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Goings On: posted week of September 4, 2007

1. neuroTransmitter, FF Fund for Performance Art recipients, aboard the Staten Island Ferry, Sept 14-29
2. Gaetano Carboni, FF Alumn, launches new art/science/organic farming residency, Italy
3. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, in Chalyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Sept 4-10
4. David Medalla, FF Alumn, in Rome, Italy, September
5. Ligorano/Reese, Doug Beube, FF Alumns, @ Location One, NY, Sept 6-22
6. Tadej Pogacar, FF Alumn, publishes new book, “The Best Is Yet To Come”
7. Willoughby Sharp, FF Alumn, @ SculptureCenter, Long Island City, opening Sept 9, and more
8. Peter Grzybowski, FF Alumn, @ FusionArts Museum, NY, Sept 9, 5 pm
9. Clemente Padin, Alexander Del Re, FF Alumns, in Uruguay, thru Sept 9
10. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, @ Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn
11. Yong Soon Min, FF Alumn, @ LA Municipal Art Gallery, Sept 14-Dec 30
12. China Blue, Jenny Polak, FF Alumns, @ The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, opening Sept 8
13. Ron Littke, FF Alumn, @ Bowery Poetry Club, Sept 9, 6 pm
14. Ellen Fisher, FF Alumn, @ The Stone, NYC, Sept 12, 8 pm
15. Laure Drogoul, FF Alumn, @ Conflux Festival, Brooklyn, Sept 16
16. Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, @ Aldrich Museum, CT, through Nov 4
17. Ken Butler, FF Alumn, @ artMovingProjects, opening Sept 8, 7-9 pm
18. Jacki Ochs @ Brooklyn Arts Council, Sept 7
19. Eve Biddle, FF Member, @ Collective Unconscious, Sept 7, 8-11 pm
20. Mendi Obadike, FF Alumn, announces events, Oct–Dec 2007
21. Vitaly Komar, Rashaad Newsome, FF Alumns, @ DUMBO Festival, Brooklyn, Sept 28-30
22. Grisha Coleman, FF Alumn, @ New Hazlett Theater, Pittsburgh PA, Sept 6-16
23. Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, in The Resident, NY, and online

1. neuroTransmitter, FF Fund for Performace Art recipients, aboard the Staten Island Ferry, Sept 14-29

The FM Ferry Experiment
project concept and programming:
neuroTransmitter (Valerie Tevere + Angel Nevarez)

Dates: September 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29
Time: 12-4pm

For eight days in September, the Staten Island Ferry will be transformed into a floating radio station, broadcasting out to the region as it continuously travels between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan. Live programs consisting of sound performances, lectures, and interviews will take place on the hurricane deck of the Molinari class ferries and will be broadcast along with music, sound, and ambience via WSIA 88.9 FM and fmferryexperiment.net.

local - WSIA 88.9 FM
webstream - fmferryexperiment.net.

In-Studio: The Staten Island Ferry
reached via:
Whitehall Terminal ¬ 1 Whitehall St. Manhattan St. George Terminal - 1 Bay St. Staten Island

For program schedule, list of performances, presentations, and contributing artists go to: fmferryexperiment.net

The FM Ferry Experiment has been made possible in part by The National Endowment for the Arts; The Independence Community Foundation fund through The College of Staten Island - Staten Island Project and College of Staten Island Foundation; the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with support of The September 11th Fund; and the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and Jerome Foundation; with sponsorship from free103point9 Transmission Arts.



2. Gaetano Carboni, FF Alumn, launches new art/science/organic farming residency, Italy


Saturday October 6, 2007 – 6.00 pm Torre delle Valli, Civitella Casanova, Abruzzo, Italy

Legendary electronic composer Mira Calix will be the first voice of Pollinaria, a new project in Italy's Abruzzo countryside that combines residencies for artists and scientists with organic farming.

At the edge of the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park sits an ancient land in the scenic Vestini’s territory. This dramatic location is an integral player in the manifold fermenting forces that constitute Pollinaria, a hybrid of residency programs dedicated to interactions between art and science and practices of organic farming that preserve and support local genetic patrimony.

A countryside farmhouse is the propelling centre of Pollinaria's biodiversity-focused agricultural activities. The historic home will soon become a research space for artists and scientists and a dwelling for everyone who wishes to discover the resources and participate in the experience that is Pollinaria.

In the evening of Saturday 6th October 2007 Mira Calix will perform a site specific work in the austere environments of the farmhouse, populated for centuries by families of farmers.

In the heart of rural Abruzzo, this opening ritual will be marked by music both of the origins and technologically advanced, awakening ancient places and concealed inner landscapes.

Free entrance upon reservation: T + 39 349 4003131

Torre delle Valli, 65010 Civitella Casanova, Abruzzo, Italia
T + 39 349 4003131 E info@pollinaria.org

www.pollinaria.org www.miracalix.com

Mira Calix was born and brought up in South Africa before moving to London in 1991. She began her musical adventure by DJing, performing at countless club nights, and as support on several tours, playing a variety of slots with a diverse selection of artists from Radiohead to Boards of Canada. Her unique and open style has taken her to many festivals including Sonar, Glastonbury, Faster Than Sound and All Tomorrow’s Parties. In 2002 she played at Strasbourg’s Musica Festival with Steve Reich and appeared again in 2003, this time along Stockhausen. In 2002 she composed Nunu as part of a project at the Natural History Museum in Geneva based on insect sounds. She gave her live debut at the Royal Festival Hall performing Nunu with the London Sinfonietta in March 2003. This program has gone on to tour most of the major European capitals. Early in 2004, Mira was commissioned to write a site specific piece of music for an installation in the conservatory of the Barbican Centre in London. In September 2004 this piece was released along with the London Sinfonietta and original versions of Nunu, as a mini-LP titled 3 Commissions. Soon after, Mira Calix was awarded a Britten-Pears residency at Snape Maltings. There she collaborated with Sarah Nicolls and David Sheppard forming a new ensemble: Alexander’s Annexe. The resulting work, Push Door To Exit, was released on Warp Records in 2006 and toured Europe, playing the opening night of the Transmediale Festival in Berlin and in the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, amongst others. In January 2007, Mira Calix released her third studio album on Warp Records: Eyes Set Against The Sun. She has recently completed a commission for the Royal Shakespeare Company setting a Sonnet to music, as well as projects for Opera North, Manchester International Festival and Aldeburgh Music. Mira is currently working on a film soundtrack for Canal + along with installation pieces to be premiered in 2008.


3. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, in Chalyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Sept 4-10

Schedule of US speaker Irina Danilova, 59 Seconds Video Fest
Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg
September 4 – 10, 2007

September 5th, Wednesday
Lecture at the Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University
16:00 Press-conference
59 Seconds Video screening and lecture
The Southern Ural State University, WINDOW Gallery
September 6th, Thursday
17:00 Opening of a photo exhibit at the Center of Contemporary Culture, the Urals State University
18:30 59 Seconds Video screening (special program)
Center of Contemporary Culture
September 7th, Friday
To Be Determined Meeting with the Interuniversity Cinema Club
15:30 Lecture Center of Contemporary Culture
September 8th, Saturday
12:00 Master Class
Center of Contemporary Culture
14:00 59 Seconds Video screening (international program)
Center of Contemporary Culture


4. David Medalla, FF Alumn, in Rome, Italy, September

Press release
The Gallery studio.ra, for the White Night
with the collaboration of: Gruppo Sinestetico and of the Associations: Polilab 2000, Vite3, RO.MI contemporary art
presents David Medalla in the event Actions Under Moonlight
By Vittoria Biasi.

David Medalla, Fontana, Soto, Elswort Kelly, N Group, Dorazio, Castellani, Manzoni with other artists, coming from different geographical and cultural areas, are invited to Uto Kultermann in the sixties at the exhibitions on the white monochrome. The white line that draws the demarcation by the second middle of the century introduces a quiver of the creativity and a social, political and artistic transformation. At the exhibitions of Leverkusen that underline the participation of several artists about the languages of the white, Medalla introduces the dream, the fascination and the mistery of the life that throbs in the matter. In the serial Cloud Canyons, the artist proposes the sculptural work realized with soap emulsified inside the water: it is the methaphor of the sea, of the sky, of the ground. The idea of the totality, of the origin of everything consists of title and work, where the first becomes extension of the other. The natural symbology goes into the world from which the work comes from.

Guy Barret compares the stories of the Venezuelan Soto and of the Filipino Medalla, for the innovations introduced in the sculptural art, started at the centre of London art Signals. The historian proposes the reconstruction of the bonds, of the connections between the personal story, the artistic research and the cultural scene of the time, for reflect upon the Eurocentric convinction that considers the avant-garde a Western phenomenon. In that sense David Medalla has pursued the linguistic extreme of the creativity in a correspondence between art and life according to a concept of total art. The poetics of his performances is led by minima signs, marks of a fascinating past. The artist, founder and director of the LONDON BIENNALE, will present a diptych of performances in Rome, Italy, on September 7 and 8, 2007; it is entitled 'URBI et ORBIS', as a memento of the Latin phrase with which the ancient Roman Emperors and subsequently the Popes addressed the citizens of the city of Rome and the inhabitants of the world. On the 6th of September, at the Gianicolo, under the oak of Torquato Tasso, Raffaella Losapio, David Medalla and... will prepare the video to honour the legendary figure of Garibaldi and his wife Anita. It will be a conversation under the oak of Tasso, reading a newspaper with information from all the world and from Argentina, letting flow the history between present and past, with possible sound deformations, as for the experimental poetry of the sixties. The return is an emotional and artistic involvement with the rereading and reinterpretation of that realized in the place according to the new displacements of the soul. Medalla is considered a nomadic artist of the art or a magicièn de la terre. He doesn’t compare with a static concept of memory, he continues to feel everything in a vibrational way. David Medalla's first performance will take place on September 7 at the Gallery Studio.Ra where Medalla will feature the videos with the impromptus on the seven hills of Rome, recalling the magnificent impromptus he made in the Eternal City during his previous sojourns there: in 1962, 1979-80, and 2002-3. The impromptu of 1980 entitled 'MEDALLA SALUTA ROMA' took place on the steps leading to the British School and in the book 'Exploding Galaxies: The Art of David Medalla' by Guy Brett, published by Kala Press, London, in 1975 where there is a colour photograph of that event. David Medalla's another performance will take place at 'The Factory' at Riva Ostiense, on September 8, 2007. These two inter-related inter-active performances will feature the making of two large-scale ephemeral sculptures with the participation of the audience. During Medalla's last sojourn in Rome in the autumn of 2002, he created with Australian artist Adam Nankervis (founder and director of MUSEUM MAN) an impromptu on the Capitoline Hill in Rome using the initials 'U' and 'O' (for 'Urbi et Orbis') which was part of their continuing series of global graffiti for the Archives of the Secret History of the Mondrian Fan Club which they co-founded in 1973 in New York. A photograph of that impromptu was featured in the magazine HOY published in London in 2003. On the track of the last event, on the extreme of a formula, using the first letter, Medalla will invite to realize a big sculpture in the form of a large letter 'U' (for 'Urbis') which will be made from the clods of 'tufa' (clay-like earth) and assorted debris which the artist and Roman citizens will gather on the seven hills of Rome during his impromptus. The second sculpture will be in the form of the letter 'O' (for 'Orbis') which will be made from an assemblage of half-eaten golden 'rosadas', the roseshaped Roman buns. The buns will be offered to the audience during the performance. The half-eaten buns, with the imprints of people's dentures and teeth, will become the assemblage-sculpture in the form of the letter 'O'. Two letters from Arthur Rimbaud's 'Sonnet of the Vowels' also play an important part in the structures of Medalla's diptych performances, as well as (in the case of the first performance) the method of obliteration practised by the writer Georges Perec of the 'Oulipo' group, and the method of 'assisting ready-mades' pioneered by Marcel Duchamp. David Medalla's diptych performances relate to the concept of the city in art and literature and to the multiple realities of citizens' diverse lives in the world today. They are the most recent examples of synoptic-realist art which David Medalla pioneered in the 70s. Photos of the latest Roman performances, which are open to the public, will subsequently be featured in the website www.studiora.eu

1/F Bartolomeo Platina Street 00179 Rome ITALY
tel. + 39 06 45495639 - cell. +39 349 1597571 info@studiora.eu


5. Ligorano/Reese, Doug Beube, FF Alumns, at Location One, NY, Sept 6-22

CRATER NY - A Drawing Contest
by Ligorano/Reese

You can win property on the moon - by taking part in the Crater NY Drawing Contest

Drawing Contest Rounds begin on September 6th and run through September 22nd

In an open call, contestants will use a computer or pencil & paper to create a drawing of the moon, as it appears in the model installation at the center of the gallery. The winners, selected by a jury of artists, curators, realtors, celebrities, receive deeds to real estate on the moon.

Register online www.location1.org/crater-ny

or Download the ENTRY FORM

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 6 6-8 pm
Drawing Contest: September 6 - 22 / rounds begin at 12:30pm
Awards Ceremony: Wednesday, September 26 6-9 pm
The proceedings and the work created will be shown simultaneously in Second Life, SLART Gallery, and will be live-streamed on Location One's website.

Doug Beube, FF Alumn, is showing a piece entitled, IRL-Intergalactic Reading Station. It has three concave mirrors on top of an altered book.


6. Tadej Pogacar, FF Alumn, publishes new book, “The Best Is Yet To Come”

The Best is Yet to Come -- Tadej Pogacar &
P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art

Edited by Lívia Páldi
Texts by Zdenka Badovinac, Igor Zabel,
Misko Suvakovic, Hans-Ulrich Obrist,
Livia Paldi, Tadej Pogacar
English edition, c-print, paperback, format:
26 x 21 cm, 80 pp., Ljubljana 2007
Design: New Collectivism

ISBN 13-digit: 978 3 86588 371 1
Published by P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute
Co-published by REVOLVER and Skuc Gallery

The Best Is Yet to Come is the first comprehensive overview of the work of the P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art. The P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum was established in 1993 by Tadej Pogacar who describes it as a "virtual, critical structure that exists without its own space or employees, but rather merely takes up residence in other territories, locations and networks and feeds of the juices of institutions." Its strategy may be condensed into three basic tenets: transcending the limits of one's own discipline; being flexible; and practicing a methodological eclecticism. New parasitism can be described as the subtle deconstruction of the horizon of the everyday and a ruthless challenging of the social systems used to establish center, dominance, and power in everyday life, art, and society. In the last thirteen years, the P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum has created a number of events, performances, public actions, interventions, exhibitions, collaborations, and c onferences.

The early museum interventions raised questions about knowledge: How is it produced, structured, and ordered? How is it possessed, transmitted, and used? Another, closely related issue was that of social visibility: Pogacar posed questions about what we see and what we fail to see, what we consider "natural" and what we find disturbing.

Public actions in Ljubljana (1995), Graz, Austria (2002), New York (2002), Mexico City (2003) and Puerto Rico (2005) were executed as participatory projects and interventions into public space. They represent practical investigations of low-tech and unplanned architecture. Such actions open up new possibilities for redefining institutional participation in the creation of urban space and producing alternative policies for the use of public space.

In 1999, Pogacar initiated the project CODE:RED as an ongoing collaborative, interdisciplinary platform for discussion and research into models of self-organization of urban minorities, global sex work, and human trafficking. This platform uses both real and virtual spaces, and takes the form of an open dialogue between artists, sex workers, and the public in selected urban environments. CODE:RED employs various forms of public action and activism, subversions in urban, media, and virtual environments. CODE:RED events have been organized on different venues, including at the Venice Biennial (2001), Tirana Biennial (2005), Sao Paulo Biennial (2006) and most recently on 10th Istanbul Biennial (2007).

To order the book online go to one of the following:


7. Willoughby Sharp, FF Alumn, at SculptureCenter, Long Island City, opening Sept 9, and more

Willoughby Sharp:
Then & Now
A new installation at the
44-19 Purves Street, LIC, NY

Opening Reception: Sunday, September 9, 4-6pm
Exhibition dates: Sept 9 to Nov 25, 2007


Willoughby Sharp: Reappearance

The Mitchell Algus Gallery
511 West 25th St, Room 206
New York, NY 10001

Opening on Thursday September 6th 6-8pm Performances and Videoperformances, 1970-77
Exhibition dates: September 6- October 6, 2007
Mr. Sharp will discuss his work by appointment. Please call the gallery at
212 242 6242, or email mitchellalgus@aol.com


8. Peter Grzybowski, FF Alumn, at FusionArts Museum, NY, Sept 9, 5 pm


Premiere of new multimedia performance in New York
Sunday, September 9, 2007, 5 PM

FusionArts Museum
57 Stanton Street, New York
(212) 995 5290



9. Clemente Padin, Alexander Del Re, FF Alumns, in Uruguay, thru Sept 9

Galería MEC - Espacio Plataforma
Montevideo - Uruguay

24 artistas latinoamericanos, dos seminarios, conferencias, exhibición de videos performáticos, un espacio para el diálogo con accionistas venidos desde México, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Brasil y Uruguay del 4 al 9 de Setiembre, 2007 en la Galería MEC, Montevideo, Uruguay.

24 Latin American artists, two seminars, conferences, exhibition of videos on performances, a space for the dialogue with accionists come from Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, 4 to 9 Setiembre, 2007, in the MEC Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay.

DE 11:00 A 22:00 HS
Sos Tierra, fotos de otro planeta / Exposición fotográfica de obras de performance
Espacio Relacional / Lugar de encuentro

19:00 hs > Inauguración
19:30 hs > Plumas / Daniel Acosta
20:00 hs > Creciendo / María Noel Langone
20:30 hs > De la serie somática / Andrea Cárdenas

9-12:00 hs > Taller Alexander del Re
14-17:00 hs > Taller Pancho López
17:30 hs > Entre las acción Contextualizada y la acción como instancia estética. La encrucijada de la performance latinoamericana / Ponencia de Silvio de Gracia
18:30 hs > Diario del proyecto Tierra / Ponencia de Daniel Acosta
19:30 hs > Coreografía para manos con esposas / Cecilia Vignolo
20:00 hs > Espacio Rito urbano / Juan Silva Alvarez y Angela Alves
20:30 > Esa democracia . . . / Gabriel Sasiambarrena
21:00 > Pájaro obsceno / Rafael Álvarez

9-12:00 hs > Taller Alexander del Re
14-17:00 hs > Taller Pancho López
17:30 hs > PERFORMANCELOGÍA: Archivo Virtual de Documentación sobre Performance y Performancistas / Charla con Aidana Rico, Amira Tremont e Ignacio Pérez
19:30 hs > Justi-xia / Claudia Ruíz Herrera
20:00 hs > / Grupo m.a.m
20:30 > Plagio lumínico / Calixto Saucedo
21:00 hs > Endopintura con tres corazones / José Roberto Sechi

9-12:00 hs > Taller Alexander del Re
14-17:00 hs > Taller Pancho López
17:30 hs > Aproximaciones a un metalenguaje o arqueología del lenguaje / Ponencia de Javier Sobrino
19:30 hs > Acerca de la compleja relación de un cubo / Martín Molinaro
20:00 hs > Re-tomando / Aidana Rico
20:30 hs > ANIMALs PERFORMAN / Raúl Nuñez
21:00 hs > Apocatástasis / Ignacio Pérez Ignacio Pérez

17:00 hs > Muestra del taller Alexander del Re
19:30 hs > Fuente / Lucía Ponce de León
20:00 hs > Tu + Yo / Pancho López
20:30 hs > Paradox / Alexander del Re
21:00 hs > Líneas de a tiempo / Javier Sobrino

17:00 hs > Muestra del taller Pancho López
19:30 hs > Situación dadaista 0 / Graciela Cianfagna
20:00 hs > Memorial V / Juan Angel Italiano y Gabriel Octavio Italiano
20:30 hs > Pecho bueno / Pecho malo / Gabriela Alonso
21:00 hs > Enjoy / Silvio de Gracia

Programación, prólogo y fotos en la web

Concentrado Acción es un proyecto curado por Clemente Padín, 7w1k4nc9@adinet.com.uy
Concentrated Action is a cured project for Clemente Padín



10. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, at Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn

BRIC Rotunda Gallery presents

Caribbean Carnival as Art Practice

Guest Curated by Claire Tancons

September 12 – October 20, 2007

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 12 from 7 to 9 pm Panel Discussion: Thursday, September 20 at 7pm MAS’ Procession: Saturday, October 6 at 2pm

Brooklyn, NY (Aug. 6, 2007) – BRIC Rotunda Gallery is pleased to present MAS’: From Process to Procession, an exhibition about Caribbean Carnivals as art practice curated by Claire Tancons. MAS’ features Laura Anderson Barbata, Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Stefan Falke, Marlon Griffith, Karyn Olivier, Caecilia Tripp, Superior Concept Monsters / (Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles), eight artists ranging from performance and processional artists to masmen (masqueraders). Coming from and/or having worked in the Caribbean, all the artists in the exhibition recognize Carnival as a potent vehicle for contemporary artistic practice with a public reach and a global appeal.

MAS’: From Process to Procession captures the creation process of contemporary Caribbean Carnivals from preparatory drawings and works-in-progress to final street processions. Short for masquerade, Mas’ is synonymous with Carnival, and is a common name for the living art that is central to the annual festivities in Trinidad. Carnival customs and practices from Trinidad and other countries, including the Dominican Republic and Curaçao, are represented in the exhibition through drawing, costume, sculpture, installation, photography and film.

Caribbean carnivals have evolved into an art form that bridges folk traditions with multimedia art in a dynamic interdisciplinary art experience. MAS’ seeks to unveil Carnival with its innovative forms, satirical appraisals, and public presentations, as one of the most complete yet under recognized contemporary art forms.

In conjunction with the exhibition, artists, musicians and Carnival experts will come together to discuss the importance of Trinidad Mas’ in the development of Carnival as art practice, contemporary Carnival practices in the Caribbean and beyond and why Carnival or Mas’ is an energetic and valuable art form at a panel discussion at BRIC Rotunda Gallery on September 20 at 7pm.

Claire Tancons has recently been appointed Associate Curator at Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans (CACNO) where she will contribute to the programming of the Visual Arts Department and assist with the implementation of PROSPECT, the US new international Biennial, with a first edition in the Fall of 2008. A native of Guadeloupe, French West Indies, Tancons holds degrees in Museum Studies from the Ecole du Louvre, Paris, and in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute, London, as well as being a former Curatorial Fellow of the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. She has held research and curatorial positions in the US as well as organized independent projects internationally in Trinidad and South Africa. Her most recent New York project was (The efflorescence of) Walter, Ralph Lemon’s first visual arts exhibition, which she co-curated with Anthony Allen for The Kitchen in the Fall 2007. She was until recently a Research Associate at the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art in Paris and has written for exhibition catalogues and reviews such as Nka, Small Axe, and Third Text.

BRIC Rotunda Gallery presents contemporary art, public events and an innovative arts education program. The Gallery’s aim is to increase the visibility and accessibility of contemporary art while bridging the gap between the art world and global culture in Brooklyn and the world beyond.

BRIC Rotunda Gallery is the visual arts program of BRIC Arts | Media | Brooklyn, multi-disciplinary arts and media non-profit, dedicated to presenting visual, performing and media arts programs that are reflective of Brooklyn’s diverse communities, and to providing resources and platforms to support the creative process.

Located in Brooklyn Heights, just over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, BRIC Rotunda Gallery is a short walk from the 2,3; 4,5; M; or R trains at Court Street/Borough Hall; or the A, C trains at High Street. The Gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 6 pm.

33 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 ph 718 875.4047 fax 718 488.0609


11. Yong Soon Min, FF Alumn, at LA Municipal Art Gallery, Sept 14-Dec 30

September 14 – December 30, 2007
humor us for more info: www.humorus.net

City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery presents humor us, an art exhibition at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, brings together twenty Asian American artists with ties to Southern California who engage in strategies such as absurdity, foolery, parody and satire in their artistic practice. By linking humor to Asian Americans, the exhibition questions the parameters of identity, yet recognizes the continuing importance of race and representation. With explorations of playfulness, incongruities, absurdities and irrationalities, humor us seeks to evoke a smile, chuckle or a laugh, as well as engage the viewer in a critical exploration of what, indeed, is so funny.

Guest curators: Viet Le, Yong Soon Min and Leta Ming

Artists: Shane Abad, Tetsuji Aono, Susan Choi, Young Chung, Allan deSouza, Cirilo Domine, Reanne Estrada, Pearl Hsiung, Byoung Ok Koh, Terence Koh, kozyndan, Dinh Q. Le, Candice Lin, Sandra Low, Sandeep Mukherjee, Uudam Nguyen, Kaz Oshiro, Joey Santarromana, Anna Sew Hoy, Niphan Suwannakas

humor us reception/ Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (4800 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027)
September 16, 2-5pm with live music by Chris Joyner. Free admission. Hosted by the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Associates and Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles.


12. China Blue, Jenny Polak, FF Alumns, at The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, opening Sept 8

The Soap Factory proudly Presents
Curated By Elizabeth M. Grady

September 8 – October 21, 2007
Opening Saturday September 8th 7-11 pm

Exhibiting Artists:

Alejandro Almanza Pereda, William R. Bergman, China Blue, David Bowen, Tracey Goodman, Erik Shorrock Guzman, Wade Kavanaugh, José Enrique Krapp, Caitlyn Masley, Panayiotis Michael, Derick Melander, Jeffrey Morrison, Jason Peters, Meridith Pingree, Jenny Polak, David Politzer and Carol Salmanson

The Soap Factory is located at: 518 2nd Street SE (loading dock) Minneapolis

612. 623. 9176


Gallery hours

Thursday and Friday 2- 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 12- 5pm

ALSO there’s still time to see my work in: Emerge 8 at Aljira Center for Contemporary Art in Newark NJ is open till Sept 29
973.622.1600 or www.aljira.org for hours

AND the Trojan Horse Travel Agency remains visible round the clock in the windows of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, NY till December.
212.431.0233 or www.tenement.org


13. Ron Littke, FF Alumn, at Bowery Poetry Club, Sept 9, 6 pm

Ron Littke, FF Alumn, at Bowery Poetry Club Sunday 9/9 at 6 PM.
'Barfly revisited, 'a video collaboration between Ron Littke, Tsaruah Litsky, and Steve Cannon, will be shown in the 'Bowery Women: Shoot the Poem' screening as part of the HOWL Festival.


14. Ellen Fisher, FF Alumn, at The Stone, NYC, Sept 12, 8 pm

Ellen Fisher will share some of her old and new performance work with you. Come to THE STONE at the corner of Avenue C and 2nd street Wednesday September 12 at 8 p.m.

FILM , PUPPETS , AND POSES Mix it up with Ellen Fisher performing in an intimate setting of THE STONE. Projections and images create a 'visual sound experience’. Music will include original compositions of Frank Maya, Meredith Monk and others.

Ellen Fisher


15. Laure Drogoul, FF Alumn, at Conflux Festival, Brooklyn, Sept 16

Laure Drogoul, FF Alumn, @ Conflux Festival at The Change You Want to See, 84 Havemeyer St. Brooklyn September 16, 12-5pm.

Dear Folks, I'll be in Brooklyn, performing with my portable scentorium as part of the 2007 Conflux Festival on September 16. The Conflux Festival is an annual festival (September 13-16) of performances dedicated to psychogeography. The Scentorium will be at The Change You Want to See, 84 Havemeyer St., Sunday September 16 between 12 and 5 pm, as part of the block party events.

So please come and take a whiff, Laure


16. Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, at Aldrich Museum, CT, through Nov 4

Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, at The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, extended through Nov 4, 2007

"On this site stood," an exhibition of historical markers with contemporary political and social content has had its run extended by 3 months and will now be on view at The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art through Nov. 4, 2007. To read more about this show of work created by FF Alumn Norm Magnusson, click on the museum's website: http://www.aldrichart.org/exhibitions/magnusson.php or visit any of the following sites which have reported on this crazy fun show:


Information can also be found at the artist's website: funism.com


17. Ken Butler, FF Alumn, at artMovingProjects, opening Sept 8, 7-9 pm

Ken Butler
Drawing and Driving
Opening 7-9 Saturday September 8th
166 N.12th St. (Bedford and Berry) Williamsburg
(917-301-6680, 917-301-0306)
Thu-Sun, 1pm - 6pm
Subway: L to Bedford
September 8 - October 14

Ken Butler
Drawing and Driving


18. Jacki Ochs at Brooklyn Arts Council, Sept 7

Brooklyn Arts Council
6:00-9:00 p.m. at BAC
55 Washington Street, Suite 218
or enter at
111 Front Street

Screening Schedule
Screenings begin each evening at 6:00 p.m. All programs are subject to change. Includes Q & A.

Friday, September 7: Communities

American Dreams # 3
Moira Tierney

9/11 Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn
Randi Cecchine

9/12: From Chaos to Community
Susanna Styron, Director
Jacki Ochs, Producer


19. Eve Biddle, FF Member, at Collective Unconscious, Sept 7, 8-11 pm

a viewing of new commissioned works by

Eve Biddle

~ one night only ~

paintings. music. beer.

Friday, September 7th, 2007
8pm to 11pm, 279 Church Street


"Living World", 2007 is a riff on an abstract motif that can be viewed either in micro- or macrocosm; as an internal view of the cells in your body, or the vast expanse of planets in space. The work was a private commission for a commercial building in Flushing, Queens. The paintings are gouache on paper.

The Mission of Collective:Unconscious is to foster an inclusive, creative community in Lower Manhattan that serves as an incubator and launching pad for emerging artists in New York City. Founded in 1995 by a group of multi-disciplined artists, Collective: Unconscious was conceived both to perform unique experimental theater and to administer a space that would serve as a community resource and laboratory for the performing arts.

Collective: Unconscious supports the emerging arts community of New York City in several practical ways: 1) by providing an administrative and technical resource for artistic development, management and action; 2) by helping artists to promote their work, and 3) by providing a low cost venue for rehearsals and performances.

The programs and capital improvements at Collective: Unconscious are made possible, in part, by the Alliance for Downtown New York and by Lower Manhanttan Cultural Council, with support form The September 11th Fund; the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; Council Member Alan Gerson; the Collective: Unconscious board of directors and many generous individuals.

Eve Biddle


20. Mendi Obadike, FF Alumn, announces events, Oct–Dec 2007

Oct. 13, 2007. Mendi + Keith @ the text-sound symposium. Princeton, NJ
Time / Room TBA

Nov. 2, 2007. Mendi + Keith @ Third Coast Audio Festival. Chicago, IL
Time / Room TBA.

Dec. 10, 2007. Mendi + Keith @ Poetry Project. NYC
St. Marks Church. Corner of 2nd Ave and 10th St in Manhattan. 8pm
$8, $7, or $5

Dec. 30, 2007. Mendi + Keith @ The Stone NYC.
Corner of Avenue C and 2nd St. Manhattan. 10pm
$10 per set unless otherwise noted. students 13 to 19 admitted half price.
children 12 and under free

MENDI OBADIKE is the author Armor and Flesh and the librettist of the The Sour Thunder. She works with composer / conceptual artist Keith Obadike. Together they have received the Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship, a commission from the Whitney Museum, and one from Northwestern University to create a new work, Big House/ Disclosure, an intermedia suite featuring a 200-hour long house song. Mendi teaches at Princeton and lives in the New York area.


21. Vitaly Komar, Rashaad Newsome, FF Alumns, at DUMBO Festival, Brooklyn, September 28-30

September 28 - 30, 2007

150,000 Art Lovers Converge in DUMBO Brooklyn

DUMBO, Brooklyn: NY August 29, 2007 - The 11th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival takes place from September 28-30, 2007, in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. Dumbo Arts Center, the Festival’s producer is anticipating over 150,000 visitors again this year. Sixty new art works will be scattered throughout the neighborhood, while 158 private studios will open to the public and exhibitions will run in sixteen different venues.

The event is the single largest urban forum for experimental art in the United States that transforms the distinctive waterfront neighborhood into a multi-sensory public art arena.

At 111 Front Street, independent curator, Felicity Hogan, will present Rashaad Newsome and Duran Jackson, two artists whose common denominator is an exploration of black identity in popular culture and contemporary society. Using performance, installation, video and digital technology, both artists harness the language of gesture, choreographed actors and specific use of male and female performers.

In a live presentation by international artist Vitaly Komar, co-founder (with Alex Melamid) of an elephant art academy in Thailand, the fresh-out-of-art school elephant, Dondi, swings her massive trunk and demonstrates her artistic prowess (sponsored by Two Trees Management Inc.)


22. Grisha Coleman, FF Alumn, at New Hazlett Theater, Pittsburgh PA, Sept 6-16


Installation/performance conceived and created by Grisha Coleman
September 6, 2007–September 16, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007 - 7:30PM
Friday, September 7, 2007 - 7:30PM
Saturday, September 8, 2007 - 7:30PM & 10:00PM
Wednesday, September 12, 2007 - 7:30PM
Thursday, September 13, 2007 - 7:30PM
Friday, September 14, 2007 - 7:30PM
Saturday, September 15, 2007 - 7:30PM & 10:00PM
Echo::System INSTALLATION is available for viewing:
Saturday, September 8, 2007 - Saturday, September 15 from 11AM to 5PM (FREE)

Ever trekked through a desert landscape, dived into sand dunes, listened to the sound of creatures living underground? You can feel this when exploring the synthetic desert landscape Ms. Coleman and her team of international artists have created. -- In a 70-minute journey through space and time, Grisha Coleman's performance installation, echo::system: The Desert, immerses audiences and performers in a fully synthetic environment comprised of audio and visual media, movement sensors and robotics mixed with live music, dance and performance. This interactive setting recreates a desert eco-system simultaneously made up of virtual and "real" space, displaying how one affects the other. To simulate the fluidity of the natural world, the sonic and technological elements of the installation constantly shift and regenerate as the story unfolds. This artificial desert landscape transpires into a futuristic tale of an ancient species that interfaces with its future.

-- There will be a post-performance talk-back with actors and creative staff following the performances on September 12 and September 13.

Pittsburgh PA
echo::system-The Desert is co-commissioned


23. Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, in The Resident, NY, and online

Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, speaks about the new Lawn Litter bill in a squib in The Resident, an NYC area weekly newspaper. Here's the link to the page: http://www.resident.com/issue_2007_08_27/resident/pages/9.html

Thank you.


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