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Goings On: posted week of September 10, 2007

1. Joe Lewis, FF Alumn, @ The Durst Organization, NY, Sept 12-Oct 24
2. Mary Beth Edelson, Adrian Piper, Babs Reingold, Juana Valdes, FF Alumns, @ Jersey City Museum, opening Sept 20, 6:30-8:30 pm
3. Doug Beube, Dikko Faust & E.K. Smith, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Halona Hilbertz, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Micki Watanabe Spiller, FF Alumns, @ Proteus Gowanus, opening Sept 14, 6-9 pm
4. Andrea Cote, FF Member, @ Abrons Art Center, opens Sept 19, 6-8 pm
5. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, in Calaf, Spain, and more
6. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, @ Winona County Historical Society Museum, MN, Sept 15, and more
7. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, @ Ben Shahn Center Galleries, Wayne, NJ, opening Sept16, 3-5 pm, and more
8. Julie Ault, AA Bronson, neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere), Mike Smith, Lawrence Weiner, @ E-Flux, Manhattan, opening Oct 1
9. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, on National Public Radio online, and more
10. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, @ Il Corral, LA, Sept 14-15
11. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, @ Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, Sept 22, 6:30 pm, and more
12. Buzz Spector, FF Alumn, @ Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, NY, Nov 15
13. Brooke Singer, FF Alumn, now online at transition.turbulence.org/works/superfund/
14. Dara Birnbaum, FF Alumn, @ Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain, Sept 9
15. Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, @ Chelsea Theatre, London, England, Sept 19-22
16. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Ed Gomez, FF Alumns, in Art & Antiques, Sept issue
17. Tommy D., FF Member, at Under St. Mark’s Theater, Oct 1, 7 pm
18. Angela Lorenz, FF Alumn, at the Brooklyn Museum, Oct 6, and more
19. Michel Auder, FF Alumn, at Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX, opening Sept 8

1. Joe Lewis, FF Alumn, @ The Durst Organization, NY, Sept 12-Oct 24

The Durst Organization
1155 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036-2711

The Durst Organization with Kathleen Cullen present




"Like a man on a mission, and working with every tool that has come into his capable hands, artist Joe Lewis has been plumbing the depths of the American human condition for over thirty years. A keen eye, sharp political conscience and sardonic wit do little to mask the profoundly compassionate spirit with Lewis probes humanity's impact on the visible and invisible worlds. Not content to favor any one zone of art production over another, Lewis has nonetheless alchemized the classic medium of photography into something finer, making conceptual headway in our unsettling times.

The works included here mark a luscious turning point in an already illustration career. Utilizing a special technique which liberates the more painterly aspects of photographic production, Lewis poetically fuses and concentrates several centuries of pictorial finesse into his deceptively simple compositions. Balancing images under girded by an economy of gesture and a strength of purpose with a technical expertise that allows these works to be permeated with a delicacy and literal richness of materials, Lewis offers the viewer the kind of masterful rewards one can expect from a mature artist enjoying his prime. It is a pleasure to ride along and peek over this artist's shoulder as he interacts with our living world."

Dr Toby Crockett

Hope to see you there!


2. Mary Beth Edelson, Adrian Piper, Babs Reingold, Juana Valdes, FF Alumns, @ Jersey City Museum, opening Sept 20, 6:30-8:30 pm

I'm in this group show. Hope to see you at the opening.

The Feminine Mystique
Jersey City Museum
350 Montgomery Street
Jersey City NJ 07302

Opening Reception Thursday, September 20th, 6:30-8:30 pm

September 20, 2007 - February 24, 2008

This exhibition of contemporary art features the work of women who address feminist issues either directly or obliquely, filtered through a contemporary response to Betty Friedan's critical text, The Feminine Mystique (1963). Discussed as "the problem that has no name," the indefinable unhappiness faced by women at mid-twentieth century is re-visited in the work of these artists who take up this familiar issue, as well as a host of new ones, for the beginning of the 21st century. 35 artists from New York, New Jersey and elsewhere are featured.

Works by:
Gema Alava-Crisostomo, Louise Bourgeois, Aliza Augustine, Shelly Balhl, Sandra Bermúdez, Caroline Burton, Pam Cooper, Mary Beth Edelson, Carson Fox, Nancy Friedemann, Ayakoh Furukawa, Heather Hart, Swati Khurana, jessica Lagunas, Megan Maloy, Jeanette May, Esperanza Mayobre, Jennifer Mazza, Margaret Murphy, Adrian Piper, Babs Reingold, Justine Reyes, Kara Rooney, Rachael Serbinski, Lorna Simpson, Jennifer Sullivan, Juana Valdes, Alison Weld, Noelle Lorrain Williams, and Meghan Wood

Babs Reingold

Getting there:
Mass transit from Manhattan
Take the Newark (world trade center station) or Journal Square (33rd street station and along 6th Ave) PATH train to the Grove Street station in Jersey City. Exit the station and make a left (walk southwest) on Grove Street. Walk three blocks to Montgomery Street (pass Wayne and Mercer) and turn right. Walk four blocks to the corner of Monmouth Street.

Driving from Manhattan
Travel to New Jersey using the Holland Tunnel. Continue two blocks past the tunnel exit, and turn left onto Manila Avenue (Manila Avenue becomes Grove Street). Follow Grove Street about 1/4 mile to Montgomery Street and turn right. Follow Montgomery four blocks to corner of Monmouth Street.

Directions and info go to


3. Doug Beube, Dikko Faust & E.K. Smith, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Halona Hilbertz, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Micki Watanabe Spiller, FF Alumns, @ Proteus Gowanus, opening Sept 14, 6-9 pm

Hi kids,
I have 5 wall dolls in this art show, "PLAY". You gotta love the theme.
Opening is this Friday, September 14, 6 to 9...would love to say hello to you...let's play!!

Proteus Gowanus invites you to
the opening reception for
the yearlong interdisciplinary exhibit


Friday, September 14, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

“You shall not bite, or not bite hard, your brother’s ear.”
Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens, (1944)

It is with great excitement that we launch our 2007/2008 interdisciplinary theme “Play” at Proteus Gowanus. This year we will explore the versatile meanings of “Play,” investigating its history and future as the bedrock of culture; its regenerative power as the creative basis of every discipline and as the spark that ignites the child’s imagination; and its darker role in our entertainment-obsessed culture. The exhibit will include an array of play-related art, artifacts, objects, books and events (Check our website www.proteusgowanus.com for details), and will unfold over the course of the year generated by suggestions of visitors to the gallery, a growing number of “PG Correspondents,” and by the rich interdisciplinary resources of nine collaborating non-profit organizations.

We introduce the year with the Play Book, not a catalog, but a book to be played with - a loose compilation of artist-designed games, play-related text and images, including pages of anagrams and palindromes, ponderings on the meaning of play, conundrums by Lewis Carroll, and a short play by Gertrude Stein. A description and pre-publication subscription offer is available on our website. The Play Book is the first of a series of publications called Proteotypes that grow out of Proteus Gowanus programs.

Proteus Gowanus is also pleased to announce:
Two new permanent installations of an archival nature have joined The Museum of Matches, A Cold War Room in the space adjacent to Proteus Gowanus: The Reanimation Library www.reanimationlibrary.org, an independent library serving artists, writers and cultural archeologists; and Anonima, an archive of art, books and ephemera from a 1960’s artist collaborative.

The Play exhibit and programs will be co-curated by Maddy Rosenberg and PG Co-Founder/Director Sasha Chavchavadze.

Play Correspondents include: artist/animator Pahl Hluchan; artist/filmmaker Jeanne Liotta; Brooklyn Museum Librarian/Curator of Books Deirdre Lawrence; toy designer/historian/educator Karen Hewitt; and author/video game expert Heather Chaplin.

Play Participants include: Rosaire Appel, Gerard Barbot, The Brooklyn Museum Library, Cabinet Magazine, Ted Chafee, Heather Chaplin, Chris Cogburn, Donn Davis, Susan Dunkerley, Joanna Ebenstein, The Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, Marty Greenbaum, Melissa Henley, Karen Hewitt, The Kentler International Drawing Space Satellite Flatfile of Contemporary Prints, Halona Hilbertz, Pahl Hluchan, Sharon Horvath, Leslie Kerby, Jenni Knight, Tom La Farge, Jeanne Liotta, Desi Minchillod, David Moore/Bing and Ruth, Place in History, Shervone Neckles, Debra Pearlman, Alan Rosner, Lance Rutledge, Sally Sturman, The Institute For Figuring, Dan Torop, Ugly Duckling Presse, Paulus Van Horne, Vertical Player Repertory, Wendy Walker, Jane Zweibel, 99 Hooker.

The Artistsbook Library: Eileen Arnow-Levine, Carol Barton, Mindy Belloff, Doug Beube, Mark Staff Brandl, Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Catya Plate, Libby Clarke, Lucinda Cobley, Beatrice Coron, Maureen Cummins, Evelyn Eller, Sandra C. Fernandez, Anne Gilman, Geoff Green, Martha Hayden, Bob Heman, Susan Hensel, Kumi Korf, David Lantow, Andre Lee, Jill Mckeown, Veronica Morgan, Florence Neal, Heidi Neilson, Susan Newmark, Sarah Nicholls, Donna Maria deCreeft, Amee Pollack and Laurie Spitz, Purgatory Pie Press - Dikko Faust and Esther Smith, Maddy Rosenberg, Susan Rotolo, Elsie Sampson, Miriam Schaer, Susan Share, Shirley Sharoff, Carolyn Shattuck, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, Micki Watanabe Spiller, April Vollmer, Debra Weier.

Come visit!

Proteus Gowanus
543 Union Street @ Nevins Street Gate
Brooklyn, NY 11215


4. Andrea Cote, FF Member, @ Abrons Art Center, opens Sept 19, 6-8 pm

Abrons Arts Center Gallery presents

September 18 - November 11, 2007
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday September 19, 2007 6-8 pm

PANEL DISCUSSION: New Positions Tuesday, September 25, 2007 6:30-8pm
Panelists: Rebecca Schneider, Titia Hulst, Valerie Lamontagne
Panelists will discuss historical portraiture, reenactment, and feminist approaches to the figure.

Curated by Andrea Cote and Joelle Jensen, Posing is a multimedia group exhibition of works by eight emerging artists. Utilizing mimicry, repetition, and imitation, the exhibition looks at various approaches to the act of posing from historical portraiture to contemporary snapshots. The artists in this exhibition examine the relationships between artist, model, viewer, history, culture and media.

Artists: Yi Chen, Nikhil Chopra, Kate Clark, Alex Forman, Yoshio Itagaki, Chris Kaczmarek, Valerie Lamontagne and Amy Talluto

Catalog for exhibition available 9/19 at http://www.lulu.com/content/1078020

Abrons Arts Center at Henry Street Settlement
466 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002
(on the lower east side, at Pitt street)
SUBWAY: F to East Broadway or Delancey (at Essex),
D, B, to Grand or J, M, Z to Essex


5. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, in Calaf, Spain, and more

Event: Public Intervention
Project: Pleased to Meet You Àlbum de fotos de Calaf
Author: Nicolás Dumit Estévez
Place: Calaf, Barcelona
http://www.idensitat.org | Contact: idensitat@idensitat.org

The project Pleased to Meet You is part of IDENSITAT’s current cycle entitled Local | Visitante

The final phase of the artist Nicolas Dumit Estévez’s “Pleased to Meet You”, a project undertaken earlier this year in the town of Calaf (Barcelona), consists of a public intervention during which he will distribute his book Pleased to Meet You, Àlbum de fotos de Calaf to all who participated in the project.

This publication documents the experience of Nicolás Dumit Estévez during his two-month stay in Calaf, where his goal was to meet and interact with everyone who lives there. Over time, the artist established a relationship between himself as visitor and the townspeople that eventually served to transform his own status from tourist to local, from a conspicuous figure on the streets to one who is part of the everyday flow. The project’s success depended on gaining the trust of this town of approximately 3,500 so as to assemble a comprehensive collection of photographic images that were either taken by him or donated by the inhabitants. The result is a synthesis that goes beyond mere documentation – a visual object of 312 pages containing some 1000 photographs.

This compendium of photographs includes an essay by the artist in which he reflects on the development of the piece and its place within the context of his own body of work. While many of his previous works belong to the realm of performance art, in this case, the art/life duality implicit in this piece allowed Estévez to rearticulate some of the concepts of that art form.

As he states in his essay: I avoided using the over-used term performance art to describe my role in the piece that I had come to organize. I preferred to see myself as a catalyst on the town’s stage, moving about it in continuous rehearsal. No finished play other than life itself was expected to result from this. We were actors and spectators at the same time…

Nicolás Dumit Estévez is an interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited and performed extensively in the US as well as internationally at venues such as Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Longwood Arts Project, Madrid Abierto/ARCO, Idensitat, The IX Havana Biennial, The III International Theatre Festival of Santo Domingo, PERFORMA 05, and others. Awards include the PS1/MoMA National Studio Program; the Lambent Fellowship Program of Tides Foundation; the Michael Richards Fund, a program of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council; and the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, NYArts Magazine, The Boston Globe, Art Nexus, Flash Art, and in major publications in Mexico, Spain, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. He has been commissioned to create a public intervention for the MacDowell Colony Centennial Celebration in 2007. Born in Santiago de los Treinta Caballeros, Dominican Republic, Estévez lives and works in the South Bronx.

IDENSITAT07 Local | Visitante

IDENSITAT is a project that seeks to realize creative project articulation in the realm of public space and in relationship to a specific territory. It hopes to stimulate art that explores new forms of social participation by taking advantage of the dynamics of that particular space.

From this perspective, IDENSITAT offers a framework for work, dissemination and debate that begins with an open call and selection of projects along with an amalgam of educational activities and events that as a whole serve to reinforce the idea of recovering public spaces for art. Since 1999 it has generated projects in the town of Calaf and has progressively established relationships with other locales in an attempt to make possible the development of projects that adapt to the variables specific to any given place. IDENSITAT07 sponsors projects in Calaf, Manresa, Mataró and the area of el Priorat. In the current cycle it has expanded its scope, developing projects in the city of Mataró in collaboration with Can Xalant, Centro de Creació I Pensament Contemporani and the territory of el Priorat through the Priorat Centre d’Art.


The Passerby Museum” relocates to Kitchener, Ontario September 20 - 30 As part of Cafka07 For more information visit: www.cafka.org

The Passerby Museum is an itinerant institution created in New York in 2002 by María Alós and Nicolás Dumit Estévez. It has been presented in NYC: in Lower Manhattan (LMCC), Times Square (Chashama) and the South Bronx (Longwood Arts Project at Hostos University); in México City: (MUCA Roma and UNAM Campus): in Madrid: (Madrid Abierto, ARCO’05); in Cuba: (Ninth Havana Biennial) and Puebla, México: (Plataforma 2006). The Museum's collection (over 3,000 objects) was exhibited in its entirety in 2006, when it attracted more than 32,000 visitors to the Galería del Ayuntamiento in Puebla, Mexico during the month it was on view.

“The Passerby Museum” is dedicated to presenting temporary exhibitions in different cities. The museum draws its collection from donations from those who visit, work or live where it is in operation at any given time. The Passerby Museum serves as a physical marker, recording the presence of its collaborators in the neighborhood.


6. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, @ Winona County Historical Society Museum, MN, Sept 15, and more

Billy X. Curmano has sometimes toured disguised as a musician - including over 6,000 miles by Greyhound Bus. This September, he will perform with two different incarnations of the New X Art Ensemble in Winona, MN.

September 15th as Billy X. Curmano and friends at 3 p.m. in front of the Winona County Historical Society Museum on Johnson Street as part of the Heritage Festival. The performance will be taped for a documentary on the area's colorful musical history.

September 22nd with the New X Art Ensemble featuring the Amazing Tess Toster Tones from 9 to close at Ed's Velvet Jimi on Third and Franklin. Patrons anticipating a bar band may be surprised by a full strength free jazz arkestra in the tradition of Sun Ra hybridized by Billy X.

Billy X.


Art Works USA
28401 Hartwood Drive
Rushford, MN 55971

For articles and a short video clip, Search Billy Curmano at:

Electronic downloads at:


7. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, @ Ben Shahn Center Galleries, Wayne, NJ, opening Sept. 16, 3-5 pm, and more

Roberta Allen is showing new digital prints from the series "A Little Bit Of Infinity" in the following group shows:

"Prints and Company", Ben Shahn Center Galleries, William Patterson
University, Wayne, NJ, opening Sun. Sept. 16th, 3-5 PM


"The Writer's Brush", Anita Shapolsky Gallery, 152 E. 65th St., NYC
opening Thurs. Sept. 13th, 6-8 PM
(travels to Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA)
A huge salon exhibition with works by 80 writers, including Cocteau, Wm. Burroughs, Henri Michaux

Prior group shows this year include:

"The Global Contemporary", Osh Artists Union, Curated by Stefan Eins, Osh, Kyrgyz Republic, Central Asia
"Artex,"City of Artists, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, Central Asia
"Cowgirls 2: The Eclectic All-Woman Group Show", Curated by Richard Temporio, (Sideshow, Williamsburg) Brik Gallery, Catskill, NY
"Summer Invitational", GAS Gallery & Performance Space, Poughkeepsie, NY



8. Julie Ault, AA Bronson, neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere), Mike Smith, Lawrence Weiner, @ E-Flux, Manhattan, opening Oct 1

Forget gallery hassles—GET CASH NOW! High! Fast! Immediate cash payments! Come on down today!

Starting this fall, e-flux’s storefront in New York’s Chinatown will operate as a pawnshop, its inventory comprised of artworks, bought and sold. Opening to the public on Monday October 1st, at 12:00 pm, PAWNSHOP’s selected wares will become available for sale on November 1st. The Pawnshop will remain open through early 2008.

Come browse works for sale by more than 60 artists, including: Lucas Ajemian, Carlos Amorales / Nuevos Ricos, James Angus, Julieta Aranda, Julie Ault, Fia Backström, Julien J. Bismuth, Bengala, Mike Bouchet, Ethan Breckenridge, AA Bronson, François Bucher, Miguel Calderón, Paul Chan, Jan Christensen, Heman Chong, Peter Coffin, Keren Cytter, Marcelline Delbecq, Wilson Diaz, Nico Dockx, Christoph Draeger, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Jakup Ferri, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Claire Fontaine, Rene Gabri, Nikolas Gambaroff, Mario Garcia Torres, Andrea Geyer, Simryn Gill, Liam Gillick, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Diango Hernández, Ralf Hoffman, Karl Holmqvist, Christian Jankowski, Sejla Kameric, Matt Keegan, Christoph Keller, Gabriel Kuri, Annika Larsson, Liz Linden, Esther Lu, Rodrigo Mallea Lira, John Miller, Aleksandra Mir, Naeem Mohaiemen, Lucas Moran, Carlos Motta, neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere), Olaf Nicolai, Ernesto Neto, Ylva Ogland, Yoshua Okon, Lisi Raskin, Pedro R eyes, Carissa Rodriguez, Martha Rosler, Eduardo Sarabia, Aaron Simonton, Matt Sheridan Smith, Mike Smith, Nedko Solakov, Kim Sooja, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Costa Vece, Anton Vidokle, Lawrence Weiner, Florian Wüst, Andrea Zittel, and many more.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES - Fax and Xerox copies - Internet - Phonecards - Check Cashing - Passport Photos

53 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002
P/F: 212 619 3356 || pawnshop@e-flux.com


9. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, on National Public Radio online, and more

The 1955 Beige Motel I encrusted with sand this summer - Rte 6, North Truro, Cape Cod MA - is featured in a piece by Eileen Myles, FF Alumn, on msn website, Open for Design


And also in a piece that aired on NPR by Elizabeth White::

The motel historic roadside attraction will be demolished this winter. www.jaycritchley.com


10. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, @ Il Corral, LA, Sept 14-15

Friday September 14th
(18 & over)
Dung Mummy: Music curated by the hop-frog kollectiv:
Steve Barrata
Screening of Damon Packard's latest Space Disco One
Campaign Speech
Frank MOORE and his Cherotic All Stars

Saturday September 15th
(18 & over)
End of the World Bookshop presents Books and Music
Dung Mummy: Music curated by the hop-frog kollectiv:
Bavab Bavab
Send My Regards
Campaign Speech
hop-frog kollectiv
Frank MOORE and his Cherotic All Stars

662 north heliotrope dr.
los angeles, ca 90004



11. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, @ Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, Sept 22, 6:30 pm, and more

Drumming in the Dark: Autumn Equinox Sunset Celebration

Welcoming in the dark half of the year. Bring drums, kids, and plenty of spirit. No reservations needed.

SEPTEMBER 22, Saturday
6:30 pm

Grand Army Plaza under the Arch
Brooklyn, NY 11238
2/3 or B,Q to Grand Army Plaza

Info: 718-857-1343


Full Harvest Moon Drumming Circle

Taking it all in. Reaping what we have sown. What we seed is what we get!

SEPTEMBER 26, Wednesday
7:30 pm

Mama Donna's Tea Garden and Healing Haven
Park Slope, Brooklyn
Info: 718-857-1343


12. Buzz Spector, FF Alumn, @ Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, NY, Nov 15

For the past nine months an independent filmmaker, Jake Gorst, has been making a documentary film about my work as an artist and teacher. There will be a special screening of "The Rise and Fall of Books" at Cornell Cinema on November 15.

The Rise and Fall of Books
A documentary film by Jake Gorst
Presented by Cornell University and Jonamac Productions

Like many scholars in this increasingly digitized age, Buzz Spector spends a lot of time thinking about the fate of print culture. Unlike most of us, however, Spector transforms his thoughts about the future of the book into works of art. A professor of art at Cornell, Spector is also an internationally renowned “book artist,” whose installations, sculptures, photographs, and drawings have been exhibited in many museums and galleries in the U.S. and overseas.

Spector’s work often contains books, both as subjects and objects, and in “The Rise and Fall of Books,” we will follow Spector during one month in the winter of 2007 as he teaches a class of art students how to use books as artmaking material and, more importantly, to think about the values that reading and collecting books contribute to society. Throughout the course of the film Buzz encourages students in his class "From Inspiration to Exhibition" to transform their New York City studio/classroom into a metaphorical library, filled with constructions made out of books. One of these sculptural forms, a giant "C", composed entirely of books by Cornell faculty, staff, and students, serves as a visual representation of humanities scholarship at Cornell—a building of ideas.

"The Rise and Fall of Books" includes conversations with the artist in his studio and on the road, interviews with students, colleagues, and critics, and will also highlight some of Spector’s previous art installations, including his controversial “Freeze Freud,” in which he froze the complete works of Sigmund Freud in two massive blocks of ice.


13. Brooke Singer, FF Alumn, now online at transition.turbulence.org/works/superfund/

This week Brooke Singer launches a new online project:

"Superfund365, A Site-A-Day" is an online data visualization application with an accompanying RSS-feed and email alert system. Each day for a year "Superfund365" will visit one toxic site currently active in the Superfund program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The journey begins in New York City and winds its way across the country, ending in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In the end, the archive will consist of 365 visualizations of some of the worst toxic sites in the U.S., roughly a quarter of the total number on the Superfund's National Priorities List (NPL). Along the way, Superfund365 interviews people involved with or impacted by Superfund. Content changes every day so be sure to visit often or use the subscribe tools to have content delivered to you.

"Superfund365" is a 2007 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
for its Turbulence website. Additional funding was provided by New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).


14. Dara Birnbaum, FF Alumn, @ Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain, Sept 9

EN PERFECTO DESORDEN at the Reina Sofia Museum Madrid. The program screens September 9,16,23,30 2007. at 1:00 PM

This program of videos brings together 10 artists who use a range of strategies to examine social, technological and aesthetic systems. Systems are characterized by regularity and repetition. They are methodical and consistent using their inherent logic to ensure a predictable result. It is precisely the result that is in question in these videos which subvert existing systems through the use of found footage, algorithms, ritual and performance.

Dara Birnbaum. Technology /Transformation:Wonder Woman. 1978-79. 5’50

David Brody. Proliferation. 2003. 3’04

Tamara Damon/Richard Sullivan. Chance or Die. 2005. 11’14’

Rico Gatson. System Failure. 2006. 3’

Les Leveque. Dramatically Repeating Lawrence of Arabia. 2004. 14’43 ‘

Shana Moulton. Feeling Free with 3D Magic Eye Poster Remix. 2004. 8’13’

Ann Murphy. Duck Duck Goose.2004. 3’

(CLUE) Colour Location Ultimate Experience robbinschilds and A.L Steiner.2007. 10’48

Catherine Ross. Fingering & Footing 2005, 3’45
Score by Timo Elliston and Amy vanRoekel

Gabriel Acevedo Velarde .Escenario. 2004/ 3’03’.

In Escenario by Gabriel Acevedo Velarde an endless ritual is performed by a stream of identical characters who one by one mount a stage to be shot by a bright light, fall down, then rise to walk off the stage and get in line to repeat the performance.

Inspired by a Borges story and U.S. Homeland Security, Chance or Die, a claymation by Tamara Damon and Richard Sullivan is equally ambiguous.

An all powerful corporation and an infinite lottery permeate every fabric of society ruling mercilessly.

A children’s game serves as a tongue in cheek model for corporate America in Ann Murphy’s video Duck Duck Goose. Seven men in underpants and fake mustaches compete in a school gym to determine who’s in and who’s out.

Rico Gatson uses Hollywood films to make his social commentary. In System Failure fragments from the French Connection are digitally manipulated to comment on racial stereotypes projected through mainstream cinema.

In Technology Transformation Wonderwoman Dara Birnbaum appropriates footage from the TV series Wonder Woman repeating the moment of the real woman’s transformation to underline the psychological function of the television product.

Consumer culture is also the subject of Catherine Ross’ video Fingering & Footing. Isolating and repeating gestures made by participants in the TV game show "The Price Is Right" Ross composes a soprano symphony of commercial ecstasy.

Ecstasy rules in Shana Moulton’s video Feeling Free with 3D Magic Eye Poster Remix. The artist improves on a dated exercise video, following the prescribed moves and allowing the consumer objects in her home decor to take on the healing properties advertised in the video.

(CLUE) Color Location Ultimate Experience by robbinschilds and A.L Steiner is the ultimate road trip. Examining the state of our environment, two performers in color coded outfits interact with a variety of landscapes from natural to manmade crossing oceans, malls. deserts and office parks with equal fluidity.

The constructed landscape becomes virtual in David Brody’s video Proliferation which investigates increasingly complex bushings of a fractal-like cross structure to a rhythm composed of generic sound effects.

Dramatically Repeating Lawrence of Arabia by Les Leveque is a re-edit of David Lean's orientalist classic into a 15 minute hallucination of repeating masculinized poses, costumes, and dramatic gestures.



15. Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, @ Chelsea Theatre, London, England, Sept 19-22

Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens do London!

The International Workshop Festival and the Chelsea Theatre present
Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens in
The story of two artists in love, created in response to the violence of war and the anti-gay rights movement in the USA.
Examines artificial insemination, breast cancer, queer relationships, sex, and more.

Wednesday, September 19 through Saturday September 22nd, 2007.

Also, Annie and Elizabeth will facilitate a one of a kind workshop
Public group two hour kiss intervention.
Saturday, Sept. 22. 12:00-12:30.

Kings’ Road, London SW10
Tickets are 15 pounds. Box office: 020 7091 9667


Artist - Sexologist - Author - Teacher - Student
Post Porn Modernist - Faculty Wife - Feminist
Pioneering Film Director/Producer/Performer
Utopian Entrepreneur - Thespian - College Lecturer
Former Porn Star/Stripper/Pin-Up/Prostitute/Dom
Performance Artist - Photographer - Tantrica



16. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Ed Gomez, FF Alumns, in Art & Antiques, Sept issue

The lead article, Sleeping Giants" in the September 2007 Art & Antiques Magazine, written by Edward M Gomez, FF Alumn, features "innovative artists" who are or were not part of the "too much hype" scene. Stephanie Brody-Lederman, FF Alumn, is one of the artists who is discussed in this article. There is a nice reproduction of one of her paintings.


17. Tommy D., FF Member, at Under St. Mark’s Theater, Oct 1, 7 pm

Go Naked! To protest artistic, cultural and political repression. Come Naked or get naked there. Tommy D. “Naked Man” Presents: Monday, October 1st, 7 pm, at Under St. Mark’s Theater, 94 St. Mark’s Place, NYC, between 1st Avenue and Avenue A, poetry, music, art, drama and refreshments and body painting too!


18. Angela Lorenz, FF Alumn, at the Brooklyn Museum, Oct 6, and more

I'm doing a free program on Pandora's Book(1992) at the Brooklyn Museum on Oct 6. I also have a show at the Addison Gallery of American Art (Andover,MA) Sept 22-Oct 30, and is presenting a seminar at New York University this fall – please follow the link below:



19. Michel Auder, FF Alumn, at Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX, opening Sept 8

Curated by Liutauras Psibilskis

September 8th through November 3rd, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 8th 6:00 to 9:00 PM
Artist Performance: Michael Portnoy, Saturday, September 8th, 6:30 to 8:30 PM


Deborah Colton Gallery is pleased to present Chemical City curated by Liutauras Psibilskis. The exhibition features several mediums that explore the creative climate of downtown Manhattan's urban cultures over the last 30 years. Each of the artists have produced specific pieces for the project. The opening will be marked by a performance by Michael Portnoy from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

The title refers to the fusion, permutation, and exchange of elements, concepts and thoughts that are inherent to New York. It is an aspect of the city that can be thought of as its chemistry. Chemical City gives us a glimpse of creativity and brings together generations of artists who have found their experiences and inspiration in New York's streets, music scene, and street cultures. Chemical City, like downtown Manhattan itself, is an experience revolving around combined elements brought together by the interaction of diverse forms of art. The featured artists open doors to reality and fantasy worlds that reflect the experience of living in downtown from the 70s to the present. The collection brings together highly respected artists who are regarded as the cornerstones for the downtown art scene and also younger artists who have become important contributors of the scene today.

Michel Auder shows a film based on footage he filmed in 1977 of a walk with legendary artist, poet and actor Taylor Mead on Christopher street in New York. New photographic pieces by Auder will be also shown in the exhibition. For the first time Jonas Mekas will show a video film based on a footage filmed in 1990 as he walked through Soho and Lover East Side, giving us an informal tour of the city along with his Frozen Film Frames. Marianne Vitale's work consists of crude oil drawings and paintings on silk, and an architectural structure built with found materials, reflecting elements of the metropolitan living experience, inspired by energy of life on the Lower East Side. Maripol will feature new selection polaroids of legendary art and pop personalities in the 80s. Hubert Kreschmar has been closely involved both with music and art scenes of the city, his collages from 1988 will be shown in the exhibition. Previously unreleased footage by Agathe Snow documents the 2005 dance marathon art event she organized at Ground Zero, featuring an unprecedented gathering of more then 200 downtown Manhattan residents for a 24-hour dance-a-thon. Interested in games and human behavioral patterns, Michael Portnoy offers a new edition of his game table that debuted at the 2007 Moscow Biennale. This work reflects Fluxus strategies and, and to a larger extent, the ideas of play in the city and society as a whole.


Deborah Colton Gallery is founded on being an innovative showcase for ongoing presentation and promotion of strong historical and visionary contemporary artists world-wide, whose diverse practices include painting, works on paper, sculpture, video, photography, and conceptual future media installations. The gallery aspires to provide a forum through connecting Texas, national and international artists to make positive change.

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