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Contents for July 13, 2009

1. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, July 15
2. Robert Flynt, Warren Neidich, FF Alumns, at Carrie Haddad Photographs, Hudson, NY, opening July 18
3. Julie Sengle, FF Alumn, at Kleio Projects, Manhattan, opening July 17
4. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, at The Latincollector, Manhattan, opening July 23
5. Gary Corbin, FF Alumn, at Chashama, Manhattan, August 7
6. Robin Tewes, Tom Otterness, Anton van Dalen, FF Alumns at Adam Baumgold Gallery, Manhattan, July 14-Aug. 14
7. Richard Torchia, FF Alumn, at Vox Populi, Philadelphia, July 16

1. Dynasty Handbag, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, July 15

at Dixon Place, July 15, 8 pm
presented by Dixon Place and Hot Festival
8PM and 10PM
show runs about 50 mins

 Dixon Place Laboratory Theater
161 Chrystie Street, New York, NY
Tickets $15 in advance / $18 at the door
($12 students and seniors)

Dynasty Handbag is happy to return to Dixon Place with more of her epic one woman show Escape From The Family Home, parts I and II, as a work in progress.  In EFTFH, Dynasty Handbag is trapped in a domestic nightmare, there is nowhere to hide, every room is a disaster. To whence should she escape?  First she attempts mental journey's that somehow are too unbelievable even for her.  She tries to move in with the neighbour, but the neighbour has already been long repulsed by her. What about the forest? YES! That is where so many children escape to, fantasy lands with warlocks and fairies - but her imagination just can't stretch to that kind of nonsense. How about the city? Now that's more like it...the fast lane...but where will it end?  What is it that this house has done to her!



2. Robert Flynt, Warren Neidich, FF Alumns, at Carrie Haddad Photographs, Hudson, NY, opening July 18

Afterglow: Four Photographers & the Hand-Held Light
David Lebe, Robert Flynt, Gary Schneider + Warren Neidich
Opening Reception: Saturday July 18 from 6 to 8pm
July 16, 2009 through August 30, 2009

As a child, I always had trouble falling asleep. Nighttime was when I played out all my stories, in the dark, eyes tracing shapes, once familiar, but no longer recognized without light. Once I grabbed a flashlight, pressed it against my palm to make my skin glow red. I was 8 years old and extraterrestrial. In the large mirror across from my bed, my reflection burned brightly. I was glowing. A midnight inventor. That same flashlight would serve both as protector and accomplice - illuminating the dark recesses of my childhood room and pulling wild performances from my adolescent imagination. I wanted to always see something, even in the darkness.

 What I didn't have then was a way of recording this experience -- fast forward to today, and I have the wonderful opportunity of presenting "Afterglow", an exhibit of photographers creating and documenting light performances seen only by the eye of their camera. Using long exposures and small hand held lights -- often just a cheap flashlight – these images have been noting ideas, emotions and sensations that traditional photographs cannot.

 These alluring performances can start with the arc of a small light passing through the darkness or a series of momentary brisk swirls and flashes in the night. Ephemeral moments strung together to form a picture, alive only in the mind of the photographer until revealed later, whole, in the completed image. Who can refuse the power of these images? Or not identify with such shimmering, arrested moments. Whether describing the life force of a human body or that of a larger universe, the synapses of the mind, the afterglow of strong emotions, the electric spark jumping between bodies or centuries, these photographs offer up a clear expression of the photographer’s vision – emphasizing the instinctive bond between hand and brain.

 The work of these photographers is vital and never still. Their images register something of what human life is and of what human life might be; present fully in every instant of time. The gleaming tracery evokes a gradual recognition of nose, mouth, chin, and neck coalescing into a recognizable form like "man", or even an individual, like "Christopher", but this body transcends those familiar, literal forms.  Alfred Stieglitz, a hundred years ago, believed that personality could not be expressed by a face alone. The work in this exhibit agrees; it attempts to further sensitize photography - extending the medium to take in more and more of life's fleeting glow. 
-- Melissa Stafford, Curator
Carrie Haddad Photographs
318 Warren Street
Hudson, NY. 12534

Tel.  518.828.7655

11:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Tuesday and Wednesday


3. Julie Sengle, FF Alumn, at Kleio Projects, Manhattan, opening July 17

I hope to see you this Friday for an event I co-organized, "Beirut Tangents (part 1)".  It's going to be a really great program (see below).  Part 2 of "Beirut Tangents" will take place on Saturday, July 25th and include the NYC  premier of "Beyrouth, 6db Underground" by Philippe Tremblay-Berberi and Serge Abiaad.  xo Julie


Projections & Video Works
Thursday, July 17, 2009 Reception from 6:30 - 8:00

Film screening from 8:00 - 9:30
@ Kleio Projects
206 E. 7th Street(Between Ave B and Ave C)


Khasso (2009) is site-specific work by Nayef Homsi in Kleio Projects back room. Homsi, a New York based artist who was born in Beirut and exiled to France at age six, creates paintings and projections that address cultural estrangement through an investigation of diverse subject matter  -- from military leaders and cultural landmarks to permutations and mediations of queer desire and aesthetics in film and photography. In Khasso, Homsi projects found images relating to the Dunkin Donuts in "Down Town" Beirut, which has oddly developed into an active gay cruising ground. Khasso will be on display at Kleio Projects until July 24th, 2009.

Shoot the War (2006) is a collection of short films created by young Lebanese artists during the July War in 2006. Produced by An Ant Passing  and selected by curators Beatrice Harb and Nina Najjar specifically for this New York screening, this presentation is a rare opportunity to view artists bearing witness to the war in Lebanon. It includes work by Ana Noguieria + Jackson Allers, Halim Sabbagh, Hisham Jaber, Jean-March Nahas, Maroun Chaccour, Rania Rafei, Shoushan Dedeyan, and Tarek Kandil. Screening at 8:00pm. Running time: 39 mins

Talk City to Me (2008) by Dena al-Adeeb and Youmna Chlala is an exploration of the points where cities shape and transform each other. The interviews are based on social sculpture in Cairo where artists and writers identify quotidian objects (found and produced) that define their relationship to an imagined and contemporary Beirut and Baghdad.

Silent loop during reception & screening at 9:00pm. Running time: 20 mins

Beirut Tangents are digressions from and complements to Tania Traboulsi's exhibition, Music is Life: Lebanese Sound Stills. Organized by Julie Sengle + Alexis Bhagat

Tanya Traboulsi’s ongoing series, Music is Life: Lebanese Sound Stills, is a unique glimpse into the flourishing alternative music scene in Beirut. The diversity of the Lebanese underground is significant: experimental to post-punk, electronica to rap and hip hop, these musicians continue to gain international attention. Traboulsi’s images give us intimate access to recording sessions, concerts, and otherwise private moments. musicislifeexhibit.wordpress.com for updates + schedule.

Itinerant gallery KLEIO PROJECTS aims to promote emerging artists working in video, photography, installation, painting and new media in venues throughout New York City. Directed by Christine O'Heron.


4. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, at The Latincollector, Manhattan, opening July 23

Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, at The Latincollector, Manhattan, opening July 23

Dear New York friends and friends who (most probably) have friends in New York

I'm showing video and photos from The Trans Siberian Project at this exhibition which opens on Thursday 23rd July, 6-9pm at The Latincollector, 37 W 57th Street, 4th Floor. I enclose a bit of info about it below, and the invite.

Latincollector proudly presents, The End. And…, an ahistorical documentary show. With works in photography, performance, podcast, painting, installation, video, film and digitally recorded accounts of events that are simultaneously radical and mainstream. Exploring the potential of subjectivity, that is, the different ways in which reality is inevitably altered and reshaped during the various processes of documentation, reminds us of the undemocratic nature of representation. When plethoras of represented subjectivities are played out in arenas of free expression & artistic production, history becomes an eternal current event full of surprise and life. It becomes a state of becoming. These artists: Elly Clarke, Suely Farhi, Livia Flores, Anna Bella Geiger, Daniel Leeb, Carlos Motta, Sebastian Patane Masuelli, Christian Schulz, Adriana Varella, Alex Villar, Jonathan Villoch  & Alex Lopez produce works where subjectivity is more than a given, it is a frontier. Co-curated by Leo Kuelbs, Angela Freiberger and Michelle Heinz, The End. And... runs at Frederico Seve Gallery/latincollector from July 23rd-August 26th, 2009. Frederico Seve Gallery/latincollector is located at 37 W 57th Str., 4th flr, New York, NY 10019. The opening is July 23, 2009 6-9pm.

I can't go sadly, but it would be great if you or any of your friends who you think might enjoy it could make it.  

Hope you're well. I do hope to make it to NYC in the Autumn - but sadly not before.

Best wishes


5. Gary Corbin, FF Alumn, at Chashama, Manhattan, August 7




FRIDAY -  AUGUST 7, 2009 - 8:00 P.M.




A theatrical salute to survivors of war - and all of life's traumas - their loved ones and families.





AT CHASHAMA 217 E. 42nd STREET (Btwn 2nd & 3rd AVE's)

 DONATION: $20.00* (Purchase your ticket in advance!!!)

$25.00* (At the door) Group Rates Available*



or call 212-929-4825

If you cannot attend please donate anyway to this worthy cause!

*Will benefit GLOBESCOPE ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT, INC.'s upcoming productions, and programs that promote performers who are of under-represented cultures, disabled and senior citizens.


6. Robin Tewes, Tom Otterness, Anton van Dalen, FF Alumns at Adam Baumgold Gallery, Manhattan, July 14-Aug. 14

 "Precision" July 14-August 14

Marc Bell        
András Böröcz
John Borowicz 
Joe Brainard    
Charles Burns  
Adam Dant
Elvis Studio     
Jacob El Hanani
Renée French  
Alex Katz        
Ruth Marten    
Anna Sommer
Saul Steinberg 
Scott Teplin
Robin Tewes   
Chris Ware      
Ray Yoshida    
Jakub Julian Ziolkowski

A series of drawings by Christina Ramberg
In the garden:   

Tom Otterness 

Claudia Fitch   

Anton van Dalen

JULY 14 - AUGUST 14, 2009

60 EAST 66TH ST., NEW YORK, NY 10065
PHONE: 212-861-7338
40 EAST 75TH ST.
, NEW YORK, NY 10021

PHONE: 212-861-7340

EMAIL: abaumgold@aol.com


7. Richard Torchia, FF Alumn, at Vox Populi, Philadelphia, July 16

Please join us this Thursday, July 16 at 6 p.m.

Richard Torchia, Director of Arcadia University Art Gallery, presents

"Toward a History of Artists'-run Spaces in Philadelphia,"

an illustrated talk developed in preparation for a text in to be inlcluded in a forthcoming publication planned as part of Vox's 21st Anniversary.

Richard Torchia is an artist and director of Arcadia University Art Gallery, Glenside, Pennsylvania. Since taking the position there in 1997, he has curated one-person exhibitions and projects by artists such as Dave Allen, Olafur Eliasson, Amy Hauft, Candida Hofer, William Larson, Donald Moffett, Gerald Nichols, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Kay Rosen, and Beat Streuli. Working with a range of regional and international talent, and frequently collaborating with co-curators, he has developed thematic shows addressing issues such as the sited gesture, the peformative figure, the childhood drawings of contemporary artists, and the sea and cosmos as subjects for recent art.

Prior to his tenure at Arcadia he was the inaugural curator of the Levy Gallery at Moore College of Art and Design (Philadelphia) where, between 1987 and 1995, he curated over 40 exhibitions featuring the work of Philadelphia-based talent. In addition to ongoing independent curatorial and editing efforts (including the first issues of "D Magazine" and recent monographs for artists Bill Walton and Tristin Lowe), he has contributed extensive essays for exhibition catalogs on the work of Gabriel Martinez (Samson Projects, Boston) and collaborative team Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller (for their project Pandemonium at Historic Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia). Since 1996, Torchia has been an adjunct professor on the graduate faculty of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and in 2003 initiated a course in curatorial practice that is now a standard offering in the art history curriculum at Arcadia.

Since 1990 he has maintained an active artistic practice employing sited projections (often produced with the camera obscura) at venues in Philadelphia, across the United States, and in Europe.

Founded in 1988, Vox Populi is a nonprofit artist collective that supports the work of emerging artists with monthly exhibitions, gallery talks, performances and lectures. Opening receptions are free and open to the public and take place on the first Friday of each month from 6pm - 10pm.

Vox Populi's programming is generously supported by Philadelphia Cultural Fund, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Samuel S. Fels Fund, Dolfinger McMahon Foundation, The Barra Foundation, Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative (Professional Development Support), Spector Gadon & Rosen Foundation, and Google.

Vox Populi

319 N 11th St # 3
Philadelphia, PA 19107-1300

(215) 238-1236


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