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Contents for November 4, 2008

1. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, announces “Borderless”
2. Karen Finley, FF Alumn, at Artissima, Torino, Italy, Nov. 7-0
3. Toni Dove, FF Alumn, at Empac, Troy, NY, Nov. 13, 8 pm
4. Colin Sanderson, FF Intern, at Flux Factory, Oct. 30
5. Moya Devine, FF Alumn, at Encinitas Library, CA, Nov. 1-15
6. Marie Sester, FF Alumn, in Stockholm, Sweden, Oct. 30-Nov. 16
7. Tom Murrin, FF Alumn, at La Mama, Manhattan, opening Oct. 29, 6-9 pm
8. George Ferrandi, FF Alumn, at Cinders, Brooklyn, opening Nov. 14
9. Helene Aylon, FF Alumn, at Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Nov. 1-Dec. 14
10. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, wins LEO Award, and more
11. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, at Stony Brook, Oct. 30, and more
12. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, in Budapest, Hungary, Oct. 1
13. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at Columbia Univ., Manhattan, Nov. 5
14. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, at Shrine, Manhattan, Oct. 28
15. Claes Oldenburg, Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumns, at OCA, Norway, opening November 8
16. Andy Warhol, FF Alumn, at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, thru Jan. 18, 2009
17. Dread Scott, Robin Tewes, FF Alumns, at Affirmation Arts, Manhattan, Oct. 29
18. Ebon Fisher, FF Alumn, at NY Theatre Workshop, Oct. 27
19. Ligorano/Reese, FF Alumn, in lower Manhattan, Oct. 29


1. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, announces “Borderless”


During 2008-09 I journey from my home in the South Bronx to my birthplace in Santiago de los Treinta Caballeros, Dominican Republic in order to trace and confirm any genealogical roots that I may possibly have to the neighboring Republic of Haiti. I resort to legal and medical procedures such as record searching and medical tests, as well as to subjective personal accounts. My journey includes visits to Moca and Guayubín where I reconnect with some of my maternal and paternal family members.

Borderless is a private action, formatted as a bi-national public intervention that dismantles the often-unsuccessful search for a Spanish (i.e. Caucasian) heritage by Dominican society at large, and its rejection of an indelible African background of which Haiti serves as its constant reminder. I go to great lengths to prove what most Dominicans would prefer to bury as deeply as possible: any relationship with our dark-skinned neighbors.

This experience will generate public interventions, panels, round tables and workshops with organizations on “The Island” and abroad.

Borderless is presented with support from Art Matters in New York: http://www.artmattersfoundation.org/

For more information: _indio_oscuro@live.com


2. Karen Finley, FF Alumn, at Artissima, Torino, Italy, Nov. 7-0

Karen Finley
Drawings from the Bush Administration, 2000–2008
Reading/performance: Nation Building
Artissima 15: The International Fair of Contemporary Art in Torino
7–9 November 2008
Lignotto Fiere, Torino, Italy

Alexander Gray Associates is pleased to participate in Artissima 15, with a solo exhibition of works by performance artist and political activist Karen Finley.

With Artissima 15 opening immediately after the United States Presidential election, the gallery is presenting a new interactive installation and a selection of Karen Finley’s works on paper made over the past eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency. In the installation, viewers are invited to inscribe on the booth’s walls the names of those killed in the War on Iraq, creating a collective witness, site for mourning and, ultimately, a call to action. The names of the nearly 150,000 deaths were gathered from internet sources, including www.icasualties.org and www.iraqbodycount.org. Among the works on paper, are reflections on a range of social and political events during Bush’s American reign, including 9/11, The War of Iraq, the ascendency of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, fictional journals of Laura Bush’s dreams, the execution of Saddam Hussein, and Sarah Palin’s vice-presidential candidacy.

Stylistically, Finley’s drawings bring to mind Impressionist sketchbooks, Andre Breton’s Exquisite Corpse drawings during the Dada and Surrealist movements, and Andy Warhol’s commercial art-era drawings. Finley’s slight of hand and whimsical flourishes counterbalance the political content of the images she appropriates from popular culture.

As part of the Ecole de Stéphanie, curated by Stéphanie Moisdon, Karen Finley will perform Nation Building on Saturday 8 November 2008 at 11:30 AM. This reading/performance looks at the impact of the War on Iraq.

New York-based artist Karen Finley is best known for her riveting and visceral solo performance work, which were at the center of the Culture Wars in the United States of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Using her voice and her body, these performances left an indelible impact on audiences, channeling rage and mourning around the AIDS crisis, violence against women, war, and censorship into personal and emotional expression. Her visual art has been exhibited internationally, and is in the collections of the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. She is the author of numerous books, including A Different Kind of Intimacy (Thunder's Mouth Press, 2000) and George and Martha (Verso Books, 2006). She has been recognized with an honorary Doctorate degree from the San Francisco Art Institute, two Bessie Awards, an Obie Award, and in 1998 was named Ms. Foundation’s Woman of the Year. Finley is currently a professor of Art and Public Policy at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Alexander Gray Associates is a contemporary art gallery and advising firm based in New York. Our exhibition program focuses on mid-career visual artists who emerged in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Through consulting and collection advising, we provide expertise for our individual and corporate clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide a direct experience with Modern and contemporary art that encourages discourse around art's role in the advancement of culture. Gallery hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Alexander Gray Associates
526 W 26 St #1019
New York NY 10001
212 399 2636



3. Toni Dove, FF Alumn, at Empac, Troy, NY, Nov. 13, 8 pm

Hi All - If you would like to come and see Spectropia, see the new and quite incredible EMPAC building by Grimshaw and generally have a lovely time with some friends please do come. EMPAC is 2.5 hours north of NYC, and 3 hours south of Montreal. Would love to see you!


4. Colin Sanderson, FF Intern, at Flux Factory, Oct. 30

Yo yo yo,

Turns out we're going on at 9 pm, which is a great time, not too early not too late. But try to come earlier because there are going to be TONS of other great performers/bands doing amazing stuff, including our brother/sister band KONICHIWA who rock big time. Once again, check out Flux's website (www.fluxfactory.org) for more details!

Also, we have a real MYSPACE page now!  Go check it out:


We have tons of great music on there!   Be sure to "friend" us! 

Also, we really need someone to take pictures and someone who can drive (we have a van, just not a driver!) If you can volunteer, we will try to put you on the guest list!

Thanks so so sos os soooooo sosososososososososso much! Hope you can make it!


Paul and Colin (MNBGR)


5. Moya Devine, FF Alumn, at Encinitas Library, CA, Nov. 1-15

Moya Devine

Remember and Forget

Nov 1  to  Nov 30, 2008

Encinitas Library
540 Cornish Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024
Mon. - Thu. 9:30-8  |  Fri. - Sat. 9:30 -5  |  Sun. 1-5

Artist's Reception, Saturday
November 15, 2008 from 3:00-5:00 p.m.



6. Marie Sester, FF Alumn, in Stockholm, Sweden, Oct. 30-Nov. 16

Marie Sester
MIRROR, a tabletop installation, and EXPOSURE video and prints will be featured in a solo show at Niklas Belenius Gallery, October 30- November 16, 2008
Niklas Belenius Gallery, Ulrikagatan 13 115 23 Stockholm, Sweden.
Telephone: +46 (0) 8 662 82 07
Tuesday-Friday 12pm to 6pm Saturday-Sunday 12am to 4pm

Opening October 30th from 4pm to 9pm


7. Tom Murrin, FF Alumn, at La Mama, Manhattan, opening Oct. 29, 6-9 pm

Mostly Masks
by Tom Murrin/Alien Comic
October 29 - November 16, 2008
Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 29,  6-9 P.M.
Tom Murrin/Alien Comic has been a member of the La Mama family since the mid-60's.  His first plays were done at La Mama, E.T.C. when it was located on 2nd Avenue, just South of St. Mark's Place.  Other plays of his were done  at La Mama's East 4th Street home, notably the hit musical, "Cock-Strong", directed by John Vacarro and performed by his Playhouse of the Ridiculous.  In the mid-'70's Murrin began his performance career in Seattle, Washington, with a group called Para-Troupe. In 1977-78, he traveled solo around the world, doing  a different show each day; although each show involved the fast-paced use of homemade masks, found object props and non-stop talking.  By Bombay he had done his hundredth show.

In the fall of 1978 he returned to New York City and began a residency at Razor Art Gallery in Soho,  In the early '80's, Murrin was performing as "Alien Comic", at theaters such as La Mama and Theater for the New City, music clubs like CBGB and Pyramid, and performance spaces like Franklin Furnace, Club 57, P.S.122, 8 B.C., and King Tut's, Wah-Wah Hut.  During the '80's and '90's, Alien Comic was "the holiday host" at La Mama, producing variety shows 4 times a year, introducing new acts to La Mama audiences, such as Blue Man Group, Ethyl Eichelberger, David and Amy Sedaris.  Murrin has continued performing and leading workshops to this day.  In May 2008, he was honored by P.S.122 at their annual Gala for his work as a performer/curator in the downtown performance art community since the mid-'80's.

In November, 2006, Murrin had a retrospective  of his masks , some costumes , and memorabilia at Track 16, Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, California.  In March, 2008, a number of his masks were in another show at Track 16, as a part of the Internal Guidance Systems group exhibition.  Murrin's masks, made for performance and quick-change, are fashioned out of cardboard and/or foam core and painted with acrylics.  There will be approximately 50 pieces (masks, portraits, costumes, backdrops) on display at "Mostly Masks" at La Mama La Galleria in October-November


La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club
74A East 4th Street (between 2nd Avenue and the Bowery)
box office: (212) 475-7710


8. George Ferrandi, FF Alumn, at Cinders, Brooklyn, opening Nov. 14

A message from long-time friends and collaborating artists, George Ferrandi and John Orth:

We invite you to come see "Unsung."  It's the first official endeavor of our latest enterprise, the collective known as "88's" and it is opening in Williamsburg at Cinders Gallery on November 14th.  ("88's" is short for "88's and good numbers", which is CB lingo for "Best Wishes and Regards.")

Briefly, about us:  George moved to Brooklyn on September 10, 2001 and became a New Yorker the next day. She runs a small business, called Saints Alive, which restores statues for churches. On any given day, her studio is given over in equal parts to the broken bodies of saints and to the less refined, but equally fractured figures of her own making.  John splits his time between Gainesville, Florida, where he tends to a succulent garden and a band named Holopaw on the Subpop record label, and Brooklyn, USA where he fleshes out his many creative projects and hangs on the arm of his lovely boyfriend, Alan. On any given day, his house is given over to various whittlings, delicate stippled drawings, and stacks of song lyrics scrawled on Steno pads.

We met in Gainesville, Florida where George was a professor at the University of Florida. Soon after meeting, we organized an exhibit at an old train depot. This was the beginning of over a decade of collaborations which have included several national shows, a traveling circus (Cloudseeding Circus of the Performative Object), a comic strip, and an unfortunate summer haircut. (Sorry, George.)

Our latest collaboration, the 88's collective, is a celebration of our complimentary sensibilities and our shared interest in delicately adorned pathos, B-movie violence (Is that blood on her dress? Or just glitter?) and small, hypersexualized animals. We're happy to have 88's as a conceptual hook on which to hang the many hats of our creative efforts and to present Unsung as the first of those.

The work in Unsung started with conversations concerning the current presidential campaign.  Our plea for a massive paradigm shift had us both contemplating what parts of our own psyches could use some serious shifting.  We started with the imagery we associate with grass roots revolution - daggers, dynamite, pistols, the felled heads of toppled statues,  and the closed eyes of innocents.  We then created painted, cast plaster and carved wooden forms that relegate the physical violence of uprising safely to the realm of metaphor, but still speak to a simmering volatility and to the potential for cataclysmic change.
We hope you'll join us at the opening of Unsung. Until then -

88's and good numbers,

George and John

88’s  presents:
new work by george ferrandi and john orth

November 14 - December 28, 2008
Opening Reception: November 14, 7-10 pm

Cinders Gallery
103 Havemeyer St. (btwn. Hope and Grand)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Wed-Sun 1-7 pm


9. Helene Aylon, FF Alumn, at Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Nov. 1-Dec. 14

Homage and Remembrance: The Past is Present
A multicultural exhibition
Helene Aylon (with Claudia Bernardi, Victor Cartagena, and Rob Keller)

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, 551 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476
November 1 - December 14, 2008
Informal Artists' Gathering: Sunday, December 7, 2008, 3pm

"This exhibition is centered in a contemporary translation of holidays that commemorate changing seasons and life passages, which pay homage to and remember those who have come before us, such as Samhain, Yom Kippur (Yiskor), All Saints Day, All Hallows, All Souls Day and Dia de los Muertos. 
This exhibition aims to form linkages between artists' aesthetic practices and the diverse histories and intellectual discourses that inform them, and to demonstrate how artists use formal vocabularies and techniques--in this case installations/shrines/altars--to reveal multicultural exposures.  It is intended to show that individual artistic practices speak to interconnected histories, however diverse and specific, and thus honors those lives and histories that have contributed to informing and sustaining our own. "

- Anthony Torres, curator

Helene Aylon will be showing Mirror Covering, a version of the installation shown at the 2004 Lodz International Bienalle

Helène Aylon
Studio # 303, 526 West 26th St. NYC www.heleneaylon.com
Mailing Address: 55 Bethune (808) NYC 10014 (212) 924-4133


10. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, wins LEO Award, and more

Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn,  Retrospective/Lectures
Festival Internacional de Cine Lésbico y Gai de Madrid
Madrid´s International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
for tickets and more information:

Lecture #1:  Maverick Filmmaking from the 1970's with artist/filmmaker Barbara Hammer.
"Maverick Lesbian Filmmaking from the 1970's with Pioneer Barbara Hammer".  Hammer will talk about the "atmosphere of the 1970's" and her desire to "put a lesbian life on the screen for the first time in film history".  What was it like then?  Who were the audiences?  What kind of censorship was there?  How did she survive?
Lecture # 2: "INVISIBLE HISTORIES".  Why are gays and lesbians, trans and bisexuals left out of histories?  Who makes history and why?  How can we find our les/gai visual images in archives of the moving image?  How do we use them?  Hammer proposes "you make your own autobiography before someone does it for you."


Barbara Hammer, FF alumn presents Lover Other: The Story of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

Nov. 19, Wed.,  6–8pm , Free.
NYU Cinema Studies Screening Room, 721 Broadway, 6th floor


LEO AWARD 2008 to Barbara Hammer

Nov. 24, Monday, 7:30 at Symphony Space, tickets available at door or www.symphonyspace.com

The Leo Award 2008 is to Barbara Hammer in honor of her outstanding contribution to independent, documentary filmmaking.  The Award will be presented on Monday, November 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Symphony Space.

The award is named after Leo Dratfield who was a pioneer and distributor of non-theatrical film and a benefactor of numerous cultural groups and independent filmmakers. The Leo Awards have been presented annually since 1988 by the Flaherty/International Film Seminars and the Leo Dratfield Endowment in response to innovative and unorthodox approaches that attest to an open mind and a humane and genuine concern with societal benefit.  Previous winners have included Jon Alpert, Mable Haddock, Adrienne Mancia, William Greaves, Ricky Leacock, Jonas Mekas, Frederick Wiseman, Robert Drew, Michel Brault, amongst others.


11. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, at Stony Brook, Oct. 30, and more

Dear People,

Yes, the world is insane. But within the confines of the media-mangling new music cult that is RADIO WONDERLAND,
excitement reigns. And the "economy" --in the form of gigs, and ever-more juicy live FM radio bits to feed them-- is growing:  it's not every week that I play two of NYC's most artsy and fun venues.  But, thanks to the merry pranksters at NWEAMO who never got the memo that computer musicians are supposed to be sexless screen-starers, I'm at the new DUMBO Galapagos and Joe's Pub, with Stony Brook as almost a tasty appetizer.  Hope to see you at one or more of these shows.  (Then we'll settle into some get-out-the-vote calls to swing states....right?)


10:30pm Thu 30 Oct 2008
Stony Brook, NY, for NWEAMO
University Café, Stony Brook Union Building

9:30 pm Fri 31 Oct 2008
Joe's Pub, NYC, for NWEAMO
also featuring Scott Johnson with Mark Dancigers and SWARMIUS
425 Lafayette Street, between East 4th and Astor Place
New York, NY 10003

Early! 5pm-8:30pm Sat 1 Nov 2008
Galapagos, NYC, for NWEAMO
with Sxip Shirey [MC], Kinesthetech Sense, Benoit Maubrey/Die Audio Gruppe,
C.K. Barlow, Fearsome Sparrow and more
$15/10 donation
16 Main Street, corner of Water Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

NWEAMO'S theme this year is: Can Art be about Sex?
What is this NWEAMO?


12. Agnes Denes, FF Alumn, in Budapest, Hungary, Oct. 1

Lecture by Agnes Denes: Art for the Third Millennium—Creating a New World View”, at Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary, October 1, 2008

Thank you,
Agnes Denes


13. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at Columbia Univ., Manhattan, Nov. 5

Please join us on Wednesday, November 5th,

SPEAKERS:      Vernita Nemec

TALK:         Saving the Planet with Art: Recycling with Imagination

Reception:  6:30 pm
Seminar:    7:00 to 8:30 pm
Place:   International Affairs Building, Room 707, 420 West 118th Street
Seminar Chairs: Eugenie Bietry, Ken Hollenbeck

Please rsvp for the reception only via e-mail
(jr438@columbia.edu).  Thank you!

The seminar will be held from 7pm to approx 8:30 p.m. in the
the Lindsay Rogers Room, 707 in the International Affairs Building.

Please join us for a wine & cheese reception before the seminar in
Room 707 of the IAB, starting at 6:30 pm.

For the location of the International Affairs Building, see:

About the Speaker:

Vernita Nemec (aka Vernita N'Cognita) is an artist of split persuasions- a performance artist and a visual artist, as well as a curator of exhibits in which art and politics touch or, if necessary, collide.

Since the late 70's, Vernita has been creating collage and installations, like "The Endless Junkmail Scroll," a 200 foot collage shown in its entirety or in segments- a creative solution to too much junkmail - and other artworks from materials that would have otherwise been discarded.

In 1994, she founded "Art from Detritus," group exhibitions of art made from recycled materials shown throughout the country.  Exhibits have been funded by the Kauffman & Puffin Foundations and sponsored by the NRC (National Recycling Coalition).

Though artists have been recycling found objects for centuries, the globalization of consumer culture has identified new opportunities for creative expression.  Ed McCormack in Gallery & Studio wrote, "Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination is an exhibit at the forefront of aesthetic ecology."

For further information on Vernita Nemec's art, please see:

All Seminars are free and open to the public

JK Rosenthal
Urban Planning Program
Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation
Columbia University
Avery Hall, 4th floor
New York, NY  10027



14. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, at Shrine, Manhattan, Oct. 28

Hi all,
We have a last minute gig this Tuesday, Oct 28 at 8pm at a cool venue in Harlem called Shrine.  Its a happening  newish world music venue.  Come check us out in quartet form, have a drink and celebrate the impending victory of Obama the week before he wins...details below.  Hope to see you soon.
Terry & EJG

Tuesday, Oct 28th 8pm
Shrine Bar and Restaurant
2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd between 132&133st

If you would like to be removed sent email to saxdame@yahoo.com with subject:Please Remove.  If you would like to reach Terry Dame directly please don't reply to this email, you may never get a response.  Send email to Terry@terrydame.com


15. Claes Oldenburg, Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumns, at OCA, Norway, opening November 8

Office for Contemporary Art Norway

'Whatever Happened
to Sex in Scandinavia?'
8 November 2008 - 1 February 2009


Press Preview: Wednesday, 5 November, 14:00 - 16:00

Public Opening: Saturday, 8 November, 12:00 - 16:00

Screening of the film Obscene (dir. Neil Ortenberg and Daniel O'Connor, 2007): Saturday, 8 November, 19:30 - 21:30,with dialogue between Barney Rosset, founder of Evergreen Review/Grove Press and Marta Kuzma, director of OCA

'Whatever Happened to Sex in Scandinavia?' is a research project that consists of three platforms – an exhibition, a programme of public events and a publication – examining the juncture of the political and the erotic through the work of artists produced predominantly in the context of the countercultural movements of the 1960s and 70s. Part of OCA's Verksted series, the exhibition and public programme are the result of an extensive research project about the international perception of Scandinavia during the 1950s, 60s and 70s as a utopic region of socialism and sexual freedom. This project will introduce OCA's new premises at Nedre gate 7 in Oslo.

The exhibition 'Whatever Happened to Sex in Scandinavia?' includes works by nearly forty international artists and filmmakers, as well as publications, journals and documentary material, all reflecting upon experimental moments in which artistic and cultural practice embraced or reflected a movement towards sexual and political liberation. The exhibition includes works by Thomas Bayrle, Stan Brakhage, Marie-Louise Ekman, Carl Johan De Geer, Öyvind Fahlström, Leif Gabrielsen, Marianne Heske, Sanja Iveković, Erkki Kurenniemi, Lee Lozano, Babette Mangolte, Gunvor Nelson, Claes Oldenburg, Carolee Schneemann and Erró, Yvonne Rainer, Barbara T. Smith and Willibald Storn among others. The exhibition pays special attention to resonant moments within the Scandinavian art context, such as Poul Gernes's social and artistic practice in the Eks-Skolen in Copenhagen, the relational activities of Gruppe 66 and Konkret Analyse in Bergen, and the interventions of Kanonklubben in Denmark a nd Norway. These are complemented with historical material, such as works by Erich Heckel, Kai Fjell and Edvard Munch, and documentation of the activist agendas of Katti Anker Møller, Elise Ottesen-Jensen and Käthe Kollwitz and of the revolutionary sexual-scientific investigations of Wilhelm Reich in Oslo. Archival material includes censored and underground publications in Scandinavia and internationally – the magazines Evergreen Review from the US, Puss from Sweden, Ta' and Ta' Box from Denmark and Gateavisa from Norway – in an effort to illustrate the correlations between the distribution networks for underground publications and radical art communities.

This project examines the historical roots of sex reform as a political initiative as analyzed by Herbert Marcuse in Eros and Civilization, and intends to purposefully open up and provoke questions about this history and related artistic and cultural production. The exhibition will be complemented by a series of screenings, lectures and seminars with participants such as filmmakers Jonas Mekas, co-founder of Film-Makers' Cooperative and Anthology Film Archives in New York City, MM Serra, director of the Film-Makers' Cooperative, and Nicky Hamlyn; artists Sanja Iveković, Carolee Schneemann and Barbara T. Smith; and historians Håvard Nilsen and Troels Andersen. They will be accompanied by special screening evenings featuring films by Stan Brakhage, Öyvind Fahlström, Jean Genet, Willard Maas, Anthony McCall, Yvonne Rainer, Barbara Rubin, Carolee Schneemann, Jack Smith, Mai Zetterling and others. A two-day seminar dedicated to discussing political radicalism, the socia l and identity construction and gender in the Scandinavian context will take place on the 21st and the 22nd of January at OCA. The schedule of speakers will be announced in early November.

'Whatever Happened to Sex in Scandinavia?' is organized by OCA and curated by its director, Marta Kuzma, with the assistance of Tonja Boos, OCA's project coordinator. An accompanying publication will appear in 2009, co-edited by Pablo Lafuente, OCA's associate curator and managing editor of Afterall, a journal of contemporary art based in London. The exhibition is supported with a generous grant from Fritt Ord in Oslo, with additional assistance provided by the Goethe Institut in Oslo. The exhibition includes important loans from the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki, the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (MUMOK) and Kontakt – Die Kunstsammlung der Erste Bank-Gruppe in Vienna, the Estate of Lee Lozano, the Film-Makers' Cooperative in New York and important private collections.


16. Andy Warhol, FF Alumn, at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, thru Jan. 18, 2009

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Warhol Live
September 25, 2008 - January 18, 2009

The Montreal
Museum of Fine Arts
Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion
1380 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec 



For the first time in the historiography of Andy Warhol (1928-1987), the exhibition-event Warhol Live, presented from September 25, 2008, to January 18, 2009, will explore the all-pervading and fundamental role of music and dance in the artist's work and life. Music is an essential narrative element that is present throughout the exhibition and will guide visitors as they rediscover Warhol's work. From this unusual angle, viewers will be treated to a chronological and thematic reading, from the film music Warhol discovered in his youth to the disco scene at Studio 54, the legendary nightclub that opened in 1977, where he was one of the most famous regulars. The exhibition will bring together some 640 works and objects, paintings, silkscreens, photographs, works on paper, installations, films, videos, album covers, as well as objects and documents from the artist's personal archives. It will juxtapose Warhol's major emblematic works (Elvis, Marilyn, Liza Minnelli, Gr ace Jones, Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry, the Self-portraits and the Campbell's Soup Cans) with other, lesser-known works (album covers, illustrations, photos and Polaroids). There are also the artist's films, including Sleep and Empire, as well as the Screen Tests of the musicians of the famous Velvet Underground, Andy Warhol's TV and video clips produced for groups like The Cars and Curiosity Killed the Cat. The exhibition Warhol Live is produced by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in partnership with The Andy Warhol Museum, one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

The works come from The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and from leading public and private collections in Europe and North America. A collection of some fifty album covers belonging to Montreal collector Paul Maréchal will be presented together for the first time. It includes The Velvet Underground & Nico, Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones), Love You Live (Rolling Stones), Silk Electric (Diana Ross), Aretha (Aretha Franklin) and Rockbird (Debbie Harry).

Music: An Essential Part of Warhol's Work
While Warhol's interest in music comes across highly anecdotally and briefly in his Journal and his numerous interviews, music and its representation in his work is remarkable and predominant: it is an invisible yet essential component.

>From a drawing in 1948 for the cover of Cano – the student magazine at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, which depicts an orchestra in the "blotted line" technique – to the celebrity portraits of Mick Jagger, Liza Minnelli and Prince, Warhol created dozens of portraits of twentieth-century pop icons, from Elvis to the Rolling Stones, from the Beatles to Michael Jackson, throughout his career. From 1949, the year he arrived in New York, to 1987, the last year of his life, he also illustrated some fifty album covers, from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake to Aretha Franklin, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, the Velvet Underground, the Rolling Stones, Diana Ross and Blondie. Attesting to Warhol's changing commissions and affinities, the thread that runs through this iconography reads like a history of postwar American musical tastes, from classical to jazz, rock, pop and soul, disco and hip-hop.

In Warhol's world, music goes far beyond mere iconography. Warhol orchestrated the "All Tomorrow's Parties" at the Silver Factory, providing an ideal, ephemeral stage for Edie Sedgwick, his moving muse and first alter ego; he served as a producer for the Velvet Underground; he made an artistic contribution to Merce Cunningham's choreography Rain Forest; he turned Studio 54 into an extension of his studio. Set to music, the invisible art that animates bodies and situates beings in space and in their time, he imagined the entire work of art that was Exploding Plastic Inevitable. He imagined himself in Sculpture Invisible. He used music in his films and filmed concerts. He produced music videos and met with musicians, notably for Interview, the magazine he founded in 1969. And above all, through the play of mirrors and osmosis he projected on his contemporaries, he himself became a rock star equal to Mick Jagger or Debbie Harry, his final inspiration.

Exhibition Design
Guillaume de Fontenay's exhibition design will evoke some of the highlights in this relationship between art and music through reconstitutions that, while not exact re-creations like "period rooms," will provide a closer look at the Silver Factory, with a mise en scène by photographer Billy Name, the multimedia show Exploding Plastic Inevitable to music by the Velvet Underground, Silver Clouds created for Merce Cunningham's choreography Rain Forest to music by David Tudor, and the musical ambience of Studio 54, a veritable extension of Warhol's studio from the 1970s to the end of his life.

For the first time, two publications will address music's influence on Warhol's work. A lavishly illustrated exhibition catalogue (288 pages and approximately 450 illustrations), overseen by Stéphane Aquin, includes essays by numerous Warhol specialists, as well as first-person accounts (such as a conversation with Glenn O'Brien, Director of Interview) and unpublished writings. At the same time, a critical catalogue raisonné of the record covers designed by Warhol has been written by Paul Maréchal, the collector of this body of work (240 pages and approximately 250 illustrations). These works are published in English and French by the Museum's Publishing Department and distributed by Prestel.

The exhibition is curated by Stéphane Aquin, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; Emma Lavigne, curator at the Musée national d'art moderne/CCI, Centre Pompidou, Paris; and Matt Wrbican, archivist at The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh. Greg Pierce, assistant curator, The Andy Warhol Museum, put together the exhibition's film and video programming.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' International Exhibition Programme receives financial support from the Exhibition Fund of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Foundation and the Paul G. Desmarais Fund.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts wishes to thank GBC Asset Management and Bell for their support and media partners La Presse and The Gazette. Its gratitude also extends to Quebec's Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine for its ongoing support.

The Museum would like to thank the Volunteer Association of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for its invaluable support. It would also like to thank all its Friends and the many corporations, foundations and people who support its mission.

Sylvie Deslauriers or Catherine Guex
Public Relations

Images of works are available on the Museum's Web site at http://www.mmfa.qc.ca/media

Instructions to follow for reproducing works of art: The work of art is to be reproduced in its entirety without cropping, bleeding, guttering, overprinting or other alteration of any kind, and the caption and photo credit must accompany the illustration of the work.


17. Dread Scott, Robin Tewes, FF Alumns, at Affirmation Arts, Manhattan, Oct. 29

Groundswell Community Mural Project
Wed October 29th 2008
7-10PM Donor's Preview 6-7 PM
held at: Affirmation Arts 523 W. 37th St.
Live & Silent Auction
This special event will feature live and silent auctions the works of more than 60
contemporary artists. Libby Addington, Charity Auctioneer, Christie's will preside
the auction. Donations at or above $100 per person are invited to our Donor's
Preview from 6-7pm the night of the event. VIP Preview includes early access to
bidding and our special new "Buy It Now" event (selected artworks can be
purchased at set price prior to auction).
Art Auction featuring artists:
Meredith Allen
Maria Elena Alvarez
Sarah Brenneman
Erin Burns
Jonathan Burstein
Eduardo Cervantes
Kevin Cooley
Collen Cunningham
Craig Damrauer
Tim Davis
Edward DelRosario
Jane Dickson
Ryan Divita
Alexis Duque
Elbow Toe
Franklin Evans
Matthew Fisher
Nancy Friedemann
Anna Gaskell
Cynthia Hartling
Ian Hartshorne
Paul Jacobsen
Erick Johnson
Natasha Kissell
Ellen Kozak
Jenny Laden
Adela Leibowitz
Joshua Levine
Philip Levine
Nikki Lindt
Sam Logan
Rene Lynch
Karen Margolis
Joe Matunis
Christina Mazzalupo
Shane McAdams
Barry McGee
Conor McGrady
Bede Murphy
Matthew Nichols
Judith Page
Kate Pollard
Eduardo Alexander Rabel
Rigo 23
Jennifer Riley
Alexis Rockman
Bryony Romer
Kanako Sasaki
Nicole Schulman
Dread Scott
Inbal Sivan
Ryan Hartley Smith
Robin Tewes
Louise Thomas
Massimo Vitali
Susan Wides
Hank Willis Thomas
Katie Yamasaki
.... and more
Copyright © 2000 Groundswell Community Mural Project
339 Douglass Street * Brooklyn, NY 11217 * 718.254.9782 * info@groundswellmural.org


18. Ebon Fisher, FF Alumn, at NY Theatre Workshop, Oct. 27

Hi Everyone,

I'm speaking on a panel this Monday evening at the New York Theatre workshop in the East Village. Come on out and join the discussion. The panel includes Obie-award winning writer/musician Kyle Jarrow and Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Helen Whitney. I'll be opening the event with a Zoacode, "PROBE ALL VIA SQUIRM" and will speak about open source philosophy and Wigglism. �

Those of you outside Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, I want to welcome you to our emerging Art & Technology program at the Stevens Institute of Technology. You'll hear more from us.

Ebon Fisher
Affilate Assoc. Professor
Art & Technology
College of Arts & Letters
Hoboken, NJ, USA


THE SKEPTICS Panel Discussion

Monday, October 27, 2008, 6:30-9:30 p.m. / FREE
79 E. 4th Street�
New York, NY 10003
212-780-9037 � www.nytw.org
event Info: www.fsexperience.com

Please join us on Monday, October 27, 2008, 6:30 p.m., when Full Spectrum and New York Theatre Workshop will present THE SKEPTICS, a panel discussion with six creators whose work explores the ground between belief and uncertainty. The Skeptics will be moderated by�poet/historian Jennifer Michael Hecht.

FAITH ADIELE, writer, University of Pittsburgh
EBON FISHER,�transmedia artist, Stevens Institute of Technology
CHITRA GANESH,�visual artist, Saatchi Gallery
KYLE JARROW, Obie Award winning writer/musician
HELEN WHITNEY, Emmy Award winning filmmaker

6:30 film screening of Faith,�by director Helen Whitney
7:00 panel discussion
8:00 audience Q&A
9:00 mingle

79 E. 4th Street
[btwn 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave/Bowery, in the East Village]
New York, NY 10003
212-780-9037 � www.nytw.org
F to 2nd Ave, 6 to Astor Pl, N/R to 8th St, or B/D to Broadway/Lafayette

FULL SPECTRUM:�A Convergence of Artists, Activists, Explorers & Thinkers

Presented by Con Edison�
with generous support by Rush Philharmonic


19. Ligorano/Reese, FF Alumn, in lower Manhattan, Oct. 29

Main Street Meltdown

a temporary monument
by Ligorano/Reese

from 9 AM til Midnight on
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Foley Square, New York City
(between Lafayette & Centre Streets)

OCTOBER 29, 1929

~ RAINDATE, October 30th ~

for more information see:
Part of BrushFire
A Provisions Library Public Art Project


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