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Contents for May 24, 2010
1. Emily Roysdon, FF Fund 2009-2010 recipient, at Christopher Street Piers, Manhattan, May 28-June 13
2. Taylor Mac, FF Alumn, receives 2010 Obie Award
3. Zackary Drucker, FF Alumn, at Facade/Fasad, Brooklyn, June 5
4. Beth B, FF Alumn, launches new website www.newburlesquefilm.com
5. Brody Condon, Rashaad Newsome, Adam Pendleton, Emily Roysdon, FF Alumns, at PS1, Long Island City, NY, thru October 18
6. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, at Spectre Gallery, Brooklyn, thru June 12
7. Dahn Hiuni, FF Alumn, at Village Playwrights, Manhattan, June 11-12, and more
8. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, at Projektwerksatt Soho, Wien, Austria, June 9-13
9. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at PS122, Manhattan, May 26, and more
10. Nam June Paik, Kiki Smith, FF Alumns, at Anthology Film Archives, June 3-4
11. Ron Athey, Julie Tolentino, Zackary Drucker, FF Alumns, on new DVD, and more
12. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, summer newsletter and fall tour
13. Carey Lovelace, FF Alumn, at La Mama, Etc., Manhattan, May 27-June 6
14. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at Purelight Gallery, Turners Falls, MA, thru July 2010
15. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, now online at http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/construction-intervention/episodes.html

1. Emily Roysdon, FF Fund 2009-2010 recipient, at Christopher Street Piers, Manhattan, May 28-June 13

Emily Roysdon's untitled piece will be at the Christopher Street Piers located at the Hudson River waterfront on West 10th Street of Manhattan, NY at unannounced times on the 28th and 29th of May, and the 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13th of June.

Emily Roysdon explores New York’s Christopher Street Piers, a site of social and political action for the gay rights movement since the 1970s. This piece is comprised of a series of spontaneous textual performances. These unspectacular performances will engage with the oral history of the piers and social codes that regulate public space in the urban landscape. Performers will include a variety of artists that identify with, and partake in, the site’s past and present histories.

Emily Roysdon is a New York and Stockholm based interdisciplinary artist and writer. Her work is invested in language, memory, collectivity and the processes of history and she uses video, photography, text, and performance to that aim. Roysdon's work revolves around the dynamics between image/movement and document/experience, teasing the boundaries of representation and theatrical and performance paradigms. Roysdon recently developed the concept "ecstatic resistance" to talk about the impossible and imaginary in politics. She is editor and co-founder of the queer feminist journal and artist collective, LTTR.

Roysdon's work has been shown at 2010 Whitney Biennial, Participant, Inc. (NY); Generali Foundation (Vienna); New Museum (NY); Power Plant (Toronto); and Studio Voltaire (London). Her videos have been screened at Whitechapel Gallery (London); Arsenal: Institut fur Film and Videokunst (Berlin); The Kitchen (NY); and at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Her writings have been published in numerous books and magazines, including Cabinet Magazine, the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, and Women & Performance: a Journal of Feminist Theory. Roysdon completed the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in 2001 and an Interdisciplinary MFA at UCLA in 2006. For six months in 2008 she was a resident at the International Artists Studio Program in Sweden (IASPIS). She is a recipient of a 2008 Art Matters grant and the 2009 Franklin Furnace Fund, and is a contributing member and sometimes performer with the band MEN. Upcoming shows include the Bucharest Biennial, Manifesta 8, Greater NY at PS1, and solo shows at Konsthall C in Stockholm and a Matrix commission from the Berkeley Art Museum.

This performance is being presented by Anik Fournier, Michelle Lim, Amanda Palmer, and Robert Wuilfe, the 2009-2010 Whitney Independent Study Program Curatorial Fellows, as part of the Whitney Independent Study Program show "Undercurrents."



2. Taylor Mac, FF Alumn, receives 2010 Obie Award

Congratulations to Taylor Mac, FF Alumn, for receiving a special citation 2010 Obie Award from The Village Voice for his five-hour downtown extravaganza, "The Lily’s Revenge". Mac’s image is on the cover of the May 19-25 Village Voice and his work is discussed in the accompanying article.



3. Zackary Drucker, FF Alumn, at Facade/Fasad, Brooklyn, June 5

Dear Friends,
I will be presenting a new performance on Saturday, June 5th, in Brooklyn as a part of Movement Research Spring Festival 2010: HARDCORPS

TIME: 6pm: artworks by Paul Mpagi Sepuya &Timothy Hull and Ellen Lesperance on view, curated by Arnold J. Kemp
8pm: Performance Forever, performances by Aki Churchman & Leidy Sasamoto, Yve Laris Cohen, Zackary Drucker, Katy Pyle, Jacob Robichaux & Daphne Fitzpatrick and Greg Zuccolo & Ede Thurell
10pm: PARTY/PARTaY, live music with Lazy BlahBlah by K8 Hardy, Alsarah, Miho Hatori, Moodswing Orchestra, with House of Ladosha and special guests
LOCATION: FACADE/FASAD 373 Columbia Street,. Brooklyn, NY 11231
COST: $10, cash bar for food & drink


I have a piece from "Before and After," my ongoing photo collaboration with A.L. Steiner, in a show uptown:

50 Artists Photograph The Future
Curated by Dean Daderko
May 8-July 3, 2010

Higher Pictures
764 Madison Avenue (between 65th and 66th St.)
New York, NY 10065
Tel. 212-249-6100


Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11-6pm

Derrick Adams
Olivier Babin
Lucas Blalock
Cliff Borress
Matthew Buckingham
Alejandro Cesarco
Pradeep Dalal
Moyra Davey
Stephanie Diamond
Madeline Djerejian
Zackary Drucker + A. L. Steiner
Sam Falls
Hans-Peter Feldmann
Daphne Fitzpatrick
Glen Fogel
Eve Fowler
Chitra Ganesh
Andrea Geyer
Julio Grinblatt
Robin Graubard
K8 Hardy
David Humphrey
LaToya Ruby Frazier
Nina Hoffmann
Jamie Isenstein
Luis Jacob and Chris Curreri
Jodie Vicenta Jacobson
Deana Lawson
Zoe Leonard
Katja Mater
Josiah McElhenny
Claire Pentecost
Lucy Pullen
Adam Putnam
Eileen Quinlan
Justine Reyes
Mariah Robertson
Carrie Schneider
Paul Mpagi Sepuya
Dan Torop
Wu Ingrid Tsang
Jaimie Warren
Leilah Weinraub
Brenna Youngblood

"One of the artist’s great gifts is that of vision. I’m not only talking about the pleasurable and wonderfully important sense of the visual, but also how art provides us with the sense of possibility of ‘another’ future. Envisioning a possibility puts us that much closer to attaining it. If art can be used as a tool to expand the mind and redirect consciousness, how does the artist convince a viewer that this tool is not an end in itself?

The artistic responses to the question "what does the future look like?" as evidenced by the works in 50 Artists Photograph The Future, are surprising and invigorating: the future looks like the present reality of an obsolescent past; it looks like something we are moving toward and away from; it is abstract and it is physical. With a sense of hope, it does not discount the past, but rather accommodates for past failures and their ultimate corrections as we move forward."

Dean Daderko
Brooklyn, 2010



4. Beth B, FF Alumn, launches new website www.newburlesquefilm.com

Hi All,

I've forgotten how tough independent filmmaking is - especially when it involves nude bodies!!!

After working in television for ten years, I’ve come back to my roots in independent filmmaking with the feature documentary, New Burlesque. I’ve been filming the subculture of burlesque in New York City for the past two years and have some incredible footage. The visions and explorations of these performers are truly groundbreaking! To get more information and see the trailer, go to our website at: www.newburlesquefilm.com.

We’re now in the process of raising money for the post-production and hope you might help. Anything you might generously contribute (tax-deductible) will aid in the completion of New Burlesque. You can make a donation on the SUPPORT page. And, please help spread the word by sending this email to anyone and everyone you know. Thanks in advance for any support!

Beth B



5. Brody Condon, Rashaad Newsome, Adam Pendleton, Emily Roysdon, FF Alumns, at PS1, Long Island City, NY, thru October 18

Brody Condon, Rashaad Newsome, Adam Pendleton, Emily Roysdon, FF Alumns, at PS1, Long Island City, NY, thru October 18, 2010. full information at http://ps1.org/



6. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, at Spectre Gallery, Brooklyn, thru June 12

Exhibition 59 SECONDS (and beyond) at the Spectre Gallery (287 3rd ave. in Brooklyn)
has been extended until June 12.

Regular hours (Wednesday – Saturday from Noon until 6pm) through May 28.
May 29 - June12 by appointment (call Hiram: 917-621-5877).
Photos from the show (taken by Franz Wanner) at:

59 SECONDS (and beyond) Futuring:

Avi Dabach (Israel),
Randall Wakerlin (OR, USA) ,
Lucia Warck Meister (Argentina/USA),
Are Hauffen (Norway),
David Lachman (MA, USA),
Jinho Im (NY, USA),
Javier J. Plano (Argentina),
Darya Zhuk (Belarus),
Akiko and Masako Takada (UK/Japan),
Dubi Kaufmann (IL, USA),
Mariana Bertoldi Youssef (Brazil),
Sara Rajaei & Hadas Itzkovitch (Iran/Netherlands/Israel),
Franz Wanner (Germany),
Stefano Giannotti (Italy),
Carine Doerflinger (Germany),
Estelle Artus (France),
Yan Chung Hsien (Taiwan),
Zvonka Simcic (Slovenia),
Anka Schmid (Switzerland),
Herve Constant (UK),
Alain K. (France),
Andrew Eyman (USA),
Petri Ala-Maunus (Finland),
Igor Baskin (Russia),
Fereshteh Toosi (PA, USA),
Antonello Matarazzo (Italy),
Maria Lynch (UK),
Isidore Bethel (USA),
Damian Duran (Argentina),
Myriam Thyes (Germany),
Tsui-lun Liu (Taiwan/Germany),
Craig Downing (USA),
Angelica Bergamini (USA),
Lello Lopez (Italy),
Jenny Vogel (NY, USA),
Luca Acito and Dario Carmetano (Italy),
Persefoni Marlaka (Greece),
Mike Ricos and Caroline Louis (USA),
Alessandra Zucchi and Antonio della Marina (Italy),
Serena Calò (Italy),
Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada),
Krsto Zlatkov & Dejan Dzolev (Macedonia),
Victor Barbieri (CA, USA)

Irina Danilova
Project 59
303 Beverley Rd. Apt. 5K
Brooklyn, NY 11218



7. Dahn Hiuni, FF Alumn, at Village Playwrights, Manhattan, June 11-12, and more

"One Man Show," a short play by Dahn Hiuni will be included in "Taking Issues," an evening of short plays by The Village Playwrights, New York City's LGBTQ Playwrights Collective. June 11 & 12, 2010, at 7pm, at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center, 208 west 13th street, New York City, 10011, Room 310. Tickets and information at www.gaycenter.org/node/5213 or at www.dahnhiuni.com


at Leslie-Lohman Gallery, SoHO, New York.
Dahn Hiuni is included in The Second Great LGBT Photo Show, June 15 - July 10, 2010. The Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, 26 Wooster Street, New York City, 10013.
More information at www.leslielohman.org or at www.dahnhiuni.com



8. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, at Projektwerksatt Soho, Wien, Austria, June 9-13

Vienna 9. – 13. June 2010
@Projektwerksatt SOHO, Schellhammergasse 24, 1160 Wien
Press Contact: Victoria Hindley, Organizer/Curator/Artist
Phone: [43] 650 300 5890 Email: vhindley@gmail.com

VIENNA, May 14, 2010—This June, twenty-five international artists, theorists, and speakers present artwork, talks, and performances that interpret the theme of shelter. Revealing a multiplicity of perspectives, much of the work has been created specifically in response to the project and will be presented in Vienna for the first time. The SHELTER Project takes place at Projektwerksatt SOHO, Schellhammergasse 24 from 9.–13. June 2010. It is organized by Victoria Hindley, Nina Goldnagl, and Wolfgang Suetzl, in collaboration with Beatrix Zobl, Wolfgang Schneider, TRANSART COLLECTIVE (int’l), and SOHO IN OTTAKRING. The SHELTER project’s purpose is to facilitate and present an intercultural exchange of new work, ideas, and open dialogue while offering quality arts programming on a vital topic. Shelter is a seemingly simple concept that nevertheless cannot be easily defined; it has many profoundly personal, philosophical, and political considerations. It affects us all and each of us experiences it in distinctly different ways. The SHELTER project traverses far-reaching cultural territory to investigate this vital concept and its extensive repercussions in the contemporary world. Representing a diverse, multi-cultural body of voices, SHELTER contributors are drawn from a variety of disciplines including the arts, philosophy, political science, and literature; they are from the USA, Canada, Austria, Malta, Colombia, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

Everyone welcome; all events are free.
THE SHELTER PROJECT International Multimedia Exhibition
9 June: Vernissage at 18.00
10, 11, 12., June: Exhibition open from 12.00 to 20.00
13 June: Exhibition open from 12.00 to 18.00

Contributing Artists: Ruth Bianco, Video / Jean Marie Casbarian, Video / Miranda Clark, Photography / Fishpool, Mixed Media + Performance / Simon Donovan, Mixed Media / Nicolas Dumit Estevez & Jonny Farrow, Audio / Nina Goldnagl, Photography / Niki Hampton, Mixed Media / Victoria Hindley, Photography / Renee Kildow, Photography / Knoll + Cella, Photography / Karen Marshall, Photography / Freya Olafson, Video / Victoria Oscarsson, Prose-Poetry / Heidi Phillips, Video / Patricia Sellmer, Mixed Media / Wolfgang Schneider, Video / Beatrix Zobl, Mixed Media

Everyone welcome; all events are free.
For additional information please visit http://theshelterproject.wordpress.com/
or contact Victoria Hindley
(English) at 43 650 300 5890.



9. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at PS122, Manhattan, May 26, and more

HANDBAG snoozeletter

this coming WEDNESDAY, MAY 26th, dynasty handbag is honored to be a guest performer on VAGINAL DAVIS IS SPEAKING FROM THE DIAPHRAGM, at PS122, along with other special guests. this shit is gonna be tite tite tite!!!!

later on DH at THATSMYJAM special PRIDE EVENT - JULY 27th


Dynasty Handbag's new evening-length show "VERTiditGO" will open JULY 2nd at DIXON PLACE...a MONDO CANE! Commission project that will melt minds and turn stomachs... gay! stay tooned to details!

hope to see you everywhere!


5/23/10 - Washington DC
5/26/10 - PS122 with Vaginal Davis, NYC
6/27 - That's My Jam, Brooklyn
7/3 - 7/24 - weekends at Dixon Place, NYC



10. Nam June Paik, Kiki Smith, FF Alumns, at Anthology Film Archives, June 3-4

32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Paul Tschinkel's ART/new york
PROGRAM 1: VIDEO ART | June 3 - 7:30PM
NAM JUNE PAIK: PRISONER OF THE CATHODE RAY (2000, 54 minutes, video)

Paik is the founding father of video art. For more than four decades, he explored and exploited television technology as an artist’s medium. Paik confessed that he had become the "prisoner of the cathode ray." On this program, we see Paik’s 1982 retrospective at the Whitney Museum, his 1988 exhibition at the Dorothy Goldeen Gallery in Los Angeles, and two shows at the Holly Solomon Gallery in New York. In a lighthearted and humorous fashion, Paik talks about his art.

TONY OURSLER (2002, 27 minutes, video)

Hailed as one of the most innovative artists of our time, Oursler is at the forefront of a second generation of video artists. Oursler creates eerily beautiful video installations as well as arresting video projections on objects in galleries and in public spaces. This program features interviews with Oursler and NEW YORK TIMES art critic Michael Kimmelman.

JOHN CHAMBERLAIN: MODERN SCULPTURE (1999, 55 minutes, video)

Rooted in the ideas, process, and spontaneity of Abstract Expressionism, Chamberlain’s work – constructed from discarded metal car parts found in the automobile graveyards of America – has made him one of the foremost American sculptors. This program features a visit with the artist at his Long Island home and studio, two exhibitions at the Pace Gallery, as well as an interview with art dealer Allan Stone, one of his earliest fans and collectors.

ASPECTS OF MINIMALISM (1996, 28 minutes, video)

A uniquely American invention, Minimalism has had a major impact on the art of the latter part of the 20th century. Of late, there has been a resurgence of interest in this movement, as illustrated by the opening of Dia Beacon, a museum dedicated to the work of major Minimalist artists. Seen in this video are exhibitions by Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Mel Bochner, Richard Serra, John McCracken, and Richard Nonas.



In this production, ART/new york looks at late-70s and early-80s Expressionist Painting in NYC. The piece features interviews with Julian Schnabel (along with documentation of his first one-man show, a highly acclaimed exhibition held simultaneously at the Leo Castelli and Mary Boone galleries), Lee Krasner, the veteran Expressionist painter who enjoyed a renaissance in the early 80s, and Malcolm Morley, a quixotic painter and champion of Hyper-Realist Art turned expressionist.

GEORGE MCNEIL: THE PAINTERS’ PAINTER (1991, 28 minutes, video)

The late McNeil was an Abstract Expressionist painter who turned to the use of vibrant colors and explosively painted figures in works that suggest the joyous anarchy of children’s art. Over a span of more than 50 years, his work became openly expressive of charged psychological states and violent emotions, and he based his paintings on contemporary phenomena such as disco dancing, punk rock, and street life in NYC. On this program, ART/new york covers a large show at the Hirschl & Adler Gallery and visits McNeil in his Brooklyn studio.

LARRY RIVERS: AN AMERICAN MASTER (1993, 28 minutes, video)

Larry Rivers was a Jewish-American artist, musician, filmmaker, and occasional actor. One of America’s most important postwar artists, Rivers continued, until his death in 2002, to exhibit regularly both in the U.S. and abroad, and to create work that was often visionary, inclusive, and prophetic of styles and movements to follow. Along with an interview with Rivers and others, the program documents three shows at the Marlborough Gallery in NY.


LOUISE BOURGEOIS (1987, 28 minutes, video)

The 98-year-old Louise Bourgeois first exhibited in New York in the early 1940s. Ignored by the art world through the 50s and 60s, she finally gained recognition in the 70s. Bourgeois finds inspiration for her works from her childhood growing up in France. In her art, she conveys feelings of anger, betrayal and jealousy, but with playfulness. This program – the first documentary on this legendary artist – includes a visit to her house/laird on Staten Island.

ALICE NEEL (1990, 28 minutes, video)

A rare interview and revealing glimpse at an enormous, irrepressible talent, the late Alice Neel. Neel’s portraits of friends, strangers, and famous art world personalities are notable for their expressionistic use of line and color, psychological acumen, and emotional intensity. This program includes an in-depth interview with this vastly talented and accomplished artist, conducted shortly before her death in 1984.

KIKI SMITH (1994, 28 minutes, video)

Smith began sculpting in the late 1970s, and while she is best known for her sculptures, she creates pieces in a variety of media. Her art is often imbued with political significance, undermining the traditional erotic representations of women, and sometimes exposing the inner biological systems of females as a symbol for hidden social issues. In her Lower East Side studio, Smith talks at length about her inspiration, her ideas and the making of her art.



11. Ron Athey, Julie Tolentino, Zackary Drucker, FF Alumns, on new DVD, and more

Visions of Excess

We are pleased to announce the DVD featuring documentation from Visions of Excess, produced for SPILL Festival 2009 at SHUNT Vaults, London has been published by the Live Art Development Agency and is now available to buy from the Unbound bookshop.

Visions of Excess was a non-stop, 12 hour voyage into the heart of darkness, a communion with the ragged spirit of Georges Bataille, exploring the philosophers key themes of death, eroticism and the forbidden.

Curated by Ron Athey and Lee Adams, and hosted by David Hoyle the event featured
live performances, installations, film screenings and DJs. This dvd filmed by Manuel Vason and Luiz Guilherme features excerpts from work by Franko B, Ron Athey, Bruce La Bruce, Julie Tolentino, Lee Adams, Gio Black Peter, Christophe Chemin, Peter Christopherson, Zackary Drucker, Flawless Sabrina, Dominic Johnson, Mouse, Kira O'Reilly, L.Gabrielle Penabaz, Lazlo Pearlman, SmaxXx, Suka Off, Samantha Sweeting, and Veenus Vortex.

Lee Adams, Ron Athey and Live Art Development Agency 2010, DVD-PAL, 57 min


Available now for £10 + p&p


Julie Tolentino is appearing in Vaginal Davis SPEAKING FROM THE DIAPHRAGM at PS 122 this coming Saturday, May 22, 10pm installment.

Here is the link:

at PS122 from May 15th - 27th. More info here.
Ms. Davis won the prestigious Ethyl Eichelberg Award and we're doing a 70's inspired talk show with an amazing line up of guest going us live and via skype every night. She herself joins us on this very rare occasion from her homestead in Berlin. Don't miss seeing the Queen of all Queens while she's in this miserably cold and dank city of ours.



12. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, summer newsletter and fall tour


Hi All!

After nonstop Winter and Spring travels I am home for a bit to catch my breath and jump in the ocean as much as possible! Here's a report on spring tour and a sneak peek at what is coming up late Summer and in the Fall! The NYC premiere of LAY OF THE LAND will happen at PS 122 in December. What fun!

June 2 San Francisco Main Library
Aug 3-6 Assoc. for Theater in Higher Education
Aug 23-27 Provincetown, MA Art House Theater and Castle Hill Arts Center http://www.castlehill.org/Workshops_performance.html
Oct 2-3 Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Oct 4-9 Texas A & M, College Station, TX
Oct 11-12 Lamar University, Beaumont, TX
Oct 18-23 Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
Nov 11-12 Montreal, PQ Concordia University
Dec 2-12 NYC, Performance Space 122

Hope all is well! If you - or any of your students- are interested in a performance workshop - and fun creative vacation - this summer in fabulous Provincetown, I am doing a week intensive workshop there at the Art House Theater in P-Town August 23-27 and we will make a piece that will be performed the evening of August 27 at the Art House. Will be a blast! Performance art in the morning and and beach in the afternoon and so much night life and performance in the evenings! I will be performing my new show LAY OF THE LAND one night too (Wednesday Aug 25th at 7pm)

It was a fantastic winter and spring tour! Special highlights were fantastic residencies at Ohio Wesleyan University, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Ohio University. I had great run in Chicago at Victory Gardens Biograph theater. Lovely HUGE review in Chicago Tribune.

All this and getting to perform in Chicago at the theater where John Dillinger was shot by the FBI!
I worked intensively with the students in the Ohio Wesleyan University Political-Social cabaret class in February. Really fascinating! One young woman did a great piece about wanting to be the bearded lady. She divided the audience into gender binary and she was all liminal in the middle. Was wild!

The arts editor of the univ newspaper did the workshop and wrote about the process....
Check this video of the gang at Ohio Wesleyan
Here's another nice piece from the Ohio University Arts Magazine Backdrop. Nice video of interviews with the participants. It was a great group
Everything was coming up Ohio this winter! This Fall seems to be a Texas marathon!
See you soon in Texas or Canada or New York City!
Tim Miller



13. Carey Lovelace, FF Alumn, at La Mama, Etc., Manhattan, May 27-June 6

La MaMa E.T.C. in association with Spiderwoman Theater presents "Red Mother" developed in collaboration with Loose Change Productions

"Red Mother," featuring the celebrated Muriel Miguel, co-founder of Village Voice Obie-award-winning Spiderwoman Theater collective, will be presented by La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club Thursdays through Sundays from May 27 to June 6.

The sixty-five minute play is the tale of Belle, an old Native woman who, with horse and companion Blue Fred, travels across what was once the People's land. Inspired by "Mother Courage," it weaves Brechtian themes with Kuna demon tales and traditional stories with a contemporary soundscape. The one-person show, which features original multimedia projections, elaborate fabric hangings, and music, is a unique expression of the Native American community, told from a woman's perspective. Murielle Borst, Artistic Director of The Silvercloud Singers and Dancers and Miguel's daughter, directs.

May 27 to June 6, 2010
Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00 pm; Sundays at 2:30 pm
La MaMa E.T.C. (First Floor Theatre), 74A East Fourth Street, NYC
$18 general admission, $13 students/seniors
Box office (212) 475-7710, www.lamama.org



14. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at Purelight Gallery, Turners Falls, MA, thru July 2010

16th Anniversary of "Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination"
through July, 2010
Purelight Gallery, 37 Third St. Turners Falls, Massachusetts
Curated by Vernita Nemec with artists:

Luca Battaglia
Heather Bentz
Marcia Bernstein
Annaliese Bischoff
Merill Comeau
May DeViney
Emily DeKelly
Matthew Farnsworth
Monique Given
Gordon Graff
Travis Graves
Jamie Greene
Mikhail Gubin
Sandra Guze
David Hamlow
Mary Frances Judge
Richard Kurtz
Kate Marion Lapierre
Katie Mansfield
Rebecca Muller
Zuzana Muranicova
Susan Newmark
Anne Patsch
Zepher Potrafka
Jeffrey Allen Price
Carol Quint
Ruby Re-Usable aka Diane Kurzyna
Pam Roberts
Nina Rossi
Katherine E Smith
Helaine Soller
Stephen Soreff
Catherine Tirr
Courtney Lee Weida
Philip Zuchman

2010 marks the 16th Anniversary of "Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination" an exhibit filled with the most impressive, innovative and inspiring art made from trash. Unlike many exhibitions about recycling, the art in this exhibit is actually made from fragments of discarded and found materials that have been creatively transformed.

The "Art from Detritus" curator Vernita Nemec says, "This show instills in viewer's minds the value of recycled materials and presents ways to use trash creatively rather than discarding and polluting our planet. Making art with what would have otherwise become trash is the ultimate level of recycling and reuse, for people rarely throw away ART. And transforming trash into art, makes the valueless priceless," says the New York City based artist/curator.

This exhibit, like the first in Portland Oregon, is particularly special for its exhibition site. Vern McClish, Director of PureLight Gallery states "Purelight Gallery is located in a recycled building in a recycled town. Turners Falls, was once supported by the logging and paper industries, and then in the 60's hosted a hippy culture that included the Renaissance Commune and music venues. After a time, all that faded and fell to pieces. Now, today the town is re-emerging as an artist community on the timeless Connecticut River."

Purelight Gallery’s space was once a grocery store, a plumbing supply and a junk shop. The current owners, Vern & Jan McClish bought the building caved in and uninhabitable. They have restored and recycled the building into apartment/studios and a gallery.

The Detritus (another word for leftovers) show was initially inspired in 1993 when N’Cognita attended her first National Recycling Coalition Conference. Since, she has curated ‘Detritus’ exhibits in Portland, Oregon; Kansas City, Missouri; Phoenix, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and New York City featuring the art of hundreds of artists, receiving funding and sponsorship from the Kauffman Foundation, Westinghouse, AIA, National Recycling Coalition (NRC), the Synagogue for the Arts in NYC, the Puffin Foundation and others. Catalogs from past exhibits provide a rich documentation of artists' statements and images and document why recycling is an integral part of their creative oeuvre.

Since the beginning of time, artists have been creating art from the "detritus of life" because of the inherent beauty and accessibility of old and discarded artifacts, their spiritual significance or simply because trash was all that was available to them. Contemporary artists too are attracted to trash as an art medium-- for political, financial or purely aesthetic reasons. By rejecting traditional artists' materials & using society's wastes to create their art, not only do they give new meaning & value to the trash they have transformed, but they are also helping to save the environment and our planet. Not only do these artists recycle, but they are also upcycling (a process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value) by using trash as their medium of choice for their artmaking.

Clifford Case, Founder of the National Recycling Coalition in D.C., in reference to past Detritus Exhibitions says, "The power of art is that it changes our perceptions of reality, making us see things with new eyes …because we as recyclers need this transforming power of art." Dr. Jan Beyea, former Chief Scientist at the National Audubon Society in NYC and deeply involved with recycling says, "This exhibition is an important merging of artists and environmentalists, stimulating new ways to communicate the message of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."

Many artists from all over the U.S. as well as many local artists submitted their art to this juried exhibition.

For further information and images, please contact the curator, Vernita Nemec in NYC at 212 925 4419 or email her at ncognita@earthfire.org. Schools and other community organizations are invited to schedule group visits. Contact Jan McClish at 774-641-1201. "Art from Detritus" exhibits are available for travel to other cities. Catalogs and artwork are for sale and images of past shows can be viewed at www.artfromdetritus.com




15. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, now online at http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/construction-intervention/episodes.html

Construction Intervention

FRANC PALAIA is proud to announce his participation and appearance on Construction Intervention, an all-new Discovery Channel TV series. Construction Intervention follows Charlie Frattini, New York Construction Extraordinaire, and his trusted team of contractors and designers as they find businesses in danger of failing due to botched, delayed or impossible construction jobs and rescue them from their construction woes. FRANC PALAIA was involved in the program by painting a 4'x 18' custom mural for the Real Deal Barbershop in Jersey City, NJ. (painted in an incredible 3 days!!)

Construction Intervention is fast- paced, high tech, suspenseful and fun. It drastically changes people’s lives for the better. It's more than just another TV show! The episode aired on May 21, 2010 but evidence remains on the website at http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/construction-intervention/episodes.html




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