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Contents for January 06, 2012

1. Claire Jeanine Satin, FF Alumn, at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy, February 2-March 3, and more

Claire Jeanine Satin has been curated into the 6th International Triennial Book Art Exhibition, emanating from Lithuania. This traveling show will begin 2/2/12- 3/3/12 in the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice Italy (I will be there, but not at the same time on my 2nd Artist Residency in the Spring 2012). it will then travel to the Leipzig Book Fair, Germany then to Gallery "Titanikas" Vilnius, Lithuania then to Kloster Bentlage in Rheine, Germany, and then to Triemina, France and finally to Bangledesh and ending in China. There will be a catalog accompanying the exhibition.


Her work has been published in the 2nd Edition of The Book As Art by The National Museum of Women in the Arts.


An article will appear in the February issue of the Guild of Book Workers News with an essay by Laura Kruger, the Curator of the Hebrew Union College Museum, affiliated with New York University.



2. Sonya Rapoport, FF Alumn, at Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA, opening January 18, and more.

Sonya Rapoport, FF Alumn, will be continuing her retrospective at Mills College Art Museum.

The art of Sonya Rapoport has long operated as a bridge between the public sphere of intellectual curiosity and scholarship, and the domestic one of spiritual inquiry and nurturing. Spaces of Life presents a group of Rapoport's interactive works, created between 1978-2010 that function in the intersection between questioning and inviting. The related program of events is as follows: Opening reception and curator walk-through on January 18, 2012. Artist talk and performance to be held on February 12, 2012. Book Launch to be held on March 7, 2012.

The museum announcement can be viewed at



3. Naeem Mohaiemen, Mark Tribe, FF Alumns, at Exhibitions Initiative, Philadelphia, PA, Jan. 6-March 18

Naeem Mohaiemen, Mark Tribe, FF Alumns, have work included in Marginal Utility at Exhibitions Initiative, Philadelphia, PA, Jan. 6-March 18

For complete information please visit marginalutility.org



4. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, at SET, Brooklyn, opening Jan. 7

I am taking part in "Foreign Bodies", a group show at SET, curated by Yevgeniya Baras.
(Most of my works in this show will have nothing to do with number 59).

Opening this Saturday, January 7th, 7-9pm

Show will run till February 17th.

Irina Danilova

287 3rd Ave, between President and Carroll
in Brooklyn
R train to Union Street



5. Adrianne Wortzel, FF Alumn, now online at http://vimeo.com/33648410

Adrianne Wortzel and Jaymes Dec with Crystal Butler

A video by MAKE MAGAZINE related to Adrianne Wortzel’s exhibit: “How to Achieve a Well-Regulated Militia Bearing Arms” at the 2nd Annual World Maker Faire 2011 at the New York Hall of Science September 17 and 18, 2011, plus a rare studio visit, launched online at http://vimeo.com/33648410

Reconfigured robotic toys performing seemingly military maneuvers in rigid choreographed formations using sensor and two-way wireless communication.
More info at http://adriannewortzel.com/



6. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, at Jalopy, Brooklyn, Jan. 7

Happy New Year, with all that entails. I will be celebrating my birthday with a show at the incomparable Jalopy Theater. I will be performing my songs with that viola-about-town, David Gold; opening for us will be the Whiskey Spitters, who, if you haven't heard them yet, you haven't.

It's Saturday, January 7, with the Whiskey Spitters at 9:00 and Skinner and Gold at 10:30. Tickets are $10.

Jalopy is at 315 Columbia St., in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Directions are at http://jalopy.biz.

And you can always trawl through my archive at dougskinner.net.



7. elin o’Hara slavick, FF Alumn, winter, spring 2012 events

Hope you might be in Ohio, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh or Manchester, UK!
elin o'Hara slavick – events, exhibitions, lectures
Winter + Spring, 2012

* The Fire Does Not Go Out, exhibition including 15 of my bomb drawings from the series Protesting Cartography: Places the U.S. has Bombed, (in conjunction with the symposium, "Fukishima: Lessons Learned?" with a presentation by my husband epidemiologist David Richardson) Artist Lecture March 8, 4:45pm, Baron Gallery, Oberlin College, Ohio

* Dark Matters: Shadow, Technology. Art, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK, forthcoming book, exhibition until January 15, Artist Lecture January 13, 2pm to mark the end of the exhibition.

* Out of Rubble, Space Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania December 2, 2011 – January 29, 2012

* CAA, College Art Association Annual Conference, Los Angeles ARTspace, Out of Rubble, Friday, February 24, 9:30 AM–12:00 PM
West Hall Meeting Room 515A, Level 2, Los Angeles Convention Center
Chairs: Susanne Slavick + elin o'Hara slavick
Sorting through Rubble: Collage for the Subject of War, Lisa Wainwright "And Now, over Germany, the Derelict Day Is Resumed": British and German Experiences 1945-1950, Veronica Davies

Representing the Unrepresentable: The Photography of Nuclear Affliction in Postwar Japan, Claude Baillargeon

War Culture, Kerry Oliver-Smith

Keeping the Wound Open: The Paradox of Whitewashing Ruins, Kira van Lil

elin o'Hara slavick
Distinguished Term Professor of Art
Hanes Art Center CB# 3405
UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 27599



8. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, received John & Roise Petracca & Family Award

Annie Lanzillotto's poem "My Grandmother's Hands" was awarded Second Place in the Sixth Annual John and Rose Petracca & Family Award, chosen from the Volume 17-2011 issue of Philadelphia Poets, edited by Rosemary Cappello.

Judge: Nathalie Anderson, who wrote, “Second Place: Annie Rachele Lanzillotto, "My Grandmother's Hands." Lanzillotto avoids sentimentality in this appreciation of her grandmother's life -- so very different from her own -- through clever wordplay (the grandmother "holding crops"; the granddaughter "holding crap"), through head-shaking astonishment ("Plastic, she holds like an egg!), through lashings of Italian ("Niente ha fatto di mano"), through iteration ("You know how her hands were made? / From the kitchen to the fields, from the kitchen to the fields, / from the kitchen to the fields to the kitchen"), and through playful yet sincere appeals ("Show my hands to flick cavateel so they jump like / grasshoppers off the fingertips!"). The deft accumulations create a compelling portrait, valedictory without being mournful: we too want to catch those "disappearing hands."”



9. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, winter 2012 events

TIM MILLER 2012 Winter Newsletter and Tour Schedule...NC and MN Hate Amendments

"Tim Miller sings that song of the self which interrogates, with explosive, exploding, subversive joy and freedom, the constitution and borderlines of selfhood. You think you don't need to hear such singing? You do! You must!” Tony Kushner, author of Angels in America

Hi Folks!

Happy New year! Hope all is well! I am gearing up for a really interesting few months of activity, performing and social engagement! (How can I do otherwise when we have two states...North Carlina and Minnesota...preparing to write anti-gay bigotry into their State Constitutions!

I will be doing performance residencies in both MN and NC at University of Minnesota and Univ of North Carolina School of the Arts this winter to take on these nasty amendments. I head off to Minneapolis in a couple fo days for a performance workshop residency at U of M taking on the MN hate amendment vote in 2012. Let's have MN be the first state in the US to defeat one of these nasty bigoted moves!

Also performing at Open Eye Theatre Jan 13-14!
Jan 13-14 Tickets & Information: www.openeyetheatre.org or 612-874-6338.
Online at Brownpapertickets.org. Reservations suggested.

I'm totally excited about the MPLS premiere of my fierce and funny new performance "LAY OF THE LAND" all about the mess after California wrote homophobia into our State Constitution with Prop 8. (As Minnesota is considering for this year! ) Doing two perfs at Open Eye Theater in Minneapolis. Press release below. I am also doing a performance workshop project with U of MN exploring the anti-gay ammendment that would add bigotry to the MN state Constitution. It is going to be really interesting to explore how performance takes on such a charged issue as the MN hate ammendment WHILE it is happening. Very excited do do my solo and the project with the MN students.

I will also a performance intensive at Highways Performance Space in L.A. and a big Philadelphia presence with performances at InterAct Theater of Lay of the Land in April followed by a residency at Villanova University.

Very excited to announce in 2012 I will be spending many weeks in Boulder at University of Colorado to direct a devised original ensemble performance for their season. Will be great to be in Bould for 4 weeks and get a chance to work more intensively with students!

Jan 9-15 Univ of Minnesota
Jan 13-14 Open Eye Theatre, Minneapolis
Feb 6-11 Highways Performance Space, Los Anegeles
Feb 21 USC
March 6-9 University of Colorado
March 19-24 University of North Carolina School of the Arts
April 9-15 Philadelphia InterAct theater
April 12 Muhlenberg College
April 16-21 Villanova University

LAY OF THE LAND only feels more timely in its engagement of marriage equality and the tipping point we are reaching around gay civil rights in this country. Very much the piece I would want to be doing at this juicy time as this issue races all over the country from NY to Minnesota Great review in L.A. TIMES!


"Miller's LAY OF THE LAND enters territory as exhilarating as it is meaningful. Miller lays out his unapologetically renegade viewpoint with exemplary economy and sardonic humor. Marriage equality is the thematic undercurrent against which reminiscences of various activist and performance landmarks coalesce into something larger than the sum of their considerable parts. The final apotheosis stands high in Miller's canon, which, together with the overarching relevance, makes "Lay of the Land" a vivid, must-see achievement."

David Nichols, The Los Angeles Times

a video trailer for LAY OF THE LAND!

Lovely HUGE review in Chicago Tribune.

"Lean, personal and deceptively canny...the reason LAY OF THE LAND endears is that Mr. Miller is not only self-aware, but is also the rare self-involved, political performance artist whom you wouldn’t mind being stuck sitting next to on a subway train."

Super smart and informed piece by Michael Feingold in Village Voice on LAY


Great interview in SF Chronicle.

cheers, Tim



10. Ida Applebroog, FF Alumn, at Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, MO,
Jan. 27-April 22

The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis announces Spring 2012 Exhibitions

Christodoulos Panayiotou: One Thousand and One Days
Figure Studies: Recent Representational Works on Paper
And a new season of the Front Room
On View January 27–April 22, 2012

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
3750 Washington Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63108



Christodoulos Panayiotou: One Thousand and One Days Christodoulos Panayiotou's multidimensional work addresses issues and concerns ranging from the complex contemporary understanding of what constitutes "the public," to the construction of national identity and history. He frequently takes ceremonies, festivals, and theatrical spectacles as a point of departure from which to explore the structures and customs that inform social experience. His process also engages the archives of the press and regional and state agencies of his country, Cyprus, to reflect on how interpretations of a collective sense of identity are dependent on the manner in which images and information are arranged and presented. For his presentation at CAM St. Louis—the artist's first solo museum exhibition in the United States—Panayiotou will present new and preexisting works that demonstrate both the range of techniques and the socio-political concerns that define his practice. New works being created for the exhibition include a multi-part series of appropriated photographs from official Cyprus archives and a site-specific mural based on a particular historical set design that develop interrelated themes of celebration, festival, display, hegemony and symbolic domination. The title of the exhibition combines allusions to A Thousand Days, a 1965 book by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. about the Kennedy Administration (seen in one of the images sourced at the Press and Information Office Archives), and the collection of traditional Middle Eastern folk stories 1001 Nights, to underscore Panayiotou's emphasis on building narratives about power and presentation both within and between his works.

Christodoulos Panayiotou: One Thousand and One Days is organizd by the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and curated by Chief Curator Dominic Molon.

Figure Studies: Recent Reprsentaitonal Works on Paper

Figure Studies: Recent Representational Works on Paper brings together drawings and etchings by six artists—Ida Applebroog, John Bankston, Jennifer Bornstein, Alejandro Cardenas, Djordje Ozbolt, and Tom Reed—that demonstrate a broad range of techniques, narratives, and conceptual approaches. The exhibition reveals how artists working in the more traditional manner of depicting things in this world, or the world of imagination, are imbuing the content of their work with distinctly contemporary concerns and sensibilities. For example, Ida Applebroog's (American, b. 1929, lives and works in New York) works provocatively explore how gender is represented and embodied in society and culture through rigorous experimentation with the processes and materials. John Bankston (American, b. 1963, lives and works in San Francisco) creates vibrant drawings in a style reminiscent of children's coloring books to address issues of racial and queer identity, while Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer Bornstein's (American, b. 1970, lives and works in Los Angeles and Berlin) small, meticulous, and slightly crude etched portraits of subjects ranging from her teenage roommate to anthropologist Margaret Mead in Samoan dress intertwine the personal, the historical, and the mundane. The elegantly spare work of Alejandro Cardenas (Chilean, b. 1978, lives and works in New York City) develops mysterious imaginary narratives through renderings of exquisite figures against stark black backgrounds. Djordje Ozbolt's (Serbian, b. 1967, lives and works in London) drawings are created in parallel to the production of his paintings and are often used to illustrate the announcements for his exhibitions. His drawn works, like his paintings, incorporate incongruously contemporary or foreign elements into compositions mimicking art from the Renaissance through the mid-19th Century as a form of political and social satire. St. Louis-based artist Tom Reed (American, b. 1968, lives and works in St. Louis) combines a formal approach informed by such visionary "outsider artists as Joseph Yoakum and Henry Darger with knowing and intensely stylized depictions of natural phenomena and rustic settings and situations.

Figure Studies: Recent Representational Works on Paper is organized by the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and curated by Chief Curator Dominic Molon.

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis is a non-profit tax-exempt organization. Exhibitions, programs, and general operations are member supported and privately funded through contributions from generous individuals, corporations, public funders, and foundations. Major support for CAM's exhibitions program is provided by Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield; Whitaker Foundation; William E. Weiss Foundation; and Nancy Reynolds and Dwyer Brown. General operating support is provided by the Whitaker Foundation; Missouri Arts Council, a state agency; Missouri Cultural Trust; Regional Arts Commission; Bank of America Charitable Foundation; Wells Fargo Advisors; and Arts and Education Council.

CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM ST. LOUIS The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis promotes meaningful engagement with the most relevant and innovative art being made today. Founded as the Forum for Contemporary Art in 1980, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis re-opened in its current location, 3750 Washington Blvd. St. Louis, Missouri 63108, with a new 27,000 square foot building in 2003. As a non-collecting institution, the Contemporary focuses its efforts on featuring local, national and international, well-known and newly established artists from diverse backgrounds, working in all types of media. As St. Louis' forum for interpreting culture through contemporary visual art, the Contemporary connects visitors to the dynamic art and ideas of our times. As a gathering place for experiencing contemporary art and culture, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis pushes the boundaries of innovation, creativity, and expression. Visit the Contemporary's website at www.camstl.org.

Website: camstl.org
Blog: 2buildings1blog.org
Facebook: /contemporaryartmuseumstl
Twitter: @contemporarystl



11. Jess Dobkin, FF Alumn, at Raging Spoon Café, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Jan. 9-February 13

The Artists' Soup Kitchen: Free Hot Lunch for Artists // January 9 - Feb 13 // Toronto

For six Monday afternoons this winter, artists can come to the ARTISTS' SOUP KITCHEN for a FREE hot lunch. Each week is hosted by different artists who will bring their creative practices to the Soup Kitchen. We kick off the Kitchen on Monday, January 9 with a Dr. Seuss homage by artist Ulysses Castellanos, offering green eggs and ham. Then join us on January 16 for Mystic Pizza Crust divination readings by Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling. See below for the full menu of participating artists. A printed catalogue/recipe book will be made available in the spring.

FREE hot lunches for artists
* a different menu each week! *
Mondays from 12-3pm
January 9 - February 13
at the Raging Spoon Cafe
761 Queen Street West, Toronto
Wheelchair accessible space

Jess Dobkin
jess at jessdobkin.com



12. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, at Temescal, Oakland, CA, Jan. 7

THE UNCOMFORTABLE ZONES OF FUN do you dare to be in experiments in experience/participation performance?

The Underground Hit!

Frank Moore, world-known shaman performance artist, will conduct improvised passions of musicians, actors, dancers, and audience members in a laboratory setting to create altered realities of fusion beyond taboos. Bring your passions and musical instruments and your senses of adventure and humor. Other than that, ADMISSION IS FREE! (But donations are encouraged.)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

511 48th Street
Oakland, CA 94609-2058

For more information
Call: 510-526-7858

2012 Dates!

"Frank Moore, a genius explorer of the frontiers of human affection."

"...He's wonderful and hilarious and knows exactly what it's all about and has earned my undying respect. What he's doing is impossible, and he knows it. That's good art...." L.A. Weekly

"Merging improv, erotica, entertainment, religion and ritual, Frank Moore - self-styled shaman, world-renowned disabled performance artist, and 2008 presidential candidate ...." - East Bay Express

"If performance art has a radical edge, it has to be Frank Moore." Cleveland Edition

"Surely wonderful and mind-goosing experience." L.A. Reader

Downloadable poster here:



13. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, at Pianos, Manhattan, Jan. 7

Hello friends of EJG, Just one day left in 2011, amazing. It has been quite a year of performing for us both in NYC and on the road with many first time adventures along the way. 2011 took us to the beautiful Rivera Court at the Detroit Institute of Art, rocked us into the Kennedy Center and got us into the air and across the U.S to California to the 13th Music for People & Thingamajigs Festival. She brought us to the fabulous Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Chili Pepper Fiesta and lastly over the pond to Spain to the International Recycling Arts Festival. We had amazing shows all over the place, too many to name. Thank you all so very much for you support through all of that. Now on to 2012...

We are going to be taking a little hiatus from playing out and touring for the first half of 2012. It will be a time to regroup, write new material, record, build new and repair old instruments. But before we take that break we have one more show in NYC on January 7th at Pianos in the lower east side.

We are thrilled to be represented by Alison Mazer at Alisong Management and will be part of their APAP showcase on the 7th. This is a FREE show folks, with an amazing line up of (mostly female led) power house groups. If you have never made it out to see EJG, or have someone you really want to bring to see us, are afraid to cross a bridge or need to get one more fix before we take a break...January 7, 2012 at 7:45pm is your moment to do it! A free show in Manhattan!

So, fans, friends, promoters, presenters, photographers, videographers, music lovers and the rest of you thank you all again for your support and kindness this and every year. We couldn't do it without you. Please check out the amazing January 7th lineup below and I hope to see you there....did I mention, it's FREE!!

Have a happy, safe and peaceful New Year.
Terry & EJG

Pianos 158 Ludlow St, NYC

*Electric Junkyard Gamelan 7:45pm SHARP

*Allison Miller & Honey Ear Trio (Erik Lawrence, Rene Hart and Allison Miller) 8:30pm

*Lafrae Sci's The 13th Amendment? ( Mazz Swift, Micah Gaugh, Bruce Mack, Lafrae Sci) 9:15pm

*Eli Yamin Blues Band 10pm

*Jane Boxall-Marimba 10:45pm

*Viva 11:30pm

EJG live performance video links:




14. Peter Grzybowski, FF Alumn, in Living Galler magazine, Dec. 23, 2011

"Peter Grzybowski CHANGES, Art or Documentation?"

Review of "Changes" exhibition last month on Living gallery magazine,



Peter Grzybowski




15. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, offers writing workshops, starting Jan. 18

Roberta Allen Writing Workshops Since 1991

Next one starts Wed. Jan. 18th, 7-10 PM
8 classes. 3 hours each.
Meet every 2 weeks.
Write fiction, memoir, monologues.
performance pieces, you name it. Micro to book length.
$45 discount.

"Roberta helped me push through writer's block and tell the stories I wanted to tell. I looked forward to every session. Her classes were invaluable to my finding my voice as an artist."

--Will Ryman, artist

Laurie Anderson, Artist

Roberta Allen is the author of eight books, including two NY Times-praised short story collections, a novella-in-stories, a novel, a memoir, and three writing texts with her drawings and photos. A visual/conceptual artist/photographer as well, she has exhibited worldwide, with solo shows at P.S. 1 and museums in Germany and Australia. She was on the faculty of The New School and taught writing there for eighteen years.


The New Edition
Ellipsis Press



16. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, named 2012 Artist of the Year

In a highly unorthodox move, Minnesota artist Billy X. Curmano has named himself "2012 Artist of the Year" and not just in Minnesota but in the whole world wide world (wwww). The announcement was made in January, but because of the artist's busy schedule the award ceremony will be held much later in the year. Unlike similar "of the year" awards, this one avoids the long wait and jump starts 2012. The distinction of this prestigious award and honorary title is augmented with a $100,000 cash component he plans to pay himself over numerous monthly installments.

Reached for comment in New York City, artist and Franklin Furnace founding director, Martha Wilson was quoted as saying, " Billy Curmano is a world-class artist whose work Franklin Furnace has presented and produced four times: On February 26, 1988 he performed “Performance Pod” in our performance space; on February 14, 1990 at the Hilton Hotel in mid-town Manhattan he performed “Homeless Hilton”; on July 23, 1997 Franklin Furnace screened “Swimming the Mississippi,” documentation of his decade-long effort to swim the entire length of the Mississippi River; and on October 29, 1999 we netcast this videotape to a worldwide audience through a collaboration with Pseudo Programs, Inc. Franklin Furnace’s artists are selected by peer review panels from among hundreds of proposals received each year from around the world, a testament to how important the artworld feels his work to be. I think it is only fitting that be he selected as “Artist of the Year.”

Samples of some of these works can be experienced at the artists web address http://www.billyx.net The former Milwaukeean moved to an isolated farmhouse in the Minnesota outback to develop what he hoped would be a singular style unaffected by the whims and trends of the art world. Circumstances have returned him to a slightly larger community in Witoka. When contacted at his rural studio for this announcement, Curmano was apparently unaware he was even being considered for the award. He simply stated, "I'm truly humbled by this totally unexpected honor. There are so many more deserving artists whole world wide (www)."



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