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Contents for November 11, 2010
1. Betty Beaumont, Barbara Ess, FF Alumns, at Carriage Trade, Manhattan, thru November 28
2. Anne Flournoy, FF Alumn, now online at http://is.gd/gzKAZ
3. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, at Leslie Tonkonow, Manhattan, thru Dec. 23
4. Martha Wilson, FF Alumn, at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Nov. 9
5. Andre Stitt, FF Alumn, at Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff, Wales, opening Nov. 11
6. Ron Athey, FF Alumn, at University of London, UK, November 11-12
7. Ana Mendieta, FF Alumn, at Galerie Lelong, Manhattan, thru Dec. 11
8. Susan Bee, FF Alumn, at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, November 16
9. Paul Zaloom, FF Alumn, now on youtube.com
10. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, November events
11. Peter Cramer, FF Alumn, at Theater for the New City, Manhattan, Nov. 9-14
12. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, now on youtube.com
13. Erica Van Horn, Simon Cutts, FF Alumns, at Conway Hall, London, UK, Nov. 12-13
14. Olivia Beens, Dikko Faust, Kazuko Miyamoto, Lisa Moren, Vernita Nemec, FF Alumns, at Viridian, Manhattan, opening Nov. 20
15. Peter Dobill, Holly Faurot, Sarah H. Paulson, FF Alumns, at Exit Art, Manhattan, November 9
16. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Joe’s Pub, Manhattan, Nov. 21
17. Shelly Mars, Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, Nov. 13
18. Robert Ransick, AA Bronson, Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumns, at Union Theological Seminary, Manhattan, thru Dec. 10
19. Mitzi Humphrey, FF Alumn, at art6 Gallery, Richmond, VA
20. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, at MIX, Manhattan, November 12
21. Marja Samsom, FF Alumn, at 2nd Floor on Clinton, Manhattan, November 15
22. Pope.L, Harley Spiller, FF Alumns, at The New Museum, Manhattan, and online
1. Betty Beaumont, Barbara Ess, FF Alumns, at Carriage Trade, Manhattan, thru November 28

Another Green World
September 22 - November 28, 2010

Betty Beaumont
Jennifer Bolande
Vija Celmins
Neil Jenney
Barbara Ess
Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson
Mathias Kessler
Gerhard Richter

carriage trade
62 Walker Street
New York, NY 10013

The exhibition Another Green World intends to draw parallels between the genre of landscape and the current preoccupation with "green" in popular culture. While the romanticism of 19th century landscape tradition linked the sublimity of nature with the existence of God, it also lent inspiration for westward expansion and the underlying impulse of "man's" dominion over nature. This mixture of the profound with the pragmatic speaks to a fundamental contradiction in society's relationship to nature, as the unchecked use of natural resources clashes with the idyllic image of nature as a world "set apart" and untouched by daily life. The commercial appropriation of green imagery is the most recent manifestation of this contradiction, as "greenwashing" facilitates the smoothing over of a conflict that most likely originates in the landscape tradition itself, where the goal of depicting the sublime beauty of the land was at times directly connected to its ultimate exploitation and control.

The heightened realism and precisely articulated imagery of the Hudson River School painters Albert Bierstadt and Frederick Church was motivated by their belief in the existence of a "perfect being" responsible for the mountains, rivers, and falls that were their subjects. Overwhelming the spectator with oversized paintings that implicitly claimed possession of the "view" on their behalf, their spectacular naturalism inspired a combination of fear and awe for the wonders of nature, attracting crowds wowed by their technical virtuosity. The dramatically idealized views of nature produced by some artists and photographers of the period for government surveys and the railroads provided inspiration for the nationalist agenda of Manifest Destiny, with little visual evidence of its attendant brutality. Encouraging reverence toward a natural world eventually "put to use" for material gain, the legacy of American landscape painting is accompanied by some ambivalence, with parallels to today's "greening" of consumerism, where nature is invoked as a means of "cleansing" industrial products of their environmentally questionable origins.

Although the romantic character of the landscape tradition would eventually be channeled into modernist abstraction, the benevolence associated with naturalism has remained, often serving as a means of neutralizing conflicts of landscape and place. "Green" is now identified with anything from new technologies to luxury condos and deodorant, its indiscriminate use serving as a fairly clear a sign of its ideological import. As our conflicted interaction with nature reveals itself through "breakdowns" in weather patterns and resource-associated disasters that temporarily grab headlines in the daily news, the view of the natural world as simultaneously "good," wondrous, and exploitable belies a growing awareness of potentially ominous environmental scenarios. Presenting artwork that engages the landscape tradition to varying degrees, the exhibition Another Green World represents an effort to explore these contradictory impulses and their underlying conflicts, which are now frequently veiled under a thin veneer of green.

carriage trade
62 Walker Street
New York, NY 10013

Thursday-Sunday, 2-7 pm
Peter Scott / Director


2. Anne Flournoy, FF Alumn, now online at http://is.gd/gzKAZ

Please watch the new upload of an episode from my webseries. It's the first of 'season two' called The Louise Log #18: How To Kill Your Husband #18

http://is.gd/gzKAZ (300 sec)

Thank you!
Anne Flournoy, FF Alumn


3. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, at Leslie Tonkonow, Manhattan, thru Dec. 23

LESLIE TONKONOW Artworks + Projects | New York

Body Prints and other early works on paper

November 4 – December 23

Reception for the artist:
Thursday, Nov. 4, 6–8 pm

Artworks + Projects
535 West 22nd Street
New York, N.Y. 10011
212 255 8450


Featuring thirteen small works on paper created between 1970 and 1976 that display the cerebral, sensual, and humorous aspects of the artist’s singular aesthetics, the exhibition highlights Denes's never-before exhibited Body Prints series.

Agnes Denes is internationally known for her innovative use of nontraditional materials in creating exquisitely rendered works on paper that link conceptual art to philosophy, science, mathematics, and other disciplines that she has explored in various mediums during her long and distinguished career.

In 1968 she refined the theoretical foundations of her practice, creating the pioneering Rice/Tree/Burial, recognized as the first land-art work with specific ecological concerns, and exploring similar issues in a series of diagrammatic works on paper entitled The Philosophical Drawings. In a subsequent series of drawings entitled Map Projections, the artist playfully re-imagines the globe, rendering it as The Egg, The Pyramid, The Doughnut, and other whimsical shapes, all accurate in their geographic measurements.

From 1970 to 1971 Denes created a small group of works by imprinting her own breasts, fingers and hands on various papers (including her signature colored graph papers). Nearly forgotten for almost thirty years, she was "amazed" to find them last spring "inside a folder that was inside another folder . . . I was delighted! I did these works to show another side of my thinking, one that was not taken up with science and philosophy, mathematics and logic."

The exhibition includes rare early examples from The Philosophical Drawings and Map Projections series. Among the works on view are The Human Argument Disrupted (1970) a series of four collages in which Denes renders her own symbolic logic illogical by cutting up a photographic reproduction of her seminal Philosophical Drawing, The Human Argument (1969–70), now in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art.

Agnes Denes was born in Hungary in 1931, raised in Sweden, and educated in the US. She has created monumental public works throughout the world and has exhibited internationally in hundreds of gallery and museum exhibitions, as well as important surveys such as documenta 6, the Venice Biennale (1978, 1980, 2001) and the Sydney Biennale (1976). Works by Agnes Denes are in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Whitney Museum of American Art; the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C.; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Moderna Museet, Stockholm; the Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Germany; the Israel Museum, Jerusalem; the Centre Pompidou, Paris; the National Gallery, Washington, D.C.; and other important institutions worldwide.

Denes’s many accolades include the Rome Prize, the DAAD Fellowship, awards from Carnegie Mellon University; M.I.T; the American Academy of Arts and Letters, grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, and honorary doctorates from Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, and Ripon College, Ripon, WI. The artist has written five books, the most recent of which,The Human Argument: The Writings of Agnes Denes (Spring Publications, 2008) is available at the gallery.

The gallery is located on the 6th Floor at 535 West 22nd Street, between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.


4. Martha Wilson, FF Alumn, at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Nov. 9

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC): Visiting Artists Program Fall 2010
All lectures begin at 6:00 p.m. in SAIC’s Columbus Auditorium, 280 South Columbus Drive.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) presents its Visiting Artists Program Fall 2010 lecture series. Formalized in 1951 with an endowed fund from Flora Mayer Witkowsky and partially funded by the Illinois Arts Council, the Visiting Artists Program hosts public presentations by artists to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary art through discourse.

FREE and open to the public

All lectures begin at 6:00 p.m. in SAIC’s Columbus Auditorium, 280 South Columbus Drive.

Call 312.899.5187 or visit www.saic.edu/vap to confirm times and locations.

Fall 2010 Lecture Series

September 21: Harry Pearce

Graphic designer Harry Pearce joined Pentagram's London office as a partner in 2006 having co-founded and grown Lippa Pearce to become one of the UK's most respected design agencies over the previous 16 years. In 2009 he published his collection of design puzzles, Conundrums: Typographic Conundrums.

October 5: Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series: Maria Martinez-Cañas
Cuba-born and Miami-based, SAIC alumna Maria Martinez-Cañas (MFA 1984) fuses aspects of painting, photography, and collage to resolve feelings of displacement and exile. Co-presented with SAIC’s Alumni Relations.

October 25: Camille Utterback
The recipient of the 2009 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, Camille Utterback is an internationally acclaimed artist whose interactive installations and reactive sculptures focus attention on the continued relevance and richness of the body in our increasingly mediated world.

November 9: Martha Wilson
Over the past four decades, pioneering artist Martha Wilson has created conceptual performance, photography, and video works that explore her female subjectivity and sensitivity to surveillance. Wilson was a founding member of the conceptual feminist punk rock group DISBAND, and in 1976 she founded (and has since directed) Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.

November 15: Lynda Barry
The inimitable creator behind the syndicated strip Ernie Pook’s Comeek, Lynda Barry works as a painter, cartoonist, writer, illustrator, playwright, editor, commentator, and teacher. She explores the depths of the inner and outer realms of creation and imagination, where play can be serious, monsters have purpose, and not knowing is an answer unto itself.

December 6: Richard Sennett
Celebrated for his studies of social ties in cities, Richard Sennett has produced more than a dozen books, including three novels, mostly on aspects of the urban experience and the interconnection between authority, modernism, and public life. Co-presented by the William H. Bronson and Grayce Slovett Mitchell Lecture Series in SAIC’s Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects and the Department of Fiber and Material Studies.

To subscribe to the Visiting Artists Program’s mailing list and receive regular updates via e-mail, please visit www.saic.edu/vap.

About the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
A nationally accredited leader in educating artists, designers, and scholars since 1866, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) offers undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate programs to nearly 3,200 students from across the globe. Located in the heart of Chicago, SAIC has an educational philosophy that is built upon a multidisciplinary approach to art and design, giving students unparalleled opportunities to develop their creative and critical abilities, while working with renowned faculty who include many of the leading practitioners in their fields. SAIC's resources include the Art Institute of Chicago and its new Modern Wing; numerous special collections and programming venues provide students with exceptional exhibitions, screenings, lectures, and performances. For more information, please visit www.saic.edu.


5. Andre Stitt, FF Alumn, at Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff, Wales, opening Nov. 11

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Thurs.11th Nov. 18.00-20.00

Exhibition 12th Nov. 12th Dec. 2010

Cardiff School of Art & Design
Howard Gardens
Cardiff CF24 0SP

A series of paintings selected from a larger body of work commissioned by MCAC [Millennium Court Arts Centre], Northern Ireland. As artist in residence during 2008-2009 Stitt carried out a site-specific explorations of the ‘lost city’ of Craigavon. He investigated memory through the interrogation of space as a primary vehicle for tracing its repression and recovery and how through recall this might be translated and mediated through painting.

Internationally recognised as a performance artist Stitt returned to painting to recall formative experiences growing up in Northern Ireland. The artist has used his personal experiences of Craigavon to address issues of trauma and conflict transformation through accumulation and eradication in the painting process. He uses layering, erasure and ‘scouring’ techniques that in their execution consider the performance of painting as the physical manifestation of the post-colonial condition.

Stitt says of the work: ‘In many ways my response to Craigavon has been a journey back into my own past, trying to make sense of what the place, and by extension, Northern Ireland means to me today. In the process I have inevitably confronted some difficult memories, truths, and experiences within myself. And, like the residues of conflict that saturate Northern Ireland, I felt there was no going forward without going back and confronting the past of my own ‘almost place’, the place I almost belong’.

Born in Belfast, N. Ireland in 1958, Stitt is considered one of Europe's foremost performance and interdisciplinary artists. Recent exhibitions include: Venice Biennale 2005, Chapter, Cardiff 2005, Baltic Contemporary Art Centre, England 2005, The Drawing Centre, New York, 2006, Artspace, Sydney 2007, Asiatopia, Contemporary Art & Cultural Centre, Bangkok 2008, Spacex Gallery, England 2008, The Lab, New York, 2009, GTgallery, Belfast, 2010, Matts Gallery, London 2010.

In 2008 he was awarded a major Creative Wales Award to develop his painting practice.

He is Professor of Performance and Interdisciplinary Art at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and is the chair of the Centre for Fine Art Research at Cardiff School of Art & Design, (UWIC) Wales, UK.

A project publication with essays by MCAC director Megan Johnston, Dr. Justin McKeown and André Stitt is also available.


6. Ron Athey, FF Alumn, at University of London, UK, November 11-12

Outside AiR

Following the success of the first Outside AiR in March 2010, AiR Project and the Department of Drama at Queen Mary, University of London are proud to announce our second season of Live Art in the People's Palace.

Outside AiR is a programme of live performances and events showcasing the work of the Artists in Residence (AiR) at QMUL. Presented every six months, it will also involve established artists in public performances, conversations and special events.

Two high-profile and internationally renowned artists Ron Athey and Kira O'Reilly will present new live performances developed for the Great Hall in the People's Palace, building on their work as AiR Project Artists in Residence in the Department of Drama at Queen Mary University of London.

Kira O'Reilly
8-9 November, 7.30pm £10 (£8)
Untitled (syncopations for more bodies) plays, glances, glimpses and amplifies syncopal swoons, rhythms and disrhythms of movement across five similar and dissimilar dancing bodies within the levels and viewing sights of the Great Hall in the People’s Palace.

Performance by Kira O'Reilly with Lauren Barri Holstein, Hrafnhildur Benediktsdottir, Nathalia Mello and Amanda Prince-Lubawy.

Ron Athey
11-12 November, 7.30pm £10 (£8)
'Gifts of the Spirit 1: Automatic Writing (A Study & Score)'
Using 20 automatic writers, 4 typists, live music, and a discerning through the ectoplasm, Athey manifests images of textual automatism within the setting of a 2-hour durational performance installation. This will be the first showing of a series of works based on charismatic gifts. With piano accompaniment by Othon Mataragas.

To reserve tickets or for more information contact Rose Sharp: r.sharp@qmul.ac.uk (020 7882 5196)

For more info: http://www.airproject.qmul.ac.uk/whatson/

The AiR Project is supported by QMUL, Arts Council England, Westfield Trust, QMI, LCACE, Live Art Development Agency and East End Collaborations.


7. Ana Mendieta, FF Alumn, at Galerie Lelong, Manhattan, thru Dec. 11

Ana Mendieta: Documentation and Artwork, 1972-1985

Galerie Lelong


Hannah Adkins
Phone: +1 212 315 0470
Fax: +1 212 262 0624

Galerie Lelong
528 West 26th Street
10001, New York

October 28 - December 11, 2010
Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm

Ana Mendieta: Documentation and Artwork, 1972-1985

Galerie Lelong is pleased to announce its eighth exhibition of the work of Ana Mendieta, entitled 'Ana Mendieta: Documentation and Artwork, 1972-1985,' which marks the 25th anniversary of the artist's death at the age of 36. On view will be original photographs, slides and other materials from the artist's archive that have never been exhibited, along with rarely seen photographs, drawings, sculpture and recently restored films. The exhibition will span Mendieta's entire career, from her explorations as a student in Iowa in the early '70s to her works in the mid-'80s made while living in Rome as an accomplished artist, and will examine a number of significant motifs that recur throughout her work including blood, fire, and concealment. Mendieta returned to these elements in a number of series and projects, each time considering a different facet of their implications on the body and landscape. The artist's sister, Raquelin Mendieta, who was instrumental in the organization of the exhibition will be present at the opening on Thursday, October 28, 6–8 pm.

Since Ana Mendieta's retrospective at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in 2004, there has been a continuing re-evaluation of her work, and also of time-based performance work. Recent exhibitions such as 2007's 'WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution' have highlighted artists who pursued an investigation of the body, landscape and endurance in actions that were often ephemeral and intangible. As an outgrowth of study on these practices, critics and art historians have debated the role of documentation in performance art. Immersion into Mendieta's body of work demonstrates that process and product are not often strictly delineated. Mendieta matched her integration of themes and media with a fluid approach towards documentation and presentation. A prolific, highly experimental artist, the images that Mendieta printed in her lifetime represent a small fraction of the original slides and negatives that remain in her archive.

'Ana Mendieta: Documentation and Artwork, 1972-1985' displays how thoroughly and, at times, obsessively Mendieta approached the visual conceptualization of her images. Her persistence is most apparent in her 'silueta' [silhouette] works, which she explored throughout her career. Two siluetas that will be exhibited are 'Silueta de Cohetes' and 'Alma en Fuego.' These works each use fire and refer to transformation and transfiguration, expressing the elements of religion and folk spirituality that so fascinated Mendieta. The numerous slides, negatives, and Super 8 films for the works are testaments to Mendieta's ability, with quite simple documentation, to create iconic, indelible imagery that remains alive long after her transient gestures.

Galerie Lelong has exclusively represented the Estate of Ana Mendieta since 1991. Mendieta's work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at over 30 museums worldwide, including the Helsinki City Art Museum, Fundació Antoni Tápies in Barcelona, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea in Santiago de Compostela, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C., Kunstmuseum Luzern, Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana, and Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Monterrey. Since her last exhibition at Lelong in 2008, Mendieta's work has been featured in over 20 museum group exhibitions, a solo show at Alison Jacques Gallery in London, and a dedicated area at the Tate Modern in its display of the permanent collection. Mendieta is currently featured in 'Crossing' at Paco de Artes in São Paulo, 'Signs of Life: Ancient Knowledge in Contemporary Art' at the Kunstmuseum in Luzern, and 'The Original Copy: Photography of Sculpture, 1839 to Today' at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


8. Susan Bee, FF Alumn, at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, November 16

You are cordially invited to a talk by

Susan Bee
on her art work
at the opening reception of her exhibition
at the Brodsky Gallery of the Kelly Writers House
University of Pennsylvania
on Tuesday, November 16 at 6pm.

The show – which will be up till the end of the semester – includes older and more recent paintings
& pages from her artist's books.

curated by Lily Applebaum & Trisha Low

Kelly Writers House
at the University of Pennsylvania
3805 Locust Walk


9. Paul Zaloom, FF Alumn, now on youtube.com

It's only one minute long. It is super duper relevant to the recent elections. Please post on Facebook if you like it.


10. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, November events

my show at Christian Nagel Gallery in Antwerp just closed,my show 'As If,' at the Gam in Torino just opened, and my show 'If You Lived Here Still' at La Virreina Centre de la Imatge in Barcelona as well; my show 'Point and Shoot' at Stedelijk s'Hertogenbosch opens Nov 13. Nov 14, I give the third Hermes Lecture, also in s'Hertogenbosch (den Bosch).



11. Peter Cramer, FF Alumn, at Theater for the New City, Manhattan, Nov. 9-14

Peter Cramer
Ars(e) Moriendi
@ MIX 23
Theater for the New City
151 First Avenue @ 10 St.
November 9-14, 2010

Regular Screenings — $12
Special Events — $15
Opening/Closing Night — $20
A Different Take — Free to youth age 23 and under
Online sales close at 1 PM the day of the show. A processing fee of $1.50 per ticket will be applied to all online orders.
Tickets may be purchased in person at the theater box office on the day of the show.
The box office opens one hour prior to the first show of the day.
Performances and installation viewing are free and don't require tickets.

Ars(e) Moriendi - An Installation by Peter Cramer
A multi media installation that draws from Latin texts and images of the Ars moriendi("The Art of Dying") , The Golden Ass and more contemporary weavings on similar tropes. It is about transformations of magic, flesh and spirit. The varying texture of the materials include altered photographs, wood cut prints, video, audio narration, music , live performance and set elements. A chamber of consolation where temptations of sin will be illuminated and resolved.

Peter Cramer is a New York-based visual media & performing artist. His longstanding recognition of his work in partnership with Jack Waters related to memory, history, art, activism and AIDS includes videos "Short Memory/ No History: AIDS Art Activism" and installation "We Remember" at NY Public Library Donnell Media Center.

Additionally he is the founder of the noted community garden Le Petit Versailles where he has served as a volunteer Public Programs Director for 10 years.

Peter Cramer
PO Box 20260
New YOrk New YOrk 10009
212 529 8815


12. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, now on youtube.com

Jay Critchley continues his Beige Motel project with a visit by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his wife Lutmila:


13. Erica Van Horn, Simon Cutts, FF Alumns, at Conway Hall, London, UK, Nov. 12-13

Erica Van Horn and Simon Cutts will have a selection of Coracle books on show at the Small Publishers Fair 12-13 November, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London. This years guest publisher will be Sara Ranchouse Publishing from Chicago.

For a full programme and information about the fair : www.rgap.co.uk


14. Olivia Beens, Dikko Faust, Kazuko Miyamoto, Lisa Moren, Vernita Nemec, FF Alumns, at Viridian, Manhattan, opening Nov. 20

16th Anniversary of "Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination"
November 16- December 4, 2010
Opening reception Saturday November 20, 4-7PM
Detritus Performances Saturday December 4, 5PM
Curated by Vernita Nemec
Carolien Adriaansche * Jonathan Bauch * Olivia Beens * Marcia Bernstein * Annaliese Bischoff *Richard Brachman * Carol Brookes * Irene Christensen * Ursula Clark * May DeViney * Eleanor Elkin * Bernice Faegenburg *Matthew Farnsworth * Dikko Faust * Monique Given * Gordon Graff * Travis Graves * Susan Happersett* Julia Healy *Kathleen Hendrick * Ed Herman * Mary Frances Judge * Kathleen King * Henry Klimowicz * Susie Kos * Bernice Sokol Kramer * Lynn Kroll * Madeleine Lord * Chippa Martin * Lynne Mayocole * Meryl Meisler & Patricia O'Brien * Barbara Minsky * Kazuko Miyamoto * Lisa Moren * Rebecca Muller * Zuzana Muranicova * Margot Niederland * Susan Newmark * Garry Noland * Corrine Odermatt * Laura Osterweis * Kasia Ozga * Damon Papakiriakou * Carol Quint * Elizabeth Rhoads Read * Librado Romero * Leonard Rosenfeld * Barbara K Schwartz * Ben Sloat * Katherine E Smith * Helaine Soller * Stephen Soreff * Renata Stein * Jenifer R Stern * Victor Struck * Angela Valeria * Courtney Lee Weida * Mary Wells * Peter Wilcox * Stella White * Bullet Shih * Larry Zdeb * Philip Zuchman & others

Chelsea: Viridian Artists is pleased to present "Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination". Curated by Vernita Nemec, the exhibition opens November 16 and extends through December 4, 2010 with the art of more than 50 artists. There will be an artist’s reception Saturday November 20, 4-7PM. The exhibit will culminate with Detritus performances at 5PM on Saturday, December 4th.

2010 marks the 16th Anniversary of "Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination" an exhibit filled with the most impressive, innovative and inspiring art made from trash. Unlike many exhibitions about recycling, the art in this exhibit is actually made from fragments of discarded and found materials that have been creatively transformed. Not only do these artists recycle, but they are also upcycling (a process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value) by using trash as their medium of choice for their artmaking.

The "Art from Detritus" curator Vernita Nemec, who is also the Director of Viridian Artists, an artist herself and the founder of the Art from Detritus movement says, "This show instills in viewer's minds the value of recycled materials and presents ways to use trash creatively. Making art with what would have otherwise become trash is the ultimate level of upcycling and reuse, for people rarely throw away ART. And transforming trash into art, makes the valueless priceless," says the New York City based artist/curator.

The Detritus (another word for leftovers) show was initially inspired in 1993 when N’Cognita attended her first National Recycling Coalition Conference in Nashville. Since, she has curated ‘Detritus’ exhibits in Portland, Oregon; Kansas City, Missouri; Phoenix, Arizona; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and New York City featuring the art of hundreds of artists, receiving funding and sponsorship from the Kauffman Foundation, Westinghouse, AIA, National Recycling Coalition (NRC), the Synagogue for the Arts in NYC, the Puffin Foundation and others. Catalogs from past exhibits provide a rich documentation of artists' statements and images, documenting recycling as an integral part of their creative oeuvre.

Since the beginning of time, artists have been creating art from the "detritus of life" because of the inherent beauty and accessibility of old and discarded artifacts, their spiritual significance or simply because trash was all they had available. Contemporary artists too are attracted to trash as an art medium-- for political, financial or purely aesthetic reasons. By rejecting traditional artists' materials & using society's wastes to create their art, not only do they give new meaning & value to the trash they have transformed, but they are also helping to save the environment and our planet.

Clifford Case, Founder of the National Recycling Coalition in D.C., in reference to past Detritus Exhibitions says, "The power of art is that it changes our perceptions of reality, making us see things with new eyes …because we as recyclers need this transforming power of art." Dr. Jan Beyea, former Chief Scientist at the National Audubon Society in NYC and deeply involved with recycling says, "This exhibition is an important merging of artists and environmentalists, stimulating new ways to communicate the message of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."

Many artists from all over the U.S. as well as many local artists submitted their art to this juried and invitational exhibition. For further information and images, please contact the gallery at 212 414 4040 or info@viridianartists.com. Schools and other community organizations are invited to schedule group visits. "Art from Detritus" exhibits are available for travel to other cities. Catalogs and artwork are for sale and images of past shows can be viewed at www.artfromdetritus.com



15. Peter Dobill, Holly Faurot, Sarah H. Paulson, FF Alumns, at Exit Art, Manhattan, November 9

Hi Everyone,

Bit of a last minute notice on this event, but tonight Phoenix Lights and I will be presenting a special 20 minute compilation of works from the 2nd Maximum Perception Performance Festival as part of a special screening of Soup & Tart in conjunction with the exhibition Alternative Histories @ Exit Art.

We will be presenting excerpts of festival works by Rosabelle Selavy, Erik Hokanson, Holly Faurot + Sarah H. Paulson, and Naoki Iwakawa, with a Q+A to follow with Associate Curator Herb Tam and myself.

Special Maximum Perception Video Screening + Curator Q+A - 7pm Tonight @ Exit Art, 36th+10th Ave., New York, NY


16. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Joe’s Pub, Manhattan, Nov. 21

Nora York
Bent Straight
Songs of Ceaseless Yearning and Never Ending Want
Music about the morning after,
when everything is spent and all your needs and desires rise up to fill the void.

Jamie Lawrence on piano, Dave Hofstra on bass, and Peter Grant on drums.

Sunday NOVEMBER 21
Joe Pub (at the Public Theater)
425 Lafayette Street
NYNY 10012
Tickets available :
at The Public Theater box office
By phone at 212-967-7555 or
You can purchase tickets online for this event!! Easy... And please do.
click below for tickets

I really wanted to sing about vehicles.. You know, Cars... Trains... Boats ... then I decided that Bent Straight allows me to add contemplate songs..
So expect some vehicular
with special guest bass singer Kevin Burdette ...
Singing a song with me from JUMP
Jump my music theater piece with JoAnne Akalaitis directing, David Greenspan writing, Jamie Lawrence MDing and co-composing and orchestrating,
Kiki Smith designing... commissioned by the Public Theater is officially part of the Under the Radar Festival January 2011... !!!

I will also be singing songs that have the word "want" in them.. That is the idea.

Come! Enjoy! Sing along! Whatever you like.

Please spread the word!!!

"Ingenious ...radical.... extravagant talent... the Avant-garde diva...This daring vocalist and conceptualist is able to turn her ruminations into fascinating musical explorations.
York is sure to take it to parts un-dreamed of."
The New Yorker


17. Shelly Mars, Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, Nov. 13

"Shelly Mars&Kirby, present "Bulldyke Chronicles" A Night ofBullshit, Artistry &Edgy Performance November 13, 9:30 pm, 10 dollars.
This is monthly performance series that happens at Dixon Place. 161 Chrystie street .

Featured artists:

This series just keeps getting more fun. If you're interested in performing, please contact: shellymarsbookings@gmail.com


18. Robert Ransick, AA Bronson, Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumns, at Union Theological Seminary, Manhattan, thru Dec. 10

My work State of the Union is included in the show Art and Social Justice, curated by AA Bronson, at The Institute of Art, Religion and Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary in New York City until December 10th.

"An exhibition in ten vitrines featuring ten artists who use research, found materials, and the world they live in to generate their art. Cathy Busby reflects on her father’s time at Union Theological Seminary and her family involvement with the residential native schools in Canada. Electronic Disturbance Theater displays modified cell phones which lead undocumented immigrants in the desert to caches of water. David Kennedy Cutler investigates the Greenpoint oil spill, which is situated in the aquifer below his studio. Robert Ransick gathers the 31 marriage acts passed by 31 states, limiting marriage to a man and a woman. And more."

October 11 – December 10, 2010
Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Union Theological Seminary, 3041 Broadway at 121st Street

Reception: Wednesday, November 10, 8 p.m. (following an Institute sponsored lecture by Gregg Bordowitz)

Lisa Anne Auerbach
Cathy Busby
Center for Tactical Magic
Nicolas Dumit Estevez
Electronic Disturbance Theater
Fritz Haeg
David Kennedy Cutler
Robert Ransick


19. Mitzi Humphrey, FF Alumn, at art6 Gallery, Richmond, VA

FF Alum Mitzi Humphrey has been named Co-Director with her co-founder Henrietta Near of art6 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. For the Month of November art6 Gallery presents"Sculptural Solutions" featuring sculptors Mike Keeling, Steven Lloyd, Susan Svendsen, Frances Wessells and Arthur Woodward. The show runs from November 5 - 27. Saturdays, 12 - 4 PM., and by appointment. art6, 6 East Broad St., Richmond, Va. 23219, 343-1406.

A public link to pictures of the First Friday opening reception, artists, and sculpture may be seen on Mitzi Humphrey's Facebook. You do not have to be a Facebook participant to access these images at this link.



20. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, at MIX, Manhattan, November 12

Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, presents her new film Generations (made with Gina Carducci)
at MIX Festival

Nov. 12, 7 pm

Generations, 30 min., 16 mm, 2010.
Barbara Hammer & Gina Carducci. Inspired by Shirley Clarke’s
film Bridges Go Round (1953), Hammer and Carducci use two Bolex cameras
to capture the final days of Coney Island’s Astroland amusement park. Generations is playing at MIX 23 NY Queer Experimental Film Festival on

Link: http://truequeerlove.blogspot.com/2010/11/generations.html


21. Marja Samsom, FF Alumn, at 2nd Floor on Clinton, Manhattan, November 15

Monday 15th November 2010
7pm to 9pm
The Dumpling Academy Presents
"Sake & Dumplings!"
Your Instructors - Hiromi Iuchi & Marja Samsom

Join Marja, the Dumpling Diva, & Hiromi, Sake Somelier Extraordinaire, at the newly opened speakeasy on the LES, " 2nd Floor on Clinton", for a fun evening of discovery. Sip sake, savor dumplings, hear from the experts - and get to make your very own! - Leave with a buzz & a recipe to re-create a dumpling party at home!

Mushroom dumpling/mushroom & enoki salad
Bichuwajo (Junmai Ginjo sake)

Salmon Tartare/shiso cucumber pickle
Nanburyu (Junmai sake)
Pork & Prune/red cabbage relish
Tomoju (Junmai Ginjo sake)

Fig & Dark choclate/pomegrate seeds
Yuzu Omoi (Yuzu sake)

PRICE: $55
(All inclusive - 2 dumplings per course, 2oz Sake tasting with each course, tasting notes,
recipe card, hands on cooking needs, set of 'Dumpling Academy' chopsticks, experts' fees, tax & tip - this price is for advanced bookings - door price $65)


22. Pope.L, Harley Spiller, FF Alumns, at The New Museum, Manhattan, and online

The current exhibition at The New Museum, Manhattan, is entitled "The Last Newspaper" and includes work by the curatorial team Latitudes. Their most recent publication, The Last Monitor, features the work of William Pope.L, and Harley Spiller, FF Alumns. Here’s what Latitudes has to say:

The 5th issue is out and closing issue 6 as we speak! Here our blog entry for 'The Last Monitor' where you'll see a short youtube video of the pages:


Each week we choose 1 article from each issue for blog as a 'teaser', for this week we chose the article by Harley Spiller on newspaper paperweights - have a look a the images, great stuff!

Just to let you know, we are not going to upload or provide pdfs of the issues as the idea of the project is precisely to provide something physical in the age of digitization. The idea behind this project is to have a single distribution point during the exhibition (the New Museum) and to be a hyper-local enterprise: a paper produced for the show, during the show and about the show.

Please send us your postal address if you want us to send you a couple of copies or alternatively let us know if you prefer to pick them up in person from the museum's front desk.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks again for your generous time and wonderful contributions.

All best from the New Museum's 3rd Floor!

Max & Mariana



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