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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
March 15, 2006

1. Julie Ault, Nao Bustamante, Maureen Connor, Terence Gower, Group Material, Ben Kinmont, Carrie Moyer, Yvonne Rainer, Javier Téllez, FF Alumns, at Artists Space, thru April 29
2. Jill Medvedow, FF Alumn, in The New York Times
3. Rev Billy, FF Alumn, at St. Mark’s Church, NY, March 26, 3 pm
4. Galinsky, FF Alumn, at IVAR, Hollywood CA, March 15
5. Alvin Eng, FF Alumn, at Mercantile Library, NY, March 20 and 27
6. Colette, FF Alumn, in Rughrol, Germany, thru March 31
7. Buzz Spector, FF Alumn, at Zolla-Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, opening April 7
8. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, files with Army Corps of Engineers
9. Alien Comic, Eric Bogosian, Toni Dove, Barbara Ess, Koosil-Ja, Javier Tellez, FF Alumns, at Tonic, March 20
10. Alan Sondheim, FF Alumn, at Millennium Film and Video, March 18
11. Sara Bevan, FF Alumn, at Dissenters’ Gallery, UK, opening March 16
12. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, at Bailiwick Rep Theater, Chicago, March 16-18
13. Jane Dickson, FF Alumn, at Tribeca Performing Arts Center, March 15, 7 pm
14. Heidi Arneson, FF Alumn, at Ramsey County Correctional Facility, MN, March 15
15. Daniel Joseph Martinez, FF Alumn, at LAXART, LA, opening March 18, 7-9 pm
16. Phillip Warnell, FF Alumn, in Nice, France, opening April 13
17. Science and Faith, March 16, 7 pm at American Museum of Natural History
18. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, now at Int’l Journal of Baudrillard Studies
19. Laura Parnes, FF Alumn, at Locust Projects, Miami, and at Participant, NY
20. Kyong Park, FF Alumn, at Smack Mellon, March 18, 4-7 pm
21. Jody Culkin at PS 122 Gallery, NY, opening March 18, 5-7 pm
22. Elizabeth Foundation presents short videos, March 21, 6:30-8:30 pm
23. Micki Watanabe, FF Alumn, solo exhibition at Earlville Opera House, NY, opening March 18, 6-8 pm
24. Peculiar Works Project, FF Alumn, The Room, NY, March 18
25. Sandra Badelt, FF Alumn, launches new website, www.zero2006.de
26. Sherman Fleming, FF Alumn, in The Netherlands, May 13 through June 24, 2006

1. Julie Ault, Nao Bustamante, Maureen Connor, Terence Gower, Group Material, Ben Kinmont, Carrie Moyer, Yvonne Rainer, Javier Téllez, FF Alumns, at Artists Space, thru April 29

March 8 - April 29, 2006

The exhibition When Artists Say We reflects on the context in which artists work as colleagues, as collaborators, in collectives, as friends, as critics, as bystanders, and as allies, sharing New York City as their site of practice. Artists have always created alliances. The needs that drive artists together are manifold: a discourse that educates, a horizon that widens, a complexity of knowledge, the ability to fail, or a larger capacity to remember critically and productively within their own field and beyond. But artists are also driven by the need for shelter, protection, and support. Such relationships are grounded in structures and language that are inherently self-critical and rarely reflected upon when art is shown. When Artists Say We takes up this task by trying to present some of the forms such collective exchanges have taken in New York City over the last thirty years. One could understand these alliances as a necessary methodology that enables artists to do their work. But rather than assuming that all art is necessarily produced in collaboration, this exhibition suggests that art—made individually or as a collective—is constituted from within such exchange.

Participants include: Rey Akdogan, Rheim Alkadhi, Ayreen Anastas, Artwurl.org, Doug Ashford, Julie Ault, Mike Ballou, Martin Beck, Douglas Boatwright, Gregg Bordowitz, Nancy Brooks Brody, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, François Bucher, Nao Bustamante, Kabir Carter, Juan Céspedes, Champion Fine Art, Lynne Chan, Maureen Connor, Alison Coryn, Dean Daderko, Moyra Davey, Liz Deschenes, Discoteca Flaming Star, Leeza Doreian, Lala Endara, Ursula Endlicher, Joy Episalla, Edie Fake, Tony Feher, Fierce Pussy, Kirsten Forkert, Olivier Foulon, Rene Gabri, Gang, Joy Garnett, Arianne Gelardin, Benj Gerdes, Andrea Geyer, Liam Gillick, Terence Gower, Group Material, Diego Gutiérrez, K8 Hardy, Kira Lynn Harris, Alia Hasan-Khan, Jennifer Hayashida, Sharon Hayes, Carla Herrera-Prats , Kathy High, Wayne Hodge, Ashley Hunt, Annemarie Jacir, Emily Jacir, Maryam Jafri, Gareth James, Jason Jones, Jasmine Justice, Chris Kahle, Sandy Kaltenborn, Munir Kamal Fakher Eldin, Jesal Kapadia, Nina Katchadourian, Susan Kelly, Tianna Kennedy, Ben Kinmont, Ella Klaschka, Silvia Kolbowski, Pedro Lasch, Lasse Lau, Cristóbal Lehyt, Zoe Leonard, Alexandra Lerman, Lin+Lam, LTTR, Kristin Lucas, Joanna Malinowska, Michael Mandiberg, Tara Mateik, Tim Maul, Yates McKee, Julie Mehretu, Lize Mogel, Avi Mograbi, Naeem Mohaiemen, Ken Montgomery, Stephen Morton, Carlos Motta, Carrie Moyer, Felipe Mujica, Ulrike Müller, Neurotransmitter, Angel Nevarez, Not An Alternative, Katherine Oechtering, Ken Okiishi & Nick Mauss, Oui, Sheila Pepe, Jenny Perlin, Katrin Pesch, Cesare Pietroiusti, Eli Ping, Zach Poff, Linda Post, Walid Raad, Anne-Julie Raccoursier, Yvonne Rainer, Jessica Rankin, Kamran Rastegar, Andrea Ray, David Reed, riffRAG (M16, L.N.R., Felix Gatopardo, K’poene), Alex Rivera, Marc André Robinson, Emily Roydson, Katya Sander, Paige Sarlin, Mira Schor, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Simon Sheikh, Katy Siegel, Jeremy Sigler, Shelly Silver, Xaviera Simmons, Jason Simon, Anton Sinkewich, Nida Sinnokrot, Ania Soliman, The Speculative Archive / Julia Meltzer and David Thorne, A.L. Steiner, Javier Téllez, Valerie Tevere, David Thorne, Lan2 Tuazon, Johanna Unzueta, Rachel Urkowitz, Bik Van der Pol, Alex Villar, Visible Collective, Vladimir Volnovik, McKenzie Wark, Hillary Wiedemann, Abbey Williams, Dee Williams, Matt Wolf, Nanna Wülfing, Carrie Yamaoka

When Artists Say We is constituted by four different elements. In the center of the gallery, a mobile archive unit, designed by Nanna Wülfing, holds materials from approximately 90 New York-based artists, artist groups, collectives, and collaborations. To frame the exhibition within an attempt to map historical as well as personal relationships, twelve wall diagrams were commissioned for the surrounding walls, each charting particular discourses, relationships, histories, sites, and people, as well as the ideas that influenced them. Produced by Doug Ashford, Mike Ballou, Gregg Bordowitz, Dean Daderko, Liam Gillick/Gareth James, Arianne Gelardin, Oui, Julie Merehtu/Jessica Rankin, Yvonne Rainer, David Reed/Katy Siegel/Ulrike Müller, Mira Schor, and Jeremy Sigler, each diagram will take a distinct form: analytical, historical, non-linear, partial, suggestive, indexical.... Some of the diagrams will invite visitors to continue their mapping. In five small spaces that surround Artist Space’s main gallery, five artists—Ayreen Anastas, Andrea Geyer, Emily Jacir, Cristóbal Lehyt and LTTR—each put together an individual group show, mapping the work with which they find themselves in dialogue. And as a final element, weekly events, organized by Emily Jacir/Jenny Perlin/John Menick, Jesal Kapadia, Ben Kinmont, Neurotransmitter and Yates McKee, will be held for the duration of the exhibition on Saturday afternoons from 3-5pm, beginning April 1.


2. Jill Medvedow, FF Alumn, in The New York Times

The New York Times, March 10, 2006, Inside Art, New Building, New Mission for Institute in Boston, By Carol Vogel

The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston is getting ready for the opening in September of its new $51 million home, the first new art museum to be built in Boston in nearly 100 years. Designed by Diller Scofidio & Renfro, the 65,000-square-foot building on the waterfront will have three times the exhibition space of the institute's current building on Boylston Street.

The physical metamorphosis isn't the only big change. The institute will no longer function as a kunsthalle (an art space without holdings of its own). Instead, it will become a collecting institution.

"This is an issue the trustees have been revisiting since the I.C.A. was started in 1936," said Jill Medvedow, its director.

The decision to build a permanent collection determined the new museum's design. It will not only have space for a collection, but for the first time it will also be able to present more than one exhibition at a time. Educational offerings will increase significantly, too; the new building includes a two-story education center.

In deciding what direction a permanent collection will take, Ms. Medvedow said, the museum plans to focus on artists with whom it has connections. "We want to create a collection that captures the most significant moments in our exhibition history," she said.

One of the first museums to show artists like Oskar Kokoschka and Andy Warhol, the institute will continue to exhibit, as well as collect, works by emerging artists.

Barbara Lee, a Boston philanthropist and board member, has already donated several works by artists the institute has shown. They include two by the British sculptor Cornelia Parker that were in a 2000 exhibition: "Hanging Fire (Suspected Arson)," 1999, a three-dimensional image of catastrophe, and "Wedding Ring Drawing (Circumference of a Living Room)," 1996. Ms. Lee also gave a photograph by Nan Goldin and an installation piece by the Beirut-born artist Mona Hatoum.


3. Rev Billy, FF Alumn, at St. Mark’s Church, NY, March 26, 3 pm

Join this gathering of Wal-Mart fighters at St. Mark's Church, hosted by Reverend Billy and neighborhood defenders from throughout New York City.

Sunday Mar 26, 3 PM – St. Mark's Church, 10th St and 2nd Ave, in the East Village, New York City. $10, Click Here for reservations and information.

This is the first performance by the preacher and the choir since The Shopocalypse Tour - their 5,000 mile journey through the American Hell of super malls in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Uninvited stops included Chicago's Magnificent Mile, the Mall of America, Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville – and finally, the parade down Main Street USA in Disneyland on Christmas Day.

Now back in the Big Apple - The campaign to declare New York City a Wal-Mart Free Zone has begun. Not a Sam's Club out on some highway. Not one of those little fake "Neighborhood Markets" fronting for the Bentonville gang.

With the heroes of Rego Park, Queens leading the way, (they will receive Fabulous Sainthood at the March 26 show) - we are ready to meet the bulldozer of the Retail Devil! We will stop Wal-Mart here in New York City, as it hires old Bill Clinton operatives and puts a map of our city on the wall of its war room.

(Photos from Fred Askew Photography, to remove yourself from this list reply with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line)


4. Galinsky, FF Alumn, at IVAR, Hollywood CA, March 15

Galinsky takes the Manhattan Monologue Slam http://www.MMSlam.com back to LA for an 8pm show at the IVAR http://www.ivar.cc - New York featured performers included Shelly Mars (Feb) and Reno (Jan). This month features guests: Roger Genvuever Smith, Bill Barminski, Debra Wilson of MadTV and Illeana Douglas


5. Alvin Eng, FF Alumn, at Mercantile Library, NY, March 20 and 27

Mon. March 20, 6 PM
URBAN STAGES presents a reading of
A memoir monologue written and performed by Alvin Eng, directed by Paul Couzyn

Urban Stages' MONDAYS AT THE MERC New Play Reading Series
Mercantile Library, 17 E. 47th St., (bet. Madison and 5th Aves.), NYC

THE LAST EMPEROR of FLUSHING, the sequel to the acclaimed memoir monologue, The Flushing Cycle, explores the irony of a child who struggled to adjust to “Father Knows Best” Americana Flushing, only to find that struggle irrelevant in 21st Century pan-cultural Flushing (NYC's second Chinatown). It's the end of an era, sort of like The Last Emperor paying admission to enter The Forbidden City, once his childhood home.
(I will also perform this monologue on May 5 at Queens Theatre in the Park - Flushing, Queens as part of their first annual Asian Cultural Festival.)

Mon, March 27 - 8 PM
PACT (Playwrights/Actors Contemporary Theatre) Presents a staged reading of
Written by Alvin Eng, Directed by Michael Montel
Featuring Margot Avery, Susan Hyon, DeLance Minefee
ABC Films & Video, 303 Fifth Ave - 10th Floor (@ 31st St.) NYC
Suggested Donation $7, or by subscription
PACT: 212.242.5888

Two years after the 9/11 attacks, Mimi Okamoto is returning home to her native Far Rockaway, Queens, for the first time in 15 years. She is lost on the subway-alone in a train car with Jackson, a young hip-hop kid, who fiercely guards his privacy. Both are feeling the suspicious shadows of a post-9/11 NYC and find surprising refuge in each other. THE MOURNING AFTER was first written as a ten-minute play for the 24-hour A-Train Plays series on September 11, 2003. This is the first public reading of the expanded play.


6. Colette, FF Alumn, in Rughrol, Germany, thru March 31

Colette, FF Alumn,:( reverse pop)
pop-reverse pop
February 4 till march 31-06
haus der kultur -
B rughrol - germany-


7. Buzz Spector, FF Alumn, at Zolla-Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, opening April 7

I will be included in a show with William Wiley, Xiaoxe Xie, and Vernon Fisher at Zolla -Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, opening Friday, April 7th. The gallery is located at 325 West Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60610. Tel: 312-944-1990. The exhibition title is: "Why Lee Shot C: Buzz, she left 'em Vernon."

Buzz Spector, FF Alumn


8. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, files with Army Corps of Engineers

 Martucket eyeland resort & theme park − trust the magic files for permit with us army corps of engineers; future earth corporation’s Disney-inspired development to include family-friendly gambling, shopping, an educational energy park and the spectacular marconi sonic chowder.

Receives special citation from boston society of architects.

Provincetown , MA . Following on the heels of the controversial industrial wind farm proposed for Nantucket Sound, a dramatic “third eyeland” resort and theme park has been proposed for the same site by the Future Earth Corporation, based in Provincetown, Massachusetts. A permit application has been filed with the US Army Corp of Engineers for this family-oriented, Disney-inspired destination park, emerging at a time of unrestrained development on Cape Cod and the Islands.

Martucket Eyeland Resort & Theme Park − Trust the magic, a “floating jewel”, will re-create an authentic Ye Olde Cape Cod Whaling Port and cultural attractions from Provincetown’s Pilgrim Monument to the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge, plus an educational energy park with nuclear, oil, wind and solar energy production. The spectacular, state-of-the-art Marconi Sonic Chowder compound will offer an intergalactic portal to the universe. Martucket Eyeland received a special citation from the Boston Society of Architects, and may be viewed at www.bigtwig.org/martucket.

“This is the time to invest in Nantucket Sound development, before the feds over-regulate it,” states CEO Jay Critchley. “Combining energy production with the pleasure principle is a win-win for the economy. Leave the kids off at the Tower of Terror while mom and dad head off to Climate Change Casino or Meltdown Mall,” he declared. “And,” he added, “We’re only expecting a $100 million tax break, half of Cape Wind’s.”

Martucket Eyeland − with the slogan, “ You’ll swear you are really there” will be a 3,000,000 square foot triangular platform, anchored by three 420-foot high wind turbine towers. This “third eyeland”, together with Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, will create a healing, pyramidal energetic field ─ a third eye ─ in the Sound, and become an international tourist destination.


9. Alien Comic, Eric Bogosian, Toni Dove, Barbara Ess, Koosil-Ja, Javier Tellez, FF Alumns, at Tonic, March 20

David Linton's New York 5.0,
A 50-year celebration and benefit @Tonic (107 Norfolk St. between Rivington & Delancey, NYC)
Monday, March 20, 2005 8 pm till late
Full info link at: http://www.unitygain.org/benefit

part I : 'PARTNERS IN TIME' featuring live performances by:

Diamanda Galas, Christian Marclay/Ikue Mori/Anthony Coleman, Lee Ranaldo, Eric Bogosian, Matthew Ostrowski, Shelley Hirsch/David Weinstein, Kate Valk (of The Wooster Group), Koosil-ja, Charles Atlas, Hahn Rowe with Raz Mesinai, and the Alien Comic.
With Master of Ceremonies John Gernand and closing remarks by "Sally Rand"(Toni Dove).

part II : The legendary electronic soiree 'UnityGain' follows immediately in the Tonic main space @ 11:15 pm featuring live collaborative audio visual performances by:

Audio artists - Charles Cohen, Antfactor, qpe, Lloop, Warbulator (Jodi Shapiro), Doily, Bubblyfish, Glomag, David Last, Brian Moran, Gen Ken Montgomery, Zach Layton and Bruce Tovsky.

Visual artists - Benton-C, Angie Eng, Bill Etra, c.h.i.a.k.i., feedBUCK GaLORE, Naval Cassidy, Andy Graydon, Giles Hendrix, Adam Kendall, Katherine Liberovskaya, Lu(x)z, Peter Shapiro, Caspar Stracke, CHiKA.

part III : From 9 pm on 'Nought for Naught' in the Subtonic Lounge offers a packed roster of DJ, VJ, & live Audio-Visual performers into the wee hours, featuring:

Aerostatic, Darryl Hell, Danny Hamilton, DJ $mall Change, DJ Spinoza, Firehorse, Jason BK (Blackkat), Toshio Kajiwara, Lance Blisters (AV), LoVid (AV), Socks and Sandals; Chris Jordan, Eric Dunlap, Eric Redlinger, Dan Vatsky, Dan Winckler, Jeremy Slater.


In celebration of the fiftieth birthday of David Linton, downtown music pioneer, Tonic has donated its space for an entire evening of performances by musicians and artists who have worked with Linton over the past twenty-five years.

Unfortunately, David's birthday has been darkened by a most distressing event: He was recently robbed in his home at knifepoint, emerging fortunately unscathed, but losing all of his equipment, which sadly contained much of his recent work. In order to recoup the loss of what can be replaced, and salute his talents and contributions to music in New York, his friends and collaborators through the years are joining together for a night of multimedia performances on March 20th. We hope you can join us, to both celebrate his work and help make it possible for him to continue it.

Tickets are $30.00 for the full evening including: 'PARTNERS IN TIME', 'UNITYGAIN' and 'NOUGHT for NAUGHT' $10.00 for 'UNITYGAIN' and 'NOUGHT for NAUGHT' only.

Advance tickets recommended; available now at Tonic ( 107 Norfolk Street) and Other Music ( 15 East 4th Street). Cash only tickets will be sold at the door on March 20, 2006 subject to availability.

For information updates check http://www.unitygain.org/benefit.

Monday March 6th - Monday March 27th, 2006

In consideration of David Linton's commitment to multimedia and video art, the Outpost  http://outpostedit.com/, a resource for artists in new media and video, is sponsoring an art auction as part of the benefit activities for David Linton's NY  5.0. Works will be auctioned online at http://www.unitygain.org/auction, and all money raised will be contributed to the David Linton Recovery Fund.

Participating artists include Laura Parnes, Michael Smith, Ralph Lemon, Javier Tellez, John Brattin, Robert Boyd, Oliver Herring, Barbara Ess, Johanna Malinowska, Andrew Sutherland and Caspar Stracke.

Private DONATIONS will be accepted at Tonic on March 20th by Stephanie Palmer or by mail to Stéphanie Palmer, 106 Norfolk St. #2, New York, NY 10002-3320.
Please make checks payable to 'David Linton'.
Questions regarding donations may be addressed to 

David Linton's New York 5.0 organizing team:
Chika Iijima, Matthew Ostrowski, Stéphanie Palmer, Amanda Remus Isabelle Sigal, Keiko Uenishi

Stage Manager (Partners in Time): John Gernand
House Manager: Keiko Uenishi
Audio Tech: Matthew Ostrowski and Daniel Smith
Video Coordinators: Chika Iijima and Chris Jordan
Video Documentation: Elsa Vieira, Peter Shapiro
Art Auction: Ruth Kahn

DLNY-5.0 Benefit 'Friends' Committee:
Glen Branca, Rhys Chatham, Jim Dier, Francis Falceto, Craig Flanagan, Anthony Galante, Andrea Haenggi/AMDaT, Zack Layton, Denise Luccioni, Carlo McCornick, Marc Ribot, Jim Staley, The Outpost, Anaïs Prosaic, Mark Russell, David Sparks, Bruce Tovski, NMW & JAW and Rich Zerbo.



10. Alan Sondheim, FF Alumn, at Millennium Film and Video, March 18

Millennium Film and Video
66 East 4th Street , NY
Telephone 212-673-0090
March 18th, Saturday - Alan Sondheim
8:00 PM, $8 / $6 members
"Alan Sondheim, the prolific renaissance man of new media, comes to the Millenium with a brand new program called EMBEDDED (Assembled Performance) (60 min. approximately, using material from 2005-2006). He has produced numerous books and articles. His video and film have been widely shown. He is currently working with the Swiss dance company of Foofwa d'Imobilite.

'My recent work is multi-media. Laptop performances deal with political, sexual, and cyber issues. I run video/audio/text segments from a laptop in combinatory fashion, typing a real-time commentary at screen bottom. The result is an extended body and socius, digital problematized by analog, purity by eror, language by language-stumblling. If I can't break new ground in performance, I've failed. I present an entertaining implosion of information, fast-forward imaging, memories of seductions., My avatars are reincarnations of Bodhidarma, the world's wonder collapsed into pixel- annihilation. I empty images at warp-speed. It's already a gone world, say goodbye-hello to extinctions.'"


11. Sara Bevan, FF Alumn, at Dissenters’ Gallery, UK, opening March 16

Dear Everyone,
Orly and I are having an exhibition at the Dissenters' Gallery in Kensal Green Cemetery. It is running from the 16 March- 2 April (Thursday- Sunday). Private view is on the 16th (6-9) with jazz, wine and...er.. us. It would be lovely if you could come along.

(For transport details (it's a bit tricky) please see

Sara Bevan, FF Alumn


12. Tim Miller, FF Alumn, at Bailiwick Rep Theater, Chicago, March 16-18

Hi Folks!
I'll be performing in Chicago my new show 1001 BEDS! It's based on my brand new book of the same name. I will be performing at Bailiwick Repertory Theater March 16-18. Please come by or let Chicago friends know!
Call for tix 773-883-1090 Bailiwick is located at 1225 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL
Thank you. Tim Miller, FF Alumn


13. Jane Dickson, FF Alumn, at Tribeca Performing Arts Center, March 15, 7 pm

Dialogues in the Visual Arts
"O Pioneers!"
Women Artists of Tribeca
Moderated by Art Critic and Curator Lilly Wei

Perry Bard, Jane Dickson and Mary Heilmann are artists of international reputation who have been part of Tribeca and the downtown art world since the 1970's. Each artist, a Tribeca pioneer, will give a presentation of her work and discuss the early days of her career and what it meant to be a woman and an artist then and now.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 @ 7pm
All Tickets $5

Tribeca Performing Arts Center
Borough of Manhattan Community College
199 Chambers Street
in Lower Manhattan

For directions or more information, call the Box Office at (212) 220-1460
or visit www.tribecapac.org


14. Heidi Arneson, FF Alumn, at Ramsey County Correctional Facility, MN, March 15

Dear Friends, Family, Fellow Artists and Art Advocates,
Greetings from Heidi Arneson!

I am writing to inform you of SUDDEN OPPORTUNITY to see a live performance by inmates of the Direct Action Workshop on Wednesday, March 15, 2006.

This is a performance peice created and performed by Minnesota inmates and directed by Heidi Arneson.

"Esta Es Mi Historia, This is My Story" is a collection of poems, spoken word and music the hopes, struggles and dreams of seven incarcerated men. The program lasts 40 minutes.

"I have never seen a more moving example of the power of art to change lives."
Dean J. Seal, Chaplain Resident, United Hospitals, St Paul Producer Emeritus, Minnesota Fringe Festival

Wednesday March 15, 2006
(Please arrive by 6:45pm)
Ramsey County Correctional Facility,
297 South Century Ave, Maplewood MN

Tax-deductible donations may be made to Intermedia Arts, Direct Action 2822 Lyndale Ave S. Mpls MN 55408

DIRECTIONS from Mpls: 94E past downtown St Paul, exit Century Ave. Right on Century Ave. About 1 mile to top of first hill. Immediate left into parking lot. Enter Building and check in with guard.

RESERVATIONS Please reply to this email by Tuesday evening March 14. requesting that your name be placed on a reservation list.

use personal storytelling as a tool for SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION, to IMPROVE inmates' self-esteem, self awareness, and public speaking skills, build COMMUNITY between diverse ethnic/cultural groups, and record LIVING HISTORY.

Thank you for your continued support of the Direct Action Workshop!

Heidi Arneson,
Director, Direct Action Workshop

Heidi Arneson has spent 30 years creating theater in theTwin Cities. She is a recipient of the 2006 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, the Bush Artist Fellowship, the Franklin Furnace Emerging Artist Award (NY), and Core Alumna of The Playwrights' Center. She has performed/written/directed as Featured Artist for Dixon Place and Franklin Furnace in NewYork, Playhouse Merced in California, The Bug in Denver, AceArts in Winnipeg, and nearly every venue in theTwin Cities, including Red Eye, the Southern, the Walker, the Weisman and the Jungle. Her works include Degrade School, Homeland Security, Prehansel & PostGretel and Ten Bedroom Heart. www.heidihouse.com


15. Daniel Joseph Martinez, FF Alumn, at LAXART, LA, opening March 18, 7-9 pm

Daniel Joseph Martinez
How I Fell In Love With My Dirty Bomb (Opium des Volks)
Flesh Eating Prosthetics (Phagocitage des prostheses)

March 18-April 29, 2006
Opening: March 18, 2006 7-9pm

2640 S. La Cienega
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Tuesday through Saturday 10 -6


The inaugural exhibition to mark the opening of LAXART – a new nonprofit contemporary arts organization - will feature new work by Los Angeles based artist Daniel Joseph Martinez.

Opening on March 18, 2006, LAXART is located at 2640 S. La Cienega Los Angeles in a space designed by LA based architect Peter Zellner. Martinez will launch the new space with a series of site-specific interventions including a text painted on the façade of the building, video, photography and sculpture.

Martinez has been instrumental in informing discourses on identity in America through the vehicle of painting, video, sculpture and public works. Martinez’s recent work negotiates politics and poetics, largely through the lens of minimalism. His proposed multimedia project for LAXART speaks to empire, modernism and difference, yet is rooted in a highly formal language, which examines vulgarity, beauty and the sublime. Martinez brings to bear imperative questions about the palatability of politics through formalism.

Martinez has articulated his interest in painting, mutation, indigestibility, incongruity, modernist tropes and contradictory politics. He has defined his approach to the exhibition as one of social relevance and responsibility. The artist will create a site-specific text-based work to be painted on the façade of the building with an accompanying neighboring billboard. Martinez’s signage stems from both appropriated and composed texts that function in a slippery space between propaganda, advertising and protest.

In dialogue with the skin of the space, Martinez’s work will inhabit both the main and project galleries of LAXART. A new video projection entitled Hollow Men represents a meditation on the artist’s mantra that “mutation is the most radical ideology.” The video features a repetitious gesture of the artist’s hands flipping the pages of a monochromatic picture book imaging a police raid. Deficient of any index of geo-political specificity, time and place is abstract and the event represented becomes generic. Performed time and again, the artist’s hands alter into monstrous prosthesis.

In addition, Martinez will produce two new photographic works in the context of the LAXART installation, using iconic photographs from both the 1972 Munich Olympics and 1968 Mexico City Olympics as watershed events. Focusing on the modernist architecture of the iconic Black September image, Martinez abstracts space, subjectivity, politics and history. The project rehearses Martinez’s tendency to appropriate modernist tropes in order to contaminate them, creating a rupture of both meaning and context.

Responding to Los Angeles’ cultural climate, LAXART questions given contexts for the exhibition of contemporary art, architecture and design. With a renewed vision for the potential of independent art spaces, LAXART provides a center for interdisciplinary discussion and interaction and for the production and exhibition of new exploratory work. LAXART offers a space for provocation, dialogue and confrontation by practices on the ground in LA and abroad. LAXART is a hub for artists based on flexibility, transition, spontaneity and change. The space responds to an urgency and obligation to provide an accessible exhibition space for contemporary artists, architects and designers.

LAXART’s inaugural exhibition is made possible with the generous support of Linda Pace, Peter Norton Family Foundation, American Center Foundation, Danielson Foundation, E-flux, Art Papers, X-tra, and Interreview. With in-kind sponsorship from Campari.

LAXART inaugural edition by Edgar Arceneaux available now at editions@laxart.org.

LAXART series of billboards produced by Daniel Joseph Martinez, Ruben Ochoa and Mark Bradford in conjunction with the exhibition An Image Bank for Everyday Revolutionary Life at the Gallery at REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/Calarts Theatre). Ruben Ochoa billboard on Santa Monica Blvd and Highland through 3/17 and Daniel Joseph Martinez billboard on 7th and Wall Street through 3/17.

LAXART is located at 2640 S. La Cienega Los Angeles, CA 90034 T.323.868.5893 http://www.laxart.org

LAXART will be open Tuesday through Saturday 10 -6


16. Phillip Warnell, FF Alumn, in Nice, France, opening April 13

LE DOJO Stéphanie NAVA






LE DOJO  / 22 bis, boulevard Stalingrad / 06300 Nice / France

Tel 00 33 4 97 08 28 10 / Fax 00 33 4 97 08 28 19 /

www.le-dojo.org / info@le-dojo.org

contact : Florence Forterre / Luc Clément


17. Science and Faith, March 16, 7 pm at American Museum of Natural History

On behalf of Public Programs/Education you and a guest are invited to attend
Science and Faith
Thursday, March 16, 2006
7:00 p.m.
LeFrak Theater, first floor
(Please use the 77th Street entrance between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue).

Heated debates have focused on the incompatibility of religion and modern science. But, for many scientists, their religious beliefs complement, rather than conflict with, their pursuit of science. Moderator Krista Tippett, host of American Public Media’s Speaking of Faith, discusses these issues with Kenneth Miller, Professor of Biology, Brown University; Robert Pollack, Professor of Biological Sciences and Director of the Center for the Study of Science and Religion, Columbia University; Varadaraja V. Raman, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Humanities, Rochester Institute of Technology; and Nancey Murphy, Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary.

email programs@amnh.org
Phone: 212-496-4216


18. Joseph Nechvatal, FF Alumn, now at Int’l Journal of Baudrillard Studies

Now at the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BAUDRILLARD STUDIES Jean Baudrillard and a Counter-Mannerist Art of Latent Excess by Joseph Nechvatal


Joseph Nechvatal


19. Laura Parnes, FF Alumn, at Locust Projects, Miami, and at Participant, NY

Hello All,
If you are in Miami I have a solo exhibition at Locust Projects. Also, when in New York check out Ridykeulous at Participant. The press release reads like a manifesto and it's based on a zine of the same title. Don't miss it! It closes on the 2nd.

“JANIE 1978-1982”
D.E.M.O.N.S. to Diamonds
at Locust Projects
105 NW 23rd St. Miami Fl. 33127

March 18th- April 22nd
Opening Reception: 7pm to 10pm
Saturday, March 18th


at Participant Inc., 95 Rivington St., NYC
Curated by A.L. Steiner and Nicole Eisenman
Opening Reception: Friday, March 10, 7-9pm
(see press release below)

Curated by A.L. Steiner and Nicole Eisenman

March 10 - April 2, 2006
Opening Reception: Friday, March 10, 7-9pm

Works by misandrists:
Mari Araki
Lutz Bacher
Kevin Blechdom
Keith Boadwee
Daniel Bozhkov
Lindsay Brant
Kathe Burkhart
AK Burns
Chicks on Speed
L.M. Childs
Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan
Nicole Eisenman
Daphne Fitzpatrick
Eve Fowler
Paige Gratland
K8 Hardy
Rachel Harrison
Lisa Kirk
Christian Lemmerz
Ellen Lesperance & Jeanine Oleson
Miranda Lichtenstein
Catherine Lord
Rachel Lowther
Keith Mayerson
Carrie Moyer
Ulrike Müller
Eileen Myles
Laura Parnes
Lisi Raskin
Ashley Reid
Victoria Robinson
Lisa Sanditz
Emily Sartor
Lara Schnitger
Lori E. Seid
Amy Sillman
Gwen Smith
Brian St. Cyr
A.L. Steiner
The Third Leg
Nicola Tyson
Claude Wampler
Laurie Weeks
Goody-B. Wiseman
Suzanne Wright

From March 10 through April 2, 2006, PARTICIPANT INC will present Ridykeulous. Curated by Nicole Eisenman and A.L. Steiner, the exhibition is based on their publication of the same name. Ridykeulous is a collaborative effort on the part of the two curators to subvert the languages, both theoretical and visual, which are commonly used to define Feminist or Lesbian art. By exploiting the style of a periodical and borrowing heavily from the aesthetic sensibilities of 'zine culture, concert promo-flyers, and counter-culture manifestos, Ridykeulous purports to distill a cultural moment or tap into the blood and guts of an underground movement. However, using as a starting point cultural stereotypes about Lesbian art as some sort of “alternative” genre or movement, Ridykeulous seeks the erosion of such conceits and the attendant limitations placed on a culture forced to operate as an alternative, rather than a viable contributor to the conversation at large. Ridykeulous constructs a counter-narrative that no longer adheres to the rules and definitions of either approach.

Multiple works included in the exhibition engage with both the traditional art-historical position of the female subject and the modern commodification of female artists and their work. Ridykeulous proposes an inquiry into how these relationships are reversed, inverted, or made obsolete, utilizing a conscientious play with modes of representation present in pop culture, advertising, and the visual arts.

As Eisenman and Steiner have noted about their publication:

Ridykeulous will tell you everything and nothing and plunge you into an abyss of fury. It is not nice. It is foolhardy. Ridykeulous is a confrontational mélange of recipes, poems, celebrity interviews, facts, fictions, accusations, jokes, sex, advice, merchandise, violence, puzzles, and luxurious artworks available and unavailable for your home. It is a publication with which to fulfill all of your lifestyle needs and decorate your communities. If you are one of those people questioning what is happening on planet earth, the womyn of Ridykeulous and a few of their male enemies purport to have the answer. We will meet your requirements and surpass your expectations, allowing us to serve you better.

Nicole Eisenman is an artist living in New York City. She has had recent solo exhibitions at Barbara Weiss Gallery in Berlin, Van Horn in Düsseldorf, Leo Koenig in New York, and the Museo de Carrillo Gil in Mexico City. Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions including Goetz meets Falckenberg at Kulturstiftung Phoenix Art, Hamburg, Identity: The Logic of Appearance at Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, The Seventh Wave at the John Hansard Gallery, South Hampton, England, Bad Girls at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, and the 1995 Whitney Biennial.

A.L. Steiner lives in New York City. Her photographic and video work was exhibited recently at Levine Gallery in Los Angeles, Starship in Berlin, and New Langton Arts in San Francisco. In 2006, her work will be featured at John Connelly Presents in New York, The Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, and RICX in Riga. Steiner is a collective member of Chicks on Speed and teaches at the School of Visual Arts. Her work is featured in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art. 

This exhibition is organized in conjunction with the publication, Ridykeulous, edited by A.L. Steiner and Nicole Eisenman. Publication created entirely by the power of intelligent design and Leo Koenig Gallery,

PARTICIPANT INC's exhibitions are made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

PARTICIPANT INC has received generous support from the Harriett Ames Charitable Trust, Bloomberg, The MAT Charitable Foundation, Peter Norton Family Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and numerous individuals.

PARTICIPANT INC is located at 95 Rivington Street, between Ludlow and Orchard Streets on the Lower East Side.

Gallery hours: Wed-Sun, noon-7pm. www.participantinc.org


20. Kyong Park, FF Alumn, at Smack Mellon, March 18, 4-7 pm

March 18, 4-7pm
Opening Reception

Detroit : Making It Better for You (A Fiction)
a 2-channel video [2000]. 9:45 min.

Detroit : Making It Better for You is a gritty tapestry of images of the destruction of Detroit, a city struggling to sustain its communities in the face of moving labors and advancing technologies. The video’s "drive-by-shooting" style is emblematic of the mythology of Detroit as both the " Motor City” and the “ Murder City,” offering street-level views of the urban clashes between inner-city realities and suburban myths.

directed by
Kyong Park
edited and narrated by
Joshua Pearson

Smack Mellon Gallery
92 Plymouth Street @ Washington Street Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 718.834.8761 www.smackmellon.org <http://www.smackmellon.org/

in the exhibition
Mind the Gap
March 18 - April 30, 2006
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12-6pm
Azra Aksamija, Jan Baracz, Center for Urban Pedagogy, Elizabeth Felicella, Stephen Hilger, neuroTransmitter, Graham Parker, Marjetica Potrc, Michael Rakowitz, Doris Salcedo, Ines Schaber, Lise Skou and Lasse Lau, Sancho Silva and John Hawke, and Alex Villar.

Curated by
Eva Diaz and Beth Stryker

Mind the Gap examines the residual spaces of cities: spaces left over as a result of zoning, unclaimed spaces that are taken over for use by marginal communities, "dead zones" deemed un- or underdeveloped by master planners who intend to take over common grounds, and the spaces between spaces that are the unintended by-products of urban and architectural design. This exhibition presents work by artists that considers these residual spaces and so-called "urban voids" as places of particular interest, as sites for invention and do-it-yourself intervention. Through sculpture, photography, video, performance, and urban-scale architectural interventions, these projects amplify and animate the urban void as a space for renegotiating the increasing circumscription of the public sphere.

Recent debates in New York City and elsewhere about the governmental use of eminent domain in annexing public land for private use have pointed to the diminished public control over broad swaths of urban centers. The artists included in this exhibition exacerbate this tendency by occupying, altering, or otherwise testing the motivations and conflicting interests behind urban planning: they ask who formulates such plans and who benefits from them. Hosted by Smack Mellon Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn, Mind the Gap is located on one of many waterfront areas in which cycles of deindustrialization, blight, and gentrification— patterns in which “dead zones” feature prominently—have been enacted and challenged. Mind the Gap foregrounds such contestatory practices.

A catalogue which includes essays by each of the curators will accompany the exhibition.

Directions to Smack Mellon:
F Train to York. Exit to the right and walk downhill on Jay Street, towards the water. Make a left at the next block, Front Street.  Make a right on Washington Street. 92 Plymouth is 2 blocks down, on the corner. AC Train to High Street. Take Fulton Street exit to Cadman Plaza W. Walk down to River Cafe and take right on Water Street. Walk down 3 blocks to Washington Street. Take left on Washington to Plymouth Street. 92 Plymouth is at the corner. B61 Bus to York and Gold Streets. Walk down York. Take right on Washington Street and walk to end at park to Plymouth. 92 Plymouth is at the corner.


21. Jody Culkin at PS 122 Gallery, NY, opening March 18, 5-7 pm

Fauns and Shackles: Homage to Harriet Hosmer

A collaborative exhibition featuring art works by Jody Culkin, a relative of the 19th century neo-classical sculptor Harriet Hosmer- the protofeminist who lived and worked in 19th Rome. In mounting this exhibition, two of Hosmer's relatives, Jody Culkin, sculptor and multimedia artist, and Kate Culkin, a historian writing a book on Hosmer, have joined forces with curator Kathleen Goncharov to create an exhibition and installation that responds to Hosmer's work and life from the perspective of the 21st century.

PS122 Gallery The Classroom
March 18 - April 16 2006
Opening Saturday March 18 5 – 7
Hours: Thursday through Sunday 12 to 6PM

150 First Avenue
New York , NY 10009

Artwork by Jody Culkin
Kate Culkin Historian
Curated by Kathleen Goncharov

Panel discussion Sunday April 9 4PM with Jody Culkin, Kate Culkin and Kathleen Goncharov

ps122gallery@verizon.net  faunsandshackles@gmail.com  http://faunsandshackles.com


22. Elizabeth Foundation presents short videos, March 21, 6:30-8:30 pm


Please join us for our second night of Five Minutes*, EFA’s short video series.

Tuesday, March 21, 6:30-8:30pm

The series continues with a night of videos organized by EFASC member, Noah Klersfeld, made by the artists of 323 West 39th Street. Artists include: Casey Cook, Unn Fahlstrom, Pablo Helguera, Noah Klersfeld, Holly Lynton, Paul Moran, Kader Muzaqi, Karina Skvirsky.

The Elizabeth Foundation Studio Center
323 W 39th Street, 2nd Fl
New York NY 10018

Seating is limited to 50. Reservations are strongly suggested: studios@efa1.org or 212.563-5855 x203.


*Andy Warhol said “In the future, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes.” But the future is so 15 minutes ago, and who has time to be famous for that long? Five minutes will do.


23. Micki Watanabe, FF Alumn, solo exhibition at Earlville Opera House, NY, opening March 18, 6-8 pm

Micki Watanabe
Solo Exhibition at Earlville Opera House
Earlville, NY 13332

March 18th-April 29th
Opening reception Saturday March 18th 6-8pm
Brown Bag Lecture: Monday 20th 12 Noon.
free and open to the public

for more info


24. Peculiar Works Project, FF Alumn, The Room, NY, March 18

On Saturday, March 18th, Peculiar Works Project and New Georges team up for WOMEN OF OFF, a special edition of The OFF Project, PWP’s year-long exploration into the birth of Off-Off Broadway. To celebrate Women’s History Month, New Georges’ directors will stage rare readings of early plays by some first ladies of downtown theater:

Adrienne Kennedy’s A Rat's Mass (1969) directed by Miriam Weiner
Claris Nelson’s The Rue Garden (1962), directed by Renee Philippi
A conversation with writers Claris Nelson,Ilsa Gilbert, plus other special guests, moderated by New Georges’ Artistic Director, Susan Bernfield.
Ruth KraussThe Pineapple Play (1964) directed by Jessica Davis-Irons
Ilsa Gilbert’s A Dialogue Between Didey Warbucks and Mama Vaseline (1969) directed by Christine Simpson
Rosalyn Drexler’s Softly, and Consider the Nearness (1964) directed by Kara-Lynn Vaeni

Doors Open at 1:30pm with FREE Admission, plus snacks and Pom-tinis throughout the day in The Room, 520 Eighth Avenue, Suite 326 (at 36th Street), New York City.

Audience response at the OFF readings will determine which landmark plays make up this fall’s full OFF production – a performance heritage trail throughout historic Village streets paying tribute to NYC’s alternative theatre origins. Come along… www.peculiarworks.org


25. Sandra Badelt, FF Alumn, launches new website, www.zero2006.de

Hallo zusammen!

Die ZERO-Interims-Website ist nun online: www.zero2006.de !
Weiter geht's dann ab dem 6. April...

Viele Grüße

Sandra + Dirk


26. Sherman Fleming, FF Alumn, in The Netherlands, May 13 through June 24, 2006

Exhibition of drawings and watercolors, Galerie V.I.A.P., Heerlen, The
14/5/2006 - 25/6/2006

Codewords, Drawings and Watercolors by Sherman Fleming

'Perhaps no word in the English language stirs more passion and outrage among blacks than the word "nigger."' (Earl Ofari Hutchinson)The Webster's Series draw on images that are visually read through the interpretive frames of the word 'nigger' and its derivations as found in the 1996 edition of Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. The compositions, presently being produced in graphite and watercolor and whose assembled images are culled from early 20th century editions of National Geographic and other ethnographic journals attempt to illustrate the potency of the epithets, while, at the same time, reveal their psychological subtext.



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