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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
August 7, 2003

1. Jeff Gompertz, FF Alumn, at Arts International Gallery, opening August 7, 7-9 pm
2. Judith Sloan, FF Alumn, book launch/reading/performance Sept. 24th, 7 pm
3. Greg Sholette announces new website
4. Penny Arcade, Sarah Schulman, Andy Warhol, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, in 1st Annual East Village film festival, August 20 and 25
5. Dura Mater, FF Alumn, announces updated website, www.duramater.org
6. Joe Lewis, FF Alumn, in oral history event, Aug 23, 24, 2003
7. Paul H-O, FF Alumn, presents updated website, www.artlike.com/
8. Coco Gordon, FF Alumn, in Vienna through September and Quebec, Aug. 18-30

1. Jeff Gompertz, FF Alumn, at Arts International Gallery, opening August 7, 7-9 pm

Arts International presents a World New Media Blender Event & Exhibition
Opening Reception & Artist Presentation: August 7, 2003 7pm - 9pm
Gallery Hours: August 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 1pm - 4pm
Arts International Gallery
251 Park Avenue South, Fifth Floor
Corner of E. 20th Street & Park Avenue South
RSVP: (212) 674-9744, Ext. 218

Click here for on-line press release, including images and more information:

Combining Net technologies with traditional tools of multi-media production, Jeff Gompertz has been creating web specific installations and installation specific websites since 1995. Built around contemporary themes, these projects incorporate architectural, digital video/imaging, net broadcasting, audio and performance. Since the founding of the artist collective Fakeshop (www.fakeshop.com) in 1997, his production methods have included bringing these elements to work in collaborative projects. Winner of a Pollock-Krasner award and exhibited at the Whitney Museum, Deitch Projects, Eyebeam, Franklin Furnace, and Gavin Brown, among many other galleries and museums internationally, Gompertz is perhaps best known for his interactive Japanese capsule hotel projects, installed at The Kitchen in 2001 and included in the Cooper Hewitt Museum's New Hotels for Global Nomads exhibition in 2003.

At Arts International, Gompertz will make a presentation of works currently in progress/proposal form to be realized at architectural sites in three Asian cities: the Hanoi Army Museum in Hanoi, Vietnam; the skeleton buildings of downtown Bangkok, Thailand; and the Russian Cultural Center/Gem Mining Company in Vientianne, Laos. Combining elements of installation, digital imaging, video-conferencing, and web-design to create "architectural interventions" at each site, the projects will also include collaborations with local artists and performers to explore the social, political, and historical context of each chosen site. The presentation at Arts International will also include media documentation of the award-winning capsule hotel project already completed with the cooperation of owner/operators of capsule hotels in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, made possible with help from the Japan Foundation, Franklin Furnace and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. On the afternoon of August 7th, Gompertz and architect Jose Salinas will preview these three new proposals in a mixed-media format.


2. Judith Sloan, FF Alumn, book launch/reading/performance Sept. 24th, 7 pm

please save the date
wednesday september 24th
for a book launch/reading/performance of Warren Lehrer & Judith Sloan's Crossing the BLVD: strangers, neighbors, aliens in a new America a 400 page, four-color exploration of new immigrants and refugees in Queens, NY - the most ethnically diverse locality in the United States published by W.W. Norton & Company
special guest appearances
live music
good number of migration stories
some reflection on a new and not so new often paradoxical America
book signing
meet Crossing the BLVD authors and participants
much fun!
St. Marks Church in-the-Bowery
131 East 10th Street
New York City


3. Greg Sholette announces new website, http://www.artic.edu/~gshole/

I recently put together a website about my work that might be of interest to the FF members. It can be found at:


hope all is well, greg sholette


4. Penny Arcade, Sarah Schulman, Andy Warhol, Jack Waters, FF Alumns, in 1st Annual East Village film festival, August 20 and 25

1st Annual East Village Film Festival
and the HOWL Festival
sponsored by F.E.V.A. (Federation of East Village Artists)
presents 2 nights of video
The Lower East Side Biography Project
- stemming the tide of cultural amnesia -
Wednesday August 20th
and Monday August 25th
310 Bowery (between Houston and Bleecker)
Time: 8PM
Admission: $5

The Lower East Side Biography Project
Program I Wednesday August 20th - 8pm

Taylor Mead Biography 25 min
Disinherited from his wealthy and powerful Michigan banking family before moving to New York and becoming an actor, this Lower East Side icon was sought out by Andy Warhol and became part of the inner circle at the Factory and a regular cast member in Warhol's films. Unabashedly frank and forever engaging with his "who cares if they sue me?" attitude, Taylor Mead has seen and done it all-and isn't afraid to talk about it and name names.

Edgar Oliver - Performance Monologue 8 min
"Mother was a Hit-Run Driver"
Goodie Magazine Benefit at TRUE, New York, NY

Judith Malina Biography 20 min
Poet, actress, director, leader of the anarchist non-violent revolution and advocate against the death penalty, Judith founded The Living Theater with Julian Beck in 1947 as an imaginative alternative to the commercial theater. The Living Theater's performances include rituals of love, affirmation, nonviolence, and communality drawn from various mystical and contemporary sources. This biography includes excerpts from her and partner/director Hanon Reznikov's most recent play, Resistance.

Penny Arcade - Theater Performance 8 min
excerpt from "New York Values"
PS122, New York, NY

Jonas Mekas Biography 25 min
Curator, writer and filmmaker Jonas Mekas is the godfather of American avant-garde filmmaking, or the New American Cinema, as he dubbed it in the late 1950s. The founder of Anthology Film Archives, the Filmmakers' Cooperative and Film Culture magazine, Mekas helped shape the public image of avant-garde filmmaking in America.

Church of Betty - Music Video 5 min
"I Smoke You Jack" (Smith)
Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York, NY

The Lower East Side Biography Project
Program II Monday August 25th - 8pm

Marty Matz - Poetry Performance 3 min
"I Know Where Rainbows Go to Die"
CD Recording Session, New York, NY

Carmen Pabon Biography 25 min
Dubbed by her neighbors, "The Mother Theresa of Loisaida," Carmen came to the Lower East Side from Puerto Rico over 50 years ago to raise her family. She is a poet, a political activist, and one-woman Red Cross who single-handedly cares for the indigent, forlorn, unwanted and forgotten. "No matter the race or the color, I help everybody." She fought the real estate interests who tried to take away the community garden she created from an abandoned empty lot, was involved with the people's community center Charas el Bohio from its inception, and at 81-years old is as feisty as ever.

Jack Waters Biography 20 min
Born in Philadelphia, Jack came to Julliard on a dance scholarship (in what he calls their version of affirmative action) and ended up on the Lower East Side. Along with his partner and collaborator, Peter Cramer, he has created a "body" of internationally recognized work in film, video and dance utilizing the neighborhood as a backdrop, often incorporating erotic imagery and choreography as political and social commentary. They ran (and lived in the basement of) the renegade art space ABC No Rio in the mid-80's. He is a journalist, activist, and, as a participant in the Estate Project for Artists with AIDS, he talks about the importance for him of disclosing his HIV status.

If You We're Mayor of New York? 5 min
featuring Sarah Schulman, Jonas Mekas, Steve Cannon, Jeannie Chan and others

Sarah Schulman Biography 25 min
Born in the heart of Greenwich Village, author/playwright Sarah Schulman has been involved in a number of strategic social movements, including abortion rights, as an early AIDS activist before the inception and her subsequent involvement with ACT UP (she has written four books about AIDS), and the Lesbian Avengers. She is the co-founder of the Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film (now MIX) Festival and is a prodigious contributor to the mainstream and progressive press. A Lower East Sider, the neighborhood forms a backdrop to her writing.

Jayne County - Music Video 5 min
(If You Don't Want to Fuck Me Baby, Fuck Off) Joes Pub, New York, NY

The Lower East Side Biography Project
- stemming the tide of cultural amnesia -

The Lower East Side Biography Project, (LES Bio Project), is an oral history project, archive and community media program. It honors the spirit of its community's history and reclaims the values of individualism, authenticity & rebellion by connecting those values back to their source in the form of video biographies on the community's long-term residents. Funded by Manhattan Neighborhood Network, (MNN), the LES Bio Project runs a media training program that instructs individuals in all aspects of digital video production. It's members attend workshops and then apply their new skills by working within small production teams to shoot, edit and direct their own biography segment. The project stems the tide of cultural amnesia in the rapidly changing Lower East Side by creating a dialogue between the project's biography subjects, and newcomers to the city and the neighborhood. In addition to creating biographies, the LES Bio Project routinely documents live events.

Co-produced by Penny Arcade and Steve Zehentner, and associate produced by Dean Lance, its members include: Geoff Bruen, Anna Wierzbicka, Patti Van Dyke, Jeffrey Galusha, Justin O. Silverman, Amy P. Ferrara, Nadia Macnider, Chris Rael, Hugh Gran, Jill Cowburn, Heiko Kalmbach, Eric Wallach, Sibylle Jud, Keith Geller, Vanessa McDonnell and Vanita Salisbury

The LES Bio Project is cablecast and cybercast every Wednesday at 11 p.m. on
MNN's Time/Warner 34/78 RCN 109/112, and streamed live
at www.mnn.org -
Channel 34.


5. Dura Mater, FF Alumn, announces updated website, www.duramater.org

Dura Mater has an updated website!
It's colorful, streamlined, and full of photos and information! The site has sections for dance performances and anatomy classes.Check it out...
Kriota Willberg


6. Joe Lewis, FF Alumn, in oral history event, Aug 23, 24, 2003

Dear People -- I am producing this oral history event. If any of you are interested in this project, I'd welcome your participation. -Alan Moore [Sunday time subject to approval...] Story Café, the factory of reminiscence

Saturday, August 23rd, 11am to 1:45pm at Bowery Poetry Club

Sunday, August 24th, 5pm to 10pm at Remote Lounge

The Story Café is an oral history project. Small conversations will be held and recorded about the recent past of the Lower East Side. We'll talk about gardens, the poetry scene, the Rivington School, Charas, East Village art, and more. The first Story Café, called "Brunch" will be at the Bowery Poetry Club Saturday from 11am to 1:45 pm. "Dinner" with Story Café will be at the Remote Lounge Sunday night from 5pm to 10pm. Reservations are recommended for both affairs. Call 718 556 9008 (Alan), or 212 982 5725 (Michael).

Participants as of July include -- Joe Lewis (ex-Fashion Moda, now a Dean at FIT), Yasmin Ramirez (a curator at El Museo, and an art historian), Howie Solo (performer, art business advisor), and Jeff Wright (poet, publisher Cover magazine) as interviewers/subjects; Steve Zehentner, working with Penny Arcade on the Lower East Side Biography Project, will help crew.
Produced by MWF Video Club, with the Oral New York oral history group.

Alan W. Moore
151 Winter Ave.
Staten Isle, NY 10301
718 556 9008
also at: profalanmoore@hotmail.com
video: http://www.brickhaus.com/amoore


7. Paul H-O, FF Alumn, presents updated website, www.artlike.com/

http://www.artlike.com/ now presents more information about Artlike the TV Show and a new way to find out more about episodes with our new monster journal, Bloglike. Bloglike, dredged up from the very bowels of the Devil himself, a gelatinous banana slug of festering information written by your good friend and nice guy, me, Paul H-O.


8. Coco Gordon, FF Alumn, in Vienna through September and Quebec, Aug. 18-30

Exhibition "Sitzen"
("Sitzen Ist Zen Zen Ist Sitzen")
in Der KunstKanzlei, 1010 Wien
Riemergasse 14/29

runs till October includes: Coco Gordon, Maria Temnitschka, H&H Joos, Ingrid Wald, Christine Gironcoli, Gerhard Jaschke, Kurt Zein, Jhann Feilacher, Christine Jones, Jurgen Scheifer, pavel Schmidt, Yu-Te Sailer, Tine Dietz, Alison Knowles,Andre Chabot, otto beck, Gerhard Baresh Rind, Ben Vautier, Angel Yegros, Jaume Canet, Gerti Hopf, Reingold Wegman, Erich Zawinul, Wittigo Keller, Ona B

Coco's contribution is a suite of 8 refinements of herself with George Bush's head, doing Zen sitting poses, titled "Sine Zenst for Bush Rape"


Eco-Art Installation with performance, Aug 18-20 "The talking Medicine Wheel", for theproject Festival D'Art Contemporain Des Laurentides, "La Ligne Du Nord" at Mt Tremblant,Quebec
"Centre des Arts Contemporains du Quebec" 7-31 August & 26-28 September 2003

Coco Gordon's "The Talking medicine Wheel" is both a revelatory phrase replacement/installation for moving from a New York cultural context to one along the Ligne Du Nord, and a performance forming and being sung out as it progresses: Coco replaces one phrase, "Nowhere left To Go If We Are Already Everywhere" already formed into separate letters from NY local forsythia branches, one letter at a time to metamorphose into the phrase, " Ever The Future Of hands And Feet", made from local materials found for their flexibility, at Mt Tremblant.

This piece shows how easily objects can be imported while imposing externalized costs, and how difficult instead it is to find availability of appropriate local materials and put them creatively to use, with the object of Permaculturally sustaining creation of local work and lower externalized costs. If the switch of phrase is not completed in the four days allotted, this debate on locally made vs. imported work is self- evident. The Paradox of installing on the Ligne Du Nord where trains could move goods from afar and are now carrying the movement of the web of life is also self-evident. Coco will also engage the viewer with some of her Permacultural ideas for designing Sustainable systems along rail rights-of way along the Ligne Du Nord, derived from her work with The Committee For Better Transit in 2000-2002 toward rehabilitating the Rockaway Beach Branch rail right-of-way into a one-seat ride corridor from JFK to NYC.

Coco's collaborative video, "The Future Of hands and Feet", with Canadian artist Sandra Semchuk, independently produced in 1994 will be shown at the Mt Tremblant festival. We see how the local Hawaiian red earth and persistent sea life inspires going backwards to our original home. And we see our circular trail. When juxtaposed with the installation, we see the connection to circlular scribings on and extensions from the rail line.


Goings On is compiled weekly by Harley Spiller


Goings On are compiled weekly by Harley Spiller

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