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Goings On: posted week of May 15, 2007

1. Kate Gilmore, FF Fund for Performance Art recipient 2006-2007 at Pierogi, Brooklyn, opening June 1, 7-9 pm
2. Anne Bean, Lenora Champagne, Mary Beth Edelson, Donna Henes, Kim Jones, Harry Kipper, Nina Sobell, Fiona Templeton, FF Alumns, at SPACE, NY, opening June 6
3. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, in Newcastle, UK, opening May 24
4. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, announces new project
5. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at The Brooklyn Museum, May 19, and more
6. Judy Malloy, FF Alumn, at Centario Carmen Conde, Spain 2007
7. Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumn, at Poet’s House, NY, May 16, 7-9 pm
8. Joan Jonas, FF Alumn, receives Honorary Doctorate from SF Art Institute
9. Barry Wallenstein, FF Alumn, at Cornelia St. Café, NY, May 16, 6 pm
10. Jacki Apple, Nancy Buchanan, Cheri Gaulke, at Gallery 825, LA, May 19
11. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, releases new audio cd
12. Penny Arcade, Elly Covan, John Fleck, Ralph Lewis, Nicky Paraiso, Catherine Porter, Barry Rowell, James Scruggs, Peggy Shaw, Michael Smith, FF Alumns, at East Thirteenth Street Theater, NY, May 15, 7 pm
13. koosil-ja, FF Alumn, at Japan Society, NY, May 31-June 2
14. Wooloo Productions, FF Alumns, open gallery in Berlin, Germany
15. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at Rapture Café and Books, NY, May 21-June 21
16. Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, in The Village Voice, May 8
17. Eddy Falconer, FF Alumn, at Swansea Bay Film Festival, Wales, June 1, and more
18. Dan Perjovschi, FF Alumn, in The L magazine, May 10
19. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, at United Nations Plaza, Berlin, June 2-Aug 31
20. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, in Poughkeepsie, NY, May 19, and more
21. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, sells archives to MOMA, NY
22. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, in N. Truro, MA, opening June 23, 5-8 pm
23. Larry Walczak, FF Alumn, at Hogar Collection Brooklyn, opening May 18, 6-9 pm
24. Ron Athey, FF Alumn, in Birmingham, UK, June 3
25. Marie Sester, FF Alumn, at Eyebeam, NY, May 17
26. Lisa Bufano, FF Alumn, in Glamour Magazine, June 2007
27. Rashaad Newsome, FF Alumn, at LMCC’s Swing Space, NY, May 26 and more
28. Joyce Cutler Shaw, FF Alumn, at NYU Bobst Library, opening May 30
29. Jerome Covington, FF Alumn, announces new website
30. Yoav Gal, FF ALumn, at HERE Arts Center, NY, May 24-25, 7 pm
31. Jessica Hagedorn, FF Alumn, at Intersection for the Arts, SF, May 31-June 25
32. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, provides a book introduction
33. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, in Brooklyn, May 31, 7:30 pm
34. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at ViDance Festival, Tel Aviv, May 31-June 2
35. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Rockwood Music Hall, NY, May 20
36. Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, in Fine Books and Collections magazine, May-June 2007

1. Kate Gilmore, FF Fund for Performance Art recipient 2006-2007 at Pierogi, Brooklyn, opening June 1, 7-9 pm

Kate Gilmore , Frnaklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art recipient 2006-2007 will present her work in “(Un)Natural Selection” Pierogi’s summer group exhibition in Brooklyn, opening Friday June 1 from 7-9 pm and continuing through July 30, 2007. For more details please contact:

June 1 - July 30, 2007
Opening Reception, June 1. 7-9pm
Pierogi 177 North 9th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 Tel. 718 599 2144 / E. info@pierogi2000.com

Kate’s piece will be a large box that you enter where stereos are set up that "scream" at individuals when they enter the space. There will be a microphone set up in the space for people to scream as well. A dialogue of rage!


2. Anne Bean, Lenora Champagne, Mary Beth Edelson, Donna Henes, Kim Jones, Harry Kipper, Nina Sobell, Fiona Templeton, FF Alumns, at SPACE, NY, opening June 6

The Future of the History
Anne Bean is the first International fellow at Franklin Furnace Archive in association with Performa supported by Arts Council England. Last year, she did an installation called Autobituary in London which included 30 DVD players with 'reformations' of 30 pieces of her work from 1969 to 1974. She has spent several weeks in the Franklin Furnace archives giving thought to 're-animating' some works she has come across in there.  

She has been having 'physicalised' conversations  with several artists in which she initiates an exchange with an artist who has shown with FF, the starting point being their archived work. Both have then been simultaneously involved in a form of 'doodling', 'fiddling', 'fidgeting', (the sort of loose activity one might do whilst talking on the phone) to produce 'twinned' works in various mediums. The participating artists include Lenora  Champagne, Mary Beth Edelson, Donna Henes, Kim Jones, Harry Kipper, Nina Sobell and Fiona Templeton. 

These works will be exhibited at SPACE gallery, a project of the Seaport District Cultural Association, a recently formed arts and cultural organization based in New York's historic  South Street Seaport district. 

The opening, on June 6, from 7pm to 10pm will also include an installation referencing Autobituary as well as a short film by artist William Raban Beating the Bridges showing Paul Burwell drumming beneath all the bridges in London. Paul (1948-2007) performed at Franklin Furnace in 1981. Nina Sobell will play piano. Subsequently, the gallery will be open from 22nd June on Fri, Sat and Sun 12pm to 7pm for 3 weeks, or by appointment with James Wintner,  646 242 7909.  

SPACE is located on Front Street at the corner of Beekman Street
Subway 2,3,4,5 to Fulton St.; A to B'way/Nassau
Bus M15 to Fulton St.


3. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, in Newcastle, UK, opening May 24

Just to let you know, the participatory photo and video project I did onboard the trans Siberian Train in Sept 2005 opens in Newcastle this month, at Globe Hub.

The exhibition consists of 10 large-scale hand printed photographs taken on the journey, four further sets of photographs taken by passengers Elly Clarke met on the train and a three-screen video installation of interviews and their subsequent interpretations/translations by Russian and Chinese speakers the artist later met in London through friends.

Also showing is 'Alternative Funding Strategy' which was a project devised before going on the trip, to raise money to enable Clarke to go by selling photographs not yet taken on the train, via ebay. This 20-piece photo series exists now as a limited-edition postcard set.

A press realease follows below. For further information, please get in touch with Maria at Globe, on info@globegallery.com
The opening party is on 24th May, though the exhibition will be up and running from this Saturday 12th - June 22nd.
Hope you're all well. If you are up north, or know anyone there - please pass this on!

Thanks & best wishes

Elly Clarke

Globe HUB Gallery presents:
Exhibition Dates: 12 May – 22 June
Gallery Opening Times: Wednesday until Saturday, 11.30am until 5.00pm Open evening: Thursday 24th May 7.00pm - 9.00pm.
Free Entrance

Globe Hub proudly presents Moscow – Beijing, a solo exhibition by Elly Clarke. The exhibition documents Clarke's experience on board the Trans-Siberian Train from Moscow to Beijing in September 2007 and consists of hand-printed colour photographs by Elly Clarke as well as photographs taken by passengers on the train, video installation and ephemera.

Realising there was only so much she would be able to see through the train's windows, she attempted to overcome language barriers and interact with passengers from Russia, Mongolia and China in order to learn more about the cultures she was traversing. Clarke interacted with fellow passengers in two ways. First, through a series of interviews, facilitated by pre-written cue cards in Russian and Chinese. Second, through asking the same passengers to take photographs of their journey with a disposable camera - from the day we met until they reached their final destinations. When she returned home, she found Russian and Chinese-speaking people through friends in both London and Los Angeles to interpret the interview footage. She videotaped each translator watching the interview she gave them.

On one level Moscow – Beijing the project is about communication in the context of Russia and China, which as nations are undergoing rapid transformation, both economic and political. This is demonstrated most clearly by the translators, who talk about their experiences of each culture and read the interviews in terms not only of what is being said, but also why. On another level, the project may be read through a more complicated lens: in terms of race, mobility and privilege.

Although the questions Clarke ask her fellow passengers are no different from the usual travel chit-chat swapped between any people who meet on the road, it is the act of trying, and of trusting, on both sides, that is important.

For additional information about the artist, images etc please contact info@globegallery.com
Elly Clarke


4. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, announces new project

Release online: http://news.boisestate.edu


Boise State University professor Tom Trusky is inviting the public to learn a little bit more about Pacific Northwest history and enjoy the works created by his book arts class - all in 3-D.

Visitors to Trusky*s Web site

(English.boisestate.edu/ttrusky/index.htm) will be able to see the class* project with the help of 3-D glasses, which can be obtained by calling (208) 426-4210 or by e-mailing Trusky. The students were asked to create a book that dealt with the story of the *Donkey Man,* J. Fred Anderson, a photographer who worked in northern Idaho and eastern Washington at the turn of the 20th century.

Anderson found a suffering, abandoned donkey in Lewiston and nursed it back to health, later enlisting the donkey to carry his chemicals and other photography equipment. Anderson would travel from town to town, often taking photos taking photos of children riding the donkey and wearing costumes, as well as portraits of American Indians in the region. He married a young woman that his family later referred to as *The Child Bride,* according to Anderson*s son, Howard. The Child Bride ran off, and Anderson eventually married again and fathered Howard Anderson and a daughter. After being mistreated by his father, 17-year-old Howard ran away from his parents and Idaho, never to return.

The book arts class was tasked with using some part of the story in a creative way. Some of the creations deal with Anderson*s camera, or are told from the point of view of The Child Bride.

3-D enthusiasts have another opportunity to use their special glasses by visiting the Idaho Center for the Book*s Web site at http://www.lili.org/icb/. Trusky worked with Kathy Robinson at Boise State Printing and Graphics Services to turn his photos into 3-D creations.

*I only regret that the glasses are red and blue instead of blue and orange,* he said.

Contact: Tom Trusky, English, (208) 426-1999, ttrusky@boisestate.edu Media Contact: Julie Hahn, University Communications, (208) 426-5540, juliehahn@boisestate.edu


5. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at The Brooklyn Museum, May 19, and more

Vernita N'Cognita will be performing at "A Place at the Table",
A Performance Event and Reception for the Opening of the Elizabeth A. Sackler
Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
May 19th, 2007 Saturday 6:00 to 9:00 pm (performances 7-8pm)

with Pat Mann, Sean Carolan & performers from the Day de Dada Performance Group suggested contribution $5 or free for members Hope to see you there!


Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination   is happening again!
Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination
Curated by Vernita Nemec
Synagogue for the Arts Gallery Space Hosts 17th Detritus Exhibit
May 17  -  June 24, 2007 with a Reception on Thursday May 17, 6-8 PM

NYC, Tribeca:  Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination is an exhibit at the forefront of aesthetic ecology.  It speaks to the ongoing problem of waste and the destruction it causes to our environment. More than 40 emerging, established and unknown artists have come together to show their environmental concerns creatively. They have transformed objects formerly considered ugly and worthless into objects of beauty with economic and cultural value, aka Art with a capital A. This is the 4th presentation of Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination at The Synagogue for the Arts Gallery Space, 49 White Street in Tribeca.  The exhibit runs from May 17th to June 24th with a reception Thursday May 17, 6-8pm, when the public can meet the artists. 
Special thanks are given to the Puffin Foundation for partially funding this exhibit. 
The artists in Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination :
Lynda Andrus * Andrew Bailis * Esther Berman * Marcia Bernstein * Jean Betancourt * Carol Block * Richard Brachman * Ursula Clark * Joan Criswell * May De Viney * D'Ann de Simone  * Harry Delorme * David Edgar * MIchael Eck * Paul Greco * Rachel Green * Sandra Guze * Lisa Gross * Fred Gutzeit * Lisa Jones Moore * Kazuko * Kathleen King * Ed Herman * Judith Janus * Mary Frances Judge * Jamie Kelty * Vesna Lazarin * Rachel Leibman * Flash Light * Lynne Mayocole * Sylvia Mendel * Barbara Minsky * Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette * Vernita N'Cognita * Stuart Nicholson * Garry Noland * Chad Pelton * Emma Powell  * Anne Stanner * Marilyn Sontag * Helaine Soller * Katherine E Smith * Toby Turkel * J. Barry Zeiger * Marjie Zelman



6. Judy Malloy, FF Alumn, at Centario Carmen Conde, Spain 2007

Judy Malloy's hypernarrative Concerto for Narrative Data

-- http://www.well.com/user/jmalloy/concerto/begin.html -- is currently included in the 2007 Centenary for Spanish poet and novelist Carmen Conde.

Carmen Conde (1907-1996) won the National Poetry Prize for her Obra Poetica.

She and her husband Antonio Oliver -- who fought with the Spanish Republic and was imprisoned after the war -- were noted poets of the Spanish Civil War era. More information about the work of Carmen Conde is available at http://www.ayto-cartagena.com/conde-oliver/portada_i.htm

Judy Malloy's Concerto for Narrative Data, postulates a relationship between covert surveillance, technologies -- developed by the Department of Defense and intelligence agency-funded researchers -- and interference in the lives of artists, activists, athletes, soldiers, leaders and many other people.

Judy Malloy - http://www.well.com/user/jmalloy/


7. Carolee Schneemann, FF Alumn, at Poet’s House, NY, May 16, 7-9 pm

Please join P·P·O·W in celebrating the release of
Carolee Schneemann’s Split Decision

Co-produced by CEPA and MOCCA
in conjunction with the exhibitions Remains to be Seen (CEPA) and Breaking Borders (MOCCA)

96 pages with full color reproductions
essays by Jim Drobnick, Caroline Koebel and Thomas McEvilley.

Book Party!
Wed. May 16th, 2007, 7-9 pm
72 Spring Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY


8. Joan Jonas, FF Alumn, receives Honorary Doctorate from SF Art Institute

SFAI Awards Three Honorary Doctorates at 2007 Commencement

In recognition of their outstanding contributions to contemporary art, culture, and thought, San Francisco Art Institute will be conferring honorary doctorates upon Stuart Hall, Joan Jonas, and Kynaston McShine at its 2007 Commencement on Saturday, May 19th.

A pioneer in the fields of video and performance art, Joan Jonas was born in New York City. After receiving her BA in art history from Mount Holyoke in 1958, she studied sculpture at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts from 1958 to 1961 and earned an MFA from Columbia University in 1965. Jonas quickly expanded beyond sculpture and started experimenting, in the late 60s and early 70s, with multimedia and multigenre productions, which are considered essential to the development of contemporary art in a number of areas—from video and performance to conceptual art and theater. Her work has been exhibited at major venues in the US (MoMA; the Whitney; the Berkeley Art Museum) and across the globe ( Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart; Documenta XI, Kassel). In 2005 and 2006, she presented The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things as a site-specific performance at Dia:Beacon—a piece she revisited in the spring of 2007 as a five-channel video installation at Yvon La mbert, New York. A recipient of numerous awards and honors, Jonas, professor of visual arts at MIT, is also known as a dedicated and inspirational teacher. In her most recent work, she explores the relationship between new digital media and performance. She is currently developing work for a show that will open in September 2007 at MACBA.

San Francisco Art Institute

Founded in 1871, SFAI is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of higher education in contemporary art in the US. Focusing on the relation between thinking, making, and learning, SFAI’s academic and public programs are dedicated to excellence and diversity.

For more information about this event and other programs at SFAI, please go to http://www.sfai.edu or call 415 749 4500.


9. Barry Wallenstein, FF Alumn, at Cornelia St. Café, NY, May 16, 6 pm

THE CORNELIA STREET CAFÉ presents A Special Musical Event
Serge Pesce*
Master of the Guitare
Accommodée in solo performance



* Serge Pesce calls himself a Mediterranean composer of “open music.” Born in Nice, France, he studied piano at the Nice Conservatory for 8 years and then at 14 decided he wanted to learn guitar, now his preferred instrument. He continually innovates, questions and reshapes his musical boundaries in a contemporary jazz vein, utilizing influences from around the world, including Africa. He has written songs, music for films and has performed throughout France, as well as in Turkey, Portugal, Hungary, Mali, and the US.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007, 6pm,  Cornelia St. Café,  29 Cornelia St., (Between Bleecker St. & W. 4 th just west of 6 th Ave.)  (212) 989-9319, [$10 cover (includes one drink) $7 for students


10. Jacki Apple, Nancy Buchanan, Cheri Gaulke, at Gallery 825, LA, May 19

Franklin Furnace alumns Jacki Apple, Nancy Buchanan, and Cheri Gaulke, on feminist art panel moderated by Barbara T. Smith.
Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 presents...  

YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE IT UNLESS YOU WERE THERE: The Challenges of the Feminist Experience, 1969-1975.

Join us for a panel discussion with four ground-breaking artists whose work responded to the rise of feminism in the late 1960s. Barbara T. Smith will moderate a discussion with fellow artist-pioneers Jacki Apple, Nancy Buchanan, and Cheri Gaulke, sharing their personal histories within the feminist movement, and their work that made history as a result. Adding depth and context to the current surveys of feminist art now on display, these artists will share anecdotes and artwork that recount the roots and lasting impact of the women's movement.

When: Saturday, May 19th, 2007, 11am - 1pm 
Location: Gallery 825: 825 N. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069 
Cost: $20 general admission, $10 member rate
(Limited space available. Please call 310.652.8272 to RSVP.  Reservations with advance payment are required.) 

Barbara T. Smith is one of the pioneers of performance art.  Trained as a visual artist, Smith began her body-oriented work in 1965. By '68 she was creating powerful transformational performances and has continued to the present. The work often externalizes her inner psychic material in mythic rituals, based on issues of gender, spirituality, sexuality and is integrated with larger cosmic laws and structures. Many pieces are intimate, personal and participatory often extending over many days. Smith has been an activist and organizer whose art reflects the concerns of women and the environment. She received her B.A. from Pomona College and her MFA from U.C. Irvine in 1971. She has received three NEA awards, was awarded a Vesta award from the Women's Building in 1983 and a National Honors award from the Women's Caucus for art in 1999. Smith has performed throughout the U.S. and abroad and has taught and given lectures at universities and art institutions around the world. Her work may currently be seen in the WACK! Show at MOCA and was also in the Multiple Vantage Point show at Barnsdall Municipal Gallery 

Jacki Apple: Visual, performance, & media artist, audio composer, writer, and producer Jacki Apple’s work has encompassed a wide range of media and has been performed, exhibited, & broadcast internationally for nearly four decades. Her early feminist work in the 1970s included conceptual works, and multimedia installations using photos, text, and objects, bookworks, sculptural pieces with sound, plus performance and film. In the 1980s she produced large scale collaborative performance works, and was an innovator in radio art. In the 1990s she created site specific installations, the on-going photographic series ghost.dances, and sound works with a focus on ecological and environmental issues.  Since 1997 she has received five public art commissions from Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department. In addition she has published over 200 critical essays & reviews on time-based arts. A Professor at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, and a member of the Faculty Council 2000-2006, she is currently the Director of the new Office of Faculty Affairs. Her latest project is an on-going art website archiving her life's work. see  www.jackiapple.com 

Nancy Buchanan began using video as a natural extension of performance and installation in the late 1970s. Her works, which are often socio-documentary with a wry sense of humor, have been exhibited and screened in the U.S., Europe, and Korea, including the Museum of Modern Art (NY), the New Museum (NY), The Centre Pomidou, Paris, the American Center in Paris, Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), and Steirischer Herbst, (Graz, Austria). She received four NEA Artist Fellowships to support her work in New Genres, Performance, and Video. In 1996 she received a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship for Interactive Media. Productions include Developing: The Idea of Home, an interactive CD-ROM examining the notion of “home” in the context of the politics of land use, and video-sculpture installation pieces. She is on the Film/Video faculty of California Institute of the Arts, where she has taught video since 1988. She also produces mixed-media work, drawings, and digital prints on paper and fabric.  She was also a co-founder and producer of CLOSE Radio with artist Paul McCarthyand has curated various exhibitions. 

Cheri Gaulke  considers herself a product of the feminist art programs at The Woman's Building, where she began studying and working in the 1970s.   She focused on performance art from 1974-1992, addressing themes such as the body, religion, fashion, eroticism, and the environment. She also makes installations, single and multiple channel video works, and artists' books and has exhibited in spaces as wide-ranging as the Museum of Contemporary Art and prehistoric temples in Malta. She received an NEA fellowship in 1983 and more recently in 2004-05, a COLA mid-career fellowship from the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department.   Since 1993, she has been working primarily in the field of public art, having completed projects for a metro station, a library, city hall, permanent street medallions, and a Filipino World War II Veterans Memorial. She teaches at Video Art at Harvard-Westlake, a private high school where her students' work has received numerous awards.  

Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825
825 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles , CA 90069
310.652.8272 ph. / 310.652.9251 fx
www.laaa.org / gallery825@laaa.org


11. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, releases new audio cd

The viral symphOny CD is available for purchase from www.forcedexposure.com and at The Pauline Oliveros Foundation http://www.deeplistening.org
I am pleased to announce the release of the audio CD
viral symphOny
Joseph Nechvatal : original concept viral structures
Mathew Underwood : nano, micro, meso and macro structures
Andrew Deutsch : meso and macro structures
Stephane Sikora : C++ programming

(c) Joseph Nechvatal 2007

Produced at The Institute for Electronic Arts
Steven Mygind Pedersen : IEA project technician
Joseph Nechvatal : visual artwork

Joseph Nechvatal


12. Penny Arcade, Elly Covan, John Fleck, Ralph Lewis, Nicky Paraiso, Catherine Porter, Barry Rowell, James Scruggs, Peggy Shaw, Michael Smith, FF Alumns, at East Thirteenth Street Theater, NY, May 15, 7 pm

Ralph Lewis, Catherine Porter, Barry Rowell, Peculiar Works Project, invites you to celebrate 50 years since the birth of Off-Off Broadway to benefit the upcoming June production of

Bang for your Buck
OFF Stage: the East Village Fragments Tuesday, May 15, 2007
7pm reception, 8pm performance

The East 13th Street Theater
136 East 13th Street (just west of Third Avenue)

with special guest performances by
Penny Arcade Ellie Covan John Fleck O-Lan Jones
Judith Malina Nicky Paraiso Hanon Reznikov Richard Sheinmel
James Scruggs Peggy Shaw Dan Lane Williams and more

featuring new material and classic songs
from the founders of Off-Off Broadway
Rosalyn Drexler Tom Eyen Paul Foster Robert Heide
William M. Hoffman Claris Nelson Rochelle Owens
Robert Patrick Marianne de Pury Michael Smith Megan TerryPlus a Special Tribute to the First Gentleman of Off-Off Broadway,
director Robert Dahdah

Nancy Robillard, Director Benjamin Ickies, Musical Director

Honorary Gala Committee
Sherry Eaker John Gilman Sally Kirkland Lisa Kron
Everett Quinton Ellen Stewart Diane Torr Doric Wilson
Jim Fina Julie Hamberg Jeff Janisheski Eric S. Malter
Renee Philippi Gabriel Shanks Richard Sheinmel

PWP Board of Advocates
Chris Burney Ellie Covan Karen E. Etcoff John Herndon
Russ Kane Jeffrey Kazin Vanessa Klimkova Kristin Marting
Nello McDaniel Howard F. Seligman Nomi Tichman
Dan Williams Sarah Winkler Barbara Yoshida

Enjoy pre-performance cocktails and hors d'oeuvres with the artists,
plus a silent auction and raffle

Tickets purchased before May 10th:
reception + performance $50 / performance only $25
Available at theatermania.com or 212-352-3101


13. koosil-ja, FF Alumn, at Japan Society, NY, May 31-June 2

Spring Season 2007 The Japan Society
At http://www.japansociety.org/
Thu-Sat May 31- June 2, 2007:
mech[a]OUTPUT by koosil-ja/ danceKUMIKO:

Geoff Matters (Live Neo Punk Music and Software Design)
Nanako Nakajima (Dramaturgy)
Michael Casselli (Pendulum & Physical Apparatus Design and Kinetic Engineering)
Claudia Hart (3D Wrold)
John Klima (3D Interface & Live Performance)
koosil-ja (Concept, Dance, Video, Video pendulum, Song, Sound Installation and Costume)
Tara Webb (Head Gear)
Betnon-C Bainbirdge (Video Projection Super Engineering)

Dates: Thu-Sat May 31- June 2, 2007
Time: 7:30PM
Location: 333 East 47th Street, btwn 1st and 2nd Ave. NYC
Tickets: $25/$20 Japan Society members.
Reservations: Japan Society (212) 715-1258
at JAPAN SOCIETY Ticket Information


STUDENT RUSH $12.50 Student Rush (50% off!)
Pending availability, Student Rush tickets will go on sale an hour
before showtime. Valid ID required, 2 tickets max per ID.

Radical New York-based choreographer/dancer/ singer song writer/ new media artist Koosil-Ja presents an electrifying multimedia dance-performance with live 3-D environment, seamlessly incorporating elements of traditional noh music and choreography from the classic noh play Dojoji. The legends surrounding Dojo-ji Temple in Wakayama, southeast of Osaka, have inspired numerous noh and kabuki plays about the vengeful spirit of a spurned woman. By juxtaposing the restrained and subtle choreography of Dojoji with 3D world imaging projected on to a large screen, the daring Bessie Award and Guggenheim Fellowship-winning artist Koosil-ja transposes the work into her own aesthetic context, creating an innovative blend of modern and traditional, digital and flesh. The production features 3D world designed and production by Claudia Hart, 3D Interactive interface designed and performed by John Klima, live Neo Punk Music by Geoff Matters, dramaturgy by Nanako Nakajima, Pendulum & Physical Apparatus Design and Kinetic Engineering by Michael Casselli, Head Gear by Tara Webb, and Betnon-C Bainbirdge (Video Projection Super Engineering)

mech[a]OUTPUT is made possible by a commission from Japan Society; funds from American Music Center Live Music for Dance, and New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; and generous individual contributions.


14. Wooloo Productions, FF Alumns, open gallery in Berlin, Germany

Wooloo is running the gallery New Life Shop in Berlin. Via Wooloo.org, artists can now submit their work online for representation by the gallery.

All work submissions will be thoroughly considered by our team of curators and selected artists will be invited for a personal meeting in Berlin. Upon agreement, all artists represented by the gallery will receive solo and/or group exhibitions of their work.

New Life Shop has been established in order to exhibit and promote art dealing with the production of contemporary reality. Or in other words: Artwork that portrays, investigates or challenges the way people live their life in the 21st century.

In addition to functioning as a commercial gallery, New Life Shop also forms part of the on-going project New Life Movement - an initiative founded to bring individuals together despite national borders and juridical restrictions. As part of this larger initiative, New Life Shop employs a curatorial program that not only aims to bring international artists to Berlin, but also to create the practical foundation for making them stay as long as they want. 

New Life Shop is located at Choriner Strasse 85, 10119 Berlin-Mitte and is open to the public from 12 pm - 6 pm, Tues - Sat.


15. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at Rapture Café and Books, NY, May 21-June 21

The artists of Le Petit Versailles
Head Lines
A group exhibition featuring portraits, masks and 3 dimensional works with newspaper collage
May 21st – June 21st
Rapture Café and Books
200 Ave A New York City

Peter Cramer
Inbred Hybrid Collective
Leslie Lowe
Jack Waters

in dual exhibition with "Hot Child in the City" - photographs by Walter Cessna


16. Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, in The Village Voice, May 8

Post-porn performer Annie Sprinkle returns after eight years
by John Beer

May 8th, 2007 10:11 AM

It's been almost 20 years since Annie Sprinkle first demonstrated the performance potential of a speculum in Post-Porn Modernist. Back then, Sprinkle's persona as a sex-positive ingenue formed a compelling counterpart to Karen Finley's avenging fury, each in her own way pushing back against the sexual repression of the Reagan-Bush era. Now that Sprinkle has returned to the New York stage, eight years after her last performance, what does she have to say about our current, and still deeply confused, sexual politics?

Not too much, at least explicitly. Exposed, part of Sprinkle's seven-year collaboration with her partner, the artist Elizabeth Stephens, is a more conventionally autobiographical work than Sprinkle's earlier performances. Of course, conventional is relative; the performance opens by inviting audience members to bare their breasts (several people rose to the occasion) and later uses transgendered assistant Morty Diamond as a canvas for illustrating the theory of chakra. But the basic structure of Exposed comes from the major events of Sprinkle and Stephens' life together. They fall in love, get married, try to have a baby, struggle with Sprinkle's breast cancer. These triumphs and defeats are related in a series of loose, rambling monologues, with Stephens often taking the lead. Sprinkle's boundless geniality can sometimes seem to conceal an inner reserve, while Stephens, a less polished performer, comes across as incapable of insincerity. Early on, they compare themselves to Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, as well as to Sonny and Cher. Both comparisons are apt. Sprinkle and Stephens have at times a slightly dotty, self-absorbed air, and their performance has the hit-or-miss quality of a '70s variety show, but throughout it they remain consistently fascinating and immensely likable.

Overt politics only comes up in the context of Sprinkle and Stephens' marriage—denied a license when San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom's gay-marriage initiative was shut down, they opted for their own ceremony with Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks presiding. The real political lessons of Exposed lie deeper, in the loving solidarity, for instance, that leads Stephens to shave her own head during Sprinkle's chemotherapy, documented in a set of striking photographs ("cancer erotica," they half-jokingly call them). Sprinkle and Stephens take dippy California mysticism and dime-store audience-participation tricks (Exquisite Corpses?) and somehow transmute them into hope. The world's a little closer to utopia with them in it.


17. Eddy Falconer, FF Alumn, at Swansea Bay Film Festival, Wales, June 1, and more

Eddy Falconer's film IBÉRIA will screen June 1st at the Swansea Bay Film Festival in Wales, where it is nominated for Best Avant-Garde Film (screening time noonish---see http://www.swanseafilmfestival.com/categories.htm for complete listings), and June 2nd at the Global Arts Film Festival in Sacramento, CA. See http://gaffers.org/ for details.)


18. Dan Perjovschi, FF Alumn, in The L magazine, May 10

Art in the City: Wall to Wall by Kate Lowenstein

Projects 85: Dan Perjovschi, “WHAT HAPPENED TO US?”
MoMA, through August 27.
Dan Perjovchi has defaced the huge white wall in MoMA’s main atrium. It wasn’t an act of vandalism, but rather the Romanian artist’s first solo museum show in the U.S. While the museum-going public looked on, Perjovchi dashed off large-scale doodles using a fat black marker. “They’re funny at first glance,” he explains in a YouTube video of the process, “but after you laugh they strike you in the stomach.” Each sketch is a one-liner with a political message: In an ostensible comment on government surveillance, one image depicts a stick figure peeking through the stripes of the American flag as though they’re part of a Venetian blind. Another shows three crosses, under which is scrawled the word “Tragedy,” and, separately, dozens of crosses labeled with the word “Statistics.” The work is clever and accessible, bite-sized bits of slap-dash genius that tickle the mind and send you on your way not knowing whether to feel depressed at the sorry state of our world or impressed by one artist’s pithy representation of it.


19. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, at United Nations Plaza, Berlin, June 2-August 31

Martha Rosler Library
June 2 - August 31, 2007

unitednationsplaza is pleased to announce the opening of Martha Rosler Library on Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 at 19:00 hrs. Comprised of approximately 7,700 titles from the artist's personal collection, the Library was opened to the public by e-flux in November 2005 as a storefront reading room on Ludlow street in New York CIty. It has since travelled to Frankfurter Kunstverein and MuHKA, Antwerp. The library will remain on view in Berlin through August 31st and will travel to Institut national d’histoire de l’art in Paris in November.

"In an act of incredible generosity, one of America’s most important living artists temporality dispossessed herself of the vast majority of her personal library so that it could be made available for consultation. No borrowing was possible, but the eclectic ensemble of books on economics, political theory, war, colonialism, poetry, feminism, science fiction, art history, mystery novels, children’s books, dictionaries, maps and travel books, as well as photo albums, posters, postcards and newspaper clippings could be studied at will. Smart, decidedly political in orientation, often funny, and all over the place (in that way a perfect mirror of its owner), the library is packed with essential reading and titles that even your better bookstores would love to get their hands on. As the product of decades of avid reading, the contents of the library are both the source of Rosler’s work and an installation/artwork that continues many of the concerns – with public space, access to information and engaged citizenship – that traverse her entire oeuvre."
Elena Filipovic, Afterall, issue 15, Spring/Summer 2007

A personal library represents the private sphere of an individual, her way of acquiring and combining knowledge. Accumulation is the result of an intellectual inquiry that takes place in parallel with a more random search, which can lead us to unexpected textual, and therefore mental, spaces. Martha Rosler Library offers the visitor an opportunity to approach this open source of information with her or his own interests, and to create new affinities and connections between the elements of the library that add to more than the sum of knowledge contained in it. The bibliography, currently in process, can be accessed online at http://www.e-flux.com/projects/library

A reading group will be assembled to use the library as the basis for a series of informal discussions around texts chosen by Martha Rosler and members of the group. The meetings were initiated in New York, and are continuing at all locations of the library as it travels. For each meeting, a guest reader will select a text from the library and lead the group. In Berlin the reading group will be led by Diedrich Diedrichsen, Tom Holert, Nina Montmann and other guests. Martha Rosler will join for a special talk on June 20th at 19:00 hrs.

Admission is free. All are welcome. For more information please contact:

Martha Rosler was born in Brooklyn, New York, where she now lives, after spending the 1970s in California. She works in video, photo-text, installation, sculpture, and performance, and writes on aspects of culture. She is a renowned teacher and has lectured widely, nationally and internationally. Rosler's work is centered on everyday life and the public sphere, often with an eye to women's experience. Recurrent concerns are the media and war as well as architecture and the built environment, from housing and homelessness to systems of transport. Her work has been seen in the Venice Biennale of 2003; the Liverpool Biennial and the Taipei Biennial (both 2004); as well as many major international survey shows, including Open Systems at the Tate Modern (2005). Her work has been included in the Documenta exhibition in Kassel, Germany, and several Whitney biennials, and she has had numerous solo exhibitions. She has been invited to participate in SkulpturProjecte07 in Münster. A retrospective of her work, Positions in the Life World, was shown in five European cities and at the International Center of Photography and the New Museum for Contemporary Art (both in New York), concurrently (1998–2000). Rosler has published ten books of photography, art, and writing. Among them are Decoys and Disruptions: Selected Essays 1975–2001 (MIT Press, 2004, An October Book, in conjunction with the International Center of Photography), the photo books Passionate Signals (Cantz, 2005), In the Place of the Public: Airport Series (Cantz, 1997), and Rites of Passage (NYFA, 1995). If You Lived Here (Free Press, 1991) addresses her Dia project on housing, homelessness, and urban life. Several other books are in preparation. Rosler has been awarded the Spectrum International Prize in Photography for 2005. The prize was accompanied by a photo and video retrospective, If Not Now, When? at the Sprengel Museum in Hanover and NGBK in Berlin. Her solo exhibition, London Garage Sale, was held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in early June. She had a solo exhibition at Christian Nagel ( Berlin) in January 2006 and at the University in Rennes in Spring 2006.

unitednationsplaza is exhibition as school. Structured as a seminar/residency program in the city of Berlin, it will involve collaboration with approximately 60 artists, writers, theorists and a wide range of audiences for a period of one year. In the tradition of Free Universities, most of its events will be open to all those interested to take part. unitednationsplaza is organized by Anton Vidokle in collaboration with Liam Gillick, Boris Groys, Martha Rosler, Walid Raad, Jalal Toufic, Nikolaus Hirsch, Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Tirdad Zolghadr.

Martha Rosler Library
June 2 - August 31, 2007
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 14:00 - 20:00

Platz der Vereinten Nationen 14a
Berlin 10249 Germany
T. +49 (0)30 700 89 0 90
F. +49 (0)30 700 89 0 85


20. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, in Poughkeepsie, NY, May 19, and more

Roberta Allen will read new work in Poughkeepsie as part of
on Sat. May 19th, 9 PM, FREE
at the Muddy Cup
305 Main Street

Roberta will also read & be interviewed on
Friday May 18th, at 9:15 AM
on The Morning Show at
100.1 FM WDST Radio Woodstock

Roberta Allen


21. Billy X. Curmano, FF Alumn, sells archives to MOMA, NY

The Museum of Modern Art Library in New York City recently purchased a portion of Billy X. Curmano’s archives for their permanent collection. The Minnesota based intermedia artist first came to their attention with the museum’s acquisition of the “Franklin Furnace Artists’ Books Collection”, which included his work.

This latest transaction expands their Billy X. Curmano holdings from his early Milwaukee period to the present. Highlights include a signed and numbered vial with 8 cc’s of water collected on the first day of his 2,367.4 mile swim from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico as both performance and environmental statement. The chemical symbol for water was etched into the glass of each container before they were exhibited as “Objects Collected and Created in the Course of a Swim”.

Plans for two earth works from a 1974 series calling for the reclamation of the natural world by drilling, then seeding, hardened surfaces and encouraging plants to gradually break-up those surfaces were also acquired. One conceptual design took the form of a limited edition silk-screen print outlining the conversion of parking lots to parks with the equation: Parking lot – (ing)(lot) = park. A whiteprint design anticipated the eventual obsolescence of O’Hare International Airport. It proposed landscaping the airfield with the equation: Air Strip Landing Field – (Strip)(ing) = Air, Land, Field.

The artist’s written words are well represented with a complete set of “Fandangos” published continually since 1983. Curmano’s tongue in cheek newsletter documents his art adventures and random thoughts. There are also 26 Post Cards, 24 catalogs and brochures including “What to Wear to Meet Your Maker”, “The Great Moments in Performance Art Stamp Series” and a “1987 Billy Curmano Calendar” with landmarks from his career. The “Billy X: Solo Set” chap book and a small press “zine”, entitled simply “A”, from 1973 with 15 additional artists rounds out the hard copies.

Moving images from several DVD’s that span the gamut from a 15-minute sampler with various short clips to the Henry Hampton Award winning “Swimming the Mississippi” document his performance activity. One 1973 piece transferred from Super 8 film, “Tiger Cage Sequence”, tells a timeless tale of history repeating. It’s from a series of performances based on small inhumane cages used to house political prisoners on Kon Son Island South Vietnam and parallels Abu Graib and more recent war driven inhumanity. There is also his 3-day live burial, 40-day Death Valley Desert Fast, two public transportation tours - one to the Arctic Circle - and the anti-war themed “War”.

The MOMA Library also added two compact discs to their audio files, “New X: Trios & Duets” and “Billy X: Solo Set”. Much of the sound material is based on or inspired by his extreme performances. “Solo Set” won a 2006 experimental album award and “Trios & Duets” comes from a long running collaboration with regional musicians in the New X Art Ensemble featuring the Amazing Tess Toster Tones.

Billy X. Curmano has deep Wisconsin roots that may give special interest to credits from projects like the Tiger Cage, Mississippi River swim, Deface Billy Exhibition and live burial with numerous local artists and musicians. There are also post cards, catalogs and ephemera from exhibits at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and La Crosse, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin Art Guild and Milwaukee’s old Broadway galleries.


Art Works USA
28401 Hartwood Drive
Rushford , MN 55971

For articles and a short video clip, Search Billy Curmano at: http://www.mnartists.org

Electronic downloads at: http://www.mp3tunes.com/BillyXCurmano


22. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, in N. Truro, MA, opening June 23, 5-8 pm

Jay Critchley Creates A Roadside Attraction:
The Beige Motel − The World’s Largest Sand-Encrusted Motel;
Encrusting An Iconic 1950s Motel With Sand Before Its Fall Demolition;
ArtSTRAND Artists’ Installations Inside;

Opens June 23 5:00 To 8:00 PM At Pilgrim Spring Motel, Rte 6, North Truro, MA USA

Unsuspecting motorists traveling on Cape Cod’s Route 6 towards Provincetown will be greeted by “The World’s Largest Sand-encrusted Motel” − The Beige Motel − amidst the sandy beaches and sand dunes of North Truro, its sand-covered surfaces reflecting the unique light of the Cape tip. The peculiar vernacular architecture of the Pilgrim Spring Motel, both kitschy and surreal, will become a monumental “embalmed” sculpture that reflects on time, loss and decay, the environment and our perception of the universe. The Beige Motel opens to the public on June 23 from 5:00-8:00pm, and will be visible throughout the summer until its demolition in the fall.

The site is being redeveloped into Truro Tradesmen’s Park for businesses and art and craft studios by Joel Searcy and others. Beige Motel is a joint project of Jay Critchley and artSTRAND, a Provincetown gallery. Travelers are invited to stop for a rest and explore the interior installations by artists Bob Bailey & Bert Yarborough, Jim Peters & Vicky Tomayko, Maryalice Johnston & Eric Peters, Frank Vasello & others. A limited edition, sand-painted print of twenty is available by Critchley for sale. For more project information contact www.jaycritchley.com or www.artstrand.com, 508 487-1153.

The post-World War II economy brought the dominance and affordability of the automobile to middle class Americans, who traveled in greater numbers to Cape Cod for vacations, including a stay at the Pilgrim Spring Motel. This iconic “roadside attraction” − named after the nearby fresh water spring used by the Pilgrims in 1620 − is a spare, one story motor court with its distinctive A-frame structure with “wings”, an historic relic to the American Dream. The entire complex of 44 bedrooms and three buildings will be demolished to make way for facilities for small businesses and art and craft studios. The main A-frame office building close to Route 6 will be transformed into the Beige Motel, and illuminated at night.

The surprisingly boring, dreary color beige might symbolize our disappointment with the loss of an iconic building − or with the unexpected dull color of the universe. Yet, our connection with the mysteries of time, space, light and color will radiate from this transformed, sand covered structure as the famous Cape tip light imbues it with reverent hues. Beige Motel will connect our earthly nature with other-earthly possibilities, frozen for a moment in time.

The recent discovery by scientists and astronomers that the universe is a lackluster beige color − the dominant color of dune sand − is ironic and surprising, symbolizing our inability to grasp the unyielding mysteries of nature. In 2002 astronomers Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry of Johns Hopkins University set off a cosmic firestorm when their research determined the color of the Universe. By taking a census of all the light from 200,000 galaxies, the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey created the Cosmic Spectrum. To everyone’s astonishment it was determined that the color was “cosmic latte” or beige.

This research has rekindled Critchley’s interest in sand as an artistic medium, which began with the Sand Car series in MacMillan Wharf Parking Lot in Provincetown from 1981-1984.

High resolution photos, and more details, available on request.


23. Larry Walczak, FF Alumn, at Hogar Collection Brooklyn, opening May 18, 6-9 pm

Franklin Furnace alumn Larry Walczak brings his migratory gallery, eyewash, to Hogar Collection, 362 Grand St. (near Marcy) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Opening this Friday, May 18th from 6-9 eyewash presents new paintings by PETER FOX & JEANNE TREMEL. For more info go to www.eyewashart.com or for directions to Hogar go to www.hogarcollection.com and hit INFO. Or call 917-699-0941.


24. Ron Athey, FF Alumn, in Birmingham, UK, June 3

Ron Athey, Lee Adams & Fierce! Festival present Revisions of Excess
The closing party for the 10th Anniversary of Fierce Festival.

Hosted by David Hoyle (the artist formerly known as Divine David)
& featuring performances & installations by an international cast of live artists
inspired by the nihilistic writings of Jean Genet, Georges Bataille & William Blake.

Sunday 3rd June 7pm – 1am
Jonny Diamonds / The Pink Flamingo Club
89 Holloway Head, Birmingham B1 1UH

The Line up includes:
Slava Mogutin, Marisa Carnesky, Kira O’Reilly, Ron Athey, Miss Cunty, Ashley Ryder, Valentina Violette, Empress Stah, Veenus Vortex, Hancock & Kelly Live, Lee Adams, Dominic Johnson, Lazlo Pearlman, Jiva Parthipan, Angel & Mouse + VJ Oskur and DJ’s Bradley Kaos & Dr Mu

‘The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom...
For we never know what is enough until we know what is more than enough’.
William Blake

Miss Cunty will be hosting a special coach service between London and Birmingham
Departing from Stunners, Cable St. Studios, on the junction of Cable St. & Butcher Row, E1W 3HB
Departure: 3pm Returning: 1am

Ticket inclusive of return coach fare: £25
Advance booking only: 0121 244 8084 by Thursday 31st May



25. Marie Sester, FF Alumn, at Eyebeam, NY, May 17

Marie Sester will be part of the Media Mash-up 10th Anniversary of Eyebeam, NY, on may 17, 1007, http://www.eyebeam.org/engage/engage.php?page=benefit with a new work title MIRROR.

MIRROR, a limited edition electronic artwork, is a surveillance vanity mirror which detects presence and follows a detected person so that her face is always in its center.


26. Lisa Bufano, FF Alumn, in Glamour Magazine, June 2007

I have a postage-stamp size picture in the June issue of Glamour Magazine in a column unfortunately named "At-A-Girl". Lisa Bufano


27. Rashaad Newsome, FF Alumn, at LMCC’s Swing Space, NY, May 26 and more

The New York Electronic Art Festival Presents New Installation Art

NYEAF's premiere event focuses on eight digital artists who explore the poetics of sound and image/light through electronic media The premiere event from The New York Electronic Art Festival (NYEAF), a month-long series of exhibitions, concerts and workshops that celebrate cutting-edge work at the intersection between art and technology, will be installation art from eight digital artists who explore the poetics of sound and image/light through electronic media. Audio/Visual: A New Generation of Installation Artists can be viewed Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 6 PM, May 12th through June 2nd at LMCC's Swing Space at 38 Park Row. The event is free.

"We're very pleased to offer some of the best work from a new generation of installation artists at our opening event," said Carol Parkinson, Harvestworks Executive Director. "The NYEAF, now in its first year, will offer the best work from New York City resident artists as well as the most exciting work from around the globe. Featuring artists from Trimpin to They Might Be Giants, the festival's events promise to draw a huge audience from a wide spectrum of music and art lovers."

For more information, visit www.NYEAF.org

AudioVisual: A New Generation of Installation Artists
May 12 - June 2, Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 6 PM
at 38 Park Row

Opening Reception, Saturday, May 12, 4 - 6 pm

NYEAF's opening event, Audio/Visual: A New Generation of Installation Artists features six installations by a new generation of digital artists who explore the poetics of sound and image/light through electronic media.

Featured Artists: Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, Olen Hsu, Hisao Ihara, LoVid, Terry Nauheim, Rashaad Newsome, Phoenix Perry, and Douglas Repetto.

Special Saturday Presentations 4 - 6 pm at 38 Park Row -- FREE
May 19: Hisao Ihara / Karina Aguilera Skvirsky
May 26: Phoenix Perry / Olen Hsu / Rashaad Newsome

About the Artists and the works

Karina Aguilera Skvirsky's El Espectáculo is a three-channel video based on celebrity trials and daytime talk shows, An original soundtrack is synchronized with the movements of the mass media characters, suggesting a choreographed dance within the tableau. Karina Aguilera Skvirsky is a photographer and video artist who has exhibited internationally in group and solo shows. She has been an artist in residence at Harvestworks, Smack Mellon, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace and the MacDowell Artist Colony.

Olen Hsu's sculpture and sound installation Drift (II) (2007) charts the prehistory of the digital network, situating itself in the era of the gramophone. Hsu's delicate apparatus emits a sound composition created with numerical oceanographic data of the past two hundred years. Olen Hsu constructs installations in porcelain, paper and algorithmically composed sound, converging new media, tactile forms, and acoustic musical instruments. Hsu holds degrees in music, art history, ceramics, and sculpture from Yale University, the Kansas City Art Institute, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Hisao Ihara's video installation The Collapsing Wall transforms a collection of documentary moving images of war from the beginning of 20th century to the present into a large, evocative, vertical projection space. Originally from Tokyo, Hisao Ihara currently lives in New York City. His work explores the intricate overlay of time and visual perception within immersive video environments. Ihara holds a BFA from the Cornish College of the Arts and an MFA from Alfred University.

Cross Current Resonance Transducer, a sculptural-graphic collaboration between LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus) and Douglas Repetto, addresses the processes of interpretation and evaluation inherent in human attempts to understand natural phenomena. LoVid is an interdisciplinary artist duo composed of Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus. Their work includes live video installations, sculptures, digital prints, patchworks, media projects, performances, and video recordings. Douglas Irving Repetto's work includes sculpture, installation, performance, recordings, and software, and has been presented internationally. Douglas is also a teacher and Director of Research at the Columbia University Computer Music Center. He lives in New York City.

Terry Nauheim's Rotating is a multi-channel audio/single channel video installation built from recorded and processed sound fragments of hand-cast record negatives and their corresponding recorded drawings. Terry Nauheim explores sound and visual relationships through digital media, drawing, and installation. She has an MFA from the University of Maryland and a BFA from Washington University. Nauheim currently lives and works in New York, where she teaches computer arts at New York Institute of Technology and New York University.

Rashaad Newsome's The Conductor is a series of single-channel video projections. Rashaad uses processed video juxtaposing imagery associated with popular black youth culture and audio rooted in eurocentrism. A native of New Orleans where he received a BFA from Tulaine University, Rashaad Newsome studied film and video in New York where he currently lives. His work integrates photography, sound, performance, and video to explore and question prevailing media representations of black culture in North America.

Phoenix Perry's Honey is an interactive game exploring issues of survival and the environment. This powerful game demonstrates even the smallest creatures' vital importance to their ecosystem as they struggle to survive in a unique, fantasy-world. Phoenix Perry's creative media include, installation, video, live performance, sculpture, sound, and painting. Her works have been screened at Lincoln Center, NYC, the Santa Fe Art Institute, the Austin Museum of Digital Art, and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

"Harvestworks brings together innovative practitioners from all branches of the digital arts and makes them available to artists, curators, and collectors."


The New York Electronic Art Festival is produced by Harvestworks, the New York University Music Technology Program, and LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots, with support from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, the Columbia University Computer Music Center, Roulette, Electronic Music Foundation, 3LD Art and Technology Center, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and the Institute of Electronic Art. Additional support is from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, mediaThe foundation, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Swing Space @ 38 Park Row, the Experimental TV Center Presentation Program, Cycling 74, Tekserve and Newmark Knight Frank. Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Swing Space.

NYEAF is a Harvestworks 30th Anniversary Event. A highlight of the festival is the 2007 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME 2007), now in its 7th year, convening for the first time in New York.

About Swing Space and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC)

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council is the leading voice for arts and culture in downtown New York City, producing cultural events and promoting the arts through grants, services, advocacy, and cultural development programs. Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Swing Space Program is made possible by the support of the September 11th Fund. Space generously donated by Time

Equities. www.lmcc.net/

AudioVisual: New Installation Art is made possible by Swing Space, a program of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, generously supported by the September 11th Fund. Space donated by Silverstein Properties.

Harvestworks is a nonprofit Digital Media Arts Center that provides resources for artists to learn digital tools and exhibit experimental work created with digital technologies. Our programs are made possible with funds from mediaThe foundation, New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Materials for the Arts, The Experimental TV Center, the Mary Flagler Cary Trust, the Aaron Copland Fund, The Greenwall Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, JP Morgan Chase Foundation and the Rodney White Foundation.

HARVESTWORKS Digital Media Arts Center
596 Broadway, Suite 602 (at Houston St)
New York , NY 10012
Tel: 212-431-1130
Subway: F/V Broadway/Lafayette, 6 Bleeker, W/R Prince


28. Joyce Cutler Shaw, FF Alumn, at NYU Bobst Library, opening May 30

The NYU Division of Libraries is delighted to announce that a new exhibition, Episodes of the City: New York as a Sourcebook, featuring the work of artist Joyce Cutler-Shaw, will open in NYU’s Bobst Library on Wednesday, May 30.

Please join us for the opening reception, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, in the Tracey/Barry Gallery on the third floor of the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, 70 Washington Square South at LaGuardia Place.

“Episodes of the City: New York as a Source Book,” an exhibition of wallworks, will be on display from May 30 through August 16. Gallery hours are Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; and photo ID is required for admission. In addition to the Tracy/Barry exhibition, Cutler-Shaw’s “Waters of the Nations/Messages from the World” project will be on display at Kimmel Windows on La Guardia Place and W. Third Street.

For more information, call 212.992.9980.


29. Jerome Covington, FF Alumn, announces new website

If Not Then, originally founded in 2006, is now active again, following a recent performance as part of "The History of the Future", coordinated by the Franklin Furnace at Henry Street Settlement, a bastion for avant-garde performance art.

A new website is up at www.jeromecovington.com/ifnotthen
Stop by for information and to download some free music.
Stay tuned for more news regarding upcoming performances this summer!


30. Yoav Gal, FF ALumn, at HERE Arts Center, NY, May 24-25, 7 pm

Yoav Gal presents:
Coldness and Cruelty
Venus in Furs - a mini videOpera by Yoav Gal
With Heather Green and Greg Purnhagen
Ha-Yang Kim - solo cello works
HERE Arts Center, May 24 & 25 @ 7:00 PM
145 6th Ave, NYC. (between Spring & Broome, enter on Dominick)
Single tickets are $15
For ticket info visit www.here.org or call 212-352-3101.
For other inquiries contact Yoav Gal at 718.599.6833 or info@yoavgal.com


31. Jessica Hagedorn, FF Alumn, at Intersection for the Arts, SF, May 31-June 25

INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS & Resident Company CAMPO SANTO present the World Premiere of a New Play

Fe in the Desert by JESSICA HAGEDORN, FF Alumn
Author of Dogeaters, Dream Jungle, Gangster of Love, and more

Directed by Danny Scheie

Make your reservations today by visiting www.theintersection.org or calling us at 415.626.3311

May 31 to June 25 @ 8pm
Thursdays - Sundays, Thursdays pay what you can
$9-$20/sliding scale, general admission

Special Benefit: Sunday June 3 at 7pm
Reading with Jessica Hagedorn and Sean San Jose followed by a performance and post-show wine reception, $25-$50 (Sliding Scale)

And...Every Sunday we will feature The Hybrid Project: Filipino Voices Raising the Curtain before the show! Join us for a series of performative readings exploring the groundbreaking poetry, performance, storytelling, beat, and spoken word that is being forged by the Bay Area's Filipino community. Visit us at www.theintersection.org for further information.

Margo Hall, Robert Hampton, Sara Hernandez, Michael Torres, Jonsen Vitug & Danny Wolohan

Collaborative Team:
Raùl Aktanov, Sharif Abu Hamdeh, Emily Auble, Melissa Balok, Kristoffer Barrera, Stephanie Buchner, Vignette Ching, Safiya Delaney, Lisa Dent, Calvin LL Jones, Timothy Jordan, Barbara Jwanouskos, Melyssa Jo Kelly, Melody Parker and Chelsea Pegram

Intersection and Resident Theatre Company Campo Santo are pleased to be working once again with renowned novelist, poet, multimedia performance artist and playwright Jessica Hagedorn to present the world premiere of Fe in the Desert. This new play focuses around Fe, a complicated woman, and takes place in the isolated American desert inside the dramatic commotion of her broken marriage and a home invasion and burglary. The characters who populate Fe in the Desert contend with eachother's hidden fears, lost desires, and broken dreams over the course of a wild and dark night. Spiraling back in time, each character's memories take us to places far and wide - from Hollywood to the American desert to the penitentiary. In her true hybrid style, Hagedorn morphs Filipino melodrama with full fledged musicality, contemporary poetry, and intense personal struggle.

"Hagedorn transcends social strata, gender, culture and politics..." -The San Diego Tribune

"Campo Rules. Spend an evening with Campo Santo and you'll see why this troupe is electrifying local theatre. They create the kind of living, breathing theatre that makes you want to stand up and shout." - J.H. Tompkins, San Francisco Magazine


Crossing Genres: A Writing Workshop
Jessica Hagedorn & Members of Campo Santo
Saturday, June 30 - 2 -5pm
$60 ($55 for Intersection Members)
Geared toward writers of any genre and level, this workshop will take you through a series of exercises designed to further develop and explore your writing. Get individualized critical feedback on a selection of your writing by American Book Award winner Jessica Hagedorn and hear your piece read live by acclaimed actors of Intersection’s Resident Theatre Company Campo Santo. Born and raised in the Philippines, Jessica Hagedorn is celebrated for her bold, energetic and tragicomic examinations of Filipino and Filipino-American experience in a wide variety of genres, including fiction, theater, poetry and performance art.

Intersection for the Arts
446 Valencia Street (btwn 15/16), Mission District
San Francisco, CA 94103

INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS is San Francisco's oldest alternative art space and provides a place where provocative ideas, diverse art forms, artists and audiences can intersect one another. At Intersection, experimentation and risk are possible, debate and critical inquiry are embraced, community is essential, resources and experience are democratized, and today's issues are thrashed about in the heat and immediacy of live art. We depend on the support of people like you. To become a Member, simply visit our Website and click on the Donate Now icon at www.theintersection.org


32. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, provides a book introduction

"The Best of John Keel" has just been published by Galde Press; I wrote the introduction for it.  The book contains three years (1979-1982) of the monthly column John Keel wrote for "Fate" magazine, which has been offering "True Reports of the Strange and Unknown" since 1948.  The columns are, to my way of thinking, charming and funny; my introduction is a rundown of Keel's lively career.  More info is available at www.galdepress.com 


33. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, in Brooklyn, May 31, 7:30 pm

May is a once-in-a-blue-moon-month, having as it does, two full moons. The first was May 2, the second is May 31.

When a month is graced with two full moons, the second one is called a Blue Moon. The cycle of the month with two full moons, the year with thirteen moons, is 2.72 years making it a somewhat rare and special occasion.

A blue moon is an extra moon. Think of it as a leap moon. This bonus lunar energy presents us with the perfect opportunity to make a leap of faith. What is it you have been wanting/meaning to start? Now is the time to DO IT.

This is also the last moon drumming circle until Autumn, so do attend and fill your soul with some extraordinary empowering spirit.

Please plan to join us for this special celebration.
Make your reservation soon.

Best blue blessings,

xxMama Donna
with Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman
Thursday, May 31

Let us consecrate our deepest desires and aspirations with the power of the moon.

Join us for this out of the ordinary occasion.
Please wear blue.
Please arrive 10 minutes early.

To pay by credit card: Call 718-857-1343 or
Go to www.DonnaHenes.net
Click on events. Under each event there is a paypal button.

To pay by check:
Make payment to DONNA HENES and mail to the address below. Check must be received one week prior to the event.

If you cancel more than 24 hours before the event, you will receive a credit that can be used for a future event, or for the purchase of merchandise in the Spirit Shop. No refunds will be issued.

Before or after the circle, be sure to check out our unique, ever-changing selection of ceremonial supplies from cultures around the world. Charms, talismans, amulets, power jewelry, ritual tools, supplies, and rare ceremonial botanicals. Books, CDs, Calendars. * Place your order for an amulet bag made to your individual specifications. * Make an appointment for a personal consultation, or Tarot reading.

Don't forget to visit Mama Donna's Cyber Spirit Shop for all of your holiday gift giving and ritual needs

Donna Henes, Urban Shaman, is a contemporary ceremonialist specializing in multicultural ritual celebration of the cycles of the seasons and the seasons of our lives.

Mama Donna, as she is affectionately known, has offered lectures, workshops, circles, and celebrations worldwide for 35 years.

For further information, a list of services and publications, a calendar of upcoming events contact:
MAMA DONNA'S TEA GARDEN AND HEALING HAVEN PO Box 380403 Exotic Brooklyn, NY 11238-0403 Phone 718-857-1343
Email: CityShaman@aol.com


34. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at ViDance Festival, Tel Aviv, May 31-June 2

Techiat ha Metim (Revival of the Dead)
video, 4 min

Screening at ViDance International Video Dance Festival (5/31 - 6/02) http://www.vdance.co.il

A religious man and a secular woman meet by a huge cement wall. She is teaching him how to jump rope: she turns the rope, and he is to jump whenever she speaks the word: Jump. Techiat ha Metim, the Revival of the Dead, is the last of the 13 Principles of Faith on which Judaism is based. This is an image of longing for completion for that precious and auspicious time which no metre can measure. A metalinguistic connection to the spectator and installation environment is effected by the audio: repetition of breath, landing and jumping, rope slicing through air. The content of the soundtrack, for some, is vaguely sexual, and prompts the question, why is Conquest considered 'sexier' than compromise? The proximity between these Others: their breath, and physical exertion references historical issues of conquest and conflict, as well as colonization of bodies and lands.

(based on a performance made during a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, under master artist Carolee Schneeman.)


35. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Rockwood Music Hall, NY, May 20

Penny Arcade presents and hosts one of NY's most amazing months of music and performance with Indo-Pop visionary Chris Rael joined by one of the world's greatest tabla players, Bobby Singh of Sydney, Australia.

Penny Arcade and Chris Rael met Bobby Singh while performing their Rebellion Cabaret at Sydney Opera House and swore to reunite in NY.Now it is happening and you can, must be part of it.

Chris Rael,the visionary singer/songwriter/sitarist of Church of Betty, broke ground mixing South Asian classical, folk and field recordings with pop melody, progressive rock n roll and dissonant music. This month he joins forces with one of the great tabla players of the world, Bobby Singh of Sydney, Australia.

Rael's soaring voice and melodies will be powered by Singh's driving and soulful rhythms in some of New York's most intimate venues.

The pair will also be joined by the current Church of Betty lineup for some scorching Indo-spiced rock n roll at the Living Room and Luna Lounge, co-billing with some of New York's luminary bands.

Sunday, May 20, 7 pm: Chris Rael & Bobby Singh at the Rockwood Music Hall, 184 Allen St., south of Houston. No cover

Thursday, May 24, 7 pm: Chris Rael & Bobby Singh at Le Petit Versailles garden, 346 East Houston St., near Avenue C, with special guests Julia Douglass and 101 Crustaceans. No cover

Tuesday, June 5, 8 pm: Chris Rael & Bobby Singh at the Gershwin Hotel,
7 East 27th St. , Manhattan , with special guest 101 Crustaceans. $10

Friday, June 8, 10 pm: Church of Betty at the Living Room, 154 Ludlow St., near Stanton, with special guests Johnny Society (11) and Nervous Cabaret (12). No cover

Monday, June 11, 8 pm: Chris Rael & Bobby Singh at Barbes, 376 9th St., Park Slope, with special guest 101 Crustaceans. No cover

Sunday, June 17, 8 pm: Church of Betty (9 pm) at the Luna Lounge, 361 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg, with special guests Clint Michigan (8),Penny Arcade (10), and Scott Matthew (11). $10


36. Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, in Fine Books and Collections magazine, May-June 2007

Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, is profiled in the current issue of Fine Books and Collections magazine. For more information please visit www.finebooksmagazine.com


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