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Goings On: posted week of August 17, 2007

1. Elizabeth Murray, FF Alumn, In Memoriam
2. Dan Perjovschi, FF Alumn, retrospective @ Duke University, Aug 23-Jan 6, 2008
3. Helène Aylon, FF Alumn, @ Borowsky Gallery, Philadelphia, opening Sept 16
4. Coco Gordon, FF Alumn, @ Lyons Sculpture Trail, Colorado, thru October, and more
5. Lenora Champagne, FF Alumn, @ MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH, August 11
6. Moya Devine, FF Alumn, @ La Jolla Athenaeum, CA, thru Sept 1
7. Nao Bustamante, FF Alumn, @ Charlie O’s Lounge, LA, Aug 18
8. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, @ Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, CA, thru Sept 5
9. Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumn, @ Stadtische Kunsthalle, Munich, Aug 23
10. David Medalla, FF Alumn, in Rome, Italy, Sept 7-8
11. Alison Knowles, FF Alumn, Fall/Winter schedule
12. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, on Baghdad by the Bay radio, 87.9 fm, Aug 18
13. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, in Berlin, Germany, opening Aug 24
14. Murray Hill, FF Alumn, @ Moe Pitkin’s, NY, Saturdays in September

1. Elizabeth Murray, FF Alumn, In Memoriam

The New York Times, August 13, 2007
Elizabeth Murray, 66, Artist of Vivid Forms, Dies
by Roberta Smith

Elizabeth Murray, a New York painter who reshaped Modernist abstraction into a high-spirited, cartoon-based, language of form whose subjects included domestic life, relationships and the nature of painting itself, died yesterday at her home in upstate New York. She was 66 and lived in TriBeCa and in Washington County, N.Y.

The cause was complications of lung cancer, said Douglas Baxter, president of PaceWildenstein, which has represented her work since 1995.

An intense, unpretentious woman with vivid blue eyes and an unruly nest of prematurely white hair, Ms. Murray received a full-dress retrospective spanning her 40-year career at the Museum of Modern Art in 2006, one of handful of women to be so honored. In 1999 she was the recipient of a MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant.

Ms. Murray belonged to a sprawling generation of Post-Minimal artists who spent the 1970s reversing the reductivist tendencies of Minimalism and reinvigorating art with a sense of narrative, process and personal identity. Her art never fit easily into the available Post-Minimal subcategories like Conceptual, Process or performance art. This may have been because her loyalty to painting, which was out of fashion, was unwavering. At the same time, her blithe indifference to the distinctions between abstraction and representation or high and low could put off serious painting buffs.
Both tendencies enabled her to be one of a small group of painters — including Philip Guston, Frank Stella and Brice Marden — who during the 1970s rebuilt the medium from scratch, recomplicating and expanding its parameters and proving that it was still ripe for innovation, in part because of its rich history. Her sources ranged from Cézanne, Picasso, Gris and Miró to Stuart Davis, Al Held and Agnes Martin. As she remarked in the 1987 catalog to her first big museum show, which traveled to the Whitney in 1988: “Everything has been done a million times. Sometimes you use it and it’s yours; another time you do it and it’s still theirs.”

In Ms. Murray’s mature work, eccentrically shaped or multipanel canvases fused Cubism’s shattered forms and Surrealism’s suggestive biomorphism with the scale and some of the angst of Abstract Expressionism and more than a touch of Disneyesque humor and motion. Her semi-abstract shapes resolved into bouncing coffee cups, flying tables or Gumby-like silhouettes with attenuated arms and legs that careered across surfaces like thin, unfurling ribbons. Her preferred spatial effect often seemed to be a swirling vortex, with the illusion of motion both countered and underscored by weighty colors and thick surfaces subdued with the active workings of a palette knife. The overall impression was of some inchoate yet invigorating crisis of the heart or hearth, as intimated by titles like “More Than You Know,” “Quake Shoe” and “What Is Love”
Born in Chicago in 1940, Ms. Murray had a hardscrabble childhood that included bouts of homelessness caused in part by the ill health of her father. Ms. Murray traced her interest in art to watching a nursery-school teacher cover a sheet of paper with thick red crayon, an experience that she said gave her an indelible sense of the physicality of color. She drew constantly from an early age, inspired mostly by newspaper comic strips, and once sent a sketchbook to Walt Disney asking for a job as his secretary. By the fifth grade she was selling erotic drawings to classmates for a quarter.

In 1958, she entered the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her goal, to become a commercial artist, was derailed by a Cézanne still life she passed regularly on the way to classes. She later said that the painting was “the first in which I lost myself looking,” and added, “I just realized I could be a painter if I wanted to try.”

She graduated from the school in 1962 and earned an M.F.A. from Mills College in Oakland, Calif., in 1964. There she met the painter Jennifer Bartlett, who remained a lifelong friend, and married Don Sunseri, a classmate from the Art Institute.
The paintings she made in California and during her first teaching job, in Buffalo, teemed with ambition, confusion and a penchant for a jokey figuration that qualified as “regional,” a popular pejorative at the time. But these works rehearsed all the aspects of her later art: eccentric dimensionality, large scale, crusty paint surfaces and suggestive, emotionally charged, implicitly autobiographical narratives conveyed by extravagant distortions of form.

In the fall of 1967, Ms. Murray moved to New York, where exposure to the work of Mr. Marden and Richard Serra, and to that of lesser-known artists like Ellen Phelan, roiled her ambition. She came to know other artists who, like her friend Ms. Bartlett, were combining abstraction and imagery. They included Robert Moskowitz, Susan Rothenberg and Joel Shapiro.
The birth of her son, Dakota, in 1969, also firmed her ambitions. She proceeded to dismantle and rebuild her art, replacing acrylic paint with oil paint — which she called “another kind of life form” — and working on small, rectangular canvases. In the majority, shaky black lines forming grids, ladders and fan shapes are embedded in tactile monochrome fields. By 1973, the year she and Mr. Sunseri divorced, the lines had turned into wavy curves and then mobius bands. She began exhibiting at the Paula Cooper Gallery in SoHo in 1973 and had her first solo show there in 1976.

By 1978, with “Children Meeting,” now in the collection of the Whitney, big biomorphic splats of color jazzed by zigzag lines jostled one another. With “Painter’s Progress” in 1981, she reintroduced legible imagery in the form of a large pink palette shape and three orange brushes inspired by a neon sign in the window of an art supply store. Thereafter, Ms. Murray proceeded with a momentum that rarely weakened. In addition to paintings, she made drawings in all sizes and many mediums, as well as prints and illustrated books. In the early 1980s, she watched in dismay as the revival of painting that she had helped foment was taken over by young male Neo-Expressionists like Julian Schnabel, David Salle and Anselm Kiefer. But she also acknowledged that she benefited from the expansiveness of their work, even if she didn’t always like it.
In many ways the term Neo-Expressionist fit her well as an artist who long maintained that “the subconscious is what you paint about.” Moving between fractured and whole, flat and protruding canvases, and color schemes that could be murky or electric, her paintings asserted themselves as an aggressive mixture of shape, color and surface. Her progress coincided with her happy second marriage, to the poet Bob Holman, and the birth of two daughters in the early 1980s.

In addition to Mr. Holman, who is the founder of the Bowery Poetry Club, Ms. Murray is survived by their daughters, Sophia Murray Holman and Daisy Murray Holman; her son, Dakota Sunseri of Los Angeles; a sister, Susan Murray Resnick of Taos, N.M.; a brother, Thomas Murray, of St. Marys, Ga.; and two grandchildren.

In the late-1980 and 1990s, Ms. Murray produced several large gritty canvases that appeared to have interiors, their bulging forms suggesting flattened vessels descended from her signature images of cups and goblets. Also around this time she designed two large mosaic murals for the New York City subway system: one is at the 59th Street and Lexington Avenue station in Manhattan and the other at the 23rd Street-Ely Avenue Station in Queens.

Yet around 2000 she embarked on an entirely new phase in works that marshaled together numerous small, irregular but flat-shaped canvases into lighter works that for the first time incorporated liberal amounts of white.

Ms. Murray grew testy when her coffee cups were described as teacups, which she considered dainty. As she remarked to the critic Elizabeth Hess in 1988, “Cézanne painted cups and saucers and apples, and no one assumed he spent a lot of time in the kitchen.”


2. Dan Perjovschi, FF Alumn, retrospective @ Duke University, Aug 23-Jan 6, 2008

Perjovschi Retrospective

The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University will present the first retrospective of the work of Romanian artists Dan and Lia Perjovschi from Aug. 23 through Jan. 6, 2008

“States of Mind: Dan and Lia Perjovschi” includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, videos, installations and conceptual art from 1980 to the present, as well as newly commissioned works. The show comes 10 years after Duke hosted the Perjovschis’ first two-person exhibition in the United States. This summer, Dan Perjovschi’s first solo show in the United States is taking place at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where he created large-scale drawings covering a wall of MoMA’s central atrium, part of the “Projects” series.

At the Nasher Museum, he will create drawings on the exterior windows during the week of Aug. 20. Lia Perjovschi will create an installation on an interior wall. “Dan and Lia are exciting artists whose work is complex, both artistically and intellectually -- but also broadly engaging,” said Kimerly Rorschach, the Mary D.B.T. and James H. Semans Director of the Nasher Museum. “I am thrilled that the Nasher Museum is presenting an in-depth look at their work. The timing is perfect, coinciding with public excitement over Dan’s recent commissions in New York and Venice.”

Dan and Lia Perjovschi were both born in 1961 in Sibiu, Romania, and were educated in the Romanian socialist system. Both artists belong to the first avant-garde generation following the 1989 Romanian Revolution. Dan Perjovschi is known for humorous large-scale drawing installations commenting on current events, cultural paradoxes, and art world institutions and practices. He is the foremost artist of satirical political drawing in Romania. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe, with recent shows at Museum Ludwig in Cologne (2005), Portikus in Frankfurt am Main (2006) and a project at the Tate Modern in London (2006). In 1999, he represented Romania at the 48th Venice Biennale. His work is included in both the Arsenale and the Italian Pavillion in the current Venice Biennale. Lia Perjovschi’s international reputation emerged from her performances between 1988 and 2005. Today she works as a conceptual artist analyzing cultural and historical formations through “Contemporary Art Archive Center for Art Analysis,” an archive she created that is devoted to the scrutiny of the production of aesthetic and social forms of knowledge. Under the rubric of this archive, Lia performs conceptual/pedagogical actions in “workshops,” a mode of art-making related to public education at the nexus of art practice, art institutions, and the construction and analysis of history.“States of Mind” is curated by Kristine Stiles, a professor of contemporary art in Duke’s Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies. Stiles is the foremost scholar on the Perjovschis’ work and has been writing about them since 1993. At her invitation, the Perjovschis taught for a semester in the Duke art department in 1997. Stiles earned a J. William Fulbright fellowship to Romania and a John Simon Guggenheim fellowship for her work on documentary photography of the nuclear age. She has published, taught and lectured internationally on “cultures of trauma,” a term she coined in 1993 to theorize visual representations of trauma in society, particularly in Romania.

“States of Mind” will be complemented by programs at the Nasher Museum that include an opening event with appearances by the artists on Aug. 29, a symposium titled “Perspectives on Romanian Culture: Then and Now” on Aug. 30, a Family Day event, film series, teacher workshop, and other educational and public programming. The exhibition is accompanied by a 238-page catalogue with 375 color and black-and-white illustrations, distributed by Duke University Press. Stiles edited the book, which includes essays by Stiles; Romanian-American poet, author and National Public Radio commentator Andrei Codrescu; and Marius Babias, a Romanian political scientist. The book includes interviews by Roxana Marcoci, Romanian-American curator of photography at MoMA, and by Stiles.

The exhibition and related programs are sponsored in part by the Duke University Provost's Common Fund, Mary Duke Biddle Foundation and Duke University's Office of the President. Additional program support was provided by the Romanian Cultural Institute, New York, N.Y., and the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies and the Visual Studies Initiative, Duke University.

For more information, contact: Wendy Hower Livingston | (919) 684-3314 | wendyhower@duke.edu


3. Helène Aylon, FF Alumn, @ Borowsky Gallery, Philadelphia, opening Sept 16

Solo exhibition --
My Body, My Self:
Under the canopy; On top of the land; Out of the texts
September 16 - November 4, 2007
Opening symposium and reception: Sunday, September 16, 2007
3-4 pm: Symposium
4-5:30: Opening Reception

This event is free.

In the Borowsky Gallery:
My Marriage Contract, Self Portraits
In the Open Lens Gallery: Wrestlers)
Hours to November 4: SUN-FRI.9-5; CLOSED SAT.
215 448 3001 or 212 924 4133


4. Coco Gordon, FF Alumn, @ Lyons Sculpture Trail, Colorado, thru October, and more

Coco Gordon, FF Alumn, announces SuperSkyWoman's participation in:

a. Lyons Colorado Sculpture Trail with three installations, from June through October, curated by John King. There are 26 contributors suggesting cumulative parts of the Transformation process of taking one¹s own power after confronting and overcoming the Giant, as loosely played out this year by the tale Jack in the Beanstalk. In its third year, The Sculpture Trail winds through town informed by interacting with Nature, ending up in Redstone Park. Visit www.sculpturetrail.com

SuperSkyWoman's first installation, ‘Step into the Infinite Bottom Line’, two carved out giant hay feet under two nesting trees encourages experiencing a step up toward the Infinite Bottom Line that runs up the two trees.

Second is ‘Pull and Play Your Wildest Dreams’, a set of two giant bear feet blackboards cut from doors, reaching up and out from each other with all the tools to draw and erase hanging from above, in constant use by visitors and Nature's elements particularly wind and water marks.

Third is comprised of three locations interactively related where ‘Bird Music’ visually sways with the wind in the locust tree opposite ‘Gravel Music’ sounding from seven hanging bowls in a distant maple tree, moderated by the gravel and bird filled fountain centered between them, a few birds left inside from the 2006 Trail by Prescilla Cohan and more birds made from door cutting-scraps, from which pokes out SuperSkyWoman¹s poem ‘Leave Time Here’. http://www.galerie.kultur.at/coco/lt01/ssw04.htm

b. And participation in EAU, Rassegna dell¹acqua 25th Edition LA Chiena at Spazio Utopia Contemporary art, Via Cesarana 17, Campagna (SA) italy, curated by L. Rea and Art pages. The exhibition runs from July 28-September 31. Information 338-1799947 ¬ 392-308870 Participants are: Bernardi, Bellanca, Carella, Cipriano, D'Ambrosio, Falcone, Fierens, Fiorillo, Gallinaro, Gordon, Izzo, Luccioli, Mele, Menento, Pace, Pecci, Picardi, Pollidori, Punzoetesta, Rea, Restante, Ricciardi, Riviello, Roca, Roccatano, Samela, Savoi, Walters, and Sevi with text by L. Rea.

For this SuperSkyWoman photographed the confluence of two rivers superimposing the image of two wild feet to walk on water, 'Make Water not War Walk on Water not War Love Water not War'. These wild feet continue to work their power since constructed a decade ago from cut up and taped slippers and socks.


5. Lenora Champagne, FF Alumn, @ MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH, Aug 11

Lenora Champagne created a performance for the MacDowell Colony centennial in Peterborough, NH. It took place within the context of Anna Schuleit's "Landlines" project on August 11, 2007.


6. Moya Devine, FF Alumn, @ La Jolla Athenaeum, CA, thru Sept 1

Moya Devine in the La Jolla Athenaeum Music and Arts Library 16th Annual
1008 Wall St
La Jolla, Ca

August 4th through September 1st

"Male Pattern Baldness" Serigraph on Black Canvas


7. Nao Bustamante, FF Alumn, @ Charlie O’s Lounge, LA, Aug 18

This is going to be good stuff! Rumor has it that I'll do a bit of special guest performing... Xo, nao

P.s please forward to your peoples.

Hello my friends!!!!!

It would be an honor to have you as our guest to
The debut of Club Unicornio in Los Angeles!!!!!!!

Come dance
Your nalgas (ass) off With djs

Lengua (unicornio records, la)
Sonido franko (unicornio records, oak)
Joe quixx (oakland faders)
Finger lust (club unicornio, sf)
Collapsible mamals (dinner party records, sf)

Come and jam to
Cumbias, Rockanroleras,
Mambos, DIY Popetas,
Descargas, Garageras,
Boogaloos, Funk y puro
Electro-Rock from
and beyond!!!

"Mexploitation" video provided by
Juan Luna-Avin.


Charlie O’s Lounge
500 S. Spring St.
(on the corner of
5th & Spring)

Saturday August 18th

Also, look out for our first CD release, "Cumbias Sicodelico
Tropical Vol. 1," on our brand new record label,
release will be available soon!
For more information,


8. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, @ Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, CA, thru Sept 5

Corey Helford Gallery is pleased to present "Literartistry," a group show featuring works of art inspired by the written word. As Michaelangelo was inspired by Dante's "The Divine Comedy," and John Everett Millais by Ophelia in Shakespeare's "Hamlet," each artist in Literartistry has based their piece on a book that has inspired them. Upstairs, the Gallery's loft space will be transformed into a classic library stocked with titles featured in the show. Guests will have the opportunity to check out the artists' favorite books for their reading enjoyment -- just as they would at a traditional library. The exhibition will remain on view until September 5, 2007.

Artists participating in the show include Anthony Ausgang, Andrew Brandou, Dave Burke, Michael Hussar, Tiffany Liu, Isabel Samaras, David Stoupakis, The Pizz and many more.

Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Open Tuesday - Saturday, Noon to 6:00pm


9. Stefanie Trojan, FF Alumn, @ Stadtische Kunsthalle, Munich, Aug. 23

Dear Audience,
within the show STOPP of Stefanie Trojan you are invited to the videoscreening at Lothringer 13, Städtische Kunsthalle, Munich,
on the 23rd of August at 7.30. pm

Stefanie Trojan STOPP

SHOW EXTENDED: through 10/21/2007

Videoscreening II: 23.08.2007
Nezaket Ekici (D/TÜ),
Lynn Lu (J),
Leopold Kessler (A),
La Ribot (ES),
Carola Dertnig (A),
Pia Lindman (Finnland/USA),
Patrycja German (D),
David Sherry (IR)
San Keller (CH)
Melati Suryodarmo (D/Indonesien)
Klara Hobza (USA),
Stefano Giuriati (I / D))
Lothringer 13
Städtische Kunsthalle München | Gallery for Contemporary Art of the City of Munich
Lothringer Str. 13
81667 München
T + 49 89 448 69 61
F + 49 89 688 62 44
Di - So, 14 - 20 Uhr | Tues. - Sun., 2 - 8 p.m.


10. David Medalla, FF Alumn, in Rome, Italy, Sept 7-8

David Medalla, founder and director of the LONDON BIENNALE, will present a dyptich of performances in Rome, Italy, on September 7 and 8, 2007. The dyptich of performances is entitled 'URBI et ORBIS' , the Latin phrase with which the ancient Roman Emperors and subsequently the Popes addressed the citizens of the city of Rome and the inhabitants of the world.

David Medalla's first performance will be curated by the Italian art historian Vittoria Biasi during the 'Actions Under Moonlight' events at Galleria Studio.Ra, via Bartolomeo Platina, no. 1- f, in the center of Rome, on September 7, 2007, at 8 p.m. This performance will feature a video which Medalla will make of his new impromptus on the seven hills of Rome, recalling the magnificent impromptus he made in the Eternal City during his previous sojourns there: in 1962, 1979-80, and 2002-3.

Medalla's memorable impromptu entitled 'MEDALLA SALUTA ROMA' took place on the steps leading to the British School in Rome in 1980. There is a colour photograph of that event in the book 'Exploding Galaxies: The Art of David Medalla' by Guy Brett, published by Kala Press, London, in 1975.

During Medalla's last sojourn in Rome in the autumn of 2002, he created with Australian artist Adam Nankervis (founder and director of MUSEUM MAN) an impromptu on the Capitoline Hill in Rome using the initials 'U' and 'O' (for 'Urbi et Orbis') which was part of their continuing series of global graffiti for the Archives of the Secret History of the Mondrian Fan Club which they co-founded in 1973 in New York. A photograph of that impromptu was featured in the magazine HOY published in London in 2003.

David Medalla's second performance in Rome will take place during 'La Notte Bianca' ('The White Night'), which is being organised by Italian artist Raffaella Losapio at 'La Factoria' ('The Factory') at the Ostiense del Tevere, beside the Tiber River, on September 8, 2007. These two inter-related inter-active performances will feature the making of two large-scale ephemeral sculptures with the participation of the audience. The first sculpture will be in the form of a large letter 'U' (for 'Urbis')which will be made from the clods of 'tufa' (clay-like earth) and assorted debris which Medalla and Roman citizens will gather on the seven hills of Rome during the impromptus Medalla will perform there.

The second sculpture will be in the form of the letter 'O' (for 'Orbis') which will be made from an assemblage of half-eaten golden 'rosadas', the rose-shaped Roman buns.The buns will be offered to the audience during the performance. The half-eaten buns, with the imprints of people's dentures and teeth, will become the assemblage-sculpture in the form of the letter 'O'.

Two letters from Arthur Rimbaud's 'Sonnet of the Vowels' also play an important part in the structures of Medalla's dyptich performances, as well as (in the case of the first performance) the method of obliteration practised by the writer Georges Perec of the 'Oulipo' group, and the method of 'assisting ready-mades' pioneered by Marcel Duchamp.

David Medalla's dyptich performances relate to the concept of the city in art and literature and to the multiple realities of citizens' diverse lives in the world today. They are the most recent examples of synoptic-realist art which David Medalla pioneered in the 70s. Photos of the latest Roman performances, which are open to the public, will subsequently be featured in the website www.studiora.eu


11. Alison Knowles, FF Alumn, Fall/Winter schedule

Alison Knowles (AK) announces her 2007 Fall / Winter Schedule, as follows:

Aug 23
Elaine Summer's Hidden Forest
Lincoln Center - 8 pm (AK + Jessica Higgins)

Sep 7
Between Thought and Sound - Performance notation
curator: Alex Waterman at The Kitchen - 6 to 8 pm

Sep 18
AK + Hannah Higgins leave for Berlin
Via Bremen, Munster and Kassel - rendez-vous with Hermann Braun

Sep 26
Fluxus East curator: Petra Stegmann
Opening performance/Lecture: AK + Hannah Higgins
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

Sep 29
Leave Berlin for NYC

Oct 13
AK Performance Reading & Giveaway
Free Show curators: Robin Kahn + Kirby Gookin
From 2 pm - Little W 10th st by Hudson River

Oct 20
Between Thought and Sound closes with performances of Graphic Notations

Oct 22 - 30
Book making at Maine College of Art curator: Leon Johnson

Nov 14
Christian Marclay Exhibition Ensemble curator: Johanna Plummer
AK solo performance, ICA Philadelphia

Nov 15
Ak visits class of Kenny Goldsmith in Philly

Dec 3
North Water Song w/ Jessica Higgins + Joshua Selman
Chapel Performance Space, Seattle curator: Steve Peters


12. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, on Baghdad by the Bay radio, 87.9 fm, Aug 18

Radio Interview!
Frank Moore will be interviewed by
Rick Abruzzo on his
Baghdad by the Bay Radio Show
on Saturday, August 18
from 4-5p Pacific Time
on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9FM
or online at http://piratecatradio.com



13. Nicolás Dumit Estévez, FF Alumn, in Berlin, Germany, opening Aug 24

Participating Artists: Nicolás Dumit Estévez (US), Zoe Cohen (US) and Lisa Glauer/Darja Kosic (Berlin)

August 25 _ October 2, 2007
Brunnenstr. 151
10115 Berlin
Tel: 49(0)30 - 44678113

Opening August 24 19:00
moderated talk Sep 14 17:00

A white liquid sometimes leaking from the breasts of newborns result of prolactin released during birth has traditionally been called Hexenmilch -witches milk – as it seems to disturb the assumption that lactation must be exclusively connected to motherhood, in turn a natural state women automatically, through the release of prolactin, are sometimes thought to morph into over night after giving birth. Starting from breastmilk as body fluid in art, the exhibition invites the viewer to pinpoint and deconstruct the outer edges of conceptions and myths surrounding breastfeeding, human bodies, creativity and art. Does displacing a protest method from the US to Germany render it ineffective - a nurse-in reenacted in Berlin as a way to pay Hommage to Karl Friedrich Lentze, who attempted to have the Milky Way officially acknowledged as an item of World Cultural Heritage (Kosic), a performative attempt to make glue out of breastmilk (Cohen), transforming a curator into a mother wearing bright red, who singularly clothes the artist in an interpretation of one of the 70 plus vestments in which nuns in the Czech Republic dress the iconic Holy Infant of Prague (Estévez) and advertising for the attainment of true creativity through authentic breastmilk in a TV program and an art magazine (Glauer); the show examines and toys with formations resulting from mythic, bureaucratic, chemical and commercial practices surrounding the use and production of breastmilk today.
Breastfeeding is a practice that in many ways remains controversial and is intertwined with ideals concerning natural, authentic motherhood and femininity and a variety of rules determining how and where it should occur are in place throughout the world. The contemporary art world is not where human milk customarily appears. Extreme oscillations can be observed in relation to ideas about breastfeeding in the media. These influence the constructed image of motherhood – and congruently infancy in society and its relationship to natural science. How do these various political, demographic and, economic interconnections relate to the conspicuous absence of breastmilk within the discourse about body fluids in art Two publications in relation to the exhibition are planned: Milky Images - documenting the exhibition taking place at arttransponder from August 24 through October 3, and An Anthology of Milky Images - Sixteen Artists using Breastmilk as Material in Art.

Nicolás Dumit Estévez was born in 1967 in Santiago de los Treinta Caballeros, Dominican Republic. As an interdisciplinary artist he has exhibited and performed extensively in the US as well as internationally at venues such as Madrid Abierto/ARCO, the IX Havanna Biennial, the International Theatre Festival of Santo Domingo, PERFORMA 05, Idensitat and many others. He lives and works in the South Bronx.

Zoë Cohen was born in 1977 in Boston. Her interest in biological and cellular structures have surfaced in her most recent experimental studio work, and public, participatory art modalities, which she developed in a studio residency from the 40th Street Artist-in-Residence program, installations at LAVA, Philadelphia. Zoë Cohen is committed to a vision of life in which creative acts represent a normative model for humanity.

Lisa Glauer was born in Böblingen, Germany in 1969. As an artist and curator working in Berlin since 2002, she has been focusing on deconstructing aspects of her own work and that of others in order to better understand how ideas reagarding authenticity, gender and authorship are built. She is currently working on a phd regarding the use of breastmilk as material in art.

in collaboration with
Darja Kosic was born in Croatia She is studying Comparative Literature, Gender and Cultural Studies at the Humboldt University, Berlin


14. Murray Hill, FF Alumn, @ Moe Pitkin’s, NY, Saturdays in September


I'm excited to announce the return of the infamous return of THE MURRAY HILL SHOW.

Details and press picture info below. Please let me know if you need any more information, would like tickets, or have questions.

Please list if you can. Thanks again for your continued support for Murray's entertainment.

Johanna Phelps / 212.539.3197 / cheeseburgerrare@gmail.com



Saturday nights in September!
at Mo Pitkins, 34 Avenue A

He's Hill-arious. He's the host with the most. He makes polyester somewhat breathable. He's a razzler dazzler. He's New York's downtown superstar and international entertainment phenomenonMR. MURRAY HILL! This fabulous star of stage, music videos, laptops, and big screens has dazzled audiences the world over with his unique brand of interactive humor and old school showbiz, with a twist. He's back in NYC to perform his wildly popularTHE MURRAY HILL SHOWfor4 NIGHTS ONLYSEPTEMBER 8, 15, 22, 29th at 10pmat MO PITKINS.

No matter how many glass condos, hotels, baby stores, organic markets, red ropes, and bottle service ravage the L.E.S., Murray unwaveringly continues to entertain downtown, put on a show for everyone including families, despite the odds.

"The King of Comedy" is bringing showbiz back to Saturday nights with an all new show featuring special guests, loads of his infamous off-the-cufflink humor, schtick, singing and dancing, plenty of audience interaction and who knows what else anything goes when Murray is at the helm. Each show, Murray is joined byMr. LANCE CRUCE, Joan River's and Murrays longtime piano player.

Murray's special guest stars:

BRIDGETT EVERETT(http://www.atleastitspink.com)-recently starred in AT LEAST IT'S PINKdirected by Sex and the City's Michael Patrick King and co-writtenby both King and Kiki and Herb's Kenny Mellman.
PHEART- new comedy duo spoofing the amazing band Heart
9/22: THE WAU-WAU SISTERS(http://www.wauwausisters.com) - legendary bawdy trapeze bound, booze swillin' sister act
9/29: CORN MO(http://www.cornmo.com) singer, rock-accordionist who makes Meatloaf seem like hash browns.

The legend known as "Mr. Showbiz" has been hailed "the reigning patriarch of downtown performance" byThe New York Times.The New York Pressexclaims, "Murray kicks out more mirth than a snow machine in Aspen," andThe Onioncheers, "Hill slings leering looks and one-liners like the best of the old Borscht Belt Standbys."Time Out New York adds that he "Ranks up there with Golddigger-era Dino for sheer showbiz razzle dazzle."

"Mr. Showbiz" has had one helluva year. He recently performed for PENELOPE CRUZ & PEDRO ALMODOVAR, he can be seen strutting his stuff as a main character in the new THE GOSSIP video for"Listen Up",was inducted into PAPER MAGAZINEs Nightlife Hall of Fame,awarded THE FLY LIFE AWARD'07: BEST PERFORMER, GLAMMY AWARD'07: BEST COMEDY PERFORMER, GO MAGAZINE: BEST PERFORMER. Murray is currently in production for the comedy-documentary MURRAY HILL: The Comeback King, the indie-film HOUSE OF SATISFACTION, and the new God-dess & She video for "Lick It". He is also on the new Northern State CD "Can I have this pen" that comes out this month.

Don't miss this all new THE MURRAY HILL SHOW! You never know what song he'll mangle, whose drink he'll wrangle, or who he'll hit on, but of this you can be sure; you'll be part of an evening good bad and everything in between. And that's "showbiz" Murray Hill Style.

THE MURRAY HILL SHOW plays SATURDAY NIGHTS, SEPTEMBER 8, 15, 22, 29 at 10pm at MO PITKINS (34 AVENUE, between 2 & 3nd Street).Tickets $15 in advance, $18 at the door and are available at http://www.ticketweb.com



MURRAY HILL, "the hardest-working middle-age man in show business,"is a beloved entertainer, infamous personality, newsmaker, and renowned comedian and host. He tirelessly performs in shows, independent films, videos, television, and comedy clubs in his native New York and all over the world. His long-running and smash-hit THE MURRAY HILL SHOW, "a New York institution" (NY Times), ran for over five years, completely sold-out.

Currently he can be seen strutting his stuff as a main character in the new THE GOSSIP video for "Listen Up" and this past year he was on national television for the LOGO Network with his segment "Year-end Review in Showbiz." He recently performed for PENELOPE CRUZ & PEDRO ALMODOVAR, hosted the ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS concert, the premiere of BEASTIE BOYS film, has a cameo in John Cameron Mitchells SHORTBUS, performed two SRO nights at Londons Bloomsbury Ballroom, and was inducted into PAPER MAGAZINE’s Nightlife Hall of Fame.

He has produced, written, and starred in a string of sold-out theatrical runs, including his infamous annual holiday show A MURRAY LITTLE CHRISTMAS, THE MURRAY HILL SHOW, and performed his comedy at The Upright Citizens Brigade, Madison Square Garden, Gotham Comedy Club, Comix, and headlined his own show MURRAY ON BROADWAY at the legendary CAROLINES. In the Summer of 2005, Murray made his UK debut in the WEST END for a four-week run and this past winter he was in Montreal for a week long run at the JUST FOR LAUGHS theater. He wowed audiences for three weeks at San Franciscos famed PLUSH ROOM. He also produces several events throughout the year like music and comedy showcases, and the legendary MISS LEZ PAGEANT.

The "reigning patriarch of downtown performance" (The New York Times) has been awarded: THE FLY LIFE AWARD '07: BEST PERFORMER, GLAMMY AWARD '07: BEST COMEDY PERFORMER, GO MAGAZINE: BEST PERFORMER, TOP PERFORMER of the year in 2004 in Out Magazine and "BEST OF NEW YORK" by Village Voice, Paper Magazine, Go, and New York Magazine. In 1997, Murray ran for MAYOR OF NEW YORK. He lost, but did garner 341 write-in votes (no joke).

Murray is currently in production for the comedy-documentary MURRAY HILL: The Comeback King, the indie-film HOUSE OF SATISFACTION, and the new God-dess & She video. He is also on the new Northern State CD "Can I have this pen" that comes out this month.


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