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Goings On: posted week of January 14, 2008

1. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, at CUNY, York College, Queens, and more
2. Christy Rupp, FF Alumn, at Frederieke Taylor, Manhattan, opening Jan 17
3. Stanley Moss, Arleen Schloss, Nina Kuo, FF Alumns, at Bowery Poetry Club, reception Jan 15, and more
4. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, Presidential Campaign Speech, Café Leila, Berkeley, Jan 21
5. Sonya Rapoport, FF Alumn, at Block Museum, Northwestern Univ., IL, Jan 18-April 6
6. Arlene Raven Tribute, NJ City University, opening March 5, 5-9 pm
7. Donna Henes, Daile Kaplan, FF Alumns, at Society of Woman Geographers, D.C., thru Jun 30
8. Patty Chang, FF Alumn, named finalist for Hugo Boss Prize
9. Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Stacy Makishi, Lois Weaver, FF Alumns, in National Review of Live Art 2008, Glasgow, Scotland, Feb 6-10
10. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, Feb-March 2008 calendar
11. Emma Amos, Mike Asente, Eve Biddle, Pamela Enz, Quimetta Perle, Karen Shaw, James Siena, Kiki Smith, Steed Taylor, FF Alumns, at Lower East Side Printshop, Feb 13, 6-9 pm
12. Naeem Mohaiemen, Bruce Yonemoto, FF Alumns, receive Creative Capital awards
13. Quimetta Perle, FF Alumn, at The Gallery at HAI, NY, opening Jan 24
14. Ruth Hardinger, FF Alumn, at Lesley Heller Gallery, Manhattan, and more
15. Terry Berkowitz, FF Alumn, in Madrid, Spain, thru Feb 10
16. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, at Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, opening Jan 19
17. Jay Critchey, FF Alumn, in Provincetown, MA
18. Michel Auder, Laura Parnes, FF Alumns, at Participant, Manhattan, opening Jan 20
19. Yong Soon Min, FF Alumn, in Seoul, Korea, Jan 18-19
20. Heather Woodbury, FFAlumn, in Los Angeles, opens Jan 19
21. Robert Mapplethorpe, FF Alumn, at Sean Kelly Gallery, Manhattan, opens Feb. 8
22. Rinaldo Frattolillo, Ligorano/Reese, Kiki Smith, Andy Warhol, FF Alumns, at Jim Kempner Fine Art, Manhattan, opening Jan 17
23. Los Angeles Poverty Department, FF Alumns, in NYC Jan 30-Feb 1
24. Laura Parnes, FF Alumn, at Schroeder Romero, Manhattan, thru Feb 16

1. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, at CUNY, York College, Queens, and more

Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, presents Mentors Mark Road Tattoo, an 18' x 160' black high-gloss latex artwork with the names of mentoredYork College students and prayer by Brother Michael Moran. Located on the entrance drive of the Performing Arts Center on the York College campus of the City University of New York in Jamaica, Queens, Mentors Mark is a tribute to mentors in the York College community helping individuals of the amazingly diverse student body succeed. Completed September 24th, it will be around about two years.

Jamaica Flux: Workspaces and Windows 2007
9/29 - 1/12/08
Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning
161-04 Jamaica Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11432

Project Space: Mentors Mark
12/10 - 2/1/08 OPENING: January 10th, 6:00 - 8:00
Schroeder Romero Gallery
637 West 27th Street, ground floor
New York, NY 10001

Print Zero #5
8/1 - 5/20/08 (traveling)
a diverse show of small prints emphasizing varied and unusual printmaking techniques,
Sev Shoon Arts Center/Ballard Works
Seattle, Washington, August 2007
University of Wisconsin, Print Gallery
Madison, Wisconsin, October 2007
Pacific Northwest College of Arts, Gallery 214
Portland, Oregon, November 2007
State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY, January 2008
Pratt Fine Arts Gallery, Tashiro Kaplan Building
Seattle, Washington, March 2008
Roennebaeksholm Kunst og Kultucenter
Næstved, Denmark, March - May 2008


2. Christy Rupp, FF Alumn, at Frederieke Taylor, Manhattan, opening Jan 17

Extinct Birds Previously Consumed by Humans, (From the Brink of Extinction to the Supermarket)

A new Installation by Christy Rupp, January 17 - February 16, 2008.

Opening reception: Thursday, January 17, 6 -8 pm

Frederieke Taylor gallery is pleased to announce its fourth one person show with Christy Rupp. Rupp's exhibition will include 13 life-size skeletal reconstructions of several species of birds for whom the trap door of survival has been slammed shut. Reconstructed primarily from chicken bones collected by the artist, extinct species include the Dodo, the Great Auk, the Moa, the California Condor, the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, and a small flock of Carolina Parakeets. All are life size and have been reproduced from observation.


3. Stanley Moss, Arleen Schloss, Nina Kuo, FF Alumns, at Bowery Poetry Club, reception Jan 15-Feb 18, and more

Mythical Museum
NINA KUO Paintings

Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery NYC (Bleeker)
Exhibit Jan, 15- Feb.18

Saturday Jan. 19 free party 2 - 4 pm
Art Giveaway

Video animated/ altered images by Lorin Roser, Bing Lee, Jody Culkin, Karina Skvirsky, and Arleen Schloss

Additional Event

Bowery Poetry Club
Monday Jan. 28 at 6:00-7:45 pm

Stanley Moss, poet /publisher,Sheep Meadow Press
Jonathan Goodman, poet /art critic Art in America/curator
Chris Moylan, poet

“The strange poignant, moving, hilarious works of Nina Kuo pretty much stopped my eyes from going anywhere else. She is a wizard at creating details that jump immediately-all of a piece- which slowly unwind to reveal retronymic anomalies, future art inventions and spiritual lipstick.”
Bob Holman- writer/Club founder

www.bowerypoetry.com 212-614-0505


4. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, Presidential Campaign Speech, Café Leila, Berkeley, Jan 21

The Enough! Tour of the Moore/Block ticket
Frank Moore Presidential Campaign Speech

Here is your chance to grill Presidential Candidate Frank Moore!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Free Admission!

Cafe Leila
1724 San Pablo Avenue
(between Virginia St. & Delaware St.)
Berkeley, CA 94702
Great Food & Coffees & Teas!

Call (510) 526-7858 or email fmoore@eroplay.com for more info!


5. Sonya Rapoport, FF Alumn, at Block Museum, Northwestern Univ., IL, Jan.18-April 6

In the exhibition "Imaging by Numbers: A historical View of the Computer Print," Sonya Rapoport will exhibit SHOE-FIELD (1982), a computer plot derived from quantifying qualitative information about peoples' feelings about their shoes. Documentation of its interactive installation, described on continuous computer forms and in artists books, will also be on view. The exhibition surveys the use of computers in printmaking and drawing through approximately 60 works created by nearly 40 North American and European artists from the 1950s to the present.


6. Arlene Raven Tribute, NJ City University, opening March 5, 5-9 pm

Exhibition Announcement
"Sustaining Vision: A Tribute to Arlene Raven"
An Exhibition of Eight Artists
New Jersey City University, Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey
March 5-April 23, 2008
Exhibition Opening: Wednesday, March 5, 2008 from 5-9 p.m.
I am acting as curatorial consultant to the artists exhibiting their work in "Sustaining Vision: A Tribute to Arlene Raven:" Elaine Angelopoulos, Donna Maria de Creeft, Janet Goldner, Amanda Guest, Judy Hoffman, Kerry Kehoe, Julie McConnell, and Joanne Ungar. They are exhibiting their work in tribute to art critic Arlene Raven (1944-2006), who taught them a creative process they still use. This show is a tribute to her legacy.

This group of eight artists has been gathering monthly for a decade, helping each other with their art, their professional development, their creative process, and their lives. They met while attending Arlene's "Writing for Artist" workshops. The process she outlined became the catalyst for this group to continue. This exhibition will be a unique opportunity to see how eight individual artists have utilized a collaborative process as sustenance for their creativity.

ADDITONALLY: There will be a panel discussion in which the artists will demonstrate and discuss the process Arlene taught them. The panel is scheduled for Tuesday, March 18, 2008 (time and location to be announced).

The directions to the gallery and campus map are available at (http://www.njcu.edu/i2e/visit/directions.asp). Hope to see you then and look forward to more information soon!

Regards, Anne Swartz


7. Donna Henes, Daile Kaplan, FF Alumns, at Society of Woman Geographers, D.C., thru June 30


Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 4:30 PM
Please call for an appointment.

The National Headquarters of
415 East Capitol Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

The Society of Women Geographers is proud to present a fascinating exhibition of photographs depicting women who have broken through the limitations of social convention to explore and conquer new realms — geographic, physical, mental and metaphoric. These rare photographs highlight women in different eras who have demonstrated curiosity about the larger world and have, through their daring, transformed the perception of acceptable roles for women.

The show is curated by Donna Henes and Daile Kaplan, from their unique collection of photographs, and features adventurous women of all stripes: athletes, artists, amazons, sharpshooters, bullfighters, lion tamers, aviatrixes, and spies, among others. These never-before-seen pictures are not only accessible and entertaining, but they are also historically important records of women's achievements and female identity.


8. Patty Chang, FF Alumn, named finalist for Hugo Boss Prize

The New York Times reported on Patty Chang, FF Alumn, on January 4, 2008

Inside Art
Finalists Named for Hugo Boss Prize
For Hugo Boss Prize

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation has chosen the six finalists for its 2008 Hugo Boss Prize. The award, given every two years to an artist who the jury decides has made an important contribution to contemporary art, is worth $100,000 this year, twice what winners have received since its inception in 1996.

Unlike many art prizes this one has no restrictions on age or nationality, so the finalists are often an international list of emerging artists and established names.

This year’s finalists, to be announced on Friday, include some of the hottest names around, and their work is heavily tipped toward conceptual and installation art. “A number of painters were nominated,” said Joan Young, the associate curator of contemporary art at the Guggenheim. “But this is where the jury felt the innovative developments were.”

The finalists are:

CHRISTOPH BüCHEL, 41, an installation artist whose monumental “Training Ground for Democracy,” a work examining post-9/11 America, was only partially assembled at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art when it became the subject of a bitter lawsuit. Because of the dispute, which was between the artist and the museum, the project was dismantled.

PATTY CHANG, 35, a Brooklyn artist who often inserts herself into filmed and photographed performances. “Shangri-La,” which was filmed in China and shown at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Manhattan several years ago, simultaneously amplifies and shatters the idea of an exotic paradise.

SAM DURANT, 46, a Los Angeles conceptual artist whose work includes photographs, models and installations that often explore the notion of protest. His work, including a chain-link-fence cage with a sign, “Obedience to the Law Is Freedom,” is in the inaugural exhibition of the New Museum of Contemporary Art’s new building on the Bowery.

EMILY JACIR, 37, an artist of Palestinian descent who splits her time between Ramallah on the West Bank and New York. Her photography, video, sculpture and drawings address themes of movement, displacement and belonging as they relate to Palestinian identity.

JOACHIM KOESTER, 45, a Danish conceptual artist who works in Copenhagen and New York. Representing Denmark at the 2005 Venice Biennale, he showed a film about a tragic balloon expedition to the North Pole made by Swedish adventurers. His archival approach to his art often incorporates texts and legends.

ROMAN SIGNER, 69, a Swiss artist who creates sculpture, photographs and video and may be the most surprising selection of this group. Ms. Young said the jury believes Mr. Signer’s work has been overlooked by the public, yet is influential among a younger generation of artists.

The winner, who will be announced in the fall, will be given an exhibition at the Guggenheim in spring 2009. A publication documenting the work of the six finalists will be available in June.


9. Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Stacy Makishi, Lois Weaver, FF Alumns, in National Review of Live Art 2008, Glasgow, Scotland, Feb 6-10

Announcing the National Review of Live Art 2008
Taking place from 6 to 10 February at Tramway in Glasgow, the National Review of Live Art is Europe's longest running festival supporting radical live and mediated performance work. Full downloadable pdf programme and booking details can be found on www.newmoves.co.uk

On Sunday 10 February the NRLA hosts Performing Rights Glasgow, a day of performances, presentations, discussions, screenings, and interventions around ideas of performance and human rights, curated in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency.

Performing Rights Glasgow sets out to reflect the kinds of creative strategies artists are using to effect social, cultural and political change; to illustrate new models of relationships between art and activism; and to consider the role and responsibilities of artists, curators, and performance itself, in the understanding, enactment and sustenance of human rights.

Performing Rights Glasgow features:

The Performance Panel led by the artist Lois Weaver and writer Adrian Heathfield and bringing together Guillermo Gómez-Peña (Mexico/USA), Jenny Sealey (UK), Adalet R Garmiany (Kurdistan-Iraq/UK), Margareta Kern (Croatia/Bosnia/UK), John Jordan (UK), Ange Taggart (UK), and Arvand DashtAray and Sara Reyhani of Virgule Performing Arts Company (Iran) for presentations, creative interventions, and discussions on performance and human rights;

- Performances, installations and interventions including Monica Ross' rightsrepeated; Leibniz's The Book of Blood; Stacy Makishi's You Are Here...But Where Am I; Yara El-Sherbini's A Pub Quiz; Rabih Mroué's Make Me Stop Smoking; Richard DeDominici's J'accuse!; and Ori Gersht's The Forest.

- Lectures by Adrien Sina, The Vacuum Cleaner, James Thompson of In Place of War, and James Marriott of PLATFORM;

- A screening programme of work by The Yes Men, Mad for Real, Cabula 6, Grace Ndiritu and many others;

- The Library of Performing Rights, an actual and a virtual library housing resources on human rights and performance;

- The Long Table, a space where participants and audiences can gather for informal conversations on serious topics.

Performing Rights Glasgow builds on Performance Studies international (PSi)#12: Performing Rights (London, June 2006), and Performing Rights Vienna for Tanzquartier (March 2007). Performing Rights has developed from a partnership between the Live Art Development Agency, Queen Mary/University of London, East End Collaborations and PSi, and continues as a collaboration between the Agency and Lois Weaver of Queen Mary.

For full programme details visit:


10. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, Feb-March 2008 calendar

Hi All!

Happy New Year! I wish everyone a great new year! I will be running all over the US the next few weeks...from New York to New Orleans...Baltimore to Minneapolis! Calendar list below.

I am really excited about an intensive performance workshop residency I am doing at the University of Minnesota Feb 3-15. I will be leading a multi-week project called Theatre for Social Change which will result in an ensemble performance with the students. The heat of the fierce work I have experienced with the students there in earlier gigs will more than make up for chilly February in Minnesota! I'll scurry to Milwaukee right after to perform February 16 at Milwaukee Gay Arts Center.

I will be back in DC performing my show "Us" Feb 29-March 2 at Dance Place.

I am very excited to be back at the fabulous Carla Perlo's Dance Place. I will also be performing "Us" at Baltimore Theatre Project March 15-16 after a performance residency at Towson University March 4-11.

"Us" got nominated in 2005 for a NY Drama Desk Award for best solo on or off Broadway. This show is also in my book 1001 BEDS which won the 2007 literary prize for best Drama-Theater book from Lambda Literary Foundation!! Here's a juicy NY Times quote...
"As a rallying cry for gay rights, Tim Miller's "Us'' contains a sweet-spirited, honest and seriously funny commentary on the power of popular art to shape people's moral, social and sexual development. Miller is, as always, a frisky and charismatic performer"

Also a fabulous review of "Us" from The San Francisco Chronicle

In between all that I head off to NYC to perform at Long Island University in Brooklyn March 13 at 3pm and later that night my partner Alistair McCartney will have the launch for his novel in NYC at Rapture on Ave A. Alistair and I are very excited about his book coming out Here's the cover and blurbs for Alistair's book THE END OF THE WORLD BOOK

Then off to Ohio for gigs at Ohio Wesleyan and then in Cleveland and at long last home!

Jeff and I have been dear friends since we were 14 years old; we even went to the same church! What may be more surprising to you is that I went to church as a kid!

Feb 3-15 University of Minnesota
Feb 16 Milwaukee Gay Arts Center
Feb 29 - Mar 2 Washington, D.C. Dance Place

Mar 4-11 Baltimore, MD Towson University,
Mar 13 NYC, Rapture
Mar 13-14 NYC, Long Island University
Mar 15-16 Baltimore Theatre Project
Mar 18-19 Ohio Wesleyan University
March 20-21 Cleveland, C- Space & Suspect Thoughts Books

and a special spring coming attraction....
May 8-11 New Orleans, Saints & Sinners Literary Festival

I will be performing "Us" as part of the festival. I was just in New Orleans last month for the National Performance Network meeting. It was my first time back to NoLa since my performances there shortly before Katrina. I encourage EVERYONE to get back to New Orleans in 2008 at least once. Spend money there! It is very charged to be there. Maybe come to Saints & Sinners!

very best,
Tim http://hometown.aol.com/millertale/
My book 1001 BEDS won the literary prize for best Drama-Theater book from Lambda Literary Foundation!!


11. Emma Amos, Mike Asente, Eve Biddle, Pamela Enz, Quimetta Perle, Karen Shaw, James Siena, Kiki Smith, Steed Taylor, FF Alumns, at Lower East Side Printshop, February 13, 6-9 pm

You are cordially invited to
Printshop Benefit 2008
Auction, Sale, and Reception
Wednesday, February 13, 2008, 6-9 pm

Purchase tickets

All proceeds will directly support residencies for artists.

Auction Preview Reception: Wednesday, January 30, 6 - 8pm
Free and open to the public
On view Monday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm through February 13

Live Auction features artists Emma Amos, Jackie Battenfield, Sarah Beddington, Sebastiaan Bremer, Will Cotton, Ann Craven, Matthew Day Jackson, Lesley Dill, Jim Dine, Inka Essenhigh, Joe Fig, Deborah Grant, David Humphrey, David Kapp, Mary Mattingly, Ryan McGinness, David Noonan, Jean Shin, James Siena, Laurie Simmons, Kiki Smith, Spencer Tunick, and studios of Art Omi and Pace Prints.

Live auction will be conducted by Guy Bennett, Head of Department, Senior Specialist for Impressionist & Modern Art, Christie's.

Contributing Organizations: George Adams Gallery, Art Omi, Blumenfeld Fine Art, Foxy Production, Carolina Nitsch Contemporary Art, Pace Prints.

Benefit Sale features works by Monika Abbott, Sally Apfelbaum, Mike Asente, Natalya Balnova, Bascove, Roberley Bell, Anders Bergstrom, Eve Biddle, Chris Bors, Sarah Brenneman, Kristin Brenneman Eno, Edwin G. Cadiz, Jennifer Cecere, Michaelle Chapoteau, Ernest Concepcion, Karey Maurice Counts, Stephen Cox, Patricia Dahlman and Michael Dal Cerro, Richard Dana, Hope Dector, Elaine Defibaugh, Linden Elstran, Pamela Enz, Julie Evans, Brad Ewing, Anujan Ezhikode, Paul Fabozzi, Stacy Fisher, Rebecca Gee, Lauren Gohara, Elizabeth Gourlay, Alexander Gorlizki, Graham Guerra, Grigory Gurevich, Christopher Ho, Carter Hodgkin, Ketta Ioannidou, Carmen Isasi, Ixrael, Ellen Kahn, Leslie Kerby, Swati Khurana, Kasia Kluska-Banks, Arda Koca, Jeremy Kost, Michael Krasowitz, Gaetano LaRoche, Deanna C. Lee, Max Liboiron, Stella Lillig, Annabel Linquist, Leonora Loeb, Peter Lynch, Katinka Mann, Erica Mapp, Philomena Marano, John Margeotes, Melissa Marks, Jesus Matheus, Tim Maxwell, Esperanza Mayobre, Christina Mazzalupo, Kelly McCormick, Kathryn McDonnell, Elizabeth McFalls, Felicia Megginson, Maggie Michael, Tracy Miller, John Monteith, Arezoo Moseni, Naomi Namba, Florence Neal, Alisa Ochoa, Robert Earl Paige, Enoc Perez, Quimetta Perle, Gary Petersen, Laura Sue Phillips, Mary Pinto, Catya Plate, Linda Post, Susie Reiss, Michael Ringland, Dorothy Robinson, Taney Roniger, Aya Rosen, Pavida Rujatikumporn, Zoe Sheehan Saldana, Rachel Salomon, Andra Samelson, Paul Santoleri, Erik Saxon, Kristin Schiele, Kathleen Schneider, Ela Shah, Karen Shaw, Robin Sherin, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, Julianne Swartz, Steed Taylor, Maki Teshima, Kimberly Thorpe, Mary Ting, Mauricio Trenard, Penelope Umbrico, Teressa Valla, Alejandra Villasmil, Jessica Weiss, Veronica Winters, Hyewon Yum, Liz Zanis, Patricia Zarate, and others.

Having a chance to work with different mediums, take discounted classes and work with other artists opened my eyes to the possibilities of printmaking. I've grown a lot from the time I spent here.
- Artist Gowoon Kim, Resident Keyholder

Board of Directors
Cristin Tierney, President
Sean Elwood, Vice President
Norman Cox, Treasurer
Desirée Alvarez, Secretary
Sonia Carty
Helen Getler
John Koegel, Esq.
Stacy Louizos
Jill Marino
Jane Nixon
Michael Rudder
Dread Scott
Marilyn Symmes
Michael Wolfensohn

Benefit Committee
Jill Marino
Alexandra Bryce
Sonia Carty
Elizabeth Cohen
Heather Dell
Jeremy Dine
Jane Nixon
Michael Rudder
Cristin Tierney
At Large
Monica Belag Forman
Lloyd and Laura Blankfein
Iris Dankner
Ray and Carol Dovell
Jane Dresner Sadaka and Ned Sadaka
Courtney Finch Taylor
Cheri Friedman
Susan and Richard A. Friedman
Jamie Gordon and Brad Lindenbaum
Stephen Hays and Valerie Hughes
Michael Hoehn
John B. Koegel, Esq.
Stacey Lane and Curtis Lane
Joanna Migdal
Newmark Knight Frank
Lisa Pevaroff and Gary Cohn
Laurie Thomson and Andy Chisholm
Lisa and Lance West

Event sponsors: ArtCal, Art on Paper, D. A. P., Modern Painters, Re-Title.com, Smash Studios, Starr Rum.


12. Naeem Mohaiemen, Bruce Yonemoto, FF Alumns, receive Creative Capital awards

Creative Capital announces 2008
Film/Video and Visual Artists

Creative Capital
65 Bleecker Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10012


Kenseth Armstead
Anita Chang
Erin Cosgrove
Marshall Curry and Sam Cullman
Rodney Evans
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Tia Lessin and Carl Deal
Brad Lichtenstein and Vernon Reid
Billy Luther
Tara Mateik
Catherine Mazza
Leighton Pierce
Laura Poitras
Anayansi Prado
Jay Rosenblatt
David Russo
Luke Savisky
Cauleen Smith
Daniel Sousa
Banker White and Zach Niles
Julie Wyman

Sanford Biggers
Susan Brandt and Kristine Woods
Zac Culler, Ben Beres and John Sutton
Kianga Ford
Joseph Grigely
Wayne Hodge
Jennie C. Jones
Kalup Linzy
Naeem Mohaiemen
Matthew Moore
Otabenga Jones & Associates:
Robert A. Pruitt, D. Jabari Anderson and Kenya Evans
Michael Rakowitz and Emna Zghal
Angela Reginato
Lili Smith
Eve Sussman
Mark Tribe
Lauren Woods
Mario Ybarra, Jr.
Bruce Yonemoto and Juli Carson

These forty-one projects representing fifty-two artists have each received initial awards of 10,000 dollars. As the projects develop, Creative Capital offers additional funds; projects may receive as much as 50,000 dollars each through the tenure of the multi-year grant.

Creative Capital artists also may participate in the organization’s distinctive Artist Services Program valued at 25,000 dollars per artist. This program offers artists skills-building assistance in areas such as fundraising, networking, marketing, and strategic planning with the goal of advancing both their projects and their careers.

In all, more than 2.5 million dollars has been committed to this new class of Creative Capital artists.

Since its founding in 1999, Creative Capital has committed more than 12 million dollars in financial support and services to 283 projects representing 350 artists. A complete list of grantees, profiles of funded projects, and up-to-date grant cycle information can be found online at the foundation’s website at http://www.creative-capital.org


13. Quimetta Perle, FF Alumn, at The Gallery at HAI, NY, opening Jan 24

The Outsider Art Fair is not the only place to see great Outsider art!

Please join us for the exciting exhibition, "Outsider Art: SURVEY 2008".

The exhibit of 93 drawings, paintings and sculptures by 24 Outsider artists with mental disabilities is now open through April 1.

The reception, including an opportunity to meet many of the artists, will take place on January 24 from 6PM to 9PM.

Regular Gallery Hours: Monday - Sautrday, Noon - 6PM
Extended Hours during Outsider Art Week:
Friday, January 25, 11AM - 7PM
Saturday, January 26, 11AM - 7PM
Sunday, January 27, Noon - 6PM
PLUS Open Studio, Saturday, January 26, 1PM - 5PM

Please join us!
The Gallery at HAI
548 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York,NY 10012

We welcome your comments on our blog, http://outsiderartsurvey.blogspot.com


14. Ruth Hardinger, FF Alumn, at Lesley Heller Gallery, Manhattan, and more

Hi all,

Would like to let you know that I have 3 small sculptures in the lower level at Lesley Heller Gallery's new location at 16 E 77th St.

And, my web site is just updated!

With best regards,


15. Terry Berkowitz, FF Alumn, in Madrid, Spain, thru Feb 10

Terry Berkowitz 1492 –1944 Dos obras ¿Es aquí donde ha vivido mi familia? The Malaya Lola Project jueves 31 de enero inauguración a las 20 horas 31 enero a 10 de febrero y 20 de febrero a 8 de marzo Horario martes a sábado 10.00 – 14.00 / 16.30 – 20.30 Stand Off 2008 El Stand de la Feria en la Galería 12 a 17 febrero Horario continuado 10 - 21 horas Viernes 15 hasta las 24 horas Ángeles Agrela, Xoán Anleo, Evaristo Bellotti, Terry Berkowitz, Jorge Cano, Juan Fernando Herrán, Alfredo Igualador, Miki Leal, Luz Ángela Lizarazo, Santiago Mayo, Paloma Peláez, Manolo Quejido, Antonio Sosa, Baltazar Torres, Irene Van de Mheen galeria magda bellotti Fúcar, 22 / 28014 Madrid / España T +34 913693717 / 34 636479106 F +34 914290632 metro Atocha / Antón Martín aparcamiento Plaza Reina Sofía / Atocha / Plaza de Las Cortes galeria@magdabellotti.com www.magdabellotti.com Teresa Dioso Salinog/Lola Masing © Terry Berkowitz 2006


16. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, at Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, opening Jan 19

Hi all,

after a 3 year break for renovations, the venerable, yet pleasantly funky Williamsburg Art & Historical Center is reopening for its annual Salon.
I am showing non-Wall Dolls this time: my brand new Love Bird Psychogram 1 & Love Bird Psychogram 2.
Hop on by if you can...visiting that building is always a trip!

Yours, all lovey-dovey,

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center 9th Annual Salon
January 19 through February 24, 2008
Saturday, January 19, 4 to 6

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway
Brooklyn Williamsburg


17. Jay Critchey, FF Alumn, in Provincetown, MA

Here's the link to my 25th Annual International Re-Rooters Society Ceremony (IRS) - purging and burning the old. It was featured on the front page of the Cape Codder newspaper with full photo spread inside. PIECE, Jay


18. Michel Auder, Laura Parnes, FF Alumns, at Participant, Manhattan, opening Jan 20

Technically Sweet
Curated by Yvette Brackman and Maria Finn

January 20 - March 2, 2008
Opening Reception: Sunday, January 20, 7-9pm

Michel Auder & Michael Stickrod
Yvette Brackman
John Brattin
Johannes Christoffersen
Maria Finn
Ulrik Heltoft
Frans Jacobi & Frederik Jacobi
Elsebeth Jørgensen
Lars Mathisen
Mark Orange
Laura Parnes
Pia Rönicke
Elisabeth Subrin

"A screenplay has no import on its own. It is a blueprint for something else. A blueprint which tells us nothing about what is or what is not intended to be in a film. A screenplay can never resolve any ambiguity in a film. But in this case, Technically Sweet, there is no film. Only the screenplay. A blueprint, for what is not." (Henrik Uth Jensen)

From January 20 - March 2, 2008, PARTICIPANT INC presents, Technically Sweet, an international group exhibition curated by Copenhagen-based artists Yvette Brackman and Maria Finn. Based on an unrealized manuscript by filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni, the curators have invited artists to “finish” the film with works in all mediums, based on their interpretation of the manuscript. A screening series will accompany Technically Sweet at Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue, NYC (Saturday, January 19, 8pm; Friday, February 29, 8pm; Wednesday, March 5, 8pm; Sunday, March 9, 4pm).

Technically Sweet (Tecnicamente Dolce) is the title of the unrealized screenplay by Antonioni, published in Italian in 1976. If made, the film would have been shot in Rome, Sardinia, and The Amazon, and would have featured Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider in the leading roles.

When all the preparations for the film were ready, the producer cut funding for the film. Antonioni was instead offered to direct a screenplay by Mark Peploe, The Passenger, with the same actors. Both the screenplay Technically Sweet and the film The Passenger (1975) involve characters who disappear. Antonioni's films often portray people alienated from their surroundings who have come to question themselves. Antonioni describes this process by letting his characters explore the landscape and buildings around them. Cinematically, this is often done without many close-ups of the characters, rather following them from a distance. Instead of narrative based on psychology and relationships, he focuses on characters' interaction with their immediate surroundings, telling stories through landscape and architecture. In Antonioni's films, landscape and architecture are not just surroundings; they are products of political decisions that influence our lives. His filmmaking reveals how we construct society, and how our decisions affect us.

The Technically Sweet screenplay is a parallel story in which characters are followed from Rome and Sardinia to The Amazon. The screenplay’s main theme involves coping with technological invention in an industrial age, and the potentially destructive nature of progress.

The title Technically Sweet is a quote from physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the person responsible for the construction of the atom bomb. He became known for using this term during the Atomic Energy Hearings in 1954. He used the term "technically sweet" to explain what is called the "technological imperative," an assumption that if something is technologically possible, it is so tempting to realize that one considers the consequences only afterwards: "When you see something that is technically sweet, you go ahead and do it and you argue about what to do about it only after you have had your technical success. That is the way it was with the atomic bomb."

The relevance of Antonioni's vision, as well as the challenge of inviting artists to work from the same source, instigated the use of this screenplay as the point of departure for the exhibition. This framework also raises questions about authorship and originality.
Today, it is common for artists to use existing artworks as a source for new work. Using the screenplay as their common tool, the artists take this notion of post-production one step further, using a screenplay for a film that was never made. The artists cannot refer to an existing artwork, but instead refer to the screenplay’s many potentials. Drawing whatever they choose from the manuscript, which was translated into English for the first time for the exhibition, the artists share a field of ideas originating from the screenplay, and explore questions reception and intentionality.

An illustrated catalogue accompanies the presentations at PARTICIPANT INC and Anthology Film Archives, and functions as a third space, with visual material providing a further angle to the projects in Technically Sweet. The publication contains two visual components: images from each artists' contribution to the exhibition, and a series of images presenting "locations" utilized or imagined by each artist, based on locations intended by Antonioni for use in his film, published as production stills in the original manuscript, Technically Sweet.

This project is sponsored by the Danish Arts Council, the Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Art, DaNY Arts.

PARTICIPANT INC's exhibitions are made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

This program is supported, in part, by funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

PARTICIPANT INC receives generous support from the Harriett Ames Charitable Trust, Bloomberg, Brown Foundation, Foundation 20 21, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and numerous individuals.

PARTICIPANT INC is located at 253 East Houston Street, between Norfolk and Suffolk Streets on the Lower East Side. Subway: F/V to Second Avenue, Allen Street exit.
Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, noon-7pm.

Contact: Lia Gangitano, Liagang@aol.com
253 East Houston Street
New York NY 10002
TEL 212 254 4334


19. Yong Soon Min, FF Alumn, in Seoul, Korea, Jan 18-19

transPOP: Korea Vietnam Remix
Symposium, Gallery Tour with Curators, Performance & Film/Video Program
January 18 & 19, 2008
Arko Art Center, Third Floor
Seoul, Korea

Organized by Viet Le and Yong Soon Min

You are cordially invited to the symposium and special events, held in conjunction with transPOP: Korea Vietnam Remix, a traveling contemporary art exhibition that introduces a dynamic mix of sixteen critically acclaimed artists from Korea, Vietnam, and the United States, signaling an unprecedented engagement with the rich historic and contemporary linkages between Korea and Vietnam. The featured artworks variously engage interconnections between the two countries, including the intersections of history, trauma, and contemporary popular culture.

The symposium seeks to build upon—and expand—the critical discourse examining Korean and Vietnamese historical and contemporary cultural, political, and socio-economic interactions. The symposium brings together leading scholars, artists, media producers, and activists to explore the intersections of contemporary popular culture–including hallyu and V-pop–and the legacies of historical trauma in Korea and Viet Nam and their diasporas. A better understanding of the development and dynamics of the Korean Wave and V-pop can be gained from a broader discussion of the transnational circuits and flows of popular culture and desire that represent and are constituent parts of the intertwined constructions of Asian modernity and emerging subjectivities, examined within a historical context. We wish also to contribute to the nascent, comparative scholarship on the triangulated relationship between Korea, Viet Nam and the United States that resulted from Korea's substantial involvement in the American War in Vietnam, as well as the current close cultural and economic relationship that has developed between Korea and Vietnam.


FRIDAY (half day)

Welcome Address and Special Guest Presenter: 1-1:20 pm
Kim Jung-heun - Chairman, Arts Council Korea
Lee Eyun Kee, Writer

Symposium Introduction: 1:20 – 1:30 pm
Viet Le and Yong Soon Min – transPOP Exhibition and Symposium Co-Curators

Korea Vietnam Remix: 1:30 – 3:15 pm
Moderator: Viet Le - American Studies & Ethnicity, Southern California, Los Angeles
Kil J. Yi – History, Bergen Community College, Bergen New Jersey
Yoon Chung Ro – War & Peace Institute of HanSung University, Seoul
Viet Nguyen – English/American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Transnational Contact Zones: 3:30-5:15 pm
Moderator: Yong Soon Min – Department of Studio Art and Culture & Theory PhD Program, University of California, Irvine
Ashley Carruthers – School of Archeology and Anthropology, Australian National University, Sydney
Koichi Iwabuchi – Media & Cultural Studies, Waseda University, Tokyo
Young Chan Kim– School of Communications of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul
Cuong Phu Le – Curator, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney

Gallery Tour with curators and artists: 5:30-6:30 pm

Video Shorts Screening: 8 – 9:30 pm
Introduction by Hong-An Truong, University of California, Irvine

SATURDAY (full day)

Introduction: 10-10:15 am
Viet Le and Yong Soon Min, transPOP Exhibition and Symposium Co-Curators

Pop & Modernity: 10:15-Noon
Moderator: Yong Soon Min
Mariam Beevi Lam – Comparative Literature/Vietnamese Studies, University of California, Riverside
Woo Shin-Koo – Architecture and Urbanism, Pusan University, Busan
Tuan Andrew Nguyen – Artist and Filmmaker, Ho Chi Minh City
Jung Sun Park – Asian Pacific Studies Program, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Conversations - Art in Context: Power and Predicament: 1:30-3:15 pm
Moderator: Joan Kee - Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Area Park – Artist, Seoul
Sandrine Llouquet – Artist, Ho Chi Minh City
Koh Seung-wook – Artist, Director of Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
Tran Luong – Artist and Curator, Hanoi

New Asian Subjectivities: 3:30-5:15 pm
Moderator: Viet Le
Eunshil Kim – Ewha University, Seoul
Ysa Le – Vietnamese International Film Festival; Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association Southern California, Los Angeles
Darcy Paquet – Film Journalist, Founder and Editor of Koreanfilm.org website
Nora Taylor – Alsdorf Professor of South and Southeast Asian Art in the Department of
Art History, Theory and Criticism, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

Symposium Plenary and Review: 5:15-5:30 pm
Moderators: Viet Le and Yong Soon Min

Artist Performance in Gallery: 5:30-6 pm
Tran Luong

Feature Film Screening: 7:30-9 pm
Introduction by Viet Le

Film/Video program curated by Lan Duong, Women's Studies, University of California, Riverside

* Symposium program and speakers may be subject to change.
* Speakers will present in English or Korean. Consecutive translation is provided on the 18th, simultaneous translation is provided on the 19th.


20. Heather Woodbury, FFAlumn, in Los Angeles, opens Jan. 19


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Heather Woodbury -winner of *Spalding Gray Award, *2007 OBIE Award-Winner
A Stripper’s History of the World
A series of interviews between a one hundred and eight- year old stripper, holed up in a bramble-covered shack in Echo Park, and a young feminist academic, in the year 2014.
written and performed by Heather Woodbury
directed by Abigail Deser

Make your reservations now! Seating Limited. 323-653-6886
BANG theatre 457 N. Fairfax/Los Angeles, 90036 Admission $10 / Valet Parking for $5 at Fairfax and Rosewood http://www.bangstudio.com/#lastdays
approximate running time: 90 minutes*
* plus intermission

About Woodbury’s past work, critics say:
-Jason Zinoman, NY TIMES
“A tender writer…vivid and assured ..”
-Alexis Soloski,VILLAGE VOICE
“Thrillingly poetic and daring”
- Terry Morgan, VARIETY
“Her vision has a sweep and maturity that is…thrilling to behold”
-Charles McNulty, LA TIMES
“Wildly funny and infinitely sad.”
-Fintan O’Toole, THE IRISH TIMES

For more information, visit:


21. Robert Mapplethorpe, FF Alumn, at Sean Kelly Gallery, Manhattan, opens Feb 8

Robert Mapplethorpe:
Certain People

February 9 -
March 15, 2008
Sean Kelly is delighted to announce a major exhibition of photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe. The opening will take place on Friday, February 8th from 6pm to 8pm.

The exhibition Certain People consists of a specific selection of photographs that provides a remarkable opportunity to view portraits of artists, dancers, writers and art world personalities from the period spanning the mid 70s through the mid 80s. Individuals such as Laurie Anderson, Louise Bourgeois, William Burroughs, Francesco Clemente, David Hockney, Annie Leibovitz, Joseph Kosuth, Norman Mailer, Lisette Model, Ileana Sonnabend, Sam Wagstaff and Andy Warhol are depicted, alongside many of their contemporaries. The inspiration for the exhibition comes from the book Robert Mapplethorpe Certain People: A Book of Portraits, published in 1985.

The exhibition explores the fascinating relationship the artist nurtured over a period of more than a decade with his sitters. Mapplethorpe had a unique ability to capture the essence of his subjects – his gift is clear in these diverse and revealing portraits. In the preface of Certain People, Susan Sontag noted: "Being photographed by Mapplethorpe was different from being photographed by anyone else. He reassures differently, encourages differently, is permissive differently…" Indeed these intimate portraits convey a strong sense of the trust and complicity that existed between Mapplethorpe and his subjects, as well as his ability to capture their different personas in a striking manner. However, as a group, the photographs constitute a unique document attesting to the vibrancy and dynamism of a generation of individuals who were vital presences on the New York art scene in the late 20th century and represent a virtual who's who / time capsule of the art world at a particularly complex and historic moment.

Since Mapplethorpe's untimely death in 1989, his work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions in museums throughout the world, including several major traveling retrospectives. He is unquestionably considered to be one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century. Mapplethorpe's work is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris and the Ludwig Museum in Cologne amongst many others.

Please contact Maureen Bray at the gallery (212.239.1181) or maureen@skny.com for more information. Sean Kelly Gallery is located at 528 West 29th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11am until 6pm and Saturday from 10am until 6pm.


22. Rinaldo Frattolillo, Ligorano/Reese, Kiki Smith, Andy Warhol, FF Alumns, at Jim Kempner Fine Art, Manhattan, opening Jan 17

Jim Kempner Fine Art is pleased to announce People, Places, Things: three consecutive group shows that will take place over a period of three to four months. First in the series, People, will feature figurative work in all media by a wide range of renowned and emerging artists including Diane Arbus, Vincent Arcilesi, Robert Attanasio, Stephen Balkenhol, Bo Bartlett, Kathrin Burmester, Mary Carlson, Chuck Close, Kim Dorland, Uri Dotan, Sherman Drexler, Jenny Dubnau, Carol A. Feuerman, Rinaldo Frattolillo, Till Friewald, Lucian Freud, Barnaby Furnas, Bruce Gilbert, Steve Giovinco, Gary Goldstein, Gianfranco Gorgoni, Joshua Jenks, Maira Kalman, Alex Katz, Janice Krasnow, Jeff Koons, Nikki Lee, Ligorano/Reese, Zwelethu Mthelethu, Julie Moos, Vik Muniz, Julian Opie, Elizabeth Peyton, Nola Romano, Thomas Ruff, Jonathan Santlofer, Malick Sedibe, Robert Selwyn, Thomas Benjamin Scott, Kiki Smith, Jim Torok, Maximilian Toth, Andy Warhol, John Wesley, Kehinde Wiley, and others. The dates of the exhibition are January 17th through February 23. There will be an opening reception on January 17th from 6-8 pm.

Highlights of the show will include Girl Sitting, a starkly realistic etching by Lucian Freud, Self-Portrait (2004) a complete set of four Holograms by Chuck Close and Crossing, a mesmerizing, time-based video projection by New York based Israeli artist Uri Dotan. Also to be featured are Bosie, one of Elizabeth Peyton’s first and highly acclaimed prints, a rare self-portrait painting by Bo Bartlett, and Bush Administration ‘mug shot’ prints from Ligorano/Reese’s controversial portfolio Line Up, which has received a great deal of media attention since its inclusion in a recent exhibition of print portfolios at the New York Public Library.

For further information and visuals, please contact Dru Arstark.


23. Los Angeles Poverty Department, FF Alumns, in NYC Jan 30-Feb 1

Sam Rudy and Charlie Siedenburg
Sam Rudy Media Relations, 212-221-8466


in conjunction with NYC's Housing Works
Wednesday, January 30 at 6:30pm at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
Thursday, January 31 at 7:00pm at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Harlem
Friday, February 1 at 6 pm at Housing Works in Brooklyn

Post-performance Discussions on Drug Policy and their far-reaching effects

New York, NY – The U.S. government's multi-billion-dollar "war on drugs" comes under unusual theatrical scrutiny when AGENTS & ASSETS -- a play that dramatizes a 1998 Congressional hearing on drug trafficking -- receives its New York premiere by the West Coast theatre troupe, Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD) for three performances at various locations in New York: Wednesday, Jan. 30 at 6:30 p.m. at Housing Works Bookstore (126 Crosby St. 212 334 3324); Thursday, Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. St. Mary's Episcopal Church (521 W. 126 St. 212 864 4013) and Friday, Feb. 1 at 6 p.m. at Housing Works (2640 Pitkin Ave. 718 827 8700) in the East New York section of Brooklyn.

LAPD -- which has performed AGENTS & ASSETS to great acclaim previously in Los Angeles, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baltimore and the Netherlands -- takes the unusual measure when casting each production of AGENTS & ASSETS to combine five actors from the LAPD troupe with eight additional local citizens who are real-life veterans of the crack cocaine epidemic in the respective cities where the play is presented. LAPD -- which is presenting AGENTS & ASSETS in conjunction with Housing Works in NYC -- will be in residence in January rehearsing with local cast members, conducting community workshops, outreach activities, and post-performance discussions with panelists and audience members.

This unique and provocative form of "community theater," according to John Malpede, founder and artistic director of LAPD, highlights the intricate relationships and consequences of the U.S. government's "war on drugs," allowing the audience to AGENTS & ASSETS as well as the performers to see how U.S. drug policies here and in far away places like Nicaragua, etc. impact local communities, drug-torn families, their friends and neighbors. "This approach brings a lived experience to the drug policies that have created that experience," says Malpede, who also serves as director of AGENTS & ASSETS. "It also allows us to consider what happens when something is labeled a 'war.'"

AGENTS & ASSETS is a brisk, 75-minute verbatim account of a key Congressional hearing in 1998 about allegations of CIA involvement in cocaine trafficking to fund the Nicaraguan Contras. The hearing -- held by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the committee charged with the oversight of the government's intelligence agencies -- was held on the occasion of the CIA Inspector General's report denying allegations of CIA involvement in crack cocaine trafficking to fund the Nicaraguan Contras at a time when Congress had expressly forbidden such activities.

According to LAPD, at the heart of the issues addressed by AGENTS & ASSETS is the misuse of U.S. intelligence agencies by the executive branch of the government, events that continue to resonate today when considered alongside the U.S. rush to war in Iraq, and other government actions and policies.

The entire Agents & Assets script is taken from the hearing transcript, which was edited for length by Mr. Malpede. Congressmen / women and the CIA Inspector General, are played by on- the-ground veterans of the crack epidemic, people whose lives have been radically impacted by crack, either because they are formerly addicted, or simply because they live in communities that have been devastated by drugs and the drug war.

Agents & Assets’ director John Malpede says, "The 'War on Drugs', as the name clearly states, imposes a military solution on a public health and social problem, and in doing so, turns our own citizens into 'the enemy' and then proceeds to victimize our citizens and their communities." Agents & Assets invites its audience to consider the actions of the U.S. Government, whether it is in a distant country or in New York.

According to Downtown News in L.A., "A theater piece born out of detailed transcripts might be somewhat dry -- hardly the stuff of high drama. With Malpede at the helm, however, provocative seems more the operative word,”
stated Victoria Looseleaf of Los Angeles’ Downtown News, January 8, 2001. The Los Angeles Times has written, "For LAPD the weapons are words, explored by actors who have seen policies turned into street-level experience."

AGENTS & ASSETS admission is free. For more information about AGENTS & ASSETS call: 718-687 7942.

Each performance of Agents & Assets is followed by public discussion. Discussions topics have included: treatment vs. incarceration, arts and recovery, and the rhetoric of war. Discussion participants will include Deborah Small, director of Break the Chains; Chloe Duggan field organizer for the NYCLU; Vivian Nixon, criminal justice advocate and director of the College and Community Fellowship at the City University of NY and Nellie Hester Bailey, co-founder and director of the Harlem tenants Council.

The LAPD states that it wants the audience to take home “a better understanding of how national and international political decisions influence their lives” and “to encourage people to address and share their political concerns within their community.”

LAPD’s National Project AGENTS & ASSETS is made possible through support of the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

Los Angeles Poverty Department was founded in 1985 by John Malpede. Based in LA's skid row, LAPD creates performance work that connects lived experience to the social forces that shape the lives and communities of people living in poverty. LAPD is committed to creating high-quality, challenging performances that express the realities, hopes, and dreams of people who live and work in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, and is dedicated to building community and to the artistic and personal development of its members. For more information visit www.lapovertydept.org

"The Los Angeles Poverty Department, despite the homeless status of many of its members, has thrived for years from its downtown outpost and continues to offer theater that's often stunning in its honesty and lacking in pretension," stated L.A. Weekly in its Pick of the Week section. "The Los Angeles Poverty Department has become one of the country’s most outspoken and profound theater troupes,” adds Real Detroit.

Other works by John Malpede include RFK IN EKY in 2004, a recreation of Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 "war on poverty" tour. The play was performed in five counties in eastern Kentucky. LAPD's most recent production presented in 2007 was UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA about L.A.'s Skid Row and the social, economic and cultural conflicts that are shaping the future of downtown Los Angeles.

Housing prevents AIDS.
Housing improves health.
Housing Works is committed to ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness.
Housing Works strives to ensure that homeless and low-income people living with HIV/AIDS and their families have adequate housing, food, social support, drug treatment, health care, and employment. Housing Works is especially committed to serving those who have difficulty obtaining services elsewhere because they struggle with mental illness or chemical dependency.
Housing Works seeks to achieve its goals in the context of a self-sustaining, healing community that maximizes the potential of the people living with HIV/AIDS whom it serves. Our mission stands in accord with Article 25 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights that:
"Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing, and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control."


24. Laura Parnes, FF Alumn, at Schroeder Romero, Manhattan, thru Feb 16

(212) 630-0722 www.schroederromero.com

Charles Browning Jennifer Dalton Eric Heist Laurie Hogin Lou Laurita Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz Laura Parnes William Powhida Heidi Schlatter Michael Waugh David Wojnarowicz
thru February 16, 2008

The idea of a caucus is distinctly American, which is probably why Lewis Carroll ridiculed it in Alice in Wonderland. A caucus is a group of like-minded people who come together to make a decision, and often that decision is about a decision. The US Congress has a Black Caucus, a Hispanic Caucus, even an Internet Caucus; the members of these caucuses discuss how they will vote – when a vote eventually comes. The Iowa Caucus, as well, essentially decides whom voters might like to vote for in the future – when the election occurs. It is in this spirit of deciding about decisions, and especially the deferring of decisions about leadership, that the artists in this show have formed a caucus.


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