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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
July 31, 2003

1. Toni Dove, Julia Heyward, FF Alumns, at Art Interactive, MA, opens July 25th, 6-8 pm.
2. Tracy Quan, FF Alumn, at Rocky Sullivan's TONITE, July 30, 8 PM
3. Anahí Cáceres, FF Alumn, announces new work at www.museos.buenosaires.gov.ar
4. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, in Waco Show on Ann St., Aug 2nd ONLY.
5. Nora York, FF Alumn, on wnyc.org radio TONITE, and at Joe's Pub, July 31, 7:30 pm
6. Gearoid Dolan, FF Alumn, in Vancouver New Forms Festival, July 31
7. New Masters Program in Performance/Live Art offered by Nottingham Trent Univ., UK
8. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, announces 4th Annual Big E(lvis) Festival, August 2, 2003
9. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Joe's Pub, two shows, August 13th

1. Toni Dove, Julia Heyward, FF Alumns, at Art Interactive, MA, opens July 25th, 6-8 pm.

At the Art Interactive
July 26 - Oct 5, 2003
130 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA
Gallery visiting hours: July 26 through Oct 5, 2003, Sat and Sun,
Opening reception: Friday, July 25 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Closing reception: Friday, Oct 3, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Cambridge, MA, Jul 7, 2003 The Art Interactive's fourth exhibition, Engaging Characters, immerses the visitor in a world where computer-based and robotic characters react, interact, and communicate with gallery visitors. Curated by NYC-based Kathryn Brew, Engaging Characters features a cast of celebrated new-media artists including Julia Heyward, Toni Dove, Janine Cirincione and Michael Ferraro, Marina Zurkow and Julian Bleecker, Claudia Hart and Larry Berkow, and Chico MacMurtrie of Amorphic Robot Works, a Brooklyn-based collaborative of artists. The eight artists in this show use media and technology-based characters to explore the nature of character, time and space in this stimulating and entertaining exhibition which is on exhibit at the Art Interactive from July 26 through Oct 5.

Curator Kathryn Brew comments, "Engaging Characters is unique because viewers have a chance to communicate with, and even become emotionally connected to, artist-created characters. Most of these art pieces provide responsive interfaces that allow the participant's body to be active, and the experience to be intuitive and visceral." In RL (Real Life) Janine Cirincione and Michael Ferraro create a conflicted view of a technologically driven world. The installation presents windows onto the character's lives and creates a kind of responsive animated theatre. The characters and sets are programmed to act differently each time they respond to the audience. This piece is interactive and improvisational, reminiscent of theatrical performances.

Pussy Weevil, by Marina Zurkow and Julian Bleecker, is an individual screen-based animated character that responds to the viewer's position. Like Real Life, Pussy Weevil questions how digital characters can be affected by interactions in analog space, and examines the relationship between the 'real' and computer-made worlds.

Julia Heyward's Miracles in Reverse investigates ways for the viewer to enter the cinematic plane in a merging of multi-media, performance, and music. The participant is invited to 'play' the program proactively, like a game or musical instrument, guiding the different characters to trigger and animate various narrative elements.

In Sally or the Bubble Burst, Toni Dove uses the technology of interactivity to take stories apart. The viewer uses vocal commands to navigate a video space in which viewers can talk and sing to this 'smart' character who will talk back. A computer keyboard can also be used to engage with this character.

The robotic characters created by Chico MacMurtrie/Amorphic Robot Works (ARW) are both low and high tech, utilizing a garage/machine aesthetic with computer technologies. The character's actions are often activated in response to viewer movement. The sculptures developed by ARW - a range of metal and plastic humanoid, animal, and anthropomorphic forms - reveal man's relationship to machine.

Central to Claudia Hart's art practice is the development of feminist and anti-heroines. E is one such character. Although the work is presented as still photographs, created with 3-D software, E can continuously transform or un-form her features and body to fit with her clothing or her environment. Viewers can add their own imaginings to aspects of the character's life or story.

Engaging Characters is on view from July 26 through Oct 5, 2003. Gallery visiting hours are Sat and Sun, 12:00-6:00. A public opening reception will be held Friday, July 25 6:00pm - 9:00pm. A public closing reception will be held Friday, Oct 3, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

About the Art Interactive:
The Art Interactive was founded in 2001 by Emanuel Lewin and Irene Buchine. Its arts advisory board includes such well known arts professionals as Joe Paradiso of MIT's Media Lab, George Fifield, Director of the Boston Cyber Arts Festival, Joseph Ketner, Director of the Waltham-based Rose Art Museum, and Kathryn Brew, Curatorial Committee Member of NYC-based Eyebeam Atelier.

The Art Interactive's mission is to provide a public forum that fosters self-expression and human interaction through the development and exhibition of art that is contemporary, experimental, and participatory.

For Additional Information:
For more information on Engaging Characters or the Art Interactive, please call Emanuel Lewin at 617 498 0100, or email at elewin@artinteractive.org.


2. Tracy Quan, FF Alumn, at Rocky Sullivan's TONITE, July 30, 8 PM

Meet the author, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl
Wednesday, July 30 at 8:00 pm
Join us for a reading, book-signing, Q&A with libations.
Rocky Sullivan's Pub
129 Lexington Ave (between 28th & 29th)
New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212-725-3871
Tracy's website: www.tracyquan.net


3. Anahí Cáceres, FF Alumn, announces new work at www.museos.buenosaires.gov.ar

I invites you to see my work for the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, at


4. Halona Hilbertz, FF Alumn, in Waco Show on Ann St., Aug 2nd ONLY.

Hi All,
I'll be showing "Blind Brains" at this one-day art show dedicated to the infamous events at Waco, Texas:

Saturday, August 2, 7-10 pm (Party after!)
49 Ann Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY

I hope each one of you is having a good summer...mine has mainly been pretty darn busy! Halona


5. Nora York, FF Alumn, on wnyc.org radio TONITE, and at Joe's Pub, July 31, 7:30 pm

Nora York to sing WHAT I WANT.
at Joe's Pub... The Public Theater
425 Lafayette St.
doors open at 6 !
Showtime 7:30 !!
Tickets $15
Available at Box Office 212. 539. 8778
or call Telecharge 212.239.6200

ALSO JULY 30th (Wednesday)
We will be John Schaefer's guests LIVE on his radio program
WNYC FM 93.9 or streaming on WNYC.ORG
2pm Eastern standard time!!!!

July 31st at Joe's will be a sneak preview of Nora York's most recent song cycle -- WHAT I WANT: Songs of Ceaseless Yearning and Never Ending Want ... ...or the way it is ----- (soon to be recorded onto cd) Inspired by traditional American music WHAT I WANT is her boldest entry into the pop music idiom -- this new work is sure to entertain her audience once again with contemporary Yorkian themes.

Joining Nora are --
Steve Tarshis -- Guitar, Dave Hofstra -- Bass, Allison Miller -- Drums
Charlie Giordano -- Accordion, Sheryll Marshall -- Voice
And joining us for the first time --- Jamie Lawrence -- Keyboards

"This daring vocalist and conceptualist turns her ruminations into fascinating musical explorations...York is sure to take us to parts undreamed of." The New Yorker Magazine.

WHAT I WANT is made possible by a grant from NYSCA.



6. Gearoid Dolan, FF Alumn, in Vancouver New Forms Festival, July 31

FF Alum Gearoid Dolan a.k.a. screaMachine at the New Forms Festival,
Thursday, July 31st, 2003
SentienTechnics: Technology as Performance Art
Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver, 8-11 p.m
Curators: Victoria Singh and Camille Baker

SentienTechnics re-defines the dynamic interaction between performer, technology and audience. New forms of technological extension are harnessed to amplify and enhance the physicality of each performer; these extensions include music, sounds, props and computer-programmed devices such as sensors, amplifiers, projected visuals, Internet, video-surveillance and motion capture. Technological performance introduces the idea of virtual space as lived art space, in which we can see how the controller effects his mediums and the symbiotic relationship this can create with those who become its users as both audience and participants.
Semi Ryu (Virginia)- 3D animated puppeteer / performer
Robb Lovell (Vancouver) - Computer scientist (Ex-Nasa employee) and
Gearoid Dolan (New York) - Audio, video, film and digital media
performance artist
Joseph Winter (Rhode Island) - Sound sculpture, live interactive

SentienTechnics embodies Inter[sec/ac]tion
By breaking down the representative and performance process through using interactive technologies, audience involvement is reworked as both participant and spectator. To give a taste of this event: Semi Ryu uses virtual puppets to tell a story and will then invite members of the audience to also come and manipulate these entities; Robb Lovell will be using webcams, harnesses hanging from the ceiling taking movement information to create his premiere dance-electronic work called "Conversion of Paul". This piece is both a dance and a visual experience: sound will be interactively composed in real time, and there will be interactive visuals. Joseph Winter builds live sound sculptures that infuse and integrate the audience within his soundscape. This event is an experiential one: not confining the audience to chairs, but allowing them to have fun and create meaning with the performer and art. Geariod Dolan a.k.a. screaMachine, will create a video remix performance, using his own hardware, an interactive projection device titled "V.R.A.G." (video remix artillery gun). When connected to a computer, the artist can control the direction of the projection beam and the video content by "playing" the video clips and animations like a MIDI musician plays a synthesizer.http://www.newformsfestival.com

Gearoid Dolan
screaMachine studio
216 East 12th Street, #4B
New York, NY 10003
voice/fax: 212 260-4199
email: G-man@screaMachine.com


7. New Masters Program in Performance/Live Art offered by Nottingham Trent Univ., UK

Unique Masters Programme in PERFORMANCE/LIVE ART at The NottinghamTrentUniversity, UK.

Announcing a new and unique Masters Degree Programme in PERFORMANCE/LIVE ART in the School of Art & Design at The Nottingham Trent University, U.K.

Commencing January 2004 a Taught Masters Course in PERFORMANCE/LIVE ART. International in direction, content and recruitment, this one year fulltime course offers a rare opportunity to participate firsthand in the rich traditions of innovative performance and live art - work at the cutting edge of late Twentieth and Twenty-First Century performance ideas - and to develop ideas around your own practice. With access to unique UK and USA performance art archives, live events and visiting experts and practitioners.

Further details regarding course content, qualifications, career opportunities, fees and living costs, the City of Nottingham and its arts festivals etc are available from:

Andrea Beniston
Postgraduate Coordinator NTSAD
The NottinghamTrentUniversity
School of Art & Design
Burton Street, NOTTINGHAM
NG1 4BU, UK.
email: postgrad.ntsad@ntu.ac.uk

*N.B. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to any colleagues/students/individuals or lists to whom you think this may be of interest*


8. Joni Mabe, FF Alumn, announces 4th Annual Big E(lvis) Festival, August 2, 2003

4th Annual Big E Festival
Loudermilk Boarding House Musuem
Cornelia, GA
August 2, 2003

Elvis Ornament by Joni Mabe to be raffled during festival.
Only 10 in the edition. Valued at $50. each. Created in 2003.
Be sure and purchase your tickets at the festival.
Tickets are only $1.00 or 6 tickets for $5.00.
Good Luck!
Several other raffles will be held. Come join the fun!!
Thank ya baby.


9. Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, at Joe's Pub, two shows, August 13th

JOE' s Pub 425 Lafayette St @Astor Place 212-539=8770
August 13th Two shows 7:30 &9:30 pm $15 www.pennyarcade.tv

In New York Values, Performance star Penny Arcade, creator of the International hit Bitch!Dyke!Faghag!Whore!, turns her hilarious eye toward the suburbanization of New York. Hysterically funny, high impact comedy that is loaded with content about sexual and identity politics, the media, celebrity culture , 911, globalization, war and the future of the western civilization, all while dancing to an extraordinarily fun, theatrical sound score that will have you rocking in your seat and roaring with laughter as she tears away the veil from the death of rebellion as expressed by "bourgoise bohemia", The Vagina Monlogues, and post-modernism. Get your spiritual booster shot, from the funniest girl in New York with something to say, as Penny Arcade redefines standup comedy. Controversial and eye opening for the eclectic,independent,thinking public
who doesn't need their entertainment filtered.


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Goings On are compiled weekly by Harley Spiller

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