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Contents for June 04, 2012

1. Veronica Hart, Gloria Leonard, Candida Royalle, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, FF Alumns, at Museum of Sex, Manhattan, June 12.

Five adult film stars from the "Golden Age of Porn": Veronica Hart, Gloria Leonard, Candida Royalle, Annie Sprinkle and Veronica Vera were the original "Sex and the City" girls. Turning to one another for the support they needed to navigate their way through life after blue movies, these dynamic women created "Club 90" in 1983, forming a bond that would continue for nearly thirty years. They went on to pursue their personal goals, and in the process, blazed new trails in the fields of human sexuality, women's empowerment, erotic expression, and free speech. Come get a taste of the good old days when NYC was America's sex film capital, movies were shot on 35mm film, and Times Square was x-rated! And most of all, come share the laughs, the drama & the intimate stories of this controversial support group. This rare reunion promises to be candid, informative and electric!
When: Tuesday,June 12th, 2012 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: MOSEX's OralFixBar, 233 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016
Tickets: $25.


Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, with Beth Stephens at Museum of Sex's F*ck Art Gallery, NYC, Wednesday, June 13. 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

ASSUMING THE ECOSEXUAL POSITION A performative visiting artist lecture, slideshow & tell with Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens
What happens when two city girls embrace the Earth as their lover? They get real dirty! Then they marry the Earth, Sky, Sea, Rocks, Sun, and more, in a series of performance art weddings? Stephens & Sprinkle have developed "SexEcology," a new field of research which explores the places where sexology and ecology intersect. Learn 25 ways to make love with the Earth, how to find your e-spot, and why mysophilia, arboreal frottage and pollen-amory are so deeply satisfying. These 'grrrrls gone green' make experimental theater, visual art, video, and lead ecosex walking tours & workshops. Once you know more about the budding ecosex movement, you just might discover you are an ecosexual too.
Elizabeth Stephens is an artist, professor at UCSC, and filmmaker. Her new film, Goodbye Gauley Mountain-An Ecosexual Love Story, makes the environmental activist movement more sexy, fun and diverse. Annie Sprinkle was a prostitute and porn star for twenty years. She became a pivotal player in the sex positive feminist movement, an internationally known performance artist, and the first porn star to earn a Ph.D. Sprinkle and Stephens have been living and working together for twelve fertile years. For more about Beth & Annie's work, www.sexecology.org
Tickets are at http://museum.museumofsex.com/ai1ec_event/assuming-the-ecosexual-position-with-annie-sprinkle-elizabeth-stephens/?instance_id=5403



2. Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, at Grace Performance Space, Brooklyn, June 14-15

ASSUMING THE ECOSEXUAL POSITION A performative visiting artist lecture, slideshow & tell with Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens. (See above description.) June 14th.

LET'S GET DIRTY! A naked performance in a bed of dirt. June 15th. 9:00 pm until 11:00 pm

Grace Exhibition Space, 840 Broadway, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11206.



3. Charles Dennis, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, June 9

Hello Friends,
You are invited to a screening of short films I've been creating since the 1980's at Dixon Place on Saturday June 9. Some were originally part of my live performances, others are dance and experimental films made for the camera.
Included are "Buoy" (2009), The Ride Home (2012), February (2011), Squibnocket Tides (2012), After Rush Hour (2010), Shoot Out at Betacam Canyon (2000), New York 1985 (1984), and Feet With The Beat (1986) - created in collaboration with Alain LeRazer.

Also on the program will be a new live dance/video work featuring guest dancers Elise Knudson and Kayoko Nakajima.
The screening takes place in Dixon Place's Lounge which offers a full bar so come and have a drink and enjoy the film.
Cheers, Charles

Charles Dennis Productions
599 20th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218



4. Marina Abramović, FF Alumn, at Film Forum, Manhattan, June 13-26


at Film Forum
New York, New York

June 13 - 26, 2012

Sean Kelly announces that Film Forum in New York City will present the U.S. theatrical premiere of the award-winning, feature-length documentary, MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ THE ARTIST IS PRESENT. The film, from first-time director Matthew Akers, offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes portrait of Abramović, following the artist in the momentous year leading up to her major retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2010. The film will be on view at Film Forum from Wednesday, June 13 through Tuesday, June 26, 2012.

In addition to providing unprecedented access to Abramović's preparations for the historic MoMA exhibition, MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ THE ARTIST IS PRESENT weaves archival footage of the artist's early works together with interviews and scenes with commentators and public figures, including: MoMA PS1 Director and MoMA Chief Curator at Large Klaus Biesenbach; art critic Arthur Danto; Oscar(r)-nominated actor James Franco; Whitney Museum of American Art curator Chrissie Iles; Sean Kelly; writer Tom McEvilley; and performance artist and Abramović's early partner and creative collaborator Ulay.

MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ THE ARTIST IS PRESENT is an HBO Documentary Films presentation of A Show of Force production, directed by Matthew Akers. The producers are Jeff Dupre, Maro Chermayeff and Owsley Brown III. Director of Photography, Matthew Akers; Co-Directed by Jeff Dupre; Edited by E. Donna Shepherd; Co-Edited by Jim Hession; Original Music by Nathan Halpern; Co-Producer Francesca von Habsburg; For Dakota Group Ltd, Executive Producers Stanley Buchthal, Maja Hoffmann and David Koh; For HBO: Senior Producer for HBO, Nancy Abraham; Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins. The MoMA exhibition The Artist is Present was conceived, titled and organized by Klaus Biesenbach.

For further information on the film and to view a trailer, please visit the film's website.

For further information on the Film Forum screenings, please visit the Film Forum website.

For press inquiries, please contact Maureen Bray at the gallery (212.239.1181) at maureen@skny.com. For all other inquiries, please contact Cécile Panzieri at the gallery (212.239.1181) or at cecile@skny.com.

Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, selected as inaugural artist for Vilcek Foundation's digital art board

Congratulations to Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, who has been selected as the inaugural artist for the Vilcek Foundation's "Dartboard" Here's a link:




5. Dan Graham, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, Carolee Schneemann, Andy Warhol, FF Alumns, at Susan Inglett Gallery, Manhattan, thru July 13

31 May - 13 July 2012

SCREW YOU, curated by David Platzker of Specific Object, shines a light on the intersection of counterculture publishing, tabloid pornography and the art world which occurred in the creatively fertile years of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The exhibition will be on view at Susan Inglett Gallery 31 May to 13 July.

SCREW YOU draws its title and inspiration from the notorious pornographic tabloid Screw: The Sex Review, which came onto the New York scene November 29, 1968.

Initially as a sly means to justify prurient sexual content, Screw and like-minded publications included literary and fine art to skirt the censors. While not a particularly successful subterfuge, as the editors were prosecuted repeatedly throughout the early years, the juxtaposition made for titillating journalism.

Nestling porn and fine art side by side between the sheets, content ranged from spreads of large breasted women illuminating such erudite articles as "The Art of Buying Dirty Books" to centerfolds conceived by and featuring artist Yayoi Kusama.

Issues of Screw throughout the late 1960s and the early 1970s embraced a cultural breadth spanning art, advertising and editorial. Contributors from the realm of visual culture included leading movers and shakers Dan Graham, Andy Warhol, John Lennon and Yoko Ono. A journalistic standard was set with the inclusion of content addressing the important issues of the day such as freedom of speech, while simultaneously raising pornographic standards with the quality of imagery.

While Screw, Kiss, Pleasure, and Kusama's own tabloid, Kusama's Orgy of Nudity, Love, Sex Beauty, played to the strengths of the genre, contemporaneous periodicals such as New York Review of Sex and Politics, Other Scenes, The East Village Other and artist Les Levine's Culture Hero favored a merging of literature and art in addition to its pansexual content. Notable contributors to these loftier publications included the writers Gregory Battcock, Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski and artists Brigid Berlin, R. Crumb, John Chamberlain, Claes Oldenburg, Carolee Schneemann, Bob Stanley, Walasse Ting, and Tadanori Yokoo, along with many others working in the realm of sex and sexual identity.

SCREW YOU. unsheathes the aforementioned periodicals, rescuing them from the literal and metaphorical trash bin to sit side by side with the original art and films that filled the page and informed an era. These publications open a window onto an enlightened generation and the art and influences which gave rise to the counterculture.

Artists in the exhibition include Brigid Berlin, John Chamberlain, Dan Graham, Peter Hujar, Yayoi Kusama, Mel Ramos, Pablo Picasso, Carolee Schneemann, Robert Stanley Betty Tompkins, and Andy Warhol.

The exhibition will be on view at Susan Inglett Gallery located at 522 West 24th Street Tuesday to Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM, starting summer hours 18 June Monday to Friday. The Gallery will be closed for the Fourth of July holiday beginning 4 July and reopening Monday 9 July.



6. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, at Jeu de Paume, Paris, France, June 12-July 1

June 12-July 1, Jeu de Paume, Paris
Retrospective: Films/Videos/Performance
"The Risky Visions of Barbara Hammer" opens June 12.
Events: Recontre with E. Leibovici and D. Hebron June 16. Performance with R. Barba June 17.
http://www.barbarahammer.com (English translation)



7. Claudia Demonte, Fred Wilson, FF Alumns, in The New York Times, June 1

The New York Times
June 1, 2012
Cool Substitute Art Teacher: Mr. Koons
New York City Title I public schools - which have the highest percentage of children from low-income families - have been known to hold art classes in broom closets and to scrounge for art supplies. But next week some of their students are going to get the artist Jeff Koons as their art teacher - at least for a day.
It's part of Visual Arts Appreciation Week, organized by Studio in a School, a nonprofit organization founded by the philanthropist Agnes Gund that brings arts education into the city's public schools.
Starting Monday, for the first time in Studio's 35-year history, the organization has invited high-profile artists into classrooms to highlight the importance of arts education. Instructors will include Fred Wilson, Ursula von Rydingsvard and Claudia Demonte. Schools that artists will visit include P.S 112 and P.S. 46 in Harlem, P.S. 75 on the Upper West Side and P.S. 139 in Flatbush, Brooklyn.



8. Jack Waters and Peter Cramer, FF Alumns, at Le Petit Versailles, Manhattan, June 11, and more


JUNE 3 - <http://www.facebook.com/events/267844586647026/>

Harry Hay Day Coffee Clatch- Buggery Edition <http://www.facebook.com/events/267844586647026/>

A Fundraising Benefit for Le Petit Versailles with Mx. Justin Vivian Bond <http://www.facebook.com/events/267844586647026/>

*JUNE 9 - <http://www.facebook.com/events/440634812632350/>

*Surrender Dorothy: The Return of the Witches * <http://www.facebook.com/events/440634812632350/>

*@ Le Petit Versailles*

JUNE 11 - <http://www.queerartfilm.com/>

Peter Cramer & Jack Waters present SALO, <http://www.queerartfilm.com/>

OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM (1975, Pier Paolo Pasolini) for Queer Art Film @ IFC <http://www.queerartfilm.com/>



9. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, now online at centerforfiction.org/magazine/issue-9/

Hi to you all,

Please check out my new story with images "Amulets" at The Literarian, The Magazine of the Center For Ficion.

Here is the link:






10. Jeff McMahon, FF Alumn, now online at www.indietheaternow.com

I am delighted to announce that three of my scripts have been published online by Indie Theater Now!

HEEL (2002)



11. Alan Sondheim, FF Alumn, at Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, June 9

We're Performing June 9th in Philadelphia!

Fire Museum Presents:

Alan Sondheim/Helena Espvall/Azure Carter Trio

Dan Joseph

Jesse Kudler/Barry Weisblat Duo

Saturday, June 9th 8:00PM
Highwire Gallery
2040 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA

Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter (Brooklyn) & Helena Espvall (Philadelphia)

RECORD RELEASE SHOW! .The animists of Mari El aren.t the last pagans, not
by a long shot. Cauldron is on the job, too, working the hot-stick on Ley
lines from Giant.s Despair to Kingdom Come, with a backpack full of old
tube equipment and spools of magnetic tape. Cauldron spins secret messages
encoded in lace and tosses the achillea millefolium to see where to go
next. Cauldron wants to remind you that all you see is not all there is.
The margins of .things. are crawling, if you know how to look: ancient
spirits, saints, faeries, fractal elves, jeweled self-dribbling
basketballs, etc. etc. etc. The trick is to find your way back to an
unmediated life. So take Cauldron.s hand. Ignore the fire-exit signs
warning you that an alarm will sound. It won.t. Push the door open.
stumble into brighter light. the untended back lot behind our shared
reality. where weeds push stark flowers through cracks in the cement. once
you get out there everything is so quiet, all you hear is the
breezes-s-s-s. butterflies and blue lizards flit and skitter amid the
rubble of forgotten thoughts. .How wonderful that you're here!. they say.
.You come so rarely! We're so delighted to see you!.

Cauldron deals out a three of cups: Alan Sondheim, a pioneer of mystical
ear-tweak and sci-fi sonic ritual sound, chamber-improv gypsy cellist
Helena Espvall, and eco-trance singer Azure Carter. thrice to thine and
thrice to mine, and thrice again, to make up nine. Channeling the ghosts
of Opal Whiteley and Lou Harrison, Cauldron conjures the scratch and shush
of the Big Bang out of wood, wind and cat-gut. Whenever you listen to it,
this album is always over too soon, just like life. Fire Museum and
Tequila Sunrise Records deal out a two of pentacles: not to get all
.Yankee Candle. here, but we only made 250 of these, so grab one before
they melt away like chemtrails in the sunset sky." - Fred Astarte, Tequila
Sunrise Records

Dan Joseph (Brooklyn):

Dan Joseph is a free-lance composer based in New York City. He began his
career as a drummer in the vibrant punk scene of his native Washington,
DC. During the late 1980s, he was active in the experimental tape music
underground, producing ambient-industrial works for independent labels in
the U.S. and abroad. He spent the .90s in California where he studied at
CalArts and Mills College. His principal teachers include Pauline
Oliveros, Alvin Curran and Mel Powell. Equally influential where his
studies with Terry Riley during several workshops in California and
Colorado. As an artist who embraces the musical multiplicity of our time,
Dan works simultaneously in a variety of media and contexts, including
instrumental chamber music, free improvisation, and various forms of
electronica and sound art. Since the late 1990s, the hammer dulcimer has
been the primary vehicle for his music. As a performer he is active with
his own chamber ensemble, The Dan Joseph Ensemble, as well as in various
improvisational collaborations and as an occasional soloist. He has
collaborated with a variety of creative artists including Miya Masaoka,
Pamela Z, Loren Dempster, JD Parran, Pauline Oliveros, India Cooke,
William Winant and John Ingle.
Dan Joseph.s work has been presented at Merkin Concert Hall (NYC),
Diapason Gallery for Sound (NYC), Roulette (NYC), Deep Listening Space
(Kingston, NY), The Kitchen (NYC) Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (SF),
New Langton Arts (SF) and other venues. He has received commissions from
several ensembles and performers, including Gamelan Son of Lion, the SF
Sound Group, baritone Thomas Buckner, flutist Jacqueline Martelle and
clarinetist Matt Ingalls. . - bio

Jesse Kudler (Philadelphia) & Barry Weisblat (Brooklyn) Duo:

Jesse Kudler, born 1979, creates concrete music on the computer, composes
low-tech multi-channel sound works, and improvises on cheap consumer
devices: a no-name electric guitar, hand-held cassette recorders, radios
and transmitters, various small junk, and pedals/electronics. In his
various travels, Kudler has performed with Matt Bauder, Kyle Bruckmann,
Chris Cogburn, James Coleman, Tim Feeney, Brent Gutzeit, Bonnie Jones,
Jason Kahn, Mazen Kerbaj, Toshimaru Nakamura, Pauline Oliveros, Bhob
Rainey, Vic Rawlings, Christine Sehnaoui, Mike Shiflet, Jason Soliday,
Howard Stelzer, Christian Weber, Matt Weston, Jack Wright, Jason Zeh, and
many others. Current and "recent" projects include: sound installation; a
duo with Ian Fraser; solo performance; HZL, an environmental electronics
duo with Tim Albro; duos with Chris Cogburn, Christian Weber, and Chandan
Narayan; Benito Cereno (with Dustin Hurt, Chandan Narayan, Tim Albro, and
Ian Fraser); Tweeter, a treble-intensive noise trio with Alex Nagle and
Eli Litwin; and various ad hoc groupings. Kudler is the co-founder and
co-Director (with Ian Fraser) of the Philadelphia Sound Forum.

Barry Weisblat was born in 1975 in Brooklyn. He is a sound artist and
electronic instrument builder who extensively experiments with
electro-magnetic devices, solar technology, homemade and modified circuits
for application in sound generation/manipulation, audio engineering and
photography. Weisblat has collaborated with Margarida Garcia, Tower
Recordings, Mattin, Tim Barnes and Tetuzi Akiyama, and has built
instruments for Peter Kowald, Toshio Kajiwara, Manuel Mota and Matt
Valentine. He has sound engineered for Erstwhile Records, Dean Roberts and
Jon Gibson. - bios

links at http://www.museumfire.com/events



12. Stephanie Brody Lederman, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, June 3

The New York Times, Metropolitan Section, Long Island Dining Arts and Calendar
June 3, 2012.

"It Began With My Dog," (2012) oil on linen by Stephanie Brody-Lederman is in "Visual Vernacular," a group show of paintings and sculpture at the Southampton Cultural Center, 25 Pond Lane, June 4 through July 1. An opening reception will be held on June 7 from 5 to 7 pm. (631) 287 - 4377;



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