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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
September 11, 2003

1.Tana Hargest, FF Future of the Present Artist, at Momenta, opens Sept. 12, 6-9 pm
2. Max Gimblett, FF Member, at Berman Museum, through October 26
3. Agnes Denes FF Alumn, retrospective exhibition tours U.S. thru May, 2004
4. Nicole Eisenman, FF Alumn, at SculptureCenter, thru December 7
5. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, writing workshop, Sept. 21, 12-4 pm
6. Patty Chang, FF Alumn, at Zacheta Gallery, Poland, through November 16
7. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, in Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 11-13
8. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at Viridian Artists @ Chelsea, through September 20
9. Andre Stitt, FF Alumn, Bedford Project, Sept. 12-Nov. 1, 2003
10. Steve Ausbury, FF Alumn, at Cinematexas 2003, Austin, September 20-21
11. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, at Woodstock Film Festival, Sept. 21, 3 pm
12. Journal of Digital Libraries, Call for Papers on Digital Museums, deadline Dec. 31
13. Eve Andrée Larameé, FF Alumn, at Wave Hill, opening reception Sept. 21
14. Kate Brehm at CB's 313 Gallery, Sept. 19
15. Art Auction for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Perez Gallery, Tribeca, Sept. 18
16. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, The Electric Junkyard Gamelan free concert, Sept. 13
17. Peter Grzybowski, FF Alumn, presents LINE, at Chashama, Sept. 20-21
18. Sol LeWitt, Richard Serrra, Andy Warhol, William Wegman, Lawrence Weiner, FF Alumns, benefit for Max's Kansas City, Sept. 29, 8:30-11
19. Curt Marcus, FF Member, named Director of Hauser & Wirth London
20.Karen Shaw, Kiki Smith, FF Alumns, in Immersion, opening Sept. 17, 6:30 pm

1.Tana Hargest, FF Future of the Present Artist, at Momenta, opens Sept. 12, 6-9 pm

BNI/Tana Hargest, Franklin Furnace Future of the Present Artist, presents New Negrotopia, September 12 through October 13th. The magic begins with the opeing, September 12th, 6-9 pm at Momenta Art, 72 Berry Street, Brooklyn NY 11211, www.momentaart.org 718-218-8058 Gallery hours, Friday through Monday, 12-6 pm.


2. Max Gimblett, FF Member, at Berman Museum, through October 26

The Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College presents Live on Paper, September 9-October 26, 2003, including the visual art of Max Gimblett, FF Member. Opening reception on Sunday, September 21, 2003, 3-5 pm at the Berman Museum of Art, 601 E. Main Street, Collegeville, PA tel. 610-409-3500.


3. Agnes Denes FF Alumn, retrospective exhibition tours U.S. thru May, 2004

"Agnes Denes-Projects for Public Spaces". Drawings, models, sculpture and photographs document 50 public projects by environmental art pioneer Agnes Denes. Organized by Bucknell University's Samek Art Gallery, Lewisburg, Penn, this show focuses on her visionary projects from 1968 to the present. It appears at the Herron Gallery, University of Indiana, Indianapolis, August 27 - September 27, 2003, the Haggerty Museum at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Oct 16 - January 4, 2004, and the Naples (Fla.) Museum of Art, February 14 -May 5, 2004.


4. Nicole Eisenman, FF Alumn, at SculptureCenter, thru December 7

The Paper Sculpture Show
September 7 - December 7, 2003
44-19 Purves Street
Long Island City, Queens
T:718 361 1750

Artists in the Exhibition
Janine Antoni, The Art Guys, David Brody, Luca Buvoli, Francis Cape and Liza Phillips, Minerva Cuevas, Seong Chun, E.V. Day, Nicole Eisenman, Spencer Finch, Charles Goldman, Rachel Harrison, Stephen Hendee, Patrick Killoran, Glenn Ligon, Cildo Meireles, Helen Mirra, Aric Obrosey, Ester Partegàs, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Akiko Sakaizumi, David Shrigley, Eve Sussman, Sarah Sze, Fred Tomaselli, Pablo Vargas-Lugo, Chris Ware, Olav Westphalen, and Allan Wexler.

Also on view:
In Practice projects by: Chris Doyle, Ellen Harvey, James Hegge, Rebecca Herman & Mark Shoffner, Diana Shpungin & Nicole Engelmann. In Practice is an ongoing project series designed to support the creation of innovative work and to provide artists with the opportunity to show their work in a professional context.

About The Paper Sculpture Show
SculptureCenter, in collaboration with Cabinet magazine and Independent Curators International, presents The Paper Sculpture Show, a traveling exhibition that premieres with an opening reception at SculptureCenter from 2 - 5pm on September 7, 2003. Curated by SculptureCenter Director Mary Ceruti, artist Matt Freedman and Cabinet magazine Editor-in-Chief Sina Najafi, The Paper Sculpture Show invites artists and audiences to explore the realm between two- and three-dimensional art in a new and inventive way. The show will be on view September 7 - December 7, 2003.

Twenty-nine artists have been asked to design a paper sculpture to be cut out and assembled using very basic materials. Visitors will be encouraged to "complete the artworks" by cutting out and assembling the sculptures of their choice. The exhibition consists only of sculptures assembled by the audience-collaborators-multiple copies of each artist's idea, each unique in its fabrication by an individual visitor. An exhibit design by Allan Wexler provides workstations and display areas made from single sheets of 4x8 plywood using cutting and folding techniques similar to those employed in the artworks.

Gallery Hours:Thursday - Monday, 11 - 6pm. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
Admission: By suggested donation
Directions: Subway: E or V to 23rd/Ely, 7 to 45th Road/Courthouse Square, G to
Court Square


5. Roberta Allen, FF Alumn, writing workshop, Sept. 21, 12-4 pm

Roberta Allen is having a SPECIAL SUNDAY WRITING INTENSIVE on Sept. 21 from noon to 4 PM with a 1/2 hr. break. This intensive is 3 1/2 hours of timed exercises (many are new) that writers and artists can use for fiction, creative nonfiction--any kind of creative prose. You may start a project, continue a project, get over writer's block, or just get your creative juices flowing. The cost: $100. There are a limited number of spaces so if you want to sign up, please let Roberta know soon. Email her at Roall@aol.com
Visit her web site: http://www.prairieden.com/roberta.allen/
Both books are published by Houghton Mifflin


6. Patty Chang, FF Alumn, at Zacheta Gallery, Poland, through November 16

Zacheta Gallery of Art
Realities. Collections Without Frontiers II
6 September through 16 November 2003
pl. Malachowskiego 3
00-916 Warsaw, Poland
tel. (48) (22) 827 58 54
fax. (48) (22) 827 78 86

The exhibition 'Realities. Collections Without Frontiers II' has been organised in collaboration with the Regional Funds for Contemporary Art (Fonds régionaux d'art contemporain - FRAC) from Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne, Franche-Comté, Burgundy and Lorraine (which together form the 'Association Grand Est', the Great East Association) under the official patronage of the Polish Minister of Culture Waldemar D¹browsky and his French counterpart Jean-Jacques Aillagon.

The Regional Funds, inaugurated in France twenty years ago (this year is therefore a jubilee year), were the brainchild of the then Minister of Culture Jack Lang. Lang, as well as for other headline-grabbing initiatives such as the pyramid in the courtyard at the Louvre, is renowned above all in France for the implementation of a policy of cultural decentralisation. Initially, each of the French regions would receive a budget from the state: on Lang's initiative each region was put in charge of its own budget specially earmarked for the creation of a collection of contemporary art. From the beginning, the principle was established that these would not just be collections of local or French artists, but genuinely international collections of contemporary art. The particular profile of a collection is always dependent on the individual director, who enjoys a large degree of independence in deciding the overall direction of the Fund programme. However, this freedom is mitigated by the fact that, prior to being accepted, his decisions are discussed by a Technical Commission (which will in fact be something like an Advisory Commission) and finally have to be officially accepted by an administrative council. Thus it is that, in regional collections of contemporary art, you can find collections of photographs by Man Ray or Anton Stankowskiego, images by Yan Pei Ming, objects by Chen Zhen, videos by Tracey Moffat or Douglas Gordon, recordings of performances by Marina Abramovic, and even objects of high value, which, with the passing time, take on ever greater value and could be the pride of any museum collection. The role of the Regional Funds of Contemporary Art has developed with time: now they are not just collections of the latest art, but also active participants in the production of art, maintaining an unusually close contact with artists.

On Saturday 6th September, a seminar on the theme of the Regional Funds of Contemporary Art in France and the attempt to create a similar network in Poland will be held at the French Institute. Participants in the seminar will include: representatives of the Minister of Culture, Directors of FRAC, representatives of the regional authorities in France and Poland, and also the sociologist Philippe Urfalino, author of seminal works on the theme of politics and contemporary art.

Realities. Collections Without Frontiers II
Art is never a simple representation of reality. It is on the contrary an attempt to build an architectural whole from fragments, sometimes from citations, extracted from tradition, history, illusions or dreams. It never succeeds, even if the works are created with the real residue of dreams. Their architecture is the attempt to create a particular mythology of memories, where the construction material is not of a unified substance. With these different materials they build moods and situations, or sometimes just the recollection of them, a utopia of childhood, of myths, of fragments glimpsed at some point or other from a film or reminiscences of books once read.

Such an architecture can be witnessed equally in the deceptively realistic portraits of Man Ray, the 'objective' photographs dreamed up by Hilla and Bernd Becher, the lifelike lithographs constructed from artificial plants from Joan Fontcuberta's secret Herbarium, in Chen Zhen's installations constructed out of objects (typewriters, newspapers, rubbish, earth, a cabinet) which enable the artist to create his own vision of the world or in Pierre Huygh's seriographs which, by multiplying the elements of reality and photograph within a photograph, create a game which blurs the distinctions between the two.

The stories played out within these 'architectural' intreriors are various. They might tell of the conflict between woman and man (Anette Messager), of alienation and the inability to adapt (Ana Torfs' Du Mentir Faux or Dara Birnbaum's Damnation of Faust), of the asymmetry between body and architecture (Bill Henson's photographs) or of the 'discomfort' of living spaces (Willie Doherty). Or the drama might be that of the conflict between existential isolation and the terror of mass habits, between freedom and being well-trained (Su Mei Tse) or of the authoritarianism of the family or the community (Emanulele Antilla). The world created for habitation here turns out to be too stuffed with differences for it to act as a medium for the differences between people.

Destruction is a revolt that directs the artist back towards themselves, the narcissism (Patty Chang) or auto-aggression (Marina Abramovic) visible in many works are merely different strategies for attempting the same task (Thomas Hirschorn). In the apotheosis of the body, the artist clears the world of myths, demythologising it to bring to the fore autocreativity (Jonathon Monk), parody (Francoise Couppet, Tracey Moffat) or reinterpretation (Rainer Olendorf, Ange Leccia, Thomas Ruff).

The exhibition in Zachêta is the second in the series Collections Without Frontiers. The first took place in Turin in the summer. The exhibition in Zachêta is accompanied by a catalogue, in which, besides texts about the exhibition and essays about the works and artists on display in it, are to be found interviews with the five directors of the Regional Funds of Contemporary Art in Alsace, Lorraine, Burgundy, Franche-Comté and Champagne on the idea and structure of their institutions and also a text on the history of art collections in Poland.

Exhibition runs until November 16th.
Curators: Agnieszka Morawinska, Hanna Wroblewska

Exhibition organised with the cooperation of the French Association of Artistic Affairs (AFAA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Visual Arts (DAP) at the Ministry of Culture and Communication as well as thanks to the financial assistant of the regions of the Great-East of France: Alsace, Lorraine, Burgundy, Franche-Comté and Champagne. We acknowledge thanks in helping to organise the exhibition to: The French Embassy in Warsaw; The French Institute in Warsaw; The Embassy of the USA in Warsaw

Gallery Hours:
Tuesdays - Sundays 12 noon - 8 pm, free Thursdays


7. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, in Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 11-13
Penny Arcade performs New York Values in Frankfurt , Germany Sept 11th through September 13th 10pm Mousonturm


8. Vernita Nemec, FF Alumn, at Viridian Artists @ Chelsea, through September 20

530 West 25th Street betw 10th & 11th Avs.#407 New York City
tel/fax 212 414 4040

A Project Conceived by Mary Miss in collaboration with Elliot Maltby and Victoria Marshall
SEPTEMBER 9 - 20, 2003
Opening Reception & performance by N'Cognita Wednesday, September 10, 6-8 pm
Coffee & conversation with the artists Saturday, September 13, 3 pm
Viridian Artists is pleased to present Multiple Memorials, opening September 9th with a reception Wednesday, September 10th from 6-8 pm. More than 50 temporary memorials addressing the events of September 11th, 2001 provide intriguing alternatives to the familiar conception of a single permanent memorial. In an open call for proposals by public artist Mary Miss, artists and designers were asked to choose a location, or series of locations within New York City. Understanding the spontaneous memorials that appeared during the weeks that followed September 11 as an important precedent, the temporary memorials would complement each other, creating a memorial of many parts throughout the city. Locations as varied as an abandoned brick wall, atraffic island, and the sky above the World Trade Center site were used by the artists to create places that stretch and reinvent the notion of the memorial. John Boone s proposal envisions two small planes flying over lower Manhattan with banners reading At a Loss for Words on the anniversary, while Julie Tancill places an enigmatic light in an existing hole in the wall of a Brooklyn brownstone. Many of the proposals were multiple memorials themselves, the artists imagining a scattering of transformations throughout the city. For example, Thomas Juliard Zoli s Ghost of a Twin shows a cast resin duplicate of common street items, such as trashcans and fire hydrants. Heidi Bullinger Architects and Tracey Hummer both co-opt the neglected historic fire pull boxes, each in their own way, inserting small memorials within. As we near the second anniversary of the attacks of September 11 and the forthcoming announcement of the permanent memorial by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, it is still apparent that no single memorial can address the multiple needs, desires and agendas that have surfaced. How and what we choose to remember vary widely; a memorial of many parts allows for the possibility of different emphasis and interpretation. This was an event that touched everyone in the city, each neighborhood and community experiencing something unique. Our thinking about an appropriate memorial should reflect this. Multiple Memorials provided artists an opportunity to experiment with the memorial language and form, giving the city a diversity of ideas that reflects its own diversity. Multiple Memorials grew out a proposal for a temporary memorial, Moving Perimeter, that Mary Miss in collaboration with Elliott Maltby and Victoria Marshall developed immediately after September 11. Addressing the changing conditions of the area around Ground Zero, the intention of Moving Perimeter was to create a place for people to gather that would evolve over time, until reconstruction would be complete. Mary Miss, whose New York work includes South Cove at Battery Park City and a permanent installation in the Union Square Subway Station, has long been involved with integrating art into the public realm. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 to 6. Please contact the gallery for more information. www.viridianartists.com


9. Andre Stitt, FF Alumn, Bedford Project, Sept. 12-Nov. 1, 2003

The Bedford Project
Exhibition and Installations
Andre Stitt
13 September - 1 November 2003
Private View 12 September 2003, 6 - 8pm

Over the last year Wales-based performance artist Andre Stitt has performed a series of eight live art performances in Bedford town and the surrounding rural areas. These performances were in direct response to the town's own unique society and culture. Each of the performances was recorded using photography and film. The film footage has been edited together into a short film documenting the project. The still images have been used to create a unique new suite of large-scale digital photographs.

Each photograph in the exhibition is a visual response by the artist to one of the performances, and a permanent record of its occurrence. The work includes, amongst others; The Italian Job, a live art work produced in partnership with the Italian Vice-Consulate and Hanson Brick Ltd, Stewartby. This performance was a celebration of Bedford¹s large Italian Community in recognition of its huge contribution to the economy of Bedford through the brick industry. In celebration of one of the country¹s most recognized secular festivals, Stitt performed the light-hearted I Love You, during which he paraded through the town centre with placards handing out badges printed with the timeless three little words, I Love You. Perhaps most poignant of all the performances represented in this exhibition is that made in homage to Glenn Miller, Missing. The artist commemorated the tragic demise and last flight of Glenn Miller, JSR Morgan and Norman Baesell with a fly-by at Twinwoods Airfield where he dropped three carnations from an aeroplane. Also featured in the exhibition is a digital print made in response to White Trash Curry Kick, which was cancelled amidst much media coverage and controversy. This performance was intended as a critical commentary on the behaviour of certain people in town centres all over the country on Friday and Saturday nights.

An exhibition of this work is now on show at BCA Gallery throughout September and October. There will also be video installations at The Chapel, Bedford Cemetery and temporary exhibits at Cecil Higgins Art Gallery.

For further information please contact Sarah Blomfield, Director, BCA Gallery 01234 355870 or Hedj Ijyaho-Dollman, Gallery Manager, BCA Gallery on 01234 273580.
BCA Gallery 33 Castle Lane Bedford MK40 3XD


10. Steve Ausbury, FF Alumn, at Cinematexas 2003, Austin, September 20-21

"Biospheria Archive Project" premieres at Cinematexas 2003, Austin, TX on September 20-21.

Designed by Steve Ausbury and Anthony Burr, the Biospheria Archive Project is a DVD-based installation with a live component based on, Biospheria: an environmental opera(2001). Audience/participants may experience the sounds and images of Biospheria: an inside the installation and/or take an interactive stroll in groups of three or more into the wild urban milieu of Austin, TX with the Terra Tour® audio package.

Biospheria: an environmental opera mixes together ambient music and synthesized natural sounds, subtle presentation of narrative texts (signage and spoken word diary entries of fictional inhabitants - see below), institutional set dress ("costumed" buildings and attendant grounds), animation, and choreographed bodies in the landscape to address the multiple themes of Biosphere 2. In the original production in La Jolla, CA, audience members were literally bound together into "pods" of eight representing the eight ecosystems of Biosphere 2 - rain forest, desert, savannah, marsh, agriculture, ocean, technosphere and human habitat - and the eight inhabitants who live inside. The libretto is comprised of a series of fictional Biospherian diary entries written by eight writers in different cities via the web. The music consists of computer generated simulations of "natural" sounds.

Biospheria is a collaboration between director, Steve Ausbury and composer, Anthony Burr, and includes contributions by animator Rachel Mayeri, designer Hector Perez and Itsaso Petricorena. Biospheria uses the idea of "found opera" to work with inherent operatic properties of a given locale, to bring out subjective qualities in the landscape, and to set up contexts in which the space itself may sing. The work is further activated by audience/participants who play roles in the work as captive Biospherians: they work together in small groups; navigate the landscape wearing headsets and costumes; and, perform for incidental passersby as agents of the opera.


11. Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, at Woodstock Film Festival, Sept. 21, 3 pm

Barbara Hammer, FF Alumn, 1988, screens her new feature documentary RESISTING PARADISE at the Woodstock Film Festival, Sept. 21 at 3pm at Mountain View Studio. RESISTING PADISE asks what does an artist do during a time of war and uses Matisse and Bonnard as case studies. Set in the Mediterranean village of Cassis during WWII, stories of art and war unfold in a form that defines "resistance", i.e., slowly civil liberties are dissolved until the citizen can no longer stand it and begins resisting.


12. Journal of Digital Libraries, Call for Papers on Digital Museums, deadline Dec. 31

The Journal of Digital Libraries (Springer)
Special Issue on DigitalMuseum

Museums play an important role in collecting, organizing, conserving, and exhibiting the cultural and artistic heritage of the world. With the development of digital museums, the museum collections may now be digitized and disseminated in digital form using new media and networked channels. This presents powerful opportunities to overcome the geographical or logistical obstacles that hinder people from visiting the physical sites of museums. If we consider the fact that museums normally have not more than 5% of their holdings in their exhibitions, it offers for the first time the possibility to make the total of knowledge kept in museums available to research and the interested public. Since cultural information obtains much of its relevance from thorough understanding of wider contexts and the variances of analogous phenomena in different environments, digital museums also open the vision to be able to research relevant information spread over a multitude of disparate information sources.

With the objective to enable people to explore the collections for research, inspiration, learning, and enjoyment, digital museums particular emphasize the mechanisms to balance the interests of documentation, education and entertainment. From this perspective, the on-going convergence of digital libraries and digital museums into integrated information spaces seems to be only at its beginning. Many issues, including intellectual, technological, legal, economic, organizational, and design concerns from the perspective of museum's applications, need to be explored.

Recognizing the importance of the research in digital museum issues, The Journal of Digital Libraries is organizing a special issue on DigitalMuseum. The primary focus of this special issue will be on high-quality original unpublished research, case studies, as well as implementation experiences in the areas pertaining the issues in digital museums.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
Information integration and knowledge environments
Information access, dissemination, and use
Identification of cultural objects in digital resources and duplicate detection
Data models, metadata models, ontologies for cultural heritage
Multimedia techniques for representation, presentation and display
Digitalization and annotation of real world artifacts
Case studies, experiences, trials, and evaluations of digital museum systems

Submissions are invited from researchers and professionals examining and applying information technologies to cultural heritage, including policy makers, humanities scholars, archivists, information specialists, electronic publishers, museum curators, and educators.

Instructions for submitting manuscripts:
Manuscripts must be written in English and should include a cover page with title, name and address (including e-mail address) of author(s), an abstract, and a list of identifying keywords. Please indicate that you are submitting to the special issue on DigitalMuseum. Manuscripts must be submitted via the web site http://cimic.rutgers.edu/~jdlsi/submission/

Important Dates:
December 31, 2003 Due date for submission of manuscripts
March 1, 2004 Notification of acceptance/rejection
May 1, 2004 Due date for final version
September 2004 Tentative date for publication of the Special Issue

Editors of the Special Issue:

Jen-Shin Hong
CSIE Department National China University PULI
Nantao, Taiwan 545
Phone: 886-49-2915225 Fax: 886-49-2915226
Email: jshong@csie.ncnu.edu.tw http://www.csie.ncnu.edu.tw/~jshong

Martin Doerr
Center for Cultural Informatics ICS-FORTH
71110 Heraklion-Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2810 391625
Fax: +30 2810 391638
Email: martin@ics.forth.gr

Jieh Hsiang
CSIE Department
Taipei, Taiwan 100
Phone: 886-2-2362-5336
Fax: 886-2-2362-1704
Email: hsiang@csie.ntu.edu.tw http://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~hsiang

About the Journal:
The aim of JDL is to advance the theory and practice of acquisition, definition, organization, management and dissemination of digital information via global networking. In particular, the journal will emphasize technical issues in digital information production, management and use, issues in high-speed networks and connectivity, inter-operability, and seamless integration of information, people, profiles, tasks and needs, security and privacy of individuals and business transactions and effective business processes in the Information Age. More information about the journal can be found at http://cimic.rutgers.edu/~jdl/

Executive Editor-in -Chief
Dr. Nabil R. Adam, Rutgers University

Editor- in- Chief
Dr. Erich J. Neuhold, Fraunhofer IPSI

Editor- in- Chief
Dr. Richard Furuta, Editor- in -Chief, TexasA&MUniversity

Advisory Board
Alfred V.Aho, ColumbiaU.
Daniel E.Atkins, U. of Michigan
Steve Griffin, NSF
Milton Halem, NASA
Costantino Thanos, Ist. Elaborazione
Yelena Yesha, UMBC

Editorial Board
Jose Borbinha, Biblioteca Nacional
Ching-chih Chen, SimmonsCollege
Panos Constantopoulos, U. of Crete
Gregory Crane, TuftsU.
Murilo Cunha, U. de Brasilia
Andrew Dillon, U. of Texas at Austin
Dieter Fellner, BraunschweigU.
Jen-shin Hong, NationalChiNanU.
Yannis Ioannidis, U. of Athens
Traugott Koch, NetLab, LundU.
Laszlo Kovacs, MTA SZTAKI.
Gary Marchionini, U. of NC
Carol Ann Peters, Ist. Elaborazione
Seamus Ross, U. of Glasgow
Rudi Schmiede, DarmstadtU.
Alan Smeaton, DublinCityU.
Terry Smith, U. of California
Ingeborg Solvberg, NorwegianU.
Shigeo Sugimoto, U. of Lib. and I.S.
Howard Wactlar, CarnegieMellonU.
Ian Witten, U. of Waikato

Assistant to Editors- in-Chief
Ahmed Gomaa
202 Ackerson Hall, 180 University Ave.
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973 353 1865

Ingo Frommholz frommholz@ipsi.fraunhofer.de

Phone: +49 (0)6151/869-4915


13. Eve Andrée Larameé, FF Alumn, at Wave Hill, opening reception Sept. 21

Hello friends and colleagues and Sweet greetings!

My new installation, "Sugar Mud", opened to the public at Wave Hill in the Bronx yesterday. The exhibition is "Hudson River Projects", and also features a new installation by Brandon Ballengee. The opening reception party is on September 21, 1:00-4:30pm, and a panel discussion is on November 23 at 2pm. Here's a link to photos:

and an interview: http://www.geocities.com/laramee_sugarmud/SugarMud.html

All best,
Homepage: http://home.earthlink.net/~wander
Netherzone: http://home.earthlink.net/~wander/_wsn/page4.html

P.S. And a link to Wave Hill for directions and information:


14. Kate Brehm at CB's 313 Gallery, Sept. 19

www.imnotlost.net presents Slutty Puppets and Friends Friday, September 19th at
CB's 313 Gallery
313 Bowery
10:00 p.m. Cover $7
I'm Not Lost presents puppets doing nasty things. Get drunk. Get dirty. Watch puppets. Miss Kate, dancing extraordinaire, as always will host the evening. Appearing attractions include: the "twisted, fast, and funny,"JOSH AND TAMRA SHOW, NYC's most unpredictable adult improv comedy puppet duo; KATE BREHM 's most recent bit of erotic puppet chaos, VARIATION ONE; Copulating puppets by Seattle Puppeteer ADAM ENDE; MEANSOFPRODUCTION 's "Pickle-in-a-Bag" tricks; "Slutty nonsense" by radical faerie AGNES de GARRON; The Astounding and Bizarre RED DEVIL BUFFOUN; stomping, screaming accordion by JASON WEBLEY; and "FIT TO BE TIED," beneath-the-belt puppetry by The Four in Hand!!!.

Come. Come. Come see some puppet chaos. www.imnotlost.net/slutty/

I'm Not Lost is a loose-knit choir of artists, performers, and eccentrics in pursuit of the uncanny experience. speaktome@imnotlost.net


15. Art Auction for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Perez Gallery, Tribeca, Sept. 18

On Thursday, September 18 from 7-10pm, The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition - NYC Division will present "Art/Can", an art auction benefit to raise awareness and education about ovarian cancer. The event is also aimed to promote local amateur and professional artists, and to support downtown NYC. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

The event itself will take place at Michael Perez Gallery in Tribeca. Mark Smith, Michael Perez and Elizabeth Biondi of the New Yorker magazine are some of the local artists involved with the auction. Dr. Robert Knapp, co-inventor of the CA-125 blood test for ovarian cancer will be speaking. We also have received verbal endorsement from Katie Couric and Anna Qindlen.

Tickets are $55 advance sale and $60 at the door. There will be an open bar, hors d'oeuvres and a raffle. The local jazz trio, Global Motion featuring internationally renowned Vic Juris, will be performing live.

At this time, only 24% of ovarian cancer cases are detected at any early, treatable stage. This translates into a mere 35% of those diagnosed having an overall 5-year survival rate. While there has yet to be developed an accurate test to diagnose the disease while it is still confined to the ovary, knowledge remains the best tool for women to protect themselves against ovarian cancer.


16. Terry Dame, FF Alumn, The Electric Junkyard Gamelan free concert, Sept. 13

We will be performing a free concert this Saturday at Stuyvesant Cove Park at 2pm. (rain date Sunday 9/14@ 2pm). We perform original gamelan inspired compositions on invented instruments. The concert is part of The Solar Powered Performance Series sponsored by The Community Environmental Center and all music amplification will be powered by solar panels on site. So come on down its good clean fun for the whole family. More info on the Electric Junkyard Gamelan can be found at www.terrydame.com. Hope to see you there.

Stuyvesant Cove Park
23rd Street and the East River
Saturday Sept. 13th 2pm


17. Peter Grzybowski, FF Alumn, presents LINE, at Chashama, Sept. 20-21

New Performance and Installation
Saturday, September 20 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM
and Sunday September 21 from 4:30 to 6:30
113 West 42nd Street, New York
Please stop by if you happen to be around
New things are coming soon.

For more information please see TIXEs web site:
Peter Grzybowski


18. Sol LeWitt, Richard Serrra, Andy Warhol, William Wegman, Lawrence Weiner, FF Alumns, benefit for Max's Kansas City, Sept. 29, 8:30-11

MAX'S KANSAS CITY : A Benefit Art Auction and Reunion Party!
Monday - September 29 - 2003
HAI - 548 Broadway - Soho, NYC
6:30-8:30: Art Auction and Cocktail Reception

Contributing Artists: Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Serra, Philip Glass, Marisol, Sol LeWitt, Mick Rock, Patrick Mcmullen, David Johansen, Bob Gruen, Billy Name, Elliot Landy, Brigid Berlin, Lee Black Childers, Dennis Oppenheim, Lawrence Weiner, William Wegman

Tickets $100 ( includes party admission)
8:30-11:00 Max's Kansas City Reunion Party
Tickets $35

This Event Is Being Filmed By Esp Pictures For A Documentary On Max's Kansas City!
Ticket Sales: 212.545.4151 Maxksc@Earthlink.Net
Mission Statement / Further Info: maxskansascity.org
All Tickets And Donations Are Tax-Deductible To The Fullest Extent Allowed By Law.
Max's Kansas City Project
9 Lois Lane
Saugerties, NY 12477


19. Curt Marcus, FF Member, named Director of Hauser & Wirth London

Hauser and Wirth is pleased to announce that Curt Marchus, FF Member, has ben appointed Director of Hauser & Wirth London, 196A Piccadilly, London, England. 011-44-207-287-2300


20. Karen Shaw, Kiki Smith, FF Alumns, in Immersion, opening Sept. 17, 6:30 pm

The Interfaith Center of New York, in collaboration with Landescapes and The College of the Atlantic, presents IMMERSION, a group exhibition exploring water and ritual cleansing as it concerns both the environment and religious practices. Karen Shaw and Kiki Smith, FF Alumns are among several artists in this group show, opening Wednesday, September 17th at 6:30 pm. The show continues through November 7th at 40 E. 30th St, NYC, Mon-Fri, 9:30-5 pm. www.interfaithcenter.org



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