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Goings On: posted week of October 16, 2006

1. Susana Cook, FF Alumn, at WOW Café, NY, Oct 26-Nov 18
2. Bill Gordh, FF Alumn, writes for the NY Philharmonic Young Peoples Concert Series
3. Vito Acconci, AA Bronson, FF Alumns, at Whitney Museum @ Altria, opens Nov 18
4. Sally Greenhouse, Geoff Hendricks, Nam June Paik, Franc Palaia, FF Alumns, celebrate the grand opening of Cabaret Voltaire Art Center, Poughkeepsie NY, Oct 14
5. Ken Aptekar, FF Alumn, at Musée Robert Dubois-Corneau, Brunoy, France, opening Oct 19
6. Dark Bob, FF Alumn, new CD now available
7. Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, at The New Party Club, Brooklyn, Oct 28, 9 pm
8. Julia Mandle, FF Alumn, at Kasser Theater, Montclair, NJ, Oct 24-Nov 4
9. Cheri Gaulke, FF Alumn, at Coffee Table, LA, Oct. 26, 5-8 pm, and more
10. R. Sikoryak, Doug Skinner, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Oct 18, 7:30 pm
11. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, on http://radiowonderland.org Oct 17, 10 pm
12. Judith Sloan, FF Alumn, at SUNY Purchase, Oct 17
13. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, at UNC Chapel Hill, thru Oct 15, and at Duke, Oct 16
14. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Symphony Space, Oct 23, and more
15. Jimbo Blachly, Jane Dickson, FF Alumns, at Elizabeth Foundation, Oct 19-22
16. Day With(out) Art, new web page: http://thebody.com/visualaids/dwa/dwa2006.html
17. Beth Lapides, FF Alumn, at Un-Cabaret, LA, Oct 22, 8 pm
18. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, opening Oct 20
19. G. H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, at Sara Tecchia Roma, NY, Nov 16, 6:30 pm
20. Feral Childe, FF Alumn, in Gowanus Artists Annual Open Studio Tour, Oct 21-22
21. Lisa Bufano, FF Alumn, in Brighton, MA, thru Nov 12, 2006
22. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, pre-Halloween Fete, Le Petit Versailles Garden, NY, Oct 28

1. Susana Cook, FF Alumn, at WOW Café, NY, Oct 26-Nov 18


Written and directed by Susana Cook
Original music by Julian Mesri

"A profoundly funny play about the unspeakably awful things that our leaders too often pretend not to see" - Larry Kunofsky, NYTheatre.com

"A political extravaganza...The kind of wonderfully coordinated ensemble theatre piece you rarely see anymore...One of the most entertaining pieces I have seen about the foibles of the current American regime" - Michael Lazan, Backstage.com

Everything you always wanted to know about the sanctity of marriage and how it leads up to war!  The Idiot King will take you inside the monarch's palace to witness God's visits and debates on government policies that are defining the future of the world. Real facts are mixed up with wild exaggerations, making it difficult to tell them apart.

The show combines video, sound design, and movement with official and religious discourses to create a political satire about the tragedy of slaughter in the name of God.

The Idiot King. You can be with him, against him, or laughing at him.

Featuring:   Erin Markey, Karen Jaime, Glenn Marla, Michelle Cowin,
Jennifer Fomore, Jaz Cruz, Michelle Cowin, Jose Maria Garcia Armenter, Desi Martinez  and Susana Cook

Oct 26 - Nov 18, Thurs thru Sat
8pm at WOW Cafe
59 East 4th Street (between Bowery and 2nd Avenue)
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212-777-4280

Born in Argentina, Susana Cook is a New York-based political theatre worker who has been writing and producing original work for over 20 years. She graduated from the National School of Drama in Buenos Aires and also trained in theater in Paris, before moving to the United States in 1991.

Susana's current work focuses on parallels between the dictatorship in Argentina and the present U.S. administration. Concerned with issues such as racism, classism, nationalism, and homophobia, Susana creates powerful political satires that use humor as a tool for exposing the rationales used by those in power to justify oppressions against minorities.

Susana has staged 16 original plays in venues across New York City, including Dixon Place, PS. 122, W.O.W Cafe Theater, Ubu Rep, Theater for the New City, The Puffin Room, and The Kitchen. Her shows have also been featured internationally in Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. For her theatrical innovation and excellence, Susana has received awards from New York Foundation for the Arts, the Astraea Foundation, Arts International, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and the Puffin Foundation.

Info: http://www.susanacook.com

Press Contact:
Anurima Banerji - anurima@nyu.edu


2. Bill Gordh, FF Alumn, writes for the NY Philharmonic Young Peoples Concert Series

Bill Gordh is writing the librettos and narrating 4 new story/music pieces with composer and New York Philharmonic Bassist Jon Deak - one for each of this season's NY Philharmonic Young Peoples Concert Series. The works are architectural stories created to accompany the year's exploration of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern Styles. The first, Building Baroque is written for Violin, Cello, Viola, Bass, Oboe and Harpsichord and will debut on Oct 14th at the YPC afternoon at Avery Fisher Hall.


3. Vito Acconci, AA Bronson, FF Alumns, at Whitney Museum @ Altria, opens Nov 18

Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria
120 Park Avenue at 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017
(917) 663-2551

Whitney Museum at Altria’s Breakout Sessions reflects the diverse ways in which contemporary artists engage and present visual culture. As a departure from conventional formats, Breakout Sessions invites artists to present work, performances, and ideas that comprise the constellation of influences informing their overall creative practice. Promoting an “open studio” format, the program provides rare access to artists’ visual inspirations ranging from works of fellow artists to interdisciplinary elements of pop culture.

Past Breakout Sessions programs include performance/presentation by Vito Acconci; lecture series/publication with Adam Putnam; performance/limited-edition vinyl record release by Los Super Elegantes; and talk/collaborative publication by artist Alex Hubbard.

Admission and Receptions are FREE. Please visit Calendar of Events at http://www.whitney.org for further details and schedule updates.

Support for Breakout Sessions at Whitney Museum at Altria is also provided by Altoids®, The Curiously Strong Mints.

October 18 6:30pm
Book Launch and Performances

Lovely Daze is a collection of artists writings and artwork published twice a year in limited editions by artist Charwei Tsai and edited by Kelly Carmena, Lesley Ma, and Sabrina Shaffer. Contributors for Issue #3: "When I Am Alone, Everything Is So Surreal" includes Rita Ackermann, AA Bronson, and Federico Herrero.

The book launch event features 3 performances: EUD by Lizzi Bougatsos and Sadie Laska, Soft Circle by Hisham Bharoocha, and Moving Contact by Julien Asfour.

November 18-22
Screening and Performance Series

Opening Reception, Saturday, Nov. 18, 6pm, with performance by Orthrelm’s Mick Barr
Special Performance, Monday, Nov. 20 6pm, “Crossfading” by Loris Gréaud

This screening and performance series contemplates repetition and reiteration as precursors to a loss of control and the inevitability of chaos. The program considers varying conditions of surrender and mania in the obsessive fracturing of time and sound. Featuring established and contemporary artists, REPEAT REDUX presents daily screenings in the Whitney at Altria Gallery punctuated by two evening performances and special screenings in the Sculpture Court by artists whose practices include music making.

Screening program includes Dan Graham, Jonathan Horowitz, Bruce Nauman, Jim O’Rourke, Oliver Payne & Nick Relph, and Catherine Sullivan. Additional artists to be announced. Performances by Loris Gréaud and Orthrelm’s Mick Barr.

Organized by Whitney Museum at Altria’s Howie Chen with Gabrielle Giattino and Jay Sanders.

Whitney Museum of American Art
at Altria
120 Park Avenue at 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017
(917) 663-2551

The Whitney Museum at Altria is funded by Altria Group, Inc.


4. Sally Greenhouse, Geoff Hendricks, Nam June Paik, Franc Palaia, FF Alumns, celebrate the grand opening of Cabaret Voltaire Art Center, Poughkeepsie NY, Oct 14

Cabaret Voltaire Art Center , 358 Main St. Poughkeepsie NY 845-473-1181

Everybody can Dada! Dada is Everything. Dada can be anywhere!

Cabaret Voltaire Art Center, Poughkeepsie is pleased to announce its grand opening on 7: pm. Saturday, October 14, 2006, with a celebration of the 90th anniversary of DaDA-Zurich.  There will be a marathon of events - performances, video and sound installations, and poetry - much in the spirit of DaDA, and of all the later art forms for which DaDA can be seen as progenitor, initial inspiration, or historical point of departure.  Originally, Dada was born on the 5th of February 1916 when German artists Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings opened the literary-artistic Cabaret Voltaire in the restaurant Meierei at Spiegelgasse 1 in Zürich. Switzerland, with its policy of neutrality, was a safe haven for European artists and intellectuals seeking to escape World War I.  Many of these congregated in Zurich, at the short-lived Cabaret Voltaire, named for the Enlightenment philosopher famed for his satirical critiques of church and government.  Cabaret Voltaire closed its doors in July 1916, and Ball soon departed from Zurich.  In his absence, the Romanian artist Tristan Tzara took the helm, transforming what had begun in the Cabaret into an international movement.  The group deployed the word “Dada” - allegedly chosen at random by Ball and Huelsenbeck out of a French-German dictionary - like a brand name, using it as a title for a journal, a gallery, and a book series, as well as emblazoning it on events posters.  Manifestos, too, became a key genre for Dadaists to disseminate their position as a group that was “in principle…against principles.” Sukran Aziz, a Turkish born international artist, the founder of the new Cabaret Voltaire in Poughkeepsie, has always been an ardent devotee of two important art movements from the early part of the 20th century, the art of the Russian avant-gardes and DADA.  She had a lifetime dream of founding a gallery, an art center, to re-create the spirit and guiding principles of these movements in contemporary time.  To realize this dream from her earliest formative years, initially she found two different locations in Poughkeepsie, one a perfectly square building, which reminded her of Kazimir Malevich's famous ' Black Square,' and the other a historical brick building from 1870, ideally suited to be the home of the new Dada.  When the first one did not materialize, she chose the second to be the re-birthplace of the Cabaret Voltaire.  Without wasting time, with the participation of American and international artists, and a large group of enthusiastic public, she had her first opening show on February 7, 2004, in the space as it was.  But, due to decades of neglect and abuse it suffered, the building was in near derelict condition, not at all fit for the purpose for which it was intended.  What followed was two years of renovation and restoration, entirely through Sukran Aziz's own efforts and hard work, to bring the space back to life.  Finally, in spite of many bureaucratic, financial, and health-related difficulties she encountered, Cabaret Voltaire is now ready for opening on October 14, 2006. The new Cabaret Voltaire will be dedicated to showing ground breaking, risk-taking, experimental works, site-specific installations, video, sound, and performances, short-films, not only from veteran artists, but also from art students and young artists with fresh visions and novel ideas.  As a forum of exploration and experimentation, Cabaret Voltaire will also include lectures and panel discussions. During the Opening, Cabaret Voltaire will present international and stateside artists, including: Eric Andersen - Kathleen Anderson - Sukran Aziz - Krystina Borkowska - Steve Dalachinsky - Karen Dolmanisth - Aysegul Durakoglu - Amy Greenfield Sally Greenhouse - Geoff Hendricks - Isolde Kille - Richard Kostelanetz - Gabriel Ariel Levicky - Kathrine Liberovskaya - Ilhan Mimaroglu - Phill Niblock - Yuko Otomo - Nam June Paik - Sedat Pakay - Franc Palaia - Young Park - Al Pogus - George Quasha - Willem De Ridder - Alan Scarrit - Skip Schuckman - Joshua Selman - Kirtland Snyder - Gerd Stern - Linda Weintraub - Fuat Yalin.


5. Ken Aptekar, FF Alumn, at Musée Robert Dubois-Corneau, Brunoy, France, opening Oct 19

"Ken Aptekar: Madame de Pompadour," opens Thursday, October 19 (through March 18, 2007) at the Musée Robert Dubois-Corneau in the town of Brunoy just outside Paris. 

Madame de Pompadour came here often to visit her relatives, staying in their sumptuous chateau renowned for its river-fed fountains and tiered reflecting pools. Here on the edge of the Senart Forest Pompadour met Louis XV. He was out hunting. She was too. Among the works on view are new paintings inspired by her polychromed ploy to snare the King as he galloped by. Take the RER D train to Brunoy from Paris.

A catalogue is available at the museum. More info at:

Opening begins at 7:30PM.


6. Dark Bob, FF Alumn, new CD now available

A new cd
by Los Angeles performance artist THE DARK BOB

Join Santa Monica homeboy/performance art pioneer The Dark Bob on a journey through the darker side of Santa Monica/Venice beach culture.

With collaborations and contributions by:
Actor/comedian ANDY DICK
And LA Rock legends
PETER CASE (Plimsouls/Nerves)
DANNY FRANKEL (Beck, Fiona Apple, kd lang, Laurie Anderson)

A surf pop record that even ARTISTS CAN LOVE!

"Head down to South Santa Monica
To the ruins of Ocean Park
In the decay of an endless Summer's day
You can hear the stray dogs bark

As the Summer's heat hangs on long after dark......in Dogtown"
- from DOGTOWN (an epoch 12 minute surf opera on Stoked!)


13 original new pieces...FER SURE, DUDE!


MITB Records, POB 6461, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA
Contact: THE DARK BOB Email: darkbob@darkbob.com


7. Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, at The New Party Club, Brooklyn, Oct 28, 9 pm

Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, SATURDAYS: OCTOBER 28, at THE NEW PARTY CLUB, 99 WYCKOFF ST. AT HART ST. IN BUSHWICK, BASEMENT. DOORS OPEN AT 9. A bunch of high energy mostly musical acts with a side room showing artists film/video etc.


8. Julia Mandle, FF Alumn, at Kasser Theater, Montclair, NJ, Oct 24-Nov 4

J Mandle Performance announces the first public performances of Julia Mandle's new installation:

Come and Have a Chicky Meal, Cuz You're Gonna Love This Deal'

presented by:
Peak Performances/ Acts of Engagement  

at the Alexander Kasser Theater
October 24 - November 4, 2006

With a Special Opening Event on Thursday November 2

What does it mean to be an American in 2006? Are we avoiding responsibility for redeeming America's image abroad? Does political art embarrass me? Julia Mandle asks herself these questions as she pokes at her own sense of civic responsibility and mixes architectural, visual and performative elements into this new installation. The title is inspired by a commercial slogan, which was found among the ashes of a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise that was repeatedly bombed in Pakistan last year.

Performers will be present:
October 25 & 26 (3pm - 4pm), October 27 & 28 (6pm - 7pm), November 1 (3pm - 4pm), November 2 (7:30pm - 8:30pm)

and November 3 & 4 (6pm - 7pm)

Audiences can view the performance at any time during the hour.
The installation is open to the public during regular lobby hours (10am - 5pm, Mon-Sat)
Admission is free.

Alexander Kasser Theater
Montclair State University
One Normal Avenue in Montclair, New Jersey
Montclair Box Office: 973 655 5112

Montclair is only 40 minutes from Midtown!
For travel information: http://www.peakperfs.org/about_us/audience_services


9. Cheri Gaulke, FF Alumn, at Coffee Table, LA, Oct 26, 5-8 pm, and more

Come celebrate the completion of one of my latest public art projects. Oct. 26 will be the unveiling of ArtCans 2006, a beautification project for the community of Silver Lake. Artists have created original mosaic panels to be adhered to the sides of concrete waste receptacles. Before being permanently installed in the community, the ArtCan mosaics will presented to the public on Thursday, Oct. 26, 5-8 pm at the Coffee Table, 2930 Rowena Ave. in Los Angeles. I have attached a jpeg of the poster.

Soon my permanent street medallions for Silver Lake will be installed, more about that later. In the meantime, here’s an article about me in the local online news.


Finally, save the date for another upcoming major opening. My Filipino World War II Veterans Memorial is scheduled to be unveiled on Nov. 11, 2006 at 10 am. I’ll send you the details soon.


10. R. Sikoryak, Doug Skinner, FF Alumns, at Dixon Place, Oct 18, 7:30 pm

Dixon Place presents...

Cartoon slide shows and other projected pictures
Hosted by R. Sikoryak

Megan Montague Cash
Brian Dewan
Emily Flake
Doug Skinner
Lauren R. Weinstein
with Patrick Hambrecht
J. Kathleen White
and R. S.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
8 pm (doors open at 7:30 pm)

Dixon Place
258 Bowery, 2nd Fl,
between Houston & Prince
Tickets: $15 or TDF; $10 student/senior

Advance tickets & more info:
(212) 219-0736


11. Joshua Fried, FF Alumn, on http://radiowonderland.org October 17, 10 pm

Dear People--
Watch me spin live radio into recombinant funk. Radio Wonderland is playing in NYC, and starting next month, over weekly webcasts everywhere, courtesy of free103point9.org.

It's still me solo, but I'm calling RW my new band.

My media-mashing multi-metric high-concept shoes-and-steering-wheel
hi-lo-tech object-theater spaced-out booty-shaking new music dance band.

So I can stop working-in-progress and start  --gigging.



Tuesday - 17 October 2006 - 10:00pm

featured act at the monthly WARPER! party
168 Delancey Street (betw. Clinton and Attorney)
New York City
+1 (212) 254-9920

masterclass and live performance + video all night starting at 8pm.


RADIO WONDERLAND live webcasts

Starting November, hear live deconstruction of that FM radio behemoth
known as "Morning Drive Time" (through that cool and decidedly
non-commercial Transmission Arts collective, free103point9.org).

Wednesday mornings 8am Eastern Time (perfect for Europe).

Stay tuned. As it were.

Joshua Fried


12. Judith Sloan, FF Alumn, at SUNY Purchase, Oct 17

Dear Friends:

Due to overflow crowds at our September 28th performance, we are happy to announce two additional performances of Crossing the BLVD: strangers, neighbors, aliens in a new America Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase New York
Tuesday October 17th, 4:30 and 7:30 PM
The Humanities Theater, Durst Family Humanities Building (next to the Neuberger Museum of Art)
Door opens 20 minutes prior to each performance. Discussions to follow.

4:30 Q&A with Martha Lopez, Westchester County Office of Hispanic Affairs
and Mary Ann Luna, United Way of Westchester and Putnam
7:30 Q&A with Mariana Boneo, Executive Director, Hispanic Resource Center
and Graciela Heymann, Executive Director Westchester Hispanic Coalition

Tickets for general public are $5.
For Reservations, SPECIFY which show, with your name, and number of tickets.
Reservations taken through email: info@earsay.org
Or by phone: 718-791-4324
Please visit the website for updates on future shows, events, exhibitions or
to add your own story of migration:
The Crossing the BLVD exhibition of photographs, sounds, and stories
currently on view at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, SUNY
Open Tuesday through Sunday noon - 5 PM
For directions go to: http://www.purchase.edu/Directions/
Follow signs to Neuberger Museum of Art, Humanities Building is next door.


13. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, at UNC Chapel Hill, thru Oct 15, and at Duke, Oct 16

also DUKE UNIV Oct  16!

Hi Folks,

I'll be back in Chapel Hill & Durham, North Carolina Oct 8-16! I will be doing a weeklong residency at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Oct 8-15. I will be making a piece with a fierce group of UNC students during the week which will be performed in Studio 6 of Swain Hall Oct 14 at 8PM and I will be performing my show  based on my new book 1001 BEDS at UNC Swain Hall , Studio 6  Oct 12 (post show dialog with amazing novelist Allan Gurganus that night). I am also doing a lecture/rant with lots of performance excerpts called SEX/BODY/SELF at Duke Uni Oct 16 at 8PM in their newly renovated Brody Theater on East Campus -- Brody Theater backs up onto Markham Avenue between Broad and Buchanan. The event at Duke is FREE!

Swain Hall
Studio 6
UNC Chapel Hill
101 E Cameron Ave Chapel Hil


14. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Symphony Space, October 23, and more

NORA YORK FALL UPDATE! check all the way down to the bottom — there is a lot going on --

Furtiva Lagrima (secret tear) is back by popular demand!
Opera and York like you've never heard before!
featuring:  Nora York and Andrew Schwartz, bassoon; Kevin Burdette Bass Voice; Steve Tarshis, guitar; Dave Hofstra, bass; Jamie Lawrence, harmonium .... More on this later

My CD -- WHAT I WANT is out on a label
215 RECORDS!!! check all sites — there it is... Spread the word!

Symphonyspace Presents
Thalia Follies: Mid-Term Elections
Monday, October 23 at 6:30 & 8:30 PM
Take Back the House!

A cabaret of songs, comedy, poetry and video on the issues of the day.
Our political cabaret season kicks off by taking a look at the upcoming gubernatorial election and the Democrats' national attempt to win back the congress and make George Bush a really lame duck. Featuring Speaker Pelosi's fantasies! Senator Allen and Madeline Albright's duet: "Suddenly I'm Jewish! Who Knew?" The Premiere of the video by Candy Kugel and Lanny Meyers, "I'm Right, You're Wrong" and much more!

Wine and Beer!
Wit and Wisdom!
Laughter and Hope!

Cast: Ivy Austin, Sidney J. Burgoyne, David Buskin, The Chalks and Nora York

Special guests: Jay Leonhart, singer-songwriter Roy Zimmerman, Green Party candidate for Governor Malachy McCourt and former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, who helped impeach Richard Nixon and whose new book tells why it's time to impeach again.

Staged and hosted by Isaiah Sheffer
Musical Direction by Lanny Meyers
Produced by Martin Sage

$21 (DAY OF $25); MEMBERS $17

2537 Broadway at 95th Street, New York City

SUNDAY OCTOBER 29th Sunday,1pm
, $12, http://www.makor.org  look for the BYOK - Bring Your Own Kid...
I am singing with Jamie Broza ( AKA Jamie Lawrence... You know him from my band!)
Along with the Good Mood Singers (ages 6-11), I am a little older — but considered a good mood singer... Sometimes.and his acclaimed rock band
 Broza will sing, play the piano and shave—at the same time!—as he performs the hits from his two award-winning CDs,
My Daddy Is Scratchy and Bad Mood Mom.


NuNoise Records releases its first solo piano disc: Rob Schwimmer playing
original works as well as renditions of several well-known pieces on his debut
solo piano* CD, Beyond The Sky.
*one track, Waltz For Clara (Rockmore) features theremin and piano

Piano virtuoso Rob Schwimmer is an original and intrepid artist who on this
album meaningfully negotiates the composer's formalism of classical music and the improviser’s freedom of jazz, blurring distinctions between both

Produced with Joe Mardin, Beyond The Sky is available through robschwimmer.com
 or CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com


15. Jimbo Blachly, Jane Dickson, FF Alumns, at Elizabeth Foundation, Oct 19-22

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Center OPEN STUDIOS 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday, October 21, 2006 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Sunday, October 22, 2006 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


EFA Studio Center
323 West 39th Street , NYC 10018
between 8th and 9th Avenues

For further information:
Elaine Tin Nyo, Program Director
T. 212-563-5855 x203, F. 212-563-1875

ELIZABETH FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS STUDIO CENTER is pleased to announce OPEN STUDIOS 2006. On October 19, 21 & 22, 2006 over 80 artist-members in the EFA STUDIO CENTER will open their workspaces to the public. Come see exciting and diverse work including painting, sculpture, printmaking, works on paper, photography, installation, video and new media. The EFA Studio Center is located in midtown Manhattan in New York City's historic garment district. Open Studios 2006 will mark the EFA Studio Center 's eighth annual open studios event. EFA Studio Center continues its collaboration with the Fashion Center BID to organize the annual Fashion District Arts Festival. The festival will feature Off-Broadway theaters in the Fashion District and culminate in a neighborhood-wide open studios weekend. Last year, over 2500 members of the public visited EFA Studio Center during Open Studios 2005.

Participants in the EFA Studio Center Open Studios include:

Samira Abbassy, Clytie Alexander, Chris Anderson, Augusto Arbizo, Regina Baumhauer, Jeff Bechtel, Sarah Beddington, Nicole Been, Ragna Berlin, Jimbo Blachly, Tom Bogaert, Patty Cateura, Sang-ah Choi, Theresa Chong, David Collins, Vicky Colombet, Judith Croce, Annabel Daou, Lisa Corinne Davis, Jane Dickson, Madeline Djerejian, Megan Dyer, Sally Egbert, Cara Enteles, Cui Fei, Suzan Frecon, Beth Ganz, Del Geist, Lauren Gohara, Ana Golici, Nicolae Golici, Pablo Helguera, Arturo Herrera, Marietta Hoferer, Jeffrey Hoppa, Catherine Howe, Jessica Hutchins, Eunjung Hwang, Valerie Jaudon, Kate Javens, Susan Jennings, Richard Kalina, Airan Kang, Tamiko Kawata, Jane Kent, Jung Hyang Kim, Noah Klersfeld, Greg Kwiatek, Sowon Kwon, Sarah Leahy, Patricia Leighton, Reiner Leist, Dan Levenson, Holly Lynton, Paul Moran, Gary Petersen, Thomas Pihl, Kanishka Raja, Tomas Ramberg, Evan Read, Louis Renzoni, Simon Rigg, Rafael Saldarriaga, Carl Sandler, Jonathan Santlofer, Noah Sheldon, Hilda Shen, Karina Skvirsky, Howard Smith, Devorah Sperber, David Storey, Taro Suzuki, Sali Taylor, Dannielle Tegeder, Scott Teplin, Sally Tittmann, Carlos Vega, Tom Warren, Marjorie Welish, Bryan Whitney, and others.

The EFA Studio Centeris located in Manhattan at 323 West 39th Street and will be open to the public on Thursday, October 19 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

This event is the flagship event of the Fashion District Arts Festival Open Studios weekend organized by the Fashion Center BID. EFASC Open Studios is sponsored in part by Vasari Classic Artist's Oil Colors. EFASC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Fashion Center BID.

The EFA Studio Center is a pioneering visual arts program founded in 1998. The Center provides artists the rare opportunity to work within a professional arts community in Manhattan and in close proximity to the city's primary gallery districts. Members of the studio program include emerging, mid-career and established professionals who have exhibited widely in New York, the United States and abroad.

The EFA Studio Center, housed in a twelve-story building in midtown Manhattan, offers 82,000 square feet dedicated to 110 workspaces for visual artists. In addition to affordable studios, the Center provides short-term space for artists from other locations, an exhibition venue for independent artists, a printmaking facility and houses the headquarters for The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and its operating programs: Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, EFA Gallery, and Artopolis. The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts believes in the essential importance of art in a civil society. The value of the artist's creative spirit is not limited by age, race, nationality or acceptance by others.


16. Day With(out) Art, new web page: http://thebody.com/visualaids/dwa/dwa2006.html

Day With(out) Art
World AIDS Day – December 1st

Visual AIDS is pleased to announce an updated Day With(out) Art web page at: http://thebody.com/visualaids/dwa/dwa2006.html

The new Day With(out) Art site includes: History, Posters, Broadsides and Suggestions for organizing your own Day With(out) Art / World AIDS Day events.  

There are several articles by Visual AIDS co-founders Robert Atkins and Thomas Sokolowski (two of the founders of Visual AIDS) along with archival reviews from The New York Times and more.    Visual AIDS Posters and Broadsides are available for viewing and many can be downloaded and displayed for your own Day With(out) Art / AIDS Awareness events.  

Day With(out) Art / World AIDS Day has evolved into an international day to recognize and promote increased programming of cultural events that draw attention to the continuing AIDS pandemic.  Included on-line are suggestions on how you can create a day of action and remembrance in your community, including tips on exhibitions, artists’ talks, workshops, art projects, fundraisers and more.  

Please visit: http://thebody.com/visualaids/dwa/dwa2006.html

Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Visual AIDS

526 West 26th Street #510
New York , NY 10001


17. Beth Lapides, FF Alumn, at Un-Cabaret, LA, Oct 22, 8 pm

UN-CABARET on Sunday, Oct. 22 with Beth Lapides, Margaret Cho, Greg Fitzsimmons & Taylor Negron!

That's Sunday (yes, Sunday!), Oct. 22. Show starts at 8pm, doors open at 7pm for drinks & dinner. Seats guaranteed only with dinner reservations. 323-993-3305 for res & answers.

This also might very well be the only Un-Cabaret show for the rest of 2006, so get it while you can!

Tickets $15 advance online, $20 at the door (if there are any left!)

What's your plan for getting through the holidays this year with your sanity intact?


Work on writing & performance projects - or just process the seasonal insanity - with Beth Lapides (and me) + special guest, Laurel Lippert, PhD. Dr. Laurel is a licensed therapist and alumni of the Lab who has worked with countless clients who have struggled with depression, family dysfunction, and the holiday blues.

Bring your family or friends - or escape from them!

Sundays, Nov. 19, Dec. 3 & 10 (2-5pm) at M-Bar, 1253 N. Vine St. $300/275/250.

By the way, Beth's new website and snappy myspace page are up in advance of her new book, "DID I WAKE YOU? - Haikus for Modern Living", which drops on 11-11-06!


If you're subscribed to Un-Cabaret digital downloads, this week you'll be listening to:
"The New Old Me", Scott King's rivetting tale of quitting his high-powered TV-writing job and finding his soul.

One more reason to get fresh comedy delivered weekly (or order a la carte)! Great original stories by Alan Zweibel, Rob Cohen, Stephen Glass, Scott Carter, Cindy Chupack, Kevin Nealon and many more.


18. Tobaron Waxman, FF Alumn, at Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, opening Oct 20

Front: Yinka Shonibare, Un Ballo In Maschera (A Masked Ball), 2004
High Definition Digital Video, 31:30, edition of 6
Courtesy of James Cohan Gallery, New York and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Department of Art History


October 9, 2006 – January 7, 2007

Transvideo considers video making as an aesthetic and political practice for the exploration of transculturation and as a charged medium of transfer, transmission, and transformation, featuring works by Ursula Biemann, Ximena Cuevas, Richard Fung, Jayce Salloum, Yinka Shonibare, Tobaron Waxman, and Carrie Mae Weems.

Opening reception: October 20, 6-8pm in the MMoCA Lobby
227 State Street , Madison

Curated by Jill Casid, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Techiat ha Metim (Revival of the Dead) (T. Waxman, 2004)

Two Semites engage in an awkward repetition next to a huge cement wall. The image offers notions of perception and reality in architecture, specifically a paranoid architecture of separation. An encounter with the possibility that a city has a hallucinatory 'double'; a shadow thrown by distorted images of crisis and things gone unreported, and the with the possibility that we see each other in and through these mirages. Techiat ha Metim is the Revival of the Dead, the last of the 13 Principles of Faith on which Judaism is based. This is an image of longing for completion for that precious and auspicious time which no metre can measure.


19. G. H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, at Sara Tecchia Roma, NY, Nov 16, 6:30 pm

Panel: Trauma and Performance in New Media Documentary
At the multimedia exhibition of McPhee's "La Conchita mon amour " at Sara Tecchia Roma New York, Christina McPhee and G.H. Hovagimyan will reflect on performance, documentary and the construction of place in the new media spectacle of human trauma in environmental disaster. "La Conchita mon amour" is an ongoing site study of a beach town north of LA, where residents have created a monument out of a lethal mudslide. McPhee works across media in digital photography, video, drawing and the net at sites where cultural and enviromental change collide. G. H. Hovagimyan is a new  media performance artist and curator whose video performances  transform the punk aesthetic of live rant into cultural critique on  the web. November 16, 6:30 pm

Sara Tecchia Roma New York 529 W. 20 th St. 2 nd Floor NYC


20. Feral Childe, FF Alumn, in Gowanus Artists Annual Open Studio Tour, Oct 21-22

This weekend, please come to FERAL CHILDE'S OPEN STUDIO + SAMPLE SALE!
Sat & Sun October 21-22, Noon to 6PM
*pu-pu platter, assorted fancy drinks, a place to lounge and relax and shop
269 Douglass Street, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY  11217 t: 347 225 7287 / 917 541 4306
Map: http://www.hopstop.com/?action=map_browser&map_id=3i15v25320a8en8z


21. Lisa Bufano, FF Alumn, in Brighton, MA, thru Nov 12, 2006

Hello All,
I will be performing as a stock character of The Nidus Monad Installation within the Pure exhibit opening this Saturday. Hope to see your there.

INFO HERE: http://www.reanimationstudios.com/pure/events/index.html

PURE: October 14-November 12, 2006

the former office supply superstore - 400 Western Ave - Brighton, MA curator at reanimationstudios.com - info: 617.966.6264

Gallery Hours: October 14 - November 12, 2006
Saturdays & Sundays 12-5pm & by appointment

Stay tuned for additional PURE events TBA!

Lisa Lunaksya Gordon, Curator
email: curator@reanimationstudios.com
phone: 617.966.6264
info: http://www.reAnimationStudios.com/pure/info

PURE is free & open to the public, and is wheelchair accessible


22. Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, pre-Halloween Fete, Le Petit Versailles Garden, NY, Oct 28

Le Petit Versailles Garden
346 East Houston Street < Avenues B & C
F / V trains to Second Ave. Walk east on Houston St. or J / M trains to Delancey. Walk northeast to Houston St.
Rain or Shine. FREE or voluntary donation.
Press contact: Peter Cramer 212-529-8815 www.alliedproductions.org

Pre Halloween FeTe!
Saturday October 28th @ Le Petit Versailles

7pm Garden Open - Visit the Hall of Mirrors
Ongoing Screening of Garden Crawl by Robert Ladislas Derr - an all-terrain portrait of Petit Versailles created this summer.

8pm Screening - LPVTV Episode #13
featuring it/EQ's "The Emperors Premiere", Kalup Linzy "Diva In Distress", Gender FluXXXors Uncoded trans!atlantic dialogue,
Seraphim B Penumbra at the Marquis and Peter Cramer & Jack Waters in "War Is Ovah, If You Want It Or Give Peace A Break!
(LPVTV is our weekly cable show on MNN Channel 56 - Sundays @ 11pm)

9pm Performances

Joseph Keckler - Joseph Keckler is a hammy depressive, multi-media visual and performance artist, essayist, playwright, actor, divo and chanteur-- the "beautiful androgyne who sings the blues" (The Guardian). His work has been produced at HERE Arts Center, Joe's Pub (Public Theater), The 11th Annual Performance Studies International Conference at Brown University, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and on numerous occasions at Galapagos Art Space and Dixon Place Theater. Joseph can regularly be seen performing in a variety of NYC nightspots and singing principal bass-baritone roles at the Amato Opera Theater.

Edgar Oliver - Playwright, author, actor. Edgar’s own plays have been staged in many downtown theatres in New York. His novel, The Man Who Loved Plants, published by

Panther Books, is available in bookstores or online at www.goodie.org.
He will soon be appearing in two independent feature films, That’s Beautiful Frank and the Axis Company production Henry May Long.

"Edgar Oliver is an enchanted navigator of longing, loss and memory. We follow his path, strung with jewel-like language, to his strange, compelling and unique vision. Enter his oasis of beauty, where we encounter the most sublime essence of art and humanity." – Penny Arcade, writer and international performance star

ON VIEW in the garden - T(re:)e of L(if)e - A Gift to Aten by John Pavlou. A Site specific Installation @ 2nd Street Entrance.
Also PARALLEL WORLDS by Tobi Möhring & Michael Philips.

LOOK for DAY of the DEADLY...
November 1 @ 11pm until u rise up again!
Installation & performances by Le Petit Versailles & Inbred Hybrid Collective.
@ SLURP/COCK! 29 Second Avenue

Events are made possible by Allied Productions,Inc.,
Gardeners & Friends of LPV,Citizens for NYC, GreenThumb/ NYC Dept. of Parks, Materials for the Arts; NYC ,Dept. of Cultural Affairs,NYC Dept. of Sanitation & NYC Board of Education. and Manhattan Neighborhood Network.
LPV Programs are made possible with public funds the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency


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