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Contents for July 21, 2008

1. David Khang, FF Alumn, in Visualeyez 2008, Edmonton, Canada, July 18-28
2. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, at Brooklyn Lyceum, July 23
3. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, in Cornelia, GA, Aug. 1-2
4. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, in Long Island City, Queens, July 26, and more
5. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, in Vienna, Austria, July 28 and 30
6. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, now online at youtube.com/watch?v=jDLI08lZ9YU
7. Allan Kaprow, Les Levine, Nina Sobell, FF Alumns, at the Whitney Museum, Manhattan, thru September 28
8. Mark Tribe, FF Alumn, at Park Avenue Armory, Manhattan, September 27
9. Bob Sikoryak, Kriota Willberg, FF Alumns, in White River Junction, VT, July 22
10. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, at North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, and more
11. Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer, FF Alumn, at Le Petit Versailles, Manhattan, Aug. 1, 8 pm
12. Mitzi Humphrey, FF Alumn, at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA, opens August 1
13. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, in Roxbury, NY, July 26, and more
14. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, in Edinburgh, Scotland, opening July 31
15. Geoffrey Hendricks, Duff Schweninger, Willoughby Sharp, FF Alumns, at Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ, opening July 24
16. Coco Fusco, FF Alumn, named Chair of Fine Art at Parsons/The New School for Design, Manhattan
17. Yvette Helin, FF Alumn, in Metro New York, July 18


1. David Khang, FF Alumn, in Visualeyez 2008, Edmonton, Canada, July 18-28

Visualeyez 2008
The 9th Annual Visualeyez festival of performance art taking place from July 18-28, 2008
in the downtown core of Edmonton, Alberta, with the curatorial theme of Justice.

Participating artists:
Robin Brass
Paul Couillard
Margaret Dragu
David Khang
Alexis O'Hara
Kira O'Reiley
Karen Spencer

Festival Animator: Shawna Dempsey
Curated by: Todd Janes

I Have (Had) A Dream

I Have (Had) A Dream is David Khang's second project in an on-going series of interconnected public performances titled "Wrong Places." Mining historical events from the past, the series explores relations across times and cultures – both dissonant and consonant, divergent and convergent. By butting together conflicting cultural signifiers strategically, the intent is to go beyond historical specificities, to make connections that cross national (and nationalistic) historical borders.

Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture
10248 - 106 St., Edmonton, AB T5J 1H5


2. Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn, at Brooklyn Lyceum, July 23

The renowned Accordion Angels will be performing at the
Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Ave (between Union and President Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Wednesday, Jul 23 2008
at 8: and 9:30 pm

As part of the Jazz on Wednesdays Series (curated by Joe Phillips)

Admission is $10.
The Lyceum is located nearest the R train station at Union Street.

The Accordion Angels include Bob Goldberg, FF Alumn.


3. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, in Cornelia, GA, Aug. 1-2

Joni Mabe presents
The 9th Annual Big E Festival
August 1 & 2, 2008
Friday night's Championship Concert starts at 7 PM. Admission is $10.
Performances by 2007 Champion Rick Wade and Kambrie Gaddis.
Special guest Demi Downing and Matthew Spalding.

Saturday's ETA Cmpetition starts at 10 AM. Admission is $10.

Food provided by Emma's Bistro and S & J Concessions.

Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Loudermilk Boarding House Museum, built 1908.
Bring lawn chair.
Ask for special Elvis Rate at Hampton Inn in Cornelia, 706-778-0040.

271 Foreacre St.
Cornelia, GA 30531-3659



4. Nicolas Dumit Estevez, FF Alumn, in Long Island City, Queens, July 26, and more

5-part performance series - exhibition dates: May 17th – July 31st 2008

Nicolás Dumit Estévez opening reception: Saturday July 26th from 7 – 9pm

Included artists:
Larry Litt - May 17th - May 25th
Brina Thurston - May 31st - June 15th
Elena Tejada Herrera - June 19th - July 3rd
Noritoshi Hirakawa - July 3rd - July 13th
Nicolás Dumit Estévez - July 26th - July 31st

DEAN PROJECT in collaboration with Y Gallery is pleased to present “Cringe” a five-part performance-based exhibition series curated by Cecilia Jurado

For the last installment in the series Nicolás Dumit Estévez presents “In His Shoes: The More i Honor You the More You Bless me”

On June 2007, Estévez journeyed from his home in the South Bronx to the Czech Republic to embody the religious symbol of its capital, the adored Infant of Prague. As such, he wore a hand-made interpretation of one of the seventy-plus vestments in His wardrobe to incarnate the Holy Infant in His worldly place of residence. But because current airline restrictions prevented Estévez from traveling in the vestments, he passed through Berlin, where he was ceremonially dressed as the Icon at a ceremony undertaken by curator Alanna Lockward prior to journeying on to Prague. On the journey back from the Czech Republic to Germany, the Infant was undressed at Arttranspoder, an art gallery, and he, Nicolás, returned to himself in preparation for traveling home to the US.

On December 20-25, a detailed account of the journey, entitled Induced Labor, was undertaken as part of the final phase of In His Shoes. This consisted of a five-day stay at an undisclosed cloistered monastery, where Estévez reenacted the embodiment as a way of inviting the Infant to manifest His spiritual as well as bodily experiences in writing. The disembodiment of the Child and Estévez’ own symbolic rebirth took place on the morning of December 25. A publication written by Estévez and published by Dean Project will document this experience.

This exhibition will serve as the platform for the launching of “Induced labor,” Estévez’ publication documenting “In His Shoes.” Furthermore, it will featurean audio collaboration between Estévez and Jonny Farrow.

Nicolás Dumit Estévez is an interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited and performed extensively in the US as well as internationally at venues such as Madrid Abierto/ARCO, IDENSITAT, LOOP, The IX Havana Biennial, The III International Theatre Festival of Santo Domingo, PERFORMA 05 and 07, Longwood Arts Project/Bronx Council on the Arts, Prague Quadrennial, The Queens Museum of Art, El Museo del Barrio, and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), among others. His most recent work includes For Art’s Sake, a series of seven secular pilgrimages to seven museums in the New York metropolitan area, presented with LMCC and the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art. Other projects include Thirty Two Letters to my Dentist, a publication launched at the Center for Book Arts in the spring of 2008 and Nocturns to be developed for EmergeNYC and the Hemispheric Institute at NYU. In September of the same year he performs and exhibits The Passerby Museum, an ongoing public intervention in collaboration with María Alós, at the Claremont Museum of Art in Los Angeles. Born in Santiago de los Treinta Caballeros, Dominican Republic. Estévez lives and works in the South Bronx.

Be prepared to cringe.
Considering the current state of the art market — an unlimited oasis and supply of commercial art goods ready to be exchanged in multiple venues around the world — Cecilia Jurado wondered, “What about those in search of a small piece of an artist’s soul and not merely their detritus?” The answer: five culturally critical performance artists who ask, “why not be critical of one’s own world? Art has thousands of followers and many creators, but let’s be honest, much of the world’s population lives fine without it.”

Some artists, while they agree with those who cringe at the art world and its financial excesses, still have a deep desire and love for art that stimulates, provokes, and makes them think. Larry Litt, Brina Thurston, Elena Tejada-Herrera, Noritoshi Hirakawa and Nicolás Dumit Estévez remind us that the unmediated and unrecorded performance experience cannot be acquired and collected.

This exhibition is a conversation about contemporary art and its arbitrary values; like gold, art is only valuable when someone is willing to pay for it. Yet the collecting of art has an intellectual and cultural status far superior to the crass collecting of gold. When considering the idea of collecting art the average man in the street cringes.

Each of the participants will present original first-time-exhibited work. These performers have a razor sharp attitude towards their subjects and they clearly display their opinions. Sometimes these opinions make us cringe as well.

DEAN PROJECT is located at the back right corner of the P.S.1 Museum in Long Island City
Tel. 718.706.1462
45-43 21st Street
Email. mark@deanproject.com
Long Island City, NY 11101
Summer hours: Thurs – Sun 2–7pm & Mon by appt


The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance Present

Nicolás Dumit Estévez retreats for seven days to a cloistered monastery in the South Bronx, committing himself to the nocturnal adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, the consecrated Eucharist, while the resident nuns take their nightly rest. His stay opens the possibility for a round-the-clock exposition of what the Roman Catholic tradition recognizes as Christ's corporeal presence. During the time spent at the cloister Nicolás vows to: devote himself to adoration and prayer, refrain from engaging in any use of language, and avoid communicating with the outside world.

Meet Nicolás on the seventh day of his experience as he emerges from the Corpus Christi Monastery, and journey with him by foot to the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, where he will break his vow of silence and take questions in a public Q & A.

12:40 PM sharp
Sunday July 27, 2008
Corner of Lafayette Ave. and Barretto St.
in front of 1230 LAFAYETTE AVE, BRONX
6 train to Hunts Point

Nocturns is presented as part of Hemispheric New York and EMERGENYC (emergenyc.org). Special thanks to the Bronx Council for the Arts and the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (841 Barretto Street 2nd Floor, Bronx NY).


5. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, in Vienna, Austria, July 28 and 30

Penny Arcade at Impulstanz Festival
Vienna, Austria July 28th and 30th 2008
Appearing in Tony Rizzi's Snowman Melting

Tony Rizzi, a principal dancer with Bill Forysthe's Frankfurt Ballet has been making his own work for several years.

Penny Arcade appears in Snowman Melting for the second time since the acclaimed performance at National Art Center Ottawa 2006


6. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, now online at youtube.com/watch?v=jDLI08lZ9YU

Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, now online at youtube. Here’s a link:



7. Allan Kaprow, Les Levine, Nina Sobell, FF Alumns, at the Whitney Museum, Manhattan, thru September 28

Through October 12, 2008

This exhibition brings together a group of new and rarely seen works by Paul McCarthy. It addresses a core element of McCarthy's art: the way in which physical and psychological de-stabilization is made to occur through the body's interaction with dislocated architectural space. This question has been central for McCarthy since his earliest experiments with destruction in painting and performance in the 1960s. The exhibition includes 'Spinning Room', a projective installation first proposed in 1971, 'Mad House', a new installation, 'Bang Bang Room' (1993) and a group of rarely seen film loops, videotapes and a slide work from 1966-1971. Curated by Chrissie Iles.

Through September 28, 2008
Film has been an important inspiration for Paul McCarthy since the beginning of his career. McCarthy began making films as a student in the mid 1960s. In conjunction with the exhibition, McCarthy has curated a program that brings together films by Tony Conrad, films from the 1970s by Valie Export and Maria Lassnig, 1960s structural films by Kurt Kren, rarely screened works by Jack Smith, Stan VanDerBeek and Stan Brakhage, and a group of films by Pat O'Neill. Works by Bas Jan Ader, Jack Goldstein, Morgan Fisher and Nina Sobell will also be screened. Two classic Warhol westerns, 'Horse' (1965) and 'Lonesome Cowboys' (1969) will be screened. 'The Sound of Music' (1965) will be projected upside down and backwards. The series also includes screenings of 'The Pawnbroker' (1965), and selections from 'Close Radio', a half hour radio program curated by McCarthy from 1976-1979 with John Duncan, featuring, amongst others, Allan Kaprow, Ant Farm, Guy de Cointet, Jack Goldstein, Les Levine and Paul McCarthy.

See the Whitney website for the full 'Film List' schedule: http://www.whitney.org

Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street
New York City
(212) 570-3600


8. Mark Tribe, FF Alumn, at Park Avenue Armory, Manhattan, September 27

Port Huron Project 4: We Are Also Responsible

WHAT: Public reenactment of a 1971 speech by César E. Chávez performed by Ricardo Dominguez

WHEN: Saturday, July 19th, 2008. DJ set at 5:00 PM, reenactment at 6:00 PM.

WHERE: South Lawn, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, CA.
Cheap parking in Lot 3.

This is the fourth event in the Port Huron Project, a series of reenactments of Vietnam-era protest speeches organized by artist Mark Tribe and presented by Creative Time and LACE. Generous support provided by Creative Capital and the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Los Angeles.

More information about the project and video of previous reenactments is available online at http://www.porthuronproject.net.

To get involved, email porthuronproject@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events

August 1, 2008
Oakland Museum of California
100 Oak Street, Oakland, CA
Artist Talk
7:30 PM

August 2, 2008
DeFremery Park
1651 Adeline Street, Oakland, CA Port Huron Project 5: The Liberation of Our People
Speech originally given by Angela Davis in 1969
DJ set by Youth Radio at 5:00 PM
Reenactment at 6:00 PM
September 7, 2008
Adjacent to the United Nations
New York City, NY
Port Huron Project 6: Let Another World Be Born
Speech originally given by Stokely Carmichael in 1967
Reenactment at 6:00 PM

September 21-27
Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Avenue
New York, NY
The Democracy in America Convergence Center
A convening of over 50 artists and radical thinkers
Including a video installation of Port Huron Projects 4, 5 & 6


9. Bob Sikoryak, Kriota Willberg, FF Alumns, in White River Junction, VT, July 22

You may recall The Bentfootes, the dance mockumentary to which I contributed archival illustrations and animation...

On Tuesday, July 22, White River Junction's Center for Cartoon Studies and the Main Street Museum will present the New England Premiere of The Bentfootes
as part of the summer film program "ARTifacts." Kriota Willberg, the film's co-director and choreographer, will introduce the premiere and answer questions after the showing.

The 7 PM pre-premiere reception with Kriota and cartoonist/animator R. Sikoryak will open the evening at the Main Street Museum at 58 Bridge Street in White River Junction, VT, followed at 8 PM by the premiere of The Bentfootes at the Center for Cartoon Studies, 92 South Main Street in White River Junction, VT.

Admission is $5 per person, free for Museum members and CCS students.

For more information, call 802-356-2776.



10. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, at North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, and more

museum commission, published interview and cover of book

Commissioned public sculpture for North Carolina Museum of Art; INVASIVE; 1700' x 10'; black high-gloss paint, names of local invasive flora and prayer by Rev. Tom Rhodes; located in the Sculpture Park of the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC, installed 4/2008 "The artist's design for Invasive is based on 18th-century European floral fabric patterns. Today these popular motifs are used as tattoos, especially among young women. A subtle but witty commentary on a pervasive problem in the North Carolina landscape - the proliferation of invasive species of plants and the subsequent loss of indigenous plants - the swirling painted patterns of Invasive physically invade the paved trail, creeping in from the edges and flowing across the path. As it winds its way through the Park, the painted patterns appears and disappears, becoming dense, then spare. No matter how visitors traverse the Park trails, whether by foot, bicycle or wheelchair, Taylor's road tattoos are sure to draw their attention and invite reflection on the invasive power of nature and humankind, often at odds with one another, sometimes in sync. " Linda Johnson Dougherty, Chief Curator and Curator of Contemporary Art

Interview by Joanna Heatwole for Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism published by the Visual Studies Workshop. "Body of Prayer: An Interview with Steed Taylor" was in Volume 35, Number 4 focusing on the spiritual aspect of my work.


My road tattoo sculpture, Messenger, was used for the cover of a book about Riverside Park where it is located. Published by Columbia University Press, Riverside Park: The Splendid Sliver by Edward Grimm and E. Peter Schroeder, is an illustrated tribute to this long, thin New York City sanctuary designed by Fredrick Law Olmsted along the Hudson River in Manhattan.


11. Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer, FF Alumn, at Le Petit Versailles, Manhattan, Aug. 1, 8 pm

Le Petit Versailles presents
Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer
a video installation with performance.
August 1 FRIDAY 8pm

Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer is a New York City painter/animator/media artist who produces moving images that encompassing a myriad of methods. Her background in painting and performance art informs her work. The focus of her new media work is to fuse the sensual , spiritual and the intellectual. Recently she has been working with dancers in live performance and dance video that often include animated imagery. She has been studying interactive programing and is incorporating it into her artistic practice. Her new animated film “An Archetypical Room” was exhibited in national and international media festivals.

For more information please visit www.Lpvtv.blogspot.com


12. Mitzi Humphrey, FF Alumn, at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA, opens August 1

Mitzi Humphrey, FF Alumn in “ONE/OFF Printmakers: 8 x 10” at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia.

“ONE/OFF Printmakers: 8 x 10” is on view in the Pauley Center at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Aug 1-Sep 28, 2008. The Pauley Center gallery is open Mon - Fri, 9 am - 5 pm; Sat, 9:30 am-4:30 pm.


13. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, in Roxbury, NY, July 26, and more

Hello All,
Terry Dame's Electric Junkyard Gamelan is performing in the Catskills next Saturday, July 26th at the Roxbury Arts Group in Roxbury, NY. The show is at 8pm and its a lovely place so if you are in the neighborhood stop by. We plan to rock the house with musicians Lee Free, Mary Feaster, Kim Garey, Julian Hintz and myself, Terry Dame. We have some other exciting shows coming up in in and out of NYC including a show at MoMA in the city on Aug 14th and a tour to the Midwest in late August. See the complete schedule below for all upcoming. Hope to see you here, there, somewhere soon.
Terry & EJG

Saturday, July 26, 2008 8pm
Roxbury Arts Center
Roxbury, NY

Thursday, August 14th, 2008 5:30&7pm
Museum of Modern Art
MoMA Thursday Nights

Wednesday, August 20th 8pm
376 Ninth St

Friday August 22, 8pm
Your Inner Vagabond
Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday, August 23rd
Surly Girl Saloon
Columbus, OH

Sunday, August 24th 8pm
Elastic Arts Foundation
2830 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL

Thurs. & Fri Aug. 28th & 29th
in residence at The Art Farm
Cedar Rapids, IA

Saturday, August 30th
New Bohemia Music Festival
Cedar Rapids, IA


14. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, in Edinburgh, Scotland, opening July 31

Martha Rosler Library
1 August - 9 November 2008

Stills is delighted to announce the opening of the Martha Rosler Library on
Thursday 31st July from 7pm -9pm.

Stills, Edinburgh
Opening hours: daily 11am – 6pm
23 Cockburn Street
Edinburgh EH1 1BP
+44 (0)131 622 6200

Comprised of approximately 7,700 titles from the artist's personal collection, the Library was opened to the public by Anton Vidokle in November 2005 as a storefront reading room at e-flux, on Ludlow street in New York City. It has since traveled to Frankfurter Kunstverein, MuHKA, Antwerp, unitednationsplaza, Berlin, Institut national d'histoire de l'art, Paris and the John Moores University, Liverpool. The library will remain on view in Edinburgh through November 9th, 2008.

"In an act of incredible generosity, one of Americas most important living artists temporarily dispossessed herself of the vast majority of her personal library so that it could be made available for consultation. No borrowing was possible, but the eclectic ensemble of books on economics, political theory, war, colonialism, poetry, feminism, science fiction, art history, mystery novels, childrens books, dictionaries, maps and travel books, as well as photo albums, posters, postcards and newspaper clippings could be studied at will. Smart, decidedly political in orientation, often funny, and all over the place (in that way a perfect mirror of its owner), the library is packed with essential reading and titles that even your better bookstores would love to get their hands on. As the product of decades of avid reading, the contents of the library are both the source of Roslers work and an installation/artwork that continues many of the concerns with public space, access to infor mation and engaged citizenship that traverse her entire oeuvre."
--Elena Filipovic, Afterall, issue 15, Spring/Summer 2007

A personal library represents the private sphere of an individual, her way of acquiring and combining knowledge. Accumulation is the result of an intellectual inquiry that takes place in parallel with a more random search, which can lead us to unexpected textual, and therefore mental, spaces. Martha Rosler Library offers the visitor an opportunity to approach this open source of information with her or his own interests, and to create new affinities and connections between the elements of the library that add to more than the sum of knowledge contained in it. The bibliography, currently in process, can be accessed online at http://www.e-flux.com/projects/library

Whenever the Martha Rosler Library docks into a venue – be it a shop front, a gallery or an office above a supermarket – it evolves in response to its new geographical and social location. A repository of knowledge and ideas, it settles, breathes and lives again as new readers arrive and new discussions begin. In Autumn 2008, the next chapter will commence at Stills, another unique context, this time with a particular focus on photography.

Admission is free. All are welcome.

Talks: Martha Rosler Library project includes a series of informal public conversations, lectures and discussions which started in New York and continued at all its venues. Please see http://www.stills.org for more details.

Following the opening of Martha Rosler Library, Anton Vidokle will discuss the library and other related recent on Friday 1 August at 1pm.

Publication: The exhibition is accompanied by a publication including interviews with Martha Rosler and Anton Vidokle by Stephen Wright, and an essay by Elena Filipovic. The publication is available through Printed Matter, http://www.printedmatter.org

Stills: Founded over thirty years ago, Stills invites people to explore photography in the context of contemporary art and culture. Our darkrooms and digital studios place production at the core of our activities as we seek to catalyse the creation of new ideas, works and dialogues, which are reflected in our exhibition programme. We are particularly delighted to be working with the Martha Rosler Library at this point in our development as it contributes to both our thinking around current artistic practice as a site for exchange and reflection and the role that the public space of the art gallery can play in supporting this process.

23 Cockburn Street
Edinburgh EH1 1BP
+44 (0)131 622 6200

Opening hours: daily, 11am – 6pm

For further information please email info@stills.org


15. Geoffrey Hendricks, Duff Schweninger, Willoughby Sharp, FF Alumns, at Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ, opening July 24

In Suspension at Mason Gross Galleries, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 33 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick, NJ 08901
www.masongross.rutgers.edu July 21 – September 12, 2008, Opening Thurs. July 24, 5-7 pm, Closing Thurs. September 11, 5-7 pm

Artists in the show include: Wei Wei Ai, Rita Z. Asch, Mike Bidlo, Berendina Buist, Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, John Goodyear,
Geoffrey Hendricks, Eve Ingalls, Margaret Kennard Johnson, Caroline Lathan-Stiefel, Marshal Levin-Rojer, Frank Magalhaes,
Vincent Moreno, Dennis Oppenheim, Charles Ray, Duff Schweninger, Tom Shannon, Willoughby Sharp, Douglas Vogel


16. Coco Fusco, FF Alumn, named Chair of Fine Art at Parsons/The New School for Design, Manhattan

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I am pleased to inform you that I have accepted the position of Chair of Fine Art at Parsons/The New School for Design.

Coco Fusco


17. Yvette Helin, FF Alumn, in Metro New York, July 18

Pedestrians Press On
by Amy Zimmer

“Pedestrian artist walks to W’burg In Williamsburg, the stretch of Bedford Avenue from Metropolitan Avenue to North Ninth Street — aka Hipsterdom’s main drag — will become even more the place to be seen this Saturday and following three when it turns into a pedestrian-only zone. And Williamsburg Walks, as the 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. street closing is called, is drawing out a local artist who has made a motif of the symbols that guide us across the street. Yvette Helin — who moved to Williamsburg in 1991 and now lives in nearby Greenpoint — will suit up in one of her black costumes that transform her into a pedestrian-crossing stick figure. The professional costume designer first launched the “Pedestrian Project” in 1989, taking to the city streets with a troupe of costumed volunteers. She eventually traveled the globe with the piece. But she hasn’t performed as a stick figure in New York since the year 2000 at the Museum of Modern Art. After 9/11, the project “felt wrong” to her. “They’re fun to watch, very calming. It’s minimalist stuff, subtle drama,” said Helin, whose costumes can be seen on Nickelodeon. “But people always thought they were a little freaky.” Community Board 1 member Teresa Toro encouraged Helin to bring the project back “because it promotes walking in an iconic, fun way that’s true to the spirit of Williamsburg’s off-beat arts culture.” Helin will try to recruit volunteers to join her for the subsequent Williamsburg Walks, but will show up solo this Saturday, perhaps strolling a “Ped” baby. “That’s what you do in Willamsburg now,” Helin said. “The breeders are all buying the new condos.””

Click the link below and scroll to page 4, for the full story and image

Yvette Helin
Yvette Helin Studio, LLC
1205 Manhattan Avenue, Suite 1-3-6
Brooklyn New York 11222
718-389-8797 office
917-617-5935 mobile

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