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Contents for June 25, 2012

1. Susan Leopold, FF Alumn, at Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH, thru July 29

Susan Leopold at The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, through July 29th, 2012. The Butler Institute of American Art is hosting the exhibition “Interiors Disrupted” by New York artist Susan Leopold. A large-scale, site-specific installation and small sculptures are being shown in the Butler’s Beecher Center Flad Gallery, located on the museum’s main level. The Butler Institute of American Art, located at 524 Wick Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio. For further information, contact Kathryn Earnhart 330,743.1107, ext. 123, email info@butlerart.com, or visit butlerart.com. Current work can be viewed on the Elizabeth Harris website: http://www.eharrisgallery.com/leopold/leopold.html



2. Bryan Zanisnik, FF Alumn, at Futura Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic, thru July 15, and more


I currently have a few shows up in Europe and New York. I hope you can check them out if you are in the area. Happy Summer!

Bryan Zanisnik

Bryan Zanisnik
Weekend Warrior
June 5 - July 15, 2012

Futura Centre for Contemporary Art
Holeckova 789/49
Prague, Czech Republic

Weekend Warrior is Bryan Zanisnik’s first exhibition in the Czech Republic and the first retrospective dedicated to the work of this emerging American artist. Zanisnik’s oeuvre offers one of the most exceptionally consistent examples of creative involvement of an artist’s family.Mining the wealth of objects, stories, legends and talent most closely available to him, Zanisnik has created an ongoing series of performances and photographic works that put his own family members, and the apparently infinite amounts of souvenirs and paraphernalia they hoarded, under the spotlight.

Creating immersive environments somewhere between bombed rec-room and thrift store owner/customer nightmare, and engaging in all sorts of symbolic activities with his relatives, Zanisnik uses constructed familiar and domestic setting to project anxieties about his own persona and unfold retro-active cathartic narratives.

Reveling in plain, unapologetic weirdness while making the most of a completely genuine sense of humor that characterizes even the most serious and problematic of his works, the artist summarizes the variety of different approaches used by other artists of his generation in addressing family and domestic environments. His work is inclusive, it digs the family mine directly and still never fails to transform recognizable objects, places and situations into something deeply “else,” charging them with meanings far beyond those suggested by an anecdotal reading of the work.

It makes good use of humor and strikes as often plain funny while also successfully conveying feelings of humiliation, inadequacy, even horror and disgust. Finally, and probably most importantly, Zanisnik’s work is about family bonds and rituals but, in so many ways it isn’t, as most of the artists’ concerns are firmly grounded in reflections on his individuality and/or far reaching considerations on American culture and the influence of normative, restrictive environments on human development.

Family Talk
Curated by Marco Antonini
June 5 - August 26, 2012

Futura Centre for Contemporary Art
Holeckova 789/49
Prague, Czech Republic

Participating artists: Guy Ben-Ner, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Ettore Favini, Petra Feriancová, Aaron Gilbert, Kristyna and Marek Milde, Moira Ricci, Eva Seufert, Irgin Sena, Jiří Skála, Jiří Thýn, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Nico Vascellari, Bryan Zanisnik


June 21 - July 15, 2012
Open Reception: Thursday, June 21, 6 - 9pm

Y Gallery
165 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10003

Participating Artists: Alberto Borea, Travis Boyer, Ryan Brown, José Luis Falconi, Andrea Galvani, Greg Lindquist, Liz Magic Laser, Jules Marquis (Colin Snapp & Daniel Turner), Mie Olise, Aurora Pellizzi, G.T Pellizzi, Rona Yefman, Hennessy Youngman, Bryan Zanisnik


Finally, I recently sat down with Triple Canopy senior editor Colby Chamberlain to discuss my recent projects. The interview can be read online here:




3. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, at Woodstock Artist Association Museum, NY, June 30

Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn
Woodstock Artist Association Museum
28 Tinker St, Woodstock, NY 12498

Saturday, June 30, 5:00 pm

Honored by a major retrospective in February 2012 at the Tate Modern in London, Barbara Hammer currently has a retrospective at the Jeu de Paume in Paris. In 2010, she had a month long retrospective at MoMA, NYC.At WAAM, she will be screening two half hour films: Maya Derenâ’s Sink Hammer's tribute to the mother of avant garde American film. Deren lives again in this evocative documentary. Diving Women of Jeju-do For hundreds of years the women of the Korean island of Jeju-do have been diving without breathing apparatus to the ocean floor and collecting shellfish, octopus, and urchins that they sell. This ancient tradition is about to die. Hammer dives with the women and records the reasons behind their disappearing work and lifestyles.$10 / $7 WAAM members



4. Stanya Kahn, FF Alumn, at Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK, thru Sept. 16

Stanya Kahn: It's Cool, I'm Good opens at Cornerhouse, Manchester

Phone: +44 (0)161 228 7621
70 Oxford Street
Manchester, M1 5NH

Preview: Fri 22 June, 18:00 - 21:00
Exhibition continues until Sun 16 September
Galleries Open/ Tue - Sat: 12:00 - 20:00. Sun: 12:00 - 18:00
Free entry

Cornerhouse, in collaboration with Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival, is delighted to present the first European solo exhibition of new and recent work by acclaimed Los Angeles-based artist Stanya Kahn.

Using humour as a central device, It's Cool, I'm Good will present a selection of videos and drawings, characterised by the artist's signature blend of dark comedy, visceral characters and reluctant optimism. The exhibition includes the premiere of new video commission Who Do You Think You Are.

Absurd, poignant and darkly comic, Kahn's videos create intimate portraits of compelling subjects as they struggle for success or mere survival despite setbacks, trauma and destabilised senses of self. The observations, mundane interactions and edgy jokes of Kahn's characters suggest a deeper consciousness of social alienation, power and agency.

In some works Kahn plays the protagonist. In It's Cool, I'm Good, the artist is a mysteriously injured 'patient' who seduces, harasses and charms a slew of nurses into visiting, possibly for the last time, LA's boulevards, beaches, and deserts. Personal distress gives rise to a gallows humor in which the body reflects the urban tension and precarious ecology of the landscapes. In Lookin' Good, Feelin' Good Kahn wears a giant foam penis out into the world, externalising stand-up comedy's endless penis jokes with an embodiment that can 'speak' for itself. The artist moves behind the camera for the verité video essays Kathy and Sandra, which feature Kahn's best friend and mother speaking candidly about their lives.

Her most recent video work leaves the world of the living and features objects navigating their own micro-worlds. In Arms are Overrated, two paper puppets skirt the issue of their impending obsolescence, chatting in a haunted theme park, by a pool, in bed. They even try to party, but if you're made of paper, beer and cigarettes will literally kill you.

A new commission Who Do You Think You Are further develops themes of trauma and recovery, and explores the elliptical concept of success. The film, which premieres at this exhibition, features a self-styled self-help guru whose relentlessly optimistic monologue thinly conceals her own vulnerability.

It's Cool, I'm Good will also include over thirty of Kahn's drawings.

Stanya Kahn lives and works in Los Angeles. Recent solo exhibitions include Susanne Vielmetter gallery, Los Angeles and Galleria Perdida/Recess, New York. It's Cool, I'm Good won the jury prize for short fiction at the Migrating Forms Festival, New York in 2010. Kahn's work, and previous work made in collaboration with Harry Dodge, has shown extensively in group exhibitions including the Orange County Museum of Art, The California Biennial 2010, Future Gallery, Berlin, 2008 Whitney Biennial, New York, Kunsthalle Bonn, Germany, Getty Museum, Los Angeles, The Hayward Gallery, London, ZKM/Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany and PS1 Contemporary Art Center, New York and Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York.

Co-commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices Festival and Cornerhouse.

Curated by Henriette Huldisch, Associate Curator at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, and Sarah Perks, Director of Programme & Engagement at Cornerhouse, Manchester.

It's Cool, I'm Good is part of Abandon Normal Devices (AND), an energetic festival of ground-breaking art, digital culture and new cinema taking place annually across the Northwest of England.

A new catalogue to accompany the exhibition, published by Cornerhouse, will be available online at www.cornerhouse.org/books



5. Simone Forti, Dan Graham, Matt Mullican, Julia Scher, Michael Smith, William Wegman, Lawrence Weiner, FF Alumns, at Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerpen, Belgium, thru July 28

galerie micheline szwajcer verlatstraat 14, b-2000 antwerp (belgium). t +32 (0)3 237 11 27 - f +32 (0)3 238 98 19 - contact@gms.be - www.gms.be

Antwerpen, Belgium
curated by Dan Graham
21 June - 28 July 2012
"I have selected some of my favorite drawings submitted to me by favorite artists, including middle-aged, 'young' artists whose work is best known in the area of performance or large sculpture. My main criteria aside from the works’ aesthetic qualities, is the way the work deals with clichés and eccentric humor." (Dan Graham) The exhibition will include drawings by Ceal Floyer, Simone Forti, Wineke Gartz, Jef Geys, Nicolás Guagnini, Mieko Meguro, John Miller, Matt Mullican, Julia Scher, Michael Smith, and William Wegman. The opening takes place on Thursday June 21st from 6 to 9 pm.

curated by Wouter Davidts
21 June - 28 July 2012
With works by Jo Baer, Céline Condorelli, Jeremiah Day, Joris Van De Moortel, Wilfried Vandenhove, and Lawrence Weiner.
On Friday June 22, at 8 pm, Jeremiah Day is presenting the slide-show performance Maquis. Originally enacted at an Amsterdam squat to serve as the basis for a public discussion, the work was made in dialogue with the 2004 Dutch Presidency of the European Union and is perhaps even more timely today than when first shown.



6. Claire Jeanine Satin, FF Alumn, now online at www.jewishartnow.com

An article published online in JEWISH ART NOW June 19, 2012 on the work of CLAIRE JEANINE SATIN:



Includes images of the artist's Judaic books, one of two, that are in the collection of The Rare Books and Special Collections, Hebraic section, The Library of Congress.

Thank you.



7. Yoko Ono, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, June 21

The New York Times
Inside Art
Published: June 21, 2012

Outside the entrance to the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens here there are six dogwood trees with paper messages dangling from their branches in many languages. “Less fear and greed,” one reads; “Peace and Love,” another. The messages are at the invitation of Yoko Ono, who at nearly 80 is the subject of “Yoko Ono: To the Light,” which opened on Tuesday.
Her first show here in more than a decade, it includes videos like “Fly” and “Amaze” (1971/2012). “Fly,” made with John Lennon, traces a fly as it travels across a naked woman’s body. “Amaze” is a labyrinth of a clear plastic and aluminum.
Ms. Ono’s presence will reach beyond the confines of Kensington Gardens. From Thursday through Sept. 9 her video “Imagine Peace” will be translated into 24 languages on 25 video screens throughout Britain, including those in Victoria Park and Hyde Park and on the Underground at Canary Wharf in London. Lennon’s 1971 song “Imagine” accompanies the video.
The “Imagine Peace” videos were organized by the Art Production Fund, based in New York. Like the exhibition at the Serpentine the videos are part of the London 2012 Festival, in anticipation of the Olympics.



8. Miriam Sharon, FF Alumn, announces new publication

Miriam Sharon: A BOOK RETROSPECTIVE 2012

To order please contact


Printed Matter, 195 Tenth Ave, New York, NY 10011.

Many thanks,



9. Dread Scott, Gregory Sholette, FF Alumns, at Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, Greece, opening June 27

It's The Political Economy, Stupid
Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, Greece
(Warehouse B1, Thessaloniki port area)
June 27-September 30, 2012
Opening: June 27th, 20:30

Participating artists: Zanny Begg (AU) & Oliver Ressler (AT), Filippo Berta (IT), Linda Bilda (AT), Libia Castro (ES) & Ólafur Ólafsson (IS), Julia Christensen (US), Yevgeniy Fiks, Olga Kopenkina, Alexandra Lerman (US), flo6x8 (ES), Melanie Gilligan (CA), Jan Peter Hammer (DE), Alicia Herrero (AR), Institute for Wishful Thinking (US), Sherry Millner & Ernie Larsen (US), Isa Rosenberger (AT), Dread Scott (US)

Exhibition curators: Oliver Ressler and Gregory Sholette

Globalization, privatization, flexible work schedules, deregulated markets; 30 years of neoliberal capitalism has driven most of the world’s governments to partly or wholly abandon their previous role as arbitrators between the security of the majority and the profiteering of the corporate sector. It comes as no surprise therefore that when problems in the US real estate and financial sectors resulted in a global financial crisis starting in 2008, governments all over the world pumped trillions of dollars into banks and insurance companies, essentially creating the largest transfer ever of capital into the private sector. One argument often cited for this unprecedented action was that many of these transnational corporations were “too big to fail.” Still, despite these enormous expenditures millions of people soon lost their homes and livelihood, and the economic and social damage has not yet ended. The cost of these bailouts is staggering. States borrowed capital to rescue financial institutions resulting in growing national debt and virtual insolvency for some countries. Managing these budget deficits might have been possible if wealthy transnational corporations were forced to assist the economy, but neoliberal governments instead chose to introduce belt-tightening programs that radically reduce public services and social welfare. Needless to say, these austerity measures do not necessarily reflect the will of the majority, and increasing voter apathy is one serious side effect of such top-down decision-making.
Today, we are facing a catastrophe of capitalism that has also become a major crisis for representative democracy. The very idea of the modern nation state is in jeopardy as the deterritorialized flow of finance capital melts down all that was solid into raw material for market speculation and bio-political asset mining. It is the social order itself, and the very notion of governance with its archaic promise of security and happiness that has become another kind of modern ruin. Theorist Slavoj Zizek puts it this way, “the central task of the ruling ideology in the present crises is to impose a narrative which will place the blame for the meltdown not on the global capitalist system as such, but on secondary and contingent deviations (overly lax legal regulations, the corruption of big financial institutions, and so on).” [1]
It’s the Political Economy, Stupid [2] brings together a group of superlative artists who focus on the current crisis in a sustained and critical manner. Rather than acquiesce to our current calamity this exhibition asks if it is not time to push back against the disciplinary dictates of the capitalist logic and, as if by some artistic sorcery, launch a rescue of the very notion of the social itself.

[1] Slavoj Zizek, First as Tragedy, Then as Farce. Verso Books, London/New York 2009, p. 19
[2] The title It’s the Political Economy, Stupid is a re-phrasing by Slavoj Zizek of the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid”, a widely circulated phrase used during Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign against incumbent President George Bush Senior.

Versions of the exhibition It’s the Political Economy, Stupid were presented at Open Space, Vienna and Austrian Cultural Forum, New York. It will be continued at the Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland (01.02. - 26.05.2013).

For parallel program events please check out www.cact.gr.



10. Kanene Holder, FF Alumn, at Marcus Garvey Park, Manhattan, June 29

$earching for American Justice: The Pursuit of Happiness shine a new light on the beauty of our 99% message and is featured in the first Harlem Arts Festival and also the Art in Odd Places Festival in October… stay tuned:)

PLEASE JOIN US on 6/29 in HARLEM to discuss issues pertinent to the 99%.
The Freedom from Information Fund Presents


On June 29th from 3- 3:30pm at Marcus Garvey Park (124th st and Madison Ave)
Tell AmericanJustice what she needs to DO.
Come prepared to ask AmericanJustice questions.
Take a picture with AmericanJustice!

$earching for American Justice: The Pursuit of Happiness is a new 15 minute, improvisational and interactive play featuring comical actors and a participatory audience. The star of this satire is a vapid AmericanJustice.

AmericanJustice is a uniquely American monster; a clown whose blind allegiance to the status-quo, highlights our dying democracy. AmericanJustice (AJ) aka “AmiJ” is a “d-list” celebrity in the mold of Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. Legally blonde & Legally blind, she is the heiress to the scales of Justice. Infantilized by our latent national pseudo-information-age, and totally out of touch with reality, AmiJ, like Paris and Kim and Chloe and all the rest of them, is a parasitic socialite preoccupied with making cameo public appearances for unabashedly-ubiquitous, social-media, self-promotion. $earching for American Justice: The Pursuit of Happiness investigates governmental paralysis that benefit the 1% by putting #profitoverpeople. Part Theater of the Oppressed and Socratic Method, $earching for American Justice leaves audiences wondering- Who does our government protect? Who does our government serve?

Video of a previous performance and more information http://www.harlemartsfestival.com/2012-festival/kanene-ayo-holder/

Please contact the producer Kanene Holder 917.318.8115
I prefer email kanene.holder@gmail.com if you have further questions and for the script.

This has been a $earching for American Justice communiqué.

4/5/6 to 125th street then a short 4 blk walk
2/3 to 125th street then a short 4 blk walk

Kanene Holder
Colin Powell Center for Policy Study
New York Life Graduate Fellow

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
-Nelson Madiba Mandela



11. Dike Blair, Buzz Spector, at Golden Gallery, Manhattan, July 13-Aug. 5

Dike Blair
Gregg Bordowitz
Mary Ellen Carroll
Cameron Crawford
Jeanne Dunning
Anthony Elms
Wendy Jacob
Silvia Kolbowski and Simon Leung
Helen Mirra
A. Laurie Palmer
Mary Patten
John Ploof
Timothy Porges
Buzz Spector
Reagan Upshaw
Roberta Upshaw

The exhibition is titled WhiteWalls: Writings by Artists, 1978-2008 and is hosted at Golden Gallery, New York. As is the mission of WhiteWalls, the exhibition will explore (and complicate) the intersection of art and language, text and image. It will be at once a reading room, group exhibition, and event series - I think it'll be a rewarding five weeks. I hope you can make it.

All my best,
Andrew Blackley

Golden Gallery, Inc.
120 Elizabeth St., Ground Floor, NY NY 10013
3319 N Broadway St., Chicago IL 60657



12. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, at Hotel Paravent, Berlin, Germany, June 26

Dear Friends,

A Slide Show by.. Lacey Haynes is showing at this one night group show, 'Absence / Presence' next Tuesday at HOTEL PARAVENT, Schönhauser Allee 161A in Berlin. It is curated by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez.

My piece is A Slide Show by... Lacey Haynes. This piece has been performed in various constellations before by Ben Fergusson at Clarke Gallery, Berlin; Karen Page at Franklin Furnace, New York; Liz Solo at Eastern Edge, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada; Andy Field at TROVE in Birmingham and, most recently by Nic Tammens and Matthew Greaves at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

Show starts at 7.30pm sharp. Free entry. All welcome. Nearest U Bahn Senefeldeplatz. Would be great to have you there!

Best wishes,

Elly x



13. Peculiar Works Project, FF Alumns, at Theater for the New City, Manhattan, June 28-July 1

A "pleasure palace" installation inspired by classic Asian erotica

featuring installations by

and performances created by

Script Director: HILLARY MILLER
Stage Manager: SHAWN TRISTAN


performed by

Choreography: RACHEL COHEN

THURSDAY - SUNDAY, JUNE 28 - JULY 1, 2012, 7-11pm
66 East 4th St. New York, NY (map it)
Tickets $20 general admission
The first 100 online tickets ONLY $15
available on OVATIONTIX

Technical Director: ASHANTI ZITHS
Production Translator: AYAKO
Production Assistant: EMMA GENEVICH

This Peculiar Works Project was made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, the City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs and with private funds from the Mental Insight Foundation.

Peculiar Works Project
595 Broadway, 2nd floor
New York, New York 10012-3222



14. Richard Prince, FF Alumn, at mfc-michèle didier, Paris, France, July 7-Sept. 1

mfc-michèle didier

Richard Prince: Pre-Appropriation Works, 1973-1974
Exhibition from Saturday July 7 to Saturday September 1, 2012
Opening on Saturday July 7, 2012 from 6 pm to 9 pm
mfc-michèle didier’s first year in Paris comes to an end with a light summer show, but nonetheless exceptional, the exhibition Richard Prince: Pre-Appropriation Works, 1973-1974.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to come see Richard Prince’s early works from Saturday July 7 until Saturday September 1, 2012. The opening will take place Saturday July 7 from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Richard Prince, internationally known American artist, particularly famous for his re-photographed Marlboro’s advertisements and for his series of Nurse paintings, is an expert in appropriation art and probably the artist who counts best America’s fin de siècle.

However, the focus of the exhibition is put here on the years «before the appropriation», and more precisely on the years 1973 and 1974. The works shown at the gallery were collected in the early seventies by Angus Whyte, Richard Prince’s first art dealer. Etchings, collages, monoprints, drawings and letters are examples of the techniques the young Prince has experimented.

On one hand, Flavored Letters, written in 1974, can be considered as Mail Art, an artistic movement that many of the artists of this era have practiced; Richard Prince showed a significant interest in researching the artistic expressions of his time.

On the other hand, transfer technique, the intermediate process between the collected and the distributed image, is recurring in his work, almost systematic. This clearly announces what appeared later: Richard Prince’s trademark, appropriation.

These early researches testify to the artist’s integration in conceptual concerns of this time and prefigure works that will make Richard Prince an artist with a remarkable individuality. The exhibition Richard Prince: Pre-Appropriation Works, 1973-1974 enables us to discover the premises of Richard Prince’s art, back to the origin of his creation.

We warmly thank Angus Whyte and David Platzker for their close collaboration in the development of this exhibition.

For more information about the exhibition, please contact us by email info@micheledidier.com or by phone + 33 1 71 97 49 13.

The gallery will be closed from August 7 to 22, 2012 included. From August 23 to September 1, the gallery will adopt a summer schedule, which means that it will be open from Thursday to Saturday, from 12 am to 7 pm.

mfc - michèle didier
66, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, F-75003 Paris
Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12 am to 7 pm
T: +33 (0)1 71 97 49 13 – M: +33 (0) 6 09 94 13 46
info@micheledidier.com – www.micheledidier.com
Subway: République, Strasbourg Saint-Denis, Arts et Métiers



15. Felix Gonzalez-Torres, FF Alumn, at Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, thru Sept. 28

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
June 21–September 28, 2012

PLATEAU, Samsung Museum of Art
Samsung Life Insurance Building
Taepyeongno2-Ga, Jung-Gu,
Seoul, Korea 100-716
Hours: Tues–Sun, 10–6pm

T +82 2 2259 7726


PLATEAU, Samsung Museum of Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, entitled Double. This exhibition examines the broad spectrum of Gonzalez-Torres's oeuvre with particular emphasis on the malleable nature of his works, demonstrating how their meaning, as much as the form, can shift as the architectural, social, and curatorial landscapes change. As suggested in the title, Double proposes a dual presentation at both PLATEAU and our sister museum Leeum, as well as multiple locations throughout the city of Seoul, involving various ways of repetition and reconfiguration of the artist's works. Utilizing editions and simultaneous manifestations of identical pieces, the presentation hopes to reflect the continuing vitality of his art, which continues to inspire countless artists in contemporary art today.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, who died at the early age of 38 in 1996, is considered one of the most influential artists of his generation whose legacy still remains strongly present in the current art historical discourse. Born in 1957 in Cuba and immigrated to New York City in 1979, the artist did not allow his racial and sexual minority status to marginalize his position in the art world, instead developing his own unique body of work by appropriating the existing visual language of minimalism. At the same time, he actively engaged the viewer in his works, subverting conventional art practices through its endless transformation and destruction of form. Using everyday objects such as mirrors, clocks, puzzles, candies, and paper stacks, Gonzalez-Torres's oeuvre more profoundly examined the "public" function of art, while presenting strictly private contemplations on love and the fragility of life. From the socially critical works of the 1980s to the more contemplative and poetic works of the 1990s, his oeuvre achieved its distinct perspective through the juxtaposition of the private and public, as well as the poetic and political.

Challenging tradition, monumentality and even his own authority as artist, Gonzalez-Torres emphasized the mutability of meaning and form in order to keep his work alive and connected with the viewers across cultures and generations. His works will also have a powerful resonance with Korean viewers today who have undergone dramatic political, economic and cultural changes over the recent decades. As the first comprehensive exhibition of Gonzalez-Torres's work in Asia, this exhibition will provide a significant opportunity to introduce the remarkable achievements of his short but prolific career to the Korean and international audiences in the region,

Curated by Soyeon Ahn, Chief Curator, PLATEAU, Samsung Museum of Art, Korea.

PLATEAU, Samsung Museum of Art was first inaugurated in 1999 as Rodin Gallery, presenting its permanent installation of Auguste Rodin's monumental masterpieces, The Gates of Hell and The Burghers of Calais, and has established itself as one of the central institutions in the Korean contemporary art scene.

In May 2011, Rodin Gallery reopened its doors under the new name, PLATEAU, aspiring a broader scope of program, as well as higher artistic grounds for artists and patrons alike. With the new name, PLATEAU expresses our renewed commitment to embracing the dynamic developments in Korean and international contemporary art, in continuation with our permanent display of the Rodin masterpieces.

Press contact: Lee Kyoung Ock, Public Relations Team:
T +82 2 2014 6552 / kyoungock81.lee@samsung.com

*Image above:
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (North), 1993. Light bulbs, porcelain sockets and extension cords. Overall dimensions vary with installation. Twelve parts: 6.85m in length with 6m of extra cord each.
Courtesy Marieluise Hessel Collection, Hessel Museum of Art, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandale-on Hudson, New York. Installation view at PLATEAU, Samsung Museum of Art.
Photo: Sang Tae Kim.



16. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, at Barbes, Brooklyn, July 8

the famous accordion orchestra will be back at brooklyn's barbes, sunday evening, july 8, at 7:00 pm, bringing its blend of old, new, borrowed and stolen tunes. ellington, offenbach, allan sherman, kraftwerk, bob marley and some of our own. it's a great room, the drinks are tasteful and varied, and if you're in brooklyn, it's convenient and air conditioned.

barbes brooklyn
376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn
347 422 0248

donations will be requested.
hope to see you there!

The Famous Accordion Orchestra led by Bob Goldberg, bridges the traditional and the post-modern, performing Offenbach, Ellington, Copland, Paolo Conte, and Kraftwerk, Balkan, Klezmer, Basque, and Italian folk tunes, and original compositions.

bob goldberg, genevieve leloup, mark nathanson, melissa elledge, rachel swaner, accordions;
greg burrows, percussion.



17. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, at Miami Performance International Festival ’12, FL, July 26-29


ARGENTINA : Gabriel Montero | CANADA | Irene Loughlin | COLOMBIA: Eduardo Oramas | DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Eliu Almonte | Guillermo Liriano Bass | Nicolas Dumit Estevez | Aryln Jimenez | Pery Jimenez | Claudia Lizardo | Jochi Muñoz | Ismael Ogando | Grimaldy Polanco | Alexeis Tellerine | EL SALVADOR :Alexia Miranda | GERMANY: Maja Horn | MEXICO: Fausto Garcia | Pancho Lopez | MIAMI : Cristy Almaida | Eduardo Balerdi | Pip Brant| Daniel Fiorda | Becky Flowers | Orestes De La Paz | Mark Holt | Leder Kremer | Claudio Marcotulli | Mikey Muench | Charo Oquet | Nicole Soden | Phaedra Robinson | NEW YORK: David Prusko | SPAIN: Palmer Fisher - Jessica Hirst

Produced by Edge Zones Projects, this year’s Festival , MIAMI PERFORMANCE 12 will partner with Miami’s and Miami Beach’s innovative arts and cultural organizations to produce a lively dialogue through different disciplines working and thinking together. Bringing together artists from around the Caribbean and from around the world, will create a an exciting cultural atmosphere producing cross-pollination and think tanks where ideas can be exchange, resources can be shared and produce new connections between artists and organizations provoking thought and stimulate discourse surrounding performance art.

M/P12 will present artwork that is time based, transitory, ephemeral or temporary. We will be exhibiting performance art, ephemeral installations, durational performance, art actions, public interventions, installations, social sculpture, site specific performance, performance based photography and any other time-based forms.

M/P12 encourages appreciation of performance art among the general public. The festival will include workshops, lectures, artist talks, or other forms of discourse.
This festival offers four days of performance. Every event will feature different artist groups.

12 has been conceptualized and programmed by Charo Oquet founding director of Edge Zones Art Projects, Miami.

We look forward to an intensive four days of performance and invite the public to attend to this free events.

12 is made possible with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners." It is also sponsor by The Miami Beach Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami Beach Mayor ad Board of County Commissioners, The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens.

CONTACT: Charo Oquet
Tel. 305 303 8852



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