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1. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Laguna Art Museum, CA, thru Oct. 5
2. A. A. Bronson, FF Alumn, appointed to the Order of Canada
3. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, now online at http://rccs.usfca.edu/booklist.asp
4. Joe Lewis, FF Alumn, receives NYFA grant
5. Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumn, at Galerie de Kunstler, Munich, Germany, July 15, 6-9 pm
6. Paul McMahon, Linda Montano, at Woodstock Mothership, Woodstock, NY thru July
7. Clemente Padin, FF Alumn, in Montevideo, Uruguay, July 12
8. Robert Barry, Leon Golub, Matt Mullican, Dan Perjhovschi, Tadej Pogacar, Lawrence Weiner, FF Alums, at MoMA, Manhattan
9. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, at Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany, opening July 11, 8 pm
10. Luke Roberts, FF Alumn, in Sydney, Australia, July 19, 3 pm
11. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, at Le Petit Versailles, Manhattan, July 12, 8 pm
12. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, finalist in London Photographic Awards, UK, and more


1. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Laguna Art Museum, CA, thru Oct. 5

I am pleased as punch to have a piece in a mammoth exhibition at the Laguna Art Museum. "In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor" presents the work of 150 artists and posits that there has been a huge, but unacknowledged art movement taking place in this country for the last 40 years. Since 1994, this ground swelling of lowbrow, surrealistic, pop, figurative, narrative work has coalesced and found a voice in the pages of Juxtapoz magazine published in San Francisco. The show will be up through October 5th and is well worth a visit if you're down that way (the beach isn't bad either!).

Laguna Art Museum
307 Cliff Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 494-8971

If you can't make the show, you can see some pics from the exhibit here: http://isamaras.wordpress.com/


Isabel Samaras


2. A. A. Bronson, FF Alumn, appointed to the Order of Canada

Governor General Announces New Appointments to the Order of Canada
July 1, 2008

OTTAWA — Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, announced today 75 new appointments to the Order of Canada. The new appointees include five Companions (C.C.), 26 Officers (O.C.), and 43 Members (C.M.), as well as one Honorary Officer. These appointments were made on the recommendation of the Advisory Council on the Order of Canada.

Recipients will be invited to accept their insignia at a ceremony to be held at a later date.

Awarded for the first time in 1967, during Canada’s Centennial Year, the Order of Canada launched the creation of our country’s own system of honours. For more information on the Canadian honours system, please consult http://www.gg.ca/honours/index_e.asp.

Media information
Rideau Hall Press Office

AA Bronson, O.C.
New York, N.Y., U.S.A. and Toronto, Ontario
Officer of the Order of Canada

For his contributions as a solo artist and a member of General Idea who has influenced and inspired generations of his peers.


3. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, now online at http://rccs.usfca.edu/booklist.asp

Each month, the resource center for cyberculture studies (RCCS) publishes a set of book reviews and author responses ( http://rccs.usfca.edu/booklist.asp ). books of the month for july 2008

Digital Contagions: A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses
Author: Jussi Parikka
Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing, 2007
Review 1: Joseph Nechvatal
Author Response: Jussi Parikka


4. Joe Lewis, FF Alumn, receives NYFA grant

144 NY Artists, Including Painters, Playwrights & Choreographers,
Receive Nearly $1 Million in Unrestricted Funds from NYFA

Brooklyn Produces Most Grant Winners – Second Time in Program’s 23 Year History
New York, NY (June 2, 2008) – New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), New York’s leading provider of unrestricted funding to individual artists, has awarded 136 Fellowships to 144 New York artists representing eight artistic disciplines that cover the visual, performing and literary arts. Reflected in the total are eight artistic collaborations. A NYFA Fellowship comes with an unrestricted grant in the amount of $7000. For the second consecutive year in the 23-year history of the program, called Artists’ Fellowships, the greatest number of awardees hail from Brooklyn – a distinction that has typically gone to Manhattan. Attached please find a complete list of the 2008 NYFA Fellows, which indicates each artist’s county of residence.
This year’s 144 NYFA Fellows – who were chosen among over 4,500 applicants – includes Joe Lewis, FF Alumn, plus architects, choreographers, composers, fiction writers, painters, photographers, playwrights, screenwriters and video artists. The Fellows were selected by peer panels, which were assembled according to each artistic discipline. For 38 year old Brooklyn painter Allison Gildersleeve, the award is potentially career changing. “Getting a grant from NYFA is more than the financial boost,” she said. “We all need more money – to buy supplies, for studio space, and to purchase that most precious commodity: time to make work. But wrapped up with that check in the mail, comes the icing on the cake, that outside affirmation all of us need when we're sequestered in our studios trying to figure out what to do next – that you have been picked out of the most competitive pool. This is New York after all, and now you share recognition with artists that you've respected and admired.”
Overall, NYFA awards Fellowships to artists representing sixteen disciplines – eight one year and another eight the next, but always the same 16. Past NYFA Fellows include Spike Lee, Tony Kushner, Julie Taymor, Carroll Dunham, Todd Haynes, Tamara Jenkins, David Hammons, Junot Diaz (author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) and many others. Since 1985, over 3,700 New York artists have received NYFA Fellowships. “Whether it’s Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens, one thing is certain - New York is the place to be for all artists, emerging or mid-career,” said NYFA Executive Director Michael L. Royce. “New York is Warhol. New York is Spike Lee. New York is Gershwin. While we hope that our unrestricted grants help to perpetuate that reality, we also hope that they do something far simpler – give talented artists the time and space needed to create their next great work. When they do, New York will be all the better for it.”
Contact: Andrew Sherman
(212) 366.6900 x 249


5. Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumn, at Galerie de Kunstler, Munich, Germany, July 15, 6-9 pm

2858 München / 2858 Munich
07/16 - 08/14/2008

Lucia Dellefant . Department . Fanny Geissler . Rudolf Herz . Michael Hofstetter . Erika Krause . Oh-Seok Kwon .
M + M . Gregor Passens . Stefanie Trojan . Stefan Wischnewski

Munich is celebrating its 850th birthday and 11 artist are responding to that celebration.

opening: Tuesday: 15th of July 2008 6-9pm Performance Stefanie Trojan Reception Klaus von Gaffron

Hours: Mittwoch, Freitag Wednesday, Friday - Sunday 11am - 6pm Thursday 11am-8pm Closed on holidays

Maximilianstraße 42
80538 München
Tel.: 089 / 22 04 63
email: info@bbk-muc-obb.de



6. Paul McMahon, Linda Montano, at Woodstock Mothership, Woodstock, NY thru July



845-684-5216 THRU JULY



7. Clemente Padin, FF Alumn, in Montevideo, Uruguay, July 12

the island

Installation cum Performance of Clemente Padín in To DIE, Saturday 12 July, 2008, from 13 to 17 hs., in Martínez Trueba and Durazno, Montevideo, Uruguay

Lunch: Guiso Carcelario

The ISLAND in so much instrument of control of society of jail. The punishment that waits for us or else they are completed the rules and norms. Marking the pass. To the view all social group demands of laws for its operation, that is to say, it demands an adequate conduct that authorizes the good acting of economical dominant system. Everything the one which impedes the "normal" exercise of the pieces of system is convict to punishment.

For it when the system breaks, due to the causes that are, speaks of "revolution", that is to say, of the establishment of new norms and procedures, of new laws or "regulation of game". For it systems are accustomed to establish mechanisms of control that secure the preservation and continuity of its processes. These mechanisms, to level social - economical were already studied in the 60s. by Althouser, in that classical books that, without a doubt, we read in our juvenile readings.

The topic is not the discussion if laws are necessary or not (it would return us to much time behind). Topic is how they are imposed in the society, if for convincing or for compulsion. If for conviction it demands laws are argued and that each member of society accepts them convinced of its necessary condition in order to could live in society, without overflows of our animal nature.

So, for its humility and competition, the compulsion that exercises punishment for the noncompliance of laws or customs are the accepted road for almost all the societies. So, each member of the community goes suffering, successively, the influence of its family, district, school, religion, social norms, State, etc. To those that don't complete the law it discipline you directly and confines them in the jail. It´s the manner are attempted to control the conduct of members of community through compulsion and authority. And, when law fails, society is accustomed to impose its own punishments.

Jail is a small society that reproduces, span to span, to our society. The power exercised by the military with its chain of controls is as arbitrary as the of the wealthy classes in the our although, in both cases, the genuineness of the exercise of come from State. The laws that attempt to secure the execution of the terms of reclusion taxation for the military judge are similar to our Penal Code. THE ISLAND, unquestionable star of Liberty Jail (in Uruguay), was destined to political prisoners during the civic-militar dictatorship (1973-1984). This instrument secures, at one time minimum, the senior of the punishments, as much physics as psychological: total isolation, night of times, silence of death, temporal confusion and spatial disorder of madness, cold of solitude, the loss of self. But, the most importantis to teach to "mark the pass" to the internees, to accept and complete the arbitrary rules that power impose, in that case, of military one. Nowadays there are other means in democracy....


8. Robert Barry, Leon Golub, Matt Mullican, Dan Perjhovschi, Tadej Pogacar, Lawrence Weiner, FF Alums, at MoMA, Manhattan

MoMA, New York, has purchased the entire onestar press collection in a specially designed bookcase by Lawrence Weiner

Dear artists, collectors and friends of onestar press - we are pleased to announce that the MoMA, New York, has purchased the entire onestar press collection. The museum bought our Lawrence Weiner bookself, 'EMPOWERMENT CANNOT BE TRANSLATED AS ENTITLEMENT,' which contains every artist book published by onestar press since its beginning 7 years ago. So a hearty welcome to the MoMA to each and every artist, as well as our thanks for your collaboration. After all, what's an artists press without artists? If you have not taken a look at our new web site (www.onestarpress.com) recently, we invite you to take this occasion to do so and catch up on our recent activites.

Please note that the onestar press's bookcase in on display at the MoMa in the exhibition Book/Shelf until July 7th (Organized by Christophe Cherix, Curator, Department of Prints and Illustrated Books.)

Jean-Michel Alberola Pierre Alferi Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla Andreas Angelidakis Eric Anglès Keren Ann Siegrun Appelt John Armleder Skip Arnold Véronique Aubouy Lisa Anne Auerbach Lewis Baltz Tina Barney & Dianna Ilk Robert Barry Massimo Bartolini Elisabetta Benassi Laetitia Benat Harvey Benge Wolfgang Berkowski Giasco Bertoli Jean-Pierre Bertrand Pierre Bismuth Elvire Bonduelle Mark Borthwick Frédéric Bruly Bouabré Christophe Boutin Stefan Brecht Christophe Brunnquell Vesna Bukovec Marie José Burki Philippe Buschinger Paolo Canevari Mircea Cantor Mary Ellen Carroll Nathan Carter and Matthew Ronay Philippe Cazal Hsia-Fei Chang Claude Closky Liz Cohen Carol Cole Adriana Czernin Richard Dailey Sébastien de Ganay J.Deutschbauer & G.Spring Tristano di Robilant Bob Braine & Mark Dion Jason Dodge George Dupin Sam Durant Steve Fagin Gertrud Fischbacher Vadim Fishkin Didier Fiuza Faustino Elein Fleiss Rainer Ganahl Ryan Gander Kendell Geers Paul-Armand Gette Heidie Giannotti Liam Gillick & Sean Dack Pamela Golden Leon Golub Eugen Gomringer John Gossage Valéry Grancher Loris Gréaud Fabrice Gygi Markus Hansen C. Hanson & H. Sonnenberg Jamelie Hassan Eric Hattan Bernard Heidsieck Isabell Heimerdinger Matthias Herrmann Mark Hosking Pierre Huyghe Fabrice Hybert Irwin Group D. Jakob & B. MacFarlane Anna Jermolaewa Cecilia Jurado Leopold Kessler Jon Kessler Olga Kisseleva Stephanie Kiwitt Peter Kogler Kolkoz Lamarche Ovize Thomas Lélu Claude Lévéque Jean Le Gac Benedikt Ledebur Mikael and Gabriel Levin Christelle Lheureux Zbigniew Libera Polonca Lovsin Miltos Manetas Corinne Marchetti Tim Maul Jonas Mekas Aleksandra Mir Marcel Miracle Jonathan Monk Francois Morellet Matt Mullican Maurizio Nannuci Marylène Negro Max Neuhaus Olaf Nicolai Hans Ulrich Obrist & M/M Vincent Olinet Dan Perjovschi Slavica Perkovic Diego Perrone Patrick Phipps Chloe Piene Angelo Plessas Chris Plytas Tadej Pogacar Rudolf Polanszky Praxis Seth Price Daniele Puppi Radek Michael Rakowitz Laura Resen R&Sie.D_B:L (Francois Roche) Rafaël Rozendaal Eric Sadin Sam Samore Henrike Samuelsson Alain Séchas Hans Schabus Schifte-ok Hermann Schwartz Schweizer & Wedemeyer Franck Scurti Bruno Serralongue Anja Smajdek Josh Smith Gwen Smith Alberto Sorbelli Haim Steinbach A. L. Steiner Steel Stillman Liz Stirling Jason Stoneking Annika Strőm Beat Streuli Michel Sumpf Gerold Tagwerker Taroop & Glabel Mark Themann Barthélémy Toguo Gérard Traquandi John Tremblay Caecilia Tripp Mai Ueda Rudy VanderLans Various artists Vier5 Stephen Vitiello Luca Vitone Terri Weifenbach Lawrence Weiner Erwin Wurm B. Wurtz Yi Zhou Heimo Zobernig.

Contact info


9. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, at Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany, opening July 11, 8 pm

Martha Rosler
location, location, location

Opening: July 11, 2008, 8 pm
Lecture: July 11, 2008, 6.30 pm
Exhibition on view: July 12 - September 14, 2008
Press conversation: July 11, 2008, 11 am

Alte Brücke 2 / Maininsel
D-60594 Frankfurt am Main

Since the late sixties, Martha Rosler has commented on current events and socially relevant issues in caustically critical but also humorous works. With a keen eye for the stuff of everyday life and for social conventions, Rosler deconstructs, layer for layer, today’s “mythologies.” Martha Rosler has created seminal work in the fields of photography, installation, performance, video, and writing; she is also the author of influential critical and theoretical essays. She is not bound by any specific medium and deploys those methods and strategies that seem to her adequate to the individual issue she seeks to address. She thus deliberately uses a language familiar to many and does not shy away even from the burlesque mode. Prominent objects of Rosler’s poignant analysis and dry humor has been the role of the mass media, especially in times of war. Another central aspect to Martha Rosler’s oeuvre is her critical engagement of the urban structures in which we live , as the sites of our everyday experience, and their social implications.

For her show at the Portikus, as for documenta 12 and for last year’s Skulpturen Projekte Münster, Martha Rosler has designed an exhibition situation motivated by site-specific features. Following the principle of montage, she examines various aspects that compose, in both a historical and a contemporary perspective, the image of the city of Frankfurt as a metropolis of trade. The exhibition begins at the exhibition site itself, the Old Bridge, as a trading route of historic importance; continues with the history of the former Jewish ghetto, the Judengasse; and then turns to the banking district, which symbolizes the center of European finance. Martha Rosler pursues the question: which components make up the “branding” of a city such as Frankfurt? One commonplace asks “What are the three most important things to look for when choosing a building site?”—and answers: “Location, location, location.”

Director: Daniel Birnbaum
Curator: Melanie Ohnemus


10. Luke Roberts, FF Alumn, in Sydney, Australia, July 19, 3 pm

Press release 8th July 2008
Pope Alice Calls on Batman to Protect the Protesters

Pope Alice has invoked the CAPED CRUSADER to protect the City of Sydney and its good citizens defending democracy and sexual freedom from the Radio-Active White Night of Rome and his flying monks. She encourages everyone to BECOME A SUPERHERO during these exciting times in the Land of Oz. Rise up with Liberty and the Power to Dream and bare your breasts!

“Nothing less than our Frocking Freedom and the Right to be Different is under threat Down Under. Bring on Batman,” Pope Alice says. “And where’s Robin, the BOY WONDER?” Pope Alice has expressed increasing concern for the wellbeing of the Dark Knight’s faithful companion Robin. “He hasn’t been seen in public for some years now after a barrage of homophobic threats some time back. Robin is an example of what can happen to our frocks and our freedoms,” Pope Alice said. “They can disappear overnight and not be seen or heard of again.”

Pope Alice has a special request for Batman “Help us carry out our mission with non- violence Batty,” she advised. “Don’t go batty, Batty! We don’t want any of your WHAM!! BAM!! and POWS!! Remember your great sense of Justice. Use the very latest, advanced, scientific developments from the Batcave to protect the good citizens defending their rights. Help us raise consciousness and we’ll raise our hemlines for you.”

The Pope Alice Xorporation is thrilled to announced that SUPERHERO VANESSA WAGNER, Hostess Supreme, Gender Illusionist and Much-Loved, Celebrity Big Brother Escapee will accompany Her Divine Holiness SUPERHERO POPE ALICE to the KISS-IN/HUG-IN/BE-IN at TAYLOR SQUARE on SATURDAY 19TH JULY 3PM. Get here early for the Smoking Ceremony when Pope Alice and Vanessa arrive.

Ms Wagner said, without wanting to point the finger, “Silence is complicity. Silence is Violence. Get behind this magnificent action and major world event. Get out of your wintery batcaves. Put on your capes and swarm onto the frock-filled streets. You can’t fight the oppressor from the comfort of your Jason recliner with your remote control. ”

“Humanity is going through both an evolution of consciousness and a revolution of spirit. The metropolis of Sydney is leading the way. It’s all right way up and topsy-turvy in the Land Down Under. The old forces of backwardness are being challenged on a grand scale. These are the great times that we can look back on and say we made a difference,” LuXifer FOX the President of the Pope Alice Xorporation stated today. Pope Alice’s Man of Steelwool plans to brief Batman, the Dark Knight and Vanessa Wagner in an emergency double episode of this stylish series now unfolding for world viewing during the visit of the Radio-Active White Night from Rome to Harbour City. “We may need Superman to fly over the city with an oversized condom to establish International Condom Day and protect the good people of the metropolis from the radioactivity of the planned invasion. “ LuXifer FOX declared.
Please contact: Eden Bates 0425 235 556 popealice@gmail.com www.popealice.com

Luke Roberts
PO Box 1573
Fortitude Valley Q 4006


11. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, at Le Petit Versailles, Manhattan, July 12, 8 pm

Hi all,
Electric Junkyard Gamelan is performing a free concert this Saturday July 12 at 8pm in a lovley lower east side garden called Le Petit Versailles. Its free, its summer and we rock so what reason could you possibly have for not coming. Hope to see you there.
Terry & EJG

FREE Events @ Le Petit Versailles
346 East Houston st. (ave. B & C)
F / V trains to Second Ave. Walk east on Houston St. or
J / M trains to Delancey. Walk northeast to Houston St.
212 529 8815 http://www.lpvtv.blogspot.com free / donation


12. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, finalist in London Photographic Awards, UK, and more

Dear friends

A photograph I took on the Trans Siberian train, of the food the Chinese Conductor was about to prepare over the fire that blazed between the carriages, has been judged as a finalist in the London Photographic Awards Still Life Competition. You can see it here: http://london-photographic-association.com/site/win_by_comp.php?series_f=0&coid=60&fid=0,10,247

Titled "160905PM – Carriage 9, Conductor's Cabin, 16:30", the photo was taken as part of "Alternative Funding Strategy - Siberia", where I sold photographs via ebay before I had taken them, to raise funds to travel on the train.

Hand printed to a size of 30"x40", this is one of the pieces I'll be showing this weekend at the Absorb Arts Open Studios in Dalston which is open on Friday 6-9pm; Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm. Unit 4, Millers Avenue, Dalston e8 - would be great to see you if you're around.

Best wishes
Elly Clarke
art: http://www.axisweb.org/artist/ellyclarke
photography: (under construction) http://www.ellyclarkephotography.com


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