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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
July 10, 2003

1. Many FF Alumns performing in Anti-War, Anti-Empire Cabaret, NYU, July 17th.
2. Peter Downsbrough, FF Alumn, at Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, thru Sept. 7
3. Penny Arcade, Karen Finley, FF Alumns, at Vortex, Austin Texas, July, 2003
4. Nurit Newman, Christy Rupp, Kiki Smith, Nancy Spero, FF Alumns, at Danese Gallery, through August 29, 2003
5. Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, now online at cdbaby.com, and more news.
6. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Eyebeam, July 12 and 13, noon-6 pm.
7. James T. Pendergrast, FF Alumn, announces new website, pendyman.com
8. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, in Vibe Magazine, Aug. 2003 issue
9. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, launches site, http://home.earthlink.net/~dagarwood
10. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, Full Buck Moon Drumming Circle, July 13, 7:30 pm
11. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Culture Cache, San Francisco, opening July 11
12. Pretend Press Screening, Walter Reade Theater, July 11, 10 am
13. Alan Sondheim, Ellen Zweig, FF Alumns, Reading at Remote Lounge, July 15
14. I'm Not Lost, CBs 313 Gallery, TONITE, 10 PM
15. Rev. Billy, FF Alumn, for President, July 23 at St. Mark's; Burning Man; NH Primary
16. UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, FF partner in CIAO, announces new, redesigned website, www.bampfa.berkeley.edu

1. Many FF Alumns performing in Anti-War, Anti-Empire Cabaret, NYU, July 17th.

Each year the Hemispheric Institute of New York University holds a week-long seminar somewhere in the Americas. This year's seminar, from July 11 to 19, "Spectacles of Religiosities," will be comprised of workshops, seminars, performances at New York University. The Anti-War, Anti-Empire Cabaret will be held from 9 to 12 midnight on Thursday, July 17 at the Helen and Martin Kimmel University Center, Washington Square South at LaGuardia Place, in the 4th floor auditorium. Additionally, the event will be streamed live from http://livevideo.nyu.edu:8080/ramgen/encoder/20030717-hemispheric.rm If you are a registered participant in the Hemispheric Institute seminar, the event is free; general admission is $10.00.


2. Peter Downsbrough, FF Alumn, at Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, thru Sept. 7

Peter Downsbrough, FF Alumn, presents Position, through September 7th, 2003 at Palaiz des Beaux-Arts, rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium. Wednesdays through Sundays, 10 am to 6 pm., Thursdays until 9 pm


3. Penny Arcade, Karen Finley, FF Alumns, at Vortex, Austin Texas, July, 2003

Penny Arcade, FF Alumn, will be performing at Austin's Vortex Theatre as part of the RED HOT AMERICANS SHOW..a series with FF Alumns Tim Miller and Karen Finley

Karen Finley is on July 2-6 in Make Love
Penny Arcade is on July 9-12 in New York Values

The Vortex
2307 Manor Road
Austin Texas


4. Nurit Newman, Christy Rupp,.Kiki Smith, Nancy Spero, FF Alumns, at Danese Gallery, through August 29, 2003

July 10 - August 29, 2003
Reception July 9th 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Danese Gallery 41 East 57th St
6th floor

Danese is pleased to present H2O, an exhibition of work in various media by a number of contemporary artists that examines the basic, yet mysterious bond between human beings and water.

Water is H2O. The simplicity of its composition, two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, its preponderance of 3 to 1 over the globe' dry land, its ubiquity as constituting 90% of the human body ‹ all are in keeping with its universality, its familiarity, its democratic nature. Water is the most receptive of the elements; our examination of it always involves us in self-reflection. It is the reciprocity of our engagement with water that makes it the natural element of artistic contemplation. Gaston Bachelard, in Water and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter, claims that just as we need to see, the world needs to be seen and that water is the natural conduit for such intercourse.

The artists in the exhibition H2O explore our relationship with the element that is the major component of our bodies, the site of our origins, and a matrix of the imagination. They focus on the water contained in our bodies and water that contains our bodies, actual ponds and rivers, as well as water that populates our dreams and reveries.

(Isaak, Jo Anna. H2O. Geneva, NY: Hobart & William Smith College Press, 2002.)

H2O, organized by Jo Anna Isaak, independent curator and Professor of Art History at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue and features the work of: Laura Aguilar, Janet Biggs, Carol Cole, Dorothy Cross, Jenny Gage, Amy Jenkins, Mark Jones, Nadav Kander, Samm Kunce, Annea Lockwood, Javier Machado, Sally Mann, Eileen Neff, Nurit Newman, Christy Rupp, Bonnie Rychlak, Jeanne Silverthorne, Kiki Smith, Nancy Spero, May Stevens, Susan Unterberg, Mia Westerlund Roosen, Sabine Haubitz & Stefanie Zoche.

Summer hours are Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. For further information, please contact Carol Corey or Anna O'Sullivan at 212/223-2227.


5. Paul McMahon, FF Alumn, now online at cdbaby.com, and more news.

How Dee,

guess what; 6 or 7 cds by yours truly can now be seen and heard on cdbaby.com. these are mostly albums released on cassette over the yars since 1986, when eponymous 12' vinyl came out on Neutral records. you can listen to 2 minutes of many songs there and buy them too.

several cartoons and collages of mine made since the swingin' seventies will be on display in a group show at the Varga Gallery next to the movie theatre. not sure when opening is. it's open from 2 til evening most days. 679-4005.

planning to come a little bit out of the king of the universe closet in a talk at the library on saturday july 19 at 5. it's my birthday on wed the 9th after dinner. come on down.


6. Kal Spelletich, FF Alumn, at Eyebeam, July 12 and 13, noon-6 pm.

I am exhibiting the MONKEY ON YOUR BACK IN NYC ON JULY 12 & 13.

IT SHOULD BE INTERESTING AS THIS IS A RATHER untested MACHINE SO FAR. And, i was kicked out of the EYEBEAM Museum back in 2000 for DOING my show. And they don't know i am in this here shew. YEE HAW! Life, is, well, always amazing if nothing else.

Cost: this is a FREE event
Date: Saturday and Sunday, July 12th and 13th, 2003
Time: Noon to 6:00 p.m.

540 W 21st Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues)
New York, NY 10011
Nearest Subway: A/C/E/1/9 to 23rd Street
Info here: http://artbots.org/2003/
MONKEY PICS HERE: http://www.monkeyview.net/id/3/2003/kal/index.vhtml


7. James T. Pendergrast, FF Alumn, announces new website, pendyman.com

New York humorist James T. Pendergrast, whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone magazine for the past twenty years, is posting a new drawing each week on his Web site, pendyman.com. You are invited to visit the site and check 'em out. If you like the site, please tell your friends. If not, then tell your enemies. But for God's sake, tell somebody!


8. Steed Taylor, FF Alumn, in Vibe Magazine, Aug. 2003 issue

VIBE MAGAZINE, August 2003 Issue, presents: Visualize. Six artists who subvert stereotypes and challenge the status quo while creating beautiful work, pages 115 to 121.

"There's not much that's more terrifying than peering at a blank canvas, a lump of clay, or whatever the raw material, and envisioning what expresses your soul. These six artists face the challenge and make their living telling stories through their respective mediums: collagist Godfried Donkor; painters Kehinde Wiley, Lisa Beane, Yoshitomo Nara and STEED TAYLOR (!); and sculptor Carlos "Mare 139" Rodriguez. At the end of the day, it takes a touch of angst and a stroke of genius."

Check it out if you get a chance. I'm on page 121. It includes an image of one of my Road Tattoos, a goofy headshot and a really sweet write-up. I've also included a copy of page 121 in the attachment. Take care and enjoy the summer! Steed


9. Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, launches site, http://home.earthlink.net/~dagarwood

Deborah Garwood, FF Alumn, invites you to check out her new website: http://home.earthlink.net/~dagarwood


10. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, Full Buck Moon Drumming Circle, July 13, 7:30 pm

Full Buck Moon Drumming Circle
With Donna Henes, Urban Shaman
Sunday July 13, 2003
Join Us As We Grow Our Antlers.
Now Is The Time To Explore The Dimensions Of Our Power.
To Expand The Boundaries Of Our Horizons.
To Stretch Beyond The Perimeters Of Our Reach.
Let Us Kick Up Our Heels And Dare To Buck The System.
7:30pm Please Arrive 15 Minutes Early.
Advance Reservations Required.
For Info And Reservations Please Contact:
(718) 857-2247
Note: Reservations Close 24 Hours Prior To Each Event
Please Reserve For Circles As Early As Possible

Before or after the circle, be sure to check out our unique, ever-changing selection of ceremonial supplies and fashions from cultures around the world. Charms, talismans, amulets, power jewelry, ritual tools, supplies, and rare ceremonial botanicals. Books, CDs, Affirmations. * Place your order for an amulet bag made to your individual specifications. * Make an appointment for a personal consultation.

Donna Henes, Urban Shaman, is a contemporary ceremonialist specializing in multi-cultural ritual celebration of the cycles of the seasons and the seasons of our lives.

She the editor and publisher of the highly acclaimed quarterly, Always In Season: Living In Sync with the Cycles. She is also the author of Moon Watcher's Companion, Celestially Auspicious Occasions:Seasons, Cycles and Celebrations and Dressing Our Wounds In Warm Clothes, as well as the CD, Reverence To Her: Mythology, The Matriarchy & Me.

In 1982, she composed the first (and to this date, the only) satellite peace message in space: "chants for peace * chance for peace."

Mama Donna, as she is affectionately known, has offered lectures, workshops, circles, and celebrations worldwide for 30 years. She is the director of Mama Donna’s Tea Garden & Healing Haven, a ceremonial center, ritual consultancy and spirit shop in Exotic Brooklyn, New York. For further information, a list of services and publications, a calendar of upcoming events and a complimentary issue of Always in Season:Living in Sync with the Cycles. contact:
PO Box 380403
Exotic Brooklyn, NY 11238-0403
Phone/Fax 718-857-2247
Email: CityShaman@aol.com


11. Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, at Culture Cache, San Francisco, opening July 11

A Collective Response to War
Group Exhibition
In response to the United States Government's 'War On Iraq', twenty artists from 5 states, including Isabel Samaras, FF Alumn, have joined forces to exhibit new works relating directly to recent U.S. military action in the Middle East. The visual counter-attack begins on July 11th, 2003 at the Culture Cache Gallery in San Francisco.

This will be the first post-war exhibition in the San Francisco Bay Area to respond to the current disposition of our nation and U. S. foreign policy as it relates to the Middle East power struggle. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Save The Children - Iraq Children in Crisis Fund to benefit Iraqi victims of war.

Culture Cache is located at 1800 Bryant St. #104.
The show opens on July 11th, this Friday, from 6 to 11 pm, and runs through
August 3rd.
Culture Cache 1800 Bryant St. #104


12. Pretend Press Screening, Walter Reade Theater, July 11, 10 am

10 AM, Friday, July 11
Walter Reade Theater
165 W. 65th St. (plaza level, up the escalator).

Any press who can't make it to the screening, I can set aside a few tickets for the festival screening itself, Saturday, July 26 at 7 PM.
thanks again -
julie talen
(rev. billy's sister)


13. Alan Sondheim, Ellen Zweig, FF Alumns, Reading at Remote Lounge, July 15

Reading at Remote!
Portraits at Other Sides:
Tuesday, July 15th at Remote Lounge, 327 Bowery above 2nd St. Doors will open at 7pm, the event will start at 7:30. There is a $5 cover.
The readers are:
Samuel Delany
Alan Sondheim
Rob Stephenson
Tom Zummer
Ellen Zweig

Rob Stephenson presents an evening of text, sex, video, a philosophical dog, and maybe robots with Ellen Zweig, Alan Sondheim, Tom Zummer and special guest Samuel R. Delany.

Remote Lounge is a revolutionary new concept in nightlife entertainment. Located in downtown Manhattan, it is a technology-themed cocktail lounge and new media art space unlike anything else in the world. The lounge is outfitted with over 60 video cameras - covering every square foot of the space from multiple angles - and this live video is displayed on over 100 output devices, such as CRTs, LCDs, large format plasma screens and video projectors. Into this mix of live feeds are an ever-changing roster of digital and analog video artworks, animation, special effects, web-based art and interactive multimedia created by both emerging and established new media artists.

Samuel R Delany is a writer and literary critic. Delany is best known for writing extensively in the mainstream science fiction and fantasy genres. He has won four Nebula Awards. The best-selling novel. Dhalgren, has sold over a million copies. He is also the author of a number of fictional and autobiographical works that include references to extreme aspects of human sexuality. His most recent novel is The Madman.

Tom Zummer studied philosophy under Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida, and is an artist and curator. "Zummer's uncanny portraits of robots are beautiful and out of this world. He is also a theorist, book designer, professor, and comic art novelist, Zummer's artistic talents are as eclectic as they are numerous." The Austin Chronicle

Alan Sondheim is a writer/multimedia theorist (editor of Being On Line). Alan is a poet and critic who writes on and about the Internet. His books include Disorders of the Real, and the anthology Being on Line. He co-moderates several email lists, including Fiction of Philosophy, Cybermind, and Cyberculture. He was also virtual writer-in-residence for the trAce (sic) online writing community at the beginning of this year; he worked on a number of collaborative projects at The Lost Project at trAce, and his trAce projects are collected in their Writers-in-Residence archives.

Ellen Zweig is an artist who works with video, audio, installation and performance. Her most recent work is the video series, HEAP, a collection of experimental portraits of Westerners who have studied, invented, misunderstood and loved China. "(tongue tongue stone) G. W. Leibnitz" premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2003. In her installations, Zweig has used optics to create camera obscuras, video projection devices, and miniature projected illusions. She has also created multi-channel video installations that have toured the US (museums include: New Mexico Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe, List Center for the Visual Arts at MIT, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, P.S. 1 in New York).

Rob Stephenson's writing has been published both on and offline in a wide variety of publications, recently including the Blithe House Quarterly, Dangerous Families, Velvet Mafia, Please Records, and Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness. He designs a continuing series of chapbooks that feature his poetry, essays, stories, artwork, and photography. Some of his short films were shown at the International Film Festival in Seoul Korea this year. His drawings have been exhibited at the Intersection Art Gallery in San Francisco, the Headlands Center for the Arts, the Katona Museum, and the Wexner Museum.


14. I'm Not Lost, CBs 313 Gallery, TONITE, 10 PM

Slutty Puppets and Friends
Presented by imnotlost
Thursday July 10th, 10:00 p.m.
CB's 313 Gallery $5

Every mother has a little black dress in the back of her closet and every puppeteer has a nasty, dirty puppet show waiting to rear it's ugly head. I'm Not Lost proudly presents Slutty Puppets and Friends at CB's 313 Gallery on Thursday July 10th at 10:00 p.m. Cover $5.

Kooky! Spectacular! Bizarre! And potentially very arousing, stimulating, and disgusting. Slutty Puppets have a lot of Friends this time round including, straight from the Kick-Ass Clown Cabaret Eric Davis; The Double Dominatrix Dance Duo exploring their own "special" sort of theater; the sickly sweet O'Debra Twins from your nearest McDonald's bathroom; Benjamin Ickies on punk accordion; Mercury Man, Chris Rozzi, and other eccentric folk.Our puppet array includes "pimp puppet shit" from Ricardo Muniz; puppet noir with racy multi-media by Dan Ramirez; puppets with obsessional, erotic fantasies from Miss Kate; sexual dirt by More Gardens; and more Boston-based butt-slapping by Cathy the Mule. Come early. Stay late.Drink much, much beer. I'm Not Lost is a loose-knit choir of artists, performers, and eccentrics in pursuit of the uncanny experience. www.imnotlost.net


15. Rev. Billy, FF Alumn, for President, July 23 at St. Mark's; Burning Man; NH Primary

at upcoming St. Mark's show, JULY 23rd, 8:30 PM; Burning Man in August, and the New Hampshire Primary in January

"Show your love of your country: STOP SHOPPING.
show your love of shopping and START BOMBING."
from the campaign literature of Billy for President

Reverend Billy will launch his Presidential campaign at St. Mark's Church in the East Village -- on Wednesday July 23rd beginning at 8:30 PM. Benefit tickets are $20 and can be reserved at Revbilly.com. St. Mark's is located at the corner of 10th Street and 2nd Ave F train to 2nd Avenue, 6 to Astor, NR to 8th Street. This event will feature the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, now 30 strong and on its way to a command performance at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Reverend Billy will begin his whistlestop campaign tour at Burning Man, where The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir will perform nightly in the Great Temple, at the center of a 30,000 person encampment of outrageous alternative living. From there the anti-consumerist partisans will make their way to Los Angeles, Kansas, Toronto and Ohio, with preaching and singing performances in New Hampshire throughout the fall and winter. Many campaign stops will take place sweatshop sin-zones. The benefit ticket price at the St. Mark's performance is $20. Reverend Billy's Peace Revival, videotape, recently broadcast nationally on the Dish Network, will also be for sale at $20, in an effort to fly the choir to Reno for Burning Man. "Under a Billy administration: Wal-marts will be laminated and sealed. The mall parking lots will be full of nationalized SUV's, seized and left there as an example. Malls will be converted into museums where our grandchildren can come and remember how it was, and quietly wipe away a tear. 'It was an absurd time, back in 2003. Precious life became silly under the rule of the marching products.'" -- excerpt from sermon text of the St. Mark's revival


16. UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, FF partner in CIAO, announces new, redesigned website, www.bampfa.berkeley.edu

Since 1998, Franklin Furnace has been a member of the Conceptual and Intermedia Arts Online (CIAO) consortium, comprised of 14 large and small institutions with collections of installation, performance art documentation, artists' publications, "born digital" and other concept-driven works they wish to describe and make accessible to the public.

BERKELEY, CA May 19, 2003-The University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) today launched its new, redesigned website. With more than five times more records than previously, the website-www.bampfa.berkeley.edu-offers greater online resources than any other museum website in the Bay Area, and more than most museums in the U.S. New features include records describing the entire BAM/PFA collection, a greatly expanded archive of film-related materials, and the largest online museum store in California, making the website an unparalleled resource for both public and scholarly communities. These enhancements further underscore BAM/PFA's osition as a leader in the presentation of cultural resources online, a position it has held since launching one of the world's irst museum websites in 1994. Visitors to www.bampfa.berkeley.edu will be able to access complete information on BAM/PFA exhibitions, film series, and public programs, including daily and monthly schedules. The Museum Store's inventory of more than 4,000 books will also be available to search and purchase online, making it one of the largest online museum stores in California.

New and expanded features of the website:
More than 13,000 records describing the entire permanent art collection of the UC Berkeley Art Museum, 1,300 of them with images. More than 6,000 records describing the entire permanent film and video collection of the Pacific Film Archive. Access to more than 62,000 files, with images, documenting the collections of eleven other California museums. More than 14,000 PFA program notes, many of them comprising authoritative documentation of rare films, describing films shown at PFA from 1979 through today, searchable by title, year, director, credits, play date, or text. CineFiles-30,000 records from the collection of the PFA Library and Film Study Center, including rare archival materials and film documentation. A complete history of BAM/PFA's MATRIX Program for Contemporary Art-information on more than 200 exhibitions spanning over twenty years, including curator's essays, installation views, and video interviews with contemporary artists including Doug Aitken, Shirin Neshat, Ken Goldberg, Tobias Rehberger, and Peter Doig. Documentation including images of more than ninety BAM/PFA exhibitions dating from 1994 though today.

The BAM/PFA site provides unparalleled access to not only the museum and film archive collections, but also those of other important cultural institutions, all of which can be searched simultaneously. For the past six years BAM/PFA has led Museums Online Archive of California (MOAC), a groundbreaking initiative to make the collections of eleven California museums and libraries available online. Through MOAC, which is one of the largest online museum collaborations in America, visitors to the website will be able to simultaneously search 62,000 records with images, documenting the collections of institutions including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Japanese American National Museum, the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University, UCLA Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, and the California Museum of Photography. Another innovative new feature of the website is Conversations, an online forum allowing Internet users to engage with the exhibition and film programs at BAM/PFA. Challenging the notion that communication between the artist and viewer only flows one way, Conversations uses interactive technology as a means of sparking ongoing, open discussions on a variety of topics. Via the BAM/PFA website, audiences from around the world are able to see and hear contemporary artists speak about their work, listen to international scholars discuss art and film, and listen to firsthand observations by museum visitors, recorded in the museum galleries. The new website will launch with forty-five video clips, including an exclusive interview with renowned artist Louise Bourgeois in which she discusses individually a series of fifty-nine drawings from her exhibition Louise Bourgeois: Drawings, which was presented at BAM/PFA in 1996. Conversations also features interviews with other artists-including many who have exhibited as part of the museum's MATRIX Program for Contemporary Art, and observations and comments actually recorded on-site by museum visitors. Many of the video clips are also available in MP3 audio format for downloading to an MP3 player or Palm device.

BAM/PFA is Located at 2626 Bancroft Way, just below College Avenue near the UC Berkeley campus
Gallery Hours: W-Sun 11-5pm, Thurs 11-7pm
Admission: General admission $8; Seniors and Students 12-18 years $5;
BAM/PFA members, UC Berkeley students, staff and faculty, and children
under 12 free; group tour member $3 (to arrange a group tour, call (510)
642-5188); Admission is free on the first Thursday of each month.
Information: 24 hour recorded message (510) 642-0808; FAX (510) 642-4889;
PFA recorded message: (510) 642-1124 TDD: (510) 642-8734Internet address:



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