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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
March 21, 2006

1. Paul Zaloom, FF Alumn, at Collective Unconscious, March 30-April 9
2. Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, at Vortex, Austin, TX, March 28–April 1, 8 pm
3. Weston Naef, FF Alumn, in the Wall Street Journal, March 14
4. Jenny Holzer, FF Alumn, in the Wall Street Journal, March 16
5. Dara Birnbaum, Dan Graham, FF Alumns, at Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp thru April 22
6. David Medalla, FF Alumn, at Barbican Art Gallery, London, March 29, 6:30 pm
7. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, in GayCityNews.com
8. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, creates postage stamp for the U.S. Post Office
9. Peter Cramer, Bradley Eros,Sarah Schulman, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at Collective Unconscious, March 27
10. Lynn Cazabon, FF Alumn, in Paris, France, March 23-April 9, and more
11. Le Petit Versailles, FF Alumns, on MNN cable television, thru June 11, 2006
12. Rae C. Wright, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, March 26 and 29, and April 20-22
13. Nao Bustamante, FF Alumn, at PS 122, March 30, April 1 thru ?, 9 pm
14. Martha Rosler, Julia Scher, FF Alumns, at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, NY, opening March 30, 6-8 pm

1. Paul Zaloom, FF Alumn, at Collective Unconscious, March 30-April 9

Paul Zaloom:
March 30 - April 9
12 off site performances*
Tickets: $15 or $12 students/seniors with ID

A mutation of the traditional Middle Eastern Karagoz shadow puppet play (famous in Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and Syria) about the consequences of being on the fringes of societyEVERY society. Periodically the show is interrupted by cantastoria, or picture performance, an age-old story telling technique; employing his weird and amusing drawings, Zaloom recounts the U.S. Marines repeated efforts to recruit him (he’s sorta old for the Marines: 54. He’s also gayetc.) It’s all comedy, needless to say.

The shadow show tells the twisted story of an Arab, secular humanist / Quaker / Buddhist / agnostic / political refugee / immigrant / queer / artist / weirdo’s adventures while being comically pursued by various enemies: Syrian Secret Service, Israeli border guards, Al Qaeda, Homeland Security, the Statue of Liberty, Christian “Ex Gay” activists, and U.S. immigration vigilantes the Minutemen. The idiot savant Karagoz foils their evil plans, dispatching them one by one with subterfuge, obfuscation, and cheap puppet gimmicks. They all fail; he triumphs. Zaloom jiggles his puppets, recounts absurd emails with Marine recruiters, creates the entire soundscape with his voice, and uses drawings to illuminate the perverse workings of our “civilization” with a frontal comic assault.

This performance is presented in conjunction with the exhibition "Neo-Sincerity: The Difference Between the Comic and the Cosmic is a Single Letter," at apexart Feb 22 - April 8, 2006, curated by Amei Wallach. Please join us.

Thurs, March 30, 7:30 pm Thurs, April 6, 7:30 pm
Fri, March 31, 7:30 pm Fri, April 7, 7:30 pm
Sat, April 1, 3pm and 7:30 pm Sat, April 8, 3pm and 7:30 pm
Sun, April 2, 3pm and 7:30 pm Sun, April 9, 3pm and 7:30 pm

Collective: Unconscious, 279 Church Street (between White and Franklin), one block south of apexart.

Buy tickets online at www.theatermania.com or call Theatermania at (212) 352-3101. Tickets purchased at the Collective: Unconscious box office are cash only, and may be purchased up to one hour before each show. For more info about box office policies please contact Collective: Unconscious at (212) 254-5277 or www.weird.org.


2. Annie Sprinkle, FF Alumn, at Vortex, Austin, TX, March 28 – April 1, 8 pm

VORTEX Repertory Company presents
Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens
In the U.S. Premiere of
Exposed: Experiments in Love, Sex, Death, Art

When: March 28-April 1 (Tuesday-Saturday) 8pm

Where: The VORTEX, 2307 Manor Rd. Austin, TX 78722
1/2 mile East of I-35, between Chestnut and Maple
Bus route #20, Free Parking, Wheelchair accessible.

Tickets: 512-478-LAVA (5282)
Please note the escalating scale.
$10 Tuesday, $15 Wednesday, $20 Thursday, $25 Friday and Saturday
Limited Seating.
Advanced purchase recommended.

Exposed: Experiments in Love, Sex, Death, Art is directed by Neon Weiss, with Technical Design by Sheila Malone. Production Consultant, Bonnie Cullum, VORTEX Producing Artistic Director.

VORTEX Repertory Company proudly presents the U.S. Premiere of Love Art Lab’s Exposed: Experiments in Love, Sex, Death, Art, a new work by artists Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle. The VORTEX has been presenting Annie Sprinkle’s innovative performances since 1994 and is proud to continue the tradition set with works like Post Porn Modernist, MetamorphoSex, and Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory of Porn. Exposed premiered in Glasgow, Scotland in 2005, and Annie and Elizabeth are now launching the U.S. debut of their new collaborative work in Austin, Texas at The VORTEX for 5 nights only.

When Annie Sprinkle (former porn star and performance artist) and Elizabeth Stephens (professor and experimental artist) fell madly and passionately in love, they decided to make a commitment to explore, generate, and spread their love through art. They named their project the Love Art Laboratory. Exposed: Experiments in Love, Sex, Death, Art is part of their seven-year long project. Each year is based on the theme and color of a different chakra and begins with an experimental wedding. The seven-year chakra structure is incorporated into the piece by invitation of artist Linda Montano and inspired by her piece, Seven Years of Living Art. Beth and Annie began the seven years on December 18, 2004 with a wedding in New York City, where they vowed to become one another’s official art muses and collaborators, as well as domestic partners.

Exposed: Experiments in Love, Sex, Death, Art presents an artistic response to the proposed anti-gay marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well as to the recent passage of similar discriminatory legislation in Texas. Exposed is a love story that encompasses the couple’s adventures with artificial insemination and breast cancer. Annie and Beth invite you to come to The VORTEX and become a part of a genuine celebration of the deepest realms of romantic, sexual, and familial love, in order to bring about positive social change and acceptance.

Annie M. Sprinkle lives in San Francisco with Elizabeth Stephens. In her former life she was a porn actress, pin-up model, and proud prostitute for twenty years. She then became a performance artist and toured her one-woman shows around the world, including to The VORTEX. Annie is the first porn star to earn a Ph.D. Her new book, Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex—Make Over Your Love Life was recently published by Penguin Books. Additionally, Annie’s ground-breaking and socially-significant DVD, Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory of Porn, will be on sale at The VORTEX during the run of the show. For more juicy details visit www.anniesprinkle.org.

Elizabeth M. Stephens is an artist and professor living and working in San Francisco. An Associate Professor of Art and Digital Art/New Media at the University of California Santa Cruz, Stephens is an intermedia artist who works in sculpture, video installation, photography, web-based media, and performance art. Her most recent works include the bronze sculptural installation, The Academic/Porn Star Panty Collection; the road trip performance piece, Wish You Were Here; the video installation, Kiss; and her ongoing collaboration with Annie Sprinkle in the Love Art Laboratory. She has exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States, Europe, and Russia. See more of her work at www.elizabethstephens.org.

While in Austin, Elizabeth and Annie will lecture about their work at The University of Texas. Stay tuned for details about other appearances during their Austin visit, including their critically-acclaimed audience-interactive piece, Cuddle, their “Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic”, and book and DVD events.


For tickets call The VORTEX Box Office 512-478-LAVA (5282).

Members of the press can contact Stephens and Sprinkle directly for interviews or information at 415-550-7409 between Noon-10pm Central Standard Time.
Or email annie@anniesprinkle.org or emstephens@earthlink.net

High resolution images of Beth and Annie are available at www.loveartlab.org.
Go to Press at the bottom of the webpage, then click on “Images”


3. Weston Naef, FF Alumn, in the Wall Street Journal, March 14

Weston Naef, FF Alumn, is quoted in Film Photography Fades to Black by Douglas Gantenbein, from The Wall Street Journal, Mar 14, 2006. The beginning of the article follows below…

Weston Naef sounds almost misty-eyed when discussing Kodak Tri-X, a black-and-white 35mm film first made in the 1950s and a staple of photojournalism for decades. "It was a wonderful 400-speed film," says Mr. Naef, curator of photography for the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, referring to Tri-X's ability to capture an image in low light, known as its "speed." "And then it could be 'pushed' [chemically altered during development] to 1200, or even 2400" -- meaning it could be used in even lower light…(article continues online)


4. Jenny Holzer, FF Alumn, in the Wall Street Journal, March 16

This Great Proud City by Julia Vitullo-Martin in The Wall Street Journal, March 16, 2006 discusses the work of Jenny Holzer, FF Alumn.


5. Dara Birnbaum, Dan Graham, FF Alumns, at Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp thru April 22

To precent scratches on the wooden floor, the couch was put on four different towels to drag it to the other end of the room. Anne Daems invites Dara Birnbaum, Harrell Fletcher, Dan Graham, Miranda July, Gabriel Lester, Dominique Petitgrand, Jeff Preiss, Lily van der Stokker,

Anne Daems records the specifities, significance and identifiable features of the everyday. Her drawings - a result of observations and personal experiences - are more a point of view than actual drawings. Her photographs show actions that barely register, events that may at first sight seem insignificant, as if there were no real reason for the image to exist. But the snapshot appearance of these photos hides considerable sophistication. Daems has a way of gathering all the different details of her subject (often a person) that reveals it or its whole microcosm. Nothing is important but nothing is left out.

In the exhibition at Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, from 16th of March till 22nd of April, Anne Daems will show new work she recently made in NYC. She will include work of other artists whom she encountered during her one-year stay residence. The artists and works Anne Daems selected all confess a strong alliance with her own work. All the works have a particular focus on daily life, reveal a subtle sense of humor and communicate more or less articulated critiques on contemporary reality. In general the works and their presentations are quite modest, since the communicated idea is more important than the plastic result.

For 72 girls (and some boys) that could be a model (2006) Anne Daems photographed girls/boys whom she thought could be a model. The result is a series of young elegant women and some men, attractive in one way but with some imperfections. It’s a playful pointing out of the would-be models you find everywhere in NYC, a place oriented on appearances. It also reminds us of celebrity watching for magazines, but instead of famous people in this case anonymous persons are photographed at unexpected moments.
Aside from the slideshow Anne Daems will show new drawings (2005-2006).

Dara Birnbaum manipulates off-air imagery from the TV game show Hollywood Squares in Kiss The Girls: Make Them Cry (1979), a bold deconstruction of the gestures of sexual representation in pop cultural imagery and music. Minor celebrities (who Birnbaum calls "iconic women and receding men") confined in a flashing tic-tac-toe board greet millions of TV viewers, animating themselves as they say "hello." Linking TV and Top 40, Birnbaum spells out the lyrics to disco songs ("Georgie Porgie puddin' and pie/kissed the girls and made them cry") with on-screen text, as the sound provides originally scored jazz interpolation and a harsh new wave coda.

In the video Blot Out The Sun (2002-2004), a garage in central Portland, Oregon is the setting for Harrell Fletcher’s conceptual re-working of James Joyce's Ulysses. The garage owner, Jay, mechanics and neighbourhood denizens serve as narrators, reading lines from the novel that focus on death, love, social inequality and the relationship between individuals and the universe.

Learning to Love You More is both a web site and series of non-web presentations comprised of work made by the general public in response to assignments given by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. Participants accept an assignment, complete it by following the simple but specific instructions, send in the required report (photograph, text, video, etc) and see their work posted on-line. Like a recipe, meditation practice, or familiar song, the prescriptive nature of these assignments is intended to guide people towards their own experience. Since LTLYM inception in 2002 over 2000 people have participated in the project.

Lax/relax is a performance Dan Graham did in ‘69. During Performa, he recently redid the performance in the foreplay of the punk-rock band Japanther. During the performance Dan Graham interacts with a recorded female voice that repeats the word ‘Lax’ in a slow, sensual way. He says ‘relax’ each time she says ‘lax’. The work was dedicated to Dean Martin. “People said that he was lax, which was considered negative in the 60’s, while everybody in America wanted to relax.”

For Piano Pay-Off Gabriel Lester collaborated with the New York Public Library/ Lincoln Public Center to research the silent movie scores and compositions archive. Together with piano player Adonis Gonzales, Gabriel Lester recorded twenty-one soundtrack compositions, written between 1899 and 1929. Compositions with such titles as “Music for Riots and Fights” indicate that the soundtrack is in fact written for certain (possible) scenes in a film and not for one single, specific film alone. Sixteen of these recordings are compiled on a CD. Since the selection of silent movie soundtracks – and for that matter, the whole area of musical composition for silent movies – seems to have been lost, discarded or forgotten, the CD has become a rare attempt to document some of the very rich and creative musical (and visual) compositions of the twentieth century.

Dominique Petitgand creates sound pieces in which the montage of voices, silence, noise and music produces a series of micro-universes that hover between reality (recordings of people talking about their lives) and immersions in dream-like fictions free of context or time. Aloof (2005) is a sound piece with 2 voices: a little girl is doing different sounds with her voice (an unknown language between shouting, singing or breathing), while a man is trying to translate (in English) what she seems to say (according to him).

In Jeff Preiss’ Camera rolls 1816-1937, Orchard Document, with May I Help You : performance and text: Andrea Fraser, (2005 – 2006), Andrea Fraser redid the performance May I help you, 1999, during the first show she put together at Orchard gallery. Orchard Gallery is an artist run space in the lower east side of Manhattan, which opened spring 2005. Jeff Preiss is an independent filmmaker and producer, also involved in Orchard. He films every day with his 16mm camera. For this film he edited the first weeks of Orchards existence together with other daily footage in a chronological order.

“I like Anneke. But I like Myriam too.” is written on the wall next to two painted blocks. The work is called Two I like pieces (2002) from Lily Van der Stokker..

“Her wall paintings are quite unique. They are unabashedly decorative and full of color, and are always accompanied by surprisingly banal, hand-written exclamations and remarks. Cynicism and irony however are not her intention. Van Der Stokker really just wants to work in a ‘cheerful and friendly’ way, to feel wonderful, to be ‘cosy at home’, and to feel pity about ‘good old abstract art’. Her work is often described as recalcitrant and provoking or “artistically incorrect’”. (Paula Van den Bosch)

Galerie Micheline Szwajcer
Verlatstraat 14
B-2000 Antwerp


6. David Medalla, FF Alumn, at Barbican Art Gallery, London, March 29, 6:30 pm

David Medalla At The Barbican Art Gallery In London During The "Tropicalia" Exhibition, Wednesday, March 29, 2006

David Medalla, FF alumnus and director of the London Biennale, will give a talk at the Barbican Art Gallery in London on Wednesday, March 29, 2006, at 6:30 p.m., in the context of the "Tropicalia" exhibition curated by Carlos Basualdo. The talk will focus on Medalla's recollections of the 60s when Brazilian artists, musicians and film-makers came to London in exile from the repressive military regime then in power in Brazil. In the 60s, when Swinging London saw the birth of Flower Power,  David Medalla and Paul Keeler exhibited in their legendary gallery SIGNALS on the corner of Wigmore street and Wimpole street the work of the leading Brazilian artists of that time. To accompany their exhibitions,  David Medalla published photographs of art works and articles on and by Lygia Clark, Sergio de Camargo, Helio Oiticica, Mira Schendel and Rossini Perez, among others, plus poems and essays by contemporary Brazilian poets and critics such as Ferreira Gullar, Walmir Ayala and Mario Pedrosa, in the magazine SIGNALS whch the young Medalla brilliantly edited.

While in London the carioca artist Helio Oiticica initiated the "Tropicalia" movement, during the " Eden" exhibition he gave at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. The "Tropicalia" movement counted among its members the musicians Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. The latter, incidentally, is the present Minister of Culture of Brazil in the government of President Lula.

During the time he stayed in England, Helio Oiticica lived in the room of David Medalla at 99 Balls Pond Road in Dalston, London, the home of the Exploding Galaxy, a group of multi-media international artists which Medalla initiated. The young film-maker Eduardo Clark, son of the artist Lygia Clark, also lived in the same house. During his talk at the Barbican Art Gallery, David Medalla will recall the strong intellectual bonding he had with Lygia Clark, Helio Oiticica, Sergio de Camargo and Lygia Pape, all four brilliant artists who created new artistic propositions which propelled Brazilian art of the 60s unto the international artworld. A DVD disc compiled by French artist Valerie Vivancos of videos she made during "Rio Trajetorias" of performances by Adam Nankervis and David Medalla in homage to those four Brazilian artists will accompany the talk.

To celebrate his friendship with those four Brazilian artists (with whom Medalla shared ideas of a democratic art), David Medalla will follow his talk at the Barbican Art Gallery with an impromptu performance entitled "Mano a Mano, Mangal, Mango, Mangeira". Several young London Biennale artists will participate in Medalla's impromptu performance, including the Australian artist Adam Nankervis (founder & director of Museum Man), the poet Salih Kayra from Kyrenia, the Brazilian saxophonist Luciano Oltramari, the Filipino percussionist Jamil Reyes, and the Catalan guitarist Roger Cortina. The German fim-maker and video artist Fritz Stolberg will film the performance, while multi-media and installatiion artist Marko Stepanov will make digital photographic documentation of the entire event. The impromptu performance will conclude with a batufada when David Medalla will invite the audience to join him and the poet, artist and musicians to dance the samba in the Eden environment of Helio Oiticica inside the Barbican Art Gallery, in the true and living spirit of "Tropicalia".


7. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, in GayCityNews.com

Please follow the link below to read my review of the Wolfgang Tillmans show at PS 1:
Comments welcome,
Best to all,
Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn


8. Franc Palaia, FF Alumn, creates postage stamp for the U.S. Post Office

Franc Palaia, FF Alum, was selected to create an official First Day Cover stamp for the US Post Office. The stamp depicts Alexander Hamilton and Gov. George Clinton shaking hands as they are ratifying the US Constitution in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1788. This event officially brought New York State into the federation of the United States. The stamp is post marked February 23, 2006.


9. Peter Cramer, Bradley Eros,Sarah Schulman, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, at Collective Unconscious, March 27

At Collective Unconscious, 279 Church Street

$5.00 Admission includes free popcorn!

In 1985 artists Leslie Lowe and Jack Waters realized that the only way people were going to see their films and the films they liked was to self-exhibit (and to show the films too!). Using the Lower East Side art center ABC No Rio as home base they showed super 8, 16mm and video in galleries, theaters, lofts, salons, nightclubs, street corners -- wherever you could fit a projector - all over Manhattan, the U.S.A. ... the World. The mixed bag aesthetic was a rare venue where Todd Haynes, Christine Vachon, Richard Kern, and Nick Zedd, to name a few, showed side-by-side with classic titles like Sergei Eisenstein's uncompleted Que Viva Mexico, Maya Deren's Meshes In The Afternoon, and such rarely seen films as the 1930's film Forgotten Village, with screenplay by John Steinbeck. Naked Eye Cinema was the ONLY venue of its era that consistently showed film and video by women, gay men, lesbians, and novice makers on the margins of culture. A center of the newest and most challenging spheres in contemporary music, performance and visual art, the spirit of Naked Eye Cinema lives in new and "used" videos that belie genre classification. Let's just say, “they're ...different!”

All works to be shown on video.
original formats are indicated in the following descriptions:

Aline Mare/Erotic Psyche
Cassandra:Seething At The Mouth
VHS, color, 7 min., 1985
Revenge of the dirty words with a raging tongue.
With Kembra Pfafler & Aline Mare)

Bradley Eros/Erotic Psyche
video, color, 7 min., 1985
(with Jack Waters & Sharon Gannon)

Leslie Lowe and Jack Waters
16MM 13 Min 1987
Chopin Nocturnes accompany this study in black and white
inspired by Huysman’s decadent novel A Rebours
Brad Taylor, Valerie Carris, Peter Cramer, Adrian Saich

Jack Waters
16 MM @ 12 min

Peter Cramer
Corrective Measures
S8 10 Min 1986
Capturing the conflict of fighting violence with violence, terror against terrorism, politics exploiting itself

Carl George
S8 17 Min 1987
A grand scale oeuvre featuring Washington D.C. as the star. Ethel Merman makes a comeback as “Americana” – Uncle Sam in drag.

Kembra Pfahler
Straight Jackie
S8 20 Min 1988
With Carlo McCormick, Happi Phace, Jack Waters


Excerpts from Naked Eye Cinema TV
Manhattan Cable Public Access Show featuring interviews with the makers and excerpts from films of Penelope Wehrli, Sarah Schulman, Philli and more.
@15 Min

TOTAL RUNNING TIME : Approx 105 Min.

Naked Eye Cinema Contact :
Jack Waters
P.O. Box 20260 Tompkins Sq. Stn
New York , NY 10009


10. Lynn Cazabon, FF Alumn, in Paris, France, March 23-April 9, and more

Lynn Cazabon, FF Alumn, has work included in Vidéo'appart, a multi-site exhibition of site-specific video taking place in 15 different apartments in Paris over the course of 3 weeks, March 23 - April 9. Opening reception at Immanence, 21 ave du Maine, 75015 Paris


Is presenting project marseillebaltimore.net at the Connectivity: The Tenth Annual Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology, March 30 - April 1, Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Connecticut College, New London, CT


11. Le Petit Versailles, FF Alumns, on MNN cable television, thru June 11, 2006

P. O. Box 20260
Tompkins Square Station
New York, NY 10009-8971
(212) 529-8815 (212) 353-0250 FAX

is pleased to announce
a 13 part weekly series SUNDAYS @ 11pm. - March 19 - June 11 2006.
Premiere Broadcast Sunday March 19 11pm on MNN Channel 56.

See a preview trailer at http://www.lpvtv.blogspot.com/

This summer Allied Productions,Inc. was awarded a New York City’s cable access provider Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) grant to produce a twelve part cable series titled LPVTV that highlights the myriad garden events occurring at Le Petit Versailles. The series features local and visiting artists that have used the garden as platform to exhibit, enlighten, enthrall and entertain audiences on subjects and mediums ranging from preservation of public space & health to community activism and the arts.

Le Petit Versailles is an East Village NYC Department of Parks GreenThumb garden
that presents film, music, poetry, performance, exhibitions and workshops.
LPVTV and garden are projects of Allied Productions,Inc. a not for profit artist run organization active on the Lower East Side of Manhattan that has produced,
presented and promoted cultural activities to a worldwide community since 1981.


12. Rae C. Wright, FF Alumn, at Dixon Place, March 26 and 29, and April 20-22

Rae C Wright
2 special performances of: "She's Just Away!"  -  a one-woman  '...comedy about grieving...'

on Sunday March 26th at 4 p.m.
and again on
Wednesday March 29th at 6 p.m.

at Dixon Place - 258 Bowery (half block below Houston St. on the West side of the Bowery)

these are free performances - we'll probably pass a couple of hats for Dixon Place's capital campaign fund - and for the costs of putting it up there -

RSVP 212-477-6654


in April - three performances at Dixon Place -- of the work-in-progress :
"Vicki Weaver and I . . ." (a comedy about hate) -- which also has in it the lovely Miranda Strand, and another girl - (as-yet-unknown-to-us-all!)

that show is a Thurs/Fri/Sat; April 20,21,22...  at 7:00 -
and it's $10 for students/seniors and $12 otherwise...

Both of these endeavors are directed by the singular Merri Milwe. .


13. Nao Bustamante, FF Alumn, at PS 122, March 30, April 1 thru ?, 9 pm

If you missed my show at the kitchen - shame on you - if you miss my show at PS122 - shame on me? well anyway - I'm freaked out - so that must mean it'll be something special! Also, if you haven't seen Jibbs perform - she's real creepy and real hilarious... hope to see you. xo, nao

SchoolHouse Roxx and PS122 Present

March 30, & April 1 -? 9pm
(Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

P.S.122's Schoolhouse Roxx Series presents a double bill of dangerous women. Internationally known performance artist Nao Bustamante will be performing her new work, entitled Hero and rising downtown art star Dynasty Handbag brings her own peculiar blend of music and deranged monologue to the P.S. 122 stage in her first feature length peice.

Buy tickets online at
" http://www.PS122.org"
look at the calendar and click on "Dangerous Women" show......

Performance Space 122
150 First Ave. at E. 9th St.
NYC 10009
General Information: 212-477-5288

Nao Bustamante is an internationally known performance artist originating from the San Joaquin Valley of California. Her work encompasses performance art, sculpture, installation, video, pop music and experimental rips in time. Hero works live performance, Video projection, and karaoke. Bustamante's character transforms, via video, from a gentle princess who has lost her puppy in a lush fall forest into an icy nefarious hag trudging through the snow.

Dynasty Handbag is the one woman music/comedy/performance/meltdown portable electro-ballad vehicle of Jibz Cameron (of the indie rock bands Dynasty, The Roofies). Originally from San Francisco, in 2005 she relocated to NYC to escape an obsessed prisoner pen pal. Within 5 months, with a little hard work and a lot of heart, she was crowned Miss Lower East Side. On stage Cameron performs with a backing track containing original songs and dialogues of her innermost personal thoughts and horrible feelings.



14. Martha Rosler, Julia Scher, FF Alumns, at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, NY, opening March 30, 6-8 pm

Fallout: Cold War Culture, a group exhibition including work by Martha Rosler and Julia Scher, FF Alumns, will be presented at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, 534 W. 26 th Street, NYC 10001, www.miandn.com from March 31 thru April 29. The opening reception is on March 30 th from 6-8 pm.


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