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Contents for August 26, 2009
1. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, new publication now online
2. Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumn, fall 2009 events
3. Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, FF Alumns, in Venice, Italy, Aug. 29
4. Matt Mullican, FF Alumn, at Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, Germany, opening Aug. 28
5. Judith Sloan, FF Alumn, at The East 13th St. Theater, Manhattan, Sept. 15
6. Bob Holman, Deb Margolin, Judith Sloan, FF Alumns, at The East 13th St. Theater, Manhattan, Sept. 15
7. Galinsky, FF Alumn, at IFC, Manhattan, opening Aug. 28
8. Andrew Edlin Gallery moves to new location in Manhattan
9. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumn, at Kunstlerhaus Frise, Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 5-19
10. Michael Smith, FF Alumn, at SculptureCenter, Long Island City, Sept. 13-Nov. 30
11. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, in Cinemateca 19, Montevideo, Uruguay, Sept. 5-8
12. Coco Fusco, FF Alumn, at BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, opening Sept. 2
13. Heather Woodbury, FF Alumn, at Yoga Garden Studios, Austin, TX, October 16-19
14. Kate Gilmore, FF Alumn, at The Kitchen, Manhattan, opening Sept. 10
15. Helene Aylon, FF Alumn, events, Fall 2009
16. LuLu LoLo, FF Member, in Time Out NY
17. Candida Royalle, FF Alumn, on ABC Nightline, and more
18. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, new CD release, appearing with Ken Butler, Joshua Fried, FF Alumns, at DROM, Manhattan, Sept. 8, and more
19. Kyong Park, FF Alumn, at Bangkok University Gallery, Thailand, Aug. 27-30
20. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Jack Hanley Gallery, Manhattan, Sept. 3
21. Moya Devine, FF Alumn, at Luis De Jesus Seminal Projects, San Diego, thru Oct. 24
1. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, new publication now online
In the spring of 2007 I traveled from my home in the South Bronx to Calaf, a Catalonian town of approximately 3500, with the purpose of meeting all of its inhabitants. Over a period of two months, I went from being a visitor to becoming a local. The social exchanges between the residents and myself were documented through photographs that I took or by images donated by those I met. All of the materials were finally assembled as a photo album of the town, which was published in an edition of 2000 copies by IDENSITAT in 2007

In the summer of 2009 I go back to Calaf to gradually re-insert back into life what I originally conceived as an art and life experience.
Pleased to Meet You was initially presented with IDENSITAT 07:
To download an electronic version of the publication please visit: http://www.idensitat.org/dumit/book.pdf
Pleased to Meet You was also presented in the fall of 2007 in Peterborough, New Hampshire, as part of the MacDowell Colony Centennial: http://www.macdowellcolony.org/

To access the Pleased to Meet You [Peterborough] website please visit: http://pleasedtomeetyou.org/


2. Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumn, fall 2009 events
At the Whitney Museum of American Art, permanent collection 5th floor, new acquisitions of "Body Collage" & "Meat Joy" (remastered by CS).

Whitney Museum of American Art, "Happenings Films of Claes Oldenburg". "Store Days" (1962). "Birth of a Flag" (1965) includes nude parachute performance by Schneemann.

At the Centre Pompidou Paris, "ELLE@CENTREPOMIDOU" exhibit. May 27, 2009 through May 24, 2010. Gallery with video projections of "Meat Joy" and "Body Collage".

*Denotes CS will be present
2nd Athens Biennale, Athens Greece. "Heaven". June 15 -October 4, 2009. "Fuses" newly restored.
*Galerie SAW Gallery, Ottawa Canada. "Animal House: Works of Art Made by Animals".
August 1 -September 26, 2009. "Infinity Kisses II" photogrid (1990-98); "Infinity Kisses -The Movie" (2008) DVD; Painting by Kitch 1957 (shoe polish on newspaper); Portrait of CS by Vesper 1998 (color photograph).

2009 Incheon Women’s Artists Biennale, Incheon Korea. August 1 -31, 2009. Entrance gallery: installation CS photographic & giclee prints and DVD projections.

*Tate Liverpool, Liverpool England. "AND (Abandon Normal Devices) Festival". September 23 -27, 2009. Premiere of multi-channel video installation, "Precarious". (Also "Mysteries of the Iconographies" new performative/lecture on Sept. 24th.)

*Centre Pompidou, Paris. September 28, 2009. CS performative/lecture on the influences of French culture.
*Location One, NYC. "Artist-in-Residence". CS presentation of recent videos; meetings with artists in program.
*Moderna Museet, Stockholm Sweden. October 23, 2009. CS performative/lecture with videos.
*KGB, NYC. "Girldrive" event. October 29, 2009. CS appearance.
*Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz NY. January 30 -June 20, 2010. Solo exhibit.
*Cornell University, Ithaca NY. February 25, 2009. CS performative/lecture "Mysteries of the Iconographies".


3. Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, FF Alumns, in Venice, Italy, Aug. 29
Eco-Sexual Blue Wedding To The Sea
With artist-brides Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens
August 28, 2009 in Venice, Italy
The Pavilion of the Society of Fear
La Biennale di Venezia
Two ecstatic artist-brides will be marrying the ocean in a wedding like no other, at the Venice Biennale. Performance artists, poets, ecologists, porn stars, courtesans, academics, activists, and people from well over a dozen countries will gather at the waters edge to make vows to "love, honor and cherish the Sea until death do us part." The public is invited to witness the ceremony. The vows will be officiated by Spanish "Anti-Priest" and theorist Beatriz Preciado, the calling of the directions will be San Francisco pagan pleasure priestess sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, and the homily will be given by award winning American author Michelle Tea.

The artist-brides, Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens, ask for no material gifts, but invite people to collaborate on the creation of the wedding. Dozens of artists are busy preparing their offerings; Diana Pornoterrorista from Madrid will be a human fountain, Dutch Fluxus artist Harry Ruhe’ will model his Delft blue ocean underwear, Italian prostitutes rights activist Pia Covre will read a love poem written by the Venician couresan poet, Veronica Franko. Also presenting are the Swiss Mermaids, tR(ans)evolutionary eCoterrorist Graham Bell Tornado, and the maid of honor is French author of King Kong Theory and film director of Baise-moi, Virginie Despentes.

The artist-brides request that everyone wear blue and dress in the themes of the ocean. One woman is sewing a blue bullet-proof Kevlar Chador to wear in honor of Neda, an "aquatic artist" from Australia will don her bright blue wet suit, and burlesque sensation Lady Monster has made a glittery blue, Birth of Venus costume with twirling tassels that get wet.

The wedding will be ecologically sound---no plastic will be used. The blue and silver bridal couture is head-to-toe vegan and created by California painter Sarah Stolar, who will also perform a watery hula-hoop dance with her husband while her mother blows bubbles.

The bride-artists have had six other performance art weddings. "This past year, we married the Earth in a magnificent redwood tree grove in California with four hundred people attending, we married the sky in the rose garden of an historic mansion in England, and we had what may have been the first queer wedding in the Balkans. For our seventh wedding we will marry the Sea as we are passionately in love with her and desire to help save her from destruction. We are 'eco-sexuals,’ meaning we find nature incredibly romantic, extraordinarily sensual, and an exquisite lover. Additionally we are 'sexecologists.’ We intend to make the environmental movement a little sexier."

Each wedding is site specific, utilizes a different theme and color, and has a political thrust. The Eco-sexual Blue Wedding to the Sea will take place at the 53rd Venice Biennale’s Society of Fear Pavilion, curated by artist Jota Castro. Stephens and Sprinkle explain, "The Sea has a fast growing cancer made of islands of plastic the size of Texas. She is suffocating from gasses caused by our pollution. Ninety percent of her large fish have been wiped out. She’s overheating and is brutally exploited. We simply can’t live without her. The Society of Fear Pavilion is the perfect place for this wedding. Many of us fear the destruction of our beautiful environment. We want to transform this fear into loving action to care for the sea."

Marrying the sea in Venice is an old tradition, which is still celebrated today. During the Renaissance, the Doge (chief magistrate) decreed that, "Venice must marry the sea as a man marries a women and thus become her Lord." Each year the Doge would go out on a boat and drop a ring into the water. The artists explain, "We will appropriate this tradition, but as two women who have moved beyond the dominant-male and submissive-female dynamic, who love not lord over, and as global citizens who care deeply about the welfare of our planet. We propose loving the Sea erotically, which takes us all deliciously deep inside our primordial selves. Our bodies are made largely of water so in fact we are the Sea. At our wedding we hope that everyone will take vows to love and protect oceans with us."

Stephens and Sprinkle call their project the Love Art Laboratory, and they are dedicated to doing art projects that "explore, generate, and celebrate love." Their projects grew out of their response to the violence of war, the anti-gay marriage movement, and the greed causing the destruction of the planet. Their events are symbolic gestures, which aim to instill hope, to be an antidote to fear, and act as a call to action.

Wedding day: August 28, 2009
Gather at 2:30 PM
Ceremony 3:00-4:30 PM
Reception 4:30-6:00 PM
http://loveartlab.org/slideshow.php?year_id=5&cat_id=109 is the page with information about collaboration, press release, and list of collaborators so far.

at Arsenale Novissimo, Tese di San Cristoforo, Tesa 92.
OR annie@anniesprinkle.org OR bethstephens@me.com
PRESS PHOTOS ARE AVAILABLE for use free of cost at www.loveartlab.org.
Go to "press" then to "press photos."


4. Matt Mullican, FF Alumn, at Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, Germany, opening Aug. 28
City As A Map (Of Ideas)
GAK Gesellschaft fГјr Aktuelle Kunst
Teerhof 21
28199 Bremen
Phone: 0049 421 500 897
Fax: 0049 421 593 337
August 29 - November 15
Opening: August 28, 7pm
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 11h -18h
Thursday 11h - 21h.
Closed on Mondays.
American artist Matt Mullican (born 1951, lives in Berlin and New York) is widely recognised as one of the most important artists of his generation. His oeuvre explores one of humanity's most fundamental needs -our desire to grasp the meaning of human existence and understand the world we inhabit. His conceptual works are grounded in the symbolic meaning of their individual elements. Language and Mullican's individual use of other idiosyncratic systems of classification provide the foundation and raw material for his art, which draws on a variety of models used to give order to our world (including encyclopaedias, tabularized lists, maps and pictographs). Created in a range of mediums and styles each of his works contains the seeds of something more universal. Mullican has laboured on the creation of these parallel worlds since the 1970s and they epitomize his sweeping artistic vision of creating a new world view through the continual development of divergent systems of language and symbols.

Created between 2003-2008, Mullican's City as a Map (of Ideas) is comprised of 70 drawings, plans, collages, photographs and objects, and will be premiered in its entirety at the GAK Gesellschaft fГјr Aktuelle Kunst. Setting its sights on Hamburg as an exemplary city, City as a Map (of Ideas) explores new ways of representing urban space. The work combines two systems of order which, although familiar elements of our daily life, are not usually conjoined: the city map and the encyclopaedia.

These models of classification combine and overlap in the numerous individual papers comprising the work as its perspective shifts from the synoptic perspective (of city maps and encyclopaedic entries) to a close-up perspective which captures the smallest details (the objects in an apartment and encyclopaedia sub-categories). Mullican's work recasts, for example, an urban landmark such as Hamburg's St. Michaeliskirche as an umbrella term for 'bacteria and viruses'. While in the suburb of St. Pauli the various floors in an apartment building became the sites of 'vitamins', 'minerals' and 'proteins'. City as a Map (of Ideas) advances a conceptual notion of urban space in which the individual elements engage in a process of self-sublation. From its logical, ordered beginning, it descends down to the smallest detail in an increasingly manic and irrational vision of the city, which offers new and startling perspectives and leaves viewers spellbound. City as a Map (of Ideas) creates a subjective cosmos in which all of the elements are somehow interrelated and in which the city is transformed into a model for the world.

The exhibition at the GAK Gesellschaft fГјr Aktuelle Kunst will be accompanied by the publication of an artist's book on Matt Mullican's City as a Map (of Ideas), edited by Galerie fГјr Landschaftskunst Hamburg and published by the Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther KЕ‘nig.


6. Bob Holman, Deb Margolin, Judith Sloan, FF Alumns, at The East 13th St. Theater, Manhattan, Sept. 15
Tuesday September 15th 2009
The East 13th Street Theater
136 East 13th Street (between 3rd and 4th Avenues)
New York, NY 10003
7 PM - 9 PM
Transforming Trauma Into Art
Benefit Performance
An evening of music, poetry, monologues and dance to support EarSay’s work with teenagers from war-zones and workshops in prisons. Co hosted by: Judith Sloan, actor/writer/educator/co-founder EarSay and Mario Murillo, journalist, professor/Hofstra University

Honoring our special guests:
Anthony Papa, author "15 to Life", and a communications specialist for the Drug Policy Alliance
Duston Spear, painter and curator of Bedford Hills Women’s Prison Inside/Outside Art show
Featuring performances by
Bob Holman, poet, professor/Columbia & NYU, proprietor of the Bowery Poetry Club
Deb Margolin, performance artist, playwright, professor of theatre
Toni Blackman, U.S. Hip Hop Ambassador
Frank London, trumpeter, band leader and co-founder Klezmatics
Andy Teirstein, composer and multi-instrumentalist
Ken White, percussionist and drummer/music director for Chen Lo and the Liberation Family
Elise Knudson and Teresa Kochis, dancers
Editha Rosario, Toya Lillard, Julia Susman actors/writers
Warren Lehrer, author/writer, professor/SUNY Purchase & SVA, co-founder, EarSay
IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, Harlem-based Rapper and Revolutionary Activist
Teenagers from EarSay’s Cross-Cultural Dialogue Through the Arts project at the International School at LaGuardia Community College
Sound Provided by Five OHM Productions


7. Galinsky, FF Alumn, at IFC, Manhattan, opening Aug. 28
Galinsky, FF Alumn, work featured at IFC, Manhattan, opening August 28th
The Sundance winning film "We Live In Public" comes to the IFC and features a wide array of New York artists and FF alumn through the eyes of internet pioneer Josh Harris. http://www.weliveinpublicthemovie.com/


8. Andrew Edlin Gallery moves to new location in Manhattan
Andrew Edlin Gallery
We're Moving!
Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to announce we are moving to 134 Tenth Avenue
(formerly Bellwether Gallery). We will open the season the first week of October with
In the No II. Our second show of the season, Out Of Order, will be curated by Scott Hug
and feature over twenty artists. We will be exhibiting in Art Forum Berlin September 24 - 27.


9. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumn, at Kunstlerhaus Frise, Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 5-19
"Triple Threat"
Exhibition - Screening - Performance
Marc Arthur, Peter Cramer & Jack Waters (New York City/USA)
September 5. - 19 2009
KГјnstlerhaus FRISE
Arnoldstr. 26 D- 22765 Hamburg
Contact : Sabine Mohr Tel 040 45 55 14 binemohr@aol.com
Marc Arthur, Peter Cramer and Jack Waters present "TRIPLE THREAT"-
an exhibition that includes screenings, performances, workshops and installation at the artists' collective FRISE of Hamburg, Germany.
Triple Threat is a constantly transforming performance and exhibition presenting new work by the New York-based artists Marc Arthur, Peter Cramer and Jack Waters. For their presentation at Frise, Hamburg, the artists explore various modes of production in threes; both conceptually, physically and site specifically. Situating their practice in this way functions less as brute force, and more as a collaborative structure where new ideas can be discovered.

This trio of artists will engage in an intervention transforming their own "Headlines", "One Way Empires" and "Keys" into representations of physical objects at the intersection of art, science, politics and social movement; the sustainability of public space as urban environmental development and the human body trapped by conditions of repressive social architecture.

The artists work investigates specific incidents and personalities from the tumultuous climate of the 80s and 90s East Village Art boom, ACT UP and Queer Nation. Through video, installations, and performances, the artists introduce fresh perspectives on gender and sexuality at the intersection of art, politics, and public space. Their rallying point is Le Petit Versailles, an urban garden Cramer and Waters co-founded as the result of reclaimed New York City real estate and now maintain as a valued collective sphere.Works by Arthur, Cramer and Waters have been individually and collectively generated at Le Petit Versailles and New York City clubs, theaters and galleries as on-site specific investigative laboratories.

Saturday September 5 @ 8pm. Opening
Wednesday September 9 @ 8pm.
"One Way Empire". 2009 8:30 min Peter Cramer
"Heidi HO" 2007 5:00 min Peter Cramer
"Sacre Coer" 2001 7:35 min Peter Cramer
"The Flower Market" 1994 15:00 min Peter Cramer & Jack Waters
"Two Gentlemen of Lucca" 2008 5:15 min Peter Cramer & Jack Waters
"Occupy My Ass, not Iraq" 2007 7:01 min Jack Waters
"L'Homo Venezia" 2006 9:00 min Arthur/Cramer
"The Education of Abou Ben Adhem" 2009 16:24 min M.Arthur, P. Cramer, J. Waters
"Undetectable in Berlin " 2009 28:03 min M.Arthur, P. Cramer, J. Waters
"Letters From a Ruined Dream" 2008 15:00 min Marc Arthur
"The Key" 2009 7:00 min Marc Arthur
"Lilith Remnants" 2006 9:00 min Marc Arthur
Friday September 18 @ 9pm.
Screening and Talk about Le Petit Versailles Garden NYC @ Gartenkunstnetz e.V. Eifflerstr. 35
Saturday September 19
Performance Workshop 12-6pm Closing Performance @ 8pm
Biographical information on Peter Cramer and Jack Waters.
Works by Marc Arthur and group.
A Review of Marc Arthur's latest work in San Francisco
A Smithsonian Institute oral history of Waters and Cramers’ work with Abc No Rio and other activities.
Studies for "Pestilence", the artists’ opus in progress compiled in Venice, Berlin, and New York City.
Includes video clip of the artists’installation at The Cock - a New York City gay nightclub.
The arts organization founded and maintained by Cramer, Waters, and their peers.
Le Petit Versailles, the artists’ home base.
FRISE Arnoldstr. 26 D- 22765 Hamburg Contact : Sabine Mohr Tel 040 45 55 14 binemohr@aol.com


10. Michael Smith, FF Alumn, at SculptureCenter, Long Island City, Sept. 13-Nov. 30
Long Island City, NY - SculptureCenter will present A Voyage of Growth and Discovery, a collaborative video installation by artists Mike Kelley and Michael Smith. The installation will include a six-channel video featuring Michael Smith's character Baby IKKI and will be on view at SculptureCenter September 13-November 30, 2009.

A Voyage of Growth and Discovery centers on Baby IKKI, a character that artist Michael Smith has been performing for over thirty years. Pre-lingual and of ambiguous age, Baby IKKI is both comedic and melancholy. The six-channel video follows the existential journey of the Baby over several days at a festival of "radical self-expression," famous for its presentations of large-scale displays of fire, held in the remote Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The Baby, alone in his journey despite being surrounded by thousands of revelers, negotiates the rave-like festival environment while also exploring the primal natural elements of fire, water, earth, and wind. Michael Smith offers a masterful tragicomic performance that exhibits extreme physical endurance. The two-and-a-half hour multi-channel video, culled from hours of raw footage, is the result of an intensive and meticulous editing process between Mike Kelley and Michael Smith. The video's six-part narrative structure mirrors that of the event: four days and nights of festival preceded by an introductory travel section and followed by a post-festival day. In the introductory section Baby IKKI is shown "on the road" in his mobile home, where he is bombarded and inculcated with televisual material that presage his experiences in the desert. En route, the Baby busies himself with candies, cushions, and matches, while watching scenes from B-movies and cartoons replete with pyrotechnics and themes of infantilism. The festival itself is a carnivalesque event where IKKI is subsumed in raves, faced with erotic encounters, and surrounded by multitudes of costumed party-goers-many dressed in childish attire (though none as infantile as IKKI). The culmination of the event is the massive public "burn," after which the Baby is left alone to ponder his "voyage."

The installation presented at SculptureCenter reflects the fantasy-oriented environment of the festival, which is both grand and folksy-an odd mixture of fairground, playground, hippie commune, and the futuristic architectural aesthetics of R. Buckminster Fuller. Resembling an abandoned festival site of the post-"new age" era, the structure circles a 30- foot tall junk sculpture representing Baby IKKI himself. Surrounded by video projection screens, the viewer is invited into this world of regression and tactile experience-to share in Baby IKKI's journey.

This project marks the first collaboration between Mike Kelley and Michael Smith, artists who have been friends since 1975.
A Voyage of Growth and Discovery is co-produced by SculptureCenter and West of Rome. The installation will be presented in Los Angeles by West of Rome in Spring 2010.

About the Artists
Mike Kelley, born in Detroit in 1954, lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Kelley's work embraces performance, installation, drawing, painting, video, sound works, and sculpture. Referencing both high art and vernacular traditions, his works draw from historical research, mass cultural references, and psychological theory. He has had recent solo exhibitions at WIELS Centre d'Art Contemporain, Brussels Belgium (2008); MusГ©e du Louvre, Paris (2006); Tate Liverpool (2004) and his work has been included in numerous important international exhibitions including the Carnegie International (2008); Skulptur Projekts Munster (2007); the Venice Bienniale (1988) and five Whitney Biennials. Kelley has published several volumes of critical writings and a collection of the artist's interviews with notable contemporary figures. Mike Kelley received a BFA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1976) and a MFA from the California Institute of the Arts (1978). His awards include The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant, National Endowment for the Visual Arts Fellowships, and a Guggenheim Fellowship, among others.

Michael Smith, born in Chicago in 1951, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Austin, Texas. Smith's 30-year artistic career includes live performance, video works, commercial and cable television skits, puppet shows, exhibition installations, comic publications, and drawings. He has performed and exhibited at venues as varied as Franklin Furnace, The Kitchen, Caroline's Comedy Club, Dance Theatre Workshop, Henson International Puppet Festival, Cinemax, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney, the New Museum, the Centre Pompidou. He was included in the 2008 Whitney Biennial. A retrospective of his work, Mike's World: Michael Smith and Joshua White (and other collaborators) was presented at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin and traveled to the ICA Philadelphia in 2008.

Smith has received numerous awards including fellowships from the NEA, The Guggenheim Foundation, New York Foundation for the Arts and The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation. Smith is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas @ Austin.


11. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, in Cinemateca 19, Montevideo, Uruguay, Sept. 5-8
Barbara Hammer
Retrospective_Director Present
September 5, 6 & 8th
Llamale H
Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay
Saturday, Sept. 5
Programa Barbara Hammer 1 19:30
Programa BH 2 21:30
Sunday, Sept. 6
Programa BH 3 19:30
Programa BH 4 21:30
Tuesday, Sept. 8
Programa BH 1 19:30
Programa BH 2 21:30


12. Coco Fusco, FF Alumn, at BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, opening Sept. 2
BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn Presents
Status Report at BRIC Rotunda Gallery
Exhibition of Mexican and Latino artists examining themes of immigration and borders opens 2009-10 season.
Brooklyn, NY -BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn will open its 2009-10 contemporary art season at BRIC Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn Heights on Thursday, September 3, 2009, with the exhibition Status Report. To be on view through Saturday, October 10,

Status Report presents work by contemporary Mexican and Latino artists highlights the varied ways that artists have examined the themes of immigration, the U. S./Mexican border, and work. Exhibiting artists -based in Brooklyn and greater New York, the West Coast, and Mexico -include Margarita Cabrera, Sergio de la Torre and Vicky Funari, Christina Fernandez, Coco Fusco, Erika Harrsch, Pedro Lasch, Delilah Montoya, and Dulce PinzГіn.

Status Report is the first exhibition in New York to consider the issue of Mexican immigration, the border, and work through the lens of contemporary, urban artists. Its organization has been inspired by the enormous growth in Mexican population in New York -particularly in Brooklyn -in the last decade. In fact, the city’s Mexican population has roughly sextupled since 1990.

The exhibition is curated by Elizabeth Ferrer, Director of Contemporary Art, and a long-time specialist in Mexican and Latino contemporary art and photography. Ferrer’s recent projects in the realm of Mexican art include a 2006 book and exhibition on the modern photographer Lola Alvarez Bravo sponsored by the Aperture Foundation, New York, and a the definitive survey on the photographer and printmaker Mariana Yampolsky presented at the UBS Art Gallery, New York, in 2007.

The opening reception for Status Report will be held on Wednesday, September 2, 7-9 pm. The festive event will feature a music set by DJ Papichulo.
The artists included in Status Report use varied media and approaches to examine the subject of immigration.
The physical reality of the U.S./Mexico border is emotionally interpreted by New Mexico-based artist Delilah Montoya in her series of striking large-scale photographs. Montoya expresses the rugged, desert landscape of southern Arizona as a place of human passage and struggle, picturing a once-pristine landscape littered with plastic water bottles and other evidence of human migration. In the ongoing series, Lationo/a America, Pedro Lasch presents a series of maps of North and South America. The work takes the form of maps, each given by Lasch to persons of diverse social background, and returned to the artist after crossing into the United States. The maps are accompanied by texts in the immigrant’s own words. The statements can be poignant, such as that of Vicencio Marquez, whose text notes in part, "...we hid in something like a lagoon of sewage ...the helicopters arrived and they pointed their weapons at us…"

Born in Mexico and based in Long Island City, Erika Harrsch poses the question: What if the borders between the U. S., Canada, and Mexico (members of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA), were eliminated, creating a single, united realm? To that end, Harrsch has created The United States of North America, an interactive installation that will premiere in China at the 2009 Beijing 798 Biennale, and in the U.S. in Status Report at BRIC Rotunda Gallery. The work’s centerpiece is a passport for the fictitious country, whose emblem is the monarch butterfly. Known for their epic annual migrations between Canada and the United States and Mexico, the monarch butterfly is cast as an ultimate symbol of freedom, of existence without borders. Inside the passport, Harrsch has converted visas and entry stamps into texts focusing on issues of migration and human rights. The installation also includes a game show wheel offering visitors chance to win a passport, a sardonic action meant to connote the absurdity of U.S. immigration policies.

Several artists in the exhibition focus on the work that immigrants perform once in the United States. The Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist Coco Fusco’s will exhibit her 90-minute video Dolores 10 to 10, based on the story of Delfina Rodriguez, a worker at a maquiladora (a Mexican factory typically owned by a multinational and staffed by low-wage workers who assemble goods for the U.S. market) accused of unionizing activities. Fusco’s video, in which she portrays Rodriguez, recreates the woman’s detention and questioning on simulated surveillance footage that will be shown on monitors mounted in four locations at BRIC Rotunda Gallery.

The exhibition will include regular screenings of Maquilapolis (city of factories), a 2006 film by Vicky Funari and Sergio de la Torre. This hour-long documentary includes footage shot by factory workers who have become community activists. The filmmakers provided them with instruction in the use digital video cameras, sound recording, and documentary story telling; the women then made video diaries about life in their families and communities and their difficult work conditions. The film gives the documentary subjects a voice in their own representation, in a story about the difficult issues these workers face -paltry wages (one protagonist in the film makes $6.00 a day), labor violations, environmental devastation, and urban chaos -the less visible side of the global economy.

Other artists to be included in Status Report are Los Angeles-based photographer Christina Fernandez, U. S. and Mexico-based photographer Dulce PinzГіn, and El Paso-based sculptor Margarita Cabrera.

In September 2009, BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn will also launch Moving Wall | Pictures, a curated film and video series that will join BRIC’s robust public programming. BRIC’s public programs include panel discussions, film screenings, and art-making workshops, presented in conjunction with BRIC’s contemporary art exhibitions to add texture and new readings to the works of art on view. The inaugural Moving Wall | Pictures season will begin with a film program curated in conjunction with the opening exhibition Status Report. On Wednesday, September 9 at 7:00 p.m. curator Elizabeth Ferrer will lead a discussion on moving image portrayals of border issues, focusing on Coco Fusco’s video Dolores from 10 to 10; Vicky Funari and Sergio de la Torre’s Maquilapolis, and Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer (winner of the Sundance Film Festival 2008 Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award.

Status Report is sponsored by The Mexico Cultural Institute of New York with support from the Mexico Tourism Board.
Located in Brooklyn Heights, BRIC Rotunda Gallery is a short walk from the 2,3; 4,5; M; or R trains at Court Street/Borough Hall; or the A, C trains at High Street.

The Gallery is open to the public free of charge from Tuesday through Saturday, 12 -6 pm.
BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn is a multi-disciplinary arts and media non-profit dedicated to presenting contemporary art, performing arts, and community media programs that are reflective of Brooklyn’s diverse communities, and to providing resources and platforms to support the creative process. All of our offerings are free or low cost, to enhance the public’s access to and understanding of arts and media. Each year, upwards of a million people in Brooklyn and citywide are served through our programs.

BRIC Contemporary Art presents exhibitions, public events, and an innovative arts education program at BRIC Rotunda Gallery and around the borough. Our aim is to increase the visibility and accessibility of contemporary art while bridging the gap between the art world and global culture in Brooklyn.

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13. Heather Woodbury, FF Alumn, at Yoga Garden Studios, Austin, TX, October 16-19
Fomenting Arts Unlimited, Inc. Announcement
Six Days left if you or someone you know in interested in an Early Registration Discount for the upcoming workshop. August 31st is the deadline.
a four-day immersion for writers, performers & others,
on swimming with the dramatic imagination.
Conducted by nationally acclaimed performer and playwright
Heather Woodbury, winner of the Spalding Gray Award,
OBIE Award, Kennedy Center Fund For New American Plays Award,NEA Playwright Fellow, published playwright-novelist.
VACATION with your own IMAGINATION . .
3 or 4 days of musing around A CREATIVE OASIS!
Yoga Gardens Studio,
5300 Wasson St, Austin, TX 78704
(East of S. Congress, N of Stassney)
One of South Austin's many best kept secrets!
Fri Oct 16th - 7:00 -10:00 PM
Sat Oct 17th - 11:00 - 3:30 PM
Sun Oct 18th - 11:00 - 3:30 PM
Mon Oct 19th - 4:30 - 9:00 PM *Optional
* Monday is a performance class, ending with a live performance for special guest audience.
Creative Wisdom from Heather:
"Starting with the premise that the first impulse is the magic one, I will introduce you to my method of 'instant performance,' locating your innate capacity to give life to something that is fully formed from the moment you transmit it. We will then crystallize that initial impulse to point the way toward making work of lasting value.

In order for an originator of solo work to successfully captivate and hold an audience, rigorous demands must be met but also unique opportunities for invention are offered. This introductory hiatus explores how playful solo performance techniques - of conjuring character, inventing natural speech and locating the stories inspired by places - can be applied to generating writing of every kind and to infusing the voices in your head with a with live-wire authenticity.

For for writers of all stripes, solo show originators, and others looking for creative recreation, this is writing on the tongue and stage, as an alternate to, and rejuvenation of, writing on the page."

and her-storically, her fans follow...
Class size is limited!
Register early & save...
BEFORE Aug 31st, 4 days only $325 - 3 days, only $250
AFTER Aug 31st, 4 days just $365 - 3 days, just $290
Click Here to Register
Registration by email request; please
type HEATHER in subject bar
Registration Deadline:
September 15th!
Optional Extra Curricular Activities>>>
Mornings, and 3:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Additional structured group activities
determined by interest level & possibly
offerings indicated on registration form.
Women's' sleep over, camping,
home stays & nearby hotels available
Logistical questions & concerns?
Email: paulineconnects@gmail.com
Please include your phone number(s), .
as my phone number might change
to just a cell phone.
Meanwhile you can try:
Home: 512 444-5852


14. Kate Gilmore, FF Alumn, at The Kitchen, Manhattan, opening Sept. 10
Please join me for the reception of "One Minute More" curated by Debra Singer, Matthew Lyons, and Miriam Katz at the Kitchen on Thursday, September 10 from 6-8pm. I will have a new installation and video in this exhibition.

The artists included in "One Minute More" are Kate Gilmore, Jamie Isenstein, Oliver Lutz, Clifford Owens, Aki Sasamoto, and Josh Tonsfeldt. The press release with further information is below.

Also,if you haven't had the chance, please visit the Brooklyn Museum's Reflection on the Electric Mirror: New Feminist Video curated by Lauren Ross. I have a new video/installation in this exhibition as well.

I hope to see you all soon.
All my best,
Kate Gilmore
One Minute More
Kate Gilmore, Jamie Isenstein, Oliver Lutz, Clifford Owens, Georgia Sagri, Aki Sasamoto, and Josh Tonsfeldt
September 10 -October 31, 2009
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 10, 6-8pm
Panel Discussion: Tuesday, October 13, 7pm, FREE
Curated by Debra Singer, Matthew Lyons, and Miriam Katz
The New York-based artists in this group exhibition create performance-based videos, photographs, and sculptural installations that experiment with various approaches to presenting and documenting durational actions or live events. Some of the artists structure their work around carefully choreographed, task-based activities relating to self-imposed constraints, while others develop more intricate, narrative scenarios responding to a given environment. In both cases, the artists alternatively explore a range of issues relating to labor and stamina, risk and vulnerability, as well as questions of identity that together form of a larger investigation into the physical and mental conditions of contemporary life.

The Kitchen will host a free panel discussion with the artists on Tuesday, October 13 that will address various approaches, methods, and implications related to the documentation of performance, an underlying concern within many works in the show.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Aki Sasamoto will perform in the gallery at 7pm on Tuesday, September 15 andTuesday, October 6. Admission is free. Limited capacity. Seating is first-come, first-served.

Exhibition Hours: Tues - Fri, 12-6pm; Sat 11-6pm FREE
This exhibition is made possible with generous support from the Dedalus Foundation, Inc., and with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.


15. Helene Aylon, FF Alumn, events, Fall 2009
HELГ€NE AYLON 3 Museum Exhibitions opening September, 2009
a. Reinventing Ritual: The Jewish Museum, NY, 92nd ST., 5th Ave.
September 13, 2009 to February 7, 2010
Sunday Sept. 13 -public opening
scroll down to "All Rise"
(tour to Contemporary Jewish Museum, SF - April 22, 2010
Aylon will show a large installation, All Rise
b. Women in the Bible: Tricksters, Victors and (M)others
The Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne
September 13, 2009 - February 21, 2010
Aylon will show "I Look Into the Passages" (28 small works)
c. A Complex Weave: Feminism and Identity
Rutgers University, Camden campus, Stedman Gallery
314 Linden Street Camden, NJ
September 8 - December 18, 2009
*Reception Friday evening October 9, 2009, 5:30 PM.
(Eleanor Heartney is keynote speaker)
(tour to: Towson University Baltimore, Md. Feb. 11, 2010)
Aylon will show "The Book That Will Not Close"- a video installation with "Self Portraits"
For INFO: (212) 924 4133; heleneaylon@AOL.com; www.heleneaylon.com


16. LuLu LoLo, FF Member, in Time Out NY
My next performance art project is highlighted in This week's Time Out!
Fall Preview highlights Art in Odd Places
2009 and LuLu's street performance as a Newsboy!
<"http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/features/77820/art-in-odd> http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/features/77820/art-in-odd-places-2009
I'll be on 14th Street during the month of October


17. Candida Royalle, FF Alumn, on ABC Nightline, and more
Adult industry legend Candida Royalle has been busy proving that quality equals longevity, even in an industry where tomorrow’s hits become yesterday’s old news as fast as you can say, "what was the name of that movie again?"

Considered a pioneer in creating and marketing erotic products and films to women, Royalle was prominently featured on the August 12th edition of ABC’s Nightline in a piece about the growing popularity of adult material with women. <"http://newsletter.pointshop.com/t.aspx?S=39&ID=1006&NL=138&N=945&SI=1379200&URL=http%3a%2f%2fabcnews.go.com%2fBusiness%2fstory%3fid%3d8311520%26page%3d1> http://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=8311520&page=1

Royalle’s Natural Contours® intimate massagers received major accolades in the July issue of REDBOOK Magazine. In a feature called "Our best sex advice EVER - tried and tested," the Natural Contours LIBERTÉ (a "multitalented massager") received a "Red-sizzlin’-hot" rating by the couples who tried it out. <"http://newsletter.pointshop.com/t.aspx?S=39&ID=1006&NL=138&N=945&SI=1379200&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.redbookmag.com%2flove-sex%2fpositions-toys-techniques%2fslrt-minty-delight-clone> http://www.redbookmag.com/love-sex/positions-toys-techniques/slrt-minty-delight-clone)

Working with Dutch industrial designers, Groet Design, to create massagers that are tasteful, stylish and ergonomically correct, they released their first three models in 1999. Since then, their original design elements have been both lauded and imitated by many who followed close behind.

In the same week that TIME OUT NEW YORK described Royalle’s mixed ethnic couples hit, AfroDite Superstar as "tasteful and femme-friendly," <"http://newsletter.pointshop.com/t.aspx?S=39&ID=1006&NL=138&N=945&SI=1379200&URL=http%3a%2f%2fnewyork.timeout.com%2farticles%2fsex-dating%2f76645%2fbest-new-york-city-porn-films> http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/sex-dating/76645/best-new-york-city-porn-films, Royalle was also noted on CNN.com in an article reprinted from Oprah.com for creating "erotic videos made expressly for women." <"http://newsletter.pointshop.com/t.aspx?S=39&ID=1006&NL=138&N=945&SI=1379200&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.cnn.com%2f2009%2fLIVING%2fpersonal%2f07%2f24%2fo.women.watching.porn%2findex.html> http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/personal/07/24/o.women.watching.porn/index.html.

In an effort to launch the careers of other women looking to explore erotica from a uniquely female perspective, Royalle will release Feeling It! , directed by European filmmaker Petra Joy whose features have won several awards and nominations in Europe and Canada. Scheduled for an early winter release, this will mark the debut of Petra Joy’s work in the US market.

Is it any wonder Playboy.com named Royalle one of "America’s Sexiest CEOs"? page two at - <"http://newsletter.pointshop.com/t.aspx?S=39&ID=1006&NL=138&N=945&SI=1379200&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.playboy.com%2farticles%2fplayboys-sexiest-ceos-list%2findex.html> http://www.playboy.com/articles/playboys-sexiest-ceos-list/index.html

For more information on Candida Royalle, Femme Productions® or Natural Contours®, please contact " Suzanne@natural-contours.com or call 212-979-5988.


18. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, new CD release, appearing with Ken Butler, Joshua Fried, FF Alumns, at DROM, Manhattan, Sept. 8, and more
Sorry if you have received this twice... I'm very excited to announce the release of the new Electric Junkyard Gamelan CD "Life On Marz". This record is so funky I can hardly stand it. The official release date is September 8th and we will kick off our tour with a show that night at Drom in Manhattan. It is going to be a great evening of music for invented and non-traditional instruments with an amazing line up of guests starting with Joshua Fried's Radio Wonderland at 7pm, followed by Ken Butler at 8pm and Electric Junkyard Gamelan at 9pm.

We hit the road on a national tour on Sept. 11 and have some great shows lined on the road including Culture Fest WV,two dates at the Chicago World Music Festival, Ingenuity on the Bridge Festival in Cleveland and ending up back in NYC with a very exciting night at Joe's Pub on October 12th. We will be sharing the bill with the brilliant Gina Leishman so you will definitely want to catch our Joe's debut. Also, if you missed our profile piece on NY1 earlier this month it is online forever at this link so check us out live from our home base in Brooklyn.

<"http://www.ny1.com/Default.aspx?ArID=104062> www.ny1.com/Default.aspx?ArID=104062.
Please come out and support us at Drom or Joe's Pub in NYC or anywhere along the dusty trail you might catch us from here to Iowa and back. If you can't make a show please pick up a copy of "Life On Marz". It will be available soon as a digital downloads or the old fashioned way as a physical cd from <"http://cdfreedom.com> cdfreedom.com. Stay tuned for details.

Thanks again for supporting original live music and we hope to see you soon at a show near you.
Terry and EJG
Full tour schedule
Tuesday, September 8th 7-10pm
NYC CD Release show
Electric Junkyard Gamelan @ 9pm
85 Ave A
with Josua Fried's Radio Wonderland @ 7pm
Ken Butler w/Matt Dariau-reeds & Matt Kilmer-percussion @ 8pm
<"http://www.dromnyc.com> www.dromnyc.com
Saturday, September 12th 7pm
Appalachain South FolkLife Center
Pipestem, WV
<"http://www.myspace.com/culturefestwv%20> www.myspace.com/culturefestwv
Sunday, September 13th 7pm
Bower Center for the Arts
Bedford, VA
<"http://www.bowercenter.org%20> www.bowercenter.org
Monday, September 14th
Concord University
Athens, WV
Tuesday, September 15th @ 8pm
The Dame
Lexington, KY
<"http://www.dameky.com> www.dameky.com
Thursday, September 17th
Venue TBA
Fairfield, Iowa
Friday, September 18th daytime
Metro High School
Cedar Rapids, IA
Friday, September 18th @ 8pm
Benefit for New Bohemia Art Festival
African American Museum
and Cultural Center
Cedar Rapids, IA
<"http://www.newbohemia.org> www.newbohemia.org
Saturday, Sept. 19th 5-7pm
131 W 2nd Street
Davenport, IA
<"http://www.rivermusicexperience.com> www.rivermusicexperience.com <"http://www.rivermusicexperience.com>
Sunday, September 20th @ 9pm
Chicago World Music Festival
Uncommon Ground on Devon
Chicago, IL
<"http://www.uncommonground.com/pages/devon_home/35.php> www.uncommonground.com
Monday, September 21st @ noon
Chicago World Music Festival
Under The Picasso
Chicago, IL
<"http://www.underthepicasso.us> www.underthepicasso.us
Tuesday, September 22nd @10pm
The Black Sparrow
Lafayette, IN
<"http://www.terrydame.com/www.blacksparrowpub.com> www.blacksparrowpub.com
Wednesday, Sept. 23rd 8pm
The Lodge
101 E. 6th St.
Bloomington, IN
w/ Sound/video artist n_drew
Thursday, September 24th@ 8pm
Canturbury House @ Uof Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
<"http://www.canterburyhouse.org> www.canterburyhouse.org
Friday, September 25th @ 8pm
Russell Center for the Creative Arts
1600 Clay Ave.
Detroit, MI
<"http://www.rccadetroit.org> www.rccadetroit.org
Sat, Sept. 26th
Ingenuity Festival on the Bridge 5:30pm & 9:30pm sets
Cleveland, OH
<"http://ingenuitycleveland.com/> www.ingenuitycleveland.com
Thursday, Oct. 1st @8pm
Bennington College
Bennington, VT
Friday, Oct. 2nd @8pm
Time & Space Limited
434 Columbia Street
Hudson, NY
<"http://timeandspace.org/tsl/> www.timeandspace.org
Saturday, Oct. 3rd @8:00pm
Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton
Easthampton, MA
<"http://www.pioneerarts.org/> www.pioneerarts.org
Saturday, Oct 4th@ 8pm
The Buttonwood Tree Art Center
605 Main St.
Middletown, CT
<"http://www.buttonwood.org%20> www.buttonwood.org
Monday, October 12th @9:30pm
Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette St.
w/Gina Leishman & Friends
<"http://www.joespub.com/> www.joespub.com


19. Kyong Park, FF Alumn, at Bangkok University Gallery, Thailand, Aug. 27-30
ArtHub presents The Making of the Silk Roads
Adeline Ooi / Agung Hujatnikajennong / Agung Kurniawan / Alexander Ugay/ Arahmaiani / David Cotterrell / Els Silvrants/ Gary Pastrana/ Ho Tzu Nyen / Hakan Topal / Howard Chan/ Jiang Jun/ Kyong Park/ Le Huy Hoang /Lina Saneh / Mu Qian / Nikusha Chkhaidze (Nika) / Onno Dirker /Pratchaya Phinthong / Rahraw Omarzad / Samah Hijawi / Seph Rodney / Shaarbek Amankul / Stefan Rusu / Veronica Sekules / Supersudaca / Zoe Butt, and more.

Over thirty renowned scholars, artists, and practitioners in visual arts, performance, and other cultural fields from around the world will gather in Bangkok to examine the dynamic, ongoing echoes of the ancient trading route Silk Road in a four-day symposium titled "The Making Of the New Silk Roads" from August 27-30. Organized by <"http://www.arthubasia.org/> ArtHub, the symposium reassesses the complex interconnections within Asia's cultural and artistic spectrum since the beginning of this century. Taking place at the Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund, the National Research Center of the Kingdom of Thailand, with additional support from the Mondriaan Foundation and ANA (Singapore), the summit features Arthub's "collaborative intelligence" participants from across Asia, including China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and beyond, along with presenters from the Prince Claus Fund Network Partnership Program.

This four-day program will feature discussion of shared experiences, examining the recent rapid developments in Asia, and among its cast of characters, issues, and mediums, and provide an exciting forum about the dynamic, ongoing echoes of the ancient trading route of the Silk Road in its multiple dimensions. Proposing the Silk Road as a variable metaphor for instable connections, and taking it as a departure point for reflections upon Asia's cultural landscape, Arthub aims to carry this out by inviting artists, curators, and thinkers from diverse viewpoints to bring presenters, participants, and audiences together as they explore, challenge, articulate, or nourish the possibilities of performative responses to Silk Road's highly constructed symbolisms. Each participant will present a specific artwork/presentation/installation that both implies a possible story-telling about a specific condition from his/her respective, particular context such as issues of cultural circulatio n, social/political activism, and the marketplace and tests the idea of Silk Road's potency for cultural hybridity across Asia in general.

Coalescing in a series of newly commissioned works including installations, lecture-performances, TV shows, radio interviews and publications, this collaborative symposium will put a special emphasis on process-oriented, research-, dialogue-based artistic positions across Asia. Through commissioning new responses, establishing dialogue months prior to the symposium, and enabling an alternative live context for investigation of dynamic cultural issues by its very own very actors, Arthub is committed to inspiring new forms of artistic and aesthetic experiments in China and rest of Asia. Arthub also aims to re-examine the contested idea of cultural encounter with the "other," and turn these peer-to-peer encounters into a generator of new impulses for the analysis of complex historical processes within the cultural systems in Asia. The symposium will be video recorded, and a film + catalogue will be produced. The outcome will tour as an exhibition in 2010, with the resulting exhi bition will be open for negotiation and reformulation.

The symposium is organized by Arthub's Davide Quadrio, Defne Ayas, and Ark Fongsmut, with coordination support from Monvilai Rojanatanti.
Supporting contemporary art creation in China and rest of Asia, Arthub is a creative think tank, a collaborative production lab and a research platform for new art and ideas, cutting-edge projects and dialogue within the visual arts and new media. Inspired by the opportunities generated by the collective intelligence of the thinkers across media, Arthub is committed to furthering experimentation, knowledge-production and diversity among dedicated artists, art professionals and arts organizations in Asia.

Contact at press@arthubasia.org


20. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Jack Hanley Gallery, Manhattan, Sept. 3
Closing Extravaganza for California Investigative Healing
Jack Hanley Gallery
Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009, 6-9 PM.
<"http://www.jackhanley.com/current.php?site=ny> http://www.jackhanley.com/current.php?site=ny
136 Watts, N.Y., N.Y. 10013
-Banjo Players outdoors! while we BB-Q with a walking BB-Q out front
-Eric Lyle giving a reading from his book
<"http://onthelowerfrequencies.com/> http://onthelowerfrequencies.com/
-Hexahexaflexagon Fortune-Telling Shoppe & Lemonade Stand
Damaris Drummond has been studying the art of origami fortune-telling since grade school. She is finally ready to share her divine findings with the world----and serve you lemonade.

<"http://www.damarisland.com> www.damarisland.com
Interactive exercise and robotic DJ booth
Mock Up On Mu film screening
Electro Shock Treatment
Spanish Fly Elixer and Elixer robot
Chocolate Mess Machines
Walking BB-Q
The Glowing Pickle
40,000 Volt Garlic
Book and ephemera table
Photos: <"http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/New-York-NY/Jack-Hanley-Gallery/49396271354?ref=ts> http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/New-York-NY/Jack-Hanley-Gallery/49396271354?ref=ts

Video: <"http://www.youtube.com/namlak> http://www.youtube.com/namlak
<"http://www.vimeo.com/6021875> http://www.vimeo.com/6021875
and a blurb in the olde gray lady:
<"http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/14/arts/design/14gall.html?scp=1&sq=kal%20spelletich&st=cse> http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/14/arts/design/14gall.html?scp=1&sq=kal%20spelletich&st=cse

One of the reasons Mock Up On Mu is included in the exhibit is because I acted and did special effects in the film.
As well as its incredible Investigative Healing properties!
All the best,
<"http://kaltek.wordpress.com/> http://kaltek.wordpress.com/
<"http://kaltek.org/> http://kaltek.org/


21. Moya Devine, FF Alumn, at Luis De Jesus Seminal Projects, San Diego, thru Aug. 24
Luis De Jesus Seminal Projects is very pleased to announce SOCIAL CLIMBING, to be presented from August 8 through October 24, 2009.
SOCIAL CLIMBING will feature the work of nearly 40 artists, among them some of the best and brightest emerging artists in San Diego, as well as a small, select group representing Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Charleston.

With its pithy, tongue-in-cheek title, SOCIAL CLIMBING reflects the thought-provoking strategy of this exhibition, organized in the form of a continuously changing group show. It will be presented in two parts: Part I from August 8-September 5, and Part II from September 12-October 24. Over the course of each segment artworks will be rotated and re-installed alongside other works, allowing them to be considered in new and different contexts. At times, a work may also be replaced with another piece by the same artist or by an unscheduled, spur-of-the-moment surprise.

This "shuffle" strategy will allow SOCIAL CLIMBING to circumvent the traditionally static presentation of many gallery and museum exhibitions and a format that often codifies the artwork into a prescribed meaning within the context of an exhibition. This freedom to mix it up as and when we wish will allow us to literally reinvent the show and find new connections between the artwork exhibited, altering not only the way the individual works and the exhibition are understood and appreciated, but, consequently, of the critical discourse that follows.

AUGUST 8 -SEPTEMBER 5, 2009 , "Part I: On the Move",
The first segment of the exhibition, subtitled "Part I: On the Move", will present works in a wide range of media, from painting, collage, and sculpture to video, photography, and installation. Participating artists include: David Adey, Seth Augustine, Lael Corbin, Moya Devine, Deanna Erdmann, James Gielow, Vero Glezqui, Aldo Guerra, Matthew Hebert, Alexander Jarman, Hugo Lugo, Silvia Karabashlieva, Gretchen Mercedes, Lee Puffer, Andy Ralph, Jason Sherry, Robert Twomey, and Joseph Y



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