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Contents for February 06, 2012

1. Martha Wilson, FF Alumn, at Union Docs, Brooklyn, Feb. 19

Let's Try That Once More, This Time In The Past: Performance & Documentation

Sunday, February 19th at 7:30 pm, $9 suggested donation.
At Union Docs
322 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Johanna Linsley and Christa Holka in attendance for discussion.
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As performance navigates the shifting of its institutional position - from practitioners' self-identification as alternative/radical/revolutionary to blockbuster museum fodder - artists and academics (and artist-academics) are re-evaluating the stories performance tells about itself.

The debate about performance and documentation, which for many years centered on questions of the inherent "liveness" of performance, has recently moved to issues of performance "remains" (Rebecca Schneider) and the particular histories and forms of knowledge that performance can engender.

From Marina Abramovic's outings at the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim, to groups like the UK-based Performance Re-enactment Society, strategies for the preservation and re-presentation of performance history are being developed, and a host of new challenges and political problems are emerging.

The hugely influential Franklin Furnace archive, for example, has in recent years been the subject of numerous exhibitions and a book published in 2010 (Franklin Furnace and the Spirit of the Avant-Garde: A History of the Future, Toni Sant). Begun as a gallery in founding director Martha Wilson's Tribeca storefront in 1976, the organisation shifted into a virtual space in 1997, its archives and programs becoming represented primarily online. Its mission is to present and preserve such ephemeral media as artists' books and multiples, temporary installations, and performance art, and to support the work of artists in the early stages of their careers.

A number of new initiatives have also arisen to creatively produce performance documentation, while thinking critically about what performance documentation can be and do. The new annual publication "Emergency INDEX" documents performances in the words of their creators, in hopes of capturing a state-of-the-field view of contemporary performance. INDEX includes performances of every kind, from any genre, made anywhere in the world for any purpose. INDEX's sole requirement is that authors explain the purpose of the work, as well as describe the performance itself. An index of shared terms provides another level of documentation and an alternative way to connect geographically or stylistically far-flung works. The inaugural issue of INDEX documents performances from 2011, and is forthcoming in March 2012. INDEX is published by Ugly Duckling Presse as part of the Emergency series, which includes PLAYSCRIPTS (a series of radical performance notation), and ANALYSIS (a forthcoming series of theoretical texts on performance.

It is clear, then, that the document significantly conditions performance's ability to be local and international, present and mediated, obscure and accessible, politically active and institutionally absorbed. This presentation and round-table event will touch on some of these rich and varied activities currently happening in this field. We will consider the role of photography in performance, from its use as documentation for publicity and funding to its potential as a collaborative element in the production of new work. We will look at some of the institutions and initiatives the produce and disseminate performance documentation. Finally, the event will stage an initial conversation aimed at facing some of the challenges performance and its documents poses.

Martha Wilson is an artist and the founding director of Franklin Furnace. Wilson's own work in photography, performance, and video art explores female subjectivity through role-playing, costume transformations, and "invasions" of other people's personas. She was also a member of DISBAND, an all-female performance group; it is in this context that she developed the character of Alexander M. Plague, Jr., one of several personas (both fictional and real; including that of Barbara Bush) that she has adopted over the years.

Matvei Yankelevich is the author of Boris by the Sea (Octopus Books) and Alpha Donut (United Artists Books). He is the translator and editor of Today I Wrote Nothing: The Selected Writings of Daniil Kharms (Ardis/Overlook). He is a member of the writing faculty at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, and an editor at Ugly Duckling Presse, a volunteer-run, non-profit publishing house in Brooklyn, New York. With Yelena Gluzman, he edited the Emergency Gazette from 1999-2002, for which he wrote many reviews of experimental theater. He continues to work on Emergency projects: Index and Playscripts.

Yelena Gluzman conceives and directs experimental theater, recently School for Salomés (2011) at the Collapsable Hole in NYC, Steal Life #1 (2009) and The Emancipated Spectator (2010) at Superdeluxe in Tokyo. She is interested in various issues around repetition, and is pursuing this via a production of The Bacchae performed entirely by 3-6 year old children. She teaches at the University of Tokyo and the experimental art school Yotsuya Art Studium (sic). She is an editor at Ugly Duckling Presse, where she leads the Paperless Books Department and, with Matvei Yankelevich, edits the Emergency series of texts on performance.

Christa Holka is an American photographer who lives and works in London. Her work mainly uses photography to deal with issues of documenting and archiving the communities in which she exists. In recent years, she has increasingly worked with performance artists, documenting the work of such renowned artists as Vaginal Davis, Lois Weaver, Ron Athey, Carmelita Tropicana, Penny Arcade and many others.

Johanna Linsley is a researcher, writer, producer and performance artist. She is a founding partner of UnionDocs and research assistant on Performing Documents, a collaborative research project with the University of Bristol, the Arnolfini Arts Centre and Inbetween Time productions.

* Photo of Dickie Beau in "THIS IS NOT A DREAM" directed by Gavin Butt and Ben Walters and Presented by Performance Matters, a collaboration between Goldsmiths, University of London, University of Roehampton, and the Live Art Development Agency financially assisted by AHRC. Documentation by Christa Holka.



2. Diane Torr, FF Alumn, star of feature film in Berlinale Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, premiering Feb. 10

Diane Torr FF Alumn to star in feature film premiering at the Berlinale Film Festival on February 10, 2012

MAN FOR A DAY, a feature film by Berlin Filmmaker, Katarina Peters, and starring Diane Torr is selected as the opening film for the PERSPEKTIVEN DEUTSCHES KINO section of the 62nd Berlinale Film Festival. The film will premiere on February 10, 2012. Everyone is invited. For more information please visit



3. Robin Tewes, FF Alumn, at Hudson Opera House, Hudson, NY, opening Feb. 18

CCCA 16th Annual Juried Art Show at the Hudson Opera House
Curated by Carrie Haddad
the owner of the Carrie Haddad Gallery and Carrie Haddad Photographs in Hudson.

Exhibition Dates:
February 18-March 25, 2012
Hudson Opera House
327 Warren Street
Hudson, NY

Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 18, 2012, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Exhibiting Artists:
Simeon Amstutz, Fern Apfel, Loel Barr, Sara Conklin, John Cooley, Dmitri Freund, Leslie Gabosh, Maj Kalfus, Maria Kolodziej-Zincio, Erika Larskaya, Bob Laurie, Cheryl Lickona, Gwenn Mayers, Leo Mazzeo, Claudia McNulty, Cynthia Mulvaney, Peter Palaia, Rick Patterson, Gail Peachin, Sukey Pett, Lizbeth Shelley, Paul Solovay, Robin Tewes, Chad Weckler, William Bond Walker, Ken Young, Win Zibeon.

For further information, please call the CCCA at
518-671-6213 or email: info@artscolumbia.org



4. James Casebere, FF Alumn, at Savannah College of Art and Design, GA, Feb. 10-April 12

James Casebere
Room In My Head

at the Gutstein Gallery
SCAD Savannah
Savannah, Ga.

February 10 - April 12, 2012

Sean Kelly is delighted to announce that works by James Casebere will be presented in Room In My Head: Staging Psychological Spaces, a group exhibition at the Gutstein Gallery of the Savannah College of Art & Design. The exhibition explores the use of constructed or manipulated interiors to depict emotional environments and blur the boundaries between the real, the unreal and the surreal by emphasizing particular vantage points, lighting, imaginative architecture, and references to the human psyche. Alongside Casebere's photographs, the exhibition will feature works from contemporary photographers such as Janine Antoni, Gregory Crewdson, Sarah Hobbs, Isaac Julien, Laura Letinsky, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Lori Nix, Laurie Simmons, Mickalene Thomas and Carrie Mae Weems. Room In My Head: Staging Psychological Spaces opens on February 10th and will be on view until April 12, 2012.

For further information on the exhibition, please visit: The SCAD Website

For press inquiries, please contact Maureen Bray at the gallery (212.239.1181) at maureen@skny.com. For all other inquiries, please contact Cécile Panzieri at the gallery (212.239.1181) or at cecile@skny.com.



5. Coco Fusco, FF Alumn, at Alexander Gray Associates, Manhattan, opening Feb. 22

Alexander Gray Associates
508 West 26 Street #215, New York NY 10001
Telephone: 212 399 2636 Fax: 212 399 2684

Coco Fusco
The Empty Plaza / La Plaza Vacia
February 22 - March 31, 2012


Coco Fusco has also published an illustrated essay, "Still In the Cage: Two Undiscovered Amerindians Twenty Years Later" in the February 2012 issue of Modern Painters



6. Ilona Granet, Ellen Lanyon, Sol LeWitt, FF Alumns, at AFP Gallery, Manhattan, February 8-March 20

Press Release
Getting From Here to There: Images In and About Transition
Curated by Robert G. Edelman
AFP Gallery, Fuller Building, 41 East 57th St., 7thfloor, New York, (212) 230-1003
February 8 - March 20, opening reception February 15, 6 - 8 pm

"If you are an artist the problem is to make a picture work whether you are happy or not." Willem de Kooning

The recent MoMA survey exhibition of the tumultuous body of work of Willem de Kooning was a timely opportunity for artists and art lovers to assess a career that has in many ways encapsulated the roller-coaster ride of 20th century art. What was quite apparent after walking through the show, finishing in the room of sublime and poetic works from the 80s (in spite of his dementia), is that de Kooning never felt that he had to choose between so called representation and abstraction; that one fed the other, and an artist could and must pursue their path regardless of trends, doctrine, punditry, market pressures or pubic opinion. To say that de Kooning followed his inner demon/angel is merely to state the obvious, except that we need to be reminded that a post-Clement Greenberg manifesto (i.e., paintings should be true to their two-dimensional surface) environment finds us back at square one: how to make a work of art that comes from personal experience and vision and still have a voice in the contemporary art dialogue.

This exhibition is conceived on the premise that representational and abstract art must not only co-exist; they can and should also have a conversation. The underlying or unifying premise for this show is that artists are always challenged by the process of bringing an image or composition to life, whether it's what one expects when starting out or not, finallyarriving at some resting, or unsettling, place. This sense of place, of a world in transition, can beexpressed in ways that are more elusive than labels like representation and abstraction, so that a viewer can also get past these distinctions and their obvious limitations. A receptive viewer should also be able to see how each artist has taken liberties, or reinvented their imagery or iconography to make it work, despite moving toward or away from the limits of mere representation or post Abstract-Expressionistdoctrine.

The artists' work included in this exhibition represents a contemporaneous cross-section of the challenges of image invention and realization that has been an issue for more than 100 years in Western art. In the US, each decade since the 1940's has brought a sea change in philosophy and approach to artistic production, as if this were a necessity or a mandate of cultural evolution. Today one sees almost every one of these collective "movements"; Ab-Ex, Color-Field, Op and Pop Art, Minimalism, Feminist,Performance and Conceptual, Photo-Realism and Neo-Expressionism, finally evolving into a broadly-defined sense of the Post-Modern, which seems to encompass many if not all of these approaches.

The creative process is about, among other things, the distinctive movement and energy of the artist'shand (using charcoal, brush, camera or metal, etc.), the interpretation of the visual world through form, light, shadow and color, and perhaps most of all, the process of bringing the work to life. As a means of suggesting a visual continuity, the artists here have in one way or another confronted the notion of transition, or evolution, within the picture plane or 3-D space. Images, recognizable or not, that convey thisprocess of realization, the getting from here to there;and for all of us a chance to go along for the ride.

Alison Berry
Peggy Cyphers
Debra Drexler
Sally Egbert
Ilona Granet
Nancy Grimes
Julian Hatton
Anton Henning
Mary Hrbacek
David Kapp
Kika Karadi
William Kentridge
Yayoi Kusama
Ellen Lanyon
Sol LeWitt
Timothy Linn
Robert Lobe
David Lowe
Rifka Milder
Paton Miller
Andre von Morisse
Robert Reitzfeld
Lucy Reitzfeld
Grace Roselli
Silas Shabelewska
Mark Sheinkman
Frank Stella
David True
Carol Warner
Joe Zucker



7. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, Feb. 10

The Famous Accordion Orchestra brings its heart-touching magic to The Lounge at Dixon Place this Friday.
New Tunes! Old Tunes! General Merriment! (And it's my birthday, sort of, so I'll probably cry if you're not there...)

The Lounge at Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street, between Rivington and Delancey.
Friday Feb 10, 7:30 PM
Only $5.00 Cheap!


We will be performing monthly at Dixon Place through the spring, and we will reprise our annual World Tour of Brooklyn Parks and Gardens, thanks again to the Brooklyn Arts Council. Stay tuned!

Famous Accordion Orchestra: This week's lineup:

Bob Goldberg accordions
Genevieve Leloup
Mark Nathanson
Melissa Elledge
Rachel Swaner

Greg Burrows percussion




8. Eddy Falconer, FF Alumn, at Anthology Film Archive, Manhattan, Mar. 14

"Personal REVolts (winner, Best Going Rogue Picture, Queens World Film Festival 2011) has been accepted to NewFilmmakers Winter Series and will screen Wednesday, March 14, 2012, at Anthology Film Archive in New York. 32 Second Ave @ Second St. Screening will take place as part of the Short Short Film Program, which begins at 7 pm."



9. Linda Montano, FF Alumn, in The Brooklyn Rail, February 2012

Please visit the following link for an interview with Linda Montano, FFAlumn:




10. Laurie Anderson, FF Alumn, at Boston University, MA, Feb. 27

Boston University
Tim Hamill Visiting
Artist Lecture:
Laurie Anderson
Monday, February 27, 6:30pm
602 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA

The Boston University School of Visual Arts at the College of Fine Arts is pleased to present acclaimed artist Laurie Anderson as the eighth annual Tim Hamill Visiting Artist. The lecture series, named in honor of BU School of Visual Arts alumnus Tim Hamill, was launched in 2004 to present artists whose work crosses boundaries among artistic disciplines, and who connect to the art world in a variety of ways. This year's lecture will be held on Monday, February 27 at 6:30pm in Boston University's Morse Auditorium (602 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA), and it's free and open to the public. Call 617.353.3371 for more information.

New York-based artist Laurie Anderson has created large-scale theatrical works that combine a variety of media-music, video, storytelling, projected imagery, sculpture-in which she is an electrifying performer. As a visual artist, her work has been shown at the Guggenheim Museum in SoHo, New York, as well as extensively in Europe, including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. She has also released seven albums for Warner Bros., including "Big Science," featuring the song "O Superman," which rose to number two on the British pop charts.

The Boston University School of Visual Arts at the College of Fine Arts is a community of artists within a great university and in a city that offers diversity within a vibrant arts culture. Founded in 1954 as a professional training school at Boston University, the school offers an intensive program of studio training combined with liberal arts studies leading to the Bachelor's of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees. The first-rate teaching and mentoring of its regular faculty is supplemented by a vibrant program of visiting artists, guest lecture series, and exhibitions. The School offers introductory and advanced classes in painting, sculpture, graphic design, art education, ceramics, photography, glassblowing, and printmaking. A solid background in art history, contemporary critical analysis, and liberal arts complements the studio arts courses.



11. Martine Aballéa, FF Alumn, at CRAC, Sète, France, thru March 11, and more

a) Martine Aballéa, FF Alumn, Solo show, "La maison sans fin" at the CRAC, Centre régional d'art contemporain, Sète,France. 27 january - 11 march 2012


b) Martine Aballéa, FF Alumn, Group show "Décors Insatallations", Galerie national des Gobelins, Paris 17 October - 15 April 2012

a) In "La maison sans fin"-- the endless house, the visitor wanders in and around various constructions, doors halfway sunken in the gound, windows floating in the air, and normal doors you can go through. All are dispersed in the 21ft X 400 space. Each is lit by a spotlight in the dark space, and projecting shadows on the wall or on the floor.
In the distance you can hear Patsy Cline singing "I"im always walking, after midnight, in the moolight, searching for you...

b) The Mobilier national has been commissioning furniture by artists for over 400 years. In this exhibition are show the armchairs they commissioned from me: "Armchair for the day and armchair for the night. They are Louis XVI style chairs which are perfectly symmetrical, showing abundant vegetation, except that on the left one the sky is white and on the other it is black.



12. Olivia Beens, Sol LeWitt, FF Alumns, at Gallery 128, Manhattan, thru Feb. 26

Gallery Onetwentyeight
128 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002
212-674-0244 - www.galleryonetwentyeight.org

25 years
anniversary show
Part 1

Kazuko Miyamoto is excited to announce Gallery Onetwentyeight's 25th Anniversary at 128 Rivington in New York's Lower East Side.
During the 25 years anniversary show Part 1 we will exhibit the work of Gallery Onetwentyeight artists/friends.

Chase Alias, Ayako Bando, Olivia Beens, Michelle Blitstein, Lauren Cawse, Melissa Cimino, Tomoko Fujiki, Eric Ginsburg, Darius Gubala, R. Kristopher Haynes, David Higginbotham, Fran Kornfeld, Yuko K., Jacek Maczynski, Kaitlin Martin, Sol LeWitt, Kazuko Miyamoto, Haruko Mochimaru, Anna Murphy-Lang, Francisco Osorio, Yukako Okudaira, Rory Power, Cari Rosmarin, K. Saito, Jamison Sarteschi, Cheol Ho Shin, Sakurako Suzuki, Akemi Takeda, Liz-N-Val, Angela Valeria, April Vollmer, Joy Walker...

Please join us in celebrating this milestone.

Part 1: February 1 - 26, 2012

Part 2: March 21 - April 15, 2012
Opening reception: March 22nd 6-8 pm



13. Gilbert & George, Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumns, at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, thru Feb. 28

February 2nd - 28th, 2011

Nayland Blake, Ross Bleckner, David Bowes, Clegg & Guttmann, George Condo, Nancy Dwyer, Gilbert & George, Tishan Hsu, Jeff Koons, Allan McCollum, Peter Nagy, Joseph Nechvatal, Justen Ladda, Cary Leibowitz, Peter Nadin, Walter Robinson, Tim Rollins & KOS, Philip Taaffe, & Julia Wachtel




14. Vernita N'Cognita, FF Alumn, at Viridian Artists, Manhattan, thru Feb. 18

Vernita N'Cognita, FF Alumn, at Viridian Artists, NY, NY, Opening Feb. 1-18, 2012. A performance Thursday, Feb 16th 7PM & reception following.
Viridian Artists is pleased to present "VIRIDIAN AFFILIATE ARTISTS" an exhibition of outstanding art by seven artists who are part of the Affiliate program at the gallery. The exhibit will continue from January 31 to February 18, 2012, at our new location at 548 West 28th Street, also accessible from 547 W 27th Street on the 6th floor. There will be an opening reception Thursday February 2 6-8PM and on the final Thursday of the show, February 16th, there will be a performance art presentation by N'Cognita at 7pm. The Viridian Artists Affiliate program is a special gallery program that is an important aspect of Viridian's mission to expand exhibition and sales opportunities for outstanding contemporary artists.
Vernita N'Cognita is a visual/ performance artist/ curator who has exhibited her art throughout the world. Her artwork ranges across a variety of disciplines, from creating installations, m/m collages and tangible art objects such as the "Endless Junkmail Scroll to the creation of performance art that conceptually investigates theatre and its edges - using language, space, and time, silence and stillness as well as movement and voice as instruments of self-expression. In 1995, she assumed the name VERNITA N'COGNITA in homage to under-recognized artists.



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