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Contents for January 26, 2009

1. In Memoriam: Judith Hoffberg, FF Alumn

2. Howardena Pindell, FF Alumn, now online
3. Vito Acconci, FF Alumn, at argos, Brussels, thru April 11
4. Susan Bee, FF Alumn, at A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, Feb. 4-March 1
5. Naeem Mohaiemen, FF Alumn, at The New Museum, Manhattan, Jan. 30
6. Tom Leeser, FF Alumn, at Otis College of Art and Design, LA, thru Mar. 28
7. Suzanne Lacy, FF Alumn, events, early 2009
8. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at Monkey Town, Brooklyn, Jan. 31
9. G. H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, now online
10. James Siena, FF Alumn, at Dieu Donné, Manhattan
11. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, in Brooklyn, Feb. 14
12. John Jesurun, FF Alumn, at Dance Theater Workshop, Manhattan, Feb. 4-7
13. Gulsen Calik, FF Alumn, at Tompkins Square Library, Manhattan, Feb. 4-28
14. Jibz Cameron, FF Alumn, at La Mama, Manhattan, Feb. 5-8
15. Jenny Polak, FF Alumn, at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, thru Mar. 9
16. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, at The Whitney Musuem, Manhattan, opening Feb. 19
17. Cathy Weis, FF Alumn, at RPI, Troy, NY, Feb. 6-7
18. Josh Harris, FF Alumn, recipient of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize U.S.
Documentary, Sundance
19. Galinsky, FF Alumn, on Z100 Radio, NY, Jan. 29, and more


1. In Memoriam: Judith Hoffberg, FF Alumn

Judith Hoffberg (1934 - January 16, 2009) was a librarian, archivist,
lecturer, a curator and art writer, and editor and publisher of Umbrella, a
newsletter on artists' books, mail art, and Fluxus art. She received a B.A.
in Political Science from UCLA in 1956. She went on to get an M.A. in
Italian Language and Literature in 1960 and an M.L.S. from the UCLA School
of Library Service in June 1964.

She was a Special Intern at the Library of Congress after serving as a
cataloger in 1964-65 at the Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center in
Italy. At the Library of Congress, she was a cataloger in the Prints &
Photographs Division of the Library of Congress until 1967, when she served
as the Fine Arts Librarian at the University of Pennsylvania from 1967-1969.
She went on to UCSD from 1969 to 1971 as art, literature and language
bibliographer and to the Brand Library in Glendale, CA as Director from 1971
to 1973. From 1974 to 1976, she worked for the Smithsonian Institution as
Archivist and Editorial Assistant for the Bicentennial Bibliography of
American Arts.

In 1973, she co-founded Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS). She
served as the Society's first Chairman, editor of ARLIS/NA Newsletter from
1972 to 1977 and its Executive Secretary from 1974 to 1977.

In 1978, Hoffberg founded Umbrella Associates. Her work includes consulting
with archives and libraries. She edited and published Umbrella, a newsletter
about artists' books and publications. Hoffberg also lectured widely
throughout the US and abroad.

Judith Hoffberg passed away peacefully on January 16, 2009.

from Wikipedia.com


2. Howardena Pindell, FF Alumn, now online

Video of Howardena Pindell, FF Alumn, is now online at iCI's website:



3. Vito Acconci, FF Alumn, at argos, Brussels, thru April 11

Vito Acconci - Language Works: Video, Audio, Poetry / Karl Holmqvist - 'I'm
with you in Rockland'
argos - centre for art & media
Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier
1000 Brussels,
Phone: +32 2 229 0003
Fax:  +32 2 223 73 31


27 January - 11 April 2009

Saturday 24 January, 6pm - 9pm
Vito Acconci - Language Works: Video, Audio, Poetry

The work of Vito Acconci (b. 1940) treats in a critical, now and then even
playful, way aspects of identity politics - the 'self' as a social
construct; it is characterised by self-driven research into the relationship
between artist and viewer, into how individual and social space are related
to one another. The all-encompassing exhibition offers an insight into the
practice that this influential artist carried-out in the 1970s, this from
the viewpoint of the place that takes language as a catalysing impulse. That
is thereby the centre of gravity that shapes Acconci's conceptual,
performance-based videos and audio works, wherein he executes an intense
dialogue between his body and psyche, the 'I' and the 'you', the public and
private space, in the form of stream-of-consciousness monologues. This
historic, groundbreaking body of work, distinguished by an unusually
psychodramatic intensity, is supplemented in this exhibition by graphic
transcriptions of audio works and early poetry works. In these works the
physical materialisation of language is central, achieved through means of
syntactical experiments and typographical permutations. From the 1980s
onwards Acconci's practice shifted in the direction of sculptural
interventions and urban projects, progressing his interest in the human body
and its relationship to the public space. Connected therewith is a
surprising listening space that the artist was contracted to design for the

Vito Acconci - From Word to Action to Architecture
18 February 2009, 8.30pm

Starting out from the language-based works exhibited at Argos, Vito Acconci
is giving a talk on his work, from poetry through video and performance art
to architecture and design. It seems that the step from one medium to the
next is not such a big one - the focus is always on language and body in
relation to space.

Kaaistudios - Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Vaakstraat 81 Rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil,
1000 Brussels, Belgium


4. Susan Bee, FF Alumn, at A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, Feb. 4-March 1

Eye of the Storm: New Paintings
A.I.R. Gallery
111 Front Street, #228
Brooklyn, NY
February 4 to March 1, 2009
Reception: Thursday, February 5, 6-8 pm
Gallery hours: Wed. - Sun., 11 am to 6 pm. 
A.I.R. Gallery is located in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Directions: The F train to York St. (first stop in Brooklyn). Turn right as
you exit the station, walk 1 block down hill to Front St.
Turn left on Front St. and walk 2 1/2 blocks. The gallery is on 111 Front
Street, #228 (between Washington and Adams).
Or take the A/C train to High St. (first stop in Brooklyn) and walk through
Cadman Plaza Park and down Washington St. toward the water.

Please visit www.airgallery.org  or call (212) 255-6651 for further
information and directions.

On Sunday, March 1, 2009
at A.I.R. Gallery from 3-5 pm
there will be a tribute to Emma Bee Bernstein
and a book release for Belladonna Elders Series #4,
which Emma edited and which features an introduction by Johanna Drucker,
photographs and an essay by Emma, an interview with Marjorie Perloff,
and artwork, an essay, and an interview with Susan Bee.
More information: www.belladonnaseries.org.


5. Naeem Mohaiemen, FF Alumn, at The New Museum, Manhattan, Jan. 30

Fri, Jan 30, 2009
7:00 PM
New Museum theater
Naeem Mohaiemen: Young Man Was No Longer A...

Buy tickets now: $6 Members, $8 General Public

Naeem Mohaiemen will present excerpts from a project in progress that
investigates failed 1970s revolutionary movements. This event will be a
lecture where Mohaiemen presents his research tied to our present moment
through personal anecdote and historical commentary. Mohaiemen is a writer
and artist based in Dhaka and New York City, whose work has been shown
internationally at the UK House of Lords (Human Rights Commission
side-session), Berlin Transmediale, Finnish Museum of Photography, Dhaka
Gallery Chitrak, Dubai Third Line and Singapore Flying Circus. He also works
on activist projects around religious and ethnic minorities in Bangladesh,
particularly army-occupied Chittagong Hill Tracts. Portions of Young Man Was
No Longer A... is a Rhizome 2009 Commission.

New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY 10002


6. Tom Leeser, FF Alumn, at Otis College of Art and Design, LA, thru Mar. 28

Exhibition: The Future Imaginary

The Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design is pleased to
present the exhibition The Future Imaginary, opening January 24, 2009 with a
public reception for the artists from 4-6pm and on view through March 28,
2009. The exhibition features work by 11 artists responding to the new
interactive DVD novel The Imaginary 20th Century by Norman Klein, Margo
Bistis and Andreas Kratky. The exhibition is sponsored by OTIS Ben Maltz
Gallery and Public Programs, The Center for Integrated Media at California
Institute of the Arts,  The David Bermant Foundation and the Daniel Langlois
Foundation. Exhibition related programming includes a conversation with the
artists and curators on Sunday, January 25 at 4pm; Conversation with Tom
Leeser, Norman Klein and Margo Bistis on Sunday, February 8 at 4pm, and an
exhibition tour led by the curators on Saturday, March 28, 11am.

Exhibition Curators Tom Leeser, Director of the Center for Integrated Media
at California Institute of the Arts, and Meg Linton, Director of OTIS Ben
Maltz Gallery and Public Programs, worked in collaboration with Norman Klein
and Margo Bistis to create this dynamic, kinetic and provocative
interpretation of man's need to envision the future. The curators and
artists are engaging with the novel by assembling work in response to
Klein's interest in what he calls the "misremembering of the future."
Previews of the DVD novel were made accessible to the artists so they could
respond by creating a new work or submitting an existing work that engages
the premise.

Featured Artists

Deborah Aschheim www.deborahaschheim.com
Jeff Cain  http://www.artleak.org/civicmatters/bio_cain.html
Tom Jennings http://wps.com/
Jon Kessler http://www.jonkessler.com/
Ed Osborn  www.roving.net
Lea Rekow www.learekow.com/
Douglas Repetto  http://music.columbia.edu/~douglas/portfolio/index.shtml
Phil Ross  www.philross.org
Kari Rae Seekins web.mac.com/kari_r_s and Aaron Drake  www.aarondrake.org
Susan Simpson www.manualarchives.org/susan.htm

Event Schedule:
The Future Imaginary is on view: January 24 - March 28, 2009
Opening Reception for the artists: Saturday, January 24, 4-6pm
Conversation with curator, Tom Leeser and author Norman Klein and
cultural historian
        Margo Bistis: Sunday,February 8, 4pm
Exhibition tour with curators: Saturday, March 28, 11am

DVD-Rom/Novel: The Imaginary 20th Century
by Margo Bistis, Norman Klein, Andreas Kratky

The Imaginary 20th Century is a journey into comic and perverse phantoms,
very factual and at the same time, very fictional. It contains a double
story: the story of the century that opened at the Chicago World's Fair in
1893, and the story of a woman (Carrie), who in 1901, selects four men to
seduce her, each with his own version of the new century.

In Europe and America, between 1895 and 1926, there was not simply one
'imaginary 20th century.' There were many that repeated and overlapped in
seemingly endless nuance. The sum effect of these futuristic visions is
dazzling. Mentally, it is like traveling through phantoms of an imaginary
future fed by a single engine. In this project, that engine is a
historical science-fiction novel that operates as a gigantic interactive
database of 2,200 images with an original sound composition. The images
have been harvested from period illustration, cartoons, photographs, film,
ephemera, industrial design, architectural drawing, urban planning
schemes, science fiction, fantasy and utopian novels, and more. This
collaborative venture follows up on the award-winning interactive novel
Bleeding Through: Layers of Los Angeles, 1920-1986 (2003). Like Bleeding
Through, The Imaginary 20th Century is a new narrative form appropriate to
the digital age at the end of a consumer-driven century. It is being
released as a DVD-Rom with an accompanying book by Verso in Spring 2009.


7. Suzanne Lacy, FF Alumn, events, early 2009

The Performing Archives: Restricted Access by Suzanne Lacy and Leslie
now on view in re.act.feminism at the Akademie der Kunste, Berlin
December 13, 2008 - February 8, 2009

As part of the re.act.feminism - performance art of the 1960's & 70's today
exhibition, Lacy and Labowitz's installation consists of the artists'
extensive paper archive documenting their performance work of the 1970s and
80s. In addition, video projections, video installations and vitrines
display the results of young women artists' interactions with the archive.
On Saturday, January 24, Lacy will speak on "Performance Art in the Public
Sphere" in a conference and performance series taking place January 22-25,
2009 at the Akademie der Kunste.

Upcoming Exhibition: Your Donations Do Our Work, with Andrea Bowers
January 31-March 28, 2009
Sweeney Art Gallery, Riverside, CA
Opening: January 31, 7-10 pm
For more information: http://sweeney.ucr.edu/
On February 26, 2009 the newly formed caucus of the College Art Association,
Public Art Dialogue (PAD) will
present Suzanne Lacy: Recent Issues and Critical Concerns, a dialogue with
Lacy in celebration of her as recipient of
PAD's Award for Achievement in the Field of Public Art. The reception will
be held at the annual CAA conference in Los
Angeles, from 5:30-7 pm in Room 411, Level 2, LA Convention Center.

The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art acquired the original framed
drawings documenting the performance The Prostitution Notes, 1976, now
featured in the traveling exhibition WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution,
curated by Cornelia Butler. http://www.moca.org/wack/

For a complete archive of Suzanne's work, visit www.suzannelacy.com


8. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at Monkey Town, Brooklyn, Jan. 31

Saturday, January 31
Admission: $5, $10 minimum
Showtime: 10pm - LATE
Monkey Town is pleased to present Brooklyn Is Burning, an eclectic night of
video and performance by emerging and established artists. Due to its
success last year, curators Andres Bedoya and Sarvia Jasso have organized
another exciting program for Context Video featuring work that explores
gender, sexuality and the body. Whether they are defying normative
categories, exploring the unconventional, or simply arousing your curiosity,
these artists are radically changing our notions of sex today.
'Anagram' by Tobaron Waxman has been adapted for the 4-walled Monkeytown
space, and includes a new sound collaboration with composer Moritz Wettstein
using voice and electronics.


9. G. H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, now online


Plazaville : Evolution Stage 1 -

Seven new episodes of Plazaville are available on the Turbulence Web site

A fresh crop of young actors are premiering on the web in this series.They
are George Spaeth as Lemme Caution, Bryant Mason as Henry Dickson, Patrick
Porter as the Chief Engineer, Kate Kertez Playing Seductress # 2 and a
Labcoated Technician, Scott Curtis as Professor Eckle, Kelly Howe as another
labcoated technician and Raphaele Shirley as a technician and a driver.
Don't miss Juan Cardenas as the Hotel Clerk in the episode Sleazy Hotel.
Christina McPhee has created special ambient works that counterpoint the
high punk drama 
pursued by G.H. Hovagimyan and the actors.   Coming in the next 
couple of weeks a fantastic portrayal of Natasha Von Braun by the acclaimed
actress Lanna Joffrey and Thomas Hutchison as the cold Dr. 
Von Braun.

Plazaville is a new media video artwork, it is based on the classic
1965 movie Alphaville by Jean Luc Godard. It is set in 21st century New York
City.  The scenes from the original Alphaville are being re- enacted,
interpreted and improvised upon by the artists, actors and videographers.
The piece uses the internet as one means of distributing the short video
clips. This is somewhat like a serialized program but is not in any order.
Viewers can download new scenes as they become available on the Turbulence
website as well as iTunes and youTube. The videos can be viewed on
computers,  iPhones and large screen HD televisions (using AppleTV). The
final presentation of the work is a video projection/ installation work at
Pace Digital Gallery scheduled for April 2009 http://csis.pace.edu/
digitalgallery/.  The installation will not be a standard video loop but
will use a computer as a video server. Each of the scenes will be put into a
video playlist that is set to random select. The video will be assembled on
the fly breaking the traditional notion of linear narrative.  The piece is a
truly hypertextual/ hypermedia artwork that has an affinity with the
meandering narrative that is a key device of graphic novels.  The viewer
entering the installation will assemble the story in their mind and

This work involves a loose collaborative of Artists in New York called
Artists Meeting.  The members are participating in the work as actors,
camera-persons, set designers etc. G.H. Hovagimyan is the director and
Christina McPhee has added her superb camera work and improvisational
narratives to several performance set-ups. Indeed, this work extends the
notion of video-performance by using the idea 
of a movie shoot as vehicle for ephemeral performance art.  
Hovagimyan has also enlisted the help of several talented young actors to
play the key roles and Raphaele Shirley, one of the New York Fringe Festival
originators has thrown her production experience into the mix as a
location/project manager and sometimes actress.

Plazaville is a 2009 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., (aka
Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible with funding
from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Additional Support for Plazaville is made possible by Lower Manhattan
Cultural Council's Swing Space program, which was created with lead support
from the September 11th Fund. Project space is donated by The Sapir

You may access the current scenes of Alphaville via computer at:

RSS feed via web browser -- http://transition.turbulence.org/Works/

Computer via internet --

iTunes --
log onto the iTunes store and search for Plazaville Series

YouTube -

G.H. Hovagimyan


10. James Siena, FF Alumn, at Dieu Donné, Manhattan

James Siena
Two new editions in handmade paper
Dieu Donné is pleased to announce two new editions by James Siena, Floppy
Combs and When I Was Ten. Produced in collaboration with artistic director
Paul Wong, these works take Siena's linear systems to another dimension. The
artist's use of cast handmade paper pushes Siena's graphic work into new
territory through its unpredictability and eccentric nuances.
Both editions feature imagery that the artist has explored earlier in his
life and career. Floppy Combs, derived from a motif that first appeared in
1983, has been explored most recently in drawings and as a wood engraving.
When I Was Ten dates back to a drawing creating during Siena's childhood.
Now lost, the drawing featured perpendicular, rounded, and continuous
shapes. The young artist recalls saying to himself: "I'm going to do this
again when I grow up."
In order to bring these drawings to life in paper, Siena scribed his two
images in clay slabs, from which a rubber mold was made. Black cotton pulp
was cast into the molds by hand, and attached to a backing sheet of
high-shrinkage fiber (white linen rag pulp for Floppy Combs and a persimmon
colored abaca sheet for When I Was Ten). The pieces were dried slowly to
enhance the shrinkage and buckling of the sheets as the two different fibers
pulled against each other.
For more information, please contact Gallery Manager Angela Bohnenkamp at
abohnenkamp@dieudonne.org or at (212) 226-0573 x 210. Gallery hours are
Monday-Friday from 10-6, Saturday from 12-6, and by appointment.


11. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, in Brooklyn, Feb. 14

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dancing with the Queen of Hearts:
Falling in Love with Our True Self
with Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman

A ritual exploration/celebration of Self: -definition, -permission,
-acceptance, -affection and -esteem.
Embrace, exalt and enjoy. Please be really red!
$40. If prepaid
$50. At the door

Mama Donna's Tea Garden & Healing Haven
Park Slope, Exotic Brooklyn, NY
For info: 718-857-1343


12. John Jesurun, FF Alumn, at Dance Theater Workshop, Manhattan, Feb. 4-7

John Jesurun's Firefall At Dtw  -February 4-7 At 7:30
Post Show Talk With Juliette Mapp On Feb. 4
 Tickets $26,Discount $15- 212-924-0077 Dancetheaterworkshop.Org
 Dance Theater Workshop-219 West 19th St. Nyc
With: Alex Anfanger,Rachel Bell,Claire Buckingham,Stephanie Austin
Green,Kyle Griffiths,Ray Roy,Chris Wendelken,Ben Forster
Lighting- Jeff Nash,Tech Design- Ray Roy


13. Gulsen Calik, FF Alumn, at Tompkins Square Library, Manhattan, Feb. 4-28

"studio visit"
an installation by gülsen calik
february 4 - 28, 2009
opening reception:
february 11, 2009, wednesday 5 - 7 pm
gallery hours: tuesday through saturday, 1 - 5 pm
tompkins square library art gallery (east village)
331 east 10th street (between ave. a & b)
new york city 10009
information:  917 670 - 6877

"I'm transplanting the contents of my Harlem studio to the Tompkins Square
Library Art Gallery, reflecting the chaos that gives shape to ideas..."


14. Jibz Cameron, FF Alumn, at La Mama, Manhattan, Feb. 5-8

in the roll of "Agent Steph"
a hard boiled greasy butch fed who gets a b.j. in the first scene!
(she also is the local tough softball coach)

74A East 4th St. NY

thursday 2/5 10PM (episodes 9 and 10)
friday 2/6 10PM   (episode 11 - the finale!)
saturday 2/7 10PM (episodes 9 and 10)
sunday 2/8 5:30  (episode 11 - the finale!)

the previous episodes are also great! with celebrity guest stars including
Wallace Shawn!
get your tickets now!


Feb 12 and 13 (jibz' birthday!)  at 8PM
Dynasty Handbag on a split bill
w/ Beth Lisick and Tara Jepsen
at the new improved Dixon Place! 


15. Jenny Polak, FF Alumn, at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, thru
Mar. 9

I'm happy to announce my solo show is now on view at Rutgers University,
details below.  It brings together earlier work with work done specially for
this gallery. If you're in the New Brunswick area, I hope you can see the

"The Culture of Rights/The Rights of Culture: Jenny Polak"
January 20 to March 9, 2009
Mabel Smith Douglass Library Galleries

8 Chapel Dr., New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Gallery Hours: M-Th; 8:30 am - 7pm; Friday 8:30 am - 4pm; weekends by appt.
Artist talk in the gallery: Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Web Site:
Contact:     Nicole Ianuzelli
Email:     nik12a@rci.rutgers.edu
Phone:     (732) 932-3726 ext. 17

Link to driving directions:
OR by train to New Brunswick (New Jersey Transit from Penn Station towards
Trenton) takes about 50 mins, then cab or University Shuttle.

Please contact me if you'd like more info.
Jenny Polak
917 803 3187


16. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, at The Whitney Musuem, Manhattan, opening Feb. 19

Agnes Denes's work is featured in the Whitney Museum's upcoming show "Sites"
opening February 19th.

Agnes Denes's retrospective: "Art for the Third Millennium-Creating A New
World View" has finished it's extended showing at the Ludwig Museum in
Budapest, and she received the the Ambassador's Award for Cultural Diplomacy
for strengthening the friendship between the US and the Republic of Hungary
through Excellence in Contemporary Art.


17. Cathy Weis, FF Alumn, at RPI, Troy, NY, Feb. 6-7

Hello everybody,
Come on up to Troy, New York. I'm here now and will be presenting two new
works at EMPAC's stunning theater on February 6 & 7. I would love for you to
be here.
Cathy Weis

Cathy Weis: New Works + Electric Haiku: Calm As Custard

In Cathy Weis' work, performers partner with technology to negotiate the
boundaries between the recorded and live, the electronic and human, and real
and imagined experience in surprising, whimsical and moving ways. Called by
The Village Voice "a pioneer at fusing dance and video," Weis creates
multidimensional environments that stretch the audience's perceptions of
space and dismantle habits of vision.

The two newest works by the Guggenheim Fellow and Bessie Award-winning
artist, entitled "The Sea Around Us or A Muse, Me Pisces" and "The Bottom
Fell out of the Tub" were commissioned by EMPAC and supported with a
two-week artist residency.

"The Sea Around Us or A Muse, Me Pisces" blends pre-recorded underwater
footage with live performance into a dreamscape of radically shifting scale.
Performer Scott Heron is in a tug-o-war battle of the Great and Small,
proportions and power.

"The Bottom Fell Out of The Tub" exists in the intersection of dimensions:
where the 2-D image interrupts 3-D space. Jennifer Monson maneuvers a
rolling screen that bends shadow, light and the projected image of the live
video. The merging and reemerging of these dimensions create moments of
surprising disorientation and revelation.

The final half of the evening is an excerpt from "Electric Haiku: Calm as
Custard", the 2005 installment in Cathy Weis' "Electric Haiku" series. When
the original series premiered in 2002, it was selected by The New York Times
as one of the top 10 dance events of the year. Imbued with Weis'
characteristic inventiveness and wit, this excerpt presents four haiku from
Calm as Custard and asks the question: "When technology and the human body
become partners, who leads?" Like the poetic form for which the work is
named, the vignettes are as rich as they are brief, full of unexpected
juxtapositions, sudden transformations, and downright delight.

Curator: Hélène Lesterlin

Tickets are REQUIRED for this event

Cathy Weis:
As a teenager, Cathy Weis performed as a soloist with the Lousiville Ballet.
She went on to study dance at Bennington College, dance as a member of a
touring bluegrass band and was a featured tap dancer with a group of San
Francisco street musicians. She later turned from dance to other artistic
pursuits - stained glass, video. Moving to NYC in 1983, she began video
documentation of dance and performance artists in the "downtown" milieu, and
captured rare performances of countless influential artists.  Over 13 years,
Weis produced a unique archival record of performances from an eclectic and
proscribed period in the history of NYC art-making. In 1994, Cathy Weis
began presenting her signature blend of live performance and video with what
Tobi Tobias has called, her "ingenuous homemade aesthetic that allows room
for both funk and fairy tale".  The Village Voice calls Cathy Weis "a
pioneer at fusing dance and video" and "one of the most innovative dance and
video artists we've got." Cathy Weis received a Guggenheim Fellowship in
2002.  She lives and works in NYC.


18. Josh Harris, FF Alumn, recipient of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize U.S.
Documentary, Sundance

The Sundance grand jury prize for U.S. documentary went to "We Live in
Public," focusing on little-known Internet pioneer Josh Harris, FF Alumn,
and his failed "lifecasting" art projects in 1999 and 2000. The film was
directed by Ondi Timoner, whose "Dig!" won the same award in 2004. Timoner
dedicated the honor to Harris, calling him "the first subject I've ever had
that said I don't care how you portray me as long as you make a great film."


19. Galinsky, FF Alumn, on Z100 Radio, NY, Jan. 29, and more

Z100 Radio Appearance - Robert Galinsky is on the radio this Thursday,
8:30am (January 29th) Z100fm Elvis Duran Show-


FOXNews Digital Appearance - Galinsky hosts the online TV show "How To Be A
Reality TV Star", Friday January 30th, 5-6pm, on FOXNews "Strategy Room",
log on and watch at http://www.foxnews.com/strategyroom email in at


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