keith Haring, John Holmstrom, Curt Hoppe, Colette Lumiere, Marc H. Miller, Adrian
Piper, Adam Purple, Dee Dee Ramone, Joey Ramone, Marcia Resnick, Bettie Ringma,
Christy Rupp, Arleen Schloss, Charles Simonds, Eve Sonneman, Billy Sullivan, Paul
Tschinkel, Anton van Dalen, Arturo Vega, and Martin Wong.
"Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969-1989" is curated by Ethan Swan, Education
New Museum, 235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002



11. Lawrence Graham-Brown, FF Alumn, at Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival

Lawrence Graham-Brown; "Seeking a Mr. Horse Hung...Catechizing a Tourist Fetish" will premiere at the Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival-New Media. Sept. 22, 2012.

This work of art seeks to draw attention and counter-balance the paradigms of indigenous people, race, religion/ritual, culture, tourism, commerce et` al while employing a masturbatory gaze.

A special thanks to Elvis Lopez, the kind folks of Aruba & Foundation Ateliers89, supported by Prince Bernhard Cultural fund, Caribbean and Aruba Fund, BKVB, Mondriaan Foundation, Doen Foundation and Prince Claus Fund.


here is the link for the catalog for the film festival http://issuu.com/arcmagazine/docs/newmedia2012/1



12. Katherine Behar, FF Alumn, at Ural Federal University, thru Oct. 25, and more

From September 13th to October 25th City Drawings are featured at CITY AS A PROCESS exhibition at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Ural Federal University,
Curators: Darja Kostina and Rafael Fonseca.

Upcoming Shows in Disorientalism's "The Food Groups" Series

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to share two projects from Disorientalism's series, "The Food Groups." If you are in Brooklyn or Albuquerque this month, I hope you'll join us.

Best wishes,

If you missed Disorientalism's Aunt Jemima installation at The Wassaic Project this summer, this weekend is your chance to catch this project in Brooklyn. Ready Mix will be included in Till, curated by Lynn Sullivan, along with works by Charlotte Becket and Jenny Vogel.

A one night show including works by:

Charlotte Becket
Disorientalism (Katherine Behar & Marianne M. Kim)
Jenny Vogel

Curated by Lynn Sullivan

Following "Tale" and "Lift," this is the third in a series of one-night-only shows organized by Lynn Sullivan and hosted in her Bushwick studio.
Hooch & Chili (and Challah) served. All welcome.

Sunday, September 16th
6 - 10 PM
7 St. Nicholas Ave, 4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Between Jefferson St. and Troutman Street, one block from L train at Jefferson.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/523332437693742/

Next week, Disorientalism will be on the West coast, at ISEA. We will be doing a special work-in-progress performance of Maiden Voyage, our latest and third chapter in The Food Groups series, dedicated to the Land O'Lakes Indian Maiden.

"The Food Groups: Maiden Voyage"
A presentation by Disorientalism, with special guest Shiloh Ashley

Inspired by the Land O'Lakes Indian Maiden and the Shadow Wolves, a special, all-Native, border control unit of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Disorientalism's latest project explores issues of privacy, disclosure, surveillance, social class, and mobility through online and offline methods of tracking. "Maiden Voyage" is part of Disorientalism's series, "The Food Groups," which investigates race and labor in American mass food production and promotion.

Saturday, September 21st
4:25 - 4:45 PM
Sandia Boardroom, Hotel Albuquerque
800 Rio Grande Blvd.
Albuquerque, NM 87104

More info: http://www.isea2012.org/

Copyright (c) 2012 Katherine Behar, All rights reserved.
Katherine Behar
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Baruch College, One Baruch Way
New York, NY 10010



13. Clive Phillpot, Pavel Büchler, Simon Cutts, Peter Downsbrough, Davi Det Hompson, Ray Johnson, Sol LeWitt, Adrian Piper, Dieter Roth, Ed Ruscha, Telfer Stokes, Richard Tuttle, and Lawrence Weiner, FF Alumns, at Laure Genillard, UK, thru Nov. 24

Curated by Clive Phillpot
21 September - 24 November 2012
PV Friday 21 September, 6 - 8 PM
Laure Genillard is very pleased to present an exhibition of drawings, collages, card works and wall-drawings curated by Clive Phillpot. A former librarian at Chelsea School of Art in London, Clive became the director of the Library at MoMA in New York in 1977, and mapped out the field of artists's books from an institutional point of view. In answer to our invitation, Clive sent us the following statement. 'Most of the artists included in Drop Me A Line have at one time or another been engaged in the employment of the linear in their work; their lines may be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, incisive or blunt, angular or loopy, descriptive or verbal. Their lines are inscribed on paper, on canvas, on the wall, or in space. This exhibition foregrounds line. Yet another medium for line is the page, and just as one line can be followed by another, one page can follow another until we have a book. It may not be immediately apparent, but as well as being united by their facility with line, many of the artists in this exhibition are also linked by another factor, that they also make book works. And, indeed, as well as celebrating line, the exhibition coincides with the forthcoming publication of Booktrek: Selected Essays on Artists' Books Since 1972 by the curator: Clive Phillpot. A number of the artists who are here exhibiting other forms of their work are included briefly or substantially in the pages of this book.'

[Clive Phillpot, Booktrek: Selected Essays on Artists' Books Since 1972, Zurich: JRP/Ringier, 2012.]
Pavel Büchler
Daniel Buren
David Connearn
Simon Cutts
Hanne Darboven
Jan Dibbets
Helen Douglas
Peter Downsbrough
Hamish Fulton
Davi Det Hompson
Ray Johnson
Sol LeWitt
Richard Long
Olivier Mosset
Adrian Piper
Dieter Roth
Ed Ruscha
Telfer Stokes
David Tremlett
Richard Tuttle
Jan Voss
Lawrence Weiner
Gary Woodley
Laure Genillard is open by appointment only. Thursday-Friday-Saturday 2-6PM CONTACTS: Laure Genillard,
lauregenillard@gmail.com, 07796 156 805 | Hana Noorali, hana@rungallery.co.uk, 07598 778 985 | Lynton Talbot,
Lyntontalbot@gmail.com, 07771 904 706. www.londonlg.blogspot.co.uk



14. Charles Dennis, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, Oct. 13

"Eg anda - I breathe" is a music video that was created for the Icelandic band Sigur Ros' Valtari Mystery Film Competition and features the band's ethereal track "Eg anda".
The video follows the dreamlike journey of a woman (my wife, Mona Banzer) who swims from the depths of the ocean to a remote rocky island where she observes passage of the day from dawn to dark.

Also on the program are a collection of some of my short films, some of which were created in the 1980's and 1990's for performances by Charles Dennis including "New York 1985" (1984), "Feet With The Beat" (1986).
"Shoot-Out at Betacam Canyon" (2000), "After Rush Hour" (2009), and "Squibnocket Tides" (2011).

The screening will take place in the Dixon Place Lounge which features a full bar so you can enjoy a drink while you watch the films.

I hope to see you there.
Charles Dennis Productions
599 20th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218



15. Jennifer Hicks, Jay Critchley, FF Alumns, in Provincetown, MA, Sept. 29, and more

ARTISTS, PERFORMERS, MUSICIANS WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE on SUNDAY SEPT 30th in the performance. All wecome! We will meet at Herring Cove Beach House parking lot at 11 am to map out the plan. I will give artists paint to use on white hazmat suits..with people in them. : ) Performers ..we will create a simple structure to improvise inside of and Musicians ..you'll feel the space and go. This could be a great mess but it will also be a blast! Rare opportunity to come together and create in a really awesome event organized by Jay Critchley and the Provincetown Community Compact and workshop/performance organized by Jennifer Hicks and CHIMERALab

Subject: Free Butoh workshop, performance, installations

Provincetown 10 Days of Art 2012 Festival presents
10 Days That Shook the World: the Centennial Decade
Friday, September 28 to Sunday, October 7, 2012
CHIMERAlab and Jennifer Hicks are honored to be included in this event!!
We will include an installation, free butoh worshop and performance on the beach in Provincetown. INFO BELOW.

Herring Cove Beach Bathhouse in the Cape Cod National Seashore will house a multi-media exhibition before its demolition, "Ten Days That Shook the World: the Centennial Decade," set for September 28 to October 8, 2012; 10 Days of Art Festival and artist Jay Critchley & the Provincetown Community Compact/
We are thrilled to offer this unprecedented opportunity to occupy the iconic HERRING COVE BATHHOUSE structure before it is wiped away, on its last days, as the sea moves in!

WORKSHOP- Saturday Sept 29th
Images in Transformation: Free Butoh Master Class
with Jennifer Hicks

11 am - 3 pm ..bring warm clothes, lunch/snack and water. No dance experience required. All welcome.
(Best suited for those over the age of 16.)
Light rain or shine.

At Herring Cove Beach House, we will explore in movement, image worlds related to nature, memory, disruptions in nature created by man and transformation. Through a kind of deep listening, we become the stories of the land and sea. We dissolve and are reformed only to dissolve again. Using big movements, micro movements, improvisation and quiet seeking we dance. We strip away our daily life to discover the hidden world underneath. It is fun, odd and challenging. Sometimes the hardest part is to just "be".
*For all those interested, toward the end of the workshop we will create a structured improvisation based on the explorations of the day to be performed for an audience the next day. I will talk more about this at the workshop. Performance is at 1pm on Sunday. Costumes will be provided for the performance.

PERFORMANCE - Sunday Sept 30th
UnNaming the UnKnown
1pm at Herring Cove Beach House.

Participants who took part in the workshop in Sunday have created this event for you. Please come and experience with us, human beings as an element of deep nature. There are those that try to control nature, those that live in harmony with it and those that are overwhelmed by it. Then there are those that try to ignore it. But time keeps marching on. Our theme is impermanence. Let us know what you see in this surreal dance technique called Butoh.
Please email for questions: Jennifer Hicks chimeralab@aol.com

** If you have Butoh or improv training and would like to take part in this performance but can not make the workshop/rehearsal on Sat contact me and we can work it out.
Jennifer Hicks chimeralab@aol.com

in an installation- On-Going Friday, September 28 to Sunday, October 7, 2012
Every year the Tree Swallow arrives on Cape Cod for a few days in a cloud of commotion and spectacle that marks their migration. Thousands of birds fill the sky with a sweeping mass of black spots, which swirl and swoop. They rest and feed then continue on their way. This installation of a giant nest and images of birds is to commemorate their birth, roosts, long migration and death. It commemorates their brief visit every year to the shores of Cape Cod and those lucky enough to witness it. To witness the roost in birds, as well as could be said of man, is to be blessed with the wonder of nature. And to experience the empty nest is to remember the path of life, home and it's constant transformation.

Jennifer Hicks has been performing and teaching for over 25 years. She has been studying Butoh with some of the great Butoh teachers since the early 1990's. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from Naropa University in Contemporary Performance, her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Tufts University and Degree in Fine Arts from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston and 5th Year Traveling Scholars Award recipient. Her dance company CHIMERAlab will be performing this winter in Boston so stay tuned.www.chimeralabtheatre.com, www.jenniferhicks.org

CHIMERAlab Dance Theatre is a contemporary Butoh dance company founded on a unique interface between various somatic techniques. Our goal is to create a shared atmosphere, interesting theatre and shared dreams. Splicing imagery together in text, sound, art and movement; abstract elements come together in poetic stories that come from deep inside each of us. We dance our dreams and our history. Under the direction of Jennifer Hicks, artists, musicians, actors, dancers etc. create original dance theatre using poetry, memory, story and a sense of place. We access the wild imagination and build creative collaboration.

Hi Ewa, I'm sending this along via Jay Critchlely. I'm teach a free Butoh Image Dance workshop on Sat the 29th from 11-3 and student participants performance on Sunday 1pm.
Best Wishes - Jennifer Hicks

Subject: Free Butoh workshop, performance, installations

Provincetown 10 Days of Art 2012 Festival presents
10 Days That Shook the World: the Centennial Decade
Friday, September 28 to Sunday, October 7, 2012
CHIMERAlab and Jennifer Hicks are honored to be included in this event!!
We will include an installation, free butoh worshop and performance on the beach in Provincetown. INFO BELOW.

Herring Cove Beach Bathhouse in the Cape Cod National Seashore will house a multi-media exhibition before its demolition, "Ten Days That Shook the World: the Centennial Decade," set for September 28 to October 8, 2012; 10 Days of Art Festival and artist Jay Critchley & the Provincetown Community Compact (The Compact) invite proposals for art and performance events.
We are thrilled to offer this unprecedented opportunity to occupy the iconic HERRING COVE BATHHOUSE structure before it is wiped away, on its last days, as the sea moves in!



16. John Fleck, Karen Finley, FF Alumns, at Carpenter Arts, Long Beach, CA, Sept. 28

If you're in Long Beach next Friday, Finley & Fleck'll show you a good time. Cheers.


John Fleck/Karen Finley
Fri, Sept. 28, 2012 at 8pm
John Fleck takes the audience on a hair-raising roller coaster ride with a pair of Mad Women: Judy Garland & John Fleck's mother, Josephine. Buckle up and hold on tight as they twist, wind & sing their way through the cultural mindset of the late 1960s!
Plus Catch 23: Broken Negative, a work in progress by Karen Finley where she uncovers and reveals the desperation of making meaning out of trauma creatively. The piece-part memory, part emotional individuation, part research and discovery-revisits the inspiration of her earlier iconic works that confronted subjects such as abuse, female rage, violence, homophobia and the outsider.Tickets
$25 Regular - General Admission
Buy tickets >
Call 562-985-7000 for Senior, Student, and CSU Discounts
Group of 12 or more?
For groups over 30 or more, please call for special pricing.
‹ 12/13 Season ›

ARTS TICKET OFFICE | (562) 985-7000
6200 Atherton Street, Long Beach, CA 90815 | map ›
HOURS: 11am-6pm (M-F); Select Saturdays (see Contact tab above); closed Sunday
Site credit ›



17. James Johnson, FF Alumn, now online, at discopie.com

Just posted installation shots of the Word Works show at Regis University.



Catalog 2013 calendars with selected works are available at Lulu.com. 15% off the already discounted price now through Friday.


Preview at: http://www.lulu.com/content/legacy-lulustudio-calendar/jim-johnson-word-works/13128583




18. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at Joe's Pub, Manhattan, Sept. 26

9/26/12 - Live Performance at OUR HIT PARADE at Joe's Pub
Wednesday, September 26, 9:30 PM
Performance at OUR HIT PARADE
at Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette Street, NYC

WHOA come see DH do a special rendition of a top current 40 hit.
What could it possibly be?
Could she be out of touch and think it is perhaps not current with what is current at all?
Of course she could! get your tickies like now.


OUR HIT PARADE is a live top-ten countdown show created by Tony nominee and Obie winner Kenny Mellman (Kiki & Herb), carnal chanteuse Bridget Everett (At Least It's Pink at Ars Nova), pop song opera impresario Neal Medlyn (Neal Medlyn's Unpronounceable Symbol at P.S. 122), producer and MTV cameraman Brendan Kennedy, and writers Ada Calhoun and Peter Schjeldahl. The show is inspired by the musical sketch series Your Hit Parade that ran on radio and then television from 1935 to 1959. On that show, cast members performed the week's most popular songs as comically literal skits. In this show, the hosts and special guest stars from the local performance scene present their renditions of current popular hits live on stage!




19. Betty Tompkins, Chrysanne Stathacos, FF Alumns, now online, and more

My interview with Susan Silas and Chrysanne Stathacos in the MOMMY blog can be read here:


and part of it can be seen here:


I am honored to be a guest of Kendell Geers in his "pre/Occupied" installation at Newtopia: The State of Human Rights curated by Katerina Gregos in Mechelen, Brussells. We are in the La Mot Brewery in the Utopia section of the show. the dates are 9/1 - 12/10/12. the complete guest list is: Marina Abramovic, FF Alumn, Banksy, Belinda Blignaut, Nicolas Bourthoumieux, Charlie Chaplin, Patrick Codenys, Nicolas Delamotte Legrand, Femen, Klaus Fritze, Ganzeer, Kendell Geers, Ilse Ghekiere, Greenpeace, Dimitri Jeurissen, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Barbara Kruger, FF Alumn, Frédéric Lefévre, Pussy Riot, Nedko Solokov, Betty Tompkins, FF Alumn, Raoul Vaneigem, Kara Walker, Ai Weiwei, WuLyf, Zapiro.

I am excited that my text Women Words will be included in the ff Feminist Archive at Galerie Lisa Ruyters in Vienna Kantgasse 3/20, 1010 Wien, +43 1 505 6100, Beethovenplatz@gmail.com,www.GalerieLisaRuyter.com. This show opens on September 21st and runs until December. http://www.galerielisaruyter.com/

The first performance of an edited version of my Women Words will be included in the Zine Fair in Vienna. September 22-23rd. i am thrilled that after 10 years, this project is going live. http://www.kunsthallewien.at/cgi-bin/event/event.pl?id=4814&lang=en

Thank you for your support of my work,




20. Joan Jonas, FF Alumn, at DIA, Beacon, NY

Conversations at Dia:Beacon

Nancy Holt, Joan Jonas, Anthony Ramos, and Paul Ryan with Lori Zippay

Please join us for a conversation that will bring together Nancy Holt, Joan Jonas, Anthony Ramos, and Paul Ryan, four artists featured in the exhibition Circa 1971: Early Video & Film from the EAI Archive, currently on view at Dia: Beacon. The panel will initiate a dialogue on the generative artistic and political landscape that influenced the video art scene of the early 1970s.

Anthony Ramos, Balloon Nose Blow-Up (1972)
Saturday, September 22, 2012
2 pm

3 Beekman Street
Beacon, NY 12508

A reception will follow the panel.

Free with admission.
Space is limited. Reservations are required. To make a reservation, please click here.

General Admission: $10
Students/Seniors: $7
Free for EAI & Dia Members

To become an EAI Member, please click here

Circa 1971: Early Video & Film from the EAI Archive, which was organized on the occasion of EAI's 40th anniversary, features 23 works from 1970-72. The exhibition presents a snapshot of a countercultural moment, when contemporary art practices had moved away from object making toward an emphasis on process; television was the dominant mass cultural force; the social movements of the 1960s had upended long-held cultural assumptions and the new medium of video was deployed as a radical art-making tool.

Circa 1971: Early Video & Film from the EAI Archive was organized by guest curator and Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) Executive Director Lori Zippay, in collaboration with Dia's curatorial department. The exhibition is made possible in part by Pamela and Richard Kramlich.

Conversation with Nancy Holt, Joan Jonas, Anthony Ramos and Paul Ryan
Nancy Holt
A pioneer of earthworks, Land Art and public art, Nancy Holt has also worked in sculpture, installation, film, video, and photography. Her works address memory and perception, often in relation to the natural environment. Holt was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1938. She has produced site-specific environmental works in numerous public places, including Sun Tunnels (1976), a large-scale sculptural work in Great Basin Desert, Utah; Stone Enclosure (Rock Rings) in Bellingham, Washington; Astral Grating (1987) in a New York City subway station, and Dark Star Park, in Arlington, Virginia, among many others. She has also completed large-scale land reclamation projects, including Sky Mound (1988) in the New Jersey Meadowlands, and Up and Under (1998), in Nokia, Finland. A major retrospective exhibition, Nancy Holt: Sightlines, originated at Columbia University's Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, New York, and traveled to Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany, among other venues. Holt's works have been seen in exhibitions at Haunch of Venison, London; John Weber Gallery, New York; New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Dia Center for the Arts, New York, and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York. Holt lives in Galisteo, New Mexico.

Joan Jonas
An acclaimed multi-media performance artist, Joan Jonas is also a major figure in video art. Employing an idiosyncratic vocabulary of ritualized gesture and symbolic objects that include masks, mirrors, and costuming, she explores the self and the body through layers of meaning. Jonas was born in 1936 in New York. Jonas has performed at venues throughout the world, including at the European Kunsthalle, Cologne, Germany; the Kitchen, New York; Documenta 13, Kassel, Germany; and The Museum of Modern Art, New York. She has had retrospective exhibitions at the Queens Museum of Art, New York; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands, and Stadtsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany. In 2005, Jonas presented a site-specific performance at Dia:Beacon, New York. Other one-person exhibitions and performances include Kunstmuseum, Bern; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; San Francisco Museum of Art; Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris and New York; Pat Hearn Gallery, New York, and Sonnabend Gallery, New York, among others. Group exhibitions include the Whitney Biennial, New York; Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Documentas 5, 6, 8, and 11 in Kassel, Germany; Kunsthaus Graz, Austria; and Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna. Jonas lives in New York.

Anthony Ramos
Painter, performance and media artist Anthony Ramos was among the pioneering video artists who used the medium as a tool to critique mass media and give voice to marginalized individuals and communities in the 1970s. His early performance-based works combine conceptual art and political engagement. Ramos was born in 1944 in Providence, Rhode Island. He is the recipient of a Rhode Island Council for the Humanities grant, a Rockefeller Foundation grant, and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and is an Aspen Fellow at the Aspen Institute in Colorado. His video works have been shown at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Light Industry, New York, and Centre Pompidou, Paris, among other venues. He received an M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts, where he was assistant to Allan Kaprow. In the 1970s Ramos was a video consultant for the United Nations and the National Council of Churches. In the 1980s, he lived in Paris where he was a Professor at the American Center, and oversaw the television cabling of ten blocks of Paris. He has taught at Rhode Island School of Design, New York University, and University of California at San Diego. Ramos lives in Eyguieres, France.

Paul Ryan
A founding member of the pioneering activist media collective Raindance, Paul Ryan was both a practitioner and theorist of the early video movement in the 1970s. He continues to work in video, performance, writing and other media. Ryan was born in 1943 in New York City. He received a B.A. from New York University and pursued graduate studies with Marshall McLuhan at Fordham University. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at Documenta 13, Kassel, Germany; Howard Wise Gallery, New York; Venice Biennale; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York, among other venues. Works by Ryan are currently being archived at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., including his Television Ecochannel, Earthscore Notation and his Hall of Risk Program. Ryan authored seminal texts on video, published in Radical Software (1970-74), as well as The Three Person Solution (2009), Video Mind, Earth Mind (1992), and Cybernetics of the Sacred (1974). He has also published in numerous journals, including Leonardo, Afterimage, Millennium, Terra Nova, and Semiotica. Ryan is an Associate Professor in Graduate Media Studies at the New School in New York. He lives in New York.

Dia Art Foundation
A nonprofit institution founded in 1974, Dia Art Foundation is renowned for initiating, supporting, presenting, and preserving art projects. Dia: Beacon, Riggio Galleries, opened in May 2003 in Beacon, New York, on the banks of the Hudson River as the home for Dia's distinguished collection of art from the 1960s to the present. The museum, which occupies a former Nabisco printing factory, features major installations of works by a focused group of some of the most significant artists of the last half century, as well as special exhibitions, new commissions, and diverse public and education programs. Dia:Chelsea is located on West 22nd Street in the heart of New York City's gallery district, which it helped to pioneer. Currently open for artist lectures and readings, Dia is developing plans to expand its presence in Chelsea. Dia also maintains long-term, site-specific projects. These include Walter De Maria's The New York Earth Room (1977) and The Broken Kilometer (1979), Max Neuhaus's Times Square (1977), Joseph Beuys's 7000 Eichen (7000 Oaks) (1988), and Dan Flavin's untitled (1996), in Manhattan; The Dan Flavin Art Institute, in Bridgehampton, New York; De Maria's Vertical Earth Kilometer (1977), in Kassel, Germany; Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1970), in the Great Salt Lake, Utah; and De Maria's The Lightning Field (1977), in Quemado, New Mexico. For additional public information, visit www.diaart.org.

About EAI
Founded in 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) is one of the world's leading nonprofit resources for video art. A pioneering advocate for media art and artists, EAI fosters the creation, exhibition, distribution, and preservation of video art and digital art. EAI's core program is the distribution and preservation of a major collection of over 3,500 new and historical media works by artists. EAI's activities include viewing access, educational services, extensive online resources, and public programs such as artists' talks, exhibitions and panels. The Online Catalogue is a comprehensive resource on the artists and works in the EAI collection, and also features extensive materials on exhibiting, collecting and preserving media art: www.eai.org

Electronic Arts Intermix
535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011
t (212) 337-0680
f (212) 337-0679

EAI on Facebook
EAI on Twitter
Dia on Facebook
Dia on Twitter

Electronic Arts Intermix | 535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor | New York | NY | 10011



21. Buzz Spector, FF Alumn, at White Flag Projects, St. Louis, MO, thru Nov. 2

I'll be giving a talk about-and showing examples of-artists' books and the encouragement they provide us to read them at a particular pace of page turning. I'm looking forward to pulling some wonderful things from shelves and flatfiles. This notion of instructed readership has been occupying my thoughts for awhile now. The event starts at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 9th. If you're in the neighborhood I hope you'll attend.


White Flag Library:
e-flux book co-op
September 8 - November 2

White Flag Projects
4568 Manchester Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63110




22. Peter Grzybowski, FF Alumn, autumn activities

activities in September and October 2012

performances at
6 Préavis de Désordre Urbain festival
Marseille, September 15 - 21


Muzeum Czestochowskie
Suplement OFFsceniczny,
Festiwal Dzialan Performatywnych
Czestochowa, Poland
October 5





23. Jaime Davidovich, FF Alumn, now online


"Video, Video"
Jaime Davidovich

SWITCH Episode 13
30 Minutes With The Pioneer Of Public Access Television Reframes Youtube

When cable television emerged in the mid-1970s, Jaime Davidovich was one of the first artists to recognize its potential for the contemporary arts. In 1976 he helped establish Cable SoHo. A year later he established the Artists Television Network to encourage the dissemination of video art through a commercial broadcast medium under the name SoHo Television. A project of the Artists Television Network it was broadcast on Manhattan public-access television cable TV. Programming included video art, early music videos, performances and interviews with artists including Laurie Anderson, John Cage, and Richard Foreman among many others.

Jaime Davidovich is also known for The Live! Show, a weekly public-access television program with a variety show format that appropriated the formal norms of television along with avant-garde performances, artwork, political satire, and social commentary. He developed the character Dr. Videovich, a psychologist and specialist in television addiction. The show also featured commercials for Videokitsch, commercially produced items and art multiples.

"Video, Video" Episode 13 of SWITCH features Jaime Davidovich in a groundbreaking 30 minute non-stop interview backed up by a parade of rare footage from his own archive.

Watch it now: SWITCH/13/jaime_davidovich

About SWITCH: www.artistorganizedart.org/switchproject



24. Dick Higgins and Hannah Higgins, FF Alumns, at UIC Gallery 400, Chicago, IL

Book Launch: 9/25 (Tuesday) 5PM - UIC, Gallery 400 (400 South Peoria.) The book co-edited by Hannah Higgins and Douglas Kahn; Mainframe Experimentalism: Early Computing and the Foundations of the Digital Arts (UCal Press, 2012)


Thousand Symphonies

Fulcrum Point New Music at the
Graham Foundation, 4 West Burton Place,
Chicago IL

Sept 18 7PM

Chicago Timeline:

September 18 (Tuesday):
Founding Fluxus Artist Dick Higgins's Thousand Symphonies will be performed by Fulcrum Point New Music at the Graham Foundation at 4 West Burton Place in Chicago at 7:00. This is the 50th anniversary of the score ('write a thousand symphonies') and of Fluxus, so the event is especially meaningful. Dick Higgins performed it first in 1968 by having a New Jersey police officer shoot up music paper, which was then played. Dennis Rosenthal arranged for Chicago police to shoot new sheets last week and Fulcrum Point's Stephen Burns is arranging a fabulous concert as its new instigator, composer, conductor.

September 20-23:
Dennis Rosenthal will feature Dick Higgins at the new Chicago Expo at Navy Pier. Swing by if you're in the neighborhood.

September 22 (Saturday):
Prof. Hannah Higgins, Daughter of Dick Higgins and the author of Fluxus Experience, speaks at Alexander Eisenschmidt's "Visionary Architectures" Symposium at the MCA.

September 25 (Tuesday), 5:00:
Australian academic Douglas Kahn will be speaking on "Conceptualism and Energy" at UIC, Gallery 400 (400 South Peoria) and after that Hannah Higgins will launch a book co-edited with Douglas Kahn titled Mainframe Experimentalism: Early Computing and the Foundations of the Digital Arts (UCal Press, 2012).



25. Michelle Handelman, FF Member, autumn events

Michelle Handelman Fall 2012
Dear Friends,
If you find yourself in Berlin or LA this month I'd like to invite you to two group shows with some amazing artists. And I'm thrilled to announce that Beware the Lily Law, my installation on transgender inmates has been held over for a second year at The Eastern State Penitentiary - a historic site in Philadelphia. Wishing you a great start to the Fall season,
Michelle xo

Art Claims Impulse, Berlin
Dazzling & Haunted
September 11, 2012 - September 27, 2012
Participating Artists: Mario Asef, Eberhard Bosslet, Nia Burks, Sérgio Cruz, Flatform, Michelle Handelman, Silvia Lorenz, Jörg Piringer, Tom Schmelzer, Anna-Maria Sommer, Maria Vedder.

AGENCY, Los Angeles
Agency Presents: Fits and Starts
September 22, 2012 - October 6, 2012
Video Screening: Saturday September 29 | 8 pm
Participating Artists: Courtney Andrews, Lani Asuncion, Anne Colvin, Michelle Handelman, Kelly Sears, Christine Suarez and Gabi Vru.

Eastern State Penetentiary, PHILIDELPHIA
Beware the Lily Law, video installation by Michelle Handelman
Now in it's second year! Through November 2012

e-mail: info@michellehandelman.com



26. China Blue, FF Alumn, at John Brown House Museum, Providence, RI

Firefly Grove
Join us on September 20th, 5:30 at the

John Brown House Museum, 52 Power Street, Providence, RI
Performances at 5:30, 7:15 and 7:30 by the Providence Ballet Theatre's Youth Ballet Company.

The Firefly Grove by China Blue is a wonderful interactive light and sound art work that mimics the fireflies' illumination patterns. This project addresses the commonly heard statement in RI of "where have all the fireflies gone." The public art work which reminds people of the magical presence of the firefly and its loss due to light pollution can be seen through March 2013 in the John Brown House Museum's courtyard.

Send us your firefly stories.
We're also gathering stories of fireflies and favorite summer memories for a digital project to accompany the Firefly Grove. If you would like to share your story and possibly have it included in our project, please email Nathan Burbank at nburbank@rihs.org Note: by sharing your story with us, you give your consent to Rhode Island Historical Society and The Engine Institute, Inc., use and reproduction rights of your story in whole or in part in print or online.

For more information click on this link: The Engine Institute.



27. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, at Santa Monica Museum of Art, CA, thru Dec. 22, and more

LESLIE TONKONOW Artworks + Projects | New York | tonkonow.com
Body Prints, Philosophical Drawings, and Map Projections: 1969-1978
September 15 - December 22, 2012
Bergamot Station G1
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Since the 1960s, Agnes Denes has been producing conceptual works of art investigating a wide range of disciplines. An internationally recognized pioneer of Land Art, she is equally known for her exquisitely rendered works on paper.

The exhibition features a selection of important drawings from three early series. It is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue with an introduction by SMMoA director Elsa Longhauser and an essay by the curator, Jeffrey Uslip.

Works by Agnes Denes will also be featured in the following exhibitions:

Materializing "Six Years": Lucy R. Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
September 14, 2012 - February 3, 2013

The Body Argument
Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna, Austria
September 20 - October 25, 2012

Green Acres: Artists Farming Fields, Greenhouses and Abandoned Lots
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
September 22, 2012 - January 13, 2013

Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974
Haus der Kunst, Munich
October 11, 2012 - January 20, 2013

Agnes Denes: Sculpture of the Mind
Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York
November 1 - December 22, 2012

Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects is located on the sixth floor of 535 West 22nd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.



28. Dan Kwong, FF Alumn, now online

Dan Kwong releases CYCLES OF CHANGE environmental music video online

Dan Kwong has just posted online the latest environmental music video which he directed and edited for Great Leap, Inc. "CYCLES OF CHANGE" stars pioneering Asian American performer Nobuko Miyamoto and stellar L.A. rock band Quetzal, with a funny and pointed message encouraging bicycling as an alternative form of urban transportation.





29. Betty Beaumont, FF Alumn, in Work & Days, Issue No. 3, now online

Works & Days, an online quarterly of arts, letters, and no small amount of craft, Issue No. 3, Summer 2012 features work by Betty Beaumont among others. This link takes you to the journal:




30. Jeanine Oleson, FF Alumn, at NY Art Book Fair, Long Island City, Sept. 30

I am happy to announce an event in The Classroom at the New York Art Book Fair at MOMA PS1, where I'll be speaking with Johanna Burton on Sunday, Sept. 30th at 3 pm. This presentation is related to the publication launch of my two new artist books based on earlier performance works, entitled What? and The Greater New York Smudge Cleanse (Circle & Square). I'm excited to talk to Johanna about these bodies of work, and ecstatic about the books, which are beautiful thanks to the design work of Carl Williamson/Circle & Square and Justin Wolf.
Please stop by, it would be great to see you.

Sunday, September 30, 3:00 pm
Sometimes you can't be there, so it's good to know what happened. Sometimes you're there and still want to know.
Jeanine Oleson talks with art historian and critic Johanna Burton about performances, language, objects and documents. This presentation is related to the publication of Oleson's two new artist books based on earlier performance works, What? and The Greater New York Smudge Cleanse (Circle & Square).



31. John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, and Cindy Sherman, FF Alumns, in The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 25

The Wall Street Journal
September 25, 2012, 5:23 p.m. ET

A Case for the Obvious

Every once in a while a major museum mounts what might be called a "Well, duh" exhibition, lavishly demonstrating something everybody pretty much already knows. That Rembrandt was a genius or that the Impressionists were inspired by sunlight fall into this category. So does Andy Warhol being a pervasive influence-probably the pervasive influence-on contemporary art. The most shrewd and sophisticated faux-naïf the world has ever known, Warhol may or may not have had his tongue planted in one of his sallow cheeks with each and every item in his massive oeuvre, but practically every artist who worked in his wake during the past half-century succumbed to at least a mild bout of irony influenza.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, choosing about 100 works by artists influenced by Warhol, along with about half that number made by the doyen of detachment himself, endeavors to illustrate this obvious fact in "Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years." Metropolitan Museum of Art Through Dec. 31

The show is a breeze. Walking leisurely through a gentle maze of galleries with your head on a swivel, you can take in the whole thing in about half an hour, with a little extra time allowed for the crowds-it's a popular show-and possibly pausing in front of a video or two. (The grainy black-and-white head-shot "screen tests" of Lou Reed and Nico are strangely fascinating, while the truly awful 1968 Warhol feature "Lonesome Cowboys" is only slightly less odious on a small screen than it was in theaters.) A quick pan of the final gallery, wallpapered with Warhol's famously garish cow heads and garnished with those floating silver pillows (which constituted his second solo at Leo Castelli, in 1966), and you're ready, as the British street artist Banksy would have it, to exit through the gift shop. The exhibition contains little, if anything, you need to see close up or to linger over. The audio guide doesn't whisper, "Andy would have wanted it this way," but it should.

"Sixty Artists, Fifty Years" really didn't need much organization in the galleries. Random copses of parent-and-sibling work would have done the didactic trick: Andy did a portrait of Marilyn Monroe this way, while Luc Tuymans paints Condoleezza Rice that way and Julian Schnabel painted Barbara Walters still another way. But see how they're all kind of similar because they're anything but honorific? The Met groups the exhibition into five convenient categories which, with their subtitles (and like Warhol's collection of flea-market kitsch), embrace just about everything under the sun: "Daily News: From Banality to Disaster"; "Portraiture: Celebrity and Power"; "Queer Studies: Camouflage and Shifting Identities"; "Consuming Images: Appropriation, Abstraction and Seriality"; and "No Boundaries: Collaboration, and Spectacle." The wall texts aren't awful, but they're a far cry from "Eureka!" For example, this from the portraiture section: "Power and fame in their countless manifestations have held a strong appeal for many artists beyond Warhol. The artists in this section, nearly all of whom depend on the photograph in some way, build on the Warholian model and replenish the art of portraiture in their own unique fashion." It's hard to image anybody who sees "Sixty Artists, Fifty Years" not knowing this beforehand, or not being able to see the point just from the pictures on the walls.

What's good about the show? A lot. This is the Met, after all, and it either owns or can borrow excellent and salient works by Ed Ruscha, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vija Celmins, Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman and the rest of the no-surprises supporting cast. The installation is first rate. (It's not the designer's fault that nothing beckons you to stop for a moment of contemplation.) The catalog-an ample but concise bit of one-stop shopping for Everything Andy-boasts a long, cohesive, and nicely written essay by the show's co-curator Mark Rosenthal. It also includes a superb chronology of "moments" in Warhol's career, from his initial rejection by Castelli in 1961 to his cameo in the movie "Tootsie" and hilarious Braniff Airlines ad campaign with Sonny Liston, to his near-murder in 1968, to highlights from Warhol's even more influential posthumous quarter-century (for example, Rob Pruitt's "The Andy Monument" statue recently on view on a street corner in New York's Union Square.)

Still, there's something dishearteningly lightweight about "Sixty Years, Fifty Artists." It may be that the august Met, straining against type as it does to hold little contemporary art circuses (e.g., Koons, the Starn Twins) on its roof, isn't really comfortable with an artist as nearly omniscient, yet will-o'-the-wisp, as Warhol. In one of the catalog's interviews with several artists influenced by Warhol, co-curator Marla Prather blunders. She says to California artist John Baldessari, "As you no doubt know, Warhol's first solo show was at the Ferus Gallery [in Los Angeles], in 1962." If she isn't somehow referring to his first show in California, that isn't the case. In 1952, Warhol had a one-person exhibition, "Fifteen Drawings Based on the Writings of Truman Capote" in New York. He also enjoyed at least a couple more solo outings prior to showing his Campbell's soup can paintings at Irving Blum's emporium.

It's not usually a critic's place to tell a great museum what it should have done, but the disappointing superficiality of "Sixty Years, Fifty Artists" bids me step over the line. We all know the breadth of Warhol's influence; a peek into the first 10 Chelsea galleries you happen across will tell you that. What the Met should have plumbed is the depth of Warhol's influence, by taking, say, 10 artists (I'll nominate Ms. Sherman, Elizabeth Peyton, Messrs. Koons and Baldessari, and Robert Gober to get the squeegee moving), first noting the affinity between an early work and a relevant Warhol, and then documenting how, and to where, those artists ran with it. The Met could have escorted the viewer beyond Pop's chic ennui and into Warhol's profundity as an artist, as evidenced in the "Disaster" paintings, the Jackies and early films like "Empire."

That, however, would have required the influencees to admit the extent of their debt to Warhol, and big-time contemporary artists are often too career-savvy for such modesty. Pushing them out of their necessary professional conceit is the task, nevertheless, of a premier museum if it wants to get beyond an E-ZPass version of Warhol's legacy.

Mr. Plagens is a New York-based painter and writer. He writes the bi-weekly gallery-review column for the Journal.



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