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Contents for June 15, 2009

1. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, FF Alumn, at OK Harris, Manhattan, thru July 17
2. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, in JJ Byrne Park, Brooklyn, June 21
3. Patty Chang, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, June 12
4. Electric Junkyard Gamelan, Radio Wonderland, FF Alumns, at Le Petit Versailles, Manhattan, June 20
5. Alicia Grullon, FF Alumn, in South Korea and Lousiana
6. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, at South Street Seaport, Manhattan, June 20, and more
7. Mona Hatoum, FF Alumn, at Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Castello, Italy, thru September 20
8. Nam June Paik, FF Alumn, at The Smithsonian American Art Museum, D.C.
9. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, at Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK, thru June 19, and more
10. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, at Smalls Jazz Club, Manhattan, June 20
11. Regina Vater, FF Alumn, now on youtube.com
12. Lynn Book, FF Alumn, at Beta Verde, Winston-Salem, NC, June 18
13. Alan Sondheim, FF Alumn, at Millenium Film/Video, Manhattan, June 20
14. Nao Bustamante, FF Alumn, at The New Museum, Manhattan, June 19
15. Andrea Cote, FF Member, at Art Sites, Riverhead, NY, thru July 20
16. Claudia Demonte, FF Alumn, new book on amazon.com
17. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, at Westport Arts Center, CT, thru July 12, and more
18. Louise Diedrich, Laura Parnes, FF Alumns, at White Columns, June 22
19. Max Gimblett, FF Member, at Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin, Germany, opening June 19
20. Anne Flournoy, FF Alumn, in Channel 13 short film competition
21. R. Sikoryak, FF Alumn, at MoCCA, Manhattan, June 18
22. LuLu LoLo, FF Member, on dolcechannel.com, June 17
23. Dan Graham, Glenn Branca, FF Alumns, at TheWhitney Museum of American Art, Manhattan, June 24-October 11


1. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, FF Alumn, at OK Harris, Manhattan, thru July 17

FF Alumn Stephanie Brody-Lederman has work in this exhibition

OK Harris Works of Art is pleased to present Summer Group Exhibition Opening on Saturday, May 30th and running through July 17, 2009


June: Tuesday - Saturday 10-6pm
July: Tuesday - Friday 12-5pm

Gallery closed July 18th - September 7th.; reopens September 8th 10am
383 West Broadway (Spring & Broome St) NYC 212.431.3600 www.okharris.com


2. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, in JJ Byrne Park, Brooklyn, June 21

Next Sunday - June 21st - besides being Father's Day and the Summer Solstice - will be a great day for Accordions right here in Brooklyn!

Mass Appeal: Accordions ( part of the city-wide Make Music New York festival) will be taking place at Old Stone House/JJ Byrne Park, 5th Avenue and 3rd Street, Park Slope.

approx 5: pm.
The event will feature:
The Famous Accordion Orchestra, premiering a new piece for 11 Accordions, "Neighborhood Suite"
The (even more famous) Main Squeeze Orchestra
and participatory events for any accordionists who are there:  
"Accordion Forest", and Accordion Sing-alongs.

(for charts email me at famousaccordions@earthlink.net)
A squeezy time is guaranteed for all!
check out www.makemusicny.org for more details!


3. Patty Chang, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, June 12

June 12, 2009 Art in Review, The New York Times
Mary Boone Gallery
745 Fifth Avenue, at 57th Street
Through June 27

The performance and video artist Patty Chang, born in California in 1972, has often focused on how a big, sexy, slippery fantasy called Asia is invented and manipulated by the West, and by Asia itself.

In a 2000 video, “Death of the Game,” she recreated a fight scene from a 1970s martial arts movie and gave herself the macho Bruce Lee role. In “Contortion,” made the same year, she played a Chinese acrobat twisted into a physically impossible pose. Her ambitious 2005 video “Shangri-La” was set in a Chinese tourist town that advertises itself as the original model for the Asian never-never land cooked up by the English writer James Hilton in his 1933 novel, “Lost Horizon.”

Her new video works at Mary Boone draw on two particularly productive sources of cultural fiction, Hollywood and academia. The larger piece, “The Product Love,” is a 42-minute, two-part installation based on a real event: the meeting of the Chinese-American film actress Anna May Wong and the German critic and theoretician Walter Benjamin in Berlin in 1928.

Wong was in Europe to escape the racism that limited her American film career to second-string wilting-flower or dragon-lady roles. Benjamin, whose doctoral thesis had been rejected by Frankfurt University, was supporting himself by translating Proust and writing for newspapers. He met Wong when he interviewed her for a journal article, and he was entranced.

In one of the two back-to-back videos that make up “The Product Love,” a man and two young women take turns translating Benjamin’s article on Wong from German to English. It’s a tough job. Benjamin’s prose is notoriously knotty, and his ornately impressionistic descriptions of Wong are a challenge. The readers work haltingly. None of the translations sound consistently alike.

There is an obvious misinterpretation in Benjamin’s view of Wong as an erotically exotic object, a vision played out in a second video, filmed in China, which starts as soon as the first one ends. In it we watch two Chinese television actors being made up to look like Wong and Benjamin as seen in familiar photographs: Wong with her heart-shaped face, Benjamin with his shock of dark hair and a bushy mustache.

Their interview then takes place, but as a scene from a pornographic film, with the two actors making awkward love on an overheated film set. We are neither in Europe nor in Asia, but in a world of sub-Hollywood sleaze, with the characters, and the actors who play them, as stripped of romance and dignity as they are of their clothes. This mortifying translation of history suggests that the original text is corrupt.

This same message comes through in another piece, the three-minute video made with a clip from one of Wong’s early films. Here she plays a timid young girl who works as an assistant to a circus knife-thrower. In the scene shown, he is rehearsing: he rapidly traces her figure with chalk on a wall, shoves her aside, and throws knives at the outline.

But when the same scene is then rerun in slow motion, the dynamic changes. Rather than drawing her, the man appears to be subjecting her to a slow, intimate body search or a sexual act. In the single quick close-up of Wong’s face we see an excited smile shift to a look of confused dismay. Or that, at least, was my interpretation of the scene. Others are possible. All, Ms. Chang suggests, are, in different ways, inaccurate.


4. Electric Junkyard Gamelan, Radio Wonderland, FF Alumns, at Le Petit Versailles, Manhattan, June 20

Solstice Countdown!
Saturday June 20 @  8pm.
The Mystery of Claywoman: Screening & Lecture
Sunday June 21 >>> 2- 10pm
in conjunction with Make Music New York
2pm Garden Party with Nick Tobier & Co.
4pm Electric Junkyard Gamelan
6pm. Exorcismo Del Capitalismo
7pm. Radio Wonderland/Joshua Fried

Last two weekends to see exhibition "Ceramics"  by Christopher Garcia.

LPV New Visiting Hours:  Thursday > Sunday > 2-7pm.

Le Petit Versailles

346 East Houston St.  < Avenue B & C>

petitversailles@earthlink.net        http://www.lpvtv.blogspot.com       212 529 8815

Subway: F/V- Second Ave. -  J/M/F- Delancey/Essex


5. Alicia Grullon, FF Alumn, in South Korea and Lousiana

two upcoming events: South Korea and Louisiana

I am in Korea now starting my artist residency with the organization sponsoring my project  Supplement Space Stone & Water. Allied with their mission to transform idle spaces into ecological art action meccas, I am creating REVEALING MYTH: KOREA, where my encounters with people and their interaction with the performance will define the project as I explore the different facets of everyday life in the community I am living in. From June 12 to August 1, 2009 I will hold various interventions culminating in an exhibition of the documentation August 7-9 and August 14-16, 2009, in the Seoksu Market Gallery in the Anyang district of Seoul.

My recent art projects have been motivated by drawing attention to issues of identity, place, and displacement successfully generating dialogues between people from various economic and cultural backgrounds. A few of my past projects exploring these ideas have been REVEALING MYTH: PEEKSKILL, for the Peekskill Arts Festival 2005; BECOMING MYTH II, supported by Mount Holyoke College’s Women’s Research Center; REVEALING MYTH: HARLEM made possible by a chashama visual arts award; and most recently, AN AUTOETHNOGRAPHIC STUDY: THE BRONX made possible, by the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, supported by Jerome Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts.


If you find yourself in Louisiana area this summer, check out my video piece “An Autoethnographic Study: The Bronx” at the Masur Museum of Art opening reception on June 27 from 6 - 8 pm Miranda Lash, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art for the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) will be there to give a gallery talk on the exhibition and the pieces selected for the 46th Annual Juried Competition. Exhibtion dates are June 30, to August 15, 2009.

Masur Museum of Art 1400 South Grand Street
Monroe, LA 71202

 “An Autoethnographic Study: The Bronx” deals with housing changes occurring in NYC in some cases revitalizing but in others running the risk of displacement and anonymity.


6. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, at South Street Seaport, Manhattan, June 20, and more

Dear Friends,

EJG is playing all over the city this week and in Western Massachusetts (my homeland) on Thursday.   We'll be at South Street Seaport on Monday and Saturday and on Sunday at our favorite East Village Garden spot Le Petit Versailles as part of the big Make Music NY festival happening all over the city.   Details for all shows are below.  Hope to see you soon and stay tuned for more exciting shows in June.  Please tell your friends, aquaintances, lovers and co-workers and come out and show some love.  You won't be sorry.
Terry & EJG

Thursday, June 18th 5:30-8pm
3rd Thursdays Downtown Pittsfield
Pittsfield, MA

Saturday, June 20th  3-6pm
South Street Seaport

Sunday, June 21st 4pm
Make Music NY
Le Petit Versailles Garden
346 East Houston St.  < Avenue B & C>
www.lpvtv.blogspot.com       212 529 8815
Subway: F/V- Second Ave. -  J/M/F- Delancey/Essex


7. Mona Hatoum, FF Alumn, at Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Castello, Italy, thru September 20

Mona Hatoum. Interior Landscape
4 June - 20 September 2009
Fondazione Querini Stampalia
Palazzo Querini Stampalia
Venice, Santa Maria Formosa

Castello 5252


On Thursday 4th June Fondazione Querini Stampalia will open a major solo exhibition of new and important works by Mona Hatoum. The exhibition, entitled Interior Landscape, will coincide with the opening of the 53rd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale and will take place over two floors of the museum – both in the contemporary exhibition spaces as well as within the existing Museum collection in this historic building, formerly the home of the Querini Stampalia family. This exhibition will include over 25 works, many of which are new or previously unseen in Europe. It has been curated by Chiara Bertola in close consultation with the artist, and has been made possible by the partnership of Fondazione Furla, main partner, Regione del Veneto, institutional partner, and the special collaboration of Fondazione di Venezia.

A valuable contribution has been made by The British Council, London; Compagnia di San Paolo; Goethe-Institut, Mailand.

Her work addresses notions of displacement, uncertainty and conflict through the use of familiar, everyday domestic objects transformed into foreign, uncanny sculptures. Hatoum creates a domestic territory that is no longer the reassuring space of protection through the subversion of familiar forms such as chairs, beds and kitchen implements that transform her clean, minimalist forms into ciphers of ambiguity and threat.

New works in the exhibition include Interior Landscape (after which the exhibition is named), a haunting installation of bedroom furniture and domestic elements that imagines the conflict between the dreams and aspirations of a Palestinian individual juxtaposed with the harsh reality they have to face. Another large work created specifically for the space is a delicate and precariously suspended installation made of barbed wire. Hot Spot III is a metal globe with its continents outlined in glowing red neon shown in the proximity of what looks like an enlargement of a rosary or "worry beads" where the beads have been scaled up to the size of cannon balls. As well as these new works, Hatoum will be making a number of interventions in the museum collection using the furniture as the container or frame for some new ideas and some existing works which, when placed in this historic setting, generate different meanings.

The catalogue for the exhibition, in English and Italian, is published by Edizioni Charta and includes texts by Chiara Bertola and Réda Bensmaïa, Professor of Philosophy and French Literature at Brown University, USA. The publication will also include a series of previously unpublished photographs from Hatoum's personal archives. A full illustration of the works on show will be inserted in a second edition of the catalogue that will be released soon after the opening of the exhibition. 


Wednesday 3rd June 2009, h 6 p.m., on invitation

4 June – 20 September 2009
Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Monday closed.

Mona Hatoum. Interior Landscape press office
Alessandra Santerini, mob. +39 335 68 53 767, e-mail: alessandra.santerini@alice.it
Ilaria Gianoli, mob. +39 333 63 17 344, e-mail: ilariagianoli@tin.it

Fondazione Querini Stampalia press office
Sara Bossi phone +39 041 2711441, fax +39 041 2711445
e-mail: ufficiostampa@querinistampalia.org


8. Nam June Paik, FF Alumn, at The Smithsonian American Art Museum, D.C.

Nam June Paik Archive
Smithsonian American Art Museum

The Smithsonian American Art Museum has acquired the complete estate archive of the artist Nam June Paik (1932-2006), one of the most influential artists of his generation who transformed television and video into artists' media. Paik's art and ideas embodied a radical new vision for an art form that was embraced around the world and changed global visual culture. With this acquisition, the museum becomes the institution of record for understanding this provocative artist's profound impact on the art world and for understanding the history of the moving image in 20th-century art.

The Nam June Paik Archive consists of research material, documentation, correspondence, sculptural robots, and video and television technology. It provides unprecedented insight into Paik's creative process, his sources of inspiration and the communities of artists on three continents with whom he worked for more than five decades beginning in the 1950s. The collective archive includes thousands of individual items that will be cataloged during the next several years.

John G. Hanhardt, consulting senior curator for film and media arts at the museum since 2006, is leading the effort to organize the Nam June Paik Archive and establish a study center at the museum. He is the foremost expert in Paik's work, and was the organizing curator for two landmark exhibitions, the first in 1982 at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the second a retrospective presented as the first exhibition of the new millennium in 2000 at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

The archive includes early writings on art, history and technology, correspondence with key artists and collaborators such as Charlotte Moorman and Wolf Vostell, a complete collection of videotapes used in his work, production notes for videotape and television projects, sketches, notebooks, models and plans for video installations. Highlights include Paik's hand-drawn plans for the Paik-Abe video synthesizer and documentation of large-scale television projects, such as "Guadalcanal Requiem" (1977/1979), and installations, including the massive "The More the Better" (1988). The archive also includes a full range of technology that Paik worked with, including a variety of early models of televisions and video projectors, old radios, record players, cameras and musical instruments supplemented by technical manuals. Additional materials that provide insight into Paik's career are unpublished interviews, audiotapes, vintage photographs, documentation of early Fluxus performances from before and after Paik's move to New York City in 1964, flyers, announcements, posters, catalogs and works in progress. A variety of toys, games, folk sculptures, banners, wall hangings and the desk where he painted in his studio are also part of the archive.

The museum has several significant works by Paik on permanent public view, including "Zen for TV" (1963/1976) and two of his ambitious and massive video walls, "Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii" (1995) and "Megatron/Matrix" (1995).

The Nam June Paik Archive is a gift of the Paik Estate through executor Ken Hakuta, the artist's nephew and an emeritus member of the museum's advisory board of commissioners, with the agreement of Shigeko Kubota, the artist's widow. The estate invited selected museums to present proposals for how each would use the archive. The Smithsonian American Art Museum, with its record of preserving major artist archives including those of Joseph Cornell, Gene Davis, William H. Johnson and the definitive record of Christo and Jean-Claude's seminal project "Running Fence, Sonoma and Marin Counties, California, 1972-76, A Documentation Exhibition," was eager to add the significant Paik Archive to its holdings. Once the archive is fully cataloged, it will be made available to curators and scholars by appointment.

An interview with Hanhardt about the Paik Archive is available on the museum's blog Eye Level, and the full press release is available at http://americanart.si.edu/pr/

The Smithsonian American Art Museum celebrates the vision and creativity of Americans with approximately 41,500 artworks in all media spanning more than three centuries. Follow the museum on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, ArtBabble, iTunes and YouTube.


9. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, at Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK, thru June 19, and more

Radical Nature
Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969–2009
19 June 2009 - 18 October 2009
Barbican Art Gallery, London


Agnes Denes: Wheatfield – A Confrontation
15 July 2009 - 6 August 2009
Off Dalston Lane
between Ashwin Street and Hartwell Street, E8 London 

In addition to the exhibition above, the Barbican Art Gallery is re-creating Agnes Denes’s Wheatfield in London. 

The artist is also represented in the exhibition “Elles” at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris. 



10. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, at Smalls Jazz Club, Manhattan, June 20

We're doing new songs and rants

Annie Lanzillotto vocalizing with Rose Imperato on Sax and Clarinet, Sylvie Diegez on Piano, and Lori Goldston on Cello

183 WEST 10TH STREET  (just west of 7th Ave)

for the brave, there's an open mike at 6 pm

We're meditating on Father's Day, how our father's shaped us, how we are their daughters. 

love you

forse sogniamo quasi abbastanza....perhaps we dream nearly enough



11. Regina Vater, FF Alumn, now on youtube.com

See  a video of mine on this site:


regina vater


12. Lynn Book, FF Alumn, at Beta Verde, Winston-Salem, NC, June 18

Summer Performances:

House Concert - Lynn Book with Rich Robeson
Beta Verde
June 18, 7:30 pm
Winston-Salem, NC
directions: betaverde@blogspot.com

outside music from the inside
compositions and improvisations for voice, guitar, ukulele, flutes and other instruments
 “…a thrilling ride” – Chicago Tribune MetroMix, [ about Lynn Book’s work ]


Lynn performs August 6th in New York!
@ Bowery Poetry Club, 306 Bowery above Houston
7 pm solo set followed by a performance of the
DaDa classic, 'Ursonate' at 8 pm with 10 piece 'urkestra'




13. Alan Sondheim, FF Alumn, at Millenium Film/Video, Manhattan, June 20

Alan Sondheim Screening at Millennium Film/Video

( Please come if you can; I'll be talking about Second Life and my recent online work, The Accidental Artist. It should be fun.)

June 20th (Saturday) 8 P.M.

Admission $8 / $6 (for members)

Information 212-673-0090

"The word prolific always comes to mind when describing Alan Sondheim who has produced an unending, constantly changing array of media works, writings, and musical pieces, and has given innumerable workshops and lectures around the world. He has been a regular participant in the Personal Cinema Series."



'June 2008 through March 2009, I worked in an installation/performance space called Odyssey in the virtual world Second Life. I changed the environment almost daily, reflecting dynamic (moving, shuddering) complex spaces that were narratives in their own right, difficult to navigate, built on phenomenologies of being virtual real, really virtual. I will walk/work my way through these transformations, presenting videos and images of installations with Azure Carter), dance (with Foofwa d'Imobilite and Sandy Baldwin), and performance (with Sandy Baldwin). This work is unique within and without Second Life.' - A.S."


14. Nao Bustamante, FF Alumn, at The New Museum, Manhattan, June 19

Fri, Jun 19, 2009
7:00 PM
New Museum Theater (directions)

Silver & Gold: New Performance by Nao Bustamante
Part of New Silent Music / Performance, New Media
Buy tickets now:$10 Members, $12 General Public

An internationally renowned performance artist, Nao Bustamante produces spectacular and witty work that investigates and explodes stereotypes and fantasies about identity. In this ambitious new performance, Bustamante will combine live performance, original costumes, and lush video to evoke the muse of legendary filmmaker Jack Smith: 1940s Dominican movie starlet Maria Montez.

Filmmakers Ela Troyano and Uzi Parnes will be on hand, preceding the performance, to introduce the Jack Smith's film, "I Was A Male Yvonne De Carlo" (1979).

The new performance is the fruit of a commission by the LIVE FILM/ Jack Smith festival, co-organized by Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art and Hebbel-am-Ufer Theater (HAU) in Berlin. www.naobustamante.com


15. Andrea Cote, FF Member, at Art Sites, Riverhead, NY, thru July 20

Andrea Cote at Art Sites, June 13-July 20

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I will be participating in an exhibition at Art Sites Gallery in Riverhead, NY. I'll be showing several prints and creating a participatory project, "Blueprint" at the opening. It will be on view throughout the show.

~Andrea Cote


June 13- July 19, 2009
Co-curated by
Carole Jay + Glynis Berry
Reception: Saturday, June 13, 5-7 PM
Including a performance piece by Andrea Cote.
at art sites
651 West Main Street (Route 25), Riverhead, New York 11901 T: 631- 591-2401
Gallery Hours: Thursday &#150;Sunday, 12-5 PM.
For group tour information and additional hours call 631-591-2401

Beyond the Fray displays the work of eleven artists, all who use texture in unexpected ways. From delicate white-on-white constructions to sumptuous layers of paint on collaged pieces, this show demonstrates the range of the visually tactile. Texture creates experiences and reactions. It is intimate, tempting one to touch. It breathes life into the iconic.



16. Claudia Demonte, FF Alumn, new book on amazon.com

FYI: here is the link for the book coming out on my life's work...

The book is on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Claudia-Demonte-Eleanor-Heartney/dp/0764950975/


17. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, at Westport Arts Center, CT, thru July 12, and more

Patricia Blaufuss, Press Representative
203-222-7070  pat@westportartscenter.org

Westport Arts Center announces SOLO Exhibitions 2009

Westport Arts Center (WAC) is happy to announce the solo shows for 2009. This year, the works include photographs by Karen Barto, prints by Roxanne Faber Savage, mixed media sculptures by Franc Palaia and paintings by James Napoleon and Pete Konsterlie.  The exhibition is on view from June 12 - July 12 with an opening reception on June 12 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  The artists will give a talk on June 25 at 7:00 pm

Amy Mackie, Curatorial Assistant at the New Museum, was this year's juror.  “When selecting work for the solo shows I always look for the artists who take risks,” says Mackie, “Whether this is addressed conceptually or in a choice of materials, it is refreshing to see work that captures a unique voice. Nostalgia, spirituality, and the fragile nature of the human condition are just a few of the many concerns explored in the work presented this year.” 

Franc Palaia’s show will feature illuminated photo-sculpture with a selection from his suitcase light box series. The mixed media works house back-lit color transparencies of architecture, landscapes, antiquities and politically charged images and texts in antique suitcases. They are mounted on the walls and arranged in stacks creating tall teutemic towers on the floor.

Alison Nordstrom, curator of the George Eastman house says of Franc's work from an exhibit at the Center for Photography at Woodstock," Palaia's surreal photo-sculptures of suitcases and color images of travel cross bounderies and chart new territory. He has a distinctive individual voice, his work looks like no one else's. He's developed a vocabulary for what he is thinking about".

Westport Art Center, 51 Riverside Ave. Westport Art Center, Westport, Ct. 203-222-7070  www.westportartscenter.org

Franc Palaia 845-486-1378  FPalaia@earthlink.net  www.baupalaia.blogspot.com      www.galleryandstudio.org                                        

The Westport Arts Center is a visual and performing arts organization dedicated to creating arts experiences that enrich the lives of area residents and the entire community. 

For information contact Westport Arts Center at 203-222-7070 or go to the website at www.westportartscenter.org.  Gallery hours are M-F, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sat. and  Sun. 12- 4


Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, Is included in the annual regional exhibition at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at Suny New Paltz. The title is"Ecotones and Transition Zones" and focuses on environmental and ecological themes. Dates are June 13 - Sept 6, 2009.  Curated by Brian Wallace.  Franc is exhibiting two photo- sculptural works entitled "Lead Lot" and Chromium". sdma@newpatlz.edu  845-257-3844


18. Louise Diedrich, Laura Parnes, FF Alumns, at White Columns, June 22

A Personal Shout
A Screening Curated by  LOVETT/CODAGNONE
Monday June 22, 2009 at White Columns 8:30 PM
320 West 13th Street (Entrance on Horatio St.)

We wanted to create A PERSONAL SHOUT, in which the reasons for selecting an artists' work also somehow implicated our interests, our work, and our relationships. The program includes work that has influenced our work, artists that we get inspired by, and friends with whom we have an intimacy, that is --apart from just friendship--a political bond. All the work included deals with politics, whether it be in relation to the body, to architecture, to gender, or in relation to sexual identity. Some question the notion of a collective identity, and some turn personal histories and intimacy into a political investigation into the nature and structure of relationships.


DI PEPPO/MOROZZI (Music video for Casino Royale),
GLEN FOGEL (Music video for Antony & the Johnsons),


19. Max Gimblett, FF Member, at Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin, Germany, opening June 19


Whip and rope, person and ox: all are empty.
Words cannot reproduce the vast blue sky.
How could snowflakes survive the flames of a forge?
One can only join the ancestors by arriving at this place.
(Ten Ox Herding Pictures, 8th picture) 

Hamish Morrison Gallery is pleased to present, for the first time in Germany, New Zealand artist Max Gimblett (1935). His work enjoys special recognition in his home country with which he has retained many links, but especially in the United States where he has lived since the 1970s. This year his works have been exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum New York as part of the exhibition The Third Mind - American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989. 

The work of Max Gimblett is characterized by paintings and drawings of great virtuosity and finesse as a bridge between different cultures. The contact with artists like Brice Marden, Robert Motherwell and Jackson Pollock has had significant influence on his painting in the context of abstract expressionism. However, since the 1980s his cultural curiosity which had first been aroused by Maori art has been reflected by the influence of Asian culture on his work and his life.

By using the Greek word Téménos which refers to the space dedicated to a sacred shrine or sanctuary, to describe the exhibition, Gimblett does not evoke the religious aspect of art, but its spiritual dimension. The technological and aesthetic delicacy of his paintings consisting of rare and precious materials such as sheets of silver, gold and palladium imported from all over the world and combined with traditional materials and contemporary polymers results in masterful and fascinating works. The unique forms of his paintings break the convention, which automatically identifies a rectangle suspended from a wall as a work of art or at least as a decorative image. The viewer becomes aware of this quasi-votive character of the work, allowing him access to a dimension beyond time and space, opening a space of meditation.

In the act of painting, his gestures reflect an energy, a rhythm and a dance in which the viewer can participate. This participation is made possible by the perception of time by observation; time, which according Gimblett is concentric. The spectator, by following the traces of the paint brush, witnesses the beginning, accelerations, decelerations and the culmination of the gesture. For Gimblett the process of painting is not a cold cerebral act expressing the Cartesian “I” of the proud and egocentric modern man, but the Buddhist principle of non-self eclipsing one’s judgment. His painting expresses intuitive, pure energy.

The titles of his works and their shapes reflect the wealth of inspiration and syncretism of the artist as well as his interest in different cultures and his reflections on the Jungian collective unconscious. He appears to look beyond the Jungian self which is the unknown centre of personality where antinomies and the collective unconscious expressed by myths of different cultures and embodied by certain signs, such as quatrefoil (Apricot Garden, Celestial) are reconciled. By using the quatrefoil with its association to the four elements, windows, flowers in general or lotus in particular, Gimblett convokes the vital forces and archetypal transcendence of the human psyche.

This motif explains the most recurring references such as the influence of Japanese painter Sengai Gibon (1750-1837), for whom the circle, triangle and square – bases for many of Gimblett’s works - alone represent the universe. (The Gaze - For Jackson Pollock 2008, Guggenheim Enso Series, 2008). According to the philosopher of Buddhism Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, the circle corresponds with the infinite without beginning and without end, while the triangle is the beginning of all forms, and the square, a double triangle, stands for the process of duplication. The approximation of the series Guggenheim Enso with "Ten Ox Herding Pictures", which reflect the path to enlightenment in Zen, is particularly interesting, especially the 8th picture above entitled: "Self and Ox Forgotten"

Gimblett's work is a synthesis not only of the many questions and answers posed by the history of art, but also between cultures by bringing together opposing values and principles, such as calligraphy and geometry, abstraction and figuratism, as well as aesthetic and philosophical propositions of east and west. In bringing together these spiritual considerations and coming to terms with the seductive power of images, and the intellectual and aesthetic enjoyment, Gimblett achieves in his work the reconciliation of the Apollonian and Dionysian.

Hamish Morrison Galerie
Heidestrasse 46-52
10557 Berlin
TEL +49 30 280 40577
FAX +49 30 280 41898
Mobile +49 172 561 3487
visit www.maxgimblett.com for more information


20. Anne Flournoy, FF Alumn, in Channel 13 short film competition

The 13th episode of The Louise Log (3.5 mins long) has been picked by New York's PBS station, Channel 13 to be in a competition with two other short films.   The winner will get aired next Saturday night, June 20 on Channel 13.

Here's where you go to watch the films vote:


I'd be so grateful if you'd vote for the 13th episode.  If you could also forward this on to friends, it'll greatly increase the chance of Louise seeing the light of a television set.   (The competition is actually quite stiff...one of the other shorts has the entire United Nations organization and several NGO's behind it...)

Thank you very very much.

My best,


P.S.  The voting process  (once you're on the channel 13 site) is incredibly simple...It's a matter of clicking on a box.   (there's no registration).   But IF clicking on the rectangle which says  'VOTE FOR THIS SHORT'  doesn't change colors and say 'thank you!',  try 'reloading' or 'refreshing' the page by clicking on the little circular arrow just to the left of the channel 13 url at the top of the page on the far left:


21. R. Sikoryak, FF Alumn, at MoCCA, Manhattan, June 18

Your favorite comics anthology TYPHON collides with your favorite comics performance series CAROUSEL for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime multimedia comics extravaganza at MoCCA on Thursday, June 18th!

You'll laugh! You'll scream! It's not for the squeamish!

Please join the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, (aka MoCCA) for an evening of dazzling cartoon slide shows featuring work from the critically-acclaimed comics anthology TYPHON Volume One.

This exclusive event is brought to you by TYPHON editor Danny Hellman and Carousel host R. Sikoryak.

A select group of TYPHON contributors will be on hand to read their strips, including:

Gregory Benton
Rupert Bottenberg
Victor "Bald Eagles" Cayro
Nick Gazin
Hawk Krall
Hans Rickheit
plus Hellman and Sikoryak. 

Come meet the artists whose cutting-edge artwork brings the pages of TYPHON to life!

MoCCA Thursday, June 18, 2009. 7 pm
Admission: $5 (Free for MoCCA Members)
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
594 Broadway, suite 401
New York, NY 10012
For more information about MoCCA please visit http://www.moccany.org

For more info on TYPHON visit
This event is intended for Mature Audiences!
(in other words, don't bring your kids unless they're already hopelessly warped).


22. LuLu LoLo, FF Member, on dolcechannel.com, June 17

LuLu LoLo on a web broadcast—Dolce channel with Fred Gardaphe Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 9pm EST http://www.dolcechannel.com/pages/liveradio.php.

Broadcast live from Grotta Azzurra Restaurant in New York City —in Little Italy Note this show will be archived go to the link and click on menu-Italian Signs, American Streets June 17 LuLu has been invited by Distinguished Professor Fred Gardaphe to join him in a conversation on his new program "Italian Signs, American Streets,"

 Fred Gardaphe brings the work of artist and academic intellectuals to Dolce, by connecting the intelligentsia to the very streets they often rise above. "Italian Signs, American Streets" is a piazza (a town square) of cutting-edge intelligence that matters.

Broadcast live from Grotta Azzurra Restaurant in New York City —in Little Italy http://www.dolcechannel.com/pages/liveradio.php.


23. Dan Graham, Glenn Branca, FF Alumns, at TheWhitney Museum of American Art, Manhattan, June 24-October 11

My Turn: Dan Graham: Beyond
June 24 - October 11, 2009

Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street
New York, NY 10021

For complete information on Whitney public
Programs, or to purchase a ticket, please visit whitney.org

My Turn

My Turn expands the definition of a museum program by inviting a guest artist to interpret another artist's work. This new and unique public program series, held in conjunction with the exhibition Dan Graham: Beyond, is organized by guest curator and artist Howie Chen. Dan Graham: Beyond, Graham's first U.S. retrospective, traces the evolution of his art from his early conceptual projects and performances, to his films and videos, architectural projects and pavilions, and sculptures as well as his collaborations with musicians and rock bands.

Taking the exhibition as a point of departure, Chen approaches Graham's work through musicians, filmmakers, and performers to provide a new and insightful look at an artist who has been influential since the 1960s. Chen is cofounder of the curatorial partnership Dispatch and is a member of the collaborative New Humans.

Acoustic Evening with The Feelies

Friday, June 26 at 7 pm

The Feelies, one of the most influential rock bands of the past three decades, play a rare acoustic set. This performance presents the group's legendary complex guitar layering, driving rhythms, and drone passages.

This concert is free with Museum admission (free for members).Concert tickets are available on the day of the show only, beginning at 1 pm. Space is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Limit 2 tickets per person.

Dan Graham in Conversation with Glenn Branca, FF Alumn

Saturday, September 12 at 7 pm

Dan Graham joins avant-garde composer and musician Glenn Branca for a conversation about past collaborations, rock music, and shared interests working in New York City. This evening also includes a screening of Westkunst (Modern Period): Dan Graham Segment (1980) by Dan Graham and Ernst Mitzka.

This program will take place at X Initiative, 548 West 22nd Street. This is a free event. No reservations. Space is limited; first-come, first-seated.

Put Blood in the Music

Introduction by director Charles Atlas

Thursday, September 17 at 7 pm

This is a rare U.S. screening of Put Blood in the Music (1989), a documentary on the late 1980s downtown New York music scene, featuring early performances by Sonic Youth, John Zorn, Hugo Largo, and Ambitious Lovers and appearances by Dan Graham, Glenn Branca, Karen Finley and others. Experimental filmmaker, video artist, and director Charles Atlas will introduce his film.

This program will take place at X Initiative, 548 West 22nd Street. This is a free event. No reservations. Space is limited; first-come, first-seated.

Beyond Dan Graham: Beyond

Thursday, October 1 at 7 pm

Scholars, critics, and artists join Dan Graham for a roundtable conversation about his inimitable contributions to performance, music, and architecture.

Dan Graham: Beyond is on view at the Whitney from June 24 through October 11, 2009.

Unless otherwise noted, all My Turn programs are FREE for members. Advance sales are recommended as space is limited. Tickets may be purchased at the Museum Admissions desk or online at whitney.org Inquiries: public_programs@whitney.org or (212) 570-7715.

For further information on the Whitney Museum of American Art, please visit whitney.org or call (212) 570-3600.


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