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Goings On: posted week of June 20, 2007

Welcome back to Goings On. During our one-month hiatus (May 16-June 19), our account got clogged and stopped accepting incoming email. If you sent postings between June 4 and June 19 please re-submit them. Thank you very much.

1. Anne Bean, Paul Burwell, Lenora Champagne, Diego Cortez, Mary Beth Edelson, Karen Finley, Donna Henes, Kim Jones, Harry Kipper, Nina Sobell, Fiona Templeton, FF Alumns, at Space Gallery, June 22-24, 2-7 pm
2. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at Synagogue for the Arts, Manhattan, thru June 24
3. Jimbo Blachly, Nicole Eisenman, FF Alumns, at EFA Gallery, NY, thru July 29
4. Robbin Ami Silverberg, FF Alumn, at Baumgold Gallery, NY, thru Sept. 15, and more
5. Richard Torchia, FF Alumn, at Wave Hill, The Bronx, thru August 26
6. Cindy Sherman, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Robert Mapplethorpe, FF Alumns, at Barbican Art Gallery, London, England, thru Sept. 9
7. Jacki Apple, Nancy Buchanan, Cheri Gaulke, Leslie Labowitz, Rachel Rosenthal, FF Alumn, at Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, thru June 30
8. Phillip Warnell, FF Alumn, at Albert Gleizes Foundation, France, July 15-Sept 15
9. Nora York, FF Alumn, in Boston, MA, TONIGHT
10. Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, opening June 24, and more
11. Kimsooja, FF Member, at the Venice Biennale, thru July 10, and more
12. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, at Woodstock Center for Photography, thru Aug. 18, and more
13. Babs Reingold, FF Alumn, at Greene Contemporary, Sarasota, thru June 30
14. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, outside LEMURplex, Brooklyn, June 21
15. Helen Varley Jamieson, FF Alumn, in Wellington, NZ, and online
16. Paul Rutkovsky, FF Alumn, at Galeria Profil, Poland, opening June 27
17. Micki Spiller, FF Alumn, in The Brooklyn Eagle
18. Benoit Maubrey, FF Alumn, at Schloss Moylan, Germany, and more
19. David Medalla, Adam Nankervis, FF Alumns, in Nancy, France, June 23
20. Marcus Young, FF Alumn, at The Flea Theatre, June 21 and 23, 7 pm
21. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, in 8 th Annual BIG E Festival, Cornelia, GA, August 3-4
22. Doug Beube, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Vernita Nemec, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Micki Spiller, at Brooklyn College Library, thru Sept 15
23. Roy Colmer, Howardena Pindell, FF Alumns, at Galerie Kienzle & Gmeiner, Berlin, Germany, June 30-Sept 26
24. Jeff McMahon, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, NY, July 25, 8 pm
25. Lorraine O’Grady, FF Alumn, at Artpace, San Antonio, TX, and online
26. Lisa Kron, Annie Lanzilotto, FF Alumns, at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery, NY, June 24 11 am
27. Jennifer Monson, FF Alumn, in Highland Park, Queens, June 23, dawn to dusk
28. Colette, FF Alumn, at Windows Gallery, Long Island City, opening June 24
29. Doug Beube, Joyce Kozloff, FF Alumns, at Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, opening June 30, 7-9 pm
30. Peculiar Works Project, FF Alumn, provide tours of downtown Manhattan theaters, Thursdays-Saturdays, thru June 30
31. Lydia Lunch, FF Alumn, at Leo Koenig Inc., June 28, 7 pm
32. Nao Bustamante, Gulsen Calik, Bradley Eros, Yoko Inoue, Brooke Singer, Michael Smith, Steed Taylor, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, FF Alumns, awarded 2007 NY Foundation for the Arts fellowships

1. Anne Bean, Paul Burwell, Lenora Champagne, Diego Cortez, Mary Beth Edelson, Karen Finley, Donna Henes, Kim Jones, Harry Kipper, Nina Sobell, Fiona Templeton, FF Alumns, at Space Gallery, June 22-24, 2-7 pm

The Future of the History at SPACE GALLERY
Front St at the corner of Beekman St. (646 242 7909.)
Subway 2,3,4,5 to Fulton St.; A to B'way/Nassau
Bus M15 to Fulton St.

Fri, Sat and Sun 2pm to 7pm

"Conversation Portraits." Anne Bean, first international fellow with Franklin Furnace Archives had dialogues with Paul Burwell, Lenora Champagne, Diego Cortez, Mary Beth Edelson, Karen Finley, Donna Henes, Kim Jones, Harry Kipper, Nina Sobell and Fiona Templeton , which initiated multi- media works.

June 22 through July 15

Participating Artists in The Future of the History

Paul Burwell is infamous for his exuberant fusions of fine-art installation, percussion and explosive performance. He was a staunch advocate of, and passionate participant in, all forms of experimental art, unwinding music and dislocating sound, fearless and visionary. Founder of the London Musicians Collective in early 70's, playing in endless collaborative ventures with denizens of sound explorers such as David Toop, Evan Parker and Lol Coxhill.

Lenora Champagne came to New York from Louisiana to be a painter, but found her voice in performance. She has been making work as a performance artist, playwright, and director since 1981. . Champagne frequently collaborates with sculptors, installation artists, and media artists. She is an alumna of New Dramatists, a resident HARP artist at HERE Arts Center (where she is developing TRACES/fades, an intergenerational performance with music and video that is a meditation on memory, loss, and our national inability to remember history), and Associate Professor at Purchase College, SUNY.

Diego Cortez, born James Curtis, in 1946, changed his identity and moved to NYC in 1973. A classic art-world personality, he was Jean-Michel Basquiat's first agent/dealer and an original founder of the legendary Mudd Club back in the 80's. A survivor of several art world booms and busts, he works today as an art adviser for a select group of collectors.

While you might know Mary Beth Edelson's art from the 70s and that much reproduced poster " Some Living American Women Artists"—she wants you to know that she is yet again producing her best art to date and still kicking ass.

Donna Henes is an internationally renown urban shaman, contemporary ceremonialist, and award-winning author whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than one hundred cities since 1972. Her core fascination is with the intricate, inextricable interconnectivity of life, and she strives to create transformative connections between people, between people and the greater universe, and between people and their own inner best self.

Karen Finley is a multi media artist. She works in performance, installation, video, visual arts, music, text and theatre. Her performances and installations are presented internationally. She has written 6 and edited 1 books: Her most recent book is George and Martha published by Verso, 2006, a parody of an affair between George Bush and Martha Stewart. Currently she is touring The Dreams of Laura Bush/The Passion of Terri Schiavo. The latest exhibition is Nation Building, a visual investigation into America's violent history of racism and the current quest for Nation Building, with the war in Iraq. She is an Arts Professor in Art and Public Policy, Tisch School for the Arts, New York University.

Caked in mud, bearing a lattice appendage of sticks attached to his back, wearing a headdress and a nylon mask, artist Kim Jones' s alter ego Mudman began appearing on city streets, on the beach, and in galleries around Southern California in the 1970s. Jones emerged from the performance art movement, and the unsettling, itinerant figure of Mudman, a powerful icon for an era in some ways defined by the Vietnam war and a fascination with alternative lifestyles and non-Western religious practices. Now living and working in New York City, Jones has become known more recently for his War Drawings, exhaustively detailed pencil and erasure drawings in which x-men and dot-men endlessly engage and disengage.

Nina Sobell pioneered the use of video, computers, and interactivity in art; she also pioneered performance on the Web (in collaboration with Emily Hartzell as ParkBench). In 1994, as Artists-in-Residence at NYU Center for Advanced Technology, Sobell and Hartzell began using their telerobotic webcam and server push to stream live weekly performances onto the Web. Now the performance archive contains over 80 server push animations.

Fiona Templeton is a writer, performer and director of the performance group The Relationship. For a number of years she specialized in large-scale citywide one-on-one performances. She is currently living halfway across the Atlantic and finishing an epic.

The Kipper Kids, Martin von Haselberg and Brian Routh are counted among the protean performance artists of the post-Pop British art scene. Notorious for their utterly base and disgusting performances, the Kipper Kids found a ready audience among the European avant-garde. Sporting identical buzz cuts, jockstraps and a kind of extra-extra-large beer-fed athletic girth, they shocked and regaled audiences into stupefied awe. They were violently incoherent. Now Von Haselberg's works are a series of self-portraits that bubble with hallucinatory distortions, at a level way beyond the funhouse mirror. Below the surface lurks something darker, sad, hermetic. Half a Kipper Kid?

Anne Bean has been working in performance/installation work for over 35 years, worldwide, receiving many awards and bursaries. Last year she receivied a Henry Moore Sculpture bursary and a major award from Arts Council England for her installation Autobituary, on which the critic Guy Brett commented "Reading Anne Bean's CV is like following a continuous performance, a continuous response to the world .. a 'magification'"

The work in this show The Future of the History has been produced during her 3 month fellowship at Franklin Furnace Archives and arose from several strands of thought whilst exploring the archives. These thoughts asked questions about collaboration, documentation, spontaneity and the original radical stance of performance art

Collaboration: What is the space between us? How can we enter that most profoundly? Can we produce a third strong unique 'being' between ourselves?

Spontaneity: Can spontaneous action break down some defenses and make it more possible to venture into unknown territory?

Documentation: Is a painting or sculpture inevitably its own document: an archiving of its live process? Was performance art initially a radical response in order to share the live and ditch the archive?

A reflection on these thoughts, amongst many, in relation to the original radical stance of performance art in which the work was simultaneously created and witnessed led to this experiment called Conversation Portraits.

Eighteenth-century British painters used the word "Conversation Pieces," sometimes called "Conversation Portraits", to describe informal group portraits as well as views of daily life . Anne Bean invited 9 artists, all of whom had been involved in the Franklin Furnace performance programme, to have a dialogue with her about their work and together to try and 'capture' this interaction within the time frame of the conversation..

Also, as part of The Future of the History there is an installation which shows 30 very short excerpts from a video of Anne Bean's called Autobituary, a re-looking at her own early work from 1969 –1974.


2. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at Synagogue for the Arts, Manhattan, thru June 24

Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination

@ The Synagogue for the Arts 49 White St (3 blocks below Canal betw. Broadway & Church)

At the forefront of aesthetic ecology, the 17th Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination group show is an exhibit of art that speaks to the ongoing problem of waste and the destruction it causes to our environment.

More than 40 emerging, established and unknown artists have come together to show their environmental concerns creatively. They have transformed objects formerly considered ugly and worthless into objects of beauty with economic and cultural value, aka Art with a capital A.

This 4th presentation of Art from Detritus at the Gallery Space serves as a creative reminder that trash can be recycled, and also reused, to create beautiful and unique objects of art - and continues the dialogue between art and the lives of ordinary people.

Curated by Vernita Nemec

To obtain further information from curator Vernita Nemec: call 212.925.4419 or email ncognita@earthfire.org. To see past Detritus shows and artists' work, please go to this website: www.ncognita.com

May 17 - June 24, 2007
Opening reception: Thursday May 17, 6-8 PM
The Gallery Space will be open for WOW, Walk on White Street - arts fair- June 9th from 1-6 PM.
Gallery Hours

Regular Hours
1 P.M. to 5 P.M. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
1 P.M. to 7 P.M Tuesdays
By appointment (212-966-7141)
Special evening hours during the Tribeca Gallery Association's Second Wednesdays

Note that while we are not open on Sunday, we are open on Mondays when many other spaces are closed. Call 212-966-7141 for information. To exhibit, see our information on " Exhibiting at Synagogue for the Arts".



3. Jimbo Blachly, Nicole Eisenman, FF Alumns, at EFA Gallery, NY, thru July 29

June 1-July 29, 2007
curated by David Humphrey

323 W 39 St 2nd Fl
New York NY

One thousand continuous feet of horizon line.

Bill Adams
Meredith Allen
Diti Almog
Ellen Altfest
Louise Belcourt
Brian Belott
Jimbo Blachly
Katherine Bradford
Benjamin Butler
Dana Carlson
Andrea Champlin
Jennifer Coates
Will Cotton
Adam Cvijanovic
Angela Dufresne
Nicole Eisenman
Judith Eisler
Andre Ethier
Rochelle Feinstein
Jeff Gauntt
EJ Hauser
Sharon Horvath
Catherine Howe
James Hyde
Susan Jennings
Lisa Klapstock
Dorota Kolodziejczk
Bill Komoski
Julian Kreimer
Michael Lazarus
Dan Levenson
Medrie Macphee
Chris Martin
Suzanne McClelland
Leeza Meksin
Santi Moix
Paul Moran
Donna Moylan
Laura Newman
Gary Petersen
Alexander Ross
Sally Ross
Frank Schroder
Kate Shepherd
Amy Sillman
Elena Sisto
Rebecca Smith
Eva Struble
Team SHaG
Jelena Tomasevic
Jason Tomme
Leonid Tsvetkov
Stanley Whitney
Paul Wilkinson
Paula Wilson
John Zinsser

CONTACT: Elaine Tin Nyo, Director elaine@efa1.org 212.563.5855
Postal Address:
734 NW 14th Ave., Suite B
Portland, OR 97209


4. Robbin Ami Silverberg, FF Alumn, at Baumgold Gallery, NY, thru Sept. 15, and more

I have work in
'Text Messages'

74 East 79th Street, NY 10021
June 14 - Sept. 15, 2007

And in "Baseline: International Typographics Magazine", Vol. 51, 04/07: “Art, Books, & Related Objects” by D. Jury.

Thank you.


5. Richard Torchia, FF Alumn, at Wave Hill, The Bronx, thru August 26

Contact:Martha Gellens at 718.549.3200 x232 / pressroom@wavehill.org

Wave Hill Continues Exhibition Series on 19th-Century Writers
Dan Gottsegan Richard Torchia
I Can Not Stop The Romance, 2006 A Key to the Garden, 2002-2005. Camera obscura pavilion showing live panoramic projection of Butcher Sculpture Garden, Morris Arboretum at University of Pennsylvania

Bronx, NY, April 5, 2007 – Thoreau Reconsidered is the second in Wave Hill’s trio of exhibitions, curated by Jennifer McGregor, that explore 19th-century American writing about nature through the lens of contemporary art. Henry David Thoreau's observations about light, his time at Walden and his intense sense of individuality continue to inspire artists and environmentalists. Vermont artist Dan Gottsegen presents new paintings based on Thoreau’s essay “Walking”, which celebrates the writer’s daily strolls, a practice that informs Gottsegen’s own regimen. Richard Bosman’s painting of Thoreau’s cabin is part of the painter’s series the workplaces of 19th-century writers. Kansas City artist Anne Lindberg’s plumbago drawings recall the Thoreau family’s enterprise, which manufactured wooden pencils. Recognizing Thoreau’s distain for ornament, Ellen Harvey’s installation of mirrored surfaces turns the outdoors in, each surface hand-engraved with drawings of the view from the sunporch windows. Thoreau’s observations during his time at Walden Pond inspired three projects in the exhibition. Spencer Finch’s wall piece is based on the varied color of the pond’s water surface, while Stefan Hagen exhibits The Last Day at Walden, a series of long-exposure images from sixteen walks around the pond. In the Abrons Woodland, Philadelphia artist Richard Torchia’s cabin structure includes a camera obscura device that projects images of Wave Hill’s woodlands on the inside walls.

June 7–August 26, 2007 Glyndor Gallery and Wave Hill grounds
Sunset Gallery Tours, Wednesdays in July and August at 7:15pm

Richard Bosman, Ellen Driscoll, Spencer Finch, Dan Gottsegen, Stefan Hagen, Ellen Harvey, Anne Lindberg, Alan Michelson, Jon Rappleye, Mary Temple, Richard Torchia

Ellen Driscoll and Alan Michelson each address issues of interdependence and resistance, inspired by Thoreau’s essay on “Civil Disobedience”. Driscoll’s room-sized landscape of puppet-like figures is made exclusively from recyclable plastic, harvested from water, milk and cider jugs. Michelson’s installation, which includes sound, is based on Thoreau’s night in jail. Mary Temple exhibits a video and collaborates with Jon Rappleye on a window installation that draws on “Civil Disobedience”. Thoreau Reconsidered is the second in a series of exhibitions conceived in response to Wave Hill’s 19th-century roots and to provide an opportunity for contemporary artists to interpret writings of Dickinson; Thoreau; and Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain with projects by Simon Leung, Allison Smith and Amy Yoes (September 8-December 2, 2007). For details, visit www.wavehill.org/arts/

EXHIBITION-RELATED PROGRAMS - SUMMER 2007 Free with admission to grounds, unless noted.


Camera Obscura: Using his cabin-sized camera obscura in Wave Hill's woodland as a point of departure, Thoreau Reconsidered artist Richard Torchia relates the principles of pinhole and lens-based projection to the depiction of natural subjects. Participants construct a cardboard camera obscura and walk through the woodlands, guided by a sequence of living pictures. $25/$20 Member.

Registration required; call 718.549.3200 x305

Contemplative Corners and Small Wonders: Explore the quiet spots in Wave Hill’s gardens, places that would have satisfied Thoreau and others of his ilk. Horticultural Interpreter Charles Day leads a walk to visit a few of his favorite garden sanctuaries,taking in overlooked gems of the plant world along the way.


Projection Magic/Mágica Proyección: Explore images made of light. Enter artist Richard Torchia’s room-sized camera obscura and see the woods appear upside down! on its walls. Make a take-home sized version of your own.


Enjoy Gallery Tours, Garden Walks, Sunset Suppers at the Café and the Wave Hill Shop. Gallery closes at 8:30pm
Garden Walks 6:30-7pm, Wed, July 11-August 29. Gallery Tours 7:15─7:45pm, Wed, July 11-August 22.


A World of Bottles/Un mundo hecho de botellas: Use recycled materials to build a miniature landscape peopled with plastic puppets.

Then, survey the lay of the land at Wave Hill for inspiration and create a recycled landscape of your own. Artist Ellen Driscoll shares her Thoreau Reconsidered installation made of recycled gallon jugs.

SUN, JULY 15, 2pm EXHIBITION TOUR with artists and Senior Curator Jennifer McGregor

Wave Hill West 249th Street and Independence Avenue, Bronx, New York 10471
Tel: 718.549.3200 Online at www.wavehill.org

GALLERY HOURS Tues-Sun, 10am – 4:30pm. Open until 8:30pm on Wednesdays in July and August
ADMISSION Free to Members and children under 6. Tuesdays─Free all day. Saturday mornings─Free 9am to noon

Wednesday-Sunday and Saturday afternoons:
Through 6/30, $4 adult, $2 students, seniors 65+ and children 6+.
Starting 7/1, $6 adult, $3 students and seniors 65+, $2 children 6+.
Support for the Visual Arts Program is provided by the Lily Auchincloss Foundation, the Greenwall Foundation, the Hess & Helyn Kline Foundation, Target, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts -a state agency.


6. Cindy Sherman, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Robert Mapplethorpe, FF Alumns, at Barbican Art Gallery, London, England, thru Sept 9

Panic Attack!
Art in the Punk Years
5 June – 9 Sept 2007
Barbican Art Gallery, London

Panic Attack! examines artists who represented, in very different and unexpected ways, the punk zeitgeist of the mid-70s to the mid-80s. Although the punk movement is largely known for its music, fashion and graphics, this exhibition exposes the vibrant art scene that emerged during these years, most notably in London, New York and Los Angeles.

Featuring work by over 30 artists, including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cindy Sherman, Tony Cragg, Nan Goldin, Jenny Holzer, Derek Jarman, Barbara Kruger, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jamie Reid, Keith Haring and Raymond Pettibon.

More info: www.barbican.org.uk/artgallery
Tickets £8 / £6
0845 121 6825 or online www.barbican.org.uk

Plus performances, talks and films

All events take place in the Gallery and are FREE to same day tickets holders unless otherwise stated.

Wed 6 Jun /6.30pm

The Responsibility of the Artist
£3 or free to same day ticket holders
Redgrave Room, Level 4

Exhibiting artist Victor Burgin reviews the history of his artistic and critical practice – from the conceptualist photographic works of the 1960s to his recent video work, focusing on political engagement and the ‘responsibility’ of the artist.

Saturday 23 June/ 5pm
Voices of Dissent
John Giorno, poet, performance artist and friend and collaborator of Andy Warhol and William Burroughs, performs work from the punk period as well as new pieces.

Wed 27 June / 6.30pm
Curators in Conversation
£3 or free to same day ticket holders
Redgrave Room, Level 4

Mark Sladen, co-curator of Panic Attack!, and Michael Bracewell, co-curator of the recent ICA exhibition The Secret Public discuss the two exhibitions. Both propose readings of British art and culture in the late seventies and early eighties – but from very different perspectives.

Wed 4 Jul/6.30pm
Let it Blurt
American writer and art critic John Slyce discusses the origins and impact of punk related art in Britain and America.

Sat 7 Jul /2.30pm
Guided Exhibition Tour
Introductory tour of the exhibition.

Wed 25 Jul/6.30pm
Live Performance by Linder
Participating artist and key figure of the Manchester post-punk scene, Linder, performs a live piece for the Barbican.

Wed 18 Jul/6.30pm
Strategies of Dissent
Writer David Bussel, constructs an historical lineage of photographic practices before and after punk. These photographs critique ideology and challenge our values and beliefs through representation itself.

Sat 4 Aug /2.30pm
Guided Exhibition Tour
Introductory tour of the exhibition.

Wed 8 Aug/6.30pm
Life that isn’t Living
Writer Tracey Warr explores the relevance today of punk art’s attack on humdrum conventional life, the anaesthetic of media saturation, and the false desire of consumerism.

Wed 15 Aug/6.30pm
Introduction to the Exhibition
Ariella Yedgar, co-curator of the exhibition, discusses the use of collage and appropriation by artists in the exhibition.

Sat 1 Sep / 2.30pm
Guided Exhibition Tour
Introductory tour of the exhibition.


7. Jacki Apple, Nancy Buchanan, Cheri Gaulke, Leslie Labowitz, Rachel Rosenthal, FF Alumn, at Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, thru June 30

"Women Artists of Southern California Then and Now"
June 2–June 30, 2007

Track 16 Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition “Women Artists of Southern California Then & Now,” curated by Bruria Finkel. The exhibition runs from June 2 though June 30, 2007, with an opening reception on Saturday, June 2 from 6 to 9 P.M.

In conjunction with the exhibition, readings and performances will take place on Saturday, June 16, at 7 P.M. including poet/writer Deena Metzger, musician Jami Sieber, and Eloise Klein Healy. A panel discussion will be held on the closing evening of the exhibition on Saturday, June 30, at 7 P.M. featuring artist June Wayne.

The emphasis on women artists’ work is important and long overdue.

This exhibition attempts to create a bridge in time. The thirty-year gap between Then (the seventies) and Now (the present) constitute many years of art creation and work by the artists in this exhibition.

The exhibition features the work of thirty-six female artists residing in Southern California who have made art since the 1970s and continue to do so. Among these artists are Lita Albuquerque, Jacki Apple, Nancy Buchanan, Mariona Barkus, Diane Buckler, Karen Carson, Barbara Carrasco, Carole Caroompas, Bernice Colman, Jacqueline Dreager, Marion Estes, Bruria Finkel, Cheri Gaulke, Gilah Yellin Hirsch, Channa Horwitz, Connie Jenkins, Ynez Johnston, Lies Kraal, Leslie Labowitz, Lili Lakich, Ann McCoy, Robin Mitchell, Luchita Mullican, Margaret Nielsen, Sheila Pinkel, Astrid Preston, Fran Raboff, Erika Rothenberg, Rachel Rosenthal, Deborah Sussman, Ruth Weisberg, Faith Wilding, June Wayne, Miriam Wosk, Harriet Zeitlin, and Connie Zehr.

The artists in this exhibition consider themselves feminists. They reflect on their experiences while expressing formal concerns and inventing languages that reveal historical and contemporary connections.

An exhibition catalogue made possible by the combined effort of both the women artists of this exhibition and friends of the arts will be available for purchase for the duration of the show. This exhibition recognizes and is part of The Feminist Art Project: a project originated at Rutgers University to focus national attention on women artists in the year 2007.

Brief history in context:

The Art and Technology exhibition at LACMA in 1968 did not include women artists. This event precipitated many objections and stimulated women artists to create the Women Artists Council of Los Angeles. The Council did a survey of the Museum and counted the number of women artists’ work that was actually hanging on the walls at that time:

they found one Dorothea Lange photograph. The Women Artists Council filed a discrimination petition with the California State Senate that was read on the Senate floor. The petition opened up a dialogue between the Women Artists Council of Los Angeles and the Board of Directors at LACMA and gave rise to the important groundbreaking exhibition, Women Artists: 1550–1950 which was exhibited five years later.


8. Phillip Warnell, FF Alumn, at Albert Gleizes Foundation, France, July 15-Sept 15

Phillip Warnell will be in residence at The Albert Gleizes Foundation, Moly Sabata, France
July 15th - September 15th, 2007

Invited by curator Marie de Brugerolle

Phillip Warnell
Sabino D'Argenio
Dominique Ghesquiere
Elise Florenty



9. Nora York, FF Alumn, in Boston, MA, TONIGHT

Nora York FF Alumn, in Boston

BOSTON!!!! our triumphant return to SCULLERS JAZZ CLUB!!!

Tell your Boston folks!

Also — if you missed it — the TED web version of our live performance of What I Want — ROCKS!


this site is great!


10. Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, opening June 24, and more

In case you didn't see me starring opposite Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman 3 or Keira Knightley in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, you can catch some of my latest work in any of the places listed below:

The June issue of Elle Decor has a nice feature on my favorite kind of people: art collectors. My painting is featured in photo, text and caption on pages 146-7. Very exciting.

The printemps-été issue of Quebecois art magazine esse, has a whole danged article on my "historical" markers, featuring color pictures and lots of words. Too bad they're all in French and good luck finding this cool Canuck mag.

The political art magazine Art Threat, has a nice preview of my upcoming exhibition of "historical" markers at the Aldrich. It can be read here: http://www.artthreat.net/2007/05/241

The aforementioned exhibition at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum opens on June 24; save the date. Details on the exhibition and opening can be found here: http://www.aldrichart.org/exhibitions/magnusson.php

"Variations on a Rainbow," is a queer pride exhibition featuring one of my "historical" markers alongside work by Robert Rauschenberg, Jack Pierson and others. More information can be found here: http://www.lpvtv.blogspot.com/, the opening promises to be a bawdy bash; if you're in NYC, stop by and tell me what I missed.

"About Face: artists not afraid of U-turns" continues at the Greene County Council for the Arts Gallery at 398 Main St. in Catskill until June 12. Curated by Paul Smart, this exhibition presents 6 artists who work in numerous different styles. My contribution consists of a big bear painting (see the painting here, along with more information on the show: http://www.greenearts.org/currentcatskill.html), a whole month's worth of my watercolor a day project, two videos, a "historical" marker, a sculpture made out of dollar bills and one of my animal alphabet series.

My own website has a wonderful feature article on the "historical" markers and "The I-75 project," of which they are a part. It's a real honor to be featured in this esteemed site. More details can be found here: http://www.funism.com/art/I75project.html



11. Kimsooja, FF Member, at the Venice Biennale, thru July 10, and more

ArTempo: where time becomes art
The 51st Venice Biennale
Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, Italy

Curated by Jean-Huber Martin and Mattijs Visser
June 9th through July 10th, 2007
PREVIEW: June 8th, 2007

ArTempo website
*Kimsooja’s ongoing solo exhibition:

À l’horizon de Shangri-la
FRAC Lorraine, Lorraine, France
Curated by Hélène Guenin
July 7th through the end of August 2007
FRAC Lorraine website

Listening Awry
McMaster Museum of Art, Ontario, Canada
Curated by Jim Drobnick
May 31st through September 1st, 2007
McMaster Museum of Art website

Scenes and Sequences - Peter Blum Editions
Kunsthaus Aarau, Aarau, Switzerland
May 4th through July 22nd, 2007
Kunsthaus Aarau website

Creative Time’s 33rd Anniversary
Times Square, New York City
May through June 2007
-Video segments from Kimsooja’s A Needle Woman, A Beggar Woman, and A Laundry Woman will be played as part of a series of videos every 59th minute on the Panasonic screen in Times Square throughout May and June 2007. The videos will rotate each hour.
Creative Time website

Video Atlas Americas
Automatica, Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Curated by Paulo Herkenhof
June 25th through August 5th, 2007
Automatica website

The Missing Peace - Artists Consider the Dalai Lama
School of Visual Arts partner to the Rubin Museum of Art, New York City
July 12th through August 22th, 2007
The Missing Peace website
*Kimsooja’s work can be seen at the following Art Fair:
Art 38 Basel
Art Basel website
June 13th through June 17th, 2007

Peter Blum Gallery Booth
Peter Blum website
Kewenig Galerie Booth
Kewenig Galerie website

Visit Kimsooja's website - www.kimsooja.com


12. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, at Woodstock Center for Photography, thru Aug. 18, and more

Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, will be included several shows this Summer.

The first is, "Photography Now 2007", a group exhibition at the Woodstock Center for Photography. From June 9-Aug 18, 2007. The curator was Alison Nordstrom, curator of Photographs, George Eastman House, NY. The reception is June 9, from 5-7pm. info: info@cpw.org. Also, Franc is included in "Sculptoure", an outdoor sculpture show at the Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Long Branch , NJ. from May 5-Oct 16, 2007. Franc is showing his Solar House Sculpture, a solar powered illuminated photo light box. Also, Franc is included in the Kingston Scullpture Biennial, Kingston, NY from July 9- Oct 31, 2007. Franc is debuting his "Solar Photo Car", a solar powered illuminated photo -car.


13. Babs Reingold, FF Alumn, at Greene Contemporary, Sarasota, thru June 30

Hi everyone,

I have a few pieces in this group exhibit.

"Parallax Views" at Greene Contemporary.
The gallery is located in Sarasota at 556 S. Pineapple.

Opening is Friday night June 1st from 6-9.
Show dates June 1- 30th.

link to gallery



14. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, outside LEMURplex, Brooklyn, June 21

Dear People--

Watch me mangle the media live and make a street-worthy groove.

This just in:

I'll be joining the hundreds (thousands?) of NYC musicians giving free outdoor performances in various locations on the first day of summer, for the first annual MAKE MUSIC NY.

3pm Thursday 21 June 2007
Outside at LEMURplex, Brooklyn
461 3rd Av, Brooklyn betw 9th & 10th St.


By subway:
Take the F/M/R to 4th Ave. and walk one block down either 9th or 10th St. to 3rd Ave. LEMURplex is on 3rd Ave. between 9th & 10th Sts. Or, take the F/G to Smith & 9th Sts. and walk two blocks up 9th. Cross and then turn right onto 3rd Ave.

Why not make a day of it? Thursday is the first annual Make Music NY festival, with countless free outdoor shows all over the city (for one day, they make it legal). See, for instance, this event scheduled conveniently at 6:


Make Music NY:


15. Helen Varley Jamieson, FF Alumn, in Wellington, NZ, and online

dear friends,

as most of you know my normally slow-paced ; ) life has recently been engulfed by the second development phase of UpStage - the software that my conspirators and i have developed for live online performance. the big event is nearly upon us ...

this is an invitation to the June 28 launch of UpStage V2. i would love to see you there if you're in town. i know most of you won't be able to be here in wellington, but the good news is that there is a 2 week exhibition involving a live stage, and on the 7th of july a one-day festival of online performances. so wherever you are, you can pop in : ) (altho i don't promise to be online 24 hours a day ... )

all the info is at http://www.upstage.org.nz & if you have any questions about anything, just email me helen@creative-catalyst.com

hope to see you soon in wellington or in cyberspace,
h : )


16. Paul Rutkovsky, FF Alumn, at Galeria Profil, Poland, opening June 27

Paul Rutkovsky


Galeria Profil
Centrum Kultury Zamek
Ul. Sw. Marcin 80/82
Poznan, Poland

June 27 - July 31, 2007
Opening Reception: June 27, 6 pm


17. Micki Spiller, FF Alumn, in The Brooklyn Eagle

Hello all,

hope you are having a wonderful summer so far. Just a reminder that the Library show at Proteus Gowanus ends in a few weeks. Please check out the write up of the show, and illustration, in a local paper:




18. Benoit Maubrey, FF Alumn, at Schloss Moylan, Germany, and more

Dear Friends and colleagues,

just a note to let you know about my installation during the AUGE DES KLANGS exhibition at Schloss Moyland (Joseph Beuys Archive / Kleve) starting June 17.

Other dates:

-- FEEDBACK FRED will be performed at DAW (Digital Arts weeks in Zurich on July 13th in the Cafe Voltaire.
-- AUDIO BALLERINAS and AUDIO GEISHAS at the Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland Ohio from July 18-thru 22.
-- AUDIO PEACOCK and VIDEO PEACOCK at SELTEN GEHOERT Festival at Schloss Moyland ( Kleve) on August 18th.

for more infos,

Benoît Maubrey / DIE AUDIO GRUPPE
Baitzer Bahnhofstr.47, 14822 Brück OT Baitz Germany
tel: +49+33841-8265
fax +49+33841-33121
cell: 49-0177 349 6354
e-mail: maubrey@snafu.de


19. David Medalla, Adam Nankervis, FF Alumns, in Nancy, France, June 23

David Medalla and Adam Nankervis Performances, Nancy, France

David Medalla and Adam Nankervis, FF alums, have been invited by French artist Joel Hubaut to give two individual, inter-active and interlinked performances at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Art de Nancy in France, on June 23, 2007. The occasion is the Garden Party of Artem no. 2, which will take place on that day from noon to midnight. Joel Hubaut has chosen the theme "version Buffalo Bill". Accordingly, Australian artist Adam Nankervis (founder & director of MUSEUM MAN) and Filipino artist David Medalla (founder & director of the LONDON BIENNALE) have created two unique and interlinked performances celebrating the myths of cowboys - in Australia, in the case of Adam Nankervis; in Texas, in the case of David Medalla, who did an artist's residency at the University of Texas in Austin and exhibited with Brazilian artist Regina Vater at MEXIC ARTE MUSEUM, directed by Sylvia Orozco, in Austin, Texas in the 90s.

Adam Nankervis's performance for Nancy in France is entitled "Flaming Lariats". It is part of his on-going series of live art works collectively entitled "Halos of the Southern Cross" which he began during his recent visit (this year 2007) to his native city Melbourne, Australia. This new work will feature Adam's iconic use of naked male bodies which he has explored in the past two decades in previous performances at the White Box in Chelsea, New York, during the "Oxygen" show curated by Koan Baysa; in Mexico City at ex-Teresa art centre; at Evora in Portugal in a show curated by Miguel Soares and Joao Simoes; and at the Horniman Museum in London, during LONDON BIENNALE 2002, among many venues and places.

David Medalla's performance is entitled "Prancing Cowboys". It is a twin homage to the French poet Blaise Cendrars and to the English eccentric novelist Ronald Firbank. Medalla's partcipatory performance is the second in his series entitled "Towards the NANO Theatre", the first of which he presented recently with great success at The Foundry in London during the solo show "Tree Say" by English artist Jill Rock.

The performances by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Art de Nancy, France, on June 23, 2007, is being coordinated by French artist Jean-Yves Camus.


20. Marcus Young, FF Alumn, at The Flea Theatre, June 21 and 23, 7 pm

Dear Friends,

Later this month I take a new version of my one-person show "And" to New York for the National Asian American Theater Festival. May I ask your help to tell your friends and colleagues in the New York area about it?

For lack of a better term I describe the work as conceptual theater. Inspired by Yoko Ono's "Audience Piece" this work gently changes the contract and customs of theater. Writer and friend Ed Bok Lee says by the end of the show "a strange, beautiful sense has arrived as if for the very first time."

I would be grateful if you pass the word. The show plays at The Flea Theater in Tribeca June 21 and 23 at 7:00pm, June 24 at 3:00pm and 7:00pm. Information and tickets are at http://www.naatf.org/index.php?page_id=31

Thank you very much. -marcus


21. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, in 8 th Annual BIG E Festival, Cornelia, GA, August 3-4

The 8th Annual BIG E Festival
Championship Show Friday August 3, 2007
2006 Big E Champion Matthew Spalding
2005 Big E Champion Arik Christopher
concert starts at 7 pm $10. Admission

ETA Competition
Saturday August 4, 2007
Contest starts at 10 am $10. Admission
Loudermilk Boarding House Museum
271 Foreacre St.
Cornelia, GA 30531-3659
706-778-2001 jonimabe@windstream.net

There will be food and drinks at both events.


22. Doug Beube, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Vernita Nemec, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Micki Spiller, at Brooklyn College Library, thru Sept 15

Singular Objects
from The Artistsbook Library at Proteus Gowanus

A selection of printed, drawn, painted, collaged, welded, flat and sculptural book objects

Curator: Maddy Rosenberg

May 30 – September 15, 2007
Brooklyn College Library
Exhibit cases and Gallery Space (in 3 separate areas)
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210

For hours:

For map and directions:

Participating Artists:
Eileen Arnow-Levine Veronica Morgan
Cynthia Back Florence Neal
Carol Barton Heidi Neilson
Doug Beube Vernita Nemec AKA Vernita N'Cognita
Stephanie Brody-Lederman Susan Newmark
Libby Clarke Sarah Nicholls
Maureen Cummins Amee J. Pollack and Laurie Spitz
Thorsten Dennerline Purgatory Pie Press: Dikko Faust/ Esther K.Smith
Kerry Downey Maddy Rosenberg
Evelyn Eller Marilyn R. Rosenberg
Raphael Fodde Susan Rotolo
Sandra Fernandez Shirley Sharoff
Gregory Frux Miriam Schaer
Anne Gilman Carolyn Shattuck
Janet Goldner Robbin Ami Silverberg
Susan Rowe Harrison Micki Watanabe Spiller
Susan Hensel Lynn Sures
Judy Hoffman Karina Aguilera Skvirsky
Kumi Korf April Vollmer
David Lantow Debra Weier
Luce Wendy Walker
Martin Mazorra Barbara Yoshida

The Artistsbook Library began as an installation by artist and curator Maddy Rosenberg at Proteus Gowanus during the yearlong Library exhibition, and is now a permanent presence both on and off site. This exhibition at the Brooklyn College Library provides an opportunity to view the depth and variety of the work of these more than 50 artists in three locations. The idea of the book becomes a jumping off point as the traditional codex becomes an interchangeable zippered text or a menacing sentence from a fairy tale embroidered on a doll dress, an organic installation “growing” its patch of book objects or hanging panels of alternating image and text to be read both vertically and horizontally. Documentations of hikes become travel journals, exquisite etchings, silkscreens, lithographs play off of writings, buildings pop out of flat books, flat books become three-dimensional theaters, haunting environments, and hidden sanctuaries. Mirrors reflect pages as we are woven into them, visual stories unfold, boxed in birds emerge, missing words are reinterpreted, and a miniature book is ready to be carried off in its own purse. The book becomes an object to be held - or not, to be read but often with no words, to be witnessed and absorbed, and most of all to entertain, challenge, and intrigue. The preconception of a book is overturned, the object of containment is turned upside down and inside out, as the book reveals itself in its many aspects.

Founded in 2005, Proteus Gowanus is an interdisciplinary gallery and reading room in Brooklyn, NY, that collaborates with seven non-profit organizations to create exhibitions, programs and publications that link the arts to a variety of disciplines, and to the community.

For further information, please contact: Maddy Rosenberg, maddrose@verizon.net


23. Roy Colmer, Howardena Pindell, FF Alumns, at Galerie Kienzle & Gmeiner, Berlin, Germany, June 30-Sept 26

Paintings from New York 1967-1975

The show lasts from 6/30/07 to 9/26/07

Galerie Kienzle & Gmeiner
Bleibtreu Strasse 54
10623 Berlin

Lynda Benglis
Loise Fishman
Dan Christensen
Roy Colmer
Gerald Jackson
Harriet Korman
Howardena Pindell
Joe Overstreet
Cesar Paternosto
Gary Stephan
Michael Venezia
F.E. Walther
Jack Whitten

Special thanks to David Reed and Katy Siegel advisor and curator of “High Times, Hard Times,” New York Painting 1967-1975


24. Jeff McMahon, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, NY, July 25, 8 pm

Jeff McMahon presents his new solo performance, Failure to Thrive (we small hours).
Directed by Antonio Ocampo-Guzman

Wednesday, July 25 at 8pm as part of the Hot! NYC Celebration of Queer Culture,
at Dixon Place, 258 Broadway, NY NY

An earlier version was performed in early June at the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics. in Buenos Aires, Argentina


25. Lorraine O’Grady, FF Alumn, at Artpace, San Antonio, TX, and online

Dear Friends,

Greetings from San Antonio. It's the beginning of my two-month residency at Artpace.

Just wanted to let you know that MOCA has put my audio for the WACK! cellphone tour online. It's in a group of four with those of Orlan, Marina Abramovic, and Yvonne Rainer. In the audio, I read a three-minute text placing Mlle Bourgeoise Noire historically and giving my reasons for creating her. You can listen and download it at: http://www.moca.org/wack/?p=261#more-261

The audio rounds out the online presentation, with the 1980-81 performance online for the first time as well. A synopsis, including backstory and poems, plus the 13-image documentation of "Mlle Bourgeoise Noire Goes to the New Museum," is at: http://www.moca.org/wack/?p=230

And my March 22 Gallery Talk remarks on "white middle-class feminism" and the "spatial vs chronological timelines of global feminism," with the inference for work like mine and Senga Nengudi's, were posted at: http://www.moca.org/wack/?p=203

That's it for a while!

With warm regards,


26. Lisa Kron, Annie Lanzilotto, FF Alumns, at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery, NY, June 24 11 am

St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery “UnWedding” to Honor the Sanctity of Commitments and the Right to Marry on Gay Pride Day

A Gay Pride Day event at historic St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery in New York’s East Village will honor the Episcopal congregation’s tradition of civic outreach and openness by combining social activism, the arts, and spirituality. The “UnWedding” ceremony scheduled for Sunday, June 24th at 11:00am will incorporate the language of marriage in an act of affirmation and blessing for same-sex couples. Part protest and part political theater, the sacred occasion is to be an outlet for those whose committed relationships are offered no official sanction by the church or the state.

Couples in drag, musical riffs on traditional wedding tunes, and a celebratory closing toast will make for an event that is anything but somber.

St. Mark’s openly gay pastor, the Rev. John Denaro, will officiate at the brief service timed to precede the Gay Pride Day parade. Lisa Kron, member of The Five Lesbian Brothers theater ensemble and award-winning New York actor, and writer/performer Annie Lanzillotto, will participate in the proceedings as special UnWedding guests.

The choice to host the “UnWedding” was made by St. Mark’s as New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, puts forth gay marriage legislation widely expected to be rejected by the state assembly and as the Episcopal Church engages in a high-profile debate over gay bishops and same-sex blessings that is threatening its relationships with other provinces of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Couples are welcome and encouraged to participate in St. Mark’s UnWedding, including those who have had commitment ceremonies or civil unions, or who were married in Massachusetts, Canada or Europe. Interested parties should call the Rev. John Denaro at 212-674-6377.

St. Mark’s Church is located at 131 East 10th Street. The UnWedding is open to the public.


27. Jennifer Monson, FF Alumn, in Highland Park, Queens, June 23, dawn to dusk

iLAND, Inc. presents
Ridgewood Reservoir/iMAP Dance Performance
Saturday, June 23, 2007 from Dawn to Dusk
at Ridgewood Reservoir, Highland Park, Queens

The performance ushers in summer 2007 with a day of dancing informed and inspired by the unique ecosystems and landscape of the Highland Park Ridgewood Reservoir area.

For reservations, more directions and information www.ilandart.org or e-mail at info@ilandart.org or call 212 375 8283.

Conceived of and directed by Jennifer Monson in collaboration with Composer- Kenta Nagai
Architects- Gita Nandan and Elliott Maltby of thread collective and
Dancers- Maggie Bennett, Charlotte Gibbons, Mariangela Lopez, Jennifer Monson and Christina Muellenmeister

Field Guides – Uli Lorimer, Native plant curator of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden; Johanna Meyer, Choreographer; Heidi Steiner, member of the Brooklyn Bird Club; and Nami Yamamoto, Choreographer and a NYC Parks Department Urban Park Ranger.

Video Documentation – Ryutaro Ishikane, Robin Vachal
Costume Designer - Jocelyn Melechinsky
Production Manager – Ariel Federow

Performing Dawn to Dusk – Maggie Bennett, Charlotte Gibbons, Mariangela Lopez, Jennifer Monson and Christina Muellenmeister.

Performing noon to 1pm: Young dancers from the New Song Studio in Elmhurst, Queens – Kristy Lau, Kelly Lau, Amanda Lee, Annie Lee, Shelley Li, Jessica Santosa, Kelly Shum, Sonja Smeland, Janice Wang.

Performing noon to 4pm:
Musicians – Sean Meehan, Tamio Shiraishi, David Watson
Dancers – Yari Alcaraz, Brooke Belott, Azahara Ubera Biedma, Megan Byrne, Eve Chalom, Marie-Charlotte Chevalier, Diana Crum, DD Dorvillier, Milka Djordevich, Christine Elmo, Alexis Halkovic, Chih Chun Huang, Jen Kelly, Molly, Lieber, Andrea Liu, Giorgia Minisini, Margaret Paek, Richert Schnorr, Eryn Rosenthal, Isabelle Thiele, Rebecca Wender, Sarah White, Sara Worden.

Ridgewood Reservoir/iMAP is a year long performance project that investigates the unique landscape of the reservoir. This 50-acre site comprises wetlands, native swamp forest and urban wilderness unusual to the inner city. The artists are involved in a year long process of investigating the ecology of the reservoir with scientists as well as developing a creative process on site that responds to the changing seasons and the dynamic interplay of the human actions and natural phenomenon at play in the area.

The dancing will move around the mile long perimeter of the reservoir in five distinct groups. The audience is asked to take their time walking the edge while watching the dancing, observing the environment and engaging in two architectural exhibits that will display information from a breeding bird census, vegetative mapping, the history and seasonal shifts at the site. Four guides will be on hand to direct and offer information.

The public is invited to come at any time during the day. The majority of the dancers will be performing from noon to 4pm. Bring a picnic, relax, come and go as you please as you enjoy this rare and special urban gem and the dancing that responds to it.


BY BIKE: Three group bike rides will leave from Park Slope, Williamsburg and Downtown Manhattan. Information including exact departure locations and times are available at www.ilandart.org.

BY SUBWAY: J train to Cleveland Street walk 3 blocks to the park, up the hill and to the reservoir. A shuttle will be provided between 11am and 3pm from Cleveland Street.

Ridgewood Reservoir/iMAP is hosted by City of New York / Parks & Recreation and is supported in part by the Multi-Arts Production Fund, a program of Creative Capital, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.

iLand, Inc. interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance investigates the power of dance, in collaboration with other fields, to illuminate our kinetic understanding of the world. ILAND, a dance research organization with a fundamental commitment to environmental sustainability as it relates to art and the urban context, cultivates cross-disciplinary research among artists, environmentalists, scientists, urban designers and other fields.

iLAND is a 501 (c) (3) organization; incorporated in 2004.


28. Colette, FF Alumn, at Windows Gallery, Long Island City, opening June 24

Windows Gallery
13-03A Jackson Avenue Long Island City, New York 11101

13-03A Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY
OPENING JUNE 24 2007, 12 PM

Exhibition continues until August 31 2007

Selected clothing FROM COLETTE’S FAMOUS CLOSET, displayed in her last Manhattan exhibition, THE APARTMENT, at HPGRP Gallery (April - May 12TH 2007), will be on view in a new installation at WINDOWS GALLERY of LONG ISLAND CITY to promote her upcoming website…


For this special occasion, the clothes will be available for sale from 20 to 100 dollars
– a great opportunity to own a wearable COLETTE COLLECTIBLE.

COLETTE’S first visit to Long Island City was in 1976 when she participated in PS1’s INAUGURAL OPENING EXHIBITON with one of her legendary silk room installations, “MARAT’S WRATH”, installed in the attic. She returned in 1978 to present her persona JUSTINE OF THE VICTORIAN PUNKS and was included in the following group shows:


Since last June, she has had four solo exhibitions, three in NYC.


For more information:
WINDOWS GALLERY 646.645.9030
MAISON LUMIERE 212.825.0482
Visit www.artnet.com to read the May 9th review of THE APARTMENT by A. Anderson Spivy, FF Alumn


29. Doug Beube, Joyce Kozloff, FF Alumns, at Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, opening June 30, 7-9 pm

ARENA 1 Gallery
A project of Santa Monica Art Studios
3026 Airport Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405
GALLERY HOURS: noon to 6 pm
Wednesday through Saturday

ARENA 1 Gallery presents:

ZOOM +/-

EXHIBITION: June 30 - August 18, 2007

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, June 30, 7-9 pm

Curated by Doug Beube & Sherry Frumkin

Louisa Bufardeci, Ken Buhler, Janice Caswell, Matthew Cusick, Linda Ekstrom, Mary Hambelton, David Brody & Douglas Henderson, Doug Beube, Nina Katchadourian, Joyce Kozloff, John Noestheden, Christian Nold, Matthew Picton, Lordy Rodriguez , TOFU, Sarah Trigg, Robert Walden, Jeff Woodbury.


30. Peculiar Works Project, FF Alumn, provide tours of downtown Manhattan theaters, Thursdays-Saturdays, thru June 30

"OFF Stage: the East Village Fragments"

a walking performance celebrating the birth of downtown theater

FOUR 2 1/2-HOUR TOURS NIGHTLY: 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm

Peculiar Works Project (Co-Artistic Directors Ralph Lewis, Catherine Porter, and Barry Rowell), the 2007 Village Voice OBIE Award-winning company for its production "OFF STAGE: the West Village Fragments" will present the site-specific multi-venue companion piece to the West Village performance: "OFF Stage: the East Village Fragments." The new production will travel throughout East Village streets featuring a company over 80 actors, 22 directors, and visiting more than a dozen theatrical landmarks.

Tours start on the traffic island at the center of Astor Place, most notably home to the sculpture known popularly as "The Cube" (near East 8th Street and 4th Avenue). As the tour proceeds, short scenes from landmark Off-Off Broadway plays reawaken the actual sites where they premiered, with additional original performances between the stops.

All tickets are $18.00; $15.00 for students and seniors. TDF vouchers will be accepted. Tickets for all performances will be available by calling 212-352-3101 or at www.theatermania.com.

Featuring scenes from: Diane di Prima's Monuments & Murder Cake; Tom Eyen's Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down; Paul Foster's Hurrah for the Bridge and Balls; Jean Genet's The Maids; Ilsa Gilbert's The Bundle Man; Robert Heide's Why Tuesday Never Has A Blue Monday; William M. Hoffman's XXXXXXs; Israel Horovitz's The Indian Wants the Bronx; Jean-Claude van Itallie's America Hurrah; Alan Kaprow's 18 Happenings in 6 Parts; Michael Locascio's A Corner of A Morning; Charles Ludlam's Conquest of the Universe or When Queens Collide; Michael McGrinder's The Foreigners; Murray Mednick & Anthony Barsha's The Hawk;Â Leonard Melfi's Birdbath; Rochelle Owens' Futz; Robert Patrick's Camera Obscura; James Rado, Gerome Ragni & Galt McDermot's Hair; Sam Shepard's The Rock Garden; Megan Terry & Marianne de Pury's Viet Rock; Jeff Weiss' That's How the Rent Gets Paid; Phoebe Wray's The Mulberry Bush; Ruth Landshoff Yorck's Lullaby for a Dying Man.

Venues being celebrated include: La MaMa E.T.C., the original site and the 3 subsequent ones; Theatre Genesis/St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery; The Public Theater; Tempo Theatre/New York Poets Theatre (now Trash & Vaudeville); The Five Spot; Off-Bowery Theatre; The Public Theater; Astor Place Theatre; Tambellini’s Gate Theater; and the Old Reliable Theatre Tavern.

The 22 directors and other creative teams members include: Robert Bartley, Tim Cusack, Cherrye Davis, Siobhan Dougherty, Mark Finley, David Michael Friend, Jim Fritzler, Helena Gleissner, Benjamin Ickies, Jeff Janisheski, Spencer Katzman, Lauren Keating, Anna McHugh, Bryn Manion , Belinda Mello, Casey McLain, Chris Mirto, Kay Mitchell, Elaine Molinaro, Jon Michael Murphy, Ricky Pope, Gabriel Shanks, Jonathan Solari, Laura Sheehy, Candice Strongwater, Leslie Strongwater, Halina Ujda, David Vining, José Zayas.

Performers include: Bobby Abid, Liche Ariza, Joey Auzenne, Eric Bailey, Christopher Beier, Robert Berliner, Michelle Beshaw, Loren Bidner, Roseann Blumhagen, Frank Blocker, Damon Boggess, Michael Cross Burke, Diana Byrne, Oscar Castillo, Christopher Catalano, Melissa Center, Matthew Cummings, Frances Chewning, Lashea Delaney, Ivan DeLeon, Jodi Dick, Stephanye Dussud, Patricia Drozda, Carter Farmer, Jonathan Brian Furedy, Rob Gaines, Shelley Gershoni, Melissa Gessel, Gillien Goll, Stephen Graf, Jacqueline Gregg, Josh Harting, Bridgette Hayes, Michael Jay Henry, Justin Jones, Spencer Katzman, Laura King, Kara Knappe, Philip Kirschman, Ben Kopit, Michael Kostow, Steven Lasher, Donna Lazar, Jeff Lee, Moti Margolin, Jason Martin, Walter Masterson, Nick Mathews, Valerie McCann, Jonathan Medina, Nidia Medina, Steve Meicke, Jason Mesches, Joyce Miller, Jenny Lee Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Jessica Paddock, Sasha Painter, Nick Palladino, Tess Paras, Greta Pauly, Molly Phelps, Ann Pielli, Catherine Porter, Lars Preece, Tracy Rawles, Ryan Redebaugh, Shawn Renfro, Christopher Ryan Richards, Shoshanna Richman, Russell H. Saylor III, Will Schmincke, Kathleen Schlemmer, Richard Sheinmel, Candy Simmons, Kennedy Taylor, Patrick Taylor, Jeremy Tant, Debbie Troché, Lisa Villamaria, Bradley Wells, Jennifer Whitman, Zak Wilson, Michael Young, Jerry Zellers.


31. Lydia Lunch, FF Alumn, at Leo Koenig Inc., June 28, 7 pm


Lydia Lunch will be doing a special intimate pre-opening performance at Leo Koenig Inc. in conjunction with the exhibition"You Always Move in Reverse" curated by Bjarne Melgaard. The performance entitled "Hangover Hotel" will begin at 7 pm on Thursday June 28th. Please call the gallery if you intend to come as we have to reserve space.


Elizabeth Balogh

Leo Koenig Inc.
545 West 23rd Street
New York, NY, 10011


32. Nao Bustamante, Gulsen Calik, Bradley Eros, Yoko Inoue, Brooke Singer, Michael Smith, Steed Taylor, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, FF Alumns, awarded 2007 NY Foundation for the Arts fellowships

Contact: Andrew Sherman, (212) 366.6900, Ext. 249

124 New York Artists, Including Filmmakers, Printmakers, Sculptors and Writers Receive Close to $1 Million in Awards from New York Foundation for the Arts

New York, NY (May 29, 2007) – New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), the nation’s largest provider of funding, information and services to individual artists, awarded 122 NYFA Fellowships to 124 New York artists representing eight artistic disciplines. NYFA Fellowships come with an unrestricted grant in the amount of $7000. Attached please find a complete list of Fellows.

This year’s 122 NYFA Fellows – who were chosen among over 3,000 applicants – include book makers, craft artists, computer artists, filmmakers, nonfiction writers, cross-disciplinary artists, poets, printmakers and sculptors. Fellows were selected by peer panels in each artistic discipline. Past NYFA Fellows include Spike Lee, Tony Kushner, Julie Taymor, Carroll Dunham, Todd Haynes, David Hammons, Billy Collins and many others. Since 1985, over 3,600 New York artists have received NYFA Fellowships.

Said NYFA Executive Director Michael Royce: “If the recent past is any indication, you will be hearing about more than a few of these artists in the years to come. We’re confident that given the time and space to work, some of them will create great works of art. The winner, in the end, is New York. For without its great artists, New York wouldn’t be the cultural capital of the world.”

For Andrea Dezsö, a 39 year-old Queens illustrator and comic artist whose work has appeared in publications such as McSweeney’s, and Print magazine, the NYFA Fellowship is a stepping stone to bigger things, including, she hopes, aNew Yorker cover someday.

“I wouldn't be able to make a living solely from my drawings,” said Dezsö. “It's wonderful to get an unrestricted grant, and the $7000 is a lot of money for me. The Fellowship provides reassurance to keep going and doing what I do."


For Brooklyn computer artist Ernesto Klar, being awarded the NYFA Fellowship is a career highlight: “Beyond the financial aspect, this is the most important honor I've ever received as an artist, knowing how competitive it is, with so many people applying, submitting work of such high quality," said Klar, 30, who will spend the NYFA grant money on living expenses and to support a large-scale art project on which he's currently working. "It's very humbling to have my work recognized."

About New York Foundation for the Arts

New York Foundation for the Arts provides more support and services to artists and arts organizations in all disciplines than any other private organization in the country: nearly $7 million annually. NYFA’s Fellowships are awarded to New York State artists from a field of 16 disciplines, covering the literary, media, performing, and visual arts. Small and midsized arts organizations on which artists so often depend are also supported by NYFA. Fellows and other artists receive information about grants, residencies, awards, employment and other opportunities on NYFA Source, the largest searchable online resource of its kind. NYFA’s website is www.nyfa.org.

NYFA – From Inspiration to Art

Major funding for NYFA’s 2007 Artists’ Fellowships is made possible by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency.

Major funding has also been provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Lily Auchincloss Foundation. Additional funding has been provided by the Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, Alex G. Nason Foundation, Norton Family Foundation, an anonymous donor, and individual donors.

2007 NYFA Fellows

Computer Arts

Claire Corey
Alison Cornyn
Melanie Crean
Tal Halpern
Shih Chieh Huang
Ernesto Klar
Ricardo Miranda Zuniga
Mark Napier (Gregory Millard Fellow)
Zach Poff
Brooke Singer
Seth Weiner

Scott Andresen (Lily Auchincloss Fellow)
Talya Baharal
Mary Carlson
Julie Crosby
Cui Fei
Don Green
Kent Henricksen
Julie Johnson
Christopher Kurtz (Lily Auchincloss Fellow)
Dennis Nahabetian
Marian Schoettle
Christina West

Cross-Disciplinary/Performative Work

Danielle Abrams
Nao Bustamante
Klara Hobza
Wayne Hodge
Yoko Inoue
David Levine
Julie Perini
Zach Rockhill
Peter Simensky
Allison Smith
Michael Smith/Joshua White
Hanne Tierney
Traci Tullius
Saya Woolfalk


Ralph Arlyck
Martha Colburn
Bradley Eros
Alejandro Fernandez
Thomas Allen Harris
Peter Hutton
Margaret Jamieson
Maryam Keshavarz
Lanre Olabisi
Moon Molson

Nonfiction Literature

Melvin Bauman
Michael Blaine
Clifford Chase
Christen Clifford (Gregory Millard Fellow)
Vivian Conan
Patti Horvath
Debby Mayer
J.B. Miller
Richard Panek
Darby Penney
Ruthann Robson
Mark Svenvold
Josh Swiller
Erin Torneo


Betsy Andrews
Anselm Berrigan
Jen Bervin
DeWayne Dickerson
Brandon Downing
Sarah Gambito
Linda Jackson
Cate Marvin (Gregory Millard Fellow)
Ted Mathys
Rachel McKibbens
Sharon Mesmer
Kathleen Ossip
Julie Patton
Kristin Prevallet
Aaron Smith
Leah Souffrant
Marjorie Welish
Karen Weyant


Artists’ Books

Samira Abbassy
Neil Berger
A.C. Berkheiser
Susan Berkowitz
Gulsen Calik
Patricia Cronin (Deutsche Bank Fellow)
Andrea Dezsö
Lisbeth Firmin (Lily Auchincloss Fellow)
Rieko Fujinami (Alex G. Nason Fellow)
Scott Hunt
John Jacobsmeyer
Mark Mann
James Mazorra
Frederick Mershimer
Javier Pinon
Raphael Sassi
Jennifer Schmidt
Carleen Sheehan
Jill Shoffiett
Mary Ting
Kako Ueda
Tommy White
Eleanor White


Tricia Cline
Margaret Cogswell
E.V. Day
Peter Dudek
Alessandra Exposito
Heide Fasnacht
Ming Fay
Jose Gabriel Fernandez
Joseph Giannasio
Elana Herzog
Jerome Johnson
Wade Kavanaugh/Stephen Nguyen
Jihyun Park
Elise Siegel
Shinique Smith(Gregory Millard Fellow)
Jane South (Norton Family Fellow)
Steed Taylor (Lily Auchincloss Fellow)
Roberto Visani
Nari Ward
Claire Watson


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