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Goings On: posted week of July 9, 2007

1. Anne Bean, Paul Burwell, Lenora Champagne, Diego Cortez, Mary Beth Edelson, Karen Finley, Donna Henes, Kim Jones, Harry Kipper, Nina Sobell, Fiona Templeton, FF Alumns, at Space Gallery, NY, thru July 15, noon-7 pm
2. Michael Smith, Regina Vater, William Wegman, FF Alumns, at Sunday Gallery, NY, opening July 26, 6-9 pm
3. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, now online at www.frankmooreforpresident08.com
4. Raul Zamudio, FF Alumn, at The Lab, NY, thru July 12
5. Beverly Naidus, FF Alumn, on Vashon Island, WA, August 5, and more
6. Franc Palaia
, FF Alumn, in 2007 Sculpture Biennial, Kingston NY, July 7-Oct. 16
7. Charles Dennis, FF Alumn, in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, July 19-22, 8 pm
8. Marie Christine Katz, FF member, now online at http://www.mariechristine.com/
9. Bradley Eros, Ligorano/Reese, Gail Vachon, FF Alumns, in Scanners: The 2007 NY Video Festival, July 27-29
10. RENO, FF Alumn, at Time and Space Limited, Hudson, NY, July 19-21, 8 pm
11. Rachel Rosenthal, FF Alum at George Billis Gallery, LA, opening July 21, 5-8pm
12. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, at Barbes, Brooklyn, July 12, 8 pm, and more
13. Galinsky, FF Alumn, at NY Film Academy, Manhattan, July 19, 7:30 pm
14. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, in West Seneca, NY, July 14
15. Andrea Cote, FF Member, at The Icebox, Philadelphia, July 11 – July 28
16. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at The Cherry Lane Theater, NY, July 11
17. David Michalek, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, July 8
18. Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, at Museum of Art and Design, NY, July 12, 6-7:30 pm

1. Anne Bean, Paul Burwell, Lenora Champagne, Diego Cortez, Mary Beth Edelson, Karen Finley, Donna Henes, Kim Jones, Harry Kipper, Nina Sobell, Fiona Templeton, FF Alumns, at Space Gallery, NY, thru July 15, noon-7 pm

The Future of the History at SPACE GALLERY Front St at the corner of Beekman St. (646 242 7909.) Subway 2,3,4,5 to Fulton St.; A to B'way/Nassau Bus M15 to Fulton St.Tuesday through Sunday 12 noon to 7pm, through July 15.

"Conversation Portraits." Anne Bean, first Arts Council of England international fellow with Franklin Furnace Archive, had dialogues with Paul Burwell, Lenora Champagne, Diego Cortez, Mary Beth Edelson, Karen Finley, Donna Henes, Kim Jones, Harry Kipper, Nina Sobell and Fiona Templeton, which initiated multi- media works.

Participating Artists in The Future of the History

Paul Burwell is infamous for his exuberant fusions of fine-art installation, percussion and explosive performance. He was a staunch advocate of, and passionate participant in, all forms of experimental art, unwinding music and dislocating sound, fearless and visionary. Founder of the London Musicians Collective in early 70's, playing in endless collaborative ventures with denizens of sound explorers such as David Toop, Evan Parker and Lol Coxhill

Lenora Champagne came to New York from Louisiana to be a painter, but found her voice in performance. She has been making work as a performance artist, playwright, and director since 1981. . Champagne frequently collaborates with sculptors, installation artists, and media artists. She is an alumna of New Dramatists, a resident HARP artist at HERE Arts Center (where she is developing TRACES/fades, an intergenerational performance with music and video that is a meditation on memory, loss, and our national inability to remember history), and Associate Professor at Purchase College, SUNY

Diego Cortez, born James Curtis, in 1946, changed his identity and moved to NYC in 1973. A classic art-world personality, he was Jean-Michel Basquiat's first agent/dealer and an original founder of the legendary Mudd Club back in the 80's. A survivor of several art world booms and busts, he works today as an art adviser for a select group of collectors.

While you might know Mary Beth Edelson's art from the 70s and that much reproduced poster " Some Living American Women Artists"-she wants you to know that she is yet again producing her best art to date and still kicking ass.

Donna Henes is an internationally renown urban shaman, contemporary ceremonialist, and award-winning author whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than one hundred cities since 1972. Her core fascination is with the intricate, inextricable interconnectivity of life, and she strives to create transformative connections between people, between people and the greater universe, and between people and their own inner best self.

Karen Finley is a multi media artist. She works in performance, installation, video, visual arts, music, text and theatre. Her performances and installations are presented internationally. She has written 6 and edited 1 books: Her most recent book is George and Martha published by Verso, 2006, a parody of an affair between George Bush and Martha Stewart. Currently she is touring The Dreams of Laura Bush/The Passion of Terri Schiavo. The latest exhibition is Nation Building, a visual investigation into America's violent history of racism and the current quest for Nation Building, with the war in Iraq. She is an Arts Professor in Art and Public Policy, Tisch School for the Arts, New York University.

Caked in mud, bearing a lattice appendage of sticks attached to his back, wearing a headdress and a nylon mask, artist Kim Jones' s alter ego Mudman began appearing on city streets, on the beach, and in galleries around Southern California in the 1970s. Jones emerged from the performance art movement, and the unsettling, itinerant figure of Mudman, a powerful icon for an era in some ways defined by the Vietnam war and a fascination with alternative lifestyles and non-Western religious practices. Now living and working in New York City, Jones has become known more recently for his War Drawings, exhaustively detailed pencil and erasure drawings in which x-men and dot-men endlessly engage and disengage.

Nina Sobell pioneered the use of video, computers, and interactivity in art; she also pioneered performance on the Web (in collaboration with Emily Hartzell as ParkBench). In 1994, as Artists-in-Residence at NYU Center for Advanced Technology, Sobell and Hartzell began using their telerobotic webcam and server push to stream live weekly performances onto the Web. Now the performance archive contains over 80 server push animations.

Fiona Templeton is a writer, performer and director of the performance group The Relationship. For a number of years she specialized in large-scale citywide one-on-one performances. She is currently living halfway across the Atlantic and finishing an epic.

The Kipper Kids, Martin von Haselberg and Brian Routh are counted among the protean performance artists of the post-Pop British art scene. Notorious for their utterly base and disgusting performances, the Kipper Kids found a ready audience among the European avant-garde. Sporting identical buzz cuts, jockstraps and a kind of extra-extra-large beer-fed athletic girth, they shocked and regaled audiences into stupefied awe. They were violently incoherent. Now Von Haselberg's works are a series of self-portraits that bubble with hallucinatory distortions, at a level way beyond the funhouse mirror. Below the surface lurks something darker, sad, hermetic. Half a Kipper Kid?

Anne Bean has been working in performance/installation work for over 35 years, worldwide, receiving many awards and bursaries. Last year she receivied a Henry Moore Sculpture bursary and a major award from Arts Council England for her installation Autobituary, on which the critic Guy Brett commented "Reading Anne Bean's CV is like following a continuous performance, a continuous response to the world .. a 'magification'"

The work in this show The Future of the History has been produced during her3 month fellowship at Franklin Furnace Archives and arose from several strands of thought whilst exploring the archives. These thoughts asked questions about collaboration, documentation, spontaneity and the original radical stance of performance art

Collaboration: What is the space between us? How can we enter that most profoundly? Can we produce a third strong unique 'being' between ourselves?Spontaneity: Can spontaneous action break down some defenses and make it more possible to venture into unknown territory?Documentation: Is a painting or sculpture inevitably its own document: an archiving of its live process? Was performance art initially a radical response in order to share the live and ditch the archive?

A reflection on these thoughts, amongst many, in relation to the original radical stance of performance art in which the work was simultaneously created and witnessed led to this experiment called Conversation Portraits.

Eighteenth-century British painters used the word "Conversation Pieces,"sometimes called "Conversation Portraits", to describe informal group portraits as well as views of daily life. Anne Bean invited 9 artists, all of whom had been involved in the Franklin Furnace performance programme, to have a dialogue with her about their work and together to try and 'capture'this interaction within the time frame of the conversation..

Also, as part of The Future of the History there is an installation which shows 30 very short excerpts from a video of Anne Bean's called Autobituary, a re-looking at her own early work from 1969 -1974.


2. Michael Smith, Regina Vater, William Wegman, FF Alumns, at Sunday Gallery, NY, opening July 26, 6-9 pm

The singer sucks, but the band...
Finding the good in an otherwise dismal world.

Video group show featuring

David Askevold
Benjamin Dowell
Patricia Esquivias
Victoria Fu
Zerek Kempf
Benjamin Kinsley
Luke Lamborn
Lilly McElroy
John Mata
Erick Michaud
Eduardo Navarro
Alexandre Singh
Michael Smith
Jared Steffenesen
Regina Vater
William Wegman

July 26-August 26 2007, Reception Thursday July 26 6-9
Sunday Gallery, 237 Eldridge St, South Storefront
between East Houston and Stanton St.


3. Frank Moore, FF Alumn, now online at www.frankmooreforpresident08.com

Frank Moore's two year Performance:
Frank Moore for President


4. Raul Zamudio, FF Alumn, at The Lab, NY, thru July 12

July 2 – July 12
The Sweet Hereafter
curated by
Raul Zamudio

The Sweet Hereafter is a one-person exhibition by the Polish multimedia artist Gosia Koscielak. While the title is a reference to the novel by Russell Banks as well as a euphemism for death, The Sweet Hereafter is neither morbid nor does it ascribe to mortality as empirical finality. Rather, it’s more akin to contemporary memento mori and underscores the imperative human need to construct meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. It uses a ubiquitous, sugar-coated colloquialism for death as narrative foil in order to rethink the knowledge of impending mortality as opening up the possibility for human redemption within the context of our collective existential dilemma.

Gosia Koscielak articulates these concerns as well as others via her digital-based new media sculpture that is a mixture of visual, olfactory, and audio elements. The Sweet Hereafter consists of a large video projection of a serene seascape that serves as metaphor for the tenacity of the human spirit to survive, prevail and supersede under any conditions. In aesthetic, philosophical and sensorial dialogue with this piece is a video work projected from the ceiling onto a pile of salt on the floor that further engulfs the exhibition space with smells, sounds and sight. Rounding out the exhibition is a series of electronic LED sculptures mounted on the wall based on texts by the philosopher Paul Feyerabend. A publication will accompany the exhibition which includes works by the artist and an essay by the curator.

THE LAB (for installation + performance art) is a New York based, converted storefront turned fishbowl producing 30+ fast paced performance art and installation exhibitions annually. Aimed at furious midtown foot traffic, THE LAB’s programming is designed to confront modern relationships between art and audience and seeks to force interaction between high energy, “outerspective” exhibitions and nearly 25,000 daily passersby. It is THE LAB’s goal to reach out through the glass and capture, fascinate, amuse, bemuse, soothe, shake and satisfy any and all who pass within eye or ear shot of the corner of 47th and Lexington. For more information, call 212-339-2092, or email rogersmitharts@rogersmith.com.


For more information regarding The Roger Smith Hotel, The Lab, or Lily’s, to speak with a representative, or to schedule a tour of the space, please contact Danielle Simone, dsimone@pitchcontrolpr.com, or Sarah Cirkiel, scirkiel@pitchcontrolpr.com, Pitch Control Public Relations, 212.475.4919.###


5. Beverly Naidus, FF Alumn, on Vashon Island, WA, August 5, and more

Social Ecology Education and Demonstration School SEEDS Summer Program 2007 Fri Aug 3rd – Sun Aug 5

The Social Ecology Education and Demonstration School (SEEDS) is a new project located on Vashon Island, near Seattle, initiated by long-time ISE faculty member Bob Spivey and several colleagues. SEEDS aims to develop and offer educational experiences that enhance people’s abilities to knowledgeably and creatively address the interwoven social and ecological crisis of our time. The primary purpose of SEEDS programs is to prepare students for roles as agents for positive change in their home communities and as members of a global community.

This August, SEEDS will present its first public program, including presentations and workshops on Ecology, Independent Media, Community/ Women’s Health, and Art & Community, as well as a variety of internship opportunities. To contact SEEDS, visit www.socialecologyvashon.org, write to PO Box 2895 Vashon, WA 98070, or call 206.463.4223.

Schedule of events:

Fri. Aug. 3rd
Beyond Inconvenience: Why Corporations Can’t Solve Global Warming
Public Talk by Brian Tokar, ISE Faculty
7pm-9:30pm, Land Trust Building: 10014 SW Bank Rd., Vashon

Sat. Aug. 4th
Ecology and Design
Grace Gershuny, ISE Faculty

This workshop provides an introduction to ecological foodsystems and ecological design, and fosters a critical awareness of the political and social contexts in which these alternatives may be applied.

[The workshops and internship meetings will be held at the Beall St. Greenhouses, an Historic Landmark located at: 18531 Beall Road, Vashon, WA 98070]

Media and Movement
Amoshaun Toft (University of Washington)
Media and Movement: This workshop focuses on several case studies like Democracy Now and Real Change as a way to explore the relationship between independent media and the social movements of which they are a part.

Keynote Panel:
The Reconstructive Vision of Social Ecology
Sat. 6:30-10 pm
Ober Park, Vashon, WA
Presented by Institute for Social Ecology faculty and alumni.

Sun. Aug 5th
Community/Women’s Health
Andra DeVoght (Physical therapist and health educator)
Healthy Women, Healthy Communities. This workshop will discuss the social determinants of health for women and girls, and how these affect the health of a community. From the physiological benefits of a healthy early childhood to the social benefits of education and literacy, the health of girls who become women who become mothers has a positive effect on everyone.

Art and Community
Beverly Naidus (University of Washington), Bob Spivey (SEEDS) and Bill Moyer (Backbone Campaign)
This workshop provides an introduction to ecoart, and to various art and cultural work strategies for empowering communities.

Dismantling Institutional Racism
Swaneagle Harijan (Human rights worker, artist, writer and researcher)

This workshop will expose the connections between neocolonial free trade and the destruction of dignity and life of women from Big Mountain to Darfur, from Juarez to Guatemala City.

Internship meeting at Beall Greenhouses
Sun. Aug. 5th, 5:30pm
Earn internship credits through the University of Washington or other accredited colleges and universities. For more information please visit: www.socialecologyvashon.org
Registration information:
Registration Fee: sliding scale. Suggested donations: $195 for the entire weekend program or $60 for the Ecology and Design half day workshop and $40 for all other workshops.

For more information call Bob Spivey at: 206.949.4786 or email: info@socialecologyvashon.org


Hadassah-Brandeis Institute calendar showcases activist artwork by Jewish women

WALTHAM, Mass. – “At this moment, I see the arts as one of the most profound tools for social change,” said Beverly Naidus, artist and activist whose quilt-like image “Half-Jewish” colorfully fills the cover of “Creating Art, Promoting Change: Works by Jewish Women,” a new weekly planner presented by the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute (HBI).

“Creating Art, Promoting Change: Works by Jewish Women” features sixteen artists from around the globe who embody the spirit of activism. The 16-month planner (September 2007-December 2008) highlights contemporary issues ranging from the environment (Tamar Hirschl) to archaic Jewish law (Ayana Friedman) and intermarriage (Beverly Naidus), and the role these activist artists have played in breaking barriers and producing positive social change.

Provocative and full-color glossy photos are accompanied by inspiring biographies about each woman’s art and life. The vibrant visual artworks selected for the calendar embrace a rich range of media, from sculpture and needlework, to painting and photography.

The calendar features leaders of the feminist art movement, including Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro, as well as rising stars of the international art world like Siona Benjamin and Ariane Littman-Cohen, whose controversial aerial photographs, “White Land,” show areas of Israel where the military forbids public access. Louise Nevelson, a renowned abstract sculptor whose career retrospective is currently on exhibit at the Jewish Museum in New York City, is also a highlight.

“Jewish women around the world are working in the domain of activist art. In fact, some, such as Mierle Laderman Ukeles, should be credited as founders of this art genre,” said Shulamit Reinharz, founding director of the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute. Previous HBI wall calendars, such as “Jewish + Female = Athlete,” were designed to challenge Jewish and gender stereotypes. Each calendar is both an aesthetic piece and a teaching tool.

“Creating Art, Promoting Change: Works by Jewish Women” is available for purchase for $13.95 plus shipping and handling. Please visit the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute website www.brandeis.edu/hbi for ordering information, or contact the HBI at hbi@brandeis.edu or 781-736-8114.

High-resolution images are available upon request.

About the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute
The Hadassah-Brandeis Institute (HBI) develops fresh ways of thinking about Jews and gender worldwide. In 2007, its 10th anniversary year, HBI has hosted an exhibit of Jewish Scottish artist Hannah Frank, introduced 614: The HBI eZine, and launched the HBI Project on Gender, Culture, Religion, and the Law.


6. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, in 2007 Sculpture Biennial, Kingston NY, July 7-Oct. 16

Franc Palaia will be exhibiting his Solar Photo Car in the 2007 Kingston Sculpture Biennial in Kingston, NY July 7 - Oct 16, 2007. Curated by Beth E. Wilson and Wayne Lempka

The Solar Photo Car is a continuation of Franc's work with illuminated photo sculpture. His Solar House Sculpture of 2005 is an illuminated solar powered structure that is currently included in SCULPTOURE, an outdoor sculpture exhibit in Long Branch, NJ until Oct 20, 2007.

SPC is the world's first solar powered rolling photo light box sculpture. It takes Franc's illuminated photo sculpture literally "on the road" SPC is an illuminated drivable car and lights up it's entire passenger compartment every night by utilizing three solar panels attached to the car's hood and roof that produce electricity. The car's windows are completely covered with photo transparencies depicting 360 degree panoramic views of the Canadian Rockies.

The SPC will be parked on several Kingston city streets where it will hide in plain site for four months. The Kingston Sculpture Biennial includes 50 other sculptural works installed throughout the city. A tour bus is available, contact ASK. SPC may appear at other tri-state locations unannounced.

For more information and a location schedule for the Solar Photo Car,

The KSB organized by:
ASK- The Art Society of Kingston
97 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401
email ask@netstep.net


7. Charles Dennis, FF Alumn, in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, July 19-22, 8 pm

Dear Friends,
I am pleased to invite you to the opening of our studio/performance space behind our house in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn to see my new, dance/performance/video work, /*"The Wizards of Iz"*/ which I have created with guitarist/sound designer Mitch Greenhill. The piece is a psychedelic romp through a variety of characters and music/video dreamscapes all of which is performed and mixed live. Enjoy our work in an intimate, salon style setting. The performance is suitable for children. Performances run Thursday through Sunday July 19-22 at 8 pm.

Seating is limited to 20 people so you must call to reserve your seats.

Dates: July 19-22, 8pm
Terraplace Studio
599 20th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Reservations/info: 718-437-7972
looking forward to seeing you,


8. Marie Christine Katz, FF member, now online at http://www.mariechristine.com/

Hello everyone
I am please to announce that my web site is now officially opened
Please go to
Wishing you all my best
Marie Christine

Marie-Christine Katz
244 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 675-1666


9. Bradley Eros, Ligorano/Reese, Gail Vachon, FF Alumns, in Scanners: The 2007 NY Video Festival, July 27-29

Scanners: The 2007 New York Video Festival
July 27 - 29, 2007

A co-presentation of the Film Society and Lincoln Center Festival 2007

Welcome to Scanners, a compendium of works that cover the latest in the digital spectrum. When we first presented such a collection at the 1992 New York Film Festival, the genre was called video art. After 16 years and four program title changes, it’s called (by some) digital media. And it doesn’t necessarily start out digitally––or even analog-ly.

This year, free-form narrative will wow your senses in Edin Vélez’s multi-layered A Certain Foolish Consistency, while the documentary Passion and Power: The Technology of Orgasm reveals all you want to know about the O-word and more. Securing funding for these types of projects is never easy; our program of shorts Renewable Resources celebrates 20 years of Renew Media’s support for independent media artists. LivingVoom shows what happens when a television channel takes a beautiful aesthetic leap, devoting itself to video art as ambient media. THE SHAPE OF THE FORM, OPTICAL GARDEN, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE and FRIGHT NIGHT each offer a look at some fantastic new works in short form for your enjoyment. CIRCUITS MAXIMUS is a live event with some of the best and brightest artists in music and media. And Scanners would not be complete without Armond White’s annual survey of music videos, with his irreverent commentary to go with it.

Of course, the lines between film, video and those things hanging out on your hard drive have been officially erased. In order to stay on top of the latest trends, Scanners will soon become a bimonthly event, giving us the ability to share the latest, as it happens. So come along now for an amazing ride, and join us again––sooner than you think!

For information on the screenings of work by Bradley Eros, Ligorano/Reese, Gail Vachon, FF Alumns, and others, please visit

Scanners has been organized by Kathy Brew, Chris Chang and Marian Masone, with Berta Sichel of Madrid’s Museo Reina Sofia. The program is made possible by the Experimental Television Center’s Presentation Funds program, which is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and mediaThe Foundation.


10. RENO, FF Alumn, at Time and Space Limited, Hudson, NY, July 19-21, 8 pm

Performance: RENO, HUMAN
7/19. 7/20, 7/21 at 8 pm
$15 members and students, $20 general
Politically charged and defiantly funny. A trajectory of personal stories, metaprocessing, and off the cuff remarks can, and will, take you anywhere. “Consistently, energetically, loudly funny” NY Times

Time Space Limited
434 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY www.timeandspace.org


11. Rachel Rosenthal FF Alum at George Billis Gallery, LA, opening July 21, 5-8pm

Summer In The City includes the work of six women, each of whom impacted L.A. art significantly, including Lita Albuquerque, DJ Hall, Rachel Rosenthal, Patssi Valdez, Deborah Sussman and June Wayne.

Curated by Molly Barnes, this is a relatively informal gathering that cannot do more than skim a characteristic sampling of each artist.

But it proposes a credible "A" list of women artists whose historical position is likely to be confirmed as the years go by


12. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, at Barbes, Brooklyn, July 12, 8 pm, and more

Hi Music lovers,
Electric Junkyard Gamelan has a couple shows coming up in town and out of town. We'll be playing at Barbes in Park Slope on Thursday, July 12th at 8pm. This is one of my favorite places to play in the city. Come on out and groove to our original sounds on self-invented instruments. We are also playing at the Pioneer Arts Center in Easthampton, MA on July 20th at 8pm. Details for both shows are below. Hope to see you soon. More info on the group at www.terrydame.com.

July 12th 8pm
376 Ninth Street
Park Slope, Bkln

Pioneer Art Center of Easthampton
July 20th, 8pm


13. Galinsky, FF Alumn, at NY Film Academy, Manhattan, July 19, 7:30 pm

Galinsky hosts the new series: "The New York Film Academy Poetry Slam"
Featuring a Special Performance by UMAR BIN HASSAN of THE LAST POETS and performances by the first 15 poets to sign up at the show.

Thursday July 19th, 7:30pm sign up, 8pm Show, $6 admission A monthly live spoken word poetry series w/ a $100 first prize & free Internet upload of each poet performance at The New York Film Academy, 100 East 17th Street, between Park Ave South and Irving Place. The only poetry slam where every poet's performance is recorded at the live event and uploaded as it's own poetry 'film' onto the internet for worldwide distribution & viewing.

July 19th, The New York Film Academy Poetry Slam features an opening performance by the legendary poet UMAR BIN HASSAN of the Last Poets. This is a unique opportunity to check out a rare performance by one of the originals who made hip hop possible. Before Africa Bambaata was throwing parties in the Bronx — before Prince Whipper Whip was rocking with the Fantastic 5 — and before the Rock Steady Crew ever attempted their first windmills, Umar Bin Hassan and the Last Poets were making rhythm and poetry live on the streets of Harlem.

For those too young to remember their 1970 BillBoard hit “This Is Madness,” (recently named one of the 20th century’s best albums by Vibe magazine) then you may be more familiar with their BillBoard hit with Common, “On the Corner.” Next year Kanye West and a number of the more socially and politically conscious emcees are planning a tribute album to the Last Poets.

When We Come Together is to feature Common, Bilal, Dead Prez, Chuck D, Keith Murray, Buckshot, Kanye West, Erykah Badu and others. See what the attraction is all about on July 19th.

The New York Film Academy Poetry Slam- Thursday July 19, at 7:30pm, at The New York Film Academy, 100 East 17th Street, NYC, 212.332.0878 for info.


14. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, in West Seneca, NY, July 14

Billy X. Curmano's Threat Level 3 in A Circus Inferno

On July 14th, the normally calm night air at Burchfield Nature & Art Center will begin to blaze with the theatrics of fire & sound when Internationally renowned sculptor Kenneth Patrick Payne brings his Circus Inferno, "Fire & Ice" and "Threat level 3" to the park. The show will begin at dusk when the medieval cast iron stave furnace will light the night sky with a tower of flame as it works its way towards its three thousand degree operating temperature.

Threat Level 3 is a sound collaboration between artists Billy X. Curmano, John Pendergast and Steve Smith. They're free jazz multi-instrumentalists adept at producing tones with an acute awareness for the interaction of sound and environment. As a trio, they blend the more standard fair of violin, guitar and saxophone with dijjeridu, mbira and ocean harp. Threat Level 3 will take on a fourth voice as they improvise with the furnace harmonics in a unique soundscape for the pyrotechnic event.
Payne will be joined by world-class team members Carley Jean Hill, "Young Will" Cavanaugh, and special guest Chicago "Iron Monger" Dan Matheson. They will pour 2,700-degree molten iron into blocks of optically perfect ice. Augmented by gunpowder and burning magnesium, it is a spectacle not to be missed as two opposing forces of nature are brought into a spectacular alliance. Versions of "The Circus Inferno" have been performed in Merikaryia Finland, Sabile Latvia and Estonia. The circus comes home to America for this singular evening with Threat Level 3 (or maybe it's 4 with the furnace) at the Burchfield Nature & Art Center.

Circus Inferno Video Short:

Billy X. Curmano has toured internationally as a soloist and won numerous awards including a McKnight Foundation Fellowship, Hampton Award for Film & Digital Media and a Just Plain Folks experimental Album Award. He was privileged to work briefly with John Cage, Rachel Rosenthal and Babtunde Olatunji. Reviewers have called him the court jester of southeastern Minnesota with comparisons to P.T. Barnum, Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp. Steve Smith, AKA Captain Smitty, is a towboat pilot and river-saxophone rat whose baritone sax and Australian dijjeridu cut through the crap of contemporary pop music. Smith is the architect of evil for the Amazing Tess Toster Tones and along with Billy X. was a founding member of the New X Art Ensemble. Their blend of performance art, on and off the road antics and free jazz has made them the area's most bothersome variety band. John Pendergast has played clubs from the Bottom Line and Lone Star in New York City to the nondescript dives and roadhouses across America as Mr. Hollywood, Colonel Fingers and Johnny Memphis. He's played with Bo Diddley, Vasar Clements and the Manhattan Transfer, drunk whiskey with Stefan Grappelli and chased women with Mose Allison.

All the best,
Billy X.


Art Works USA
28401 Hartwood Drive
Rushford, MN 55971

For articles and a short video clip, Search Billy Curmano at:

Electronic downloads at:


15. Andrea Cote, FF Member, at The Icebox, Philadelphia, July 11 – July 28

“23 Degrees”
The Icebox
July 11 – July 28
Reception: Thursday, July 12th 5:30- 8:30
Hours: Thursday, 1:00- 6:00
Friday – Sunday, 12:00- 6:00
1400 North American Street, Philadelphia

23 Degrees offers an exciting array of up-and-coming artists’ work from the Greater Philadelphia region, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, printmaking, photography, video, and site-specific installation.

On Wednesday, July 11 and Thursday, July 12 the public can view the open install, when New York area artist Andrea Cote will be creating a site-specific drawing installation using hair. The artist will be available to talk about her process while working. Students and classes encouraged.

23 Degrees will showcase work by the latest group of highly talented artists from The Center’s two-year Career Development Program. Featured artists are Lillian Bayley, Julia Blaukopf, Anne Canfield, Elizabeth Crisman, Andrea Cote, Jarrett Min Davis, Xiaoqing Ding, Darla Jackson, Joelle Jensen, John Karpinksi, Rafaelo Kazakov, Mark Khaisman, Jedediah Morfit, Matthew Neff, Caleb Nussear, Tara O’Brien, Serena Perrone, Shea Roggio, Binod Shrestha, Amy Stevens, Jeffrey Stockbridge, Cory Wagner, and Brian Zegeer.



16. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at The Cherry Lane Theater, NY, July 11

The Art of Drag
Wednesday, July 11th. 9:30 PM.
$35/ $15 for Radical Faerie Members who say “Radical Faerie” at the door.
The Cherry Lane Theater, 38 Commerce Street (between Bedford and Barrow) Greenwich Village, NYC.

Drag - the most irreverent, outrageous, provoking, attention-getting, head-turning, and glamorous form of Queer and/or Performance Art Expression.
Drag – When a Queer man is way too fabulous to be limited to one Gender Expression.
Drag – When a man flamboyantly dresses and expresses himself like a woman.
However you want to define it, Drag expression has been around for millenniums and ain’t never going away! The Fresh Fruit Festival is proud to present a showcase of Drag performance art exhibiting Drag in its many forms and styles. From Political Protesting, Diva Impersonation, Performance Art, Nightlife Club Expression, Community Uniting, Nature/Goddess Spirit and everything in-between.

With Special Performances by:
Agnes de Garron aka Sister Hysterectoria,
The Church Ladies For Choice
Lady Maria Casta Diva and her live-singing soprano opera vocals
Millie Shayntwrite (pronounced she ain’t right)
Lady Clover Honey
Zondra Fox
And Le Petit Versailles Dancers
Marc Arthur, Peter Cramer, Ethan Shoshan, Jack Waters and Inbred Hybrid Collective.

Le Petit Versailles Dancers made their debut as the Emerald Forest creatures in Tabboo!'s musicale" 'Lil Dorothy - Red Ridin' in da 'hood" in 2006 at the Gene Frankel Theater. Comprised of dancers, actors,artists, activists & provocateurs, they have been stunning & stimulating audiences with actions & installations at such stellar events as Pagano Primavera for My Comrade magazine, Satyricum @ SLURP/The Cock and In Flagrante Delicto for Deitch Projects' ArtParade.

Be sure to check out our next show Pestilence Study #6 for HOT Festival @ Dixon Place July 25 8pm.


17. David Michalek, FF Alumn, in The New York Times, July 8

I thought I would share with you this link to an article on Slow Dancing that just came out in the New York Times!
Warm Regards,

ARTS / DANCE | July 8, 2007
Dance: Finding the Poetry in Slow Motion By JOY GOODWIN By reducing dancers' movements to a crawl, a video installation sheds light on the little things.



18. Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, at Museum of Art and Design, NY, July 12, 6-7:30 pm

On the Menu: A History of the Art and Design of Chinese Restaurant Menus
Lecture/Presentation by Harley Spiller
Thursday, July 12, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Harley Spiller, dubbed the "relentless Chinese food detective" by William Grimes of The New York Times, will present a tantalizing program revolving around his Guinness World Record collection of Chinese restaurant memorabilia. Harley will trace the design history of restaurant menus, showing artistic examples made of wood, silk, cloth, and a wide range of unusual papers. Harley will allow participants a rare chance to handle important historical objects from his collection, which has been exhibited internationally, from the Museu de Bellas Artes in Caracas, Venezuela to the Atwater Kent Museum in Philadelphia. Harley teaches culinary arts at the City University of New York and promises to round out the evening with tastings of extraordinary and lesser-known Chinese foodstuffs.

Reception to follow
Free with Museum admission (pay what you wish on Thursdays at 6 pm)
For more information please visit www.madmuseum.org

Museum of Art and Design, 40 W. 53rd Street (between 5th Avenue and Avenue of the Americas), NYC


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