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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
October 8, 2003

1. Kyong Park, FF Alumn, at Cubbitt Gallery, London Oct 3 ­ Nov 2, and in Germany.
2. Peter Grzybowski, Jay Critchley, FF Alumns, at Judson Memorial Church, Oct 9, 7pm
3. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, announces "Patriot Act Issue" now on-line
4. Nicolás Dumit Estévez at Newark Museum, Oct 16, 2003 - Feb 15, 2004
5. Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, at Inquiring Mind Gallery, Saugerties, NY thru Oct 9
6. André Stitt, FF Alumn, announces RHWNT through October, 2003
7. Matthew Geller, FF Alumn, announces Foggy Day, Cortlandt Alley, thru Nov 14
8. David Medalla, FF Alumn, in Tokyo and at Mori Art Museum, October 2003
9. Coco Fusco, Ricardo Dominguez and Toni Sant, FF Alumns, at The International Festival of Performance, in Serbia, Oct 10, 8pm
10. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Penn State University, October 9, 7 pm
11. Aaron Landsman, FF Alumn, at LOW Bar, Oct 9, 7pm
12. Tracy Quan, FF Alumn, at the Museum of Sex, Oct 9, 7pm
13. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, at Judson Church, Oct. 9, and more.
14. Julie Atlas Muz and more at Cabaret Magique through October
15. Helen Varley Jamieson, FF Alumn, at City of Women 9th Int'l Festival of Contemporary Arts Ljubljana.
16. Jeffrey Feldman, FF Alumn, at Tenement Museum, October 9, 6-8 pm
17. Warren Neidich, FF Alumn, at Spoonbill and Sugartown, November 4, 2003
18. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, in Arlington VA thru Oct. 18th
19. Nam June Paik, FF Alumn, at MoMA at The Gramercy Theatre, Oct. 9-18
20. Bob Sikoryak, FF Alumn, featured in Comics Journal, Sept. 2003
21. Heidi House Arneson, FF Alumn, at Bryant Lake Bowl, MN, Thursdays in October
22. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, in benefit for Joy Rider at CBGB, Oct 12, 8 pm
23. Deborah Edmeades, FF Alumn, at Pierogi, opening Oct 10, 7-9 pm
24. RENO, FF Alumn, TONITE at 7:30 pm at Dixon Place at the Marquee
25. Elly Clark, FF Alumn, in London, England, October 17
26. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, in Culver City and Santa Monica, CA, October
27. Steven Watson. FF Alumn, publication party for book on Andy Warhol, FF Alumn, at Spike Gallery, Oct 21, 6-8:30
28. Oscar McLennan, FF Alumn, at UCLA, Oct 15-19, 2003

1. Kyong Park, FF Alumn, at Cubbitt Gallery, London Oct 3 ­ Nov 2, and in Germany.

Curated by Diana Baldon
Opening Thursday 2nd October, 7 ­9pm

Cubitt is pleased to present recent work by Kyong Park, FF Alumn, (Detroit) and new work by Marjetica Potrc (Ljubljana). The exhibition investigates contemporary urban living strategies through the contrasting case studies of Detroit and Caracas.

Kyong Park founded the International Center for Urban Ecology in Detroit in 1998 as a nomadic laboratory for future cities. The ICUE was set up as an interdisciplinary experimental forum that would generate different projects on contemporary urban crises and their possible futures. Working from the near eastside of Detroit, ICUE have produced number of works that critique, illuminate and proposition designs and theories, and have involved the participation of artists, architects, students and the local community. At Cubitt, Park will present Detroit: Making It Better For You (2000): a two-channel video that tells a fictional account of a fifty year long urban conspiracy to destroy and bankrupt Detroit so that it could be redeveloped profitably today. The video suggests the war between the sustainability of the local community against the greed of the global economy, the struggles of grass-root community activism against the collusion of political and industrial controls

Marjetica Potrc's work focuses on various small-scale and individual initiatives that have been developed in cities globally in orderto improve basic living conditions. Her interest lies in the potential of self-sustainable, innovative design and infrastructure solutions, mixing low- and high-tech approaches, to foster individual empowerment and self-reliance. She cites forms of city dwelling, such as shantytowns and gated communities, as the two most successfulforms of living in the contemporary city. Over the past six months Potrc has been working as part of the Caracas Case Project. Caracas used to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, which has progressed into a post-planning state due to the invasion of barrios into the formal planned city. Anchored like medieval fortresses on the surrounding hillsides, these informal settlements subvert established notions of land ownership by reclaiming public space for private use and bringing the rural into the urban with public and private agricultural initiatives. Defense architecture is everywhere in today¹s Caracas, in both formal and informal city. At Cubitt Potrc will present a series of drawings which analyze the nature and structure of the barrios, and the video In Praise of the Dry Toilet (2003), which looks at the economy of water as the city's most valuable and sought after commodity.

Friday 3rd October: Marjetica Potrc in conversation with Eyal Weizman at the Royal College of Art, 7pm Lecture Theatre 1. No booking required

Monday 6th October: Kyong Park, RIBA Gallery, 6.30pm,
Tickets £7 (£4 concessions), available from the RIBA Gallery, at 020 73073699, the RIBA Bookshops, or by downloading the ticket booking form and e-mailing it to gallery@inst.riba.org, or fax to 020 7307 3703

East Germany since the unification

More than 1.25 million people have moved out of East Germany
More than 1 million housing units are empty, expected to double in 20 years.
Most cities have lost 20% of its population
Unemployment is 18%

Halle Neustadt is a new city just outside of Halle, built during the GDR period, and housed more than 90,000 inhabitants at its peak year. Today, it has more than 30% vacancy, and 28 hi-rise apartment buildings are scheduled to be demolished soon.


A project by Kyong Park
For the Project Hotel Neustadt in Halle Neustadt, Germany

THE SLIDE is a continuous transparent tube that descends from the top to the bottom of an empty hi-rise building in Halle Neustadt, all 18 floors. Visitors can ride inside of it on a specially designed sled, and practically fly through the walls, floors and ceilings, and even outside of the building. THE SLIDE is a new kind of entertainment that combines the reality and fiction of architecture, and is ideal for the many empty buildings in East Germany.

Hey, mom and dad. I went through a building today! Its great, flying through the walls and floors. What a great idea for empty buildings. Fantastic! It's like skateboarding, but better. Because your can fly through a building, whole 17 fucking floors. WOW. I was going so fast, I couldn't believe it. And so smooth too. We should stop tearing down empty buildings from now on. Imagine. Every town in east Germany could have THE SLIDE. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Its boring to take my boyfriend to movies and restaurants all the time. Now I can take him to THE SLIDE.

Architecture use to be boring. But now, because of THE SLIDE, I begin to appreciate and even understand it. I now see great things that architecture can do for people like me. I was worried that my kids would get hurt. But after seeing how safe the design was, I took the slide myself. I am now THE SLIDE addict. I can't wait until I can take my mother and father to THE SLIDE when they visit me next week.

Yes you are absolutely correct. THE SLIDE saved Halle Neustadt. Before THE SLIDE, the town was loosing people. People were moving out to more exciting cities. Now Halle Neustadt is the most exciting city in Saxony, may be even the whole Germany. People are not just visiting and touring Halle Neustadt, but they want to live here too. We may have to build more housing now, because there is waiting lines for apartments and houses here now. I just can't believe it. It was the best thing happened to this city, may be in our history.


2. Peter Grzybowski, Jay Critchley, FF Alumns, at Judson Memorial Church, Oct 9, 7pm

Judson Memorial Church presents a new stART event

Is it broken? A new kind of media circus
art * dance * performance * music * animation * video * and much more!
special clips from The Daily Show
a presentation from The Onion
artwork by Art Speigelman
a cartoon reading by Tom Tomorrow (This Modern World)
performance by Zeroboy
music by Joe McGinty & Nick Danger (Loser's Lounge)
animation by Robert Smigel & J.J. Sedelmaier (SNL's TV Funhouse)

as well as:
Melinda Beck * Jennifer Berklich * Ruben Bolling * John Boone * Damian Catera * Robbie Conal * Jim Costanzo * Jay Critchley * Anita Di Bianco * DD Dorvillier & Michelle Nagai * Mariam Ghani * Josh Gosfield * Peter Grzybowski * Peter Kuper * Steve Lambert * Sandra Low * Ulrike Mueller * Barbara Nei * Pink Punk * Michelle Pred * Ted Rall * Sarina Khan Reddy * David Rees * Michael A. Rippens * Ward Sutton * Micah Wright * and many more!

Thursday, October 9th at 7pm
Additional Gallery Hours: Friday - Sunday, Oct. 10-12, 1-6pm
Admission is FREE

Judson Church
55 Washington Square South (at Thompson St.)
Info: 212-477-0351

stART is an interdisciplinary arts series at Judson that tackles art, politics and spirituality, brought to you by Ralph Lewis, Catherine Porter, Karen Sherman and Ward Sutton


3. Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, announces "Patriot Act Issue" now on-line

Tom Trusky, FF Alumn, announces "Patriot Act Issue" now on-line at http://www.lili.org/icb


4. Nicolás Dumit Estévez at Newark Museum, Oct 16, 2003 - Feb 15, 2004

The Caribbean Abroad Contemporary Artists and Latino Migration featuring Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Scherezade García, Miguel Luciano and Juana Valdes

October 16, 2003-February 15, 2004
Newark Museum
49 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102-3176

Exhibition-related event:
Collaborative Panel Discussion
Saturday, October 25, 2003, 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art
591 Broad Street, Newark
FREE! Reservations are required; call 973-622-1600


5. Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, at Inquiring Mind Gallery, Saugerties, NY thru Oct 9

Norm Magnusson, FF Alumn, shows "Figures of speech in paint," at the Inquiring Mind Gallery, 63 Partition St. in Saugerties, N.Y. Open 7 days a week, 12-6. The show runs through Oct. 9 and the gallery can be reached at (845) 246-5155.


6. André Stitt, FF Alumn, announces RHWNT through October, 2003


Performance art practice over the decades has often been predicated on the notion of meetings: contact and exchange. This process has lead to international networks of artists that form fluid amalgams and menaeouvres in and around existing art systems exemplified in dominant culture. Performance artworks often identified as time based or ephemeral activities are always temporary and often influenced by the place and the time in which they occur. As such they draw our attention to the very nature and process of art making and the connection or exchange made in the moment of the encounter.

RHWNT, literally meaning "between" in Welsh, is offered as a significant encounter between artists, writers and teachers from different cultural backgrounds. It is through contact and exchange that these practitioners have affirmed a collective affirmation of similarity. The unique identity of Wales and it's language within the UK, the colonial legacy and contentious economies of exchange embedded in it's history has a significant correlation with Quebec. Furthermore the formation of performance art collectives, art run centres and initiatives is the foundation of much of contemporary artistic culture in Cardiff and Quebec City.

RHWNT, organised as a collaborative exchange between Trace, Installation Artspace in Cardiff and Le Lieu, Centre en Art Actuel, in Quebec will take place throughout 2003-2004. Both orgnisations were set up to explore intersections between artistic disciplines. Both artist run centres locate their discourse within the dissemination of contemporary art practice that seeks to place emphasis on context, process, network and exchange. Their focus can be interpreted as primarily performative - to explore the previously unconsidered ways of thinking and doing offered by time based art and work that emerges from this activity - performance, installation, sonic and interactive arts.

Artistic directors of Trace; André Stitt & Le Lieu; Richard Martel, have selected emerging artists from both communities to present live and installed work in two major events. In October 2003 Quebec artists will be presented at Trace, Chapter Arts Centre and specific sites in Cardiff. The event will be augmented by two educational exchanges between Cardiff School of Art & Design, Concordia University, Montreal and Cicoutimi University, Quebec. A critic/writer from each city will also take part to create a commentary on the event and to further contextualize the issues and debates that arise from the meetings. In September 2004 a similar event will take place in Quebec representing Welsh artists. This will include work at Le Lieu Centre en Art Actuel, sites throughout the city of Quebec and the Sequence Gallery in Chicoutimi. Education exchanges will occur throughout 2003-2004.

RHWNT Quebec Programme - Cardiff October 2003

Thursday 9th Oct.
18.00 - 19.30 : Performance/Installation - James Partaik
20.00 - launch : Chapter Art Centre: Videos & Documentations exhibition
Launch Party - Chapter upstairs bar + DJs

Friday 10th Oct.
Day - Site Specific performance [city centre] - Claudine Cotton
8.00 - Chapter Theatre: Video programme + 2 performances by : Les Fermiéres Obsédées [Annie Baillargeon, Melissa Charest, Eugenie Cliche, Catherine Plaisance] Martin Dufrasne & Carl Bouchard

Saturday 11th Oct.
Day - Site Specific performance [city centre] - Claudine Cotton
Afternoon - Chapter Cinema 2 : Quebec Video + discussion
8.00 - Chapter Theatre: Video Programme + 2 performances by : Les Fermiéres Obsédées [Annie Baillargeon, Melissa Charest, Eugenie Cliche, Catherine Plaisance]
Christian Messier
Trace: James Partaiks installation will be open 2.00-6.00pm Fri-Sat. Then at weekends until 26th Oct.

Quebec Education Exchange:
Michael Le Chance, Chicoutimi. Ingrid Bachman, Concordia, Montreal
Quebec Writers Exchange: Guy Sioui Durand
Quebec Publications rep. Nathalie Perreault, Inter Magazine
Quebec Director/Curator: Richard Martel


7. Matthew Geller, FF Alumn, announces Foggy Day, Cortlandt Alley, thru Nov 14

Foggy Day, A temporary, open-air installation by Matthew Geller at Cortlandt Alley between White and Walker Streets (one block below Canal Street and one block east of Broadway) through November 14th Everyday except Mondays
12-2 PM and 4:30 through twilight

For additional information:

Foggy Day is a project of Creative Capital with fiscal sponsorship from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.


8. David Medalla, FF Alumn, in Tokyo and at Mori Art Museum, October 2003

David Medalla has been invited to participate in the "Happiness" exhibition, curated by David Elliott, which will inaugurate the new Mori Art Museum on Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan. A new version of David Medalla's "Cloud Canyons" (the first work of auto-creative sculpture) will be installed in the shopping centre of Roppongi Hills. On October 19, 2003, David will give a talk on his art at the Mori Art Museum.

While in Tokyo, David plans to do a series of his celebrated impromptus, live events with the participation of the public. Those who wish to participate in these events, which will start as soon as David arrives at Narita Airport on Monday afternoon, October 13, 2003, at four p.m., are requested to contact him via his E mail address which is: davidmedalla@hotmail.com

David Medalla will do a series of impromptu performances during his stay in Japan, which will be until October 28, 2003. In Tokyo, David can be contacted at the Mori Art Museum and also at the Hotel Arca Torre, 6 - 1 - 23 Roppongi, Tokyo 106 - 0032. Telephone: + 81 - 03 34045111. David will be staying at the Hotel Arca Torre until October 18, 2003.

In addition to his live performances, while in Tokyo, David will also shoot some videos, parts of which will be included in a film which the British Broadcasting Corporation are currently producing about David Medalla's pioneering art.


9. Coco Fusco, Ricardo Dominguez and Toni Sant, FF Alumns, at The International Festival of Performance, in Serbia, Oct 10, 8pm

The Incredible Disappearing Woman written by Coco Fusco featuring Fusco and Ricardo Dominguez
Toni Sant, tech coordinator
at The International Festival of Performance in Serbia
October 10, 2003, 8pm
Pancevo Cultural Center
26000 Narodnog fronto br. 4
Pancevo, Serbia
tel: 381 13 45 088

The Incredible Disappearing Woman, a multimedia performance about art, sex and death at the US-Mexico border. Two humans and a decrepit robot are confined to a live chat room respond to off stage characters. This multi-media performance includes video projections and closed circuit television and explores how and why we relate to political violence via technology.


10. Nora York, FF Alumn, at Penn State University, October 9, 7 pm

We've been invited by PENN STATE UNIVERSITY to play
7PM Thursday. Oct. 9th
Citizens Bank Penn State Downtown Theater
Allen Street, State College, PA

POWER / PLAY addresses the confusions that abound in our shared relationship to power, threat and social liberty. Mixing metaphors from history, popular culture, and everyday emotional experience, Nora York unravels a number of the diverse threads running through contemporary American culture.

Joining Nora are:
Steve Tarshis, Guitar,
Dave Hofstra, Bass,
Peter Grant, Drums,
Charlie Giordano, Accordion,
Sherryl Marshall, Voice
Blaise Dupuy, samples and sound

POWER/PLAY is made possible in part by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts ALSO SAVE OCTOBER 22ND. BENEFIT for VERITE at JOES PUB NEW YORK CITY
Please join Heather White, the Verité Board of Directors and our Host
Committee for Verité's First Musical Benefit:

An Evening With Nora York and Friends.


Wednesday, October 22nd from 6:00 - 8:30PM

at Joe's Pub at The Public Theater,
425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003
Suggested donation $100 per person

Please contact Emily West at Emily@verite.org or call 413.253.9227.

Space is limited.

Verité is an independent, non-profit social auditing and research organization established in 1995. Our mission is to ensure that people worldwide work under safe, fair and legal working conditions. Where Verité auditors identify exploitation of workers or health and safety violations in the workplace, we develop concrete steps to correct them through a combination of trainings for management and workers, education programs and remediation programs. Verité has earned the respect of corporations, workers, labor unions and advocacy groups internationally. Our experience and links with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) span over 61 countries, with regionally-based coordinators overseeing operations throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, the United States and Europe. Verité's global expertise stems from knowledge of regional labor regulations and industries, extensive field networks, experience with local languages, cultures and socio-economic issues, enabling Verité and its NGO partners to accurately assess and improve factory conditions.

HOST COMMITTEE: David Levi, Dal Lamagna, Amy Domini, Josh Mailman, Mara Manus, Miranda Magagnini, Peter Strugatz, Richard Perl, John Fiske), Michael Caton-Jones, Robert Merrill, Lisa Leff


11. Aaron Landsman, FF Alumn, at LOW Bar, Oct 9, 7pm

I'd like to read you a short story or two this Thursday night at LOW Bar.
The stories involve one or more of the following:
butter princesses
plane flights
compulsive walkers
projected sales growth.
Rich Maxwell will also be on hand to sing a few songs, and I hope we will be joined by a surprise guest or two. Perhaps even one from Canada. I'd love to see you there.

Here's the skinny:
Stories by Aaron Landsman (with surprise guests)
Thursday October 9, at 7PM
LOW, Bar Below Rice - in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
81 Washington Street
between Front St. & York St.
DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY 11201

More info about me: http://www.thinaar.com
F to York St.
Right out of subway, immediate left on York, walk 3 blocks, right on Washington St. Enter through Rice (on your right) at 81 Washington St. A/C to High St./Brooklyn Bridge Exit from rear of the train (coming from Manhattan), walk down Cadman Plaza West, right at first light on to Prospect St., pass under the overpass, first left on Washington St. Cross York Street. RICE is on the right hand side, halfway down the block. Enter through Rice at 81 Washington St.


12. Tracy Quan at the Museum of Sex, Oct 9, 7pm

Tracy Quan at the Museum of Sex
Thursday, October 9 at 7 pm

Join Tracy Quan for an intimate evening when she reads from her best-selling novel, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl (inspired by her popular column at Salon.com). Tracy is a frequent panelist and guest speaker on issues affecting the sex industry and a member of PONY (Prostitutes of New York). Please join us for a reception following the presentation. (The new trade paperback will be available for signing.)

Tickets: $8 general $7 members/students
When: Thursday, October 9, 2003 7:00 pm
Museum of Sex,
233 Fifth Avenue
(corner 27th Street)
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 1-212-689-6337

Museum on the Web: http://museumofsex.com/
Email the Museum: pressoffice@museumofsex.com
Visit Tracy's new website: http://www.tracyquan.net


13. Jay Critchley, FF Alumn, at Judson Church, Oct. 9, and more.

Contact: Jay Critchley
508 487-1930

Please join me at the multi-media exhibition "Breaking News" at Judson Church, 55 Washington Square South (at Thompson St), New York, on Thursday, October 9 at 7pm for art, music, dance, performance, video and theater. I'll be showing my piece, "C.A.R.S. - Weapons of Gas Destruction, with Teletubby and friends! Free and open to the public. www.judson.org 212 477-0351


Provincetown Exhibition At Meadows Motel - Letom Swodaem - Opens October 17 - Features 11 Artists in eight rooms who explore the memory, personal stories, and significance of this historic relic of the American Dream, before the Motel's demolition.


With a name that sounds more like a video game than an art show, Letom Swodaem, Meadows Motel spelled backwards - re-imagines eight rooms from this 1950s Provincetown motel slated to be demolished. The temporary exhibition, which includes eleven visual and muti-media artists, is being organized by the Provincetown Community Compact and is curated by its director, artist Jay Critchley. LetoM swodaeM, at the Meadows Motel on Bradford Street Extension in the far West End of Provincetown, will open on Friday, October 17 from 4-7 pm, and continue for ten days through October 26, open daily from noon to 4 pm. A development of 36 housing units is planned for the property, half with artist studios and half affordable housing.

The post-World War II economy brought the dominance and affordability of the automobile to middle class Americans, who traveled in greater numbers to the Cape tip for vacations, and to the Meadows Motel - a spare, one story motor court set back from the road, with a stone wishing well surrounded by a circle of trees. On the eve of its demise, artists will explore the memory, personal stories, and significance of this historic relic of the American Dream. Participants and their site-specific installations include the following:

Sculptor Maryalice Johnston, a resident of Provincetown for six yearsand Visual Arts Coordinator at the Fine Arts Work Center, willcollaborate with video artist Natalie Ferrier of France, now living in Truro. Johnston has shown recently at the Schoolhouse Center in Provincetown, the Boston Center for the Arts and the Attleboro Museum. The team will create a bathroom installation utilizing used hand soap and projected video;

Provincetown photographer Marian Roth, a Guggenheim Fellow, will create a room size, working pinhole camera for picture taking, Pinhole Motel, and a meditative space of reflective light. She exhibits her work at the Schoolhouse Center and Jane Bateman Gallery in New York City;

Provincetown multi-media artist Mary Jane Dean will create an installation entitled "FLOPSWEAT", a piece that evokes claustrophobic irritation. She was a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center and her work has been shown throughout the US and in Berlin and Barcelona. She was also an artist in residence at the World Trade Center;

Provincetown painter Willie Baracchi, a self-taught artist and US resident for 10 years, will create a mixed media installation, including a room-size skyline of the town, Provincetown for Sale; Baracchi was born in Venezuela and has shown his work in Fort Lauderdale and Provincetown;

Installation artist Frank Vasello of Provincetown will create an enchanted bedroom of isolation, utilizing trees, sand and grass. He has shown his work throughout New England and at Mobius in Boston. He presently has installations at Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston and at the Heritage Museum and Garden in Sandwich

Artist Mike Ware will create a personal, haunting meditative space that deals with the recent Catholic priest scandal, and the presence in Provincetown of the Reverend Paul Shanley, out on bail and awaiting trial. Ware is an award-winning designer who relocated from Boston to Provincetown in 1999 to attend Provincetown Art Institute, and shows his work at the Schoolhouse Center

The team of Tanya Rosenbaum and Jess Tsoukalas will create a mixed media installation dealing with issues of class and nature in Provincetown, utilizing honey and horse shoe crabs; Rosenbaum lives in Wellfleet and has shown her work in California and Switzerland; Tsoukalas, born and raised in Provincetown, has shown her work in Boston and the Dominican Republic

Will Shepa, newly-arrived on the Cape from Las Vegas to work with AmeriCorps, will explore community building through technology, (Un)building - Connections and Hookups, Opportunities and Limitations. He is a multi-media artist with an interest in architecture and historic preservation. He worked for Las Vegas and Miami TV stations as webmaster for the last six years

Wendelin Glatzel of Provincetown is a German-born film/video and installation artist. He has shown in the US and Europe, and was a fellow at the Center of Advanced Visual Studies at MIT. His installation, Whisper, will be stark, of earthen materials, and open to the elements.

The Provincetown Community Compact is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 to enhance the arts, economy and well-being of Provincetown and the Lower Cape. It's projects include the annual Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla, set for September 11, 2004, and C-Scape Dune Shack - A Provincetown Retreat for Art and Healing, which offers a $500 fellowship and three-week residency to a visual artist. Its director and founder, Provincetown visual, performance, and conceptual artist Jay Critchley, has shown his work world wide and is represented by DNA Gallery in Provincetown.

For further information contact letoM swodaeM, Provincetown Community Compact, P. O. Box 819, Provincetown, MA 02657, thecompact@comcast.net
508 487-3684.


14. Julie Atlas Muz and more at Cabaret Magique, October 2003



On her way out the door to TEASEARAMA in Los Angeles, the international burlesque sensation DIRTY MARTINI brings her fabulous art form to the Magique stage for sets at 11:30 and 1:30. Miss Martini's resume sounds like a film (and someday will probably become one!) In 1997, she traveled to Sarajevo to perform her show-stopping fan dance to a shell shocked public shortly after the peace accord was signed and the Serbian siege had ended. Since that time, she has declared herself the first fan dancer to perform in post-war Bosnia. In her native Manhattan, Dirty's a featured performer at The VaVaVoom Room at The Fez, and performs frequently at The Slipper Room, The Red Vixen Burlesque, Joe's Pub, and Cabaret Magique. She's also the winner of the Sally Rand award for Fan Dance won at DIXIE EVANS EXOTIC WORLD BURLESQUE MUSEUM in 2001.

At 12:30, a familiar face returns to New York for one night only, when BOBBY MILLER performs a set of spoken word and songs for his devoted public.Bobby's a poet, photographer, actor, hairdresser, make-up artist, singer and musician who after thirty years of living in NYC now resides in Provincetown, Massachusetts. His work is published as a writer, poet and photographer, and his epic poem "My Life As I Remember It" was an anthem of both the Jackie 60 VERBAL ABUSE reading series and the NUYORICAN POET'S CAFE slam scene. Tonight Bobby promises new work and a musical number or two with guitar diva LISA JACKSON. Can't wait!

#9 AVENUE A at First Street
Doors open 10:30 PM till 4 AM
$5 with invite or web printout all night/
$10 after midnight without

Suggested dress is Twenties Glamour, Magique for Moderns, Full Evening Dress (Oughts through Forties,) Montmartre Bohemian vs. East Village performance artist, Dietrich butch drag for women, berets, French New Wave, Weimar homage, Vaudeville or Burlesque looks or the ever-popular Moulin Rouge on Crack style.


15. Helen Varley Jamieson, FF Alumn, at City of Women 9th Int'l Festival of Contemporary Arts Ljubljana.

Avatar Body Collision presents
"swim - an exercise in remote intimacy" performed live via the internet at the Mesto Zensk City of Women International Festival of Contemporary Arts Tuesday 14 October, 10pm Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"swim - an exercise in remote intimacy" is a collage of immersive images, splashy flirtations, wet moments and deep encounters between fleshy cyber bodies that delves into the possibilities and problems of intimacy without physical proximity. It is performed by four players, one on stage and three geographically remote players who appear via the internet using the chat applications iVisit and the Palace.

Avatar Body Collision is Vicki Smith (Aotearoa/NZ), Leena Saarinen (Finland), Karla Ptacek (UK) and Helen Varley Jamieson (Aotearoa/NZ).

"swim" has previously been performed at Medi@terra (Athens, 2002), ANET Festival
(Belgrade, 2002) and Magdalena Australia (Brisbane, 2003).

The 9th City of Women International Festival of Contemporary Arts opens on Thursday, October 9. During the nine days of the festival - through Friday, October 17 - City of Women will present over thirty events with artists and theoreticians. The City of Women Festival is being organised by the Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture, in co-production with Cankarjev dom. With the financial support of: The City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture and The Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia. Furthermore the City of Women thanks the following organisations, foundations and companies for their support, sponsorship, collaboration or partnership: Mama Cash, Pro Helvetia -Arts Council of Switzerland, The Peace Institute Ljubljana, Tiskarna Emona, Renault Slovenia, Adria Airways, Hotel Park, The B ritish Council Slovenia, Italian Cultural Institute, Radio Student, French Institute Charles Nodier, Slovenski etnografski muzej; Slovenska kinoteka, Galerija Kapelica , KUD F rance Preseren , Moderna galerija Ljubljana, AKC Metelkova mesto, Grand Hotel Union, Galerija ŠKUC, KiberPipa, Stripburger Ljubljana and others. The press conference is scheduled for September 29, 2003, at 11:00 a.m., in Cankarjev Dom, at which time the detailed programme and the bilingual catalogue will be presented. In the ATTACHMENT we are sending you the outline of the program.
For more information, please contact:
Sabina Potocki or Bettina Knaup,
telephone: +386 (0)1 438 15 80 Fax: +386 (0)1 438 15 85;
or e-mail: info@cityofwomen-a.si or b.knaup@gmx.de
Additional information will be available on the Internet at:
Please check also:
City of Women team
Mesto zensk/
City of Women
Kersnikova 4
1000 Ljubljana


16. Jeffrey Feldman, FF Alumn, at Tenement Museum, October 9, 6-8 pm

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in collaboration with the Lower East Side Tenement Museum presents "What makes a space sacred?"

A panel discussion with artists: Thursday, October 9, 6-8 PM
Wine and cheese reception to follow at 90 Orchard Street, corner of Broome

Join the artists of "Regarding the Mihrab" - together with Harriet Senie, Professor and Director of Art History and Museum Studies Program at City College and Jeffrey Feldman, Professor of Museum Studies at New York University - in a discussion exploring how New Yorkers claim space as sacred after September 11th -- and the conflicts that surround these spaces.

"Regarding the Mihrab", an installation by Can Tiryaki, Tom Morbitzer and Goil Amornvivat explores how everyday space can be converted into a sacred site. This is the last installation of the year-long exhibition series, Points of Entry that explores the significance of immigrant communities in New York City, their experiences since 9/11, the issues surrounding new immigration policies, and global realities. On view in the Museum's storefront windows at 97 Orchard Street, extended through November 30, 2003.

For more information, visit www.lmcc.net


17. Warren Neidich, FF Alumn, at Spoonbill and Sugartown, November 4, 2003

Warren Neidich to talk about "The Cultured Brain" at Spoonbill and Sugartown on November 4, 2003 at 7:00 pm. The artist Warren Neidich has formulated an hypothesis that links the development of culture to the development of the brain. He believes that art has much to contribute to the investigation of the brain not so much as a way to understand the neurophysiologic aspects of the perception of the work of art but rather in understanding how culture itself affects the way the neurobiologic architecture of the brain is configured and reconfigured by the changing and mutating relations of culture. His selected writings, "Blow-up: Photography, Cinema and the Brain" published by DAP and the University of California, Riverside with an introduction by Norman Bryson is now in press and will be made available.


18. Doug Beube, FF Alumn, in Arlington VA thru Oct. 18th

Beyond Reading is an exhibition in Arlington, VA, until Oct. 18th, if you're in the area please visit the show. See links below for more information and an e-card. Cheers. Doug



19. Nam June Paik, FF Alumn, at MoMA at The Gramercy Theatre, Oct. 9-18

Standby: No Technical Difficulties
October 9-18, 2003

A selection of twenty-nine titles-including Ardele Lister's haunting look at technology and everyday life and Nam June Paik, Betsy Connors, and Paul Garrin's documentary video on the Living Theater-Standby: No Technical Difficulties provides an insightful view of media art since the 1980s and celebrates Standby's twenty years as a leader in audio and video postproduction services for independent media. Standby's recent co-restoration with MoMA of Tony Oursler's Life of Phillis (1977) opens this tribute on October 9 at 8:00 p.m. Organized by Sally Berger, Assistant Curator, Department of Film and Media, in collaboration with Maria Venuto, Executive Director, and Marshall Reese, artist/editor, Standby; and Steve Seid, Curator, Pacific Film Archive. For full program of screenings: http://www.moma.org/visit_moma/momafilm/standby_2003.html

MoMA at The Gramercy Theatre
127 East 23 Street at Lexington Avenue
For ticket information:
SUBWAY: 6 train to 23rd Street
BUSES: M23 to Lexington Avenue; M1 to Park Avenue and 23 Street; M101, M102,
M103 to Third Avenue and 23 Street


20. Bob Sikoryak, FF Alumn, featured in Comics Journal, Sept. 2003

Don't miss the latest issue of The Comics Journal which features a brand new cover by and a (very) long interview with R. Sikoryak, a.k.a. "Comics' Postmodern Chameleon."

It's in The Comics Journal # 255, dated Sept. 2003, although it just came out. It's available now in finer magazine and comic shops. For an excerpt, visit: http://www.tcj.com/

The printed edition also features a small excerpt from my latest story, "The Crypt of Bronte," soon to appear in Drawn and Quarterly Vol. 5.

Thanks for your attention!


21. Heidi House Arneson, FF Alumn, at Bryant Lake Bowl, MN, Thursdays in October

Here's a reminder for Heidi House Arneson and Neil Pederson's upcoming show:

TEN BEDROOM HEART opens THIS THURSDAY at Bryant-lake Bowl, and runs for just 4 Thursdays, October, 9, 16, 23 and 30 at 7:30pm at Bryant-lake Bowl. Please do come! It's lots of fun. Call (612) 825-8949 for reservations today

Grade school crushes, kleenex kisses, sleep-over parties, bare-man dances, love shoppers and dissolving pantyhose on a road trip across America. The newest and best material from 10 years of one-person shows by Heidi House Arneson, with hot blues from Neil Pederson, lead guitar for TRIKE and RAG TAG RYBAK.

"A Must-See." Star Tribune
"Devilishly funny!" Skyway News
"Technical mastery, hilarious storytelling" Lavender
Thursdays, October 9, 16, 23, 30 at 7:30pm
Bryant-Lake Bowl, 810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis
Tickets $12 Call (612) 825-8949 to reserve
TEN BEDROOM HEART runs one hour, from 7:30 to 8:30pm.
Call (612) 825-8949 for reservations today
Groups of 14 or more get a reduced ticket price of $10 if they reserve in advance on
one credit card. See you there!


22. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, in benefit for Joy Rider at CBGB, Oct 12, 8 pm

A throw down for a punk pioneer! Legendary punk rock icons Jayne County, Sylvain Sylvain (NY Dolls), Ruby Lynn Reyner, Walter Lure (Heartbreakers), Wild Bill Thompson (Senders), and the Rousers, join with new artists Lisa Jackson and Church of Betty to throw a benefit for Joy Ryder, to offset expenses after cranial surgery.

Joy, underground rock star from the 70's, also known as the Vanilla Queen of Soul, started out in street theater at age 15 on St. Marks Place, before moving to rock and roll. Internationally acclaimed performance artist Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, will MC with Gene Cornish of the Rascals. Hilly Krystal of CBGB has donated the club for the benefit, which will be held on Sunday, October 12, 8pm at CBGB, 315 Bowery, NYC


23. Deborah Edmeades, FF Alumn, at Pierogi, opening Oct 10, 7-9 pm

Phyllis Baldino
Deborah Edmeades
Kim Kimball
David Kramer
Matt Marello
Shannon Plumb
Kenneth Shorr
Tavares Strachan
At Pierogi
177 N. 9th St. Brooklyn

Opening: Friday, October 10, 7-9pm
Hours: Noon to 6pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and By Appointment
Dates: October 10 through November 10, 2003
Directions: Take the L train to Bedford Ave then two blocks to N 9th street

This exhibition will feature videos directed toward the viewer, one-on-one; such as a "talking head", where you are an engaged participant, because of the directness of the presentation rather than a voyeur. Here the activity relies on the relationship between the performer and the viewer where the monitor becomes the conduit between the two; the intention and result being almost a conversation with the viewer. Rather than relying on elaborate technique and seamless production (as many contemporary video and film works by artists like Annika Larsson or Shirin Neshat do), these works are raw and direct, sometimes using a single take or real time. References would be Bruce Nauman's "Lip Sync" (1969) or Richard Serra's "Hand Catching Lead" (1968) or any nightly News anchor. This installation will consist of nine viewing stations each with one monitor and one chair, set up in a maze like layout.


24. RENO, FF Alumn, TONITE at 7:30 pm at Dixon Place at the Marquee

The Dixon Place Veteran Series presents RENO tonite at 7:30 pm
Tickets only $10 or TDF
Reservations: 212-219-0736 x106
Dixon Place at the Marquee: 356 Bowery (between Great Jones & E.4th St)

Reno is beginning "The Religion Show." Church/State-- them's the choices, babe. Don't miss brand new material from the fabulous Reno.


25. Elly Clark, FF Alumn, in London, England, October 17

The Best in Young UK Performance and Video Acts
17th October 2003 as part of F-EST weekend
291 gallery, Hackney Road,London
from 6pm til late.admission free

curated by Lee Campbell

Bruce and Joan, Lee Campbell, Aimee Chuter, Elly Clarke, Sarah Collins, Angie Hicks, Calum F Kerr, Elizabeth McAlpine, Claire Weetman, Kimberley White.

F-est 2003
It Aint What You Do
A 291 Performance Evening curated by Lee Campbell (Soup Projects)- Friday 17 Oct 6pm-2am

ARTISTS: Lee Campbell, Bruce and Joan, Sarah Collins Claire Weetman, Elly Clarke, Calum F. Kerr, Aimee Chuter, Angela Hicks, Elizabeth McAlpine and Kimberley White

291 Gallery presents a night of performance art and large-format video presentations. This event features nine solo artists and one duet acclaimed for creating works which generate performative visual spectacles in their chosen field. The show exposes the aesthetic beauty in the production of each work and encourages the audience to participate and engage with the process of the work. Lee Campbell will create a huge site-specific junk installation covered with reduced-price stickers courtesy of Tesco Supermarkets. Aimee Chuter works under various guises and enigmas, this event sees her acting out various domestic activities under the identity of Wonderwoman. Calum F.Kerr - as a part of his absorbing series of performances in the UK and Berlin, Kerr's performance at 291 combines fiendish slapstick with perverse dark humour. Claire Weetman will be presenting her acclaimed "Sit and Draw" performance in which she produces huge images using coloured pencils attached to a revolving chair. Bruce and Joan (Alexander Costello and Sarah Turner) produce highly comical and self-parodical works set within their own enigmatic world. The audience will be treated to fascinating snapshots of everyday life in this 'land'. Liz McAlpine and Angie Hicks create video pieces which question the deconstruction of narrative within cinematic presentation. Plus video artists Elly Clarke and Kimberley White, showcasing a new programme of large format video presentations.

F-ilm F-est
291 Artist's Film and Video Programme curated by Deana Wright and Ginette Grimes Friday 17, Saturday 18, Sunday 19 Oct 11am-6pm

291 Gallery presents a formidable compilation of artists film and video. We will be showing a programme of specially selected new work by contemporary video artists, experimental filmmakers and artists working in digital new-media - including a high proportion of work by recent graduates. The 3-hour programme will screen continuously in the bar from 11am-6pm Friday to Sunday, with a programme of large-scale non-narrative digital animation showing on the Main Gallery screen from 7pm-2am on Saturday.

artists include: Lisa Nash, Hannah Gal, Grant Burnside, Julianna, Giuseppe Mistretta, Jackie Humphries, Ben Hardcastle, Lisa Gorman, Glen Boulter, Leon Cole, Ben Polhill, Seraina Mueller, Satoko Yamaguchi, Konstantinos Menehoiou, Oriana Fox, Sam Allen, Doug Fishbone, Dimitri Berzon, Steven Grey, Jinnet, Helen Kelly, Naimh Murrey, Maxwell Attenbrough, Samuel Porrit, Mariana Fantich, Antonnela Farrare, Andrew Jones, Tobias Ingels, Saleh Addonia, George Barber

Refreshments are available throughout the day and the bar is open until 2am
Full programme available from 291 Gallery, or www.f-est.com or www.291gallery.com

Cirque De Radio Egypt
291 Performance Party for F-est - Sunday 19 Oct 6pm-midnight
The ultimate Pop Performance Party, created by performance artist Jonathan Wooster (Satanica Pandamonia) and Richard Battye (Richardette). A combination of cutting-edge drag performance fusing costume, spoken word, dance and installation all set to Richardette's glossy eighties soundtrack with more Bucks Fizz than you can shake a stick at. A magnificent setting for great works of madness. Satanica Pandamonia is proud to welcome performance artist Empress Star and The Sizzle Sisters into the spotlight, whilst Beverly Whispers, Lavinia Co-op and Bo' Bella Selector offer the usual serendipitous surprises.

For more 291 programme information or to join our mailing list contact Lisa Jensen: 0207 613 5676

Director Edwina Orr, 291 Hackney Road, E2 8NA, Tel:020 7613 5676 Fax: 020 7613 5692 e:admin@291gallery.com www.291gallery.com


26. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, in Culver City and Santa Monica, CA, October

curated by Liz McGrath
(with Isabel Samaras, Mark Ryden, Liz McGrath, Camille Rose Garcia, Gary Baseman, Glenn Barr, and more)
Through Nov 8th
Copro Nason Gallery
11265 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230


Isabel Samaras' painting "Funk The Rich: George Clinton" will be on exhibit with the travelling show "THE GREATEST ALBUM COVERS THAT NEVER WERE" at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica. Opening reception on Saturday October 11 from 6-9 P.M.

Track 16 Gallery is pleased to present The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were. Inaugurated at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in June 2003, the exhibition consists of images created by one hundred established graphic and fine artists. Given no boundaries, these artists had the unique opportunity to create their ultimate fantasy album cover as a purely artistic expression.

The result of this curatorial endeavor is a highly original and creative collection of contemporary art. The exhibition features work by author Kurt Vonnegut, musician Graham Nash, artist Ralph Steadman, musician Marilyn Manson, artist Robert Williams, and other artists working in all media. To view more of Isabel Samaras' work: www.devilbabe.com


27. Steven Watson. FF Alumn, publication party for book on Andy Warhol, FF Alumn, at Spike Gallery, Oct 21, 6-8:30

Pantheon Books and Spike Gallery invite you to celebrate the publication of Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties by Steven Watson Tuesday, October 21 6:00 - 8:30 SPIKE Gallery 547 West 20th Street (at the corner of the West Side Highway) Please RSVP 212-572-2685 I HOPE TO SEE YOU, Steven P.S. I again urge you to check out the website www.factorymade.org and play around with the video especially.


28. Oscar McLennan, FF Alumn, at UCLA, Oct 15-19, 2003

USA premiere of The Quiet Bastard - Director's Cut at UCLA, MacGowan's Little Theatre. 15th - 19th Oct. 8pm. Sun 19th 7pm. $30 ($17 students). Written & performed by Oscar McLennan with Audio visuals by Anne Seagrave. Commissioned by UCLA Live & The Dublin Fringe Festival.

Combining blisteringly surreal humor, manic energy and "prose that coils like a snake around your brain" (The Guardian), acclaimed Glasgow-born, Dublin -based, monologist Oscar McLennan weaves a darkly comic tale of a man who withdraws from society into his own cinema of dreams in the desert. Part satire, part reverie, part modern day Samuel Beckett, The Quiet Bastard _ Director's Cut takes audiences to a place of outcasts and misfits, where the anarchy, vastness and desolation of the desert creep into the fringes of one's being. Set against a swirling, evocative backdrop of sampled sound-tracks, slides and video projections, McLennan turns the raw pain and desperation of isolation into a thing of poetic eloquence and stark beauty.



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