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Franklin Furnace's Goings On
June 4, 2003

1. Kathleen Brandt + Brian Lonsway, FF Alumns and 2002 The Future of the Present Recipients, present at jihui, June 19, 2003.
2. Sarah Schulman, FF Alumn, at La Jolla Playhouse, July 2-27.
3. Bill Beirne, FF Alumn, presents T'ai Chi Army, June 14-15, Fort Tilden, Queens.
4. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, playwriting course for youth, Pace Univ., Summer 2003
5. Paul Zaloom, FF Alumn, in Mighty Nice!, at Highways, Santa Monica, CA June 5-8
6. Skart, FF Alumns, presents new workshop in Graz, Austria, and online.
7. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, late Spring/Summer 2003 calendar of events.
8. Yoav Gal, FF Alumn, new cable show airing June 10, Channel 34.
9. Jack Waters & Peter Cramer, FF Alumns, announce: Spettacolo Provolone, June 5 -15, 2003.

1. Kathleen Brandt + Brian Lonsway, FF Alumns and 2002 The Future of the Present Recipients, present at jihui, June 19, 2003.

jihui - Digital Salon
Kathleen Brandt + Brian Lonsway

Thursday, June 19, 2003 7 PM
@ Parsons Center for New Design
55 West 13th Street, 9th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
Live Webcast @ http://agent.netart-init.org starts 7pm EST.

The artists will explore what seems to be an increasing craving for data in our everyday lives, and will present a series of projects which take this craving as a critical starting point. The work of brandway, their artist organization, looks at the way that the concept of data has shifted from a primarily scientific necessity to a measure of social existence. The artists argue that data is a concept inextricable from the acts of collection, storage, and representation, and its social manifestation embodies the power structures of the organizations which perform these acts. As the scientific concept of data has become increasingly significant in areas of society outside of the scientific community -- mass-marketing, opinion polls, weather predictions, environmental awareness -- it has become both a measure of "truth" and a measure of the extents of political and social manipulation. Brandway's artistic work looks creatively at these ambiguous measures of data as a way of exploring its politics, especially in areas where its "truth" is (or is intended to be) taken for granted.

Prudent Avoidance, their most recent project, was funded through Franklin Furnace's THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2002 program, and looks at data through the lens of the health concerns of electro-magnetic frequency exposure. Through an evolving online database and wearable data collection device, the work explores the contradictions of data collection, measurement, and representation when used to measure things like "human risk." The artists will talk about the development of this work, as well as other projects which explore related issues in the creative representation of data.

Kathleen Brandt is an electronic media and installation artist whose work engages the assumed relationships we have with technology and technologically-mediated environments. Of her most recent installations, Exclusion Zone documents the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion through the cultural and social representations of radioactive exposure, Maximum Security explores the construction of the maximum-security prisoner through the engineering of prison furnishings, and Prudent Avoidance in conjunction with Brian Lonsway critically examines the role that 'scientific' data plays in the construction of environmental risk. Kathleen is also an instructor of video and installation art and has taught at numerous universities, including Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The State University of New York at Albany, and Siena College.

Brian Lonsway is a cultural theorist, information technology researcher, and architectural designer who studies the relationships between advancing technologies and spatial design. He is director of the Informatics and Architecture program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, and is a founding researcher in the Synthetic Space Environment, a technologically mediated environment for embodied tele-collaboration. He has published on various subjects, from the political structure of spatial environments to the architectural applications of computation. His current work includes the completion of a book entitled Making Leisure Work: Architecture and the Entertainment Economy, an in depth exploration of design practices in themed environments; and the development of a series of essays on the historical and contemporary relationship between design and computational theory.

THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT is Franklin Furnace's artist residency program, founded in 1998 when Franklin Furnace transformed itself from a real to a virtual entity. Franklin Furnace offers artists an honorarium and a residency to create "live art on the Internet" facilitated by Franklin Furnace, for a 2-4 month duration at a physical or online venue appropriate to the artists' work. THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2003 is made possible by grants from Jerome Foundation, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

jihui (the meeting point), a self-regulated digital salon, invites all interested people to send ideas for discussion/performance/etc. jihui is where your voice is heard and your vision shared. jihui is sponsored by Digital Design Department and Center for New Design @ Parsons School of Design

jihui is organized by agent.netart (http://agent.netart-init.org), a joint public program by NETART INITIATIVE and INTELLIGENT AGENT


2. Sarah Schulman, FF Alumn, at La Jolla Playhouse, July 2-27.

Sarah Schulman's new play, THE BURNING DECK, will be presented at The La Jolla Playhouse July 7-27th, directed by Kirsten Brandt.


3. Bill Beirne, FF Alumn, presents T'ai Chi Army, June 14-15, Fort Tilden, Queens.

Bill Beirne: T'ai Chi Army
June 14 and 15
Fort Tilden, Gateway National Recreation Area, Rockaway, Queens NY

In anticipation of their deployment overseas this fall, Bill Beirne and his T'ai Chi Army will appear at Battery Harris, an abandoned WWII gun emplacement at Fort Tilden, now a part of the National Park Service in the Rockaway area of New York. The installation consists of a live video surveillance projection, and the army of over a thousand disarmed toy soldiers and will also include performances by the artist at 2, 5 and 7PM each day. The concept for the T'ai Chi Army grew out of the artist's longstanding interest in "the gaze of the other," as well as his study of T'ai Chi, a martial art based on concepts of self defense and a heightened awareness of the space in which we move. Drawing a parallel between this awareness and the current emphasis on National Defense, Homeland Security and increased levels of alert, Beirne offers an absurd alternative to preemptive aggression as a means of defense. Beirne states, "I do not consider myself an advanced student of T'ai Chi. Although my study has continued for several years it is the imperfections in the 'playing' of the form that most interests me. While this piece is intended as a commentary on the length to which our government has gone in the name of self defense and national security and, although the practice of T'ai Chi is beneficial to the general well being of anyone who would practice it, the idea that T'ai Chi could be used in any practical sense as a deterrent to the weapons of modern warfare is left for the viewer to decide. "

Beirne's work has been featured in New York at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (1976,1977,1997,1999,2001) The Sculpture Center (1994), The International Center of Photography (1992,1994) The Whitney Museum of American Art (1979,1991) Fashion Moda (1986) Artists Space (1978), D'Arc Gallery (1977), and 112 Greene Street Workshop (1976). His work has also been shown at The National Center for Contemporary Art in Kaliningrad, Russia (2001), The TV Gallery Moscow (1999 and 2000) and at MIT's List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, MA (1997). The T'ai Chi Army is scheduled for deployment to Art 3 in Valence FR (fall 2003)

Additional Information: Rockaway Artists Alliance 718 474- 0861 or e mail: rockart116@aol.com

This exhibition is presented in partnership with the Rockaway Artists Alliance and the National Parks Service / Gateway Recreation Area.


4. Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, playwriting course for youth, Pace Univ., Summer 2003

Summer Arts & Parenting Scholarships Available for Downtown Kids and Families at Pace University.

Family Animation Workshop
TADA! Youth Theater
Creative Arts Workshop
Playwriting for Youth
Improvisation for Everyone
Parenting in the 21st Century

Call 212.346.1244, email ace@pace.edu or got to www.pace.edu/adult for brochure, scholarship application and more details!

Annie Lanzillotto, FF Alumn, will be teaching Playwriting in the program mentioned above.


5. Paul Zaloom, FF Alumn, in Mighty Nice!, at Highways, Santa Monica, CA June 5-8

Paul Zaloom, FF Alumn, in MIGHTY NICE! @ HIGHWAYS, Santa Monica!
WHEN? THURS THRU SUN, JUNE 5-JUNE 8 at 8:30 (Sundays at 2 pm) $16
WHERE? At: Highways Performance Space, 1651 18th Street @ Olympic (it's part of the 18th Street Art Center) in Santa Monica, CA
HOW? TICKETS: 310-315-1459
WHAT IS IT? MIGHTY NICE, directed by Randee Trabitz, is puppeteer/political satirist Paul Zaloom's latest comic entravaganza, featuring: "DON'T", a mock DARE anti-drug presentation hosted by a crazed LAPD officer; a gay update of the classic Punch and Judy show, "PUNCH AND JIMMY"; and "2222", a frenetic, apocalyptic, and hysterical sci-fi version of the world in the year 2222.

Humor, Zaloom's weapon of choice, is used to counter the current disastrous political situation, using hundreds of props and puppets in a weaponized laughter assault on the hideous status quo.

"Incredibly inventive" LA Times
"Viciously inspired" NY Times
"Frighteningly funny" Village Voice
"Wildly creative....trenchant and hilarious" Time Out NY

Please forward to your LA friends! Thanks, Paul Z.


6. Skart, FF Alumns, presents new workshop in Graz, Austria, and online.

SKART - workshop RENT A BILITY in Real Utopia project for Graz, 003, European Cultural Capital

RENT A BILITY is 4-months workshop of the SKART group (Belgrade) with the participants of the "PILOT" training program for the unemployed young drug addicts in Graz. Individual bikes (for rent!) they repaired and created, together with bike-flags with the paroles they made during the discussions, became new-differently-visible voice of will for expression, or, as written in one of the flags, "Changing wish for will!".

REAL UTOPIA shows the results of works which deals with certain aspects of the district and risk a view into a possible future. As a part of the Grac 003, European Cultural Capital, REAL UTOPIA gathered together 15 artists from Europe, organised by ROTOR gallery http://rotor.mur.at


7. Donna Henes, FF Alumn, late Spring/Summer 2003 calendar of events.


Please note: Due to the fact that Mama Donna is hard at work on a new book, there will be a limited schedule of events this summer. We are closed for circles during the month of August. Private consultations and readings can still be arranged by appointment.

Come visit the cheerful, colorful, newly-renovated Spirit Shop freshly stocked with lots of new items from around the world! Charms, talismans, amulets, ritual tools, rare botanicals, books, CD's and Mama Donna's Own Blend of Blessing Oils.

Mama Donna will be leading 2 workshops during this 3-day Festival of Women's Spirituality honoring the crone aspect of the triple goddess --
a) Sitting in the Shadows: Learning the Lessons of Life that Death Has to Teach Us.
b) The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Mid Life
For more info on the festival, go to www.womongathering.com or call 856-694-2037.

Join us for a magical mystery ritual tour into the sunshine and surf!Drumming, chanting and ceremony on the beach.Bus trip with refreshments and favors - $40.
Meet the bus under the arch at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
Reservations necessary.
For info and reservations, contact (718) 857-2247

Growing our antlers. Exploring our power. Extending our reach.$20.

Let's kick up our heels and dare to buck the system! $20.

Swimming in time with the tides. Going with the flow.$20.

(718) 857-2247
Registration closes 24 hours prior to each event
All circles begin on time. PLEASE be PROMPT!

Stay Connected. Subscribe. Join.

If you come to circles, don't miss this opportunity to join Mama Donna's Tea Garden & Healing Haven to take full advantage of the ongoing schedule of circles, celebrations, seminars, and special member-only events. Membership includes your subscription to Always in Season: Living in Sync with the Cycles, Mama Donna's quarterly journal, plus free admission to two moon circles (or to one circle for two) for only $50. This is a $68. value!!!

Dear Mama Donna,
Count me in!
Please send to:
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(Checks payable to Donna Henes) Total__

Mama Donna's Tea Garden & Healing Haven
PO Box 380403 Exotic Brooklyn, NY 11238-0403


8. Yoav Gal, FF Alumn, new cable show airing June 10, Channel 34.

Dear Friends,
You're invited to watch my fledgling cable show: videOpera, which will air on Tuesday, June 10, on Time Warner Cable Channel 34 and Cablevision Cannel 67 at 10:30 AM and 6:30 PM, in Brooklyn (NY).

videOpera01 is 30 Min. long and includes scenes from two opera of mine. "Venus in Furs" (in progress), at Golden Fleece LTD, featuring Aram Tchobanian (Severin) restrained to a chair by a whip wielding Stephanie Bonte (Wanda); and "The Dwarf", featuring Charlie Baad (Chanticleer) slapped in the face (deservedly!) by the hand of Judith Barnes (Katerina Kaiser) and the Vertical Player Chorus laughing uncontrollably, David Root with a song about a knife, Juan Jose Ibarra as a Mexican policeman, and Aram Tchobanian (Lingus) once more victimized (undeservedly!). Heather Green appears in the title tracks as well as in VPR Chorus.

Please feel free to forward this message to all your (opera enthusiast, potential opera enthusiast and just curious) friends in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks! Love, Yoav


9. Jack Waters & Peter Cramer, FF Alumns, announce: Spettacolo Provolone, June 5 -15, 2003.

Please check out the web site!
www.spetacolo.org (one 't')


Sexual scandal, domination, xenophobia and terrorist controversy are the sensational fodder feeding this parody of western civilization's collision with global culture. And it's happening at:

Theater for the New City
June 5 -15
THURSDAY through SATURDAY at 8pm; SUNDAY at 3pm
155 1st Avenue (between 9th and 10th Streets)
$10 General Admission/TDF accepted
www.spetacolo.org (one 't')

New musical guest each night; Filter Kingz, CEO, Mike Ill, Bill Buchen, Andy D'Angelo, and more.

A gregarious and vivacious hostess maneuvers the audience and her guests through topics of current affairs, focusing on the contamination and standardization of beef and dairy product and a popular scandal of abduction and terrorism charges brought about by a young bourgeois Italian girl against an internationally known, charismatic activist. Bovine-themed burlesque breaks up the action.

Set in an abstraction of a television studio for an Italian talk show, Spettacolo Provolone examines current issues of cultural homogenization, international politics and a shifting global economy in a theatrical interpretation of the spectacle of public media. Spettacolo uses techniques like burlesque, mix media, live audio/video feeds, audience participation, and more traditional entertainment formats like story, song and dance to assure that the traditional theatrical components and the familiar television format engage the spectator in preparation for the gradual dissolution and final gross deconstruction of these formats.

Current political and technological themes are linked to a subtext drawn from elements of classical mythology - particularly from the story of Io, the maiden transformed by Zeus into a cow. The historical roots of this legend have been connected to European/Middle Eastern conflicts since antiquity, seeing through gender constructs connections to western mores of ownership: property, clan and nationality. Simultaneously, the current globalization of European food supply is paralleled to the United State's - the uniformity of culture mirrored by the blandness of its food product.

**The website www.neverneverparty.com is now www.brooklynmedialab.com, and continues to provide information about artists within the broad Neverneverparty community, events, and great music and digital movies.



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