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Contents for March 09, 2009

1. Ben Carson, FF Member, at Columbia University, Manhattan, March 26
2. David Medalla, FF Alumn, at Trans Cultural Exchange, Boston, MA, April 5, and more
3. Jennifer Monson, FF Alumn, at The New School, Manhattan, Mar. 28
4. Deb Margolin, Rae C. Wright, FF Alumns, in Austin, TX, thru Mar. 18
5. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, in Creteil, France, March 15-16
6. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, in Berlin, March 12, and more
7. Adrianne Wortzel, FF Alumn, in Chronicle of Higher Education, Mar. 3
8. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, at The Stove Works, Atlanta, GA, Mar. 27-April 25
9. Susana Cook, FF Alumn, in Montreal, Canada, Mar. 19, and more
10. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, at EFA Studios, Manhattan, Mar. 11
11. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at Millennium Film Workshop, Manhattan, March 14
12. Willie Cole, FF Alumn, at The Newark Museum, NJ, thru Aug. 16
13. Cindy Sherman, Robin Tewes, Anton van Dalen, FF Alumns, at Adam Baumgold Gallery, Manhattan, Mar. 13-May 2
14. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, at Judson Church, Manhattan, Mar. 24
15. Susan Hiller, FF Alumn, in Stockholm, Sweden, thru Mar. 29
16. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, in Cornelia, GA, September 25-26
17. Alyson Pou, FF Alumn, at South Street Seaport Museum, Manhattan, Mar 20-Apr. 19
18. Robin Tewes, FF Alumn, on Time Warner cable, March 18, and more
19. Ron Athey, Julie Tolentino, FF Alumns, in London, England, April 12
20. Ilona Granet, FF Alumn, at Armand Bartos Fine Arts, Manhattan, opening March 26
21. Shirin Neshat, FF Alumn, in Athens, Greece, Mar 18-May 31


1. Ben Carson, FF Member, at Columbia University, Manhattan, March 26

ANAHISTORIC: the Music of Benjamin Carson, FF Member, at Columbia University's Philosophy Hall Lounge

The work of experimental chamber/jazz composer Benjamin Carson, at Columbia University on March 26th (8 pm, Philosophy Hall Lounge near Amsterdam and 116th, free and open to the public), will defy expectations from any angle. Those who are familiar with "avant-garde"
composers, extending the "classical" tradition in formal concerts, will be surprised to see performers walk around stage, talk to each other openly while playing, and thread together a variety of Carson's compositions, almost as though they were "standards," in a continuous game of spontaneous musical conversation. Others familiar with experimental composition and improvisation will be surprised by its persistent warmth, and its transgressions into moments of tonality and profound simplicity. But ultimately, Ben Carson is a psychological artist. And not just in the metaphorical sense: he teaches the psychology of perception and cognition to graduate programs at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The musicians on stage on the 26th including New York's Yarn/Wire and CORE Ensemble's Katie Schlaikjer are demonstrating the outcomes of perception experiments on the nature of musical pulse, and how we perceive it. With any luck, the audience might come away from the evening with new questions about their own musical listening, and maybe even some new answers.

For more information about the concert, please visit <http://bencarson.squarespace.com/events/>; links to online listening and other information can be found from there.

Columbia University's Music Performance Program presents:
Thursday, March 26, 2009, 8:00 PM

Music Performance Program Special Event: Free and
Open to the Public

Columbia University, 301 Philosophy Hall near Amsterdam Ave & 116th
St.  New York City

The Music Performance Program at Columbia University, and the New York-based percussion/piano ensemble Yarn/Wire, are presenting the music of Benjamin Carson in an innovative concert at Philosophy Hall on March 26th. Guests include Dr. Rhonda Taylor, a saxophonist specializing in complex rhythms and extended techniques, CORE Ensemble's Katie Schlaikjer on cello, and American/Spanish contrabassist/critic Christopher Williams. Composer Benjamin Carson, who teaches composition and the psychology of music at the University of California at Santa Cruz, writes an experimental music informed by studies in the perception of rhythm and form. His music makes use of traditional tonality, a wide-ranging rhythmic language, and an unusual dynamic range that sometimes blurs the boundary between intentional musical sounds and incidental environmental noises.

Yarn/Wire is the only active contemporary music ensemble in the U.S. dedicated to expanding the body of works written for two pianists and two percussionists. The sonic possibilities afforded by this unique instrumentation leads to a rich body of work. Since its inception in 2005, the ensemble has presented concerts throughout the country, championing a wide range of literature, including early and recent, acoustic and electro-acoustic; its members' interests range from the standard classical repertory to experimental popular music. The ensemble's founders are SUNY Stony Brook new music specialist Dr. Laura Barger on piano; the percussionists are Tanglewood fellow and "Zs" co-founder Ian Antonio, and Dr. Russell Greenberg of Hunter/Gatherer and Hi Red Center. At the Columbia event, Yarn/Wire introduces its newest member Jacob Rhodebeck, a student of Gilbert Kalish and former Tanglewood fellow, performing Carson's solo piano music.

Carson's unusual work draws on the familiarity of traditional tonal harmony, while making use of experimental approaches to rhythmic identity, voice, and formal development. Anahistoric (2004), for cello, percussion, piano, and consumer-model electronic keyboards, makes use of extremely quiet sounds, extremely difficult rhythms, and ambiguous movement between musical parts.

The result is often akin to illusion, with one perception being traded for another: chaos and randomness yielding to the unexpected impression that direction and purpose has been present all along. Writing in The Open Space magazine (2003), Christopher Williams has shown that Carson's music makes a paradox of keys and tonal resolutions, and of the traditional relationships between polyphonic voices. As keys change and overlap, and as pairs of voices oppose one another, "each element in the false dichotomy defines and becomes the other" so that "we have the opportunity and responsibility to navigate our [own] uniquely useful paths."

Carson's work is supported by a variety of research in perception studies, critical science studies, and mathematics. His review essay "What are Musical Paradox and Illusion?" sheds new musical light on the experiments and discoveries of psychologist Diana Deutsch (American Journal of Psychology, 2005); he also reports his own experimental findings on the perception of "simple timespan ratios" in the Journal of New Music Research (2007). Carson's research has earned the support of grants from the French Ministry of Culture and the University of California, and his music has been presented at conferences and festivals at Sydney Conservatory, New England Conservatory, and the Aspen Summer Music Festival. His work Detaler won first prize in chamber music at the British and International Bass Festival in 2001.

For more information, and to listen to the music, please visit:


Benjamin Carson, benja.carson@gmail.com, 831-419-0981 Harley Spiller,
hspiller@nyc.rr.com, 917-553-4831 Music Performance Program,
mpp@columbia.edu, 212-854-1257


2. David Medalla, FF Alumn, at Trans Cultural Exchange, Boston, MA, April 5, and more

David Medalla, FF Alumn, has been invited by American artist Mary Sherman to participate in the "Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts" which Trans-Cultural Exchange will organize, present and coordinate at the Omni Parker House Hotel, 20 School street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108, Telephone: (617) - 227 8600. on April 3, 4 and 5, 2009.

Trans-Cultural Exchange is an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a greater understanding of world cultures through high quality art projects, art exchanges and related educational programming.  Trans-Cultural Exchange's current project: "The Tile Project, Destination: The World" is the first project sponsored by UNESCO since the US Mission rejoined UNESCO.

The 2009 Conference's aim is to promote international opportunities for artists (including emerging, mid-career, and established artists), art teachers, students and those in related fields of work with their counterparts around the world. Over 70 speakers will present their various projects, and over 600 delegates are expected to come to Boston to attend this important cultural conference.

David Medalla, founder and director of the London Biennale, and co-founder with Adam Nankervis of the Mondrian Fan Club, will speak on various aspects of the London Biennale which began in 2000 and continues to grow from strength. Last year the London Biennale was inaugurated in Paris. Next year London Biennale 2010 will celebrate its Finale in front of the Taj Mahal in India.

At the Art Conference of Trans-Cultural Exchange in Boston. David Medalla will join several eminent directors of various biennales from around the world in a group discussion on Sunday, April 5, 2009, inside the Omni Parker House Hotel.

For further information about the Art Conference, please look up in the internet the website: www.trans-culturalexchange.org

The Omni Parker House is the oldest continuously running hotel in the USA. It is the original home of the American cream pie. David Medalla, who created the 'Cosmic Propulsion' entitled "Croissants-Boomerangs" in celebration of the Biennale of Sydney last year (with the participation of Misha Dare, Jenny Brown, Lucas Ihlein, Luke Roberts aka Pope Alice, Fred Ardales, Frank Black, Jesse Lim, Rick Yankey and other artists based around the Pacific rim), plans to create another of his 'Cosmic Propulsions', a new one,  inspired by the history of the American cream pie, during his stay in Boston where Medalla previously exhibited in the show "Pulse: Art and Healing" at the Institute of Contemporary Art there.

On April 6, 2009, David Medalla and several delegates from the Trans-Cultural Exchange Art Conference will be welcomed by David Macy as guests at the legendary MacDowell Art Colony in New Hampshire.

>From April 7 to April 23, 2009, David Medalla will create impromptu performances in New York with the collaboration of his many artists-friends in the Big Apple.


3. Jennifer Monson, FF Alumn, at The New School, Manhattan, Mar. 28

iLAND – interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance announces
the first annual iLAND symposium -

Connecting to the Urban Environment:
Creating embodied and relational approaches to environmental awareness

Saturday, March 28, 2009
9:30am - 1pm (no charge, registration opens at 9am)
Refreshments will be served

Hosted by the Eugene Lang College of The New School for Liberal Arts
6 East 16th Street, New York, NY
Room #D1009 (auditorium)

Connecting to the Urban Environment, iLAND’s first annual symposium, will address issues emanating from the creative collaborations of past iLAB residencies. iLAB alumni will be paired with representatives from environmental organizations who are actively designing new relationships to urban space. Presentations will share the results of grappling with the project of finding shared language and processes across the arts and sciences while centering dance and the body as the mediator and resource for experience, imagination and knowing. The symposium will include oral and media presentations, workshops, and small-group discussions.

Through the iLAB residency program, iLAND facilitates opportunities for movement-based artists, biologists, architects, geographers, acoustic ecologists, urban planers, visual artists, and other natural and social scientists to conceive, design, and explore a working collaboration that engages the built environment of New York City and the habitats, phenomenon, and systems it shares.

Presenters and participants include iLAND Artistic Director Jennifer Monson, previous iLAB residents: sound artist Michelle Nagai, botanist Uli Lorimer, visual artist Gerald Marks, architect Angle Ayon, biologist Colin Grubel, and choreographers Lise Brenner, Sarah White, Theresa Duhon and Karl Cronin; as well as Megan Fellerath and Brian McCormick of the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, and environmental sculptor Mara Hazeltine with James Cervino, from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

iLAND investigates the power of dance in collaboration with other fields to illuminate our kinetic understanding of the world.  Since it’s inception in 2004, it has become a dance research organization with a fundamental commitment to environmental sustainability as it relates to art and the urban context. In 2006, the iLAB residency program was inaugurated, fulfilling the mission of iLAND to cultivate cross-disciplinary research among artists, environmentalists, scientists, urban designers and other fields. In addition, iLAND supports the artistic projects of Artistic Director Jennifer Monson. These projects have included Flight of Mind, a phase of the navigational dance project BIRD BRAIN, iMAP /Ridgewood Reservoir Project, and the current Mahomet Aquifer Project, as well as several solos and other collaborative work. For more information about specific residencies, choreographic projects and collaborations please visit www.ilandart.org or call 917 860-8239.

For reservations, more information, and a detailed schedule of events contact info@ilandart.org or call 917 860-8239.

iLAND, Inc.
Jennifer Monson
Artistic Director
Phone: (212) 375-8283
E-mail: info@ilandart.org
Web: www.ilandart.org


4. Deb Margolin, Rae C. Wright, FF Alumns, in Austin, TX, thru Mar. 18

Rae C Wright FF Alumn..plays the sublimely sadistic boss of Deb Margolin - FF Alumn and star of; Madeline Olnek's award-winning (OutFest '08) perfectly demented comedy short "Countertransference" which was chosen for this year's 2009 Sundance Film Festival -- is now being presented at the 2009 South-By-Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX.....


5. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, in Creteil, France, March 15-16

Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, screens
A Horse Is Not A Metaphor (in competition), Sanctus, Vital Signs, Still Point
Director Present
Sunday, March 15, 7 p.m.
Festival de Films des Femmes Creteil
Tickets may be purchased at door
Maison des Artes de Creteil

Panel of Experimental Filmmakers (Barbara Hammer present)
Monday, March 16, 6 p.m.
Forum 2
Festival de Films des Femmes Creteil
Tickets may be purchased at door.
Maison des Artes de Creteil


6. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, in Berlin, March 12, and more

Dear Friends

I have a video screening in this event, on 12th March from 21.00h at Lagari on Pflügerstr. 19 / Ecke Nansenstr, Neukoelln.

Would be great to see you there!

Best wishes


(BTW, next Clarke Gallery exhibition opens on 28th March - Alexander Heaton. Will send invite next week.)


7. Adrianne Wortzel, FF Alumn, in Chronicle of Higher Education, Mar. 3

Please read about the work of Adrianne Wortzel, FF Alumn, at the following link:


Thank you.


8. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, at The Stove Works, Atlanta, GA, Mar. 27-April 25

Joseph Nechvatal: one man show
terra incOgnitO
March 27th – April 25th
Wm Turner gallery
The Stove Works
112 Krog Street, ste 9
Atlanta, GA 30307

opening March 26th 6-9


9. Susana Cook, FF Alumn, in Montreal, Canada, Mar. 19, and more

Susana will be presenting her new show: The Fury of The Gods

In Montreal, Edgy Festival, on March 19th


And then she will be heading to Quito,  Ecuador to present a longer version of the show in Spanish and her workshop The Theatricalities of Gender.


Written and performed by Susana Cook, with sound design by Julian Mesri.

The Fury of the Gods is an exercise in pop blasphemy.  An ecclesiastical experiment in heathenism. A sharp, biting satire that skewers the sacred. Written during the dark era of Bush’s government and the ascent of the right-wing theocracy in the US. this performance looks at and satirizes the center from the point of view of the periphery, by claiming a right to self-representation onstage.

“La Teatralidad del Género”
Fecha: Lunes 30 de marzo, Martes 31 de marzo, Miércoles 1 de abril
Lugar: Sala Mandrágora - CCE
Horario: 9h00 a 12h00

Función Oficial  La Furia de los Dioses
Fecha: Martes 31 de marzo
Lugar: Teatro Variedades
Ciudad: Quito
Hora: 20h00

Función Espacio Alternativo La Furia de los Dioses
Fecha: Jueves 2 de abril
Lugar: Cárcel de Mujeres
Hora: 10h00

Realización de un taller abierto de 1 día:
“La Teatralidad del Género”
Lugar: Centro Cultural Eugenia Mera
Ciudad: Ambato
Hora: 17h00

Función Extensión La Furia de los Dioses
Fecha: Viernes 3 de abril
Lugar: Centro Cultural Eugenia Mera
Ciudad: Ambato
Hora: 19h30

For more information go to:


10. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, at EFA Studios, Manhattan, Mar. 11

EFA Studios presents
Wednesday, March 11th, 6-9 PM

The EFA Studios’ Members Advisory Committee announces SOCIAL SOUP, an evening of ARTIST PERFORMANCES, FILM SCREENINGS and homemade SOUPS, in memory of Ben Schaafsma (1982 - 2008).

THE EVENT: A donation of $10 buys a bowl of soup, and an invitation to an evening of art, entertainment and social interaction. All proceeds from the evening will go toward an award in Ben's name to be given to an emerging artist.

ENTERTAINMENT: The evening will include screenings of Gordon Matta-Clark's documentary 'Food' (1972) and 'The Orange Cowboy' by Nicolas Dumit Estevez and Meredith Holch, as well as other food-related videos curated by Perpetual Art Machine. In addition, there will be performances by Lilah Freedland, Pablo Helguera, and Austin Thomas.

WHERE: EFA Project Space
323 West 39th Street
(between 8th and 9th Aves)
2nd floor
NYC 10018

WHEN: Wednesday, March 11th, 6-9 PM

The screening of Gordon Matta-Clark’s documentary "Food” is made possible through the generosity of the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark and Electronic Arts Intermix.

About Ben Schaafsma

Ben Schaafsma, an independent curator and art activist, passed away on October 25th, 2008. Schaafsma was an exceptionally ambitious and motivated organizer of the arts community, establishing non-profit art institutions at almost every turn. Perhaps his best-known and longest-running effort was the Institute for Community Understanding Between Art and The Everyday (InCUBATE), founded with Abigail Satinsky and Roman Petruniak.

Schaafsma often sought to solve funding issues using creative and non-traditional means. InCUBATE’s Sunday Soup program awarded a monthly grant to an artist from monies earned through a soup subscription. A local artist or activist cooked soup to be sold, and diners voted on who would win the grant. This type of self-supporting endeavor exemplifies Schaafsma’s efforts to build and sustain community.

The Social Soup at EFA Studios is the EFAS Member's Advisory Committee effort to continue Ben Schaafsma’s work and ideas.

For further information please contact EFA Studios at (212) 563-5855 ext. 119, or email studios@efa1.org.

Currently on View at EFA Project Space: Post Memory: A Collection of Makeshift Monuments. The exhibition features artists investigating alternative approaches to the process of memorializing, representing "various outcomes of remembrance through a mediated history." Using vicarious experience as their source, the artists enlist a variety of disciplinary practices such as performance, intervention, and mapping, to redefine the act of commemoration of people and events that have faded from collective consciousness.

EFA Studios is a program of The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.

The creative process is essential to shaping society. EFA is dedicated to providing artists across all disciplines with space, tools and a cooperative forum for the development of individual practice. We are a catalyst for cultural growth, stimulating new interactions between artists, creative communities, and the public.

EFA Studios is a studio program that supports contemporary visual artists. We offer affordable studio space and other forms of support for our 75 members. For over 10 years, EFA Studios has worked to foster financial stability, facilitate career development, and promote public and critical exposure for the artists we assist.

EFA Studios is supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Private funding for EFAS has been received from The Carnegie Corporation Inc


11. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at Millennium Film Workshop, Manhattan, March 14

"Up The Empire: Variations on an Italian Theme"

a program of new and U.S. premiere videos by
Peter Cramer and Jack Waters

with Marc Arthur

Peter Cramer and Jack Waters will be present.
Millennium Film Workshop
66 East 4th St. NYC 10003
Saturday March 14th, 2009
8:00 PM
Admission $8.00
The World Premiere of
“Giornalisti En Maschera”
by Peter Cramer and Jack Waters
Digital Video   30 Minutes
Featuring an interview with Mary McFadden and the opening exhibition of Emily Harvey's Venice gallery
Did painting die, or just briefly reincarnate as video art?
Has nationalism outlived its cultural relevance?
The familiar questions are resubmitted with other queries by Jack Waters and Peter Cramer at the press previews of the  2001 Venice Biennial as they investigate the relations of art, business, and politics in the guise of objective journalists. Three months preceding 911  they probe the attending press and art professionals at a moment on the verge of a paradigm shift in global politics and culture as we know it. The background is the opening exhibition of Emily Harvey’s Venice gallery, a show that - outside of the official embrace of the biennial - reunited an international group of   artists from the influential Fluxxus network.

Also on the Program:

"L' Homo Venezia" by Peter Cramer and Marc Arthur
DV  2006 total running time: @ 9 min
Four inspirational vignettes made by Peter Cramer and Marc Arthur at the Emily Harvey Foundation Residency on the 2006 return to Venice for the development of “Pestilence”, the inter media opus in progress.


Four Tableaux Vivants from “Spettacolo Provolone"
DV 2004 total running time  16:46
by Jack Waters  and Peter Cramer with DanceTube
Performed by Leonardo Smith as the Minotaur
with by Mara Zusman as the Bovine Goddess and Peter Cramer and Brian McPhee as the Twins


"Two Gentleman of Lucca  (Signore Due di Lucca)"
Peter Cramer & Jack Waters 2008.
US Premiere
DVD, color, sound, 04:19
A portrait of a modern day Rodolfo & Marcello wandering the streets of New York City in 2008.

More Photos and Program Details: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=83074&id=729416605&l=f3c0c


Willie Cole, FF Alumn, at The Newark Museum, NJ, thru Aug. 16

Unbounded: New Art for a New Century
On view through August 16, 2009

The Newark Museum
49 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Related Programs: Centennial Conversations:

Unbounded by Convention
March 19, 7 - 8 p.m.

Art Now: Shifting Terrain
May 21, 7 - 8 p.m

Launching the Newark Museum's Centennial celebration, Unbounded: New Art for a New Century showcases art created over the past fifteen years by forty artists from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. All are recent acquisitions from the Museum's collection and many will be on view for the first time. The Newark Museum's definition of "contemporary art" is broad and inclusive, encompassing painting, sculpture, ceramics, fashion, jewelry, textiles, photography and new media. While the art works are diverse, the themes presented highlight shared concerns and ideas that inspire artistic creativity around the world, transcending traditional divisions based on geography, genre or media.

Unbounded is the result of a dynamic collaboration between curators from four departments in the Museum: Christa Clarke (Arts of Africa), Ulysses Grant Dietz (Decorative Arts), Katherine Anne Paul (Arts of Asia) and Beth Venn (American Art). The curators' different areas of specialization and varied approaches to art are reflected in the selection of works presented and, in some cases, their interpretation. T his collaborative approach to the representation of contemporary art represents the plurality of artistic centers and the many ways of creating and viewing works of art in an increasingly global world.

Artists represented In Unbounded include: Sandy Benjamin-Hannibal, Dawoud Bey, Jim Campbell, Chunghie Lee, Willie Cole, Sokey Edorh, Victor Ekpuk, Dahlia Elsayed, Arline Fisch, Samuel Fosso, Gonkar Gyatso, Hong Zhu An, Pieter Hugo, William Kentridge, Sun Wuk Kim, Wosene Worke Kosrof, Nicholas Lovegrove, Lu Wen Xia, Lu Jian Xing, Rossinah Maepa, Senzeni Marasela, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Louis Mueller, Magdalene Odundo, Kwesi Owusu-Ankomah, Grayson Perry, Peter Pierobon, Martin Puryear, Damien Repucci, Diego Romero, Red Weldon Sandlin, Deganit Stern Schocken, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Lorna Simpson, Vivan Sundaram, Susan Thayer, Bill Viola, Wang Jin, and Sue Williamson.

Related Programs: Centennial Conversations include:

Unbounded by Convention
March 19, 7 - 8 p.m.

Curator Beth Venn will engage in conversation with artists Victor Ekpuk, Dahlia Elsayed, Franco Mondini-Ruiz and Magdalene Odundo. The artists, each of whom is represented in the exhibition, will discuss their works, and address questions raised by public participants. Questions for this program may be posted for discussion by emailing to adultprograms@newarkmuseum.org prior to the evening event.

Art Now: Shifting Terrain
May 21, 7 - 8 p.m.

Curator Christa Clarke will moderate a discussion about how forces of globalization are reshaping definitions of contemporary art and its representation in the public sphere. The panel includes Melissa Chiu (Asia Society), Chika Okeke-Agulu (Princeton University) and Lowery Stokes Sims (Museum of Arts and Design) .

Both programs, which are free to the public, will be preceded by a reception from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Museum's Engelhard Court. Pre-registration is required. Further information may be obtained by calling 973-596-6550. Full details of other Centennial exhibitions, educational offerings, special events and family programs may be found throughout the year by visiting the Museum's Web site, www.newarkmuseum.org.

Watch the podcast for Unbounded: New Art for a New Century on iTunes and on the Newark Museum Web site

Contact Information:
Newark Museum
49 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102


Cindy Sherman, Robin Tewes, Anton van Dalen, FF Alumns, at Adam Baumgold Gallery, Manhattan, Mar. 13-May 2

artistsAdam Baumgold Gallery presents the exhibition "About Face" from March 13 through May 2, 2009. The exhibition will explore different approaches in portraits in a diverse range of styles, through paintings and drawings by 37 Contemporary and 20th Century artists. The artists included in the exhibition are: John Ahearn, Donald Baechler, Marc Bell, Bette Blank, John Borowicz, Joe Brainard, Charles Burns, George Condo, Chuck Close, Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Jules Feiffer, Dan Fischer, Arnold Friedman, Renee French, Jessica Gandolf, Madge Gill, Jacob El Hanani, Peter Heinemann, Amy Hill, Alex Katz, Khalif Kelly, Hiroshi Kimura, Tala Madani, Ruth Marten, Sarah McEneaney, Jim Nutt, Erik Parker, Pablo Picasso, Huston Ripley, Cindy Sherman, Saul Steinberg, Robin Tewes, Jim Torok, Anton van Dalen, Karl Wirsum, Alexi Worth, and Ray Yoshida.

artistsGallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 - 5:30 P.M. For additional information please contact Adam Baumgold at (212)861-7338 or abaumgold@aol.com. A preview of teh exhibtion can be seen at www.adambaumgold gallery.com .
74 EAST 79TH ST.
NEW YORK, NY 10075


14. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, at Judson Church, Manhattan, Mar. 24

Annie Lanzillotto is the M.C. for the upcoming launch event at The Judson Church for the centennial planning of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.  Franklin Furnace is one of the many city wide sponsors of this event.

Join us! Enjoy refreshments and entertainment while learning about the history of the fire and how you can help create a city-wide centennial to remember.

The Triangle Fire Remembrance Coalition is a diverse group from all walks of life, sharing a common goal.  We have joined together to honor the memory of the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 and to heighten awareness of the struggle for social justice that continues today.

Tuesday, March 24
6:00-8:00 pm
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South
Map It
RSVP: rsvp@rememberthetrianglefire.org
Visit us online at www.rememberthetrianglefire.org
Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition is grateful for the generous support of the Schwarz Family Foundation. CityLore is the fiscal sponsor for Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition.
This project is endorsed by the following organizations: American Social History, Archives and Public History Program at New York University, Bowery Poetry Club, Calandra Institute for Italian American Studies (CUNY), Campo Films, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, City Reliquary Museum and Civic Organization, Concentration in Fashion Studies, the Graduate Center (CUNY), Department of Romance Languages at Hunter College (CUNY), East Village History Project, Education & Labor Collaborative (Adelphi), Feminist Press at CUNY, Franklin Furnace,  Gotham Center for New York City (CUNY), Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, I-Italy, Labor Studies (Hofstra), Lower East Side Tenement Museum, MALIA Collective of Italian American Women, Mud/Bone, Street Pictures,  StreetCry Productions, UNITE HERE, Women and Gender Studies Program at Hunter College (CUNY), Women’s Studies (Hofstra), and Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring.


Susan Hiller, FF Alumn, in Stockholm, Sweden, thru Mar. 29

Index the Swedish
Contemporary Art Foundation

Susan Hiller
Magic Lantern 1987
audio-visual installation
Courtesy, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London

Susan Hiller
4 February - 29 March 2009

Index the Swedish
Contemporary Art Foundation
Kungsbro strand 19




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Index presents the work of Susan Hiller with a focus on the installation Magic Lantern (1987) and Triplet (1991 - 2009). An influential figure in British and European art over the past four decades, Hiller's work can be framed in terms of Arte Povera and Conceptual Art as well as her early history in anthropology, however it is her engagement with Surrealism – the repressed and the misunderstood – that remains at the heart of her work. The relationship to technologies of the image are central to both works in this exhibition, technologies that in Hiller's hands themselves become cultural artifacts.

Magic Lantern is one of the many works of Hiller's that use apparently simple forms of illumination. It is a sublime slide projection, in the dark, generated by three discs of coloured light driven by electronic pulses. This technical device has been taken from it's original context as an early scientific experiment. This is not a benign return to the discovery of a source, for as in all of Hiller's work, her sources become fragments torn from their context. This is also the fate of Magic Lantern's synchronised soundtrack of recorded 'ghost' voices - they are the experiments of Latvian scientist Konstantin Raudive who believed he had recorded the voices of the dead. Hiller's voice too is here as she whispering invites us into the realm of story-telling, ' ..10 minutes of silence for the dead starting – now'.

Science and so-called irrational beliefs are re-exposed here as a meditative, critical practice. Hiller's gestures toward Freud as in much of her work, "… Freud said that an un-critical belief in psychic powers was an attempt at compensation for what he poignantly called 'the lost appeal of life on this earth" .

Triplet (1991-2009) is an inverse play on illumination. The objects that make up the work are 35 mm slides of images from a Mexican children's game, mounted on three brackets and installed vertically on the wall. This formation of three is an echo of the affect of Hiller's Magic Lantern with its three discs of light, red, yellow and blue that overlap and shift in scale - either small, or flooding of our visual field. Jean Fisher, writing on Magic Lantern, recognizes that, "… three is never a priviliged number. Two overlapping colours make a third; but three overlapping colours make a multiplicity".

At Index, Triplet is installed at the entrance of the Magic Lantern installation. These are child's night-lights meant for the realm of the dreaming child; however re-presented here they take on the role of guardian or guide. These simple images become jewel-like as each is illuminated by the backlight from tiny globes. The differences and similarities in these two works are in dialogue in this exhibition - they show that Hiller's work gives the current interest in 'spirituality' in the contemporary art scene a twist, perhaps alerting us to this new interest itself as a cultural symptom.

Catalogues, anthologies and critical writing by the artist will be available as will a pamphlet with a commissioned text by curator and writer Denise Robinson, co-curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition at Index will be accompanied by the following event:
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
6 pm: Lecture by Denise Robinson, on the work of Susan Hiller, (in English)


Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, in Cornelia, GA, September 25-26


Loudermilk Boarding House Museum, Director, Founder, Grounds Keeper
271 Foreacre St.
Cornelia, GA 30531-6359


Alyson Pou, FF Alumn, at South Street Seaport Museum, Manhattan, Mar 20-Apr. 19

Please Join Us
March 20–April 19
South Street Seaport Museum, Melville Gallery
213 Water Street NY, NY
A Slight Headache

A metaphysical drama of mother and daughter joined by their hair set in a 19th century Dime Museum.  A new piece written and performed by Alyson Pou, FF Alumn.


Robin Tewes, FF Alumn, on Time Warner cable, March 18, and more

"Arts and Us - Importance of Arts in Education"
March 18 - 1:00 PM on channel 35 of Time Warner and channel 83 of RCN in Queens March 23 - 6:00 PM on channel 35 of Time Warner and channel 83 of RCN inQueens
Host - Ruth League
Guests - Robin Tewes and Barbara Murray Presented by Innova Productions for QPTV Produced and Directed by - Nimi Kumar


Ron Athey, Julie Tolentino, FF Alumns, in London, England, April 12

Visions of Excess. London Easter Sunday 12th April. 9pm - 9am

Curated by Ron Athey & Lee Adams.

Hosted by David Hoyle and featuring live performances, installations, film screenings and DJs, Visions of Excess is a non-stop, 12 hour voyage into the heart of darkness, a communion with the ragged spirit of philosopher Georges Bataille.

Featuring live performances from an array of internationally renowned artists including Franko B, Julie Tolentino, Bruce LaBruce, Kembra Pfahler, Suka Off, Kira O'Reilly, Gio Black Peter, Ashley Ryder, Samantha Sweeting, Fiona McGregor, Veenus Vortex, Mouse, Lazlo Pearlman, Dominic Johnson and Nicole Blackman plus video screenings; including the UK premiere of Homoccult and other Esoterotica curated by Daniel McKernan & Richie Rennt, featuring films by Genesis P Orridge, Peter Christopherson, SUPERM and Terence Koh plus many more.

Step inside. Let your eyes adjust, we've got all night, so take your time...

“One of the most unmissable events of the year” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Easter Sunday 12th April 9pm - 9am
SHUNT Vaults, Joiner St.
London SE1 9RL
(enter from London Bridge Station)

Tickets: £25

Booking: http://www.sohotheatre.com 020 7478 0100


Presented as part of SPILL Festival of Performance


Ilona Granet, FF Alumn, at Armand Bartos Fine Arts, Manhattan, opening March 26

The opening for the show "Fight the Power!"
Armand Bartos Fine Arts
25 E. 73rd St.  4th floor
NYC, NY  10021
Opening: 6pm -8pm.on March 26
The show is officially open from March 27-April 25.


Shirin Neshat, FF Alumn, in Athens, Greece, Mar 18-May 31

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens

18/03/2009 - 31/05/2009

Curated by: Anna Kafetsi

National Museum of Contemporary Art
Building of the Athens Conservatory:
Vas. Georgiou Β 17 -19 and Rigillis street,
Athens (entrance from Rigillis street)
Tel: 210 92.42.111 – 3
Fax: 210 92.45.200


The National Museum of Contemporary Art presents the new monumental opus of the international Iranian- American artist Shirin Neshat, Women without Men, which begun in 2004 and was completed in 2008. Neshat's new work is based on a banned book from 1989 by the Iranian author Shahrnush Parsipur. The novel is set in 1953, the year when the democratically elected prime minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, vainly tried to avert a coup d'état mounted by American and British forces, whose task it was to reinstate the Shah as an absolute ruler in order to avoid the nationalisation of the country's oil resources.

It is composed of five video installations through which the artist narrates five parallel stories of women who come from different social classes and who, through different paths, meet in a garden in the town of Karaj. Common connective element of the five characters, the unmarried teacher Mahdokht, the young prostitute Zarin, the two unmarried friends Munis and Faezeh, and the middle-class Farokh Legha, is their struggle for freedom and survival in a regime of strict rules, prohibitions and guilt in relation to the social behavior and the personal self-determination of women. The narrative, as in Parsipur's novel, unfolds in an atmosphere of magic realism.

The first part of the cycle, tilted Mahdokht, was a commission by EMST and premiered at the large scale exhibition Transcultures held in the framework of the Cultural Olympiad in 2004.

Shirin Neshat was born in 1957 in Kazvin, Iran. In 1979, at the age of seventeen, she went to the US where she studied at the University of Berkeley, California. She exhibited her works for the first time during the early 90s in New York. During the years 1993-1997 she created the well-known series of photographs "Women of Allah". In 1996 she started using 16 mm and 35 mm film which she transferred to video, and three years later she started creating double-projection installations. In 1999 she received the First International Prize at the XLVIII Venice Biennale with the enthralling double projection installation Turbulent, followed by international participations in large scale international exhibitions and solo presentations in contemporary art museums.

National Museum of Contemporary Art
Building of the Athens Conservatory:
Vas. Georgiou Β 17 -19 and Rigillis street, Athens (entrance from Rigillis street)
Tel: 210 92.42.111 – 3, Fax: 210 92.45.200


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