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Contents for January 12, 2009

1. Shelly Mars, FF Fundwinner 2008, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, Jan. 17
2. Danielle Abrams, FF Alumn, at City Winery, Manhattan, Jan. 14
3. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, at Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, thru March 15

4. elin o'Hara slavick, FF Alumn, at Golden Belt, Durham, NC, opening Jan.16
5. Judith Ren-Lay, FF Alum, website launch
6. Mary Lum, FF Alumn, at Frederieke Taylor, Manhattan, opening Jan. 15
7. Jane Dickson, FF Alumn, at Marlborough Chelsea, Manhattan, opening Jan 15
8. Paul Henry Ramirez, FF Alumn, at Eastern Illinois Univ., opening Jan. 15,
and more
9. Paul H-O, FF Alumn, current news
10. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, in Washington, D.C., Jan. 19, and more
11. Erica Van Horn, FF Alumn, in Alberta, Canada, January
12. Mary Beth Edelson, Michael Smith, FF Alumns, at Alexander Gray
Associates, Manhattan, opening Jan. 15
13. Dark Bob, FF Alumn, now on youtube
14. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, at National Arts Club, Manhattan, Jan. 26
15. David Medalla, FF Alumn, at Museum Man, Berlin, thru Jan 21
16. Erika Yeomans, FF Alumn, at Galapagos, Brooklyn, Feb. 4
17. James Casebere, FF Alumn, at 92nd St. Y, Manhattan, Jan. 22
18. William Wegman, FF Alumn, in Duesseldorf, Germany, thru Feb. 21
19. John Fleck, FF Alumn, on FX Channel, Jan 13
20. Kate Gilmore, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, Jan. 8
21. Beverly Naidus, FF Alumn, publishes new book, Arts for Change
22. Ex.Pgirl, FF Alumns, at HERE, Manhattan, thru Feb. 4
23. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, at WAH, Brooklyn, opening Jan. 17
24. John Jesurun, FF Alumn, at Dance Theater Workshop, Manhattan, Feb. 4-7
25. Glenn Branca, FF Alumn, receives Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant
to Artist 2009
26. Jack Waters, Peter Cramer, FF Alumns, at Leslie/Lohman Gay Art
Foundation, Manhattan, Jan. 13


1. Shelly Mars, FF Fundwinner 2008, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, Jan. 17

Sat, Jan 17 at 8:00pm, $15, $12
After years of field study at jungle reserves in Manhattan and Congo, Dr.
Ghislaine Pussait presents her latest discoveries linking bonobo apes and
homosexuals in The Homo Bonobo Project. By SHELLY MARS.
PLUS Character specialist SUSAN JEREMY, shares an excerpt from her brand new
comedy; Brazil Nut: a gay immigration story, co-written by MARY FULHAM
Dixon Place
258 Bowery, 2nd Floor
New York NY 10012


2. Danielle Abrams, FF Alumn, at City Winery, Manhattan, Jan. 14

Danielle Abrams performs at the Oyhoo Festival and 3rd annual Schmooze
Conference, January 14, 2009,11:45 am-12:45 pm, City Winery, 155 Varick
NYC, NY 10013, $275 for admission to Conference (January 13-14)


Danielle Abrams performs at the University of Michigan, School of Art &
Design, January 10, 2009, 8-10 pm, free admission, Duderstadt Video Studio,
2281 Bonisteel Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094


3. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, at Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, thru March 15

Hello Folks,
I hope 2009 is starting out right for you.
Here is some info on a current group I am in this year.
All the best for 2009,
Franc Palaia

Announcing the Exhibition "Traveling Light". A group show of illuminated
works that include neon, holograms, light boxes, projections, illumination,
mixed media  and other works that incorporate light and/or movement.

artists include:

curated by Kim Koga

The exhibition is on view until  3/15/09
Museum of Neon Art
136 W. 4th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013


4. Susan Mogul, FF Alumn, at Lincoln Center, Jan. 24-26

Susan Mogul's DRIVING MEN (2008, 68 min.) will screen at the
New York Jewish Film Festival at Lincoln Center in New York City on Jan. 24
& Jan. 26.

This is the New York premiere. Susan Mogul will be in attendance at both
Susan Mogul's phone is 323 666-7311.
Trailer of DRIVING MEN is on the home page of her website

Press can also contact The Jewish Museum
Anne Scher at ascher@thejm.org or 212-423-271


5. Judith Ren-Lay, FF Alum, website launch

Judith Ren-Lay launches her first website - actually a 30 year portrait,
covering all aspects of her DancerPerformerPoetVocalArtist career.


Best of luck for all in 2009!


6. Mary Lum, FF Alumn, at Frederieke Taylor, Manhattan, opening Jan. 15

Mary Lum, FF Alumn
solo exhibition
Frederieke Taylor Gallery
535 W. 22nd St  6th Floor
New York, NY
January 16th to February 21st
opening: January 16th 6-8PM


7. Jane Dickson, FF Alumn, at Marlborough Chelsea, Manhattan, opening Jan 15

Marlborough Chelsea Gallery invites you to the opening of
NIGHT DRIVING new paintings by Jane Dickson
Thursday January 15 2009


8. Paul Henry Ramirez, FF Alumn, at Eastern Illinois Univ., opening Jan. 15,
and more

I would like to inform you on behalf of Paul Henry Ramirez of his upcoming
shows and news.

His exhibition "Spin" will be on view at the Tarble Arts Center at Eastern
Illinois University, Charleston, IL from January 15 - February 22, 2009
There will be a catalog for the show with an essay written by Saul Ostrow.
The essay is attached as a word doc and again as text below for inclusion in
'Goings on'.

In addition, Ramirez's work is currently featured with full color
illustrations in the following fine art catalogs:

"Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria: 25 Years"


"NASA/ART: 50 Years of Exploration"

Thank you,
Shane McAdams
Assistant Director

539 West 23 Street
New York, NY 10011
T. 212.727.8304
F. 212.727.8360

Modernism with a Wink and a Poke

With the Spin Paintings, which consists of seven sets of three silk-screened
images each that have been mounted on turntables, Paul Henry Ramirez extends
his practice of recuperating abstract painting as a vehicle to address
social and aesthetic issues. Adding modularity, and reproducibility, as well
as by referencing the kinetic art of the 50s and 60s, he now uses his
practice of creating sexually implicit abstract imagery to explore the
implications of repetition, variation, indeterminacy, and choice. By making
it possible for the audience to rotate the painting the viewer is given the
opportunity to find the internal logics, tensions, and interactions that
order the multiple parts of each configuration that Ramirez constructs. This
in turn permits them to experience the compositional relationships that
would have been negated if Ramirez had made this determination. Secreted in
the this inclusion of the audience in the decision-making process, the
installation of Spin reaffirms Duchamp's dictum that the viewer is the
artist's collaborator in that their interaction and interpretation completes
the artist's work.

Despite the seriousness of his undertaking, Ramirez approaches his
objectives with a sense of humor, for he is not only aware that abstract art
can be covert, but that it also has a repressed libido awaiting to be
aroused.   He uses this knowledge to imbue the flat colors, uninflected
surfaces, and platonic geometric relationships that reflect the idealism
once thought to be the quintessential expression of Modernism's search for
the spiritual and the essential with titillating sexual innuendos and
allusions. The results occupy the gap between the rarified realm of
formalist principles and historical references, and the commonplace world of
popular culture and social relations.

Ramirez develops his imagery by repurposing historical models. The bold and
emblematic geometric compositions of the Spin Painting and the CHUNK
paintings (2007) employ deStijl and Russian Constructivism principles. The
difference lies in the fact that Ramirez's configures his circles and bars
to form suggestive images transforming the geometric and biomorphic
vocabularies of formalism into texts that signify whimsical narratives of
inter-dependence and inter-action. Unlike the fantasies conjured up by his
earlier works, which used as their source material the sexuality encrypted
in the biomorphic forms of Joan Miro, and the early works of Mark Rothko,
and Arshile Gorky, the Spin paintings are less jocular and more
sophisticated in their style and composition.

Though Ramirez's imagery may make us chuckle, snicker, or blush, his intent
is not to parody the seriousness or ambitiousness of high modernisms'
attempt to reveal the truth that lies behind appearances. Instead, the dirty
jokes that result from Ramirez's simple modifications of the syntax and form
of geometric abstraction, actually turn the formalist language of
abstraction back onto itself, inverting the un-representable otherness that
it originally was meant to express into something worldly. With in this
strategy, we find echoes of Duchamp inscribing onto a reproduction of the
Mona Lisa the letters L.H.O.O.Q, which when pronounced in French is the
colloquialism "she is hot in the ass (or has a hot ass).

 Subsequently, the resulting assemblage of historical references, and the
implicit political, and social texts concerning sexuality not only are meant
to undermine or transgress the transcendental ideals of the modernist
models, but also reposition formalism and abstraction by making visible
their ability to comment on and to be relevant to contemporary life. As if
this were not enough - the addition of the audience's participation makes
explicit that abstract paintings are not merely a pictorial encoding of
formal or idealistic values, but are complex things that if armed with a
wink and a poke can again position their viewer as active participants in
the real world.

Saul Ostrow
November, 2008
Cleveland, Ohio


9. Paul H-O, FF Alumn, current news

Filmlike Films, Paul H-O & the Vixen Sam would like to wish you a very Happy
New Year.  We hope you know how much we appreciate your blessings upon us in
'08, and in some cases, scorn.  We can't stop talking about Guest of Cindy
Sherman because (a), we really like our own movie, (b), we want as many
people on earth to see our movie as possible, and (c), we are completely

GoCS has been included in several "best of" lists in the film critic
wrap-ups.  Here's a link to an IFC Film News article by Aaron Hillis (who
earlier in the year called the film "shambolic" in a Village Voice review).
2009. We're heading to Sweden for good weather and ample sunshine at the
Goteborg  Film Festival (SWE) . After that, we're off to Missoula, Montana
for the Big Sky Film Festival, and then to Sabastapol, California for the
Sebastapol Film Festival.
Where we've been, and where we are going: 
2008 Tribeca Film Festival (Premiere) (US)
2008 Provincetown International Film Festival (US)
2008 Rhode Island International Film Festival (US)
2008 Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival (US)
2008 Woodstock International Film Festival US)
2008 Mill Valley International Film Festival (US)
2008 Cucalorus Film Festival (US)
2008 Starz Denver International Film Festival (US)
2008 St. Louis International Film Festival (US)
2008 Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque Special Screening (US)
2008 Berks Movie Madness Film Festival (US)
2008 Ojai Film Festival (US)
2008 Dallas Video Festival (US)
2008 Strasbourg International Film Festival (FRA)
2008 International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (GER)
2008 Corona Cork Film Festival (IRE)
2008 Bergen International Film Festival (US)
2008 Santa Fe Film Festival (US)
2009 Goteborg International Film Festival (SWE)
2009 Big Sky Film Festival (US)
2009 Sebastapol Film Festival (US)
Best Wishes, Peace & Good Luck,
H-O & GoCS


10. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, in Washington, D.C., Jan. 19, and more

Dear Friends,

Hallelujah! We made it through eight years of filth!

And now after all the dirty politics, dirty deals, and dirty wars our
government needs a deep cleaning!


with Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman, Kate Clinton, Comedienne extraordinaire
& Friends



Dupont Circle at the fountain
Washington, DC

Please bring smudge stick, lighter wands
and drums and/or bells.

And please let us know you will be there.



These ceremonial circles offer us the understanding, affirmation,
encouragement, and support that we all need in order to empower ourselves to
succeed in obtaining our goals and to sustain our spiritual perspective in
the process.

6 Mondays beginning January 26
January 26, February 9, 16, 23, March 2, 9

Mama Donna's Tea Garden, Park Slope, Brooklyn
Info: 718-857-1343 or www.donnahenes.net



A Spirit Support Skills Workshop With Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman
Learn how to protect yourself against the predators and parasites who
steal away your personal power and resolve. Multi-cultural amulets and
charms for protection and purification will be available for sale.

January 31
Saturday, 1-5PM
$40. If prepaid
$50. At the door

Mama Donna's Tea Garden, Park Slope, Brooklyn
Info: 718-857-1343 or www.donnahenes.net


11. Erica Van Horn, FF Alumn, in Alberta, Canada, January

Here Now or Nowhere is an exhibition of temporary public artworks presented
throughout downtown Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, during the month of
January 2009. The exhibition is designed to animate and engage the city
through the presentation of a number of free events, objects and
experiences. Based on the structure of last year's exhibition - entitled
Artery - which focused on video projections in various storefronts, this
year's iteration has been expanded to include an interactive audio work, a
series of newspaper projects in the Herald-Tribune every Friday, a free
comic book, and for 3 nights only, a special installation in which a
residential house glows with the light of 50 televisions. Here Now or
Nowhere is curated by Micah Lexier for The Prairie Art Gallery. For more
information, a full list or artists and images of all the work please visit


12. Mary Beth Edelson, Michael Smith, FF Alumns, at Alexander Gray
Associates, Manhattan, opening Jan. 15

Propose: Works on Paper from the 1970s
Luis Camnitzer, Mary Beth Edelson, Louise Fishman, Nancy Grossman
Fred Sandback, Michael Smith, Jack Whitten, William T. Wiley
January 15 - February 14, 2009

Alexander Gray Associates is pleased to present a group exhibition, Propose:
Works on Paper from the 1970s. The show includes drawings and works on paper
by gallery artists Luis Camnitzer and Jack Whitten, as well as works by Mary
Beth Edelson, Louise Fishman, Nancy Grossman, Fred Sandback, Michael Smith,
and William T. Wiley.

The works in the exhibition represent a range of approaches to drawing,
including abstraction, appropriation, gesture, figuration, collage, and
text. Together, these artists offer a glimpse of drawing's potential to make
cultural, social, or political proposals, through diverse formal processes.

Luis Camnitzer is a celebrated pioneer of Latin American Conceptual art;
included in the exhibition are text-based drawings that explore the
representational possibilities of language. In her collages, Mary Beth
Edelson incorporates images of female icons, expanding ideas of Feminist
motives and legacies. Using material to express the essence of shifting
forms found in the natural world, Louise Fishman's abstractions delight with
restrained fluidity. Nancy Grossman's illustrations of her signature mask
sculptures question ideas of power and sexuality, control and gender. Fred
Sandback's studies for installations explore the spatial possibilities of
line, defining architecture through reduction and geometry. In narrative
drawings, Michael Smith pokes fun at everyday activities and objects from
the artist's life, highlighting the banal and humorous qualities of his
performance based work. Eclipsing ideas of gesture and embracing the notion
of "processed" abstraction, Jack Whitten experiments with industrial
materials including Xerox toner and acrylic slips. William T. Wiley's
obsessive graffiti-like gestures celebrate craft and illustration, implying
metaphysical and cosmological transcendence in an invented landscape.

Alexander Gray Associates is a contemporary art gallery and advising firm
based in New York. Our exhibition program focuses on mid-career visual
artists who emerged in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Through consulting and
collection advising, we provide expertise for our individual and corporate
clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide a direct experience with Modern and
contemporary art that encourages discourse around art's role in the
advancement of culture. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Alexander Gray Associates
526 W 26 St #1019
New York NY 10001
212 399 2636



13. Dark Bob, FF Alumn, now on youtube

"The Dark Bob and longtime collaborator, poet Jack Skelley, teamed up with
their old buddy DJ Bonebrake (drummer for LA punk band X no less!) to record
this fun, happy, SHORT holiday song wishing you a HA HA HA HA HAPPY NEW



14. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, at National Arts Club, Manhattan, Jan. 26

You are cordially invited to a reading & book signing by the authors in the
new book: GASTROPOLIS: FOOD AND NEW YORK CITY, edited by Annie Hauck-Lawson
and Jonathan Deutsch, Columbia University Press. 

Monday, January 26th, 2009
8:00 P.M.
National Arts Club

15 Gramercy Park South
(at 20th Street, between Park and Irving Place, on the SouthWest corner of
Gramercy Park)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 674-8824

This event takes place in a treasure of New York City, the National Arts
Club in Gramercy Park, founded 1898.  This is the event to bring your folks
to.  The arena is lovely, with room and refreshments to relax.  Several of
us will be there reading, books will be available to buy, and we're happy to
relax and chat, and sign books.

I'll be reading from my chapter "Cosa Mangia Oggi" on my food journeys in
Bronx Italia, as a youth, in a family with kitchen drama and table opera.

See you there!

Annie Lanzillotto

watch my recent work "Fritattagoraphobia" on YouTube. 


forse sogniamo quasi abbastanza....perhaps we dream nearly enough




15. David Medalla, FF Alumn, at Museum Man, Berlin, thru Jan 21


David Medalla, FF alum, is exhibiting a new series of paintings inspired by
his current sojourn in Berlin. Collectively entitled "Winterlichter in
Berlin" ("Winterlights in Berlin"), the series started with a painting by
Medalla of an impromptu event by Adam Nankervis lighting a candle inside an
old Turkish glass and iron lamp which Adam bought at the ´flohmarkt ´(flea
market) at Mauerstrasse in East Berlin just before last Christmas.
         Other art works in the new series include a painting of David
Medalla, standing on the sunlit snowscape, bringing to Museum Man a copy of
the Biennale of Sydney catalogue of 2008, edited by the curator Carolyn
Christov-Bakariev, being welcomed to Kastanienallee no. 72 by Adam Nankervis
and Mona Wehr; a painting of David Medalla and Adam Nankervis outside Museum
Man, lighting sparklers to welcome the New Year ; and a painting of Adam and
David listening to Hanuman reading from the book "A Critique of of Pure
Reason" by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Different aspects of light
in winter in the snow-covered German capital feature in all these beautiful
paintings. In all of them the particular is transformed by the artist into
the cosmic and the sublime.
         In the past David Medalla was an artist-in-residence in Berlin as
part of the DAAD kunstler programm.  Medalla gave a memorable solo show,
"Art Lifts Berlin", curated by Frederick Meschede and introduced by Guy
Brett, at the DAAD Galerie above the Cafe Einstein on Kurfurtenstrasse in
1998. David Medalla shared an exhibition in 2006 at the Kunstpunkt Berlin
galerie for aktuelle Kunst, with the late American artist and cultural
impressario Willoughby Sharp (David Medalla´s friend from 1963), and the
German artist Reinhart Buettner.
        In 2005 David Medalla participated in the Berliner Kunstsalon, in
the section organised by Museum Man, whose founder and director, the
Australian artist Adam Nankervis, curated the current "Winterlichter in
Berlin" exhibition of Medalla´s new paintings inside the original home of
Museum Man at Kastanienallee no. 72, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. Medalla plans
to continue the series with a set of paintings which he will do when he
visits New York in spring this year (2009), after attending the
Transcultural Exchange art forum being organised by Mary Sherman in Boston.
Museum Man plans to make tapestries of Medalla´s paintings in the future. 
        Members of Berlin´s lively art world attended the opening of David
Medalla´s latest exhibition at Museum Man, last Saturday, January 10, 2009.
Several London Biennale artists who are currently living and working in
Berlin also came to the private view,  including  composer Marianthi
Papalenxandri from Thessaloniki, Greece;  sculptor Thomas Nicolai from
Erfurt, Germany; artist and curator Shaheen Merali from London; painter
Sebastiaan Schlicker from the Netherlands; and video artist Shanghai Subir,
who is a native Berliner. "Winterlichter in Berlin" will be at Museum Man
until January 21, 2009. Photos of the exhibition can be seen in the website:


16. Erika Yeomans, FF Alumn, at Galapagos, Brooklyn, Feb. 4

An entertaining night of films & videos: Erika Yeomans, Ilya Chaiken, Andrea
Staka & Meredith Drum.
Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 8 pm Tickets $10.00
Tel: 718.222.8500 |16 main street | brooklyn

Featuring: Juliana Francis-Kelly, Holly Ramos, Kristin DiSpaltro,Casey
Spooner, Michael Abbott Jr, Jenny Bass, Cosmo Pfeil, Mot Filipowski, Ben
Greenman, Tom Gorman, Julie Strong, Vesna Stanojevic and Nebojsa

Erika Yeomans pairs a night of her films with some of her favorite female
directors. The program showcases engaging experimental narratives and
compelling, edgy narrative work.

Program Line up & Running time approx 88 minutes
Erika Yeomans
Chubby Buddy (Home Movie, Super 8, 13 minutes 2003). Meet Francis Howard,
who gives up a career and a marriage to act upon some peculiar impulses.

Boo (Horror, HD, 4 minutes 2008). A suspenseful Halloween tale about a young
man who gets roped in by a cat lady.

Grand Gorge: No God But Me (Melodrama/Western HD, 12 minutes 2008). A
Pastiche of western clichés; where white men seek redemption and revenge in
a cyclical fashion.

Fragments of Death Comes for Britney Spears! the Musical (Musical, HD, 8
mins, 2008). Based on McSweeney & New Yorker contributor Ben Greenman's
"ripped from the tabloid headline"  newsicals.

Bunny Boy (Music Video, Beta, 5 mins, 1995). A woman becomes a glittered man
to the tune of 10-CC's I'm not in Love.

Meredith Drum
The Double (DV, 9 minutes 2008) is a quest story. The searcher is traveling
through an undefined area, between city and wilderness, the landscape of the

Andrea Staka
Hotel Belgrade (35mm 13 min,1998) A couple makes love in a hotel. She lives
in Switzerland, he in Belgrade. What has been destroyed by war will be
resurrected in this hotel room.

Daleko (9 minutes, 2000). A young Yugoslavian woman trying to cope with her
new Americanlife as bombs destroy her former homeland.

Ilya Chaiken
The 100 Lovers of Jesus Reynolds, 6 mins, 2004
A glimpse into the sexual misadventures of a woman named Jesus, as she
reminisces about her many encounters and the day she almost missed the Coney
Island Mermaid Parade.

Blackout, 8 minutes, 2004. Two strangers wake up in bed together on the
morning after the Big Blackout of 2003. Through the sporadic flashes of
memory that infiltrate their hangovers, they manage to piece together the
events of the historic previous day.


17. James Casebere, FF Alumn, at 92nd St. Y, Manhattan, Jan. 22

James Casebere
Lecture at the 92nd Street Y

New York City
Thursday, January 22

Artists' Visions: James Casebere
Robert Storr, moderator

Sean Kelly Gallery is pleased to announce that James Casebere is
participating in the 92nd Street Y's Artists' Visions lecture series on
Thursday, January 22, 2009. The Artists' Vision program is moderated by
Robert Storr; each program begins with visuals and commentary by the artist.

James Casebere's pioneering work has established him at the forefront of
artists working with constructed photography. For the last thirty years,
Casebere has devised increasingly complex models that are subsequently
photographed in his studio. Based on architectural, art historical and
cinematic sources, his table-sized constructions are made of simple
materials, pared down to essential forms. Casebere's abandoned spaces are
hauntingly evocative and oftentimes suggestive of prior events, encouraging
the viewer to reconstitute a narrative or symbolic reading of his work. His
work has been widely exhibited and is in the collections of such notable
institutions as the Whitney Museum, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and
the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Robert Storr is Dean of the Yale University School of Art. Storr is
consulting Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum
of Art and was Director of the 2007 Venice Biennale. A highly respected
educator and author, he has written monographs on Chuck Close, Philip
Guston, Elizabeth Murray, Philip Pearlstein and Gerhard Richter, among

The 92nd Street Y is located at 1395 Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street, New
York, NY 10128. Tickets for the lecture are $27.00 ($17.00 with College Art
Association Membership or Teacher with ID). To purchase tickets please visit
the 92nd Street Y website at www.92y.org.


18. William Wegman, FF Alumn, in Duesseldorf, Germany, thru Feb. 21

'Dogs on Rocks - in the Woods - at the Seaside'
Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer
Mutter-Ey-Strasse 5
D- 40213 Duesseldorf, Germany
Phone: +49 - (0)211- 329140
Fax:  +49- (0)211- 329147
Contact: Udo Bugdahn


Gallery hours: Tu-Fr 12 noon - 6 pm, Sa 12 noon - 4 pm


Following our exhibitions of photo pieces and Polaroids by William Wegman
(*1943) in the years 1995, 1997 and 2004, and of drawings in 2007, Galerie
Bugdahn und Kaimer now presents a series of new coloured photographic works
by this American, New York-based conceptual artist who is equally at home in
the media of painting, drawing, video, film and photography.

The photographs shown in the exhibition 'Dogs on Rocks - in the Woods - at
the Seaside' are Chromogenic prints, 14 x 11 inches / 35.5 x 28 cm, made in
an edition of twelve. Most were taken on Baker's Island, on Wellington Dock
in Southwest Harbor, and in a few other places nearby on the Maine coast
during late July and August. They span a period of ten years and include six
dogs from four generations: Chundo, Batty, Chip, Bobbin, Candy and Penny.

A hardbound Artist's Book, William Wegman: Dogs On Rocks, is just out, with
136 pages and 86 colour plates, and is available at the exhibition.

Wegman's name is linked inseparably with his photographs of Weimaraner dogs.
He first became known for cryptically ironic photographic and video works
(with and without dogs); but in the 1970s he attained world renown when he
discovered the talents of his first Weimaraner dog, Man Ray, as a gifted
model and an ideal interpreter of human idiosyncrasies. As Wegman recalls,
some dogs dislike being stared at; but Man Ray insisted on it.

In 1979, the Polaroid Corporation invited the artist to work with a newly
developed camera, the now legendary Polaroid 24 x 20 Inches (60 x 50 cm).
Sceptical at first, Wegman familiarised himself with the enormous instrument
that looked like a cross between a refrigerator and a cello, as he put it,
and soon found himself enthusing over the unusual picture scale. The outcome
was a remarkable oeuvre of singularly sharp, large-scale photographs, each a
unique piece, as only this Polaroid camera - one of only three in existence
worldwide - can produce.

In 1981, Man Ray died. Only in 1986 was he succeeded by Fay Ray, a born dog
diva with no less flair. Fay opened the door to altogether new motifs. She
could move gracefully, assume different positions and poses, arch her neck,
turn her head round, cross her legs. She liked to impress him, Wegman says.
Meanwhile the fifth generation of her offspring pose in front of the camera.

William Wegman is a master in his handling of the photographic medium,
versed in generating from the interplay with his dogs one new, startling
pictorial idea after the other, sublime in quality and originality. Many of
his photographs have the air of paintings and recall subtle still life
compositions and film sequences. Apart from which his Weimaraners remain
unsurpassed in beauty, expressive power and elegance.

Photographs by Wegman can be seen in exhibitions in museums and
international galleries the world over and have entered all the larger
collections. Numerous retrospectives have been devoted to his work, touring
the U.S. to stop at many venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art
in New York, and beyond, in Japan, Korea and Europe.

Besides film segments regularly featured since 1989 in Sesame Street, Wegman
has also made films and videos for such programmes as Saturday Night Live
and Nickelodeon. His film, The Hardly Boys in Hardly Gold, was shown to
great acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival.

Today William Wegman and his Weimaraners are amongst the most popular
figures on the international art and media scene.

The Private View is on Saturday, January 10, from 1 - 5 pm. Exhibition to
February 21, 2009.

Gallery open Tuesday - Friday 12 noon - 6 pm, Saturday 12 noon - 4 pm; and
by appointment.


19. John Fleck, FF Alumn, on FX Channel, Jan 13

Yo - If you're channel surfing on Tuesday, the 13th of January - I play a
fun character on Nip Tuck (FX channel - 10 pm pacific coast time) .. Cheers
x j


20. Kate Gilmore, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, Jan. 8

KATE GILMORE at Smith-Stewart, 53 Stanton Street, near Forsyth Street, Lower
East Side, Through Jan. 18
The New York Times, January 8, 2009

Kate Gilmore has ideas of her own about site-specific video installation and
sexual stereotypes. Entering her New York solo debut requires stepping
through large holes in two closely set temporary walls. You can pause
between them and watch Ms. Gilmore in the video "Walk This Way" as she kicks
and claws her way through the very wall you are about to step through. She
wears a demure dark-gray dress with heels. The silk flower in her hair
matches the magenta of one of the walls.

Ms. Gilmore makes a point of dressing like a lady, color-coordination
included, in all her short, methodical videos. Then she goes against type,
parodying the task-oriented, implicitly macho Process Art pieces and
performances of the early 1970s. Richard Serra in an ironworker's mask and
gloves throwing molten lead comes to mind, and like him, she rarely shows
her face.

In "Between a Hard Place," another video, she wears a black dress and gloves
as she bashes through five gray walls to reach one that's pale yellow, a
color cued to and by her matching yellow heels. In "Down the House" she
climbs onto an unstable stack of old furniture and white plaster blocks
strung with pink plastic police ribbon and proceeds to smash them to
smithereens with a sledgehammer. Her hair ribbon is pink, of course.

"Higher Horse" affirms the traditional division of labor. Ms. Gilmore
maintains her balance atop a precarious pile of plaster blocks while two men
wielding sledgehammers reduce her pedestal to rubble.

There is a focused, thought-through quality to Ms. Gilmore's exercises in
destruction; this gives them clarity, despite the noise and mounting chaos.
They reprise early-1970s feminism and Post-Minimalism with an unexpected
addition of formalist satire in her use of color, as well as in the
punctured monochromes and the flattened pedestals.

Somehow it is not surprising to learn that Ms. Gilmore studied at the School
of Visual Arts with Jackie Winsor, who made her name in the early 1970s with
strapping, tough-minded sculptures, even as Mr. Serra did. ROBERTA SMITH


21. Beverly Naidus, FF Alumn, publishes new book, Arts for Change

New Village Press to publish Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame by
Beverly Naidus, FF Alumn
Arts for Change overturns conventional arts pedagogy with an activist's
passion for creating art that matters

Oakland, CA (January 12, 2009) - New Village Press  announces its
forthcoming title, Arts for Change, by Beverly Naidus, a provocative,
personal look at the motivations and challenges of teaching socially engaged
arts. The author offers candid examination of her own university teaching
career, weaves in broader social and historical perspectives, and opens
readers' minds to other points of view, including those collected from
contemporaries in her field.
Arts for Change intersperses scholarly concerns with intimate, image-rich
metaphor in a free-spirited, non-academic prose. The author answers vital
questions that students and educators have long been asking: How can
polarized groups work together to solve social and environmental problems?
How can art be used to raise consciousness?
Using her personal experiences in the classroom as a template, Naidus guides
the reader through a progression of steps to help students observe the world
around them and craft artistic responses to what they see. Arts for Change
also features interviews with over 30 artist/educators with diverse opinions
and strategies for successfully engaging students in what, to them, is most
Illustrated with 48 visuals and photographs of student, faculty and
community works, Arts for Change is both inspirational and instructional. It
is sure to stimulate new thinking among arts faculty, arts students, and
activists of all kinds, as well as anyone who has an inkling of the role the
arts can play in responding to critical issues of the day.
Bevery Naidus' warm and serious pedagogic memoir should ring bells with
educators everywhere. I have long admired her commitment to an alternative
path in teaching art and social justice without contradictions. Her personal
and political odyssey, and the thumbnail portraits of her artist
colleagues/mentors, offer an illuminating glimpse beyond the academic
- Lucy R. Lippard, art critic, activist, curator, author
 The Lure of the Local: Senses of Place in a Multicentered Society
Intended Audience
College-level educators and graduate students in arts education, arts and
social change theory, best practices in community-based arts, and history of
community arts courses. Faculty and students of critical arts theory and
feminist art. Social activists.
About Beverly Naidus
Beverly Naidus, artist, activist, educator, and writer, has had her work
exhibited internationally in venues including the Institute of Contemporary
Art in London, the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City, the
Brooklyn Museum, and the Armand Hammer Museum at UCLA. She is the author of
two artist's books: One Size Does Not Fit All and What Kinda Name is That,
and has authored several essays on activist art pedagogy. She is currently
co-creating a program at University of Washington, Tacoma on Arts in
Community, with a focus on arts for social change within the
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program. She lives on Vashon Island, WA
with her husband and son.
About New Village Press
New Village Press is a nonprofit publisher specializing in works about
grassroots community building, urban ecology, and community cultural
development. Since 2005, the press has been publishing progressive
non-fiction that offers useful solutions to social, environmental and
economic challenges.

Title: Arts for Change
Subtitle: Teaching Outside the Frame
Author: Beverly Naidus
ISBN: 978-0-9815593-0-8
Publisher: New Village Press
Distributor: Consortium
Pages: 256
Binding: Trade Paperback
Trim: 6.0 x 9.0 x 0.56
Illustration: 48 B/W Photographs
Release: February 20, 2009[SD1]
Pub Date: April 2009
Price: $14.95


22. Ex.Pgirl, FF Alumns, at HERE, Manhattan, thru Feb. 4

Paris Syndrome - Ex.Pgirl/Bertie Ferdman and Suzi Takahashi
Based on a strange psychological phenomenon afflicting some thirty-something
Japanese women when visiting Paris, Paris Syndrome explores issues of
culture shock, identity, competition, and dreams, through the experience of
three "French" and three "Japanese" women who come to New York to pursue a
dream. Interweaving movement, interviews, games, and humor, Paris Syndrome
asks the question, "Why did you come to New York?" and examines our
collective sanity as New Yorkers, while reminding us why we are still here.

Conceived, written, and directed by: Bertie Ferdman and Suzi Takahashi

in collaboration with the ensemble:
Aimee Graham
Kiyoko Kashiwagi
Soomi Kim

Set Design: Peter Ksander
Video Design: Austin Switser
Lighting Design: Lucrecia Briceno
Sound Design: Katie Down
Original Composition: LaBulo

Stage Manager: Leta Tremblay


Generous support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs,
NYSCA, as well as an LMCC Swing Space grant.

Culturemart runs: Jan 3 - Feb 4
All tix $15.
HERE Art Center
145 6th Ave (between Spring and Broome, entrance on Dominick)


23. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, at WAH, Brooklyn, opening Jan. 17


I'll be showing 2 of what I call my "Docu Collages" at the WAH's annual
salon show. These are collages made entirely of documentation photos of my
own paintings, objects, and installations. Join me this Saturday at the
opening - the WAH is always a trip! Plus, I'd love to see you.


"Fresh Start" 10th Annual WAH Salon Members Show
OPENING Saturday, January 17, 4-6pm

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway (corner of Bedford Ave)


24. John Jesurun, FF Alumn, at Dance Theater Workshop, Manhattan, Feb. 4-7

John Jesurun Firefall
February 4 - 7
Jesurun challenges perception through an intense integration of language,
media and space. Firefall, written, directed and designed by Jesurun,
confronts the intersection between harmony, uncertainty and belief.
Performers interact within a governing website structure that is
antithetical to an agreed upon script. Unintentional "drama" materializes as
they resist being absorbed by their own growing multi-dimensionality.
Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY
www.dancetheaterworkshop.org, http://johnjesurun.googlepages.com


25. Glenn Branca, FF Alumn, receives Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant
to Artist 2009

Foundation for Contemporary Arts is pleased to announce the recipients of
its 2009 Grants to Artists program. Twelve unrestricted grants of $25,000
each, a total of $300,000, are to be awarded to artists in the United States
and abroad.

Selected by the Directors of the Foundation and noted members of the arts
community from confidential nominations submitted by prominent artists and
arts professionals, the 2009 recipients are:

Foofwa d'Imobilité, Geneva, Switzerland
Maria Hassabi, New York, NY

Mick Barr, New York, NY
Glenn Branca, New York, NY

Theater/Performance Art
Elevator Repair Service, Brooklyn, NY
Ruth Maleczech, New York, NY

John Godfrey, New York, NY
David Meltzer, Oakland, CA

Visual Arts
Klara Liden, Berlin, Germany
Paul Etienne Lincoln, New York, NY
Gedi Sibony, Brooklyn, NY
Guido van der Werve, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In addition, FCA is pleased to release our Calendar of Grantee Events for
Winter/Spring 2009.  See what FCA Grantees are up to in New York, across the
country and around the world.  We invite you to view our full Calendar on
our website: www.foundationforcontemporaryarts.org/news.html


26. Jack Waters, Peter Cramer, FF Alumns, at Leslie/Lohman Gay Art
Foundation, Manhattan, Jan. 13

Jack Waters and Peter Cramer and many others have contributed Art and

Small Works for Big Change is tomorrow, Tuesday 1/13!!! Come on out to
Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation at 26 Wooster St (between Canal & Grand)
right by the A/C/E or N/Q/R/W Canal St stops.

The event starts at 6:30 and you don't want to miss the 7:30 runway show
featuring divas working fashions made from SRLP t-shirts OR the 9pm deadline
for silent bidding on incredible pieces by over 50 artists! Minimum bids
range from $10-$1,000 plus extra cheap art including 50+ hand-printed SRLP
posters and some extra-gay gingerbread cookies.

PS - can't make it? You can pre-bid on art until 5pm today! check out
www.srlp.org/bigchange for more details


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