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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
April 25, 2006

1. Benoit Maubrey, FF Fundwinner 2006, at 55 Water Street, NYC, May 8-13
2. George Sanchez-Calderon, FF Alumn, at Miami Art Museum, FL, April 26-Oct 29
3. Exit Art presents The Drop, public programs, April 29
4. Special Memorial Event for Nam June Paik, FF Alumn, at the Guggenheim, April 26
5. G. H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, now on iTunes.
6. Denise Green, FF Alumn, at McNally Robinson Booksellers, NY, May 8, 7 pm
7. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, at Kiasma, Helsinki, thru July 2
8. Peter Grzybowski, FF Alumn, at Sol Collective, Sacramento, April 26-28
9. Rev Billy, FF Alumn, in Northern California, April 26-May 1
10. Kyong Park, FF Alumn, Lost Highway Expedition, July 30-Aug 24
11. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, in Vienna, TONITE, and more
12. Vito Acconci, FF Alumn, at Spoonbill & Sugartown, Brooklyn, TONITE
13. Devora Neumark, FF Alumn, at 1301 Ontario East, Canada, April 29
14. E.K. Smith Museum, Jersey City, presents Dutch Queens Day, April 30, 2-6 pm
15. Nora York, FF Alumn, on www.wps1.org, and more
16. Raul Zamudio, FF Alumn, at MACO, Mexico City, opening TONITE, and more
17. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, lectures at Friend’s House, London, April 29
18. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, opens website and online forum
19. Babs Reingold, FF Alumn, at Tampa Museum of Art, opening May 6, 7-9 pm
20. Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, in the World Almanac Book of Records

1. Benoit Maubrey, FF Fundwinner 2006, at 55 Water Street, NYC, May 8-13


by Benoît Maubrey and Die Audio Gruppe

May 8 through 13
Venue:  Elevated Acre at 55 Water Street, New York City
Times of Performance: 12:30 pm

Benoît Maubrey is the founder and director of DIE AUDIO GRUPPE a Berlin-based performance group that build and perform with electroacoustic (sounding) clothes. Basically these are electro-acoustic clothes, costumes and uniforms (equipped with batteries, amplifiers and loudspeakers) that create sounds by interacting with their environment. The Audio Gruppe's work is essentially site-specific. Usually the electronics are adapted into entirely a new "audio uniform" or "sonic costume" that reflect a local theme (AUDIO HERD, AUDIO CYCLISTS, AUDIO STEELWORKER, VIDEO PEACOCKS, AUDIO VACUUM CLEANERS) or customs and traditions (AUDIO GEISHAS/Japan, AUDIO CYCLISTS/France, AUDIO HANBOK/Korea).

The AUDIO BALLERINAS, initially conceived in 1990 for the festival LES ARTS AU SOLEIL in France where they used solar cells to power their Audio Tutus, have since developed a variety of choreographies using electronic instruments (digital samplers, light sensors, contact microphones, music sticks, and radio receivers) that allow them to work with the sounds, surfaces, electro-magnetic waves and physical topography of the space around them.The AUDIO BALLERINAS will be presenting 3 site-specifically adapted choreographies : the LINE (contact microphones and music sticks), PEEPERS (light-to-frequency sensors), and YAMAHA (movement sensors that trigger digital sounds). Alternative: APPLE RADIOS (solar cells and white noise).

Benoît Maubrey was born of French parents in 1952 in Washington D.C. and graduated from Georgetown University in 1975. After working as a writer and painter and jobbing as hotel concierge in Bordeaux, Paris, New York and Washington DC, he moved to West Berlin in 1979 where he starting building Audio Clothes in 1982. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1992 he moved to the village of Baitz  in former East Germany.His performance and sound art installations have been presented at many international festivals.

The SiteLines performances are choreographed by Mimi Messner
( Berlin).
local dancers and assistants:
Faith Pilger
Andrea Lieske
Samantha Speis
Eline Tan
Violette Olympia
Mira Mutka
Anna Whaley
Micah Killion
Herb Hernandez

Benoît Maubrey, Bahnhofstr. 47, 14806 Baitz Germany

tel +49-33841-8265 fax: +49-33841-33121
cell phone in New York City 202 374 4614
http://www.audioballerinas.com http://www.snafu.de/~maubrey/
email: maubrey@snafu.de

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council:
Nolini Barretto tel: 212-219 9401  X119

This work was made possible, in part, by Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, supported by Jerome Foundation in celebration of the Jerome Hill Centennial and in recognition of the valuable cultural contributions of artists to society.


2. George Sanchez-Calderon, FF Alumn, at Miami Art Museum, FL, April 26-Oct 29

George Sanchez Calderon, FF Alumn, at
Miami Art Museum
April 26 to October 29, 2006
Curated by Lorie Mertes and Rene Morales

This exhibition features local artists whose work has been informed either directly or indirectly by Miami’s ongoing metamorphosis. Selected by MAM curators, the new works range from focused responses to construction/demolition to more general “psychogeographic” meditations on art and life amid an environment in flux. Miami in Transition is the first MAM exhibition dedicated entirely to Miami artists since the highly successful New Work series in 2001.


3. Exit Art presents The Drop, public programs, April 29

Public Programs: Water Challenges Facing New York City: Finding Visionary Solutions

THE DROP public programs will include two panel discussions and an artist-led walking tour of New York's waterways & water resources, organized by Amy Lipton of ecoartspace. In the spirit of promoting discussion and analysis, Exit Art has organized a flexible presentation of panels and speakers.

The full-day panel and walking tour will focus on visionary approaches to resolving problems with and disputes over New York waterways, and will include artists, activists, water scientists, and representatives from the Department of Environmental Conservation who will speak about the importance of New York waterways. Panelists will present their visionary solutions to the water challenges facing New York City.

Saturday, April 29, 2006
Organized by Amy Lipton, ecoartspace, and artist Jackie Brookner

11am Morning Session
Each of the participating artists, environmentalists, scientists and landscape architects on the panel will give a five-minute presentation on their work and how it relates to water issues in New York City.

1:00 - 2pm break for lunch
2pm Afternoon Session
The morning panelists will begin a dialogue about real solutions to the water problems facing New York, and then open this discussion with the audience.

Panelists for morning and afternoon sessions include:
Artists: Brandon Ballengee, Bob Braine and Jackie Brookner
Eric Goldstein, Co-Director, Urban Programs, National Resources Defense Council
Chris Wilde, Watershed Director, Riverkeeper
Franco Montalto, hydrologist / environmental engineer, Earth Institute, Columbia University, Margie Ruddick, Landscape Architect

Sunday, April 30, 12 noon
Walking tour of New York City waterways led by Alan Sonfist.
Meeting Place: Time Landscape, located on LaGuardia and Houston Streets


4. Special Memorial Event for Nam June Paik, FF Alumn, at the Guggenheim, April 26

Nam June Paik Special Memorial Event
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
5th Ave at 89th St
New York, NY

For more information please call
212-423-3500 or visit
http://www.guggenheim.org or http://www.paikstudios.com
A special memorial event celebrating the life and work of legendary artist Nam June Paik (1932-2006) will be held at the Guggenheim Museum.

Speakers will include Yoko Ono, Jonas Mekas, Russell Connor, Shuya Abe, and Wulf Herzogenrath, in a program organized by John G. Hanhardt, Senior Curator of Film and Media Arts, Guggenheim Museum, with Ken Paik Hakuta, Manager of the Nam June Paik Studios.

Wednesday, April 26, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Guggenheim Museum
5th Ave at 89th Street

The event is free and open to the public.

For more information please call
212-423-3500 or visit
http://www.guggenheim.org or http://www.paikstudios.com


5. G. H. Hovagimyan, FF Alumn, now on iTunes

iTunes is featuring my distributed video performance piece RANTAPOD. If you have a video iPod you can download it.


now you can have an appropriate rant in the palm of your hand;-)



6. Denise Green, FF Alumn, at McNally Robinson Booksellers, NY, May 8, 7 pm

Join Denise Green in conversation with noted curator and art critic Karen Wilkin, for a discussion based on her new book Metonymy in Contemporary Art: A New Paradigm.  Mainly known as a painter, Denise Green explores the linguistic concept of metonymy through Indian aesthetics, and how it sheds light on contemporary art.   Book signing to follow.

Monday May 8th at 7 p. m., McNally Robinson Booksellers, 50 Prince Street, between Lafayette and Mulberry Streets, 212 274 1160.

Thank you.


7. Elly Clarke, FF Alumn, at Kiasma, Helsinki, thru July 2

Dear all
I have a piece in this show at Kiasma, opening tomorrow. It's an interactive video/photo project I did onboard the Trans Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing last September. If you happen to be in Helsinki any time soon, it's on till 2nd July.
Hope you're well
Best wishes

Capturing the Moving Mind, ARS 06 Kiasma Rear Window 20.4.-2.7.2006.

In September 2005 a meeting took place in the Trans-Siberian train. It gathered a pack of people ... artists, economists, researchers, philosophers, activists whowere interested in the new logic of the economy (knowledge economy, attention economy, biopolitical economy), the new forms of war and politics (war against terrorism) and in the new cooperative modes of creation and resistance (precariarity, terrorist cells)... together in a space moving in time. Spatially moving bodies and bodies moving in time (through nine time zones) created an event, a meeting that not really 'was' but 'is going on'.

Capturing the Moving Mind exhibition tells about this organizational experiment. The exhibition at the Kiasma Rear Window is part of the ARS 06 exhibition. It weaves a connection between art and politics, between art as an act of resistance and economy as production of life. Today our thinking and emotional abilities, our imagination and subjectivity are increasingly put to work in economic production. That is why the question of art as an act of resistance and creation of new forms of autonomous and good life – a life in which our ways and acts of living are always about the possibilities of life – intervenes directly at the core of this enterprise. The question of experimental life and the critique of capitalism must today be seen as one.

“At stake here is an experiment in counter-modulation… Capturing the Moving Mind is a performance of movement, an experiment with percepts and affects, with thought, action and relation... It is a theatre of the future.” – Brian Holmes, art critic, Paris and New York

Opening of the Exhibition 20.4. 17:00 - 20:00, Kiasma Theatre and Rear Window
17:00-18:30 The Trans-Siberian project as a Work of Art. Artists tell about their works.
18:30-19:00 Publication of the A Map to Postfordist Life, www.m2hz.net
19:00-20:00 Opening of the Exhibition, cocktails, questions, interviews

Participating artists: Leena Aholainen (Paris), Susan Allen (Los Angeles), Steffen Böhm (London), Elly Clarke (London), Bracha Ettinger (Tel Aviv), Gwylene Gallimard & Jean-Marie Maudet (Paris), Bernardo Giorgi (Siena), Helen Grace (Sydney), Luca Guzzetti (Genova), Klaus Harju (Helsinki), Natilee Harren (Houston), Adam Hyde (Amsterdam), Andy McCoy (Helsinki), Linda McKie (Glasgow), David Rose (Lontoo), Minna Tarkka (Helsinki), Joram Ten Brink (London), Maria Whiteman (Berlin).

Curators of the Exhibition: Tuula Karjalainen, Marja Sakari, Akseli Virtanen, Jussi Vähämäki

The Web of Capturing the Moving Mind http://www.ephemeraweb.org/journal/5-X/5-Xindex.htm

Further information: marja.sakari@kiasma.fi; akseli.virtanen@hse.fi, tel. +358400302010.

Produced by Kiasma, Research Station General Intellect, m-cult

+44 (0)7905 275 575


8. Peter Grzybowski, FF Alumn, at Sol Collective, Sacramento, April 26-28

Made In California
New performance as part of 13th Congress of Performance Art in California
April 26 - 28, 2006
Sol Collective , 2010 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA


The event organized by Gallery SoToDo and Sol Collective / Bridge to Art,
later moves to Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego
More information / schedule:
Bridge to Art: http://www.bridgetoart.org/sotodo/schedule.htm / Sol Collective: (916) 308-2220
Gallery SoToDo: http://sotodo.org
Peter Grzybowski, FF Alumn http://grzybowski.org  

80 Varick Street Suite 2D New York , NY 10013 PHONE / FAX: 212 219 84-24


9. Rev Billy, FF Alumn, in Northern California, April 26-May 1

The Rapture Interruptus Revival
April 26 - May 1 In Northern California

The fundamentalist plan – "The Rapture" – is now in progress. People are vanishing, yanked up into another world. These believers are disappearing into SUV's, idling between super malls. They believe, though, with the Playstations in their dashboards, that their Ford Expeditions are climbing straight up cliffs and jumping fjords and running with wolves. That's Heaven's final ad campaign: Consumers on pixilated interstates up Mount Everest. Those of us left behind will die in the Hell and rising Floods of the over-heating planet.

Children, welcome to the The Rapture Interruptus Revival - we shall hit the Rapture right where it hurts. We shall slam the Rapture into Reverse. We shall sing "Stop Shopping" between the consumer and the car – catching them in the Parking Lot Of No Return. We plan a new kind of performance art, a curving choreography designed for on-ramps. Exorcisms of Bad Traffic are now being taught in 24 hour all-night shifts at the Slow Consuming School of Divinity…


California Schedule - Click Here For Event Information and Reservations!
Wednesday, April 26th 11:30am UFCW Rally – Mt. View, Ca
Thursday, April 27th 8:00pm Masonic Center Sebastopol
Friday, April 28th 7:30pm Rio Theater – Santa Cruz
Saturday, April 29th 10:00am Westcoast Live Radio, Click To Listen
April 29th, 6:00pm Walnut Park – Petaluma
Sunday, April 30th Victoria's Secret Action EMAIL FOR DETAILS
Sunday, April 30th 8:00pm Victoria Theater, San Francisco

On Monday, May 1st we'll be on the streets in San Francisco with the Great American Boycott. Later in May, look for performances in Switzerland, Ohio and New York. Spring-a-lujah!


10. Kyong Park, FF Alumn, presents Lost Highway Expedition, July 30-Aug 24, 2006

An invitation to participate in the
A journey to rediscover the future
July 30 - August 24 2006

Lose yourself in the Western Balkans
Find yourself in future Europe

Centrala Foundation for Future Cities and School of Missing Studies would like to invite you to participate in the Lost Highway Expedition that will move through Ljubljana, Zagreb, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Skopje, Pristina, Tirana, Podgorica and Sarajevo, from July 30 to August 24 of 2006. You can join a massive movement of artists, architects and others that will navigate the new and dynamic territorialities of the WESTERN BALKANS. And while Europe fears its unstable territories and unpredictable future, you could help to build a de-centralized, fragmented, non-hierarchical, center-less, informal, bottom-up, self-generating, open source network society that may be our best future. As a temporary society, a moving city and a stateless state, together we can question,

How can BORDERS [political and cultural] become a creative space in which
our differences are both fundamental and irrelevant?

Will the future SOCIETY continues to be ruled by the vertical [central] AUTHORITY or can it be self-governed through horizontal [network] INITIATIVEs?


What are the spatial instruments emerging from the new architectural and urban LANDSCAPES of the Western Balkans that can improve Europe, especially EU?

How can the assumed dichotomy between NOMADIC and SEDENTARY societies become a constructive parallax?

How can the distant views of an OUTSIDER mingle with the intimate experience of an INSIDER to give a more complete and objective measure of EUROPE and WESTERN BALKAN?

What is the Western Balkan and what is Europe, or do they even exist?

And other Lost Thinkings and Missing Studies that you like to explore.

With the architectural and urban inventions of the Western Balkan as the foundation of this exploration, the projects and events to frame each city will be initiated by the participating members of Lost Highway Expedition?SKUC (Ljubljana); Mama, Platforma 9.81, WHW (Zagreb), Kuda.org (Novi Sad), Belgrade SMS, Pelom Kolektiv (Belgrade), Missing Identity (Pristina), Press to Exit (Skopje) and Pro.ba (Sarajevo) and probably more. And you are welcome to participate in them, or even initiate your own project/event. You do not have to travel or stay together, and can enter and exit the expedition for any length of time and at any point. And it?s not necessary to always follow the planned path of expedition, and you can construct your own path through other cities or rural areas in between. Of course you can invite other people, groups or organizations to LHE, and there is no need to inform us beforehand. However, we invite you to register and contribute at europelostandfound.net [under construction for your input], in which you can be connected with everyone and everyone with you. This is the way we become a self-generating open society. Obviously, you are expected to self-organize, support, and realize your journey.

LHE is the first event of Europe Lost and Found [ELF], an interdisciplinary and multi-national research project that likes to imagine economic, political, and cultural geographies of future Europe; a small project indeed. By positioning the idea of Balkanization as ?the globalization from below,? ELF-1 will focus on the effectiveness of decentralized and fragmented forms of economy, politics and cultures for the future. After LHE, you can propose a work/project that could be?exhibited at WKV in Stuttgart, Germany (February ? March 2007), and Moderna Galerija and SKUC in Ljubljana, Slovenia (May ? June 2007), and more later. In addition, publications and conferences are planned around the exhibitions. And ELF-2 will begin with the Find Europe Expedition [FEE] that will look to connect peripheral citiesaround EU and Europe, while ELF-3 will conclude the project with Map Future Europe [MFE].

So, "There is no State in Europe" [Etienne Balibar], while "Europe can no longer be understood by starting from Europe itself" [Jean Baudrillard], and " Bosnia is a metaphor for Europe" [Slavoj Zizek].

Welcome to the Lost Highway

For more information

LHE and ELF were initiated by Azra Aksamija, Katherine Carl, Ana Dzokic, Ivan Kucina, Marc Neelen, Kyong Park, Marjetica Potrc and Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, and is supported by?The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


11. Irina Danilova, FF Alumn, in Vienna, TONITE, and more

Project 59 is happy to announce
the first European tour of
59 Seconds Video Festival
April 23-27, 2006
BERLIN ( Germany), April 23 rd at 9:30 pm
Babylon Cinema Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30
SZCZECIN ( Poland), April 24th at 7 pm
OFFicyna ul. Lenartowicza 3-4
VIENNA ( Austria), April 25 th at 7pm
Projectspeis im MQ Electric Avenue, Museumsplatz 1
TRNAVA ( Slovakia) April 26th at 5 pm
Multimedia Festival Multiplace in Jan Koniarek Gallery, Zeleny Kricek 3
BRATISLAVA ( Slovakia), April 27th at 6 pm
Film Club 35mm

Launched by Project 59 last spring in Tribeca, the 59 Seconds Festival presents a wide ranging collection of 59 videos and animations, 59 seconds each by artists from around the world that were selected through three international open calls. After screenings in New York City, NY, Seattle, WA, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, CA, Durham, NC, Rockport and Portland, ME, the 59 Seconds Festival travels to Eastern Europe for screenings in Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.

59 Seconds Festival is a play off as well as a metaphor for the short video format. The restricted time frame gives an opportunity to introduce 59 international artists and a wide range of video works - mini documentary, political satire, metaphorical, narrative, experimental, edgy, controversial, including a unique collection of videos that integrate number 59. 59 Seconds Festival is a video storm of a variety of techniques, ideas and visions that is sampling an emerging contemporary international video art scene.

- Maximum entertainment in minimum time - San Francisco Bay Guardian 12/7/05.

59 Seconds Festival is developing a network and popularization of participating artists while introducing as broad an international audience as possible to unique collection of works, providing exchange of the ideas and information.

A collection of selected 59 videos, 59 seconds each by 59 international artists, shown 59 times around the globe is the ultimate goal of 59 Seconds Festival.

Thanks to Marianne Wagner-Simon, Thomas Thurner, Vladimir Beskid, Maria Riskova, Sylwa Apliszka, and Antoni Karwowski for hosting 59 Seconds Festival. Thanks to Herve Constant, Viera (Jancekova) Levitt, Myriam Thyes, Katja Albers, Kai Hoelzner, Derek Szteliga, Melanie and Pierre, Marina Lioubaskina, Aleksandra Dementieva, Radim Labuda, Fritzi Brown, Vitus Weh, Denise Parizek, Franz Wassermann, Simone Weinbacher, Are Hauffen, Daniela Chlapikova, Antonio Della Marina , F. Toosi , and all other who helped us to organize this tour.


12. Vito Acconci, FF Alumn, at Spoonbill & Sugartown, Brooklyn, TONITE


Pioneering conceptual artist VITO ACCONCI will read from and discuss his new book "Language to Cover a Page The Early Writings of Vito Acconci" (edited by Craig Dworkin, MIT Press, 2006) at 6:30PM on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 at Spoonbill Books, 218 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Contact 718-387-7322.

In the 1960s, before beginning his work in performance and video art, Acconci studied at the Iowa Writers Workshop and published poems in journals and chapbooks. Almost all of this work remains unknown; much of it appeared in the self-produced magazines of the Lower East Side's mimeo revolution, and many other pieces were never published. Language to Cover a Page collects these writings for the first time and not only shows Acconci to be an important experimental writer of the period, but demonstrates the continuity of his early writing with his later work in in performance, film & video, installations, architecture & design.

Language to Cover a Page documents a key moment in the unprecedented intersection of artists and poets in the late 1960s--as seen in the Dwan Gallery's series of "Language" shows (1967-1970) and in Acconci's own journal 0 to 9. Indeed, as Acconci moved from the poetry scene to the art world, his poetry became increasingly performative while his artwork was often structured and motivated by linguistic play.

For further information contact Miles Bellamy at Spoonbill, 718-387-7322 or sugar@spoonbillbooks.com


13. Devora Neumark, FF Alumn, at 1301 Ontario East, Canada, April 29

A follow-up meeting to the one held on February 25th
Animated by Eve Lamoureux, Rachel Heap-Lalonde and Devora Neumark

WHEN: Saturday April 29, 2006
1:00 - 5:00 PM

WHERE: 1301 Ontario East, corner Visitation (the same location as the meeting held on the 25th of February)

If you have not confirmed your anticipated presence for this upcoming LEVIER event please take a few moments to email us (at <levier@engrenagenoir.ca) before this Wednesday (April 26th). Knowing how many people are expected will make it easier for us to arrange the room in a manner comfortable for all. Therefore your cooperation is appreciated and we thank you kindly in advance for letting us know if you plan to attend.

In preparation for this meeting, we have sent two documents that participants of the first meeting asked us to prepare. If you have not received the proceedings of the first meeting and the bibliography-in-progress, please do not hesitate to let us know amd we will send you an e- copy of both. We would appreciate you taking the time to read the proceedings prior to our getting together this Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing you (again) this weekend,

Johanne and Devora


14. E.K. Smith Museum, Jersey City, presents Dutch Queens Day, April 30, 2-6 pm

Celebrate Dutch Queens Day
Sunday April 30 2-6
at the
Jersey City Annex
of the
E K Smith Museum

THEIR HOUSE IS A MUSEUM: A fascinating Victorian brownstone with an eclectic collection of tribal, folk, graphic, religious and outsider art and artifacts from all over the world in an undisclosed location. (convenient to PATH Grove Street Station)

The Queens Day event also features a Museum Shop and Cafe.

RSVP to EKSmithMuseum@PurgatoryPiePress.com with your phone number for details.

The EK Smith Museum
began in 1978 in Chicago. To qualify for a mailing list of artist postcards, EK Smith became a museum and began to behave like one. As a costume designer for not-for-profit theater and dance productions, Smith combed thrift shops, church sales, and flea markets. In addition to finding costume elements, she would find interesting things which she began to collect as art. EK Smith was particularly intrigued by unusual hand-crafted aprons. She hung them in the kitchen which became the Apron Collection of the EK Smith Museum.

In 1980, the EK Smith Museum merged with Purgatory Pie Press in New York City. They boxed up the collections. They did not have wall space or floor space in the 390 sq ft tenement-- There was sun light from 7 windows and a bathtub in the kitchen. When EK Smith became a mother of two, much of the museum collection was deaccessioned. However they were also adding to the collection, as they traded for other artists' work and acquired unusual children's artifacts. They moved to larger quarters and commingled a collection of musical instruments including a harpsichord and a theremin.

In 2004 EK Smith was chosen as one of 7 artists to participate in Linda Montano's 7 years Art/Life performance project. She revived the EK Smith Museum for that venue.

EK Smith had become aware that many friends and artist/colleagues had very interesting homes, some of which could be considered museums. Particularly people away from New York City, who are more likely to have houses to show their collections and treasures. A museum is not merely a serious, organized collection. A museum has displays and needs an appreciative audience. EK Smith decided to choose 7 people to participate in the EK Smith Museum annexes-This conceptual project is named: Their House is a Museum. Smith has not yet chosen all the participants.

The EK Smith Museum is a member of the American Association of Museums.


15. Nora York, FF Alumn, on www.wps1.org, and more

Nora York and wps1 present
Featuring (former US Army Sergeant) Clayton Paulding
Parts THREE AND FOUR -- to air
April 24th PART THREE

(You must have broadband to tune in)
Go to www.wps1.org ART RADIO --  click on LOVE CRAZY (name of show) with Nora York
— open your real player or itunes listen!!!

Wps1 and Nora York
present a very special "web cast" conversation with music,
"Who are our soldiers?"
With these programs --through the ideas, eyes and ears of a young man
Clayton Paulding, who put together sets of the music and stories about his journey as a contemporary American soldier. Sergeant Clayton Paulding, served with the 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 3rd squad on the ground in the SUNNI triangle in Iraq from August 2004-through August 2005. Clayton who recently returned to civilian life, reveals through conversation and music some of his ideas about service and duty.

To quote Sergeant Clayton Paulding--
"Then September 11th happened.. I felt like I was riding the bench while other young men were out there defending the country. After the terrorist attack on a nightclub in Bali in 2002, I decided to call the Army recruiter.It probably sounds funny, but I loved music and dancing, and I decided that any group of people that wanted to blow up people who were just out having a good time needed to die."

Tune in for this musical conversation —
on www.wps1.org --- the only ART RADIO!



16. Raul Zamudio, FF Alumn, at MACO, Mexico City, opening TONITE, and more

El Principio del placer (The Pleasure Principle)
Curated by Raul Zamudio
MACO/Mexican Contemporary Art Fair
Mexico City
April 25-30, 2006
Opening: 4/25, 6:00 11:00pm
Didier López Carpio
Francisco Toledo
Guillermo Olguin
Heriberto Quesnel
Irene Dubrovsky
Jesús Lugo
Laura Rossette
Ricardo Pinto
Sergio Garval


Katja Loher: Wherever You May Be
Curated by Raul Zamudio
Opening: 4/27, 6:00-8:00pm
Dates: 4/27-5/20, 2006
The Artist Network
424 Broadway, NY, NY


17. Doug Skinner, FF Alumn, lectures at Friend’s House, London, April 29

I'll be giving my talk, "Evolution and Pop Culture," on April 29 at the "Fortean Times" UnConvention, held at the Friends House in London.  The talk covers the political and symbolic significance of the Scopes Trial, the evolution of the caveman cartoon, the attempts to read dinosaurs into the Bible, and much more.  Information on the schedule and other speakers is at www.forteantimes.com.    


18. Martha Rosler, FF Alumn, opens website and online forum

Martha Rosler Library opens
a website and an online forum


e-flux is pleased to announce the launch of Martha Rosler Library's website. Comprised of approximately 7,700 titles from the artist's personal collection, the Library was opened to the public by e-flux in November 2005 as a storefront reading room. The contents range from political theory, art history and poetry to science fiction, mystery and children's books; they include periodicals, dictionaries, maps and travel books, as well as photo albums, posters, postcards and newspaper clippings. The bibliography, currently in process, can now be accessed online at http://www.e-flux.com/projects/library

A reading group has been assembled to use the library as the basis for a series of informal discussions around texts chosen by Martha Rosler and members of the group. The meetings were initiated in New York, and will continue at all future locations of the library. To broaden the scope of participation, we are pleased to offer an online forum and pdf files of the selected texts we are reading. Please join us in the discussion at http://www.e-flux.com/projects/library/forum.php

Martha Rosler Library will be traveling to Frankfurt Am Main, where it will open at the Frankfurter Kunstverein in June 2006 and remain available through August. A publication on this project, produced in collaboration with Revolver (Archiv fur Actuelle Kunst), will be available at the end of the summer.

Martha Rosler is Brooklyn-based artist who works in video, photo-text, installation, sculpture, and performance, and writes on aspects of culture, with particular focus on everyday life and the public sphere. She is a renowned teacher who has lectured widely, nationally and internationally, and has published ten books of photography, art, and writing. Rosler was awarded the Spectrum International Prize in Photography for 2005 and the Oskar Kokoschka Prize in 2006.

For further information please write to media@e-flux.com


19. Babs Reingold, FF Alumn, at Tampa Museum of Art, opening May 6, 7-9 pm

Babs Reingold, FF Alumn, is in the "underCURRENT/overVIEW 8" annual show at the Tampa Museum of Art, a Florida statewide juried exhibition. Show Opening is May 6th 7-9 pm. Runs from May 7 - July 9.


20. Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, in the World Almanac Book of Records

Harley Spiller, FF Alumn, is included in the newly released World Almanac Book of Records, for his collection of over 10,000 Chinese restaurant menus.


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