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Contents for November 5, 2008

1. Hetty Huisman, FF Alumn, releases new DVD
2. Yvonne Rainer, FF Alumn, at New Theater, New Haven, CT, Nov. 14-15
3. Willoughby Sharp, FF Alumn, new video online
4. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Pirate Cat Radio Café, San Francisco, Nov. 4
5. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, now online
6. Veronica Vera, FF Alumn, in the Financial Times of London, now online
7. Ruth Hardinger, FF Alumn, in Sculpture Magazine, November 2008
8. Julia Scher, FF Alumn, in California Biennial, Los Angeles, opening Nov.
9. Eve Biddle, FF Member, in Wassaic, NY, Nov. 8
10. Kanene Holder, Maria Yoon, FF Alumns, in Brooklyn, Nov. 9
11. Michael Smith, Martha Wilson, FF Alumns, at White Columns, Manhattan,
opening November 5, 6-8 pm
12. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Showroom Gallery, Manhattan, Oct. 31
13. Maciej Toporowicz, FF Alumn, at Kinokuniya Bookstore, Manhattan, opening
November 6
14. Robert Flynt, FF Alumn, at Haven Arts Gallery, The Bronx, opening Nov. 7
15. Antoni Muntadas, Marshall Reese, FF Alumns, in The New Yorker, Nov. 3,
16. Susan Kleinberg, FF Alumn, in Hudson, NY, Dec. 6
17. Moritz Neumüller, FF Alumn, in Budapest, Hungary, opening November 4
18. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, Presidential Candidate Election Night Party


1. Hetty Huisman, FF Alumn, releases new DVD

Hetty Huisman, FF Alumn, releases "Problems in visualizing/to centre
identity" a DFVD, ISBN978-90-811810-1-3


2. Yvonne Rainer, FF Alumn, at New Theater, New Haven, CT, Nov. 14-15
Yvonne Rainer
RoS Indexical (2007) and Spiraling Down (2008)
Festival of International Dance at Yale
November 14th and 15th, 2008
New Theater
1156 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT
A PERFORMA Commission
RoS Indexical is Yvonne Rainer's radical re-vision of The Rite of Spring,
the brilliant and controversial collaboration between choreographer Vaslav
Nijinsky and composer Igor Stravinsky which shocked Paris audiences in 1913
with its "primitive" movement vocabulary and dissonant musical score. In RoS
Indexical, "Rainer not only destabilizes the notion of The Rite of Spring as
an iconic achievement in dance history, she allows us to see that a work may
live on in greatly altered form" -Marcia B. Siegel, The Hudson Review.
World Premiere
Commissioned by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Research Institute, and
World Performance Project at Yale, Spiraling Down draws its inspiration from
a variety of sources-including newspaper photos, soccer moves, old movies,
classic modern dance, ballet, Steve Martin, Sarah Bernhardt, and Rainer's
own disinterred dances from the 1960s-all of which contribute to the
melancholic and contradictory subtext of Rainer's new work.
Yvonne Rainer
American choreographer, filmmaker, and writer Yvonne Rainer is credited as a
pioneer of postmodern dance. Her work, which draws from a variety of
disciplines and media, has influenced generations of performance and visual


3. Willoughby Sharp, FF Alumn, new video online



4. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Pirate Cat Radio Café, San Francisco, Nov. 4

Nov.4 2008 Election Night Event
Pirate Cat Radio Cafe'
2781 21st at Florida in San Francisco.

How's your election year going?
Concerned about another stolen election??
Is Palin mania making your ovaries squirm?
IS Obama progressive enough for you?
Say good riddance to bad Rubbish!

What About Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez, Cynthia McKinney and Bob Barr!?

Come on down for some free and not so free speech, BB-Q and Beer. If you
have never been to this amazing new venue come see live radio broadcasting
and get broadcast!

We are setting up our own campaign control center with big screens with all
of the "results" coming in and YOU  can be a talking head and get your voice
amplified and even broadcast LIVE by Pirate Cat Radio.
We will have a lectern with a microphone and AMPLIFIERS. So if you are sick
Dan Rather,
Michael Savage
Stephen Colbert
Rush Limbaugh
Bill O'Reilly
Jon Stewart
Katie Couric

they have had their 15 minutes/years of fame, now it is your turn.

There will be:
Some politico ART
Some Anarchist art.
Some Peace out Art.
Some robot art.

Don't sit at home and stew, TWITTER, blog, celebrate!!!!! or sink into a
depression with Canadian escapist fantasies.

Kal Spelletich


5. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, now online

New posts now online at:



6. Veronica Vera, FF Alumn, in the Financial Times of London, now online

From Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, NYC

We're happy to send you this link to a recent profile of our brilliant and
beautiful founder Veronica Vera that appeared in a recent issue of the
prestigious Financial Times of London. All of us at Miss Vera's Finishing
School for Boys Who Want To Be Girls, NYC are just tickled pink. (Thanks to
student Patricia and friend Rick S. for assistance).

Among other academy news, we will be announcing additional group classes in
how to walk in high heels for All women; a femme intensive group master
class for male to female trannie students, as well as the continuation of
our private classes. Miss Vera's is also looking for a new home to
facilitate this growth. If you would like to learn more of our space
requirements, have a lead on a space, or would like to partner with Miss
Vera in some way on a creative project, you are invited to contact us. Happy
Halloween to all!

Link to Financial Times of London:


Cherchez la femme,
Miss Viqui
Deputy Headmistress
Miss Vera's Finishing School
for Boys Who Want to Be Girls
212-242-6449 (vm info)
212-989-0906 (office)


7. Ruth Hardinger, FF Alumn, in Sculpture Magazine, November 2008

Sculpture Magazine, November 2008 (Vol. 27, No. 9)

Originally from the Midwest, Ruth Hardinger has lived for many years in
downtown New York.  She has a long history of casting objects in Hydrocal
and plaster of Paris, but in this show, her idiosyncratic forms are the
result of concrete casts that take their shape from food containers, box
cartons, and miscellaneous tubes.  Hardinger now works in several series,
which she calls "Extensions," Conundrums," and "Extrusions."  While not very
large - most of the sculptures are less that 40 inches tall - her output is
graphic and tactile, monumental in both form and materials.  In
conversation, Hardinger has said that she would like to be able to work
large, and indeed her compositions, nearly epic in their vertical rise, look
like maquettes for much larger pieces.

The "Envoy" sculptures, like all of the works in the show, are marvelously
tactile entities that suggest the standing body, rather like watchmen in the
night.  Hardinger has long used a deliberately clunky, awkward idiom, one
that, with time, shows her sophisticated command of form.  The relatively
small Envoy 1 (2007) is composed of casts takes from throw-away containers
whose internal markings are revealed in the fine detail of the concrete
surface.  The sculpture seems to list a bit to one side and bulges outward
slightly in the middle.  The shades of gray create subtle tonal values that
add to the experience of the work.  Envoy 3 (2007), slightly larger,
consists of four cubes built from the bottom up, with each cube smaller than
the one below.  This work is so subtle that its outline might be mistaken
for those of an Asian vase.  It shows the degree to which Hardinger can get
delicate effects from so basic a material as poured concrete.

The "Extrusion" series refers to how the sculptures are made - pushed, or
extruded, through an opening in the slab of concrete at the back of each
piece.  These sculptures, with their face-like fronts, might be seen as a
very modern rendering of Northwest Coast Indian masks, as Stephen Westfall
points out in his illuminating catalogue essay.  Extension 3 (2007) looks
like a child's version of a face, with a cylinder nose pushing between the
two circles that serve as eyes.  The piece is a bit humorous, postmodern
Surrealism, recognizable as figuration but also dependant on an abstract
sense of form that is more intricate than it might seem at first.  The
"Extension" series works a lot like the "Extrusion" pieces, with forms
rising from pedestals made of the same concrete material.  Extension 2
(2006) is a wonderfully funky abstraction, with two capped poles inching up
from a vase-like concrete support.

Along with unusual skill, Hardinger also possesses a sense of humor; her
smaller series, "Conundrums," gives a nice sense of how a raw material like
concrete can have amusing effects.  Arranged in a row on a shelf, the
"Conundrums' look a bit like abstracted figures; their small parts and
gestures have a decidedly human charm.  Each individual work has slightly
different elements and tonal variations, although most of them consist of a
shaft with a square head on top.  It is hard not to see these totems as
phallic, which adds to the sense of celebration accompanying their display.
Hardinger is a very sharp artist working in sculpture, a medium that
struggles to survive in New York, where the rents rise by the half hour.
She is to be commended not only for her achievement, but also for her

-Jonathan Goodman


8. Julia Scher, FF Alumn, in California Biennial, Los Angeles, opening Nov.7

FF Alumn artist Julia Scher
participating in California Biennial opening Nov 7, L.A. CA
Julia Scher


9. Eve Biddle, FF Member, in Wassaic, NY, Nov. 8

The Wassaic Project Presents:

2nd Party: Saturday, November 8th, 2008 in Wassaic, NY.

Saturday, November 8th
**12pm - 4pm: Art show opens to the public in the Maxon Mills with works by:
Robbi Behr, Alexander Bevington, Bowie + Eve, Mark DeLura, Las Hermanas
Iglesias y Una Mas, Jessica Higgins, Urban Inks, Casey Lynch, Karl Saliter,
Joel Schapira, Diane Schapira, Joshua Selman, Ryan Speth, William Stone, and
Sophie Tusler.
**4pm - 7pm: Art Opening in the Maxon Mills. Beer will be available for

Photos from the opening on October 25th can be seen here:

All proceeds go to The Wassaic Project Summer Festival 2009, August 27th -

The Wassaic Project creates an opportunity for artists of all medium to
engage in a community-based, site specific, and site informed experience.
Artists are invited to come out of the confines of their studios and
experiment in a safe, supportive, and collaborative art-making venture. The
project is situated on a series of historic farm structures and their
adjoining land in the hamlet town of Wassaic in Dutchess County, NY. Huge
thanks to Zutaloria, LLC for donating the space.

We inaugurated The Wassaic Project Summer Festival the weekend of August
22-24, 2008. Works were presented / performed / displayed throughout the

It is our hope that The Wassaic Project Summer Festival will be annual and

THE WASSAIC PROJECT is located at:
15 Furnace Bank Road
Wassaic, NY 12592

Directions By Rail:
The Project and Maxon Mills are within walking distance of the Wassaic, NY
train station on the Harlem line of Metro North Railroad. Signs will direct
visitors from the train station to the project site.

Directions By Car:
Please use Google Maps for directions to the project site using the above
address. There is limited parking available in the town of Wassaic, and
carpooling is strongly encouraged.

Admission to the exhibition and all performances is free for everyone.

Eve Biddle


10. Kanene Holder, Maria Yoon, FF Alumns, in Brooklyn, Nov. 9
"NOW: On View" thrives in the moment and space provided. The opposite of a
site-specific venture, this latest iteration will unfold throughout the day
within a nondescript street in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Consisting of 6 artist
projects that are each on view for a brief period of time, "NOW: On
View" is activated by both the artists and passers-by who choose to watch
and/or engage in the piece when appropriate.
Sunday, November 9
11am-11:45am Emcee C.M. and Huong Ngo
As part of their "Cloud City Project," Ngo and Emcee C.M. will collaborate
to deliver the town's mayoral stump speech.
11:45-12:30pm Maria Yoon
The artist, dressed in traditional Korean bridal garb, appears in the public
arena encouraging spectators to interact with "Maria the Korean Bride LIVE,"
a monologue with audience participation (www.mariathekoreanbride.com).
12:30-1:30pm Mayumi Ishino
In Ishino's ongoing piece, "Mirror," the artist draws herself directly on a
mirrored surface and breaks it upon completion. She repeats the practice
with different drawings each time, both renewing and destroying the
exhibition with each phase.
1:30pm-2:00pm Kanene Holder
The artist as "Holly Hibiscus Elderflower" walks through the audience
ringing her "Bells for Peace" while adorned in glitter, purple eyelashes and
large hibiscus flowers in her dusty blond, dreadlocked hair. Her ritual
includes a meditative chant and a naming ceremony that covers the audience
with flower petals and glitter.
2:00pm-4:00pm Blanka Amezkua
Amezkua will collaborate with passers-by to create a tree tapestry woven
from an assortment of plastic bags. Feel free to bring a few plastic bags
along! The piece will be removed at the end of the day marking the
termination of her exhibition.
3:00pm-5:00pm Andy Padre
Metrocard artist Andy Padre will conduct an impromptu sale of Metrocard
accessories and clothing items. Audience members are encouraged to donate
their old Metrocards to his cause and watch him create a Metrocard
masterpiece on-site.
We wear the mask to survive
but who we be is more fascinating
keep it real!

If You Don't Stand for Something, You'll Fall for Anything- Instead

Interpreting the story and icon of the "Gingerbread Man" through Donte K
Hayes's invented character the "Gingerblack Man.

DV Republic

Hip Hop Odyssey Film Festival


11. Michael Smith, Martha Wilson, FF Alumns, at White Columns, Manhattan,
opening November 5, 6-8 pm

The Third Annual
November 5 - December 13, 2008
OPENING Wednesday November 5th, 6-8PM

Genpei Akasegawa Ron Amstutz David Askevold Robert Beck Nayland
Blake Thomas Chimes Loren Connors Liz Craft Jaime Davidovich
Michaela Eichwald Richard Foreman Robert Grenier K8 Hardy Matt
Hoyt Alex Hubbard Gareth James Rolf Julius Akira Kanayama Mike
Kelley/Masaya Nakahara/Paul McCarthy Kate Manheim Paul McCarthy Daniel
McDonald Dave Miko Jon Pestoni R.H. Quaytman Olivia Shao / Food Shop
Michael Smith Tom Thayer Lee Williams Martha Wilson Marian

Organized by Jay Sanders

'Looking Back' is the third installment of the White Columns Annual. The
exhibition is now an annual fixture on White Columns' calendar. Each year an
individual (e.g. an artist, a curator, a writer, etc.) is invited to make an
exhibition at White Columns based on their personal experience of looking at
art in New York in the previous year. For the third 'Annual' exhibition
White Columns has invited the New York-based curator and writer Jay Sanders
to select the artists and works.

Writing in The New York Times in 2006 about the inaugural installment of the
'White Columns Annual' critic Holland Cotter said:
"The White Columns Annual does . what the Whitney Biennial used to do: it
reconsiders a slice of art's immediate past. . The idea is welcome affording
a chance to linger over art that was seen earlier only in rushed visits,
missed entirely or enthusiastically remembered. Maybe "White Columns Annual
Pick" will have comparable cachet [to the Whitney Biennial] not so long from

In 2007 Karen Rosenberg, writing in The New York Times, wrote: "The art
world acquired a welcome new tradition when Matthew Higgs inaugurated the
White Columns Annual."


12. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Showroom Gallery, Manhattan, Oct. 31

The Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show (there?s a mouthful) is opening in NYC.
Net proceeds of all art sales will be donated to the Picasso Veterinary Fund
(which helps rescued animals)

An eclectic mix of over a 100 unique, incredibly talented artists from all
over the world have customized Devil Dog vinyl figures into one of a kind
toy-works of art! Artists include The Pizz, Seth Rogan (yup, the actor),
Rockin? Jelly Bean, Shepard Fairey, Ron English, and a bunch of
artists/creators from Robot Chicken, Topp?s Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail
Kids, and more. The exclusive viewing will be held at the Showroom Gallery
(2nd Avenue at 7th street) in NYC on October 31, 2008 (Halloween night) from
7 - 11pm.  You can read more about the show here:

What's Osaka Popstar?  It's a punk group (and art project) John Cafiero
leads consisting of members of the Ramones, Misfits, Black Flag, the
Voidoids and more. They recently released a new live CD and are featured in
Topps' latest Garbage Pail Kids series with art by John Pound.

Isabel Samaras


13. Maciej Toporowicz, FF Alumn, at Kinokuniya Bookstore, Manhattan, opening
November 6

Maciej Toporowicz
Planet Japan
November 3 - 30th
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 6th, from 6 to 8 pm

Kinokuniya Bookstore
1073 Ave of Americas
New York, NY10018
(between 40th & 41st Street)
phone: 212-869-1700/ fax: 212-869-1703
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm/Sun 11am-7:30pm

Planet Japan is a site specific exhibition project by the visual artist
Maciej Toporowicz. The exhibition includes color photographs taken in Japan
in year 2000.
Roland Barthes wrote, that Japan represents " a possibility of a difference,
of a mutation, of a revolution in the propriety of symbolic systems."
The photographs taken by Toporowicz in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe underline the
visual strangeness of this world.
The exhibition does not attempt to make a grand statement. It signifies the
failed attempt of the artist, the "Western Man" to understand the other. Yet
if he doesn't find a correct distance, at least he "problematizes the
positing of difference as opposition", the opposing of culture to nature, of
inside to outside, subject to other. Despite his frustration, one feels as
though his soul has found for itself a strange home.

Maciej Toporowicz is a multimedia-artist based in New York City.
His work refers to surrealism, and his inventive imagery makes the ordinary
His work has been exhibited in renown galleries and museums such as The
Jewish Museum, P.S.1 Museum, Museo D'Arte Moderna, Lombard Freid Gallery,
Galeria Camargo Vilaca and others.
His images were  published in many periodicals including New York Times,
Black Book, Nylon, Fader, Creative Review, Archive, Artforum, Art in America
and Flash Art


14. Robert Flynt, FF Alumn, at Haven Arts Gallery, The Bronx, opening Nov. 7

Haven Arts Gallery
50 Bruckner Blvd. Bldg. A
Bronx, NY 10454

Curated by J.C. Rice

November 3 - December 13, 2008
Opening Reception: Friday, November 7, 5-9pm
Gallery Hours: Daily, 12-6pm

Haven Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition 3, a blend of three
dynamic approaches to contemporary photography through the works of Aurelija
Cepulinskaite, Iannis Delatolas and Robert Flynt.

Gallery I features the "Nightscapes" of Iannis Delatolas. In these 40" x
40" silver gelatin prints it is not the absence of light, or the contrast
between extreme light and extreme darkness that is both unsettling and
engrossing (as one might say of Brassai), but rather the subtle permeation
of light that Delatolas captures with his extended exposures and darkroom

Delatolas presents us with a post industrial cultural landscape of grief and
detachment in whispered and transfused light: a billboard on 125th Street
in Harlem featuring an iconic image of a triumphant Muhammad Ali, reduced
now to a huckster, no longer jeering at a fallen Sonny Liston but seemingly
taunting slouched and distant figures waiting for a late night bus; the
grinning Tillie mural of Ashbury Park, split by telephone lines and lit from
the right by the XXX Park Cinema; a vacant parking lot save for the light
from the attendant's office-hut, arrows and lines on the ground direct us
left to a trailer and a wall of dark windows while above an to the right
looms an ambiguous billboard featuring a headless torso of soldier with an

In Gallery II Robert Flynt re-imagines the human body in relation to its own
assumed/perceived structures, as well as to other bodies, spaces and systems
through surreal and sensual photo-montages of the nude and ambiguous
narrative panels. Mixing silver gelatin, chromogenic and digital media,
Flynt combines his own original images of object and figure with
superimposed diagrams, anatomy charts, Physogs board game images, furniture
illustrations and other found images.

In an untitled component peice (64" x 48") from his Partial
Disclosure series, two abutted vertical triptychs of over life size male
nudes in rich yellows and reds stand in a background of black. In this
piece, Flynt creates a sense of discordance and harmony between the logical
and surreal by overlaying 19th century anatomy charts on the figures and by
the disproportionate sizing of each section within each triptych. In
another untitled image, made of six panels (36" x 24"), Flynt leaves the
enigmatic blending of montage for oblique narrative: a shadowy figure
traced with light; a shirted right arm extends to meet, at the wrist, the
extended left arm of a shirtless male; a found image in sepia of a
shirtless man lying flat on a bench with arms overhead while a clothed man
straddles his waist and presses upon his chest; the backside of a figure,
nude from the waist down; feet, legs and hands floating in space and
grounded; a seemingly found image of a brown leather chaise. We sense the
ominous drama of the examiner and subject, the viewer and viewed, but we
must construct our own narrative (if we need one).

Aurelija Cepulinskaite's black and white images in Gallery III capture the
frailty, awkwardness and beauty of the teenage body. Comprised of over 40
images, taken in three primary locations (an abandoned building, an empty
school house and an abstract cellophane space) over a five year period,
Cepulinskaite's photographs unapologetically explore a subject long
forbidden in her native Lithuania. Though unknowingly echoing the works of
Jacque Sturges and Sally Man (as their works were unavailable to her), the
poignancy and originality of Cepulinskaite's images demand additional
historical context as they also function as metaphor for the artistic
awakening and emerging independence of a nation from a totalitarian regime.

The harsh realism of neglect in the setting, the contrasts between light and
shadow, backdrops of dingy walls and detritus, empty school hallways, broken
dolls and shattered widows create a dissonance between the young nude bodies
that is both disquieting and entrancing. Cepulinskaite's interaction with
her subjects is extremely intimate, and the majority of the images are of
her sister and her sister's friend. These close familial ties inform the
images to such an extent that Cepulinskaite feels the work to be
autobiographical. Their bodies are her body; their fears, vulnerabilities,
physical immaturities and beauty become her own.

Directions to Haven Gallery:
6 train: 3rd Ave. 138th St. station Walk south on Lincoln Ave. or
Alexander Ave. to Bruckner Blvd, turn left and walk east on Bruckner Blvd.
to gallery.
4/5 train: 138th St / Grand Concourse stop. Walk east on 138th St. to
Alexander Ave., turn right and walk south to Bruckner Blvd, turn left and
walk east on Bruckner Blvd. to gallery.


15. Antoni Muntadas, Marshall Reese, FF Alumns, in The New Yorker, Nov. 3,

Congratulations to Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese, FF Alumns, for the
story on their ongoing project in The New Yorker's Talk of the Town,
November 2, 2008 issue.


16. Susan Kleinberg, FF Alumn, in Hudson, NY, Dec. 6

On Dec. 6th, from 5-8 in Hudson, N.Y. I will project a new piece, "A
Delicate Balance", with The Parc Foundation during the Hudson Opera House's
Winter Walk. It will be in the Park on Warren St. All Welcome.


17. Moritz Neumüller, FF Alumn, in Budapest, Hungary, opening November 4

Joan Villaplana - Metropolis
04.11.- 25. 11. 2008

Vernissage: 04.11.2008, 20:00

Curator: Moritz Neumüller

Lumen Gallery
Mikszáth Kálmán tér 2.
1088 Budapest
Opening hours: Tue-Fr: 8.30-19h, Sat: 10-17h, Sun-Monday: closed


In the series Metropolis, Joan Villaplana (Manresa, 1976) shows subterranean
sceneries in the form of group portraits, or rather theatralizations of the
act of waiting. These are pictures he has collected over several years in
subway stations across Europe. The staging metaphor is a conscious visual
construction of the photographer, yet the subjects are "real". In this
sense, Metropolis has certain affinities with Walker Evans' famous Subway
Portraits from the early thirties. But while Evans used a hidden camera at
short distance to capture the passengers sitting opposite him in the wagon,
Villaplana draws on an "invisible" camera that he holds in his hands to
portrait the commuters on the other side of the platform. What the pictures
have in common is not only that they show the (lack of) interaction between
commuters that just happen to be at the same place, at the same time: They
also share a deep reflection on documentary photography as a genre that
exposes a (human) object to the pointed gaze of the photographer and his
weapon, the camera.

The particular impact of Joan Villaplana's series is thus created through
the visual reference to theatre on the one hand, and the "invisible camera
technique" on the other. This way, the photographer imparts to his pictures
the aesthetics of a staged scenery. If one gives in to this deception and
lets imagination run free, the whole range possible interpretation emerge:
What is the old man with a child at his hand looking at? And what is the
internal monologue of that woman with the shopping bag all about? As soon as
one switches back from the theatre metaphor to the real photo venue, the
scenes coalesce into one; that of our contemporary life in a city in which
we pay for the attained freedom with the isolation in the mass.

Moritz Neumüller, independent curator

NKA, Embassy of Spain in Hungary, Institut Ramon Llull, Col·legi
d'Arquitectes de Catalunya


18. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, Presidential Candidate Election Night Party

Election Night Party
it is at http://www.frankmooreforpresident08.com/topics.html

In Freedom,
Frank Moore



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