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1. Linda Sibio, FF Alumn, receives Wynn Newhouse Award
2. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, at Eflux, Manhattan, June 26-28
3. John Fleck, Tom Murrin, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, June 24-25
4. Barbara Bloom, FF Alumn, at Dia Art Foundation, Manhattan, June 26
5. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, at A.I.R. Gallery, Manhattan, June 26
6. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, in Providence Journal and Phoenix
7. G. H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, launches updated website at http://nujus.net/
8. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, in Berlin, Germany, July 11-13
9. Gabriel Martinez, FF Alumn, in Dominican Republic, thru June 23
10. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at The Project, Manhattan, opening June 26
11. Harry Kipper, FF Alumn, now online
12. Barbara Zucker, FF Alumn, now online at www.barbarazuckersculptor.com
13. Regina Vater, FF Alumn, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, starting July 7
14. Patty Chang, Laura Parnes, Barbara Pollack, FF Alumns, at Sara Meltzer Gallery, Manhattan, June 25
15. Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, FF Alumn, in Costa Rica
16. Patty Chang, FF Alumn, at The Guggenheim Museum, Manhattan, June 24
17. Gearoid Dolan, FF Alumn, in Galway, Ireland, June 25
18. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Joe’s Pub, June 30, 7 pm\
19. Lenora Champagne, FF Alumn, at Ohio Theatre, Manhattan, July 16-19


1. Linda Sibio, FF Alumn, receives Wynn Newhouse Award

The Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation announces it’s 2008 winners of their “Wynn Newhouse Award.” Wynn Newhouse who has a disability and has an interest in art proposed the award. The award is to honor artist who have disabilities as contributing members of the contemporary art world.

The nominating committee and judges were:
Rika Lehr, Artist, Chicago
Stephanie Moore, VSA arts, Washington, D.C.
Wynn Newhouse
Mark Rosenthal, curator, New York
Patterson Sims, Director Montclair Museum of Art, Montclair

These judges looked at fourteen artists and selected four winners each of whom received $15,000. One of the winners was artist Linda Carmella Sibio who resides in Joshua Tree, CA. Ms. Sibio received the award for her paintings which have thousands of smaller images which make up a larger picture.

Sibio’s career has spanned 32 years where she has been working in the alternative contemporary arts community. For the past ten years she has been concentrating on painting. Her dealer representative is Andrew Edlin of the Andrew Edlin Gallery. He has taken her work to Brussels, Belgium and is going to Paris in April. Mr. Edlin has also shown Sibio’s work alongside the famed Henry Darger.

Linda Carmella Sibio has been the recipient of many awards including a scholarship to L’Ecole des Beaux Art in Italy, scholarships to the Provincetown Workshops, and more recently winner of the 2003 International Fellowship from VSA arts. In addition, she has received grants from The Lannan Foundation and The Rockefeller MAP award. In her career she has gotten over twenty grants/awards. Ms. Sibio has shown her work with the prestigious Walker Art Center, Creative Time/Franklin Furnace, and done solo shows at The Andrew Edlin Gallery and Track 16 Gallery.

She is currently working on a new series of paintings, which combines psychic themes with gouache and gold leaf. Watch for her showing of these works at The Andrew Edlin gallery coming up! Her work combines themes of madness with complicated design structures. She has been influenced by Antonin Artaud, Foucault, Deleuze and Gautier.

For further information contact: Linda Carmella Sibio 760-362-4071 or lsibio@omencity.com


2. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, at Eflux, Manhattan, June 26-28

On the occasion of the making of A Prior Magazine #18 and the opening of the new e-flux’ space, A Prior Magazine is happy to present The New York Conversations with Nico Dockx, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Anton Vidokle

Liam Gillick, Martha Rosler, Louwrien Wijers, Jan Verwoert, Miwon Kwon, Marti Peran, Sis Matthé, Egon Hanfstingl and A Prior editors Anders Kreuger, Dieter Roelstraete, Monika Szewczyk, Andrea Wiarda and Els Roelandt.

Daily food and conversation sessions 26-27-28 june
Hours: 1pm till 3 pm and 8pm till 10pm

Where: 41 Essex Street, NYC, NY 10002*
*This event is free but there is limited seating so please make your reservation by sending an email to els@aprior.org . (Please also state what day and hour you want to come, please only enlist for one session so to give others a chance to join too). A limited number of seats is available the days of the event.

The New York Conversations will be followed by the production of A Prior Magazine #18 and its festive presentation at Beursschouwburg Brussels (10-11 october 2008) . http://www.beursschouwburg.be

Participants and visitors are advised to respect the following rules*
It is necessary to listen to others if one wants to have their attention
Above all things and upon all occasions, avoid speaking of yourself
Being over confident and peremptory does very much unfit men for conversation
Avoid too excessive pedantic or technical speech (like direct interrogation, the use of imperatives and short answers such as ‘Yes’ and above all ‘No’)
Adapt your conversation to the people you are conversing with
Honourable people must never use a low word in their speech
Subjects to avoid for men: ‘hunting, hawking and the War of the Netherlands; for women: fashionable clothes and housewifery. In general avoid talking about one’s children, telling one’s dreams or boasting of one’s nobility or riches.
It is a great fault to be too fond of keeping silent
don’t talk when you eat, it makes people think you are not enjoying the food
It is better to be a men of few words than a ciarlatore
No one speaks to the king during his public meals unless he addresses him first

And of course:
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof must one be silent
* see Peter Burke, The Art of Conversation in Early Modern Europe, 1993
v.z.w. Mark // A Prior Magazine
Main office:
J Kluyskensstraat 6, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
t. +32 476 23 54 94 // els@aprior.org
Milan Office: andrea@aprior.org
Berlin Office: monika@aprior.org
Research and Circulation: maria@aprior.org
Subscriptions on: http://www.aprior.org/subscriptions
http://www.aprior.org for content and advertising
A Prior Magazine is supported by the Flemish Community and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) of the University College Ghent


3. John Fleck, Tom Murrin, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Manhattan, June 24-25

Noted NEA 4 bugger JOHN FLECK invites you over for cool refreshing vodka cocktails. Fun, lively chatter & fresh cookies served up to your liking with his new work, SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE... - which also happens to include SPECIAL GUESTS, Alien Comic, Greg Walloch, Stuart McMeans and Blair Fell.
Dixon Place, 258 Bowery (2nd floor)
New York, NY 10012
Tues, June 24th (w/ Greg Walloch ) and Wed, June 25th (w/ Alien Comic )
All performances – 8 PM
Tickets: $15 general - $12 students. Tickets and more info: 212-219-0736


4. Barbara Bloom, FF Alumn, at Dia Art Foundation, Manhattan, June 26

Half Full - Half Empty, a web project by Barbara Bloom, launches June 26th
Opening Reception Thursday, June 26, 2008 from 6-8pm in New York City
Dia Art Foundation
535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011
212 989 5566
launch event: Thursday June 26, 2008, 6-8pm
Reminiscent of several of Bloom's favorite forms-still life painting, the radio play, and the Nouveau Roman of the 1950's-Half Full - Half Empty is a still life that does not remain still: a close up of a table, ordinary yet referring to still life painting. A book, keys, ball, paper, grapes, wine glasses, a gift, and a candle are also visible. These almost still objects have movement in time without any visible agency. On an accompanying soundtrack a dialogue between a male and a female voice is encountered in the form of three parallel running versions of a conversation: Present (two adults,) Future (two old people,) or Past (two children).

In the absence of any visible human hand, the objects on the table that would typically serve as clues or signifiers, as illustrators of the narrative, take on a more central role as conveyors of meaning. The protagonists of the work are the grapes that disappear, the teacup that fills and spills, the candle that lights and later blows out, the glasses that reflect the room where the conversation takes place. The common subjects for what is visible and audible are memory and the passage of time.�
As in much of Bloom's work, absence and inference play a central role.� She has come to refer to her works as Visual Innuendo, and has often quoted a saying that goes: "A drink before, and a cigarette after, are the three best things in life."�����

Barbara Bloom was born in Los Angeles in 1951; she studied at Bennington College, and with John Baldessari at the California Institute of the Arts. For many years she lived and worked in Amsterdam and Berlin before returning to the United States in the mid 1990s. She has exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the MAK, Vienna; the Serpentine Gallery, London and other international venues, including the Venice Biennale (1988) where she received the Due Mille Award. She is the recipient of awards from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Wexner Center for the Arts, and the Getty Research Institute.

The Collections of Barbara Bloom, a major survey of her work, was presented in early 2008 at the International Center of Photography in New York City, and will travel in late summer to the Martin-Gropius-Bau. Berlin. A book of the same title has been published by Steidl Verlag, She currently lives and works in New York City.
Dia initiated a series of web-based works in early 1995, becoming one of the first arts organizations to foster the use of the world wide web as an artistic and conceptual medium. Dia's collection of web projects currently numbers twenty-seven. Previous projects include Rosa Barba's Vertiginous Mapping (2008); Ezra Johnson's Wrestling with the Blob Beast (2008); Wilfredo Prieto's A Moment of Silence (2007); Maja Bajevic's I Wish I was Born in a Hollywood Movie (2006); Dorothy Cross's Foxglove: digitalis purpurea (2005); Ana Torfs' Approximations/Contradictions (2004); Allen Ruppersberg's The New Five Foot Shelf (2004); Glenn Ligon's Annotations (2003); and Shimabuku's Moon Rabbit (2001), among others. All may be visited at Dia's website, www.diaart.org.

Funding for this project has been provided the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. Beverages for the launch event compliments�Brooklyn Brewery.


5. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, at A.I.R. Gallery, Manhattan, June 26

Hi and Happy Summer to y'all!

I have a piece in A.I.R. Gallery's 'Wish You Were Here' show of postcard-sized artwork again.

That is, IF my card made it there in time from Paris! 'Cuz I mailed a tourist postcard decorated with little Paris-memorabilia.

You can buy great little pieces of art for just $40 at this show.

Hop on by to the opening if you're in the neighborhood, it's this Thursday from 6 to 8, I'll be there around 6:30.


A.I.R Gallery
511 West 25th Street, #301
New York, NY 10001
Gallery hours: Tues. – Sat., 11 – 6 PM
June 24 – July 19, 2008
Gallery I: “SCENE CHANGE” NY Gallery Artist group show, curated by Emily Harris
Gallery II: “Wish You Were Here 7,” A.I.R. Annual Benefit Postcard Show
Fellowship Gallery: Hanna Sandin: “(ROOT(FRAG (ADVP (RB as) (IN if))(. .)))”
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 26th from 6-8 PM


6. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, in Providence Journal and Phoenix

CRYPTIC PROVIDENCE - more than a graveyard, which I organized in North Burial Ground, Providence, RI, opened Friday the 13th with 15 artists. It runs daily through September, 8am-4pm. Below are two previews of the show. If you are passing through Rhode Island consider a stop (Branch Ave off I-95). INFO: http://arttixri.com/performance_info.cfm?PID=1688
Providence Journal: http://www.projo.com/lifebeat/content/wk-cryptic_providence_06-12-08_7SACP5L_v18.1d727c3.html
Providence Phoenix: http://thephoenix.com/Providence/Arts/62974-CRYPTIC-PROVIDENCE/
Thanks, Jay


7. G. H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, updates website at http://nujus.net/

hi all,
I've been updating my website. You may access it at: http://nujus.net/ ~gh
Several pages use quicktime streaming server for video. I'm also
featuring two artist group/social networks I've been working with.
One is the server nujus.net: http://nujus.net that features many experimental works by European and American artists. The other is Artists Meeting: http://artistsmeeting.org a hybrid online/real world artists collaborative. I've updated Assembled Cinema: http:// nujus.net/~nujus/gh_04/gallery11.html It is now available as a random select hypermedia movie. I've also added an example of my HD Morphs:http://nujus.net/~nujus/gh_04/gallery10.html that uses qtss playlists to create an endless morph movie. both pieces can be accessed with a quicktime player and enlarged to full screen for gallery or home theater display. The movies are h264 compression and are 20-50% of full resolution.
With QT Player open URL ->


8. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, in Berlin, Germany, July 11-13

July 11-13, 2008
GlogauAir gGmbH

Glogauerstr., 16

10999 Berlin – Germany
For more information visit http://www.glogauer.net/

Sonata for a Body: References and Readings/ Sonata para un cuerpo: referencias y lecturas.
Juan-Ramón Barbancho’s proposal for the exhibition continues his investigations centered on the body, its readings and implications.

The artists selected include participants from thirteen countries: Masbedo (11.45.03. 2004), Miguel Soler (En blanco. 2007), Ohad Milstein (A girl in White. 2004), Regina José Galindo (Autocanibalismo. 2002), Carmen Arrabal (Divino tormento. 2007), Fátima Torconal (El hilo de Ariadna. 2006), Sigalit Landau (Hula. 2000), Alex Francés (Retrato invertido. 2007), Eduardo Sourrouille (Bombón. La causa de mi deseo. 2003), Nicolás Dumit Estévez (La tierra que Colón más amó. 2001 ), Felipe Ortega-Regalado. (Criptografías de lo estético: ánima. 2008), Carmen F Sigler (Mamá fuente. 2006) and Mónica Ferreras (Directrices. 2002).

About GlogauAIR
is a non profit organization founded with the intention of creating a meeting point between different artistic disciplines. Based in the Kreuzberg quarter of Berlin, the Artist in Residence Programme is its principal activity.

The main aim of the program is to create a dynamic of work and coexistence between artists from diverse social and geographical backgrounds, encouraging an exchange of ideas and an internationalization of their individual projects. Another goal is to stimulate a dialogue between the artists and city—a place where art professionals and the public are engaged in a constant debate. The residence periods are complemented with exhibitions and lectures by the resident artists as well as other informal activities such as concerts, video art projections, meals, etc.


9. Gabriel Martinez, FF Alumn, in Dominican Republic, thru June 23

Gabriel Martinez participates in “ART OF UNCERTAINTY - SANTO DOMINGO ’08”
Curated by Charo Oquet and David Vardi and organized by Edge Zones Contemporary Art Space Miami, AoU will bring together representatives of different disciplines such as: painting, sculpture, video, performance, drawing, printmaking and sound arts to explore the theme that emerges from the challenges of uprooting and relocating to a new country, the pains of immigrant dreams and realities and what happens to the life of loved ones left behind. Issues of uncertainty and migration will be used as a framework for artists to explore the suffering and disruption of lives, lose of place and the surrounding of new social behaviors and codes. Artists will be working independent of each other to reference issues of uncertainty and migration as it relates to immigration in the 21st century. The project will culminate in an interdisciplinary exhibition throughout Santo Domingo and will also feature individual lectures from scholars, performance art and artistic interventions and experimental curatorial projects.
The works will be on view at the Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo, Quinta Dominica, Ceramic Museum and the Spanish Cultural Art Center of Santo Domingo as well as other sites in the city of Constanza, from June 15 – 23, 2008.


10. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at The Project, Manhattan, opening June 26

The Project, NYC
The Left Hand of Darkness
June 26 – August 15, 2008
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 26th, 6-8 pm

Participating artists:
Michael Bilsborough, C.R.E.E.,P. (Diva Pittala and Adrian Cowen),
Matt Greene, Paul Kopkau, Sarah Lucas,Tara Mateik, Slava Mogutin,
Michael Portnoy, Tracey Rose, Tobaron Waxman.

"In a photograph by Tobaron Waxman, the artist is the protagonist in a rapturous scene that references Chagall's crucifixion paintings and the primordial homoerotic scene of the Holy Lance with a new Queer iconography. Peytach Eynayim, a name implicating God as site, means
"(the place of) Open Eyes" in Hebrew, i.e. Truth in space-time.
This references the crossroads where Tamar waits for Judah in this biblical story about love, prostitution, revelation, and gendered sexual agency."

The Left Hand of Darkness, a group exhibition curated by Sarvia Jasso and Yasmine Dubois, borrows the title of the first feminist science fiction novel written by Ursula K. Le Guin in 1969. Set in a universe where individuals alternate between genders depending on the lunar cycle, the novel proposes an alternative social model that challenges traditional sexual dimorphism. After being transported from aheteronormative society to this new planet, the narrator states, "[…] my efforts took the form of self-consciously seeing a Gathenian first as a man then as a woman, forcing him into those
categories so irrelevant to his nature and so essential to my own."
During this journey, he is immersed in a world that redefines gender and sexual identities as we know them. Using the novel as a point of departure, the exhibition looks at artists who are playing with the dynamics of gender representation within a contemporary context.

Gallery Summer Hours:
Monday – Friday, 10 am to 5 pm
The Project
37 W 57th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10019 U.S.A.
T 1 212 688 1585
F 1 212 688 1589


11. Harry Kipper, FF Alumn, now online

'your turn to roll it #54'

i understand that some people think i'm dead, no not yet.
unless i'm a ghost of course which could be.
when i said that suicide was my fate i was being serious but it will be a lot of years down the road and hypothermia in the mountains will be my fate, i will video the piece.

Brian Routh aka Harry Kipper
Latest movies: http://www.medicinefilms.com/kipper
website: http://www.digitalkipper.com

Phone: 01482 788699
Mobile: 07943573716
AIM: harikipper


12. Barbara Zucker, FF Alumn, now online at www.barbarazuckersculptor.com

Barbara Zucker, FF Alumn, is now online at www.barbarazuckersculptor.com


13. Regina Vater, FF Alumn, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, starting July 7

The Cultural Center of the University Candido Mendes in Rio de Janeiro presents a new project opening a space to visual artists to show their video productions. "Cinema of Artists: An open forum to the visual artists" promotes an opportunity for an interaction between the artist and its attending public, with open discussion about the works exhibited. The project will start with the Brazilian artist Regina Vater, this coming July 7th. You are all invited.


14. Patty Chang, Laura Parnes, Barbara Pollack, FF Alumns, at Sara Meltzer Gallery, Manhattan, June 25

All in the Family
A screening organized by Laura Parnes
Wednesday June 25th, 8:30PM sharp

Through role-playing or using actual family members in their videos, the artist's in All in the Family explore the dynamics of the family as an institution.
Artists include: Peggy Ahwesh, Patty Chang, Eteam, Rico Gatson, Liselot van der Heijden, Lovett/Codagnone, Kristin Lucas, Guy Ben Ner, Laura Parnes, Shannon Plumb, Barbara Pollack, Martynka Wawrzyniak

Barbara Pollack, Game Boy, 1996/2001, 5:00 min.
This video gives the "subject" (the son) the opportunity to talk back to the "director" (the mother). Max (8 years old at the time) is filmed while he grows increasingly agitated about the director's intent to film him for a video project. By revealing behavior that is usually left out of home movies, this video interrogates all movies made by parents to "record" and "preserve" family moments.

Peggy Ahwesh, Martina's Playhouse, 1989
Super-8 to video, 20:00 min. Featuring Martina Torr and Jennifer Montgomery.
"In Martina's Playhouse, everything is up for grabs. The little girl of the title oscillates from narrator to reader to performer and from the role of baby to that of mother. While the roles she adopts may be learned, they are not set, and she moves easily between them. Similarly, in filmmaker Peggy Ahwesh's playhouse of encounters with friends, objects aren't merely objects but shift between layers of meaning. Men are conspicuously absent, a lack' reversing of the Lacanian/Freudian constructions of women as Ahwesh plays with other possibilities."
--Kathy Geritz, program notes (Berkeley: Pacific Film Archive, 1990)

Shannon Plumb from the Black and White Series, 4 min.
Black and White revisits the eponymous format of film and creates a circular dialogue within the history of video art, incorporating and updating previous conventions. Inspired by artists that explore themes of gender and the notion of performance, Plumb uses personal significant events as inspiration, capturing a sense of nostalgia. The unplanned instances and ambient sounds are incorporated in the film, and the viewer is included in the joke. Plumb subverts the medium by presenting a humorous combination of character and self at once. Reality is rendered with fantasy.

Liselot van der Heijden, Predators and Prey, 2008, 2:00 min.
Wildlife documentaries reveal more about human beings, culture and dominant ideology than about nature itself. Completely removed from their “real place,” the electronic images of animals are used in a spectacular and melodramatic narrative to explain, justify and naturalize capitalist ideology and war.

Martynka Wawrzyniak, ME, 2007, 2:50 min.
In ME, four children reflect on issues they will encounter in their adulthood. They respond to questions such as "What makes you feel sad? How do you imagine yourself as a grown up?" and "Who is God?"

Rico Gatson, Media Center (Powers, Forces, Meditation), 2003, video, 4:00 min.
Media Center is a meditation on war, life and death. The video was produced directly after the start of the Iraq war and the birth of the artist's daughter. It progresses through rapid flashes of imagery extracted from the internet inter-cut with personal footage.

Laura Parnes, Untitled (for Technically Sweet), 2008, video, 2:30 min.
Under the residual glow of Hiroshima and Nagasaki lies something even more terrifying: the natural world and its utter indifference. This two-channel video pits catalogue-perfect natural settings with the potential for environmental devastation.

Guy Ben-Ner, Moby Dick, 2000, video, 12:00 min.
Guy "re-enacts" Moby Dick in his kitchen and living room with his children.

Patty Chang, In Love, 2001, video, 3:28 min.
In this dual-channel video, both images show the artist's and respective parent's faces pressed together in what at first appears to be a deep kiss. Gradually, it becomes evident that the video is running in reverse time, and that they share not a kiss but rather an onion from which they both eat. Parent and child swallow before they take additional bites, blinking hard to hold back tears from the onion’s sharpness and pungency. However, in the video's reversal of time, the onion is reconstituted and the tears disappear—wholeness is thus regained.

Lovett/Codganone, <<PLAY>>, 2000, video, 10:26 min.
<<PLAY>> takes the final scene of the film Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? as a point of departure. George and Martha are played by various configurations of the
two artists and their parents. Performed by non-actors who share real-life intimacy, this appropriation of theatrical fall-out reflects on the performative identities and scripted communication that comprise patterns of interaction and dysfunction within family structures.

Kristin Lucas, Smaller and Easier to Handle, 2003, video, 7:28 min.
This incisive take on techno-culture presents a hallucinatory set-piece in which a nuclear family assumes the roles of a mutant operating theater with surgeon, assistants, and a half-human, half-animal patient. Employing outrageous costumes, surveillance footage, and a propulsive soundtrack, Lucas crafts a spooky parable for our fast-forward society.

Eteam, the paradox of the 10 acres square, chapter elevated transportation, 2006, 7:30 min.
Suspension bridge, walking bridge, draw bridge, overpass, log bridge, forth rail bridge, container elevator, moveable bridge, failed bridge. The most common way to overcome a distance without touching the ground is flying or jumping, depending on the length of travel. Only in the case of the bridge is the ground elevated and allows for travel through the air on the ground. The criteria for some of these bridges, their engineering and their shape is examined and tested in chapter-elevated transportation.

sara meltzer gallery
525-531 West 26th Street
New York, NY10001
t: 212-727-9330


15. Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, FF Alumn, in Costa Rica

"para ti el banano madura al peso de tu dulce amor"

As part of my residency in Costa Rica I am presenting an installation/performance
where I will be sleeping with a green banana bunch until it ripens with the aid of my body's warmth. You’re invited to come spend a night with me and heat things up.
thank you,
Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa


16. Patty Chang, FF Alumn, at The Guggenheim Museum, Manhattan, June 24

The Guggenheim Museum, Manhattan
In conjunction with The Hugo Boss Prize 2008, the following finalist will speak about her work and issues in the contemporary art world. Curators introduce programs and a reception with the artist follows.
Patty Chang
Tue. Jun 24, 6:30 pm
Chang's early performance pieces and her more recent video and photographic projects have focused on the conflation of the real and the imagined.


17. Gearoid Dolan, FF Alumn, in Galway, Ireland, June 25

Live art, film & video screenings, performance, installation, sound art on the LAST Wednesday of the month every month

June 25th, 8 11pm, Bar 8, Docks, Galway
A monthly event of time based, experimental contemporary art and film in Galway; our intention is to show interesting and challenging work made by local, national and international artists in a social context. We invite you to have an interesting night out, see new art work and meet friends and artists!

Performance by:Valerie Joyce, Lucy Jones, The Quiet Club (Mick O'Shea and Danny Mc Carthy with guest Irene Murphy

Video Art by: Vukasin Nedeljkovic, ScreaMachine - Gearoid Dolan, Katharine Lamb, Jim Ricks, Niamh Murphy, Amanda Coogan, Phillina Sun, Lisa-marie Johnson

Film by:extracts from the Colour of Pomegranates by Sergei Paradjanov
Admission free, but donations gladly accepted
The June event is curated by ine Phillips
supported by Tulca, Galway Arts Centre and Bar No.8


18. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Joe’s Pub, June 30, 7 pm

Dear Friends.
If you are in town ... This is going to be a very exciting concert. Please spread the word
TO PERFORM HER NEW operatic adventure work in progress
FURTIVA LAGRIMA (secret tear)
MONDAY JUNE 30th 7pm! early. One show only
JOE'S PUB at The Public Theater
425 Lafayette Street | NY, NY 10003
Tickets 20$
available at The Public Theater box office
By phone at 212-967-7555 or click here for tickets


Kevin Burdette, bass voice; !!!!
Andrew Drost, tenor voice; !!!!
Dave Hofstra, bass !!!!
Jamie Lawrence, harmonium & melodica !!!!
Andrew Schwartz, bassoon; !!!!
Steve Tarshis, guitar; !!!!

Furtiva Lagrima follows three characters borrowed from Puccini’s opera TOSCA, a painter, a tyrant and a diva, who collide with power, position, sex and inspiration.
Imagine a few great operatic, jazz, pop and country chestnuts woven through Nora York’s original compositions;
making a musical crazy quilt appropriated from Puccini, Miles Davis, Verdi, Jimi Hendrix, Schubert, Donizetti,
traditional folk, Purcell, Patti Smith, Saint Saens, Handel and Mozart.

Furtiva Lagrima is being developed for stage with director JoAnne Akalaitis and artist Kiki Smith.
Wow — there will be more updates soon!

Book your seats now!
read on

"Breathtakingly inspired. Here she's spinning variations on opera in her unique style. You could search for weeks, months, years and you'd find no one like this lanky chanteuse.
Village Voice

"ingenious ...radical.... extravagant talent! The Avant-garde diva. This daring vocalist and conceptualist is able to turn her ruminations into fascinating musical explorations.
York is sure to take it to parts undreamed of.”
The New Yorker

"Breathtakingly inspired. Here she's spinning variations on opera in her unique style. You could search for weeks, months, years and you'd find no one like this lanky chanteuse.
Village Voice

"ingenious ...radical.... extravagant talent! The Avant-garde diva. This daring vocalist and conceptualist is able to turn her ruminations into fascinating musical explorations.
York is sure to take it to parts undreamed of.”
The New Yorker

ALSO !!!

Nora York’s CD ALCHEMY —
co written with jazz composer Maria Schneider in 1994
is finally on release at all digital outlets.
ALCHEMY was released in Japan in 1995 and never saw a United States release.... Finally
This CD is available on itunes and all other digital outlets. WE are so excited this FINALLY is coming out here... For all to hear.
Just go to itunes and search nora york alchemy.

Check it out!


19. Lenora Champagne, FF Alumn, at Ohio Theatre, Manhattan, July 16-19

Soho Think Tank’s Ice Factory 08 presents:
a meditation on Alzheimer's and our national inability to remember history.

an intergenerational performance that examines the fluidity of identity.

written and conceived by Lenora Champagne

directed by Lenora Champagne and Robert Lyons

with Mary Fogarty*, Judith Greentree*, Joanne Jacobson*, Quanda Johnson*, Matthew Lewis*, Amelie Lyons and Lenora Champagne

music and sound by Daniel Levy and Lisa Dove
video by Shaun Irons and Lauren Petty
lights by Stacey-Jo Marine
costumes by Liz Prince

stage management by Nicole Marconi
assistant direction by Tricia Cramer and Janina Santillan

July 16-19, Wednesday-Saturday, at 7:00 p.m.
Ohio Theatre, 66 Wooster St (btw. Spring and Broome)
$15; $10 students and seniors

tickets: 212.868.444 or smartix.com
info: 212.966.4844 or sohothinktank.org

TRACES/fades is made possible in part by funding from the Puffin Foundation, and with public funds from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund/DCA/LMCC, and the New York State Council on the Arts, a public agency, and with research funds from Purchase College, SUNY. The project was developed through HERE Arts Center's Artist Residency Program (HARP).

*Appears courtesy of AEA.


Goings On is compiled weekly by Harley Spiller

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