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Contents for December 1, 2008

1. Carol Sun, FF Alumn, at Longwood,The Bronx, thru Jan. 17, 2009
2. Lynn Book, FF Alumn, launches new website, www.lynnbook.com
3. Tadashi Kawamata, FF Alumn, in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, thru Dec. 31
4. Brody Condon, FF Alumn, at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA, thru April 2, 2009
5. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, at Barbes, Brooklyn, Dec. 8
6. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, European tour 2008
7. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, in Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 13 and 15
8. Helene Aylon, FF Alumn, at Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, CA, thru Dec. 14
9. Betty Tompkins, FF Alumn, in Basel, thru Jan. 17, 2009
10. Coleen Fitzgibbon at LA FilmForum, CA, Dec. 12-14
11. Erica Van Horn, FF Alumn, in Japan, thru Dec. 3
12. Rae C. Wright, FF Alumn, at CUNY Grad Center and The Ohio Theatre, November
13. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, in Time Out, Chicago, and more
14. Istvan Kantor, FF Alumn, now online http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=7RGEvv8e4uQ
15. James Johnson, FF Alumn, updates website and more
16. Ron Athey, FF Alumn, in Spain, November 2008
17. Dyke Action Machine, FF Alumns, new booklet now at Printed Matter
18. Glenda Hydler, FF Alumn, at City College, Manhattan, Nov. 3-7
19. Wayne Hodge, Jessica Ann Peavy, FF Alumns, at Smack Mellon, thru Jan 4, 2009
20. Betty Beaumont, FF Alumn, at New Arts Program, PA, thru Dec. 6
21. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany, Dec. 5-6
22. Arleen Schloss, FF Alumn, at The New Museum, Manhattan, Dec. 11


1. Carol Sun, FF Alumn, at Longwood,The Bronx, thru Jan. 17, 2009

Evolving: Stories of Survival and Resistance opens at Longwood on December 3rd

The Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos, the contemporary art center of the Bronx Council on the Arts, is proud to present Evolving: Stories of Survival and Resistance, an exhibition including works by some of the 2007 and 2008 recipients of the Digital Matrix Commissions Program. 

Opening reception for Evolving: Stories of Survival and Resistance is Wednesday, December 3rd from 5:00 to 9:00pm at Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos, in conjunction with the Bronx Culture Trolley.  The show on view thru January 17, 2009 includes drawings, media works by Kenseth Armstead, Michael Paul Britto, Melanie Crean, Carol Sun, Ivan Velez and dan k. williams.  The show is the visual component to web-interactive projects commissioned in 2007 and 2008; to view the completed projects please visit our website www.longwoodarts.org where all projects will be on view on Monday, December 1, 2008. 

Commissioned artists created web-based interactive projects dealing with issues of survival and resistance, explored in the forms of stories and history or narrative.  The stories depicted by the artists include survival and struggle instead of lack of resources, social injustice and racism.  Armstead includes drawings and a movie trailer for “The Spook™” project, the only available source to collect and provide information on James Lafayette Armistead a slave/double agent for America’s 1st Director of Central Intelligence (George Washington) in the American Revolution.  Michael Paul Britto’s video and drawings explore race and stereotypes using toys and plastic figures.  In addition Britto also includes two videos that include life in the urban setting, the passing of time, the wait.  Melanie Crean’s video includes stories by women that are HIV + Created for Chiros, a web-based project where the women speak about how their perception of time and relationship to memory, have changed since becoming positive. The women often express both an urgency related to chronological time, and occasional welcomed interruptions by chiros, a perceived suspension of time during happy moments. Carol Sun’s project on view on our website www.longwoodarts.org is titled A Bronx Trilogy.  Carol’s project includes three videos where we have the opportunity to see how art has changed the lives of 3 of her former students from the Bronx High School for Visual Arts.  Ivan Velez includes a selection of the drawings used to on his web project The Planet Bronx, inspired in cartoon and comic books aesthetic, Mr. Velez creates characters that mirrors our isolation, differences and oppressions. 

Digital Matrix Commissions provides artists who have a strong background and working practice in digital art with the opportunity to create and develop new web-based commissions.  Using their technical expertise and artistic skills, they have potential and vision to create innovation online and/or interactive projects. Annually there is an open call for submissions for project proposals.  An independent panel comprised of professional artists, curators and Longwood staff, selects from a diverse pool of applicants four artists to receive an honorarium and have up to nine months to complete their projects.  This digital initiative will aim to serve as catalyst for making the growing field of creative digital media an accessible resource to Bronx audiences. Past recipients of Digital Matrix Commissions include Manuel Acevedo, Monica Bravo, Gaye Chan, eteam, Mariam Ghani, Prema Murthy, Jenny Polak, and Mary Walling Blackburn

Longwood Arts Project, the contemporary art center of the Bronx Council on the Arts, initiated Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos as its new exhibitions program in cooperation with Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture and administers the Digital Matrix Commissions Program. Longwood is funded in part, by National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts’ Visual Arts Program, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Program, Krasdale Foods, Bronx Borough President Aldolfo Carrión and the Bronx Delegation of the City Council of New York and BCA Members. Longwood is a member of the National Association of Artists Organizations, the National Alliance of Media Arts and Culture, and Media Channel.


2. Lynn Book, FF Alumn, launches new website, www.lynnbook.com

my new site is up and running: www.lynnbook.com – thanks for logging on.


3. Tadashi Kawamata, FF Alumn, in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, thru Dec. 31

Mad. Sq. Art 2008
Tadashi Kawamata
Tree Huts

On view until December 31

Check out the Tree Huts blog for daily updates and images.

For nearly three decades, the career of Japanese-born artist Tadashi Kawamata has been, in a word, transformative. His public installations, also known as “displacements,” transform the spaces they occupy, as whole environments are turned inside-out. Under Kawamata’s direction, complex and chaotic architectural growths of raw lumber, found objects and construction scraps bloom around existing aspects of the urban landscape. Playing upon the dialectic of construction and destruction that characterizes the life cycle of public space, Kawamata’s artistic practice is finely attuned to a site’s history, use, and physical characteristics. His building style is organic and improvisational, with little predetermined. Beginning with his acclaimed installation at the 1982 Venice Biennale, Kawamata has developed a site-specific, thoroughly engaged and unique synthesis of fine art, architecture, and sociological experiment. The result has been transformative—not only of countless public environments, but of the very concept of contemporary public art.

Tree huts in particular are an emerging focus of Kawamata’s work; a crystallization of Kawamata’s interest in the architecture of shelter and of the insertion of private objects into public spaces as a method of renegotiating the meaning of both. Tadashi Kawamata: Tree Huts will mark the artist’s first exploration of this theme on a North American site following tree hut exhibitions at Art Basel 2007, in Trondheim, Norway, as part of the Generator 2007 program and at Galerie Kamel Mennour in Paris, 2008. In keeping with Kawamata’s emphasis on a unique creative process, the artist-in-residency program will invite visitors to witness, explore and interpret the evolution of the first Mad. Sq. Art project to be entirely fabricated in situ, and Kawamata’s first public installation in New York City since his landmark Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital project in 1992.

About Tadashi Kawamata
Tadashi Kawamata was born in 1953 on the Japanese island of Hokaido. Since the early 1980s, his ambitious, site-specific sculptural installations have won him worldwide acclaim as one of the preeminent artists of the past two decades. Combining the disciplines of sculpture, installation art and architecture with socio-historic and geographical research, Kawamata has made an international reputation by fashioning humble materials and found objects such as untreated lumber, chairs, barrels and construction scraps into poetic and transformative interventions into public space. His “Project on Roosevelt Island” (1992), in which Kawamata surrounded the island’s derelict Smallpox Hospital building with a massive and complex web of simple wood scaffolding, remains one of the most well known and highly regarded solo public art works in New York City’s history.

Kawamata’s work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions, both in Japan and abroad, most notably at the Venice Biennale (1982), Documenta VIII (1987), the Saõ Paulo International Biennale (1987), Documenta XI (1992), the Contemporary Art Biennale in Lyon (1993), Exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, Geneva (1995), Munster Skulptor Projekt (1997), the Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpetrière (1997), the eleventh Sydney Biennale (1998), the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial (2000), the fourth Shanghai Biennale (2002), the Busan Biennale (2002), and the Valencia Biennial (2003).

Mad. Sq. Art

Mad. Sq. Art is the free gallery without walls presented by the Madison Square Park Conservancy in the historic 6.2-acre park located in Midtown Manhattan at 5th Avenue and 23rd Street.

In 2008, Mad. Sq. Art has presented Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied and Richard Deacon (currently on view until August 25). Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Pulse Park exhibition will open October 2. Major support for Mad. Sq. Art is provided by Founding Partners Agnes Gund and Anonymous. Additional support is provided by the Jill & Peter Kraus, Leucadia Foundation, and Henry Luce Foundation. Support for this project is provided by the Asian American Foundation, the Japan Foundation and the Toby D. Lewis Trust. This project is supported in part with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Madison Square Park Conservancy
The Madison Square Park Conservancy, a public/private partnership with New York City Parks & Recreation, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping historic Madison Square Park bright, beautiful and active.


4. Brody Condon, FF Alumn, at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA, thru April 2, 2009

Please check this out: PREDRIVE: After Technology on cover of RHIZOME.ORG TODAY ONLY (then archived on the site).

"From Bell Labs to Best Buy: Takeshi Murata and Jacob Ciocci in Conversation with 'PREDRIVE: After Technology' Curator Melissa


"PREDRIVE: After Technology" (currently on exhibition at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA November 14-April 2, 2009) features new works by six international artists including Takeshi Murata, Paper Rad, Gretchen Skogerson, Antoine Catala, and Brody Condon.


5. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, at Barbes, Brooklyn, Dec. 8

Ladies, Gentlemen, and None of the Above

The Famous Accordion Orchestra (formerly the Accordion Angels)

Bob Goldberg
Carl Riehl
Genevieve Leloup
Mark Nathanson

Will be appearing
Monday December 8 at 7:00pm
at Barbes

376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn
347 422 0248

Last chance in 2008 to catch their first ever appearance under their exciting new name.

Many things are possible, but you'll only find out if you're there!


6. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, European tour 2008

I have some upcoming shows and talks!
kal europe 2008

Copenhagen Nov. 27-Dec.2  http://copenhagendreamhouse.com/
Vienna Dec. 2-7     http://www.roboexotica.com/en/main.htm
Berlin Dec. 8-16, exhibit Fri. 12   http://super.tacheles.de/cms/
Zagreb December 15-22   http://www.kontejner.org/touchme/index_en.html
Rome Dec.22-27, workin on it~

If you know anyone I should look up or invite to a show OR anywhere to go, do tell!

Thanks to Jon Foote for technical support!

AND, well......I know how lucky I am, i grew up in Iowa, my family never once talked about art, or going to Berlin or Rome. We teeter on a financial apocalypse, what do i care? I have always lived on that edge, i am fine with eating rice 'n beans, having no health care and a thrilled to eat a piece of salmon. I care that the poor will suffer more. I do know that every single show is a gift, and ones overseas are extra special gifts I feel a need to pay back, by doing better and caring more.

And, an "election" happened. I am hopeful. But, really we need to steer them now, more than ever. There are powers that want all to stay the same, and they work to keep it so http://www.trilateral.org/

heres some of what I am bringing:

Kal Spelletich

Seemen mailing list


7. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, in Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 13 and 15

The world-known San Francisco-based performance [r]evolutionary
Frank Moore will do 2 live L. A. shows in December!

The Molten Core
backed up by
Saturday, Dec. 13th, 2008
At Echo Curio
1519 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park, CA 90026
A five buck donation is asked to support the space and artists.

Words Playing with Your Body
Backed up by
Monday, Dec 15th, 2008
Talking Stick
1411c Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90291
This is a Free, All Ages show.
9PM Poetry by Frank Moore
8PM Jeffrey Randall Snyder
7PM Tim O'Gara


Frank Moore’s website: www.eroplay.com
Email: fmoore@eroplay.com

”His stamina is unrelenting, and the music goes on and on. I am repelled but stuck: I can’t turn away.” San Francisco Weekly, 2001

"Best of the Bay Area!" S.F Bay Guardian

“....San Francisco’s legendary Frank Moore...(is among)...the best and most influential artists in the discipline...He's wonderful and hilarious and knows exactly what it's all about and has earned my undying respect. What he's doing is impossible, and he knows it. That's good art...." L.A. Weekly

Resisting "the easy and superficial descriptions..., Moore's work challenges the consensus view more strongly in ways less acceptable than...angry tirades and bitter attacks on consumer culture." Chicago New City

"Surely wonderful and mind-goosing experience." L.A. Reader

"In performance, Moore takes advantage of his disadvantage, becoming an unlikely guide into the pleasures of the body, taking audiences where they would probably never go without the example of his vulnerability and trust... That Moore should be the one urging us to stay connected to our physical selves is both ironic and poetic..."  The Village Voice


8. Helene Aylon, FF Alumn, at Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, CA, thru Dec. 14

Helene Aylon at an informal gathering in the multicultural show at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

Helene Aylon will be present at 3 PM on Sunday December 7 at an informal gathering at the multicultural, four artist show, Homage and Remembrance: The Past is Present at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, 351 Broadway Sonoma, California 95476. For info: (707) 939 7862
The show remains on view until December 14.


9. Betty Tompkins, FF Alumn, in Basel, thru Jan. 17, 2009

New Jerseyy
Hüningerstrasse 18
CH-4056 Basel
Thu 6-10 pm
Fri 6-10 pm
Sat 3-7 pm

November 26, 2008-January 17, 2009
Opening: November 26, 6 pm
The Line is a Lonely Hunter
Drawings in New Jerseyy

John Armleder
Justin Beal
Kaspar Berner
Hansruedi Bitterli
Samuli Blatter
Kim Seob Boninsegni
Vittorio Brodmann
Simon Burgunder
James Lee Byars
Nathan Carter
Christian Egger
Franziska Furter
Markus Gadient
Madge Gill
Tobias Gobt
Julia Gorostidi
Thomas Heimann
Martin Heldstab
Kim Hiorthøy
Remo Hobi
Christian Hofer
Hanspeter Hofmann
Hermann Hofmann
Yngve Holen
Joos Hutter
Adrian Kaeser
Tobias Kaspar
Martin Kippenberger
Emil Michael Klein
Balthazar Lovay
Constantin Luser
Elene Naveriani
Walter Niggli
Tobias Madison
Guy Meldem
Emilie Meldem
Barbara Maria Meyer
Claudia und Julia Müller
Kaspar Müller
Markus Müller
Elene Naveriani
Hermann Nitsch
Samuel Nyholm
Nick Oberthaler
Edith Oderbolz
Fabian Peña
Mai-Thu Perret
Pamela Rosenkranz
Emanuel Rossetti
Kilian Rüthemann
Thomas Sauter
Manuel Scheiwiler
Frode Felipe Schjelderup
Markus Schwander
Rebecca Senn
Melano Sokhadze
Albert Solbach
Emily Sundblad
Yves Sutter
Betty Tompkins
John Tremblay
Andro Wekua
Hannah Weinberger
Pedro Wirz
Adolf Wölfli
Michel Würthle
Michael Zimmermann

Supported by Nordtangente-Kunsttangente. Thanks to Andrea Caratsch,
Zürich; Erika und Otto Friedrich, Basel


10. Coleen Fitzgibbon at LA FilmForum, CA, Dec. 12-14

I will be presenting my early film work at LA FilmForum this weekend.
Feel free to pass on to anyone you know that maybe interested in the LA area....
Read more here: http://lafilmforum.wordpress.com/ Best, Coleen

Between 1973 and 1976 Coleen Fitzgibbon made some of the most rigorous abstract films to date. This program revisits some of these early 16mm films from an artist who is perhaps best known as one of the co-founders of the alternative arts collective Colab.

Films to be screened: Found Film Flashes (1973), FM/TRCS (1974), Internal Systems (1975), and Restoring appearances to order in 12 minutes (1975).

Coleen Fitzgibbon was active as an experimental film artist under the pseudonym "Colen Fitzgibbon" between the years 1973-1980. A student of Owen Land (aka "George Landow"), Stan Brakhage, and Michael Snow, Fitzgibbon screened her work at numerous international film festivals and museums, including EXPRMNTL 5 at Knokke-Heist in Belgium, Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Anthology Film Archives, Collective For Living Cinema, and Millennium Film Workshop in New York.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Coleen Fitzgibbon.


11. Erica Van Horn, FF Alumn, in Japan, thru Dec. 3

Erica Van Horn and Simon Cutts have made two exhibitions in
Japan now:
at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music Museum
Through 3 December


12. Rae C. Wright, FF Alumn, at CUNY Grad Center and The Ohio Theatre, November

Rae C Wright
plays two roles in the trio of newly translated plays by emerging Caribbean playwrights done by three NYC directors and an ensemble of NYC actors doing four days of intensive reherseal/workshops   - as part of the Caribbean/NYC Playwrights Exchange -- produced by Soho Think Tank, Ecritures Theatrales Contemporaines, and the CUNY Grad Center: The Lost Child, Shellieanglais, and Heartless Souls, directed by Samuel Buggeln,  Robert Lyons, and Lydia Fort.

November 24  The CUNY Graduate Center Excerpts of the three plays followed by a discussion about 6:30 PM  International/World Series contemporary Caribbean Theatre. Panel will be moderated by365 Fifth Ave, NYC 10016  translator Philippa Wehle, with Stephanie Berard of the  University of Virginia, Danielle Vende of ETC, STT Artistic  Director Robert Lyons and the playwrights.

November 25     The Ohio Theatre   An evening of readings, refreshments, and discussion.
7:00 PM          6th Floor Series Full readings all three plays, followed by an informal talkback.
64 Wooster St, NYC 10012                RSVP
Both events free to the public. More information: www.sohothinktank.org


13. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, in Time Out, Chicago, and more

TIM MILLER "Charged Bodies" Project LINKS HALL- NOV 21-22  Chicago- TIME OUT Feature Story

Hi All!

Check out this big TIME OUT feature on my CHARGED BODIES project!
Charged Bodies has been an amazing four month long National Performance Network Community Fund project sponsored by Links Hall where I had the honor to mentor  these three truly  fierce emerging queer Chicago-based performers.  Awilda, Rebecca and Sentell were chosen by an independent panel to take part in this mentorship program and working with them has been one of the most satisfying projects I have ever been part of.  "Emerging" doesn't even begin to do them justice though. These three artists are exploding into their creativity and command our attention as they claim charged new spaces of LGBT experience. We will be hearing much more from each of these artists in the next years. Links Hall is truly to be commended for creating this opportunity.

Since July we have undertaken an exciting and charged exploration into creating original performance work from our lives, dreams, obsessions, peeves, memories and desires. The courage each of these three artists has shown as they take on the complex spaces of family, sexuality and gender can inspire all of us to keep digging deep into our own lives and their meanings. Indeed,  there are so many ways that they also mentored me by the courage of their creativity, intelligence and heart.
Tim Miller

Time Out Chicago / Issue 195 : Nov 20–26, 2008
Miller time
Three young artists get coached by performance-art guru Tim Miller.

By Jason A. Heidemann

NAKED TRUTH Miller coaches Harper, Kling and Rodriguez Lora (pictured below).

Tim Miller is a talker. We’re not just referring to the fact that the legendary solo performer, writer and teacher is the kind of guy journalists love because he can speak intelligently and effusively on any number of topics. Miller also communicates with his body. That’s why the man behind emotionally charged LGBT solo performance works such as My Queer Body, Usand 1001 Beds was tapped for a new mentoring program in Chicago.
Miller, 50, hails from Los Angeles, where he lives with his partner of nearly 15 years, writer Alistair McCartney. Miller’s one-man shows are emotional, abrasive, pointed and often political examinations of the queer experience conveyed through his words and (sometimes naked) body. They’re so provocative that, in 1990, Miller became one of several artists famously referred to as the “NEA Four” when the National Endowment for the Arts yanked their funding. His tours have included frequent lectures on the university circuit as well as extended workshops in which he both trains intensively and performs with fellow artists.
Last year, at a gathering in New Orleans for the National Performance Network, a think-tank funding agency for performance artists, Miller ran into CJ Mitchell, who runs Links Hall, a performing-arts venue in Lakeview. The two came up with the idea of Miller spending a week in Chicago in July to train a group of 17 artists and then continuing with three of them in a four-month mentorship capacity. “The [NPN] has these small grants to gather energies and do an extended period of community-based work,” Miller says. “It seemed like a really good match.”
The result, Charged Bodies, culminates in a preview of the three mentees’ new works this weekend. Chosen by an independent panel, Sentell Harper, Rebecca Kling and Awilda Rodriguez Lora trained with Miller in person in July and October, on an ongoing basis via telephone, and by submitting videos of their work t o Miller via YouTube.
For Kling, 24, an Evanston native and Northwestern graduate who identifies as trans, performance art helps negotiate the transitioning process. “It’s been a struggle to figure out how to put myself on stage physically in terms of the nitty-gritty,” Kling says. “Where do I want to move my body, what am I wearing, and how am I expressing myself visually? It’s been great having Tim as a sounding board.” Of Kling’s “amazing” exploration of the MTF experience, Miller says, “It’s an incredibly hot-off-the-griddle space to be creating performance from. She’s so in the midst of it.”
Miller, who had met Harper before, encouraged the 27-year-old Washington, D.C., native to apply to the program. “Sentell is very much sifting through his identity as a black man,” Miller says. “No young queer black man is making the piece he can make right now.” For Harper, Miller’s input has been tremendous. “You’re putting your dirty laundry out there to the public,” Harper says. “For Tim to bear witness to this kind of work—he’s so encouraging; he makes us feel like we’re on the right path.”
Meanwhile, the oldest of the three, 31-year-old Puerto Rican–raised Rodriguez Lora, explores family and Latina queer identity. Entering performance work after a long career as a dancer, she saw in teaming with Miller an opportunity to shift into solo performance. “The mentorship program took me to the next level of what I needed…that strength of being a solo performer,” she says. Miller adds: “Awilda’s doing work around family, the lesbian body, incredibly fierce and funny work about sex and masturbation. Her work is really powerful.”Miller himself will preview a new work at Links Hall this weekend. And while we suspect he has many more years of solo work ahead of him, he seems enthusiastic to pass the torch to a new generation. “These three mentees are going to be nationally important emerging artists,” Miller says.
Tim Miller’s Charged Bodies Residency Program happens at Links Hall Friday 21 and Saturday 22.

Tim Miller’s Charged Bodies Residency Program
Tim, Miller, Awilda Rodriguez Lora, Sentell Harper, & Rebecca Kling
Friday & Saturday, November 21 & 22, 8pm
The results of a four month mentorship by Tim Miller of three Chicago-based performance artists, self-identified as queer or addressing queer-related themes in their work. Using studio space at The Center on Halsted and resources provided by Links Hall, the three artists have developed new solo pieces under Miller’s guidance. Tim Miller will also perform an original ten  minute excerpt from a new work in progress
Events and info for Links Hall
Address:  3435 N Sheffield

Chicago, IL 60657
Phone:  773-281-0824 for reservations
Email:  info@linkshall.org
order tickets on the web

 This project is made possible in part by support from The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, and the National Performance Network’s Performance Residency Program and Community Fund. Major contributors of the National Performance Network include the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Ford Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency), Altria and the Nathan Cummings Foundation.      

Links Hall is a Partner in the National Performance Network (NPN). NPN is a group of cultural organizers and artists facilitating the practice and public experience of the performing arts in the United States. NPN serves artists, arts organizers, and a broad range of audiences and communities across the country through commissions, residencies, culture-centered community projects and other artistic activities. For more information: www.npnweb.org


14. Istvan Kantor, FF Alumn, now online http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=7RGEvv8e4uQ

Beuys: Die Revolution Sind Wir (We are the revolution)
Kantor: Und Wir Auch (And we too)

For Immediate Release

click here first:

nov 19, 2008 Berlin

Istvan Kantor, Neoist performance artist,
famous for his blood stained museum interventions,
was arrested today at 4pm at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin
at the Joseph Beuys retrospective exhibition
entitled 'Die Revolution Sind Wir' (We are the revolution).
Kantor arrived to the museum with a video crew
and was going to proceed with a silent posing
action in front of Beuys works but when he
tried to unroll and hold up a sign that said:
'UND WIR AUCH' (and we too),
a response and extension to the above cited title of the Beuys show,
he got immediately surrounded by guards and pulled out
with force from the exhibition. Kantor kept screaming
'yes, we are the revolution' as he was overcome by
guards and led to the security offices.
Soon afterwards the police arrived but according to museum officials
Kantor was released and told to never return
to the Hamburger Bahnhof. But Kantor smiled and
said a friendly 'Auf Windersehen' to the guards who
saw him 4 years ago, in nov/2004, when he splashed his blood
on the wall during the giant display
of the Christian Flick collection. But this time Kantor
didn't come to protest but to pay tribute to Beuys' idea
of revolutionary creation that extends art to
all aspects of life.
One question still remains: where Kantor would like
to lead this revolution? Perhaps the answer will be
included in his next intervention at the Hamburger Bahnhof
in a few years from now.

(a)Monty Cantsin?

contact: amen@interlog.com
for more info on Kantor:


15. James Johnson, FF Alumn, updates website and more


Just a note to say that I've recently updated my home page at: http://spot.colorado.edu/~johnsoja/Home.html including links to some previously unpublished animations and a spiffy new interface.

Also, new this month on the Discopie site is the release of the Discopie Fonts CD at: http://www.cafepress.com/discopie/1147137

You can also download the Magic Squares font for free at: http://www.discopie.com/NewType.html

And finally, I'm pleased to announce the publication of Famous Last Words, available from Discopie at: http://www.cafepress.com/discopie.312204254

Discopie Newlsetter Subscribers: Sorry for double postings.

Happy Holidays!


Trade Ye No Mere Moneyed Art


16. Ron Athey, FF Alumn, in Spain, November 2008

Ron Athey. Pleading in the Blood: Performing Sodomy, Glossalalia and Deathdrive
25/11/2008 - 27/11/2008 | http://www.cendeac.net/eng/actividades/index.php?e=236

Ron Athey
Pleading in the Blood: Performing Sodomy, Glossalalia, and Deathdrive November 25,26, 27.
In this seminar, Athey reveals the performer as a different kind of artist, one equally engaged in acts of defiance, and sacred roleplaying, and inherently generous. In elevating the work to passion play, he views the audience as one collective witness, who then color their own experience. Influences cited and topics explored include the experiential impact of staging a live sex act (minus pornographic intent); the writings of Georges Bataille, Lee Edelman, Jean Genet; using autobiography  (the family, esoteric response to the AIDS pandemic), both in narrative and ecstatic traditions;  the historical/Classical filter (which has resulted in a large body of earlier work, the reconstructing of martyr saints); and spirit-gifts from childhood: speaking-in-tongues is explained in terms of neuro-acoustics and modulated hysteria (as used in his opera, The Judas Cradle), entrée to trance states is achieved by auto-hypnosis technique.
a.Dissociative Sparkle: Martyrology, Body Modification, and the polemics of Blood-letting in the time of AIDS b.Incorruptible Flesh: Display of the Living Corpse, Live Sex Shows, and the Vision of Georges Bataille c.No Future: Full Throttle Death Drive, Channeling Ecstasy, and Philoctetes Foul Wound


17. Dyke Action Machine, FF Alumns, new booklet now at Printed Matter

Carrie Moyer and Su Schaffner, Dyke Action Machine, announce their latest project, DAM! INCORPORATED, now available at printed matter, 195 10th Ave., NYC

For full details please email info@dykeactionmachine.com or visit www.printedmatter.org

Thank you.


18. Glenda Hydler, FF Alumn, at City College, Manhattan, Nov. 3-7

Glenda F. Hydler, FF Alumn, presented Strategies of Containment, her MFA Thesis Exhibition, in November 2008 at Comnpton-Goethals Gallery, City College of NY, 140th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.  For full details please visit www.glendahydler.com


19. Wayne Hodge, Jessica Ann Peavy, FF Alumns, at Smack Mellon, thru Jan 4, 2009
Wayne Hodge, The Original Comedy
Joanna Malinowska, Les aventures dans le code § 120.45
Jessica Ann Peavy, Rituals of Consumption: Leviticus rowed the boat ashore
Three Solo Exhibitions
Exhibition dates: November 22 - January 4, 2009
Artists' reception:  Saturday, November 22, 5-8pmSpecial Performance: Thursday, December 11, 2008, 7pm
String Quintet for 2 Cellos, 2 Violas and a Corpse
collaborative project featuring original music composition by Masami Tomihisa, commissioned by Joanna Malinowska.

Wayne Hodge
The Original Comedy

My work is influenced by early modern history, particularly the history of the cinema. I re-edit silent films, juxtaposing my own video and my own performances with appropriated images from these historic films. While building on this foundation, I explore the mask as a site in which representations of race and identity are performed.  I investigate archaic popular cultural forms such as the minstrel and the "primitive” by meshing older cultural source material with digital technology and, as a result, I play with and displace ideologies associated with this imagery within popular culture.

A photograph of the blackface minstrel performer Bert Williams (1875-1922) is the main source material for The Original Comedy. Williams was an important and controversial figure, who broke the color barrier on Broadway by becoming the first Black performer in the Ziegfeld Follies. He was an important figure in the history of theater, Caribbean/African-American history and the history of New York.   I have reproduced a photograph of Williams performing on stage both as a still image and as a film.  In the iconic image he looks toward a costumed creature with a mix of suspicion and curiosity.  In my photograph and video, I perform a dual role: one as Bert in his character “Mr. Nobody” and one as the bizarre costumed animal that shares the stage with him.  The image reads on two levels: it is a spectacular association of the Black performer (Williams) with that of the animal and it is an insightful critique of Williams’ role sharing the stage with an effigy of an animal. By performing the two roles, I create a dialogue between these positions both inside and outside of the narrative of the source photograph to reference larger issues of celebrity, representation and the ways in which we become defined by spectacle culture.
Wayne Hodge works in performance, video and film.  His work is based in a historical evocation of Modernism and the early years of cinema as well as issues surrounding race and masculinity.  He has shown works internationally and received awards from Creative Capital, NYFA, and Art Matters Foundation.  Hodge has participated in residencies at Skowhegan, as well as the A.I.M Program at the Bronx Museum.  He received his BFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University and his MFA from Rutgers University.  He also completed the Whitney Independent Study Program and is a current Studio Program Artist at Smack Mellon
Joanna Malinowska
Les aventures dans le code § 120.45

My artwork is largely devoted to explorations in the world of music –whether building sound installations, arranging music performances in the context of visual art, making documentary on an Inuit Elvis impersonator, constructing video narratives for existing music pieces or collaborating with composers on creating new ones. The project Les aventures dans le code § 120.45 addresses music in an indirect and perhaps more humorous way. It focuses on the figure of renowned Polish-Hungarian classical pianist Piotr Anderszewski. Mr. Anderszewski is an unaware and unsuspecting central character in the series of videos documenting diligently premeditated yet seemingly accidental and spontaneous encounters between the pianist and characters invented for the purpose of the project.

Les aventures dans le code § 120.45 is simultaneously an exercise in chance and probability, an attempt to inject magic realism in Mr. Anderszewski’s life, a spy story, a diary of relentless paparazzo, and perhaps a form of commentary on the omnipresent obsession with celebrities. The idea for this piece was in a way inspired by the pianist himself who – in interviews – frequently speaks of his own reliance on chance and accidents and often retells an autobiographical story of spying on his hero musician Swiatoslaw Richter. 'Bunny' and 'Vodka' segments were made in collaboration with Jan Baracz.
Joanna Malinowska is a Polish-born, New York based artist working in video, sculpture, sound and performance. A graduate of Rutgers University’s BFA program and Yale University’s MFA program, she has exhibited her work in the United States and internationally. She participated in the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow, Russia and the International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic and has shown her work at such venues as Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland; Zamek Ujazdowski Contemporary Art Center in Warsaw, Poland; Sculpture Center, Momenta Art and Art in General in New York, NY; Boston Center for the Arts; Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis, MN; Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT. Her solo and two person exhibitions took place at Canada and Venetia Kapernekas galleries in New York City. She participated in residences at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and Smack Mellon.
Jessica Ann Peavy
Rituals of Consumption: Leviticus rowed the boat ashore

I investigate the language, gestures, and iconography that define historical and contemporary African-American culture. Popular music, sexually stylized advertising found in music videos and publications such as King, Smooth, and Maxim, and Blaxploitation films all form the foundation for my exploration of African-American female performance. I employ layered imagery, multiple screens/projections, dialogues, and audio tracks simultaneously to address the sensory overload of contemporary American culture. I document myself and/or other African- American women using monologues, repeated phrases, and gestures to deliver satirical, yet highly personal performances.

The Fatback Series explores the spaces and contexts of food in the African-American tradition and the effects of food on the African-American female psychology and physiology. Rituals of Consumption: Leviticus rowed the boat ashore is a 3-channel video installation in the Fatback Series that investigates the fantasies, desires, and rituals of consumption (food, faith, space, and sexuality).

Each of the channels moves across the wall until at various points, a channel changes direction or they switch places, constructing an alternate narrative or challenge to the ritual. I seek to illustrate religious interruptions in the West African folk traditions.

The backgrounds of each video are photographs taken of vast landscapes and meal preparations in West Africa while the subject, I, an African-American, recites repetitious phrases from Leviticus which dictates the code for cleanliness in food intake and the laws for sexual activity. This work references ritual satire performance in the context of West African folk culture, which focuses on the use of verbal aggression. I am interested in how this historical ritual affects the African-American female performance.
Jessica Ann Peavy was born in Columbus, Ohio and currently lives and works in New York City. She received her BFA from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and completed an MFA in Photography, Video, and Related Media at the School of Visual Arts. Peavy has exhibited in galleries, museums, and festivals across the country including Rush Arts Gallery, Brooklyn Arts Council, The Contemporary Art Museum Houston, as well as the International Black Media Festival in London. Peavy has also been invited to speak at the CUNY Graduate Center, Cinewomen NY on the role of women in film and video, and Columbia University’s Conversations Across Cultures Conference. Peavy has been granted residencies at Smack Mellon and Harvestworks and received grants from Franklin Furnace and the New York State Council of the Arts.
This exhibition is made possible with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, and with generous support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The Greenwall Foundation, Jerome Foundation, Eve Sussman and Smack Mellon’s Members.
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20. Betty Beaumont, FF Alumn, at New Arts Program, PA, thru Dec. 6

New Arts Program is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Betty Beaumont through December 6th, 2008.
Informed by our global population explosion and how to educate the world’s children, this solo exhibition “Who Will Our Children Sing Songs About in 100 Years?”, is a primer about shapes and shaping. Each of four sculptural installations either forms a line, a circle, a triangle or a rectangle. Children’s XO laptops display world clock counters while a Swahili clock shifts our most basic assumptions. A multiple language tear-off textwork questions Which Way, What Way, Whose Way.
Betty Beaumont works in downtown New York, her home since 1973. Over four decades she has produced thoughtful and provocative work in a variety of media including photography, installations, public interventions and new media.  Her work challenges global social awareness, as well as socioeconomic and ecological practices. Beaumont has investigated such issues as energy and species diversity and is also involved with solution-based sustainability strategies, which reflect contemporary, historic and cultural perspectives and environmental and social conditions.

New Arts Program, located at 173 W. Main Street, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, is open Wednesday through Saturday.  Admission is free.  A twenty-one-page catalog accompanies the exhibition and is available upon request. 

Contact New Arts Program:
610 627 3094
info@napconnection.com <mailto:info@napconnection.com>


40 Lispenard Street
P.O.Box 140/Canal Station
New York, New York 10013-0140
v: 212/ 431 84 59
f: 212/ 431 06 10
e: betty@beaumont.org


21. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany, Dec. 5-6

Penny Arcade Longing Lasts Longer December 5th and 6th Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany

Longing Lasts Longer
Frankfurt, Germany

December 5th and 6th

Frankfurt, Germany

a new solo show by international performance star Penny Arcade explores longing, loss and trancendent love.
The latest work in progress with longtime collaborator Steve Zehentner with video by Austrailian artist Jasmine Hirst First created in 1998 as a one night showcase for Chris Krause's novel I Love Dick at NY's Kitchen, Penny Arcade now returns to these themes, creating the full length work with songs by Chris Rael (Church of Betty) the masterful English translation of Jacques Brel's Ne Me Quitte De Pas by Carol Lipnik and songs by Penny Arcade herself.


22. Arleen Schloss, FF Alumn, at The New Museum, Manhattan, Dec. 11

For complete information on the evening program entitled
How Do You Like the Bowery?: Short Films and Videos
Please visit


thank you.


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